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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 7, 2008 on GL
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Monday, July 7, 2008

In the mansion parlor, Dinah expressed to Olivia her concerns that Ava and Bill slept in separate rooms. Olivia made up the tradition that all the heads of households in the mansion had kept his and hers suites. Olivia left the house in search of Jeffrey to tell him Dinah's disturbing discovery about the newlyweds. She found him at the courthouse filing a motion to have G's bail revoked. Jeffrey told Olivia that they shouldn't interfere in Ava's marriage. When Olivia asked why Jeffrey had been late to the wedding, Jeffrey said he hadn't thought the wedding would occur. He told Olivia that he'd seen Lizzie and Bill together at the courthouse and afterward, he'd revealed to Lizzie the truth about Ava's baby. Olivia hit him with her purse and demanded to know why he had done such a thing. Jeffrey believed it had been for the best. Even knowing about the baby, Bill had still married Ava. Jeffrey thought perhaps Bill might love Ava. Olivia ordered Jeffrey to let Ava be happy and then she left.

Meanwhile Ashlee entered the mansion parlor and Dinah gave her an assignment to cover the screening of the Reva and Josh movie. Later Alan and Lillian arrived with gifts for the newlyweds. They told Dinah that Alex hadn't accompanied them because she had a migraine. Dinah didn't think they had come to see the newlyweds. Alan said he was no longer angry with Bill and Dinah. Dinah snickered at Alan's ability to communicate with Gus, but Alan took it in stride. Alan wondered if Bill's new interest in politics meant that the company might again be up for grabs. Dinah said she and Bill were a team. When Alan asked her if she were happy, she replied that she was. Alan said he almost believed Dinah.

Alan left, but Lillian lingered to tell Dinah that Alex was worried about her. Since Alex was the sister of a powerful mogul, Alex understood Dinah's position. Alex seemed concerned that Bill was overshadowing Dinah and that Dinah would lose herself. Dinah said Bill was a very powerful man but a wonderful brother. Lillian hoped so for Dinah's sake. After Lillian left, Dinah decided to change the focus of Ashlee's article from Reva's movie to the new Alan Spaulding, the one that talked to his dead son.

Olivia returned home and saw Lillian leaving. She warned Dinah about letting Lillian and Alex meddle in her life. Olivia told Dinah that she'd spoken to Ava and learned that Ava had taken another room in the house so as not to disturb Bill by her restlessness during pregnancy. Additionally, Olivia wanted to call a truce with Dinah and do the family thing right. Dinah agreed and then wondered about Alex and Alan. She said their brother-sister relationship creeped her out. Olivia couldn't imagine any sister being dependent upon her brother for happiness.

Meanwhile Ashlee found Alan outside on a park bench and asked him if they could catch up. Ashlee wondered if he missed the boardinghouse. Alan thought that the boardinghouse had been a real home to him, but he said Gus wanted him to be in Harley's old home. Ashlee admitted missing the Cooper family and said she'd broken up with Coop. Alan said Gus thought Ashlee was special. No matter what Ashlee decided to do, Alan said Gus would fully support her. Eyeing Alan strangely, Ashlee said they should talk more about his connection with Gus.

Later at Harley's old house, Lillian and Alan were having tea when Dinah entered to return the gift Alan had brought to the house. She said she and Bill had something good going. It was something healthy that Dinah thought Alan wouldn't understand. After she left, Lillian asked Alan if he wanted back all the things that had been taken from him. Alan said he'd get them back, just not the old way. Alan looked at a photo of Gus and said Gus would be the one to lead them to the promised land.

Meanwhile Jeffrey was working in his office when Reva entered with a flyer for the movie, "Always." She asked Jeffrey to accompany her to the dailies showing. Jeffrey wondered which part of the Josh and Reva love story they were showing that day. Reva rolled her eyes, assuming that meant he didn't want to attend. She kissed him and left.

While Josh and Cassie cleaned up after the picnic, Josh got a text message that the filming company would be showing dailies that afternoon. He asked Cassie to come with him to see them but Cassie declined, saying that she wanted to clean up more. Over at the screening party, Josh and Reva met up with Carson and a reporter, who bombarded them with questions. After Carson led the reporter away, Reva mentioned to Josh that they were filming the Cross Creek wedding in a couple weeks. Josh asked her about her wedding to Jeffrey, and Reva revealed that they had become unengaged. Josh expressed sympathies, but Reva said things were wonderful. She and Jeffrey didn't want to rush it.

