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Viki turned down Ben's proposal. She told him to ask again after he was free. Rae realized that the rapist had been following her from city to city. Bo and Lindsay reunited. Dorian accused Will of harassing her. Sophia was bound and gagged in a closet.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 6, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, September 6, 1999

Bo arrived at the gallery and found Lindsay there. She mentioned that she had "misplaced" his messages and only heard them recently. He had gotten her message, he told her -- along with the rest of the police department. She apologized for embarrassing him, but he shrugged it off. Asa had taught him long before not to care what other people thought.

Lindsay was sure that Bo was there to tell her that their relationship was over, but a kiss from Bo assured her that was not the case. He had thought a lot about her while he had been away, and with the help of Bernie had realized that he was happier with her in his life than with her out of it. "But I make you miserable", Lindsay said to him. Sometimes, he agreed, but she made him happy, as well, and he didn't want to lose her. They kissed again and agreed to give their relationship another try.

At the country club, Skye dropped the bombshell that she and Ben were married. Viki asked Ben if it was true, and he told he loved her and it was a lot more complicated than Skye was making it out to be. Viki was so upset she couldn't wait around for a further explanation; she excused herself and headed for the door. Ben pulled Skye to the side and asked her what she was doing -- they ere not married anymore, they had filled out the annulment papers together. Skye informed him that she had never filed them, making him furious.

Ben wanted to know why Skye was trying to wreck his life. Kevin approached to interrupt the conversation and as soon as Ben turned to face him, Kevin punched him and knocked him down. Grace rushed to his aid and asked Kevin why he he had done that. She wondered why Kevin couldn't let Ben explain first. Ben promised her that there was an explanation, but he wanted to tell it to Viki first. Kevin tried to block his way, not wanting Ben to go to Viki, but Ben was so determined that he just pushed Kevin aside.

After Ben left, Grace and Kevin continued to argue. Grace couldn't understand why he had to jump to conclusions about her brother. Kevin was convinced of Ben's guilt and wouldn't even try to meet Grace halfway. Grace was angry and disappointed in him and left him there alone. Across the room, Rae confronted Skye and asked her how she could have hurt Viki like that, and in front of her family and friends. Skye tried to say she had done it for Viki's own good, but Rae didn't buy it. Rae asked her if her revenge made her happy, or gave her a feeling of satisfaction. Judging by the look on Skye's face after Rae left, it didn't.

After leaving the country club, Viki arrived home and headed to her bedroom to cry. Later, Jessica joined her and tried to make Viki feel better. Jessica was sure that Ben wasn't lying to her and that he had an explanation for everything. Viki wasn't so sure. When Ben showed up later, Jessica informed him that Viki wasn't there, and Jessica didn't know where her mother was. Viki was at the Crossroads Bar, thinking about Ben.

Joey went to the Sun, looking for Kelly, but she wasn't there. Sophia followed him there and was there when he read the card with the roses he had sent that instructed Kelly to meet him at Cabana 7. Joey immediately suspected that Sophia had something to do with it, but she completely denied it. He wondered who else could have done it. Joey realized that maybe it was the rapist. He rushed off to the country club, and Sophia went with him.

In Cabana 7 at the country club, Kelly was frightened when she realized it was Brian, not Joey, standing in the doorway of the cabana. She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself as he stepped closer to her. She asked what he was doing there. He claimed that Joey had sent him there to let her know he was running late. Kelly was immediately suspicious, knowing that Joey would never tell Brian to get anywhere near her. She asked that Brian leave, and he started to go, then turned and suggested that he could keep her company while she was waiting for Joey. He thought they could get to know each other better.

This time, Kelly ordered Brian to leave and promised she would scream if he didn't. He left, and Kelly put the chain on the door with shaking hands. She got dressed and heard a knock on the door. She hoped that it was Joey, but it was Brian apologizing for scaring her and saying that he had just wanted to spend time with her because she was the only person that treated him nicely, as if he mattered. He said he'd quit his job at the Sun and wouldn't bother her again. At that, Kelly opened the door and stepped outside.

Kelly told Brian that he didn't have to quit, but asked him to tell her the truth about why he was there. He admitted that Joey hadn't sent him and seemed about to tell her something when Joey and Sophia arrived. It had all been her idea, Brian exclaimed, pointing at Sophia. He went on to explain how Sophia had convinced him to go along with her scheme. Sophia denied it at first, but then finally admitted the truth, making Joey and Kelly hate her even more.

