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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 26, 2009 on GL
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Monday, January 26, 2009

When Lizzie arrived at Alan's hotel room in New York, Alan was unpleasantly surprised to see Cyrus trailing in behind her. Lizzie proved her dedication to their business by informing Alan that she had given Roxie away. Alan sympathetically said that even though it had been a tough choice for Lizzie, it had been for the best. Whipping out Phillip's model of Springfield, Lizzie cooed that they would own the entire town. Alan strategized wining and dining their prospective investors, but Cyrus questioned the validity of the investors in light of the tumbling stock market. Lizzie determined that she wouldn't even give them a glass of water until she knew that they were sound investors.

Alan went out before their meeting, and Lizzie took Cyrus shopping. While strolling through the city, Cyrus asked her if she really wanted to get involved with the bottom-feeders who had survived the Wall Street crisis. Lizzie felt that she had dealt with worse, and she declined business advice from crooked Cyrus. Back at the hotel, Lizzie seemed saddened when she stumbled upon a trinket of Roxie's. Cyrus knocked on the door, and she tucked the trinket away. Cyrus brought her some intelligence from an investor's room. Upon reviewing it, Lizzie scoffed that Mr. Vassalo had kinky stuff to hide. Cyrus contemplated what it was like to be a rich Spaulding, and Lizzie said that it came with pride and a burdensome obligation. She had chosen to embrace her Spaulding nature and profit from it, rather than run from it as other Spauldings had.

Later, Alan picked Lizzie up for the meeting. When Cyrus tagged along, Alan remarked that Lizzie should have kept Roxie instead of replacing her with Cyrus. Once in the meeting, Mr. Vassalo balked at the steep price to get in on the Springfield revitalization deal. Lizzie hinted that he was used to paying a lot for things that he couldn't get at home. When Vassalo didn't follow, Lizzie said, "Don't let me whip you into shape." Seemingly figuring that Lizzie had dirt on him, Vassalo piped down. Alan explained that they would have to demolish certain parts of Springfield, including the burger place on Seventh Street. Taken aback, Lizzie stated, "Company?" Alan told them that he had just bought the struggling restaurant, so tearing it down wouldn't be a problem. Lizzie smiled contritely.

Billy found his son at the Beacon, strategizing a hunt for Phillip. Billy knew that pursuing "Psycho Dad" would be almost as dangerous as bringing him back to town. Billy wanted to go with Bill, but Bill felt that he needed to go it alone. Bill drove deep into a wooden area and parked his SUV. After pulling some gear out of the back, he continued his trek on foot. Bill lost his backpack while trying to maneuver across a rocky and frosty creek.

At the church, Jeffrey, Reva, and Josh were appalled that Edmund had shown up there, claiming to be Lara's father. Edmund said he'd been astonished when Lara had claimed to be his daughter. Though Edmund had only known her a few weeks, she had become the light of his life. He explained that after month of slipping in and out of his coma, a girl had appeared over him, looking just like Rachel, a palace attendant that Edmund had had a brief relationship with in his youth. Lara had told him that Rachel was her mother and Edmund her father. He said that Lara had come into his life when he'd needed her most, and she had sat vigilantly by his bedside. He was proud to have such an angelic daughter, but heartbroken that she had passed. The last time he had heard from Lara, she had been announcing her plans to marry Shayne. Jeffrey thought it was convenient that they couldn't do a DNA test, but Edmund said it had already been done. He showed them the results. A suspicious Jeffrey hauled Edmund outside.

Jeffrey took Edmund to the mini-mart, where he told Edmund that some men were coming in a cab to make sure Edmund got on a plane. Edmund appealed to Jeffrey's sense of fatherhood, reminding Jeffrey of the kind of man Jeffrey had been when he had learned about Ava. Edmund imagined that with one look into Ava's eyes, Jeffrey probably wanted to be a better man. He asked Jeffrey if Reva were having a boy or a girl, and Jeffrey warned Edmund that he would put him back into a coma. Edmund said that Jeffrey could send him away, but he wouldn't give up on knowing his daughter. Edmund felt that Shayne was his only link to Lara.

On the rooftop, Dinah tried to convince Shayne not to jump by saying that Lara's memories would die with him. Shayne thought that scenario was better than living while Lara's memories faded over time. When it appeared that Dinah couldn't talk him out of jumping, she climbed over the railing and said he had to take her with him. Dinah said that half the time, she couldn't find a good excuse to get up in the morning, either. Shayne insisted that he wasn't the same person anymore, but things were more hopeful for Dinah. He thought she was the most beautiful and alive person that he knew. As he wrestled her back from the edge, she hit her head. Shayne wondered if she were all right, and she asked if he wanted to stick around to find out.