Meanwhile Cassie encountered Alan by her trashcan. He brought her flowers and thanked her for allowing him to attend the barbeque. Cassie said she hadn't thrown him out because he had come with his family; however, she still saw him as the man who had taken Tammy. Alan wished he could communicate with Tammy as he could with Gus. He said he wanted to help people learn to listen. If they could listen carefully, Alan felt they'd hear answers. Later on Main Street, Cassie saw Jeffrey and Ashlee. Ashlee asked them if they were going to the movie screening. Jeffrey decided that he and Cassie should attend because it was important to Reva. Cassie reluctantly agreed to go.

Meanwhile in a darkened theater, Josh and Reva watched a reenactment of Josh's conversation with Reva when she had been on her deathbed with cancer. To Josh's surprise, their history had been rewritten. As portrayed on the big screen, character Josh told character Reva that he wasn't in love with character Cassie and their marriage had been a mistake. Josh's mouth fell open as he watched and Reva said she hadn't been aware of the script changes. Back on screen, character Cassie entered character Reva's hospital room and set character Josh free so that he could be with character Reva. Josh grew upset and stormed out of the screening.

Reva followed Josh into the hallway where he ranted to her and producers that the scene was an insult to his wife. Carson said they took the important aspects of their lives for the movie. Reva requested to speak to Josh alone. Josh called the movie a farce and insinuated that the movie version had been Reva's fantasy ending to their relationship. Reva said the writers should have stuck with reality: Josh miserable and Reva happy. If she'd had it her way, Reva said she'd have Jeffrey and an Oscar in the end.

Meanwhile Jeffrey and Cassie watched the clips from the back of the room. Once the lights came up, Jeffrey thought Cassie might want to leave; however, she said she wanted to stay for the free food. After intermission, Carson called everyone back in to watch another clip, but Jeffrey and Cassie decided to leave. The two found Reva and Josh in the hall arguing. When Josh saw Cassie, he swore the onscreen ending had been a last minute change that he hadn't been aware of. Cassie pretended to be unfazed by the movie and she and Josh left. Reva asked Jeffrey how he felt about the movie ending. Jeffrey wondered if the ending had outraged Reva or if she secretly wished it would come true. Reva said she thought Jolene had worn too much makeup for someone on her deathbed. They kissed and laughed. Meanwhile in front of the elevator, Cassie admitted to Josh that she had hated seeing Josh return to Reva. He hugged her and told her it was just make-believe.

Josh visited Jeffrey at his office. He wondered how Jeffrey felt about the movie portraying Josh and Reva running off into the sunset together. Jeffrey said, "I laughed, I cried, I kind of spit up a little bit in my mouth." When Josh said he wanted the movie stopped, Jeffrey replied that the movie producers hadn't broken any laws. Josh said the actress who played underage Marah had been drinking champagne at the party. Jeffrey thought perhaps that was enough to get an injunction to delve more into the movie's affairs. Josh asked Jeffrey not to pretend that the movie didn't bother him. Jeffrey earnestly said he didn't care. After Josh left, Jeffrey called Ava and left her a message wondering if he could see her.

Reva had returned to Cross Creek and was watching the outtakes of the movie when Cassie barged in to "clear the air" about Cassie and Josh. Cassie seemed worried that her one-night-stand would make Reva think she had a chance with Josh. Even though Reva said she was honestly happy with Jeffrey, Cassie explained that her affair wasn't about her marriage, Josh, or even sex. "Well, that's a new one," Reva replied. Reva decided that Cassie's visit wasn't about clearing the air; it was about Cassie marking her territory. Despite the movie's ending, Cassie said that in real life, she was still with Josh. Reva replied that she didn't want Cassie's husband. She told Cassie to leave, go be with Josh, and find some peace.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Marina took Daisy shopping on Main Street to distract her from G. As Mallet carried their bags to the car, Marina sat on a bench and lectured Daisy about G. Daisy reminded Marina that Marina had dated G's brother. Marina didn't want Daisy to repeat her mistakes. Even if Cyrus had been a mistake, Daisy wondered if Marina thought it'd been worth it to experience the feelings she'd had with Cyrus. Daisy took Marina's silence to mean yes. Daisy decided to visit Ashlee, and Mallet and Marina went to Marina's room at the Beacon, where the two compared which of their ex-lovers was worse: Cyrus or Dinah. Mallet said Cyrus had stolen Spaulding money, but Marina trumped him, saying that Dinah had stolen the entire Spaulding house.

