One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 29, 1997 on OLTL
Dorian shared some of her childhood with her family members and had flashbacks. Llanview residents attended a party at Rodi's. Todd and Téa ended the year on a quiet note. Ian decided to try to build his media empire by purchasing the Sun from Todd.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 29, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, December 29, 1997

Dorian continues to make a scene in the Banner cityroom, accusing Mel of betraying her and taking her on the trip so that she would be out of the way when they continued digging into her past. Viki, hearing the commotion, comes over and suggests that she and Mel should leave and have the conversation at home. Dorian then rips into Viki, saying that Viki isn't exactly the person who should be commenting about mental health. Mel finally gets Dorian to leave with him. When they arrive back at Dorian's house, Blair, Cassie and Kelly are all there waiting. Mel decides it's time to tell Dorian the truth as they have learned it so far. They tell her about being told by Sonya to smash Melinda's fingers, but Dorian warned Melinda to move them just in time. Also discussed is Addie's abuse of Dorian and Addie's mention of their mother's teacher. Does Dorian know who the teacher was, Cassie asks.

Dorian reveals that the teacher isn't a person, it was the voice inside Sonya's head that allowed her to create beautiful music. When the teacher wasn't there, the music wouldn't come, but when it was there, Sonya became wrapped up in her music, completely ignoring the children as if they weren't even there. Any noise disturbed the teacher, and Dorian sometimes made noise to get her mother's attention, all she wanted was her mother to notice her and love her. She tells them all this in a fairly calm, but shaky voice. Mel tries to tell her it was her mother that had the problem, not Dorian and her sisters, all children make noise, it wasn't their fault. When Mel tries to bring up the fact that there was no plane crash and her parent's death certificates were faked, Dorian gets very upset, screaming at them and backing away from them up the stairs. All of a sudden, Dorian falls.(The ABC site says that Dorian deliberately missed a step and fell to avoid further questions). Mel tries to catch her and does break some of her fall, but Dorian still hits her head on the floor and is knocked unconscious.

Antonio goes to visit Max. Soon after he arrives, Nora and Bo show up. Max goes out of the room for a while and Bo asks Antonio what he knows about Claude Charbonneau. He was in prison the same time as Antonio, but he was a loner, kept to himself. If R.J. is claiming that the only connection he has with Claude has to do with his former loansharking business, R.J.'s lying, Antonio says. Antonio remembers that when they were both working for Carlo, R.J. used to hire Claude to do jobs for him, including embezzling. Bo sees this as further proof that R.J. hired Claude to do the kidnapping, but Nora still defends R.J., claiming it's all circumstantial. Max comes back into the room and is furious with them for discussing the subject in his house, Max doesn't want to hear *anything* about the investigation. They apologize and leave, but not before Antonio invites them all to the party at Rodi's. Max refuses to go, but Nora and Bo tell him that they will be there.

Ian comes to see Max. He's ready to forgive the $750,000 debt that Max owes him. Max argues with him about it, asking if Maggie put him up to it and generally being obnoxious to Ian. Ian, fed up with Max's arrogant attitude, takes back his offer, tells Max he expects payment in full and storms out.

Todd is planning a quiet New Year's Eve at home with Moose and the Jerry Lewis marathon when Téa arrives home. She invites him to go to Rodi's, but he refuses, he doesn't know how to have fun and he claims Briggs is coming over soon to do some work. When Téa heads upstairs to change, Todd quickly calls Briggs and orders him to come over immediately. Téa comes downstairs looking stunning in a black dress. Briggs arrives and Téa leaves for the party. Todd doesn't seem to be able to concentrate at all on work and soon sends Briggs home, Todd's got places to go.

At Rodi's, everyone is impressed by how nice Téa looks. Nora and Bo arrive to find Georgie sitting alone at the bar. They insist upon introducing her to everyone, although she protests at first. When Nora and Bo go out on the floor to dance, they feel bad leaving Georgie by herself, but Georgie soon asks Eddie to dance and dances quite well, much to Bo's amazement. Téa cuts in on Linda and Antonio and she and Antonio begin to dance. Soon they are the center of attention on the dance floor. Todd looks on silently from the doorway.