Shayne took Dinah to the hospital, where she got a bandage for her head. Shayne warned Dinah not to interfere with his plans to die again. Dinah revealed what had happened to her when she had been shot in the head. She said that her messed up brain had made her want to jump off a building. She didn't do it because she knew that it was the coward's way out. She bet that Shayne was no coward. Shayne's phone rang, and when he opted not to answer it, she took it from him. She put the caller on speaker. It was Josh calling to inform them that Edmund had shown up, claiming to be Lara's father. Dinah told Josh that they would be right over.

Dinah and Shayne met Reva and Josh at Company, and all four agreed that Edmund's story didn't sound right. Reva said Jeffrey was tossing Edmund out of town, but just then, Jeffrey entered with Edmund on his heels. Edmund strolled directly toward Shayne and threw his arms around him. Shayne broke out of the embrace, challenging Edmund to reveal something about Lara that would make Shayne believe that Edmund was Lara's father, like her middle name. Edmund replied that Rachel hadn't given Lara a middle name. Later in life, Lara had taken Blythe as a middle name to make her feel closer to a best friend who had moved away.

Satisfied, Shayne murmured that Lara had never mentioned Edmund. Edmund said it was understandable that she hadn't, given Edmund's history. Shayne grew upset when Edmund tried to commiserate Lara's death with him, and Shayne's family protectively swarmed around them. Edmund said that he just wanted to know how Lara had died, but Reva sobbed that Edmund couldn't force Shayne to talk about it. Josh decided that Shayne had had enough and Edmund should leave. Upon leaving, Edmund hoped that Shayne would talk when he was ready.

Reva couldn't believe that Jeffrey had brought Edmund back there, but Jeffrey reasoned that Edmund wouldn't just go away. Jeffrey admitted that Edmund had gotten to him through Ava. Jeffrey figured that Edmund just needed time to grieve. Jeffrey vowed to send Edmund back out of town to moment Edmund got closure. Jeffrey said that Edmund wouldn't go near Reva or their son, but Reva wondered about protecting her other son, too.

Sometime later, Shayne told Dinah that she no longer had to worry about him because his plans had changed. Shayne felt that he had to protect his family. He worried about Edmund's reaction to learning that Shayne had been responsible for Lara's death. Dinah abruptly hushed Shayne, telling him to never say that again. She told him that Edmund had left her to die in a fire just a few years back. She assured Shayne that an enraged Edmund could be deadly for the whole town.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bill retrieved his soggy backpack from the creek and unhappily discovered his waterlogged wallet and GPS device. While hiking, Bill saw a figment of Lizzie leaning on a rock. The figment said that Bill's mission to find her father was pointless because she would never go back to Bill. She said their relationship had been doomed from the moment he had used her diary to destroy her. She told him to give up like he usually did, and then she disappeared. Bill trudged through the rocky creek and up some slopping rocks. A cabin came into view. Bill looked inside the cabin and then slowly opened the front door.

Looking out his hotel room window, Alan joked that he liked to imagine squishing the little people below. Alan directed Cyrus to leave Lizzie and him in private, but Cyrus left only after Lizzie okayed it. Lizzie expressed her reservations about demolishing Company, and Alan confided that he'd only saved it for Beth. Lizzie wished Beth cared as much about Alan's feelings. Alan was puzzled by the remark, but Lizzie said, "Never mind." Alan asserted that sacrifices, such as hers to leave behind Roxie and Bill, had to be made in the advent of progress. She stated that she was still the one in charge, and she wouldn't hastily demolish Company.

On a street corner, Cyrus bought a pretzel for "this girl." The vendor guessed that Cyrus liked the girl. Cyrus said that she was rich and powerful, his favorite qualities in a woman. Lizzie met Cyrus outside to say that she wanted to return home to think without Alan's interference. She contemplated having a Buzz Burger, and Cyrus joked that she would shut Company down if the burger were undercooked. Lizzie quipped that she wanted to make an ethical decision about it. She said that the food wasn't great, but people needed a comforting place like Company.

Back in Springfield, Lizzie stopped at the door to Company and told Cyrus that was as far as she needed him to take her. Cyrus wondered if she were sure that she no longer needed him-for anything at all. Lizzie suspiciously questioned Cyrus' motives for working for her. Cyrus kissed her hand and uttered, "Money, pure money." Though Lizzie admitted that he was charming, she pulled her hand away. Upon leaving, he said she knew where to find him.