Sophia was so furious with Brian that she followed him all the way back to the Sun and asked him why he had double-crossed her like that. She also accused him of not being man enough to know what to do when he was alone with Kelly. He suggested maybe they should talk about it and invited her into what looked like a room in the basement of the Sun. "You're damn right we're going to talk about it," she said angrily and pushed past him to enter the room. He got a funny look on his face, went inside, and closed the door behind him.

Tuesday, September 7, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixon

Sam sat alone in his house. Grace walked in, saying why she hated all men. She proceeded to fill Sam in on what had happened at the Banner party with Skye and Ben. After they talked, Grace burned a letter she had from Daniel, then went to find Kevin.

Bo and Lindsay were at the gallery when Bo got an emergency call from the hospital. After he left, Lindsay headed for Sam's. She begged him not to tell anyone that she had changed Bo's sperm test results, but he seemed dead set on telling Nora. They were still arguing when Nora and Matthew showed up at the door. Nora and Lindsay just glared at one another.

When Bo got to the hospital, he found that Marshall had broken his leg. He gave the little boy a pep talk and sent him to get his cast put on. Bo signed his cast when he returned. Bo found Will at the nursery, looking at the new babies. They talked about the pain of losing a child. The doctor who tested Bo's sperm came in, and Bo asked her if she had ever found out how the mistake had happened. She told him that she still didn't know, but that she would check into it again. Bo went back to the gallery, but Lindsay was gone.

At the Banner, Rae was reading her mail and wondering about the rapist. Kevin was still angry at Ben for lying to Viki. Skye walked in and insisted that she was right in wanting Ben back. Kevin and Rae both defended Ben and Viki, and Skye slapped Kevin across the face. She left, and Grace entered and apologized to Kevin. She told both Kevin and Rae that she had kept the two letters that Daniel had sent her. She told them that she had burned the first one, then ripped up the other, throwing it in the trash.

Rae asked Grace where Daniel was, but Grace really didn't know. After she and Kevin made up and left, Rae took the letter out and read it. She was crying when Skye returned for her phone. Rae yelled at her again for hurting Viki. Skye maintained that Ben loved her and she would get him back. She put her wedding ring back on her finger.

Ben found Viki at Crossroads. He explained that he had thought his marriage to Skye had been annulled. He swore that he only loved Viki and asked her to marry him. She told him that she believed him, but turned down his proposal. She told him to ask her again when he knew that he was free from Skye.

Wednesday, September 8, 1999

At the Buchanan mansion, Blair was standing in sexy lingerie, simpering all over Max. Blair toasted to her "husband," and Max toasted to his "wife." They discussed how well their plan was working, breathed all over each other, and fell to the couch to make love. Asa and Renee returned home unexpectedly. Max and Blair looked up from the couch in shock and surprise.

Will walked into Carlotta's Diner and approached Roseanne. He asked her how she was and she told him she was glad Cris was staying with her because of her attack. When Will asked if Cris was around, she asked if she could give him a message. Will declined, telling her he'd see her later. Roseanne asked if it was about Jessica, and told Will that Jessica had blown Cristian off, and they were over. Will didn't believe it for a minute, but Roseanne blindly believed it to be so. Roseanne told Will that her mother's accident had drawn her and Cris together forever. Will told Roseanne he knew how she felt, because Megan's death had done the same for him and Jessica.

Dorian was at home, watching her phone ring. She answered it and heard a baby crying.

Bo was putting flowers on Lindsay's desk in her office. He used the phone on her desk to make a call to the station and inadvertently hit the play button on her answering machine. Bo heard Sam's message to Lindsay about their "needing to talk."

Nora had made her stay at Sam's house permanent, and was there with Bo's baby, wondering what the heck Lindsay was doing at Sam's. Sam and Nora simpered over each other and Nora finally asked Lindsay what her reason was for being there.

Asa and Renee were in the Buchanan mansion, talking about Max and how they were accepting him into the family. They talked about getting their getting back together and the turn of events when Asa found part of Blair's lingerie in the couch. As Asa got up, he found Max and Blair hiding. Asa realized what had been going on; Blair had taken his money and was still seeing Max. Max finally admitted that he loved Blair.

