One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 15, 1999 on OLTL
Renee slapped Max. Blair and Kelly tried to work on their relationship. Will was unhappy to learn that Sam and Nora were getting married. Roseanne asked R.J. for help in persuading Cristian to marry her. Kevin got drunk. Max collapsed.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 15, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, November 15, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Cheryl Paster Di Pilla

As Jess and Will were leaving for Will's place to make love, Will spotted Cris' sketches of Jess. He admitted that he was worried that she was still in love with Cris, but Jess assured him that she had just received the art work out of nowhere without any note inside. Cris was just saying goodbye. Will wondered if Jess was ready to do the same. Will admitted that he had always worried about Cris because Jess was the first girl he himself ever loved and he'd never be able to get over her. Jess said she would always have feelings about Cris, but that part of her life was over. If Jess was over Cris, how come she's never gone to the diner? Too many memories? Jess told him he'd never taken her there and he said he never did because of those memories. They agreed to go then. Will agreed to accept Jess' feelings about Cris.

Asa and Dorian were at the Palace bar, talking about the deaths they'd both been involved with-Megan's and Grace's. They were different situations but the results were the same. Asa said that Kevin would get over Grace, same as Cassie and that Max would get over Blair. Just then, Blair appeared looking for Max. Asa insinuated that he was with Skye. The women departed and Blair admitted to her aunt that she and Max were being blackmailed by Skye. Dorian questioned whether it was over Asa's real son and she pressed Blair for the true identity. Blair told her it was not about the real son, but about Viki and Ben and Skye's attempt to separate them. Dorian told her niece to run away and let Max take care of himself. She would be able to give Blair money. Blair agreed that she would love to come home, but she wanted to be with Max as she loved him. She told her aunt she'd give up everything for him, especially with him not having long to live. She disclosed Max's brain aneurysm and complained that Skye was ruining everything for them. Dorian assured Blair that she would solve that problem.

Ben and Skye were in Skye's bedroom at the Buchanan mansion chatting about Max's situation. They realized they were each speaking about something different, he about Max's brain aneurysm, she about Max as Asa's son(though she didn't disclose that). She told Ben that he'd be able to avenge his sister's death with the info she had. She felt that Ben liked the dark side of things and offered to make a deal with him. She'd said she'd settle for a kiss to start, but when Ben discovered that she had sent for Jackie and then used his sister's death to try to get to him, he backed off. They again parted after some angry words.

Lindsay and Bo were also at the Palace bar and decided to visit with Asa. Bo assured Lindsay that Asa was feeling pretty low and sad and didn't like people to see him like that so she'd be able to catch a glimpse of his "human side." When the pair arrived at his table, Asa badmouthed both of them and all they could do was laugh. Lindsay excused herself while Bo accused his father of not changing at all. He was still saying nasty things about the Rappaports. The old man told him how he was like rivers and mountains, never changing his course or moving. Bo sadly told him that the family was not the same as it used to be and that he'd better beware in his association with Will.

Renee confronted Max with the fact that he wasn't her son, that he had involved them all in a scam. She knew that Skye was holding something over his head, Ester had made a deal with him and she wanted the truth from him. She always trusted him when no one else did . He finally admitted that even though he'd always be Renee's son in his heart, in actuality he wasn't. Renee tried to pin the blame on Ester and Blair, but Max said the idea was always his. They were heartbroken as they professed their love for each other, but Renee wanted to know the whole story. He started with the beginning, when Nora and Sam began looking for the real Buchanan heir. He only did it for his children, he wanted them to be heirs. Renee said all they wanted was for him to be their father, but Max admitted that death was imminent, due to the brain aneurysm. Renee refused to believe a word Max said. What about the DNA test, she asked, but Max told her that even the paperwork had been fixed. She would have helped him and his children because she loved them. He wanted them to have a place in the world, not just money. He discovered that he wanted a place also and that it became very easy to become Renee's son. He also began to love Asa. Sarcastically, Renee inquired if he did it for US? She slapped Max. She accused him of robbing her of her future and mocking her past and making a fool of her. She wouldn't care if he fell down dead. She told Max to leave immediately with Blair and stormed out of the room. As Max went to make a phone call, he dropped to the floor, unconscious.

At the diner, Cris and Roseanne showed up so that they could help Carlotta with her flooding and insurance problem. Roseanne continued to watch the door, thinking that Jess might show up. Shortly after, Will and Jess did arrive at the diner and ran into Cris and Rosie. The former couple looked shockingly at each other.

Blair attempted to reach Max on his cell phone, but there was no answer.

Rae on AMC
Courtesy of: Dan Kroll

At Chandler Mansion, Stuart answered a knocking on the front door since no one else seemed to be around. He greeted Rae Cummings at the door, but Rae mistook Stuart for Adam. She scolded him for not having returned her calls about her still-missing husband, Daniel. She went on for several moments until Stuart finally realized that Rae was looking for Adam. Rae apologized for her mistake and quickly asked to speak to Adam. Stuart explained that Adam wasn't around. From his spot in the "safe room," Adam looked on curiously. Before long, Marian arrived on the scene. Knowing that Rae is a talk show host, Marian wanted to get rid of the woman as quickly as possible. She coldly remarked that Adam wasn't around and that no one had any idea when he'd be back. Rae brought up the possibility that something bad had happened to Adam. Stuart was also concerned about his brother. Surprisingly, though, Marian was relatively nonchalant about Adam's disappearance. She walked Rae to the door and virtually slammed the door in her face.

Rae arrived at the (TV) studio and asked to speak to Liza. She told Liza that she'd learned of Adam's disappearance from her "sister-in-law, Marian." Liza smiled and informed Rae that Marian was her mother---and her sister-in-law all in one package. Now that Adam and her husband were missing, Rae was convinced that the two men were in cahoots. The two women headed off to talk about their current problems. While they were gone, Tad returned to the station. Of course seeing his second home being taken apart hit him hard. Tad told Scott that he'd come up with a plan to get back at Adam. "Public humiliation," he called it. Scott agreed to go in on the plan. Tad looked over his shoulder and saw his friend, Rae. He took her aside and asked her if she'd like in on his plan to enact revenge on Adam.

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Tuesday, November 16, 1999

Ben rushed Max to the hospital, but was unable to contact Blair, Asa or Renee for them to give consent for his surgery. Ben wasn't pleased to learn that he was the only surgeon available to operate on Max. Skye pulled Ben aside before the surgery and reminded him that hurting Max would hurt Asa. Meanwhile, Renee attempted to tell Asa that Max was not their son, but her confession was interrupted with the news of Max's collapse. Before learning about Max, Blair and Kelly took a few small steps towards repairing their broken relationship. Asa and Renee found Blair and rushed to the hospital. Renee was distraught when she began to fear that she caused Max's collapse when she slapped him. Asa was furious to find out that Ben was the doctor operating on Max. At the diner, Jessica purposely kissed Will in front of Cristian. Jessica stormed out after Cristian and Will