While eating sandwiches on a picnic table, G told Cyrus how sick he was of living the way they were. Cyrus retorted by telling G how stupid he'd been for confessing to Frank. Cyrus said it would be G's word against Alan's. As long as Alan walked around town like a grieving saint while G manipulated an underage girl, Cyrus doubted G stood a chance. G vowed to stay out of jail even if he had to take care of Alan himself. It would then be G's word against a dead man's. G left Cyrus and met up with Daisy.

Meanwhile after Jeffrey helped Reva locate a missing item at Cross Creek, Reva jumped into his arms, causing pain to his injury. Reva retrieved his pain pills, but Jeffrey refused to take them. As Jeffrey left for the office, Reva asked him to check into some complaints that had been filed against the movie producers. She wondered who'd go through the trouble of filing complaints, and Jeffrey said, "That'd be me." Jeffrey told Reva that Josh wanted the movie shut down after seeing the child actress who played Marah drinking. Reva called Josh and Jeffrey a couple of jackasses and wondered when they'd gotten so buddy-buddy. When Jeffrey said he'd never take action on Josh's complaints without talking to her first, Reva rephrased, saying Jeffrey was a really cute jackass. He said he wasn't threatened by the movie because he loved what he and Reva had together. Reva said the movie was just a fantasy that would soon end with a paycheck.

After Jeffrey left, Reva went through a pill bottle drawer in the kitchen and consolidated Hawk's, Jeffrey's, and her unused painkillers into one bottle. Afterward, she shook it and said, "There. That will do the job." While driving, Reva spotted G and Daisy kissing on a bench. Reva got out of the car and said, "I'm so sick of this." Daisy said Reva should understand young love because of "Reva and Josh." Reva shouted, "Reva and Josh nothing!" Daisy pouted that Reva just didn't want her to have a life. Reva clinched Daisy's forearms and replied that she did want Daisy to have a life. G proposed that Reva get her own life. Reva shot him a cold stare and said she did have a life that she'd get back to once Daisy was okay. Reva ordered Daisy to get in the car so Reva could take her to Buzz's.

Some time later, G was attempting to start a truck when Reva rushed up and shoved him against the cab. G asked Reva what her problem was. He said he was the only one who knew that Daisy was a woman, "If you know what I mean." Reva jerked him up by his collar and said one day Daisy would realize that she'd done the right thing by turning him in to the police. Reva walked across the street, pulled out an empty pill bottle, and stared at it with satisfaction.

Meanwhile Cyrus found Jeffrey at the courthouse to say that the case against Grady was weak and circumstantial. Cyrus doubted that Alan would corroborate G's statement and claimed the case would end in a mistrial because of Frank and Doris' involvement. Cyrus warned Jeffrey that he could lose his shaky case against G and therefore lose his chance of nailing Alan. After talking to Cyrus, Jeffrey met with Frank and Mallet to tell them that he didn't think G's confession would hold up in court because of Frank's vendetta against G. Jeffrey said he needed G to implicate Alan on the stand. To persuade G to do so, Jeffrey proposed a lighter sentence for G. Angry, Frank wondered where that would leave Daisy.

After talking to Jeffrey, Cyrus went to Company and saw Marina. He asked her if he could sit beside her and she reluctantly agreed. Frank entered and saw Cyrus and Marina. He ducked behind a corner so they couldn't see him. Later Marina approached Frank at the playground, and Frank mentioned seeing her with Cyrus. Marina said she simply ran into Cyrus, but she was dating Mallet. Frank sarcastically agreed. Though Mallet might have been older than Marina and had been involved with Harley, Marina asked him to admit that Mallet was a better choice than her past boyfriends. As long as Marina dated Mallet for the right reasons, Frank was okay with it. Marina called Mallet her best friend and asked Frank to loosen up. Frank said he would once his three girls were okay and the Foley brothers were behind bars. Marina told him to find balance because she didn't need him having a heart attack over G or Cyrus. She assured him once again that she was over Cyrus.