Dorian went into Carlotta's Diner. Carlotta greeted her and they talked about Dorian and her nightmares. Dorian told Carlotta about hearing the baby's cries. Carlotta tried to reassure her, but Dorian insisted someone was trying to drive her crazy. Will walked up behind Dorian and told her she deserved it. At Sam's house, Lindsay told Nora she was there about family matters, specifically Will. Nora went to put Bo's baby down, and Sam told her there were gifts on the bed for Matthew. Lindsay admonished Sam not to tell Nora about Bo's doctored test. Nora walked back into the room, gushing over the baby gifts, and Sam dismissed Lindsay, telling her it was time for her to go home.

Lindsay said she had to go because Bo was waiting for her. When Nora asked how Bo was, Lindsay continued to twist the knife by telling her Bo was great, fine, very happy. Nora wasn't impressed by Lindsay's display. Sam fell all over Nora. Nora realized that Sam wanted to tell her something.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Max again admitted he loved Blair. Asa realized that Max and Blair's affair had been going on for a while and reminded Max that he was a Buchanan and to stay away from the Blair Witch. Max said he was not a Buchanan -- Blair entered the room and looked shocked -- but his own man and not to ever call Blair a witch again. Asa started to rail at Max, but Max stopped him and told him that if that was what being a Buchanan meant, he didn't want the name. Renee glared at Asa as Max left with Blair.

In Carlotta's Diner, Roseanne tried to stop Will from harassing Dorian any further. He shrugged her off and continued abusing Dorian. When Dorian tried to tell Will that the justice system had set her free, Will told Dorian she should be in prison and started to get in her face. Bo walked in and told Will to go home and cool off. Dorian told Bo that she had given him proof of who was harassing her and told him to arrest Will. Bo again told Will to go home, and Will finally left the diner.

At Sam's house, Nora told Sam about Rachel and Rachel's progress. Sam wouldn't stop touching Nora. They talked about Will and how he was doing, but Sam admitted he hadn't made any progress without Will. Nora couldn't stop touching Sam, and they talked about how much they had missed each other. Nora told Sam that she loved him and Sam was touched. Sam told Nora he had something to tell her about Lindsay.

Back in Carlotta's Diner, Roseanne told Carlotta that Bo had put Dorian in a cab to go home. Carlotta told Roseanne that she felt sorry for Dorian. Roseanne told her she was too "easy." Carlotta told Roseanne it was easier to be too soft than too hard and reminded her of her vendetta against Téa. Carlotta told Roseanne that Téa had been trying to protect her and that Téa loved a man that could never be hers; Carlotta tells Roseanne not to make the same mistake. Roseanne just stared blankly.

Lindsay walked into the diner and greeted Bo, telling him that she hadn't been at the gallery because something had come up. Bo asked her if it was something with Sam. Lindsay looked a little frightened but asked why he would ask that. Bo explained about the answering machine, and asked Lindsay what was going on.

At Sam's house, Nora wanted to know what Lindsay had done that time. Sam tried to weasel out of it, but Nora insisted. Sam skirted the truth and turned spineless. He evaded by telling Nora she was beautiful. Nora again insisted. Sam told her about the cabin, how he had been going to meet Will, how much he had missed Nora, how Lindsay had visited to tell him Will wasn't going, how Lindsay had been drinking... he told about Sam and Lindsay's history, and how one thing had led to another.

Nora didn't want to hear any more, and Sam told Nora how he and Lindsay had kissed. Nora was relieved because she had thought more had happened, and began to laugh. She couldn't believe all the guilt was about a kiss. Sam was offended that Nora had thought it was more, but they both laughed at the situation. Nora asked if there was more, and Sam told her there wasn't any more. They professed their love for each other, and Will walked into the room.

At the cemetery, Dorian put flowers on baby Megan's grave and pleaded with her to stop crying.

Meanwhile, back in Carlotta's Diner, Bo stopped himself and told Lindsay it was none of his business. Lindsay said her history would cause him to be suspicious but seemed pleased that he was dropping the subject. Lindsay told Bo that it was not that she didn't want to share everything with him, but lied and said it was about Will. Bo told Lindsay that Will needed help and told her about seeing him at the hospital, looking at the newborns, and how he had gone after Dorian earlier in the diner. Lindsay told Bo that Will wouldn't listen to her or Sam. She asked Bo if he could get Will to see someone. Bo said that losing a child was the worst as Lindsay looks on guiltily.

