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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 10, 2006 on GL
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Jonathan arrives at the Spaulding mansion to give Lizzie flowers. Alan is present and less than pleased. Lizzie convinces Alan to give her ten minutes alone with Jon to see what he's up to. While Jon and Lizzie are laughing together, Alan eavesdrops (which Jon notices), looking disturbed. While Lizzie and Jon are laughing about visions of the two of them pushing their "demon spawn" down Main Street in a carriage, Alan interrupts, calling it a night. Alan asks Lizzie who she thinks has the baby's interest more at heart, him or Jon. Her reply is, "Me!" She takes charge of the situation and says she's going to bed. When she leaves, Jon and Alan exchange threats, with Jon telling Alan if he keeps pushing him, Jon will go after Lizzie and the baby.

While confessing her suspicions about Jon to Roxie, Lizzie finds a strange man at her bedroom door. It turns out to be a psychiatrist hired by Alan to keep check on Lizzie. Alan arrives at Lizzie's room and tells her that because of her "stunt" on the roof, he feels she needs help with her depression. Sensing something is not right, Lizzie gives in and agrees to a morning session with Dr. Baker. When the two men leave, Alan locks the door to Lizzie's bedroom. Lizzie calls Jonathan for help.

Downstairs at the mansion, Alan informs his chauffeur, Bruno, that Bruno may need to use some of his "special skills of persuasion" on Jonathan if he gets out of line.

While in Josh's room at the Beacon, Cassie has a daydream that Josh confesses his happiness that it is she sharing HB's special moment with him, rather than Reva. In the daydream, they kiss and Josh clears the desk so that he can lay Cassie back on it. Cassie comes out of it and pushes Josh away as he's telling her he appreciates that she is there. On the verge of tears, Josh tells Cassie that he is where he wants to be right now, having confirmation that the project they've been working on is valid and good. Cassie insists that HB would want them to celebrate the medal with lots of friends so they leave for Company.

At Company, Tammy has run into Ms. Hunter who works in admissions at the university. Tammy tries to convince her that the bounced check was not her fault and Alan Spaulding was behind it. Ms. Hunter tells Tammy that writing a bad check to the university is not just against school policy, but against the law. Tammy tries to reason with her, but as Ms. Hunter gets up to leave Tammy accidentally knocks files out of the administrator's hands. Ms. Hunter claims assault and calls the police. Remy arrives as the officer in charge and takes Tammy aside. He sends Ms. Hunter on her way, telling her they would contact her later for more information. Cassie and Josh have arrived. Cassie begins to interfere but Josh holds her back. The two share a look as Josh holds Cassie's arm. Jon arrives and Remy leaves.

Outside of Company, Remy tells Josh and Cassie that he will recommend that the charges have no basis, but there's nothing he can do about Jon's negative influence on Tammy.

Jon tells Tammy that he took flowers to Lizzie at the mansion. Tammy is thrilled and they hug. Lizzie calls Jon from the mansion, telling him that her grandfather has locked her in her room. When he asks her why she called him, she tells him it's because he's the only person she knows who isn't afraid of her grandfather.

At the hospital in Minnesota, Billy surprises Reva with a visit. She tells him that she drove a racecar and got kissed by her doctor. As Billy is taken aback, Colin arrives looking pretty ragged. While pressing him for her test results, Reva realizes that Colin is still a little drunk and well on his way to a hangover. Billy starts acting protective of Reva when a staff member walks by the room with Reva's surgical results. They prove to be very "encouraging." As she and Billy celebrate, they decide the three of them should go outside, get ice cream, and bay at the moon. While Reva's getting the cones, Colin tells Billy, that while Reva almost has him convinced she can go home, he feels should stay a little longer.

Cassie calls Reva's phone and Billy answers it while talking to Colin. She is surprised that he answered Reva's phone. Billy is very evasive and quickly ends the call. Reva returns and learns that Colin won't let her leave the hospital just yet. Billy promises to stay by her side all the way, even though Reva insists that he shouldn't.

Josh approaches Cassie with his jacket just as she's ending her conversation with Billy. When Josh asks what's going on, Cassie tells him that she called Reva's phone, but Billy answered. Josh says that now both of them are lying to him and insists he and Cassie continue to celebrate HB's honor.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Buzz tells Olivia that he wants her more than anything – but it's not going to happen. He can't build a relationship on Frank's broken heart. Coop, however, urges his dad to go after her. Meanwhile, Olivia blames Ava for her losing both Cooper men. Lizzie assures Alan and Beth that she's seen the light and home with them is where she belongs. Then she escapes with Jonathan via the window. He takes Lizzie to the woods, fakes car trouble, then calls Alan to taunt him and ask if he's ready to bargain. However, suddenly Lizzie is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Tammy tries to get Beth to help her stop the Alan/Jonathan war, but only gets more threats from Mrs. Spaulding.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Alan and Jonathan search for a missing Lizzie. Tammy tells them she saw her on Main Street and she was very upset. Jonathan goes looking for her, but meets up with two goons who beat him up instead. Later, Lizzie informs Jonathan and Tammy that her baby won't be a problem for anyone anymore – Lizzie has decided to give her up for adoption! Jonathan tells Tammy maybe it's for the best, but Tammy insists he won't be able to live with it. Jonathan follows Lizzie home and defends her to Alan. She's truly touched. Tammy can't take the fighting anymore and announces that she has a solution – Tammy, Jonathan and Lizzie are all going to move in together! And if Jonathan doesn't agree, than Tammy is out of there....