Back at home, Marina pried apart a framed photo of her family to retrieve a picture of Cyrus and her that she had hidden behind it. Mallet entered and saw the picture of Marina and Cyrus. Marina assured Mallet that it wasn't what he thought; she wasn't missing Cyrus. Instead she was realizing that being with Cyrus wasn't a life, not her life anyway. She was glad Cyrus had walked away from her and said she probably would've walked away from him because that life hadn't been real. What Mallet and she had was real and Marina said she loved it. Marina grabbed a six-pack of beer and invited Mallet onto the terrace. She gave him a beer said they were celebrating their independence from Cyrus and Dinah. Mallet toasted with her.

Meanwhile at the station, Jeffrey and Frank were discussing G's case when Reva called Frank. Disguising her voice with a Cockney accent, she tipped Frank off that G had prescription drugs on him. "We got him," Frank told Jeffrey and rushed out. Frank brought G back the station and threatened to charge him with possession with intent to sell. G insisted that the painkillers didn't belong to him and he didn't even know how he'd obtained them. Frank conjectured that G probably planned to get high just like the night that Tammy had died.

Once G was back behind bars, Frank told Jeffrey that G had been caught with "garden-type variety" painkillers without a prescription. He said G had had enough pills on him to bump his charges up to a grade two felony and keep him incarcerated until his trial. Jeffrey chuckled, saying he had a lifetime supply of those kinds of pain pills at home and he couldn't stomach them. After Jeffrey left, a suspicious Frank called Reva. He informed her about G's arrest for the pills and asked her if she knew anything about it. Reva wondered why she'd know anything. Both Frank and Reva smiled knowingly as Reva thanked Frank for the call and then hung up.

When Jeffrey got home, he told Reva the news about G's arrest. Reva hoped that Daisy wouldn't become a jailhouse groupie. Jeffrey saw a DVD containing the latest dailies from the movie, and Reva wondered if Jeffrey had any second thoughts about not shutting the movie down. Jeffrey said that if he shut it down, he couldn't see the ending. Reva replied that she'd tell him how it ended. With a naughty grin, she rephrased, "Or show you. Whichever you prefer."

Meanwhile Cyrus ran into Daisy at Company and again implored her to break up with G. While they argued, Cyrus received a call saying that G had been arrested again. Daisy insisted on going with Cyrus to see G. When they arrived at the station, Frank wouldn't speak to either of them. Daisy barged back to the holding cell and asked G if he were doing drugs again. G told her that her family was setting him up.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ashlee and Coop coped with their breakup in different ways. Doris joined Ashlee on a park bench as she worked and said that Ashlee was just like her mother, dealing with Coop dumping her by pouring herself into work. Ashlee reminded Doris that she'd dumped Coop, not the other way around. When Doris wondered why they'd broken up, Ashlee said Coop was wonderful, and their parting had been about Ashlee figuring out who she was.

At Company, Coop told Buzz that he had accepted a summer teaching job with the local middle school. When Buzz wondered if he'd still have time for writing, Coop replied that he had nothing but time on his hands since the breakup. Buzz pondered whether Coop had done the right thing with Ashlee. Coop said Ashlee wanted someone else or something else and they just weren't meant to be. Later outside the police station, Coop saw Frank, who asked him if he were okay after the breakup. Coop appreciated the concern but suggested Frank focus on other troubled Coopers. Frank agreed, saying that Daisy was atop his list.

Meanwhile at the jail, Daisy tried to visit G but the guard informed her that she was not on his visiting list. Daisy said it must have been some kind of mistake but the guard still wouldn't let her in. Outside, Daisy ran into Coop, who wanted to know why Daisy cared so much about G. "Because he picked me," she replied. G wasn't stuck with her like she thought her family felt they were. Furthermore, she picked G over her family.

