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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 5, 2005 on GL
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Monday, September 5, 2005

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, the CBS Daytime lineup did not air.

Regular programming of The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light resumed Tuesday where Friday's shows concluded.

There were no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Edmund presented "their" baby to Cassie. She was overjoyed but unaware the child had actually been stolen from Michelle. Edmund covered all his bases and told Cassie that Dinah, overcome with emotion, had taken off after giving birth to the child. Cassie was worried about Dinah's health, but Edmund was able to ease her concerns. The two shared a family moment until Jeffrey arrived, much to Edmund's dismay.

Edmund reluctantly left Jeffrey to get acquainted with the baby. He left to see Dinah, whom he had locked in a replica he'd constructed of the farmhouse. She was furious with him for setting her up and leaving her alone. He cruelly told her everything had gone according to plan: he and Cassie would soon be reunited. He left Dinah there, devastated and trapped. Edmund returned home to put his family back in order.

Meanwhile, emergency workers found Michelle near her burning car. They got her to the hospital, where Danny and Marina rushed in to see her. Michelle asked Danny where their baby was. Rick quickly pulled Danny aside and explained that Michelle had been pregnant, and the child she had been carrying had died in the burning car. Realizing the baby could have been his, Danny was devastated but remained stoic for Michelle. Later, Marina watched as Danny promised a sleeping Michelle he'd get her through it.

In an effort to push Josh away, Reva allowed him to see her kissing another man. When Josh tried to find out what was going on, Reva told Josh he was boring, and she needed a break. He was hurt and eventually left, thinking their marriage was ending. Later, Billy saw Reva miserable. He realized she was trying to protect Josh from having to care for her while she was ill. Reva admitted to Billy she didn't want to go back to Josh until she could give him everything he deserved.

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Danny spent the night by Michelle's bedside and was alone with her when she began hemorrhaging. Mel and Rick rushed in and tried their best to stabilize Michelle as a stricken Danny looked on. While unconscious, Michelle had a vision of her deceased mother, Maureen. Michelle confessed her feelings for Danny to her mother, and Maureen told her that she and Danny would always love each other.

Later, with the help of a pint of blood donated by Marina, Michelle was eventually stabilized, but when she awoke, she was in a panic about seeing her child. Reluctantly, Danny then broke the news to Michelle that her baby had died in the car crash.

Beth confronted Coop and Lizzie about their surprise engagement. Buzz was blown away by the revelation, as was Coop, who was in the dark about Lizzie's attempts to get back at her mother and grandfather. Lizzie was stuck for an explanation, but when Coop saw that she was on the spot with her mother, he backed her up and stated that he and Lizzie were indeed engaged.

Later, a shocked Buzz questioned why Coop would give up on his future, and Lizzie learned about his offer to study at Oxford. She was heartbroken at the prospect of losing him, and later, even though he swore he would never make a decision without her, Lizzie made a secret phone call, fully determined to move ahead with the wedding. However, Beth overheard her plans and called Alan, desperate to put an end to her daughter's mischief.

Ava was surprised when Bill offered her a job as Olivia's new assistant. She was thrilled at the idea but realized her job at Outskirts and debt to Jonathan might not allow for it. When Olivia arrived, Ava decided to go for it and did her best to impress her. Olivia liked what she saw and offered her a job, but Jonathan was quick to remind Ava that she worked for him.

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Danny helped Michelle grieve the loss of her baby. She refused to believe that the baby was gone and blamed herself. Marina took Robbie to see his mommy. Michelle admitted to Danny that she had never stopped loving him.

Cassie, Tammy, Sandy, Edmund, Jeffrey, and the new baby gathered for a "family" photo. Ross arrived and was livid to find out that Dinah was gone. He refused to take Edmund's word for it. As Edmund had planned, they found Dinah's videotaped goodbye to Ross. Edmund sneaked out to visit an angry Dinah. He told her to get used to her new home. Determined to escape, she stole his cell phone.

Jeffrey cautioned Cassie about Edmund's true intentions. They enjoyed a little time together until Edmund returned.

Tammy received a call from Sandy's mysterious contact, Fallon, and planned to meet him at Company. When she saw him at Company, he pretended to know nothing about Sandy. Later, he told Sandy that he had blown off Tammy. Sandy told him to do the job and leave town. Fallon agreed and said that Sandy was the boss.

Lizzie planned her surprise nuptials to Coop. She lied and told him that she was being sent to Cancun on an assignment for the station. He agreed. Lizzie ran into Alexandra, who grilled her about her plans. Beth cornered Coop in the garage and told him she'd do anything to keep him from marrying Lizzie. A mysterious figure knocked out Coop and turned on the gas. Dressed in a white wedding dress, Lizzie waited for Coop. Alexandra arrived with flowers to support her.

Beth begged Alan to help her stop the wedding. Alan planned to send Beth to a spa for a week.

Gus and Harley returned from their honeymoon.

Friday, September 9, 2005

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, the entire CBS Daytime lineup (The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light) was preempted.

Regular broadcasting resumed on Monday and picked up where Thursday's shows concluded. There were no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

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