Later, Buzz set a burger before Lizzie. He mumbled about the economy and Alan sending him to business seminars. Lizzie cringed, picking through her burger. Buzz wondered if it were too rare, admitting that his grill was on the fritz. Lizzie said that it was exactly what she had been looking for. They heard a door close, and Buzz said it was probably Coop. Lizzie cringed again, and Buzz figured that she knew about Coop and Beth. Lizzie rolled her eyes, stating that Coop and Beth flaunted their relationship, regardless of whom they hurt. She suddenly asked if he wanted to retire, and Buzz said he was where he was meant to be. She questioned how he knew that. Buzz didn't know if it were destiny or birthright, but something just told a person, "You are where you're meant to be." Lizzie thought he was right.

Lizzie called Alan on the jet to render her decision not to demolish Company. She said she wasn't going soft, but if she didn't hang onto something, then she would lose herself completely, as her father had lost himself. Later, Lizzie called Cyrus to the mansion to give him her decision about Company. She said that she had a heart, unlike Alan; she just needed to learn how to keep it from controlling her life. After asserting that she called all the shots, she said that she knew what needed to happen next. She passionately kissed him, uttering, "I want you. I want you right now." Cyrus smiled, seemingly happy to oblige.

As Natalia and Frank ate at Company, Beth and Coop sauntered up to say hello. After Beth and Coop went to their own booth, Natalia asked Frank if she had seen what she thought she'd seen between the other couple. Frank stiffly agreed and changed the subject. Natalia decided to go to work, and she giggled when Frank pulled her chair out for her. She said she hadn't dated many "chair-pullers" in her life. Frank stated that he had been getting dating advice from his family, but Natalia thought he should rely on his own instincts. He replied that his instincts had freaked her out with a kiss. Natalia reasoned that kisses shouldn't be a big deal, but Frank hoped that a kiss would mean something. Natalia kissed him and advised that he work on their next date.

On the way out, Natalia made polite conversation with Matt. When Matt later told Frank that Natalia was one nice lady, Frank warned Matt not to even think about it. Frank further advised him against speaking to Beth, who sat with Coop. At the mini-mart later, Frank told Matt that he could spend his life with Natalia. Matt asked what was up with Beth and Coop. Frank kidded that Matt knew all about older women and younger men, but then concluded that Beth and Coop weren't serious.

Christina held a therapy session with Olivia at the farmhouse. When Christina asked about Olivia's emotional state, Olivia inadvertently mentioned the repercussions of the "My Two Mommies" project. Olivia said the idea of Natalia and her as a couple was silly, and Christina became awkwardly quiet. Olivia guessed that Christina had thought the same thing, and wondered why. Christina said that she'd inferred it from the dynamics between Olivia and Natalia, the way they argued and cared for Emma. Olivia clarified that she and Natalia were newfound friends, adding that Natalia was dating Frank. Olivia said she even gave Frank tips because she thought Natalia and he made a great couple. Olivia frowned unconvincingly, and Christina said, "That's nice."

Natalia arrived home, and Olivia closed the laptop, on which she had been viewing Emma's report. Natalia said she had been out with Frank, and Olivia commented that Natalia and Frank were moving at glacier speed. Natalia explained that she was being careful, and Olivia sarcastically said that carefulness was so romantic. Natalia thought Olivia would be impressed that Natalia had kissed Frank, but Olivia quipped that Natalia had kissed her, too. Natalia corrected that Olivia had kissed Natalia, and it didn't even count as a kiss. Olivia agreed, but she said that no one profited from caution.

Meanwhile, Alan's brows quirked as he reviewed the "My Two Mommies" report that Emma had sent him. He immediately called Olivia to express his concern about it. Olivia said the presentation had gone well, even though there had been slight confusion over it. Olivia thought Emma's innocence was humorous, but Alan saw nothing funny about it. "Emma does not have two mommies. Phillip is her father," He said. Olivia knew full well who Emma's father was, but Alan said that after his other battles with Beth and in business, he didn't need any other bumps in the road. Olivia wondered how she and Natalia could be a problem for Alan, and Alan replied that he planned to address it once he returned to town.

After the call, Olivia was upset that she had to deal with Alan on top of everything else. Olivia sensed big trouble because Alan had tried to take Emma away from her before. She didn't want that kind of fight during her recovery. Natalia advised Olivia to move out if Alan insisted upon using their living arrangement against her. Livid, Olivia said that she had almost moved out twice already. Though Olivia worried about Alan, she proclaimed that their new family was worth the fight. Olivia said she would be damned if she let Alan or anyone else destroy the real home and family that she'd found for Emma and herself.

Coop's publisher called him about the manuscript that Blake had submitted. Once Coop got off the phone, he told Beth that Blake had somehow gotten a hold of his manuscript about a young writer in love with an older woman. Coop said that his emotions for Beth had compelled him to write it, but he had never meant for it to be published. He wondered how Blake got her hands on it, and Beth worried that the novel would hurt her children. She begged Coop to retract it from publication and delete all copies. Coop solemnly agreed to do it for her sake.