Thursday, July 13, 2006

A buoyant Reva calls Josh but he's in no mood to have a friendly chat. Later, he dances with Cassie at the summer festival. After, he reveals he had an ulterior motive when he suggests to Cassie they divide and conquer Beth and Alan who happen to be dancing next to them. Cassie, a bit disappointed, steps up to the challenge anyway and blasts Alan for targeting her daughter while Josh lays down the law to Beth about staying away from Jonathan. Meanwhile, Billy takes Reva away from the clinic to a cabin he has decorated with all her favorite things and she is touched. Reva asks Billy if Josh will understand why she kept secrets from him, and Billy assures her that he will. Dinah and Mallet plan their wedding, while, Gus freaks out when Harley keeps agreeing with him about everything. Harley urges Dinah to agree with Mallet too, but Dinah don't play that. Frank and Gus urge Mallet to do whatever Dinah wants. Mallet asks Frank to be his best man, while Gus asks Frank for his job back. Frank says he will reinstate Gus as soon as Gus proves he and Mallet can work together again – and Mallet puts Gus in his wedding party. Dinah stops Olivia and Harley from sniping at each other long enough to ask both to be her bridesmaids. Dinah doesn't, however, ask Blake, and her stepmother is visibly hurt. Later, a mysterious pair of hands digitally rips a photo of Mallet and Dinah.

Friday, July 14, 2006

In Minnesota, Billy comes across Reva picking flowers. Reva is in a positive mood. She is sure the surgery worked. Reva thanks Billy for the house but cannot help but notice the sad look on his face. She tells him everything will be fine; soon she will be home to Josh. Afterwards, they go inside and Reva accuses Billy of hovering over her. Billy says he does not want her to get ahead of herself; she can't just go jumping into Josh's arms. Reva knows this and states that she just wants to enjoy the day. At this point, Colin arrives, looking very unhappy. Reva guess the truth - the cancer is spreading. Colin confirms it and tells Reva she will have to come back to the clinic for chemo and radiation treatment. Billy starts to go into denial about the situation but Reva convinces him she has to go. Billy is visibly upset and Reva assures him that she is not giving up; she is going to fight this thing. She asks when "no" ever beat anything. Reva assures him that she is going to win and she is going to come back to him, to Josh, and to her kids.

Later, at the clinic, Colin explains to Reva what is going to happen. She will be exposed to massive amounts of radiation which will destroy the cancer as well as her own immune system. Afterwards, she will be injected with stem cells previously harvested from her body in order to rebuild her immune system. Colin emphasizes that his is a new procedure. If the Stem Cell Rescue doesn't work, they will have to do a bone marrow transplant. Otherwise, Reva will have to be quarantined for the rest of her life since she would be unable to fight off infection.

Afterwards, Reva is in the courtyard with Billy talking about what a beautiful day it is. She comments that it reminds her of her first wedding to Josh - when the future was bright. Reva starts to well up in tears, and Billy whispers although she may think she is saying goodbye to the light, she really is just saying, "See ya later." Before he leaves, Reva asks to speak with Colin. Reva tells Colin that she needs him to be honest. If it is time to give up, he has to let her know because she cannot let time go by without saying goodbye. Colin assures her she has a long way to go, but promises to let her know if it is time.

Lizzie is relaxing in her room while the maid is packing all of her summer clothes when Tammy calls. Lizzie thanks her for what she and Jonathan are doing for her. She says she will meet Tammy and Jonathan in the penthouse later. When Lizzie hangs up, Alan arrives. He just received her note telling him she was moving. Lizzie is surprised because she did not think he would be back until later today. Lizzie stands up to her grandfather, telling Alan she does not want him controlling her life. Alan tries to guilt Lizzie into staying by pointing out that Beth, who just had a miscarriage, would be devastated to learn Lizzie is deserting her. Lizzie doesn't take the bait. Suddenly, she hears footsteps and out comes the psychiatrist Alan hired. Lizzie starts freaking out that she is going to be locked away and asks where Beth is. An upset Lizzie starts railing at Alan for not caring about her. He never tried to help her with Coop. Alan calmly tells her Coop was not good enough for her and she needs to move on. Lizzie accuses Alan of only caring about the baby; she is just a carrier. Lizzie starts talking about when she was little, Alan used to take her to Spaulding and tell her she was the future of the family. When did he decide to write her off? Lizzie accuses Alan of not seeing her anymore. She tells him she wants to go. Alan tells her she needs to be with her family and asks why she wants to live with Tammy and Jonathan. She angrily replies because they support her and believe in her which is more than her family does. Lizzie insists she is leaving and Alan lets her go.