After getting nowhere with Daisy, Coop strolled through the park and ran into Ashlee. Their conversation was awkward at first, and then each admitted feeling miserable. Ashlee said she had been avoiding Company. Coop told her that everyone at Company loved her and so did he. Ashlee loved Coop also, but she still didn't know what she wanted in life. Squeezing his hand, she said she feared it would take her too long to figure it out, and she'd lose Coop for good. Ashlee suddenly realized she had to meet Daisy and sprinted off.

Later Ashlee met Daisy at the TV station. While Ashlee worked, Daisy talked about G. When Ashlee wasn't interested in hearing about him, Daisy accused Ashlee of being jealous. To the contrary, Ashlee said she wasn't experienced in being involved with a killer. "You would've been a killer yourself if you had been a better shot," Daisy retorted. When Daisy said Ashlee had had a good man in Coop but she'd blown it, Ashlee replied that at least she was trying, unlike some people who only whined about it. Ashlee said she had a "big-girl" job to do at the station and told Daisy that she needed to leave.

After working a while, Ashlee returned to the park to record her video blog. She said it was shocking that her ex-boyfriend was actually devastated over losing her. She'd lost fifty-five pounds and her best friend had become her "frenemy." She admitted, though, that Daisy had had some valid points in their latest argument. Ashlee noted that people said she was better and different since losing the weight; Ashlee wondered what kind of person she'd been before.

Over at Towers, Natalia waited for Frank to pick her up from work. She ran into Blake, who thought Natalia's troubled mood was attributed to living in a town where Gus and Harley's romance had had such a huge impact. Natalia said she was fine with that. Her problem was that Harley had taken her son. Shocked, Blake wondered if Harley were just protecting Rafe from jail. In Natalia's view, Harley doing so had put both Rafe and Natalia in personal jails. Natalia told Blake that she was lucky to have her daughter near her.

While Blake and Clarissa were in their room at the Beacon, Blake learned of Clarissa's dream to go to London. Blake decided that they had been living in limbo since Ross's death and she was ready to make a change. Kevin and Jason had been able to pick up their routines in boarding school, but Blake speculated about how she could get herself and Clarissa back on track. She decided to book them that trip to London, but Clarissa reminded Blake that she had a summer school class. Blake said she'd drop Clarissa off at class, but first she had to make herself worthy to hang out with her own daughter. Blake went to the TV station to see Ashlee and she apologized for her part in Ashlee and Coop's breakup. Though Ashlee knew that Blake had had a thing for Coop, she said Blake hadn't caused the breakup. Blake seemed surprised, but relieved. She told Ashlee Coop had dumped her as his agent.

Afterward Blake took Clarissa to the chapel for her class and unexpectedly found Coop teaching it. She and Coop talked privately, and Blake swore that Clarissa's enrollment hadn't been a setup. She hadn't even known Clarissa had had a class until that day. Clarissa listened in as Blake begged Coop not to take anything out on the child because she was a good kid. Coop assured Blake that Clarissa wasn't a problem and none of it had to be a big deal.

Meanwhile, Frank picked Natalia up at work and she expressed that she was still having a hard time since Harley had brainwashed her son into skipping town. She said Rafe knew better than to run from his problems. She felt she was stuck in the town where Gus had died with the family that had convinced her son to run. She was forced to stay there awaiting his return. Frank wished he could help her in some way. Frank said that if it were any consolation, he wanted his sister back as well. Once they arrived at the boardinghouse, Frank mentioned a concert coming up the following Saturday, but Natalia said she worked on Saturdays. Frank replied that he wasn't asking for a date, just passing information. When Natalia seemed embarrassed, Frank chuckled, saying he really did want a date, but if she had to work, he understood.

Frank visited Reva and speculated that she had been the one to phone in the tip about G. Reva still claimed innocence and Frank let her know that the drug charges wouldn't keep G in jail for a long time. Reva went to see Buzz at Company to talk about Daisy and G. Buzz thought they should've put Daisy on a plane like Harley had told them to, but Reva was certain Daisy would've just returned to Springfield. Buzz said he was too old for "this" and begrudgingly offered to pay G a visit at the jail. Buzz went down to see G, who wondered how "Grandpa Grill Cook" had gotten by the guards since he wasn't on the visitors list. Buzz said he had a lot of pull at the station. Buzz sinisterly warned G that if he kept messing with Daisy's mind, then Buzz would do what he had to do. "And do you know why?" Buzz uttered. "Because I'm an old man and I've got nothing to lose." G appeared affected by Buzz's words.