In Coop's room, Beth read part the manuscript, and Coop said it had been written from the soul. She was flattered by his view of her, but she said that it was a fairytale that couldn't happen. She put the manuscript in a trash bag and left with it. Coop followed her downstairs, where she apologized for costing him a best seller. Coop said he only cared about what was inside the book. Beth worried that Coop had hidden the book from her until a publisher had gotten it. She wondered if he would hide other things from her. She felt they were just kidding themselves. Coop said their feelings were real, but Beth replied that nothing was real until Alan learned of it. She had thought she was ready for a public relationship with Coop, but she realized that she really wasn't.

Coop said that he could delete the story from his computer, but he didn't think they could erase it from their hearts. Coop began kissing her, but she said they couldn't carry on in the restaurant. Coop told her that the restaurant was closed because Alan had sent Buzz to a financial seminar. He said that for once, they could thank Alan for something. As they began making love in the restaurant, Alan tried the locked front door. He peered into the window and was taken aback to see Beth and Coop fiercely undressing each other.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bill cautiously entered the woodsy cabin through the unlocked front door. He noticed its meager furnishing and discovered a half-eaten sandwich. He picked up some papers that indicated that someone had been writing volumes of material. Bill heard a noise. He charged out of the house and into the woods, chasing the sound of crumpling leaves. Turning to and fro, Bill called Phillip's name. Suddenly, his head smacked into a thick branch and he lost consciousness. Someone built a makeshift stretcher and used it to cart off Bill.

Bill awakened inside the cabin later to see Billy holding fresh logs for a fire. Rick had given Billy instructions to find Bill. Bill showed Billy a strip of pictures of Lizzie and Phillip, which to Bill proved that Phillip had been there. Billy thought Phillip could have been long gone by then. Suddenly, Bill began incoherently concocting a theory that Phillip had kidnapped Lizzie. Bill rushed out of the cabin, intent upon finding Lizzie before Phillip struck again. When Bill wobbled on his feet, Billy braced Bill and helped him back into the cabin.

At the mansion, Lizzie was eager to bed Cyrus, but during foreplay, Cyrus called Lizzie's judgment into question. He feared that she might regret the romp and fire him the next day. Cyrus felt that they could build something substantial if they did it the right way. Lizzie decided to fire Cyrus that instant, instead of the next day. Cyrus tried to reason with her, but a humiliated Lizzie wouldn't stand for his rejection. "See ya!" she said, slamming the door in his face.

A grouchy Cyrus met Grady at the mini-mart to talk about what had happened with Lizzie. Grady thought Cyrus was crazy for pulling back. Cyrus replied that he worked for Lizzie. "So what? Maybe it's part of your job," Grady reasoned. Cyrus had hoped to have a major payday by playing his cards right with Lizzie. He had thought the gentleman's card would work, but Lizzie had foiled his con by firing him. Cyrus said he needed a new plan fast.

When Buzz dropped housewarming gifts off at the farmhouse, he asked Natalia about Emma's presentation. Natalia said that it had garnered an interesting reaction. As she served Buzz coffee, she stammered to explain what the reaction was. Buzz finally caught on to her meaning, and he laughed richly. Natalia said the uproar was over, except Alan had started to give Olivia grief about it. Buzz said that Alan could make a war out of anything.

At Company, Beth tried to pull away from Coop, but he kept lulling her back into his fiery embrace. Beth allowed Coop to carry her away. Meanwhile, Alan stared at them through the front window. Olivia arrived for Alan's prearranged meeting with her about Emma. She noticed Alan's blanched expression, and she immediately braced him, concerned that he was having a heart attack. He said it was his heart, but not an attack. He decided they would talk about Emma at Olivia's place.

Olivia reluctantly brought a disquieted Alan to her house. Alan recovered from his horror about Beth long enough to berate Natalia and Olivia about Emma's report. He couldn't understand how the report had transformed from a Spaulding report to one about Natalia and Olivia. Alan cryptically said there were some things he refused to share. Natalia and Olivia tried to pitch the benefits of their household, but Alan rushed upstairs to see Emma. Natalia wondered what was wrong with him. Olivia didn't know, and it was starting to scare her.

After seeing Emma, Alan told the ladies that if he didn't know them, he would have thought they were lesbians. He said that people could do things unexpectedly, and they could take a direction that would end in tragedy. Alan seemed to drift off in thought for a moment. He snapped out of it and demanded that Olivia and Natalia end their living arrangement. Olivia asked him why they should end it when it worked for them. She dared Alan to tell her that he wouldn't fight for the things he wanted in life. Alan reasserted how he felt, and left.