Tuesday, December 30, 1997


All eyes are on Antonio and Senora Manning as they tear up the dance floor, including Todd's, who leaves without a word. Later, Nora compliments Téa on her dance skills and mentions that Todd was there but left. Téa takes off after him. Even Asa's in the holiday spirit and shows up at Rodi's to join the fun. In another part of the room, Bo needles Georgie that the year is almost over and she has yet to win their bet that she can get Nora to ride Bo's motorcycle. Georgie takes a drink over to Nora and begins yet another round of "I'm so lucky to work for you!" She says that watching Bo and Nora has shown her what she would want out of a marriage. Nora expresses some remorse at how things have been between her and Bo recently. Georgie suggests that Nora make some grand gesture to show Bo how much she loves and supports him. Nora argues with herself and finally rushes over to Bo, throws her arms around him and demands that they ring in the new year on his motorcycle. Bo smiles ear to ear and runs to grab a jacket for himself and his lady biker. Joey and Dorothy arrive at Rodi's and Joey engages in a little macho posturing with Ian. As the clock strikes midnight, Nora and Bo strap on the leather and go for a ride while Georgie looks on. A distressed Kelly shows up and asks Ian if the can go somewhere and be alone, while Joey looks on in jealousy. Dorothy tells Joey that if life without Kelly is so bad, he should do something about it.

Club Indigo:

R.J. and Rachel are preparing for New Year's Eve when Jacara arrives and says that she wants to renew the Blue Jay/Indigo partnership. Hank, Carlotta and Antonio come to Club Indigo and Antonio makes a point of telling R.J. that he doesn't believe for one second that the former mobster has gone straight. R.J. wants to know why if Antonio could put his criminal past behind him why can't R.J.? Antonio accuses him flat out of having Max's children kidnapped. Before the argument can turn into a full blown brawl, Hank manages to get Antonio and R.J. to go to their separate corners. Antonio is angry and disgusted that his mother believes R.J. after everything he has put their family through, maybe she's only saying what Hank wants to hear. Carlotta is insulted that Antonio doesn't believe that she can think for herself. Antonio decides to go back to Rodi's. At midnight, R.J., Rachel and Jacara share a toast to their renewed partnership.

The Cramer house:

Dorian's meltdown is in full swing and she's railing at her entire family and Mel for betraying her when she apparently falls down the stairs. The paramedics arrive and pronounce her healthy. Mel continues to probe for the truth about Dorian's past. Dorian finally tells the truth about Melinda's accident. In flashback it's revealed that Dorian's mother, Sonya, tampered with the saddle on Melinda's horse and then ordered Dorian to race Melinda the next day. Dorian told Sonya that Melinda would get hurt, but Sonya told Dorian that if she didn't race, Sonya would whip Dorian's horse until she bled. Mel asks Dorian to continue and she asks him to leave her alone. "Nothing on God's green earth could make me leave you now," he says. A look of relief floods Dorian's face and she says that she will continue, but only with Mel. Kevin shows up and petulantly asks Cassie if the Cramers are trying to squeeze in one more crisis before the year ends. Dorian sends her daughter and nieces away to continue their New Year's plans, while she rings in 1998 with alone with Mel, who tells Dorian that he loves her and will see this through with her. Dorian says that she remembers what happened after Melinda's accident.

Manning Penthouse:

Todd paces the floor until he hears Téa's key in the lock, then he lays down on the couch and pretends to be reading a magazine. He asks her why she is home so early and Téa says that she just ran out of energy and decided to come home and go to bed. Just as she's headed upstairs, Todd pulls out bottle of champagne chilling in an ice bucket and suggests that they ring in the new year together. As the Mannings say goodbye to 1997, Téa tells Todd the he sure made the year interesting. Todd recalls the old Chinese curse that says, "May you live in interesting times." "I'm willing to," says Téa, as she looks her husband in the eye.

Wednesday, December 31, 1997

1997 has been a bittersweet dance for most of Llanview. Max's twins were kidnapped and are presumed dead. Blair lost custody of Starr. Kelly has had to confront both her present and her past. Nora has been down in the dumps and hormonally challenged. Dorothy is attracted to Joey, who still lusts for Kelly. Mel seems to have beaten the urge to drink, but is finding it more challenging dealing with the history of the Cramer family. Blair, Kelly, Cassie and Dorian are all haunted by the fear of congenital insanity. Let's hope that 1998 offers some resolutions and some happiness. Just a little Please!

Nora and Bo's House

Nora is ecstatic about the motorcycle ride. She take off her jacket and reveals her very plunging neckline underneath. She says the ride was just thrilling. She wants to repeat it real soon. Bo feels like he has died and gone to heaven. Tonight was a dream come true. They both agree that it was a great way to ride into the New Year. But the ride is not over yet. They kiss passionately and fall into bed, happily making love for the first time in ages.