Meanwhile Daisy went to Cross Creek and when she saw Reva there, she said, "I can't deal with you right now." Reva looked at her as if she were crazy and said, "What?" Daisy then checked her attitude and Reva informed her that Buzz had gone down to the jail to see G. Daisy wondered why they all hated that she loved G. Reva said whatever Daisy had with G wasn't love and warned Daisy that she couldn't fix him. Daisy told Reva that she wouldn't leave G and then she stormed out of the house. Later Buzz visited Reva and she asked him how G was. Buzz thought it was hard to get a read on him. Reva replied that G had ice in his veins. Buzz said they needed to dismantle the whole "us against the world" wall that Daisy and G had built around them.

Later Daisy sneaked into the jail. She begged G to talk to her but he wouldn't even look at her. She insisted she wouldn't leave until he did. G told her to forget about him because her family was on a mission to keep them apart. Daisy called Reva a hypocrite for making a movie about how she loved Josh while she was with Jeffrey. Daisy believed Cyrus would get G out of jail. G asked her what would happen then. Daisy said she and G would run away where no one could find them.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

On the parlor's overlook at the mansion, Dinah threatened to throw Olivia out of the house because, against Dinah's wishes, Olivia had instructed the staff to serve tomato juice instead of orange juice. Bill entered to announce that he'd landed a big meeting with "The Governator." Once Dinah heard that the governor could possibly seek to endorse Bill as his successor, she rushed to brag to their mother about it on the phone. Later Dinah went for a jog and ran into Mallet and Marina, who were also jogging. Marina seemed tense as Dinah explained to Mallet that she was a new woman. Dinah had decided that she needed to let Mallet go so that she could move on with her life. Having her brother in her life gave Dinah great security. Mallet told Dinah that he was glad that she had Bill.

After Dinah left, Marina asked Mallet to admit that seeing Dinah had rattled him. Mallet appreciated Marina's openness and said he'd probably always feel a little something for Dinah. Marina said she was okay with it and glad he told her so that she wouldn't always be worried about it. As they continued their run, they happened upon Lizzie pushing Peyton in a stroller. Mallet gave the ladies a moment alone to talk. Marina told Lizzie that she and Mallet were dating and then expressed sympathy for Lizzie's breakup with Bill and for losing Sarah again. Since both she and Lizzie had had a rough year, Marina thought that perhaps she and Lizzie could hang out together. Lizzie smiled, suggesting they go shopping. Marina played with Peyton a moment and then said she wouldn't mind hanging out with Lizzie and baby Peyton, too.

Later at the station, Marina noted Mallet's reticent mood since they'd left the park. Mallet seemed troubled as he told Marina how great she'd been with Peyton. He revealed to Marina that he couldn't have children. He said Marina deserved to have everything she wanted, and if she wanted to have children, then he'd understand if she walked away from him. Marina was floored by his concern, saying, "We haven't even..." Mallet said he knew that they hadn't, but they were taking things slow. In taking things slow, he felt it showed exactly how much the relationship meant to each of them. Marina said she'd like to have children some day. If he did as well, then she said they'd figure it out when the time came.

Meanwhile after Dinah had left Bill and Olivia alone on the overlook, Olivia asked Bill about his relationship with Ava. Bill divulged his knowledge about Ava's pregnancy and accused Olivia of helping her cover it up. Olivia seemed nervous until Bill assured her that he was putting it behind him and planned to raise the child as his own. Bill descended the stairs to tell Ava about his meeting with the governor later that day. Ava decided they should have dinner on the town to show themselves as a strong couple. Bill said he had a better idea and suggested they go on a family vacation after the baby was born. Ava grew excited at the prospect. After Bill left, Ava realized he had forgotten his laptop. She opened it and discovered that Bill had been looking at a secluded vacation cabin online. She told baby Max that it was perfect for their family.

Olivia came down later and told Ava that she'd spoken to Bill about the marriage. In light of Bill's discovery about the baby, Olivia seemed to have adopted Jeffrey's sentiments about the marriage. She said Ava shouldn't accept a loveless marriage and it wasn't too late for Ava to back out. Ava refused to back out, believing she'd survived the worst after Bill had still married her despite her deceit. Ava showed Olivia the property Bill had pulled up on his laptop. Olivia said the cabin property didn't change the fact that Olivia had also become bound to whatever deal Ava had made with Bill about the marriage. Olivia felt the cost was too high.