After Alan left, Natalia and Olivia were surprised that they didn't get more of a fight out of him. Natalia sensed that he had something else on his mind, and Olivia was glad that they weren't his focus. Natalia hoped that the uproar about their sexuality had ended with Alan and Ms. Jennings, but Olivia added Christina to the list. Natalia was resigned that it wouldn't get any worse. As Natalia walked off, Olivia studied her. Olivia rolled her eyes seemingly at her own thoughts.

Coop and Beth draped themselves in Company's tablecloths on the restaurant floor. Beth announced that after being apart from Alan, she couldn't return to living a lie. She had decided to leave Alan for Coop. Coop wanted to tell Alan immediately, but she warned that they had to be careful because of Company. Beth planned to decline Alan's marriage proposal and simply move into her own place. To save Buzz and Company from Alan's revenge, she strategized that they would cool their relationship and then restart it as if it had budded after she left Alan. Coop pointed out that people already knew about them. Beth thought that those who knew already wouldn't tell Alan. They kissed and assured each other that the plan would work.

Beth exited Company and ran into Lizzie, who had been watching through the window. Lizzie had somehow read a portion of Coop's book, and she said it was sick. Beth had no idea how Lizzie had seen it, but Beth claimed the book would never be published. Lizzie decided that Beth was having a midlife crisis. Lizzie asserted that Beth was obviously obsessing over Coop, the writer, because he reminded her of Phillip, her first love. Beth claimed to be over Phillip, but Lizzie pointed out that Beth had married Phillip's father and then Phillip's best friend, Rick. After that, she pursued Coop, a younger version of Phillip. Beth stated that she didn't want to remarry Alan, but she wouldn't flaunt her new relationship in Alan's face. She asked Lizzie to give her a little credit for knowing what she was doing. Beth left, promising it would be okay.

Sometime later, Cyrus went to Spaulding-Lewis, where Lizzie said that she needed to rehire him. She felt that she needed to stay focused on her family, especially her mother. She revealed that Beth had been carrying on with Coop. She wanted Cyrus to follow Coop and perhaps get Coop out of town while Lizzie did damage control. She asked if she could count on Cyrus, and he said absolutely.

Buzz saw Coop at the mini-mart, and Coop revealed that Beth was leaving Alan. Coop said that it was really happening; he and Beth would be together. Coop walked away beaming, but Buzz rendered a look of doom. At Company, Coop assured Buzz that everything would work out, and the business would survive. Buzz gravely said that he was more concerned about Coop.

Alan searched the mansion for Beth. When he didn't find her, he sat at the parlor desk and stared at a picture of him posing with a pregnant Beth. He stalked the parlor, staring at more pictures and then turning the frames face down. An anguished Alan sank back into his chair as Beth entered the room with a spritely hello. Alan brandished a letter opener as he stared back at her.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bill reawakened in the mountain cabin and immediately refocused on Phillip. Bill asked Billy to help him sift through Phillip's papers, but Billy believed that crazy Phillip was a lost cause. Suddenly nauseous, Bill rushed into the bathroom. Billy assessed that Bill had a concussion. He warned Bill that he wouldn't be good to anyone without rest. While Bill slept, Billy called Rick to say that they hadn't found Phillip, but Bill had a concussion. After hearing Bill's symptoms, Rick recommended that Billy get Bill to a doctor. Billy chuckled that he was in the middle of nowhere, and Rick offered to locate a physician. After the call, Billy watched as Bill restlessly murmured Lizzie's name in his sleep.

Bill's memory had somehow galvanized, and events from the kidnapping flashed through his dreaming mind. Bill saw himself find the leaky van and then fight the kidnapper to rescue Lizzie. In Bill's dream, Bill reached for the kidnapper's mask, but before he could see the kidnapper's face, he woke up. He told Billy that he knew that he did not kidnap Lizzie.

Bill explained that his memory had returned with a sound and a flash. Bill hadn't ever seen the kidnapper's face, but Bill was confident that he hadn't done it. Billy felt guilty for doubting Bill, but Bill felt that he deserved the doubt because he hadn't always been good to Lizzie. Bill realized that he had to work hard to fix it. Billy offered his help if Bill needed it. Bill pocketed the pictures of Phillip and Lizzie, and the two headed back to Springfield.

At Company, Coop told Buzz about Beth and his scheme to resume their relationship shortly after Beth broke free from Alan. Coop saw Blake and rushed over to talk to her. Buzz explained Coop and Beth's plan to Frank, and Frank dreaded what would happen to Buzz when the affair blew up in Coop's face. Buzz wished he had half of Coop's guts and smarts. Buzz concluded that if Coop said he could work it out, then they should start believing in him.