Later, Alan tells Beth the news that Lizzie is gone. Beth does not seem to have a problem with it and points out Lizzie is simply asserting her independence from him. Alan barks this is not the time. Lizzie is young, unmarried and pregnant. Beth tells Alan that Lizzie is also hurt because Alan acts as if she is not important now that the baby is coming. Alan states it is ridiculous and says Lizzie is a grown woman. Since he just implied earlier that Lizzie was still a child, Beth challenges Alan - which is it? Alan gets flustered and states that pregnancy or no pregnancy, the damage is done; this baby is a chance for a fresh start. Alan tells her that he is trying to find redemption in the eyes of a new baby. Beth is a little shocked that Alan would call Lizzie damaged goods and pours herself a stiff drink. Alan tells her everything is going to fall into place. Later, alone, he mutters that he is going to protect Lizzie's baby.

Tammy and Jonathan are at their place in the Beacon talking about their situation with Lizzie. Tammy tells Jonathan that she is proud of him. Jonathan is not sure if that is warranted. Jonathan says if he was Tammy he would have dumped him by now. Tammy just does not want him to miss out on his daughter's life. She starts talking about her own relationship with her biological father. Jonathan changes the subject by pointing out when they move in with Lizzie they will lose all their privacy. He suggests they make up for future lost time by making love. Later, in bed, Jonathan confesses to Tammy that he can't help being afraid that everything is going to be ripped away again. Tammy assures him she is not going anywhere, even if things change. Jonathan responds that nothing will change but Tammy says it will. He is going to have a daughter; another life to be responsible for. Jonathan never said he was doing that but Tammy warmly says he is, whether he knows it or not. Tammy tells Jonathan she loves him.

At this moment, there is a knock at the door - it is Lizzie. Though Jonathan wants to ignore her, Tammy lets her in. As she enters, Lizzie gets a call from the doorman at the penthouse. Apparently the bank foreclosed on it. Jonathan is in shock and quickly figures out Alan must have done it. But how did he know where she was going? Jonathan is even angrier when Lizzie admits she left Alan a note. The threesome figure out they need to find somewhere else to live. Since that could take a while, Lizzie is going to have to stay at the Beacon with them. Lizzie calls the movers and later, the room is filed with boxes upon boxes. Not only that - it seems Tammy is allergic to Roxy. Jonathan does not like this situation but Tammy smoothes it over staying she just needs to get some allergy medicine. Resigned, Jonathan tells Lizzie to unpack while they grab something to eat. When they leave, Lizzie decides to watch TV instead of unpacking. She is interrupted by a knock at the door and is shocked to see Alan's psychiatrist with two men in white coats.

Cassie is outside Josh's room at the Beacon trying to figure out what story to tell him. Suddenly, Josh arrives and invites her in. Inside, Cassie tells Josh that they need to go to New York ASAP. She claims a foundation is willing to donate a huge amount of money to the project but wants to talk to them personally. Josh is a little unnerved by the suddenness of all this and states that he cannot just go to New York. Besides he is not packed. Cassie surprises him by stating that she packed for him. Josh tries to point out that he cannot just pick up and leave. When Cassie asks why not; what is keeping him here, Josh finds he does not have an answer. He agrees to go.

Later, on the way to the airport, the pair is pulled over by a policeman. Cassie is in quite a hurry but the police officer asks them both to get out of the car. He tells Cassie to open her trunk - apparently a luggage strap was sticking out. When Cassie opens the trunk, Josh sees she has no luggage. But isn't she going to New York with him? Flustered, Cassie admits THEY are not going to New York; HE is going to Minnesota. After the officer leaves, Josh tells Cassie he is not going after Reva. Cassie says he has to before it is too late. An upset Josh refuses to chase after Reva. Cassie's desperation is not lost on Josh and he asks what her plan was. What was she going to do when they got to the airport? Cassie admits she hadn't thought of that. She gets increasingly upset, finally admitting that he has to go because he is torturing her. She blurts out she has feelings for him. While Josh stands there speechless, she reveals she did not mean for it to happen. They just spent so much time together and he is such an amazing guy. She says he has to go to Minnesota to bring back Reva so she can stop wanting him. Cassie apologizes; she should not have said anything. This is why she has been pushing him toward Reva; again she apologizes. Josh is still speechless and Cassie asks him to say something. Cassie starts to say she knows having these feelings is stupid but Josh interrupts. He tells her it is not stupid, because he feels it too.

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