While alone in the parlor later, Ava removed a basket from a box. Suddenly pain stricken, she clutched her stomach. Dinah entered the room and helped her to the car.

Meanwhile Bill ran into Lizzie on his way to the meeting with the governor. She insisted on riding in his SUV with him and they argued about Spaulding Enterprises. Lizzie wanted Bill to give her back the company since he'd become interested in politics. While parking the car and walking to the building, Bill said Lizzie had had her chance when Bill had presented her with options. Lizzie retorted that Bill's "options" would have turned her into a woman he wouldn't even have wanted. Irritated, Bill went inside. On the ground, Lizzie found a folded piece of paper that Bill had dropped. Upon unfolding it, she saw a picture of the same cabin that Ava had seen on Bill's computer. Awestruck, Lizzie assumed Bill had bought it for Lizzie and him. She rushed into Towers and showed him the paper, but Bill said he was running late. Lizzie said the house was pretty and Bill agreed. Grinning, Lizzie told him they had more to talk about. He agreed and invited her to come by his office later. Bill left the paper with her and went to his meeting. Looking at the house again, Lizzie smiled and said, "It has a tire swing!" Lizzie had once told Bill that she'd had a tire swing when she'd lived in Arizona.

While Bill awaited the governor, Dinah called him and said Ava might have been in labor. She asked a panicking Bill if he wanted her to meet the governor in his place. Frantic, Bill said to tell Ava he'd be on his way. By the time Bill arrived at the hospital, the doctor had stopped the contractions, and Ava was waiting to have a sonogram. Ava mentioned that the realtor had called about the cabin surprise. Bill grew uneasy as Ava said the property would be great for them. Bill replied that it was perfect for Max.

After Lizzie arrived home, Olivia paid her an unwelcome visit. Olivia tried to tell Lizzie how desperate Ava had been at the time she'd conceived her baby. Lizzie wondered if Olivia expected her to believe that Ava's only choice had been to get impregnated at a sperm bank and entrap a man for the rest of his life. Olivia replied that Bill loved the baby and asked Lizzie to just leave him and Ava alone. Lizzie asked Olivia to leave, but Olivia said she wanted to talk about Bill. Lizzie wondered if Ava and Olivia ever talked about Bill and perhaps swapped stories. Olivia said, "That's gross, even for me." Olivia knew Bill loved Lizzie, but for some reason, he'd chosen Ava. Olivia conceded that Bill and Ava were a fragile couple and added that they slept in separate rooms. From her purse Olivia retrieved a printout of the cabin Bill had bought and said she suspected Bill was finding ways to spend time with Lizzie instead of his wife. Olivia felt their marriage had a shot if Lizzie would stop interfering. If Lizzie loved Bill as she claimed, Olivia said she'd do what was best for him. As Olivia exited, Lizzie said she did love Bill.

Meanwhile at the police station, Dinah arrived dressed to impress the governor, but security wouldn't allow her access. She said she was filling in for her brother, who'd had a meeting with the governor. The security agent said Bill had called to reschedule, but he never said his sister would be coming. Dinah insisted that she was supposed to be there. Mallet walked up and took Dinah aside. After a frustrated Dinah explained the situation, Mallet thought Bill was probably distracted by the baby and had forgotten to tell the governor to expect her. Dinah wanted to believe Mallet's reasoning because Bill had promised her that they were a team.

Dinah went back to the mansion and found Bill in the parlor tucking Ava beneath blankets on the sofa. Dinah pulled him aside to tell him that she had been humiliated when she couldn't get in to see the governor. Bill said he had cancelled that meeting, and Dinah accused him of not trusting her after she'd gotten him everything he had. Bill said the meeting that day had nothing to do with the company or Dinah; it had been about him, and he was the one who should have been there. To clear up any confusion, Bill decided he'd take Ava with him to his rescheduled meeting. Ava called Bill back to the sofa and Bill quickly went to her side without giving Dinah a second thought. Dinah glinted at him and then retreated upstairs. Bill's phone rang, and after looking at the caller ID, he told Ava that the call was important. Lizzie was on the other line, and Bill uttered that it was a bad time. Lizzie asked him to meet her the following day and said he wouldn't be sorry. "Yeah," Bill murmured and hung up.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bill found Ava sleeping on the couch of the mansion and sat down to speak to Max. Bill assured Max that he would always be there for him. Bill stated that, growing up, he never could count on his own father showing up, and promised Max that he would always make time for him. When Ava woke up, they got ready and went to the lunch meeting with the governor and his wife.