Afterwards, Nora apologizes for giving him a hard time this past year. He has been loyal and supportive, while she was at her estrogen deprived worst. She has been scared of losing him the whole year, but nothing scared her as badly as the last fight they had over the kidnapping. Bo admits it scared him too- IT STILL DOES. His words fall like leaden weights, casting a pall on the afterglow. Nora says that she feels horrible about what happened and Max doesn't hold her responsible, why can't Bo let it go. It has been weeks. Bo replies he doesn't know why, but they should resolve to not talk about it in the new year. On the positive side, they have resolved the bike issue. Nora wonders aloud if that is enough. Bo tells her that they have to take what they can get, be grateful for it and ride on.

Rodi's-Blair, Renee, Joey and Dorothy

It is way after midnight and Blair has no more taste for drinking. She tells Rene she is in no mood to go home. She has to find Max.

Meanwhile Dorothy tells Joey he needs a new perspective on his relationship with Kelly. Joey has only a tortured history with Kelly. He is a great guy and there are lots of girls out there. She understands he has invested a lot emotionally, but he has to take a look at himself through Kelly's eyes and decide how much he wants to risk for her. Joey believes that this is a temporary phase for Kelly. Ian is different, but she is not permanently interested in the billionaire. She is just using him to teach Joey a lesson. After all, Ian is the complete opposite of him in stature and personality, how could she fall for him. Kelly just wants him to feel as hurt and messed up as Joey made her feel. This is just payback. Kelly is evening things out. Isn't that what Dorothy has been trying to tell him all the time. Dorothy says it is not even close. He is so good that she can't stand his not doing what is best for him. He should stop waiting, hoping and yearning. How does he see himself? Joey replies that he believes himself to be good natured, curious, energetic and humorous. So why is he waiting for Kelly to make up her dim witted mind, Dorothy challenges him. Joey is suddenly wired. Dorothy is very good at this and it now clear to him exactly what he must do. He kisses her hard on her cheek. He is going to take charge, stop being passive and fight for Kelly. He now knows what she meant. He is pumped up for action now and he is going to make Kelly his all over again. As he departs on his quest, a startled Dorothy is left behind in his wake.

Ian's yacht- Kelly and Ian

Kelly informs Ian about the confrontation she, her cousins and Mel had with Dorian and how her aunt fell down the stairs. Dorian is alright physically, but she is barely hanging on in every other way. Kelly can't believe what a wreck her always-in-control aunt has become. She kicked everyone out but Mel. Ian replies that he and Kelly can welcome in the New year on a more positive note. He turns back the clock and the hands of time to before midnight. Now they can redo it together. Kelly proposes they make a resolution. Ian toasts to making their dreams come true. He has two dreams. He is happy that Llanview in 1997 became the real home he has never had. His mother's death freed him to live. He believes in fate. Now he has Andrew and he has Kelly. He is planning to make Llanview the corporate headquarters of the new Armitage fortune he controls. He tells her that he made a success of a radio station when he was working for Guy Armitage. In Llanview, he has a radio and a TV station. All he needs to control the media in town is a newspaper. He won't go after the Banner due to his respect for Viki and Clint. But the Sun is another story. He has a meeting with Todd tomorrow. He hopes Manning puts up a fight, it will make the acquisition more fun. Now he comes to his second dream, which may be out of reach. That is Kelly herself. Kelly does not know what to say. She feels if she can concentrate maybe she would get a hint of what will happen between them in 1998. But she is not sure yet. It is too bad she is not as easily acquired as a newspaper, she jokes. Right now she is an emotional question mark. Ian understands and says he was like that himself until he discovered the truth and was able to shed his rebellious facade. Kelly admits she can imagine a future and since she and Ian are into fulfilling dreams, who knows? They click their glasses in a toast to the future.