Coop admonished Blake for submitting his book without his knowledge. He asserted that the book could never be published. Blake doted on Coop's manuscript, saying that the publisher had called it a guaranteed bestseller. With an insinuating gaze, Blake said that she thought she knew the heroine. Coop replied that he didn't want people prying into who his inspiration was. Assuming that she was his inspiration, Blake said it was fine if people knew. Coop insisted that he had written the book for his eyes only. Coop was willing to offer the publisher another manuscript, but neither of them thought he could produce a better story. Even though she wasn't happy about it, Blake agreed to retract the novel. After Blake left, Frank broached the subject of Beth with Coop, but Coop avoided the conversation by taking out the trash.

Blake went to the publisher as Coop had requested. She said that the writer was adamant about retracting his book; however, when the publisher handed Blake a hefty commission check, Blake decided that writers sometimes didn't know what was good for them. She took the publisher's check and agreed to organize a press party for the book.

When Beth welcomed Alan home, he gripped a letter opener and eyed her disdainfully. Beth sensed something was off with him, and he revealed that he had been betrayed. Beth gulped, wondering who had done it. Alan claimed the backstabbing had occurred in the course of business. He asked her what faith and commitment meant to the person who had hurt him that way. Beth took a defensive step back. Wielding the letter opener, Alan neared her, explaining that revenge on the traitors might not be worth it after the anguish he'd already suffered. Alan continued that his Spaulding survival instincts had kicked in. Beth said she didn't understand. "It means I will fight for what is mine, Beth," he said, gripping her by her arms. "No one will take what belongs to me. Because if they do, they will go to battle, and I will crush them."

Alan shed his ominous demeanor and backed away. He smiled, asking Beth about her day. She replied that it had been fine. Alan invited her upstairs to see Peyton with him. He said that times like that made him appreciate his family even more. After seeing Peyton, a refreshed Alan said that his little girl could make him forget anything-almost anything. Beth's cell phone rang. Beth saw an incoming text from Coop, asking if it were done yet. Beth lied to Alan that the text was from a girlfriend. Beth texted Coop back, saying that it was bad timing.

Later, Alan stared into the front window of Company again. When Coop exited with the trash, Alan said that he had felt his connection to Company growing ever since he had purchased it. None of Alan's other properties made him feel the way he felt when he stared into that restaurant. Coop considered that a good thing, but Alan skeptically said, "Really?" Alan recalled that he had dubbed Coop the point-person in their business deal. He considered that "liaison" was a more appropriate term, citing that he and Coop were "much closer now." Alan admittedly had never held a high opinion of Coop, but Alan said he had come to view Coop in a different light.

After his run-in with Alan, Coop sneaked into the mansion parlor to steal some time with Beth. He said he'd just seen Alan, who had headed to the office. Coop wondered if Beth were getting cold feet about dumping Alan, but Beth reiterated that earlier had been a really bad time to hurt Alan. She asked Coop to be more patient. Coop assured Beth that Blake had taken care of the book problem, and Beth wondered why Blake was so vested in it. Coop chuckled, saying that Blake might have thought that the book was about her. Beth jokingly asked if she should be jealous of Blake. She kissed Coop and lowered him onto the parlor sofa.

Rick found Lizzie at Towers sulking over a glass of wine. Lizzie asked if he knew about Beth and Coop, and she groaned when he nodded. Rick said it was information that he didn't want to have, either. Lizzie added that an idiotic Coop had written a book about the affair, fictionalizing only the names. She knew that anyone who read it would figure it out. Rick consoled her that Alan would never read it unless it had quarterly reports in it. Lizzie lamented that before her father had gotten sick, she had looked to him to fix everything. Rick wondered if Lizzie wanted Phillip back in her life, and she shrugged, saying that she might if he were well. "Fixing things?" Rick asked. She murmured that some things were beyond fixing.

When Lizzie called Lillian to Towers to discuss Beth's liaison, she was shocked that Lillian already knew about it, too. Lizzie wondered if Alan were the only person in town who didn't know. Lizzie urged Lillian to talk some sense into Beth. Lillian agreed to try.

Lizzie went to pick up aspirin at the mini-mart and saw Buzz, who offered to split the bottle with her. Lizzie asked him where things with Beth and Coop were headed. Shaking his head, he relayed Coop's confidence that things would work out. Lizzie had heard the same thing from Beth, but she couldn't believe it. Buzz wanted to believe it, and Lizzie complained that no one had considered Alan's feelings. Buzz asked Lizzie if she would reveal it to Alan, and she reluctantly said no. Buzz asked if she believed that people with strong feelings like Coop and Beth's actually belonged together, but Lizzie said she wasn't the right person to answer that.