At Sam's house, Will decided he didn't want to be where Sam and Nora were, but Sam tried to keep him from leaving. Nora tried to talk to Will, but he berated her by telling her that Dorian was walking around free while he visited his baby in the cemetery. Sam tried to pacify Will by offering him a job, but Will didn't want any part of it and left.

In Rodi's, Max apologized to Blair about blowing it, but Blair thought he had done a brave thing by declaring his love for her. Max decided he wanted to tell Asa that he and Blair were married, but Blair stopped him, because, after all, Asa might change his mind about her.

At the Buchanan mansion, Renee was trying to get Asa to be reasonable; even though she couldn't stand Blair, Max was involved. Renee thought that if they left Max to his own devices, he'd eventually realize that Blair was wrong for him. Asa was determined that Max would not marry Blair. Renee reminded him about pushing his sons away and the end result. Asa didn't want any part of Max and how Max treated him, but Renee reminded Asa that Max was still her son.

Asa took a long sip from his drink and told Renee that Max would be back asking for forgiveness. Renee told Asa to give it to him. Max entered the room, and Renee told him that she wanted to work things out. Max told Asa and Renee that he wanted to be more like Asa, but he also wanted to be able to love whoever he wanted. Renee tried to talk Max into staying to talk, but Max walked out.

At the cemetery, Dorian talked to baby Megan and apologized to her, hoping to find peace.

Sam and Nora went to the diner. They saw Bo and Lindsay. Lindsay decided she had to talk to Sam. Nora went to talk to Bo, and she told him about her visit with Rachel. Nora told Bo that she could see that Lindsay had become a big part of his life.

Lindsay again told Sam he was not to tell Nora about Lindsay changing the sperm test. She told him if he did, he had a glimpse of what the future would hold by looking over her shoulder. They both turned to see Nora and Bo laughing together.

Thursday, September 9, 1999

At Rodi's, Max found that Asa had already canceled his credit card and he needed to pay cash for his drink. Will walked in hoping to talk and "do a little business together." Max said that he wasn't "handling things" for Asa anymore, but he did inquire whether Will had changed his mind about the civil suit against Dorian. Will told Max that he didn't like or trust Asa, that he felt he was "in it" for himself. Max said that Asa was a "proud man" and the source of his pride was his family, including Jessica, and that since Asa hated feeling helpless more than anything, he'd taken "action."

When Will inquired what that "action" was, Max said he needed to "take it up" with Asa and see if he and Asa "want the same thing." Later, Blair met up with Max and reminded him that they were "not doing this for us" but for their kids. She told Max that it was not too late to get back in Asa's good graces; after all, she wondered what Max had been doing there with Will and guessed he had been trying to help Asa with his plot against the Rappaports.

In Dorian's mansion, Starr asked Blair when they would be moving to Asa's house and when the "big wedding" with Max would take place. Blair reminded her that the information was a "secret" but that it just hadn't happened yet -- she wasn't saying it wouldn't happen. Dorian walked in and told Blair and Starr that she'd had a "dreadful night" filled with nightmares and sounds. Starr asked if the house was haunted, but Blair assured her it was not and chased her up the stairs, saying, "I'll show you who the real Blair Witch is..." Dorian called Lindsay to tell her to get over to her house right away. Lindsay replied that she couldn't because she was "with Bo." Dorian retorted, "If you want to spend any more nights with Bo, you'd better get over here, or I'll tell him..." about the test results.

In Sam's house, Sam and Nora agreed to "take advantage of Matthew being on Chicago time" and made out on the couch. They were interrupted when Grace -- still in her evening dress -- and Kevin tried to sneak in. Nora looked surprised and said, "I guess I missed a few things when I was away." As Grace went to change her clothes, Kevin sat down to make small talk and asked about Rachel.

Nora told Kevin that Rachel would be living in Chicago with her parents and working at an outreach center. After Kevin and Grace left, Sam and Nora decided to "pick up where we left off" and headed toward the bedroom, only to be stopped by Ben walking through the front door, calling for Sam. "I need your help," Ben said, clarifying, "I've got to get out of this marriage with Skye right now." Incredulous, Nora looked at Sam and said, "Marriage? Wow, I really missed so much."