Serenity Springs- Max and Blair

Blair arrives and Max, who is not celebrating the new year, opens the door. He tells her he was not in a public mood and watched the new year come in on TV. She says that she would like to forget 1997 too. Max recalls what she did for his spirits on Christmas and he wants to do the same for her. Blair tells him about her night, Mel's intervention with Dorian and how she is as afraid as her aunt of the possibility of the family insanity touching them. Max replies that if she is all that wacked out and he has been leaning on her, what does that say about him. Blair agrees that she is aware of what is going on around her and takes comfort in the fact that Viki's family got through their troubles and so can the Cramers. And she will get Starr back too. She knows she has to keep her eye on the prize- Ian and his buckets of cash. She will cut Max in on the deal and they will have a very good year. Blair finds Maggie's Bible and they play a game of Bible roulette. Blair takes her turn. Closes her eyes and opens the book to the page and passage her finger has found. It reads. that "your daughter shall be nursed at your side. The abundance of the sea will be turned to you." She is certain this means she will get both Star and Ian's money. She urges Max to give it a try. He is reluctant but goes ahead and then teases her with lines for the Song of Solomon, which he memorized as a youngster, "your thighs are like jewels, etc.." Blair takes the book away and reads the real passage which says, "The bricks are fallen but we will build with hewn stones." Blair says this is about hope and resilience. Max replies that this sounds like construction tips. Blair tells him not to make fun of the Bible, she now has it on the highest authority.

Dorian's House- Mel and Dorian

Mel reaffirms his love for Dorian. She confesses that she feels better without the girls around. He knows how she is hurting. He was in the same boat this past year. She held out a mirror to him and saved him from drinking himself to death. Mel says she is better off than him. She wants to live. Dorian admits she is scared. When Melinda fell off her horse, she did not make a sound. She just stared out from the blanket their father wrapped her in. Afterward, alone in her room, she knew it was not her fault. Her mother threatened to whip Dorian's horse and lock Dorian in the well house if she told the truth. She remembers the knob of her bedroom door turning and her mother grabbed her hand and squeezed it so tight she wanted to scream. She led her downstairs when Lou (her father) and Mrs. Stonecliff awaited her. Her father told her that Melinda had a compound fracture, her fingers were broken and dislocated and she would never be able to play the way she did again. Dorian's mother says it is all Dorian's fault and she must be punished. Dorian insists it is not her fault. Her mother replies that she is a wicked girl who forced her sister to race. Dorian insists that it was her mother who cut the girth on Melinda's saddle. She tells everyone she saw her do it.

Mel tells Dorian that pain shared is pain halved. He asks her what happened next. Dorian seems confused. She says she was at fault because Mama got angry and she challenged Melinda to the race. Mel says she just said Mama caused the accident. He asks her who he is and she replies Mel, "who loves me'. He is beginning to think she needs to get rest. She must be exhausted. Dorian says she keeps going back there and cannot stop the memories. Her father asked her mother if she cut the saddle girth and Sonia denies it. She calls Dorian a liar. Lou asks Dorian did she do it. She tells her father she didn't. She races to her father's arms. She felt safe. She doesn't remember what happened next. But she knows Mel loves her and she will have the best sleep in ages. He goes to run a bath for her and he says he will call her when it is ready. They kiss and she whispers her mantra "risotto con porcini" rice with mushrooms (in Italian). She fingers an ornament and has another flashback in which Stonecliff says that he is dead and Dorian sobs over the still body of a dead man.


Thursday, January 1, 1997

Due to the New Year's holiday, One Life to Live did not air today.

Friday, January 2, 1997

Nora, Bo, Georgie and Jacara

In Nora's office, Nora is telling Georgie about her exhilarating motorcycle ride the night before. It was better than sex, well, almost. She can't believe she gave Bo such a hard time about the motorcycle. Bo arrives and Nora greets him enthusiastically . Bo offers to take her out to lunch, Georgie too, to pay off the bike bet. What bike bet, asks Nora. Bo explains everything about his and Georgie's bet. You're angry, Georgie says after taking one look at Nora's face. Bo tells her of course Nora's not mad. Are you, he asks her, not so sure anymore.

Bo realizes that Nora is upset and says so to Georgie. Why should I be upset, Nora asks, my husband and my legal assistant make a bet behind my back, it was all just a joke, right. Bo falls right into it and agrees the whole thing was a joke. So now I'm a joke, Nora accuses. Bo tries to backtrack, but it's too late. And you, Nora points to Georgie, you manipulated me. Bo and Georgie both try to take responsibility for starting the bet. Nora demands an apology. They both apologize and Georgie asks if Nora wants her to resign. "Over my dead body", Nora tells her, Georgie's too valuable to lose. What about me, Bo asks. You own the bike, Nora tells him. Georgie tries to beg off going to lunch, it wasn't about the meal, she insists, she only wanted to make Nora happy. In the end, Nora has to stay behind to have a meeting with Jacara, so Bo and Georgie go off to have lunch at Rodi's at Nora's insistence.

Jacara arrives at Nora's office and explains that she's going back into partnership with R.J. She wants Nora to re-write the contract, adding all the safeguards that were in Jacara's contract with Max. Jacara needs R.J.'s capital and a place for her artists to play, otherwise Blue Jay records can't grow. R.J. knows that he has to win back Jacara's confidence. Jacara intends to keep an eye on R.J. at all times.