In the mansion parlor later, Lillian told Beth that she had come on Lizzie's behalf. Beth quipped that Lillian should have told Lizzie to mind her own business. Lillian expressed Lizzie's wariness, and Beth hinted that she would soon be able to say that she had told them so. Lillian wondered what was about to happen, and Beth wished that her mother and daughter could just trust that she knew what she was doing.

At the office, Lizzie scribbled Bill's name and a few hearts on a pad. She crumpled up the paper as Alan entered, expressing his pride in her dedication to work. Lizzie inquired why he wasn't home resting after their trip. Alan said that the office sometimes felt more like home than anywhere else did. Since Alan had been so amazing in New York, Lizzie considered sending him on the road to promote their project. Alan suspected that Lizzie was just trying to get rid of him. Lizzie backed off, saying she merely thought Alan would enjoy traveling. Alan said he would rather remain home to focus on the family. He grinned, saying that Lizzie might need him to lean on as she took their company to new heights. He suspected that the sadness about Bill still weighed heavily upon her. Alan felt that with any luck, Bill would accept that Lizzie had moved on.

Friday, January 30, 2009

While coming out of Company, Dinah saw Matt and told him that he was out of line for blocking her calls to Maureen. Matt told Dinah that Maureen had some serious issues to work out and was seeing a counselor. Dinah told Matt that she could help Maureen. When Matt dismissed her, Dinah said that she would talk to Vanessa. Matt seemed unimpressed and Dinah told him that he would be sorry, since she could be of help.

Billy took Bill to his place at the Beacon. Before leaving, Billy asked Bill if he was okay. Bill told Billy not to worry about him and said that he realized what he had been doing wrong. Bill said that he had been pushing everyone away, including Lizzie. Billy told Bill to fix things while he still could. Later, Bill told Daisy that he remembered the kidnapping. Daisy called it romantic because Bill knew that he did not kidnap Lizzie. When Daisy asked how Lizzie reacted to the news, Bill admitted that he didn't tell her. Daisy pushed Bill to tell Lizzie immediately.

As Lizzie stared at a photo of her and Bill, Cyrus walked in and complained about how boring it was to tail Coop. When Cyrus asked how she was, Lizzie brought up Cyrus' bailing out on her and said that she would not lower her guard again. Cyrus tried to convince her that he was trying to be a gentleman but Lizzie still seemed put out by his rejection. When Lizzie told Cyrus to go back to tailing Coop, he asked for a more challenging assignment. Suddenly, Cyrus spilled his drink on her. When Lizzie went upstairs to change, Cyrus pocketed the photo that she had been looking at.

Soon after, while Cyrus was upstairs, Bill arrived looking for Lizzie. He found Cyrus upstairs outside her room and, at that moment, Lizzie exited wearing a camisole. Lizzie cozied up to Cyrus, implying that they had just slept together. After sweetly telling Cyrus to leave, Lizzie reminded a surprised Bill that they already said their goodbyes. Following her into her bedroom, Bill started to tell Lizzie about regaining his memory when he suddenly went on a rant about how Cyrus was a con man and a cad. Lizzie replied that Cyrus deserved a second chance, considering that Bill got about fifty. Bill spotted Roxie's pink leash and Lizzie told him that he could keep it because she did not want Roxie or him. Lizzie told Bill that she and Cyrus were going out and then walked away.

Cyrus saw Daisy at Company and asked her where his brother was. Daisy told him that she didn't know. When she asked why, Cyrus muttered that he had a job that Grady might be interested in. When Daisy volunteered, Cyrus declined. Daisy asked Cyrus what his job was with Lizzie, and Cyrus stated that they were figuring that out. Daisy told Cyrus to leave Lizzie and Bill alone. Cyrus returned to the mansion and Lizzie apologized for using him to get rid of Bill. Lizzie wondered if she would ever be able to see Bill without feeling sad. Cyrus told Lizzie that she could call him anytime if she needed someone to talk to. After unsuccessfully looking for Bill's picture, Lizzie left the room. Cyrus took the photo out of his pocket and crumpled it up.

Daisy found Bill at Towers talking to Matt. When Matt left, Daisy asked Bill what happened with Lizzie, and he confessed that he didn't tell her. Bill pointed out that Cyrus was there and stated that even if he did tell her, Lizzie would not have believed him. Bill told Daisy that he had no proof that he was telling the truth. Daisy told Bill that he should tell Lizzie that he wanted to change in order to deserve her, and Bill said that meant nothing unless he could back it up. Bill told Daisy that he went up a mountain to find someone who could help Lizzie, and came down the mountain knowing that it was him.