At the Buchanan mansion, when Asa asked Skye why she was still around instead of being "long gone," she told him he seemed to not have heard about the "scandal" she had caused at the Banner's anniversary party the previous evening -- the one where she announced that she was Ben's "wife." Asa was surprised -- and pleased -- that Ben had been "humiliated" in front of half of Llanview, but asked Skye what she wanted.

Skye said she wanted "a lawyer -- a good one." When Asa asked her if she wanted one skilled in "roadblocks" or "squeezing blood out of a stone," Skye replied, "Roadblocks. I want to make sure there is no way Ben Davidson can divorce me." Skye told Asa that she didn't want revenge, since Ben was an "amazing" man and all her feelings had rushed back when she saw him again. She said, "You hate him; I don't. You want him out of Llanview; that works for me. I love him."

However, when Skye asked Asa for his help, he refused and reminded her that she had a "rich and powerful daddy." After Skye left, Asa called Nigel into the room to ask if he had heard from Renee. Nigel replied that she had called in for messages that morning and then boldly asked Asa if there was a problem at the Palace that required Renee to spend the previous night there. Asa was indignant, and asked, "Since when is that any of your damn business!"

In the Angel Square Diner, Rae was reading "Dr. Rae" letters when Kelly and Joey entered for a meal. When she mentioned to them that Sophia had chosen a bad day not to go in to work, they told Rae about Sophia's latest scheme to break them up by using Brian and how it had backfired. Rae placed a call to Sophia's room at the Palace, but she was not in. When Kevin and Grace went into the diner, they ran the Rae gauntlet, and Rae used the chance to exchange zingers with Grace. Kevin suggested that they "need to wear gloves if they're going to go a few rounds."

Rae told Grace that she had found and read Daniel's diary and that "it's hard to get over that kind of passion." Later, Brian walked in and stood by Rae. He told her that he liked the advice she gave and then asked if she ever gave people the wrong advice. Rae told him, "Not intentionally...I do stand by the advice I give, but I don't expect you to live your life according to it, and some people do misinterpret what I say to them." Brian thanked her and went over to Kelly and Joey's table to "apologize" to them for letting Sophia talk him into the plan.

Joey was upset and stormed out of the diner, with Kelly following closely behind. Brian picked up Kelly's napkin from the booth and sat at the counter, fingering her lipstick marks on the napkin. Later, on her way out of the diner, Rae stopped to give Grace the letter from Daniel, and said, "I saved it for you. I'm sure you'd regret throwing it away." Kevin asked Grace if the reason she let Rae get to her was "because a little bit of what she is saying is true." Grace assured him that Daniel was in the past; Kevin was pleased at her answer and asked her to start spending more time at his place, "not just nights, daytime, morning..." Grace told Kevin, "I would like that."

At Sam's house, Ben admitted to Sam and Nora that he had "left out a few details" when he told them about Skye earlier, but they had agreed "it was over," and since he "had a few things on his mind" when they split, he had left the annulment papers with Skye to finalize things. Sam informed Ben that "if Skye wants to keep this marriage alive, it's not going to be easy for you to end it. It's not going to be easy for anybody."

Sam and Nora started grilling Ben with legal questions: they asked if the marriage was consummated, and he said it was; they asked if there was fraud or coercion, and he said no; they asked when Ben had been married and he replied Christmas Eve; they asked if he had loved her, and he said, "I guess. She was wild, fun, ready for everything. She liked living on the edge. We had a lot in common. "

Nora chided Ben, "That's kind of a Y-chromosome answer. Did you love her?" Ben then admitted, "Yes. I guess I loved her. I know I hurt her. I just don't want to be married to her anymore." Nora told Ben not to "underestimate this woman's passion; chances are she wants this marriage to last just as much as you want it to be over."

After Nora left to take care of a "Dorian problem," Sam told Ben that if they couldn't contest the annulment, they might have to file for divorce. Ben was reluctant to "drag Skye through court" because of what exposing his past might do to Viki, so he hoped that "talking" to Skye and trying to "reason" with her would work. He said, "There may be more to this than I know. I've got to find out for sure and I'm the only one who can."

At Dorian's mansion, Dorian told Lindsay that it was "important to find the source of the sound." Lindsay suggested that Dorian just "get out of town" but Dorian said she couldn't until the court-appointed psychologist filed a report. Dorian said she'd heard someone outside the previous night and demanded that Lindsay help her "search the grounds." Lindsay balked and told Dorian to "hire a private investigator or something" but did follow Dorian outside to look around.