Lizzie packed a bag just in case Bill asked her to go to the cabin with him. Later, Lillian stopped by and Lizzie told her about the cabin that Bill bought for them. Lillian cautioned Lizzie about going by pointing out that Bill would never jeopardize his political career by being seen with Lizzie in public. Lizzie went to Towers to meet with Bill but he told her that he would meet her later since he and Ava were meeting the governor. Before leaving, Lizzie told Bill that she liked the cabin.

Ava talked up Bill to the governor and his wife. Impressed, the governor told Bill that he would be the perfect man to succeed him when his term was over. After the meeting, Ava wanted to celebrate, but Bill stated that he had another meeting to get to. Later, Bill ran into Lillian who warned him not to hurt her granddaughter. Lillian called Lizzie and warned her not to go through with it.

At Cedars, Remy overheard Lillian talking on the phone with Olivia about Ava's condition. Remy tried to coax some information about Ava's condition out of Lillian but, of course, she could not divulge that information. Later, Jeffrey saw Remy and told him that he knew that Remy had feelings for Ava. Jeffrey asked if Ava returned those feelings and Remy said yes. Later, Jeffrey spoke with Bill who assured him that he and Ava would have a real life together.

Bill arrived at the cabin and was surprised to find Lizzie waiting.

Ava visited Remy and asked if they could still be friends since seeing him made her calmer. An upset Remy let her in and wanted her to explain to him why she would marry Bill since he did not understand it. Ava told Remy that it was about family. Ava said that Bill could give her baby the kind of life that she could not. Remy told Ava that he was not sure if he could trust her again. Ava responded that she wanted to be Remy's friend. Ava stated that while Bill could give her a fancy, exciting life, being with Remy was easy and normal. Remy agreed to give it a shot and the pair played cards.

Reva confronted Josh about trying to get the movie shut down. Josh argued that the movie was not fair to Cassie. Josh did not think Cassie should have to see him leaving her for her sister. Reva told Josh that she believed that the movie brought up feelings that he couldn't handle, so he tried to shut it down. Reva said that made him a coward and walked away. Afterwards, Josh entered the farm where Cassie was setting the table for breakfast. Although Josh tried to sit and eat, after some small talk about RJ and after Cassie subtly thanked him for forgiving her, Josh made an excuse to leave.

Josh went to Jeffrey's office and asked about his progress on getting the movie shut down. Jeffrey told Josh that he filed the complaint and the production crew was forced to pay a fine. Josh was not very happy about that outcome and Jeffrey told Josh that it was just a movie. Josh proclaimed that it was ruining people's lives. Jeffrey explained that he did not have time to do Josh's dirty work. Josh was shocked by this phrase and argued that the movie was upsetting Cassie. He went on to say that the movie was no good for anyone, especially Reva since he felt that it caused her to question every decision she ever made. Jeffrey pointedly wondered if it was Reva who was doing the questioning. Later in the day, Jeffrey put in the Always DVD to watch.

Reva went to the farm. Seeing Cassie, she told her about Grady being back in prison and asked where Josh was. When Cassie asked why she wanted to see Josh, Reva replied that he was trying to have her movie shut down. When Reva told Cassie that she thought Josh was being melodramatic, Cassie replied that she would get Josh's side of the story later.

Cassie and Josh went to a marriage counselor to work on their problems. Josh discussed how their relationship started and Cassie confessed that it was a lot a pressure to be the sister that your husband left his dying wife for. After the session, the pair agreed that they wanted to make their marriage work.

Reva visited Josh to hash it out about the movie. During the argument, Josh said that watching that screening was torture for him and that he hated it. Reva called him a liar and said that he loved it.

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