Josh saw Edmund at Tammy's grave and approached him. Edmund said that he found graveyards to be comforting and peaceful, and commented that he did not even know where Lara was buried. Josh said that he was sorry for the loss of Edmund's daughter. Josh said that he could not imagine what it was like to lose a child, but warned Edmund that it was his job to protect his son. Josh vowed that he would do whatever it took to keep Shayne safe. Edmund told Josh that he was a changed man and that Lara was the reason for his recovery. Edmund stated that because of Lara's death, all that he had left was questions. Edmund stated that he could not walk away, because Shayne was all that he had left of Lara. Josh warned Edmund that if he hurt Shayne in any way, he would be sorry that he came back to Springfield,

Jeffrey knocked on Shayne's door and found the place empty. Suddenly, Dinah arrived and the two discussed Shayne. Jeffrey brought up the look that Dinah and Shayne shared while they were with Edmund, and asked if they knew anything that he should. Dinah berated Jeffrey for not getting Edmund out of town. Dinah told Jeffrey that she could help, and he told her to stay out of it. Dinah warned Jeffrey that Edmund always had an agenda, and said that she doubted his story about Lara being his daughter. Jeffrey informed her that the story seemed to be true. Jeffrey told Dinah that he would keep an eye on Edmund, but she still doubted that he would be able to stop Edmund from stabbing everyone in the back. Jeffrey told Dinah that all he cared about was Reva's happiness. What made Shayne happy made Reva happy, so that meant that Edmund was staying in town for the time being.

Shayne visited his mother. When Reva seemed weak, he asked if she was all right. Reva insisted that she was just tired from the chemo and the pregnancy. As Reva asked Shayne if he wanted anything to eat, Shayne saw the headline in the paper stating that Prince Edmund was back. Shayne apologized because Edmund was in town because of him. Reva assured Shayne that she could handle it. Shayne told Reva that he should talk to Edmund about Lara. When Reva asked Shayne if he thought it would help with his grief, Shayne stated that it would.

Later, Jeffrey and Dinah arrived at the cabin to find Shayne and Reva putting on their coats. Jeffrey asked where they were going, and Reva stated that Shayne was going to see Edmund. Jeffrey left, and Dinah began to protest about Shayne seeing Edmund. Reva told her that it was something that Shayne needed to do. Dinah said that it was a bad idea, and followed Shayne when he walked out the door. Dinah tried to talk Shayne out of going. Shayne pointed out how Edmund's presence stressed Reva, and stated that he was going to ask him to leave.

Dinah warned him that Edmund had made a career out of destroying people and he would do that if he learned about the circumstances surrounding Lara's death. Shayne responded that he was not dumb enough to tell Edmund that, but Dinah believed that Edmund would wear Shayne down with talk of Lara, and Shayne would ultimately confess. She added that when Edmund learned how Lara died, he would try to hurt Shayne. Shayne assured her that he would be fine. Dinah warned Shayne that he could not handle Edmund. She warned that Edmund would mention Lara one too many times, Shayne would lash out, and then "Boom! Armageddon!" Unmoved by her words, Shayne left.

An upset Dinah told Reva that she needed a car to stop Shayne from being Edmund's next target. Reva offered to drive her to where Shayne was. Reva drove her to the Bauer cabin. Seeing it empty, Dinah realized that she'd been lied to, and prepared to leave. Reva told Dinah that she saw Dinah fighting with Shayne. Dinah tried to tell Reva that Shayne was not ready to handle Edmund and tried to convince Reva that Dinah was trying to protect Shayne. Dinah tried to leave but Reva told her that she was having car trouble and the car service would not arrive for an hour. Reva pointed out that that would give Shayne enough time to talk to Edmund. Reva told Dinah that Shayne was a grown man. Dinah replied that Edmund was Edmund.

A contemplative Edmund looked at a picture of Lara and read a letter that she had sent to him. Soon, Shayne arrived and abruptly told Edmund to talk so they could be done and Shayne could take him to the airport. Shayne saw Lara's picture and the letter, and Edmund admitted that she sent them to him. Edmund asked Shayne to tell him about Lara; Shayne asked Edmund when he was leaving. Shayne mentioned Reva and said that she was already fighting cancer; she should not have to fight Edmund as well. Edmund told Shayne that Lara felt compassion towards him despite knowing what kind of man he was. He asked if she would want Shayne to walk away or show compassion toward a man who lost his only child. Edmund told Shayne that they had stories to share and could help each other. Shayne grabbed Edmund's suitcase and told him to pack. Edmund showed Shayne a letter that Lara wrote telling him how much she loved Shayne.

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