Lindsay found Will's watch under a bush near the front door but hid it from Dorian. Later, Lindsay told Dorian she "can't keep blackmailing" her but wouldn't offer Dorian forgiveness. Dorian declared, "Know this, I'm not going to stop. I'm going to do anything to find out who's terrorizing me." But when Dorian agreed that maybe she should hire a P.I., Lindsay quickly dissuaded her by saying, "I didn't think that through; it would make you look paranoid to the court. If you need someone, you call me. Call me anytime and I'll be here."

Later, Nora arrived to remind Dorian not to miss another psychological appointment, and when Dorian answered the door, she walked outside and looked all around while telling Nora that she was just "checking to see that nothing's out there." She told Nora that "someone is trying to terrorize me. I've got to find out who it is and make them stop because I simply can't take it anymore."

Meanwhile, at Rodi's, Kelly and Joey disagreed again about Brian, including Kelly's defense of him. Kelly went to see if their "favorite song" was still on the jukebox, and Joey questioned the bartender about the "night the police officer was raped." He showed him Brian's picture and asked if he had seen Brian that night. The bartender remembered Brian's phony alibi about "running the pool table without a break" after 10:00, and Kelly was pleased to prove to Joey that "he couldn't be here and at the park at the same time."

From Ben's house, Ben called Skye and suggested they "get together to talk" over coffee. Skye suggested they make it dinner, and while Ben wasn't thrilled, he said okay. As Ben left, Lindsay arrived. Sam told her he didn't want to talk about Bo's sperm test results, but instead Lindsay held up the watch she had found at Dorian's and asked Sam if he recognized it. Lindsay told him, "I'm afraid our son is doing something that could get him into very serious trouble."

Will arrived at Asa's mansion, holding the lawsuit documents. He told Asa that Max had suggested he talk to Asa about "something you had done for Megan." Asa told Will that he was endowing a foundation in Megan's name and although he hadn't decided exactly how to spend the money, "it will have something to do with little kids or big kids who find themselves having little babies."

Will was very pleased and thanked Asa, but Asa told him he had done it for Jessica. Will then told Asa that he had been "thinking about the offer to see justice done" and that they seemed to "want the same thing," so he agreed to sign the lawsuit documents. Asa agreed that it was a "real smart move" and told Will, "I've got this feeling this is just the beginning for you and me." They shook hands.

Friday, September 10, 1999

Blair was still trying to convince Max to go back with Asa. She was worried about the money. Max was sick of everything, and he wanted out. Blair stopped him. Renee walked up and wanted to speak with Max alone. Max said they couldn't leave Blair out. Renee talked about a scenario about the perfect life and dreams for her and Asa. Asa had been wrong to treat Max and Blair the way that he had, and she didn't like it. But Renee couldn't tell Asa anything because she had moved out of the mansion.

Renee apologized to Blair. Renee wanted Max to move back in. He said only with Blair. Renee says that was not possible at that moment. Max said to forget it. Asa needed time to accept Blair, Renee explained. Max said Asa should compromise for once in his life, and added that Blair was in my life, and said Renee should forget the whole plan. Renee said she would do what she had to do.

Later, Asa walked in, and Blair walked out past him, shooting venom. Asa and Max discussed their problem. Max was confident, and Asa was about to beg. Asa was taking back all he had said to Max. Max asked if it was an apology, and added, "Are you getting soft, Asa?" Asa said he had heard what Max had said to the Rappaport kid, and added that Max had not betrayed him.

"Come on back, Max," Asa said. Max said not without Blair. Asa asked if Blair would have her mouth sewn shut if she moved into the mansion. Max said he would think it over. Joey and Kelly were at Rodi's, as well, and they were discussing Brian -- the rapist. Kelly said Brian had a crush on her, and Joey said no, it was worse.

At Asa's house, Asa was discussing the lawsuit with Will, who had finally decided to go along with the worst scoundrel in Llanview. They were going to make Dorian pay for her sins. They agreed on what they were going to do, but when Asa started talking badly about Sam, Will stopped him. Will told Asa not to put down his dad. "Good for you," Asa said, "Never put down your Pa." Will asked if Asa still wanted to work with him. Asa said yes, and suggested they file the papers.