Antonio, Téa, Andrew, Carlotta and Cristian

At the diner, Antonio is teasing Téa, she danced like a Latina on New Year's Eve, now all they have to do is get her to act like one. Andrew enters and greets Antonio. He is disappointed to learn that Antonio will be returning to California later that afternoon. Antonio leaves to say goodbye to Linda, Eddie and Mickey and Carlotta goes with him to give him something to bring to Andy. Andrew asks if he can join Téa for lunch and she agrees. She compliments his service on Christmas Eve. Andrew couldn't help but notice the three of them there together, quite the "nuclear family." So you got what you hoped for, he says. "Not exactly", Téa replies.

Téa explains that she was going to start distancing herself from Starr and leave Todd after the holidays. After their time at the Bayberry Inn she realized that neither of them can give the other what they need. She was ready to leave, but two things changed her mind. The first was Blair, threatening to fight for custody of Starr as soon and Téa and Todd broke up. The second was Andrew's sermon, how they should all adopt one another, that selfless love can make miracles happen. She began to hope again, not the unrealistic hope she had before, but that she could make a difference in Starr's life. Téa has Andrew to thank for that. Andrew angrily tells her not to thank him, he wants no part in it.

Téa gets annoyed and tells Andrew to stop judging her. He's being hypocritical, saying in his sermon that we should all love one another, and then act like she's crazy when she tries to do just that. They start yelling at each other, Andrew accuses her of having low self-esteem. Is this what she thinks that she deserves? What if Téa did leave Todd, Starr would go to Blair, Andrew seems to think that this would be a good thing. Téa strongly disagrees, if that happened, she would never see Starr again. Todd might be able to get visitation rights, but Blair would never let her see Starr. That's why she has to fight to keep Todd and Starr together, because as long as that happens, Todd need her and she can be a good mother to Starr. They continue to argue and Téa yells at Andrew that she will never confide in him ever again. Antonio, hearing their argument, stops opening the door to the diner and stands there and watches them.

Andrew accuses Téa of not wanting to listen to him because what he says makes too much sense. There's more than one way to look at things, Téa replies, no one is making her do anything that she doesn't want to do. That makes it all the worse, Andrew yells back, she's letting this miserable man use her and degrade her. To you he's a miserable man, Téa starts to argue. He's miserable to everyone, Andrew says. But not to me, Téa retorts, she's made her decision and doesn't need anymore of his input. I'm out of it, Andrew yells, but every time you change your mind you come to me to validate your opinion. Don't throw Todd in my face anymore, he demands. I won't throw anything in your face again if you get it out of mine, Téa yells. "You're on your own", Andrew tells her before walking out. "Is that a promise? I hope it's one you can keep", Téa tells him. Andrew leaves. "And why don't you just shut up too", Téa says to Antonio before he has a chance to say anything.

Antonio comments on the "heat" between Téa and Andrew. Téa says Andrew worries too much, they are just friends. Maybe you should say "was" your friend after that argument, Antonio suggests. He thinks it seemed more like a lovers quarrel. Téa denies it, she's a married woman. Then maybe she's keeping Andrew on the back burner just in case? Andrew would make her happier than Todd, Antonio feels, Téa just doesn't believe that she deserves better than she already has. Antonio just hopes that someone will straighten her out before the situation gets any worse. Cristian and Carlotta come back to the diner to say goodbye to Antonio. Téa gets a call on her cell phone from Judith, a certified letter arrived at the penthouse. Téa has Judith read it to her, gives Antonio a hug goodbye and then leaves.

Antonio asks Cristian to take care of Carlotta and be nice to Eli. He asks Carlotta to take care of Cristian and Téa, that situation is going to get worse before it gets better. He also warns Carlotta not to trust R.J. After hugs and goodbyes, Antonio heads back to California.

Todd, Ian, Briggs and Téa

Todd comments that he was wrong, when he invited Ian to come back in for a second interview, he didn't think he'd come. The interview wasn't why he made the appointment with Todd, Ian tells him, but it wouldn't be a bad way for the people of Llanview to get to know the new owner of The Sun.