Will wondered if that was all there was to it. Asa said it was the first step. Asa asked if Will could do the legwork and told him he should do it for Jessica's sake. Asa wanted Will to work for him, and they would take down Dorian together. Will clarified, "You want me to work for you?" He asked because he said Asa hated his uncle and his father, too. He thought his father would go nuts if Will worked for Asa. Will refused the job offer. Asa told him the offer would be on the table a while if he wanted to reconsider.

Will changed the subject and said that Asa was really lucky to have a son like Max. Will went on and on about what Max had said about Asa's family loyalty. Asa started thinking about Max in a more positive way. He and Will discussed the lawsuit again and Asa wished he could be there when Will handed Dorian the papers. Will left. Asa hollered for Nigel to get the car and announced, "We are going to Rodi's."

After Asa returned from Rodi's, he found Renee had her bags packed, and she told Asa she was moving back into the Palace and was going to ask Max to move in there with her. Max walked in and said she didn't have to do that. He'd move back into Asa's house, as long as his wife could move with him. "She's your wife?" Asa asked in shock.

At Sam's house, someone was trying to scare Dorian, and Lindsay told Sam that she had found Will's watch outside of Dorian's house . Sam didn't think at first that Will could do anything like that, but Lindsay said Will had changed since Megan died; he was very vengeful. Sam reconsidered and said it was serious, but it would make matters worse if Sam tried to talk to him about it and he was innocent. Lindsay insisted they had to talk to him. He still respected Sam, she said, as Nora walked in.

Lindsay advised that Sam not say a word to Nora. Nora said she would go home. "Show her the watch, Lindsay," Sam insisted. He kept no secrets from Nora. Lindsay said Nora was Will's problem, and she snapped on Nora and began a big argument. Lindsay asked why Nora even returned to Llanview. Nora reminded Lindsay that she had helped clear Lindsay of a crime.

Nora had struck a cord with Lindsay and smiled. Lindsay stepped up to Nora's face and was about to challenge her, when Sam stepped up in front of them. He told Nora that Lindsay had found Will's watch. Nora advised them to keep Will away from Dorian -- and especially a scared Dorian. Will was in trouble if he was harassing Dorian. The phone rang, and it was Dorian. She told Sam that his son had just tried to break into her house, and the alarm had gone off. Sam said they'd be right there.

At the Llanview Police Station, Rae was anxious to find out what John had learned in the rape case. She looked at some pictures of tattoos; John said the rapist wore a plastic mask in those cases also. They discussed the rapist; Rae knew him but couldn't place him yet. Rae finally put two and two together. She had been in San Antonio, and that was where the rapist had been, as well.

John arranged to have someone pick up the letters at the Banner from San Antonio that the rapist had written to her there. John and Rae discussed the lack of love in John's life, and Téa. Rae discussed that worthless husband of hers again. John said she hadn't told him the whole story about Daniel. The letters arrived, and they started looking through them. Rae saw that the rapist had written to her in San Francisco as well. Rae admitted that the rapist was following her.

Brian was at Dorian's house. Kelly opened the door and he told her he was going to leave the Sun. Kelly still believed him. Kelly asked him in, and he pretended to be nervous. They talked about his leaving the Sun, with Kelly trying to convince him to stay. He was behind her, and he was about to put his hands on her when Dorian walked in. He excused himself and left. Dorian said he was very odd.

Kelly asked if Dorian wanted her to stay, but Dorian refused. Dorian pondered, looked around, and grinned to herself. She was afraid, but did not want anyone to know it. Will knocked on the door, and Dorian let him in. He had the legal papers, which he gave her, and he was venting revenge. Dorian confessed to him that she had been to the baby's grave. Will was getting mad and vicious. She begins to accuse Will of trying to scare the daylights out of her. Will said he would thank the person if he knew who was tormenting her. He left. Dorian looked outside and then read the instruction book for setting the house alarm. She set the alarm, and the buzzer went off. She smiled and said, "I've got him."

Later, Sam, Lindsay, and Nora arrived at Dorian's house. Dorian said she knew that Will had been tormenting her. Nora asked if Dorian had seen him. "Are you sure?" Lindsay asked. Will had broken in and threatened her, Dorian claimed.

Brian was looking at Kelly's picture on the wall at his house and saying she was not like the rest. Meanwhile, someone was kicking and knocking in the closet. Sophia was tied and gagged in the closet.

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