Todd doesn't take Ian seriously at first, Ian has done nothing about running Armitage Enterprises since he inherited it. That's true, Ian agrees, but there are good people who run the whole thing quite well, all he has to do is sit back and rake in the money. What Ian has to do now is decide what he wants to do with his life. He's excelled at two things, getting in Guy's face, "which of course was blown off under very mysterious circumstances." Todd doesn't react to Ian's digging and calmly says he's waiting to hear the other thing Ian's good at. Local communications, Ian tells him. He once ran a radio station in Wales and made a success of it. Here in Llanview, he already owns a radio station and a TV station, all he needs now is a newspaper to be taken seriously as a local media mogul. "You can't have my newspaper", Todd tells him, rather calmly for Todd. Ian keeps after him, commenting on how Todd bought it from Dorian and how it is the most important thing to him, except for his daughter. "Shut up", Todd finally says, getting more upset, "The Sun is not for sale, not now, not ever. Never!" That reminds Ian of something that Guy used to say, "Never say Never."

The Sun isn't the only newspaper in Llanview, go buy the other one, Todd tells Ian. Ian did consider that, but it's too conservative, he claims, he likes The Sun's style. Ian offers to let Todd remain editor-in-chief, but Ian would be the owner of the paper. Together we could beat the Banner and your sister, Ian tries to tempt Todd. Work for you? Ridiculous! I have no intention of selling my newspaper to you or anyone else. I'm bored with this conversation, now drop it and go away, Todd tells Ian.

Briggs and Todd are looking over an article for the next edition. Briggs says he'll run it by legal. Todd doesn't care what legal says, he's running it anyway. Todd tells Briggs of Ian's intention of buying The Sun. Briggs says nothing at all. "Don't get all choked up", Todd says, insulted. He knows he's not the most popular person in the world, but things could be a lot worse for "you people." "How?", Briggs asks. "Go away", Todd tells him. Téa comes in to tell Todd the bad news, Blair's been granted supervised visits. She's sure it won't be long before Blair gets unlimited access to Starr. Todd throws something across the room in anger. Todd tells her not to be scared, he'll be alright. "I'm scared for me", Téa says, close to tears. If Blair regains custody, Todd will at least be able to see Starr, Téa will never be able to see her again, "and I can't bear that." Téa turns her back to Todd and starts crying. Rodi's

Max arrives at Rodi's to find Renee opening up by herself, all the help called out sick with the flu. He offers to help out, the silence at home is deafening, not to mention that he needs the money to help pay his rent. Renee tells him he can live at Serenity Springs as long as he likes and he doesn't need to pay her rent. Max doesn't mind so much being beholden to her, but he hates the fact that he owes money to his enemy(Ian).

Kelly arrives, sits at the bar and orders some chili. She tells Renee all about how wonderful Ian is, taking her to California to see the whales, decorating her mother's room for Christmas. Max is hovering in the background listening to the conversation. Renee wonders how Ian will run Armitage Enterprises from Llanview. Kelly explains that Ian feels it will pretty much run itself, but he wants to set up a mini media empire here in Llanview. To do that, he plans to buy The Sun. Renee is surprised at the thought of Todd selling The Sun. Kelly doesn't know if he is willing to sell, Ian is talking to Todd right now.

Bo and Georgie arrive for lunch. Georgie is worried that Nora will never trust her again, she had no idea that Bo would tell her about the bet. With Nora, honesty is the best policy, Bo assures her. Nora might be mad at first, but she will get over it. Besides, Nora ended up enjoying herself on the ride, something she probably wouldn't have done unless Georgie convinced her. Georgie is an absolute life saver, Nora couldn't live without her, Bo insists.

Renee delivers their drinks to the table, a coffee for Bo and a beer from a micro brewery for Georgie, which just happens to be(surprise, surprise) Bo's favorite kind of beer. Georgie ends up taking about two sips of the beer and then orders a seltzer. She and Bo have a discussion about various things, mostly about how wonderful Nora is, how he and Nora met, and how she wishes she could find a relationship like Nora and Bo's. Bo tells her that he was very impressed by her improved dancing on New Year's Eve.

Back at the bar, Ian joins Kelly, who shares some of her chili with him. Todd wouldn't sell to him, he tells her, but it's not over yet, "I want The Sun." Max overhears Ian's declaration.

Blair and Max

Max goes to see Blair at Dorian's house. Blair is in a wonderful mood because she will now be able to see Starr. She promises to make Todd and Téa pay by showing up a court with a reliable husband, Ian Armitage and getting custody of Starr. Max says he can make her feel even better, he can guarantee her Ian. He heard how to do it straight from the horse's mouth. And the best part is, she'll be sticking it to Todd at the same time. "Tell me more", says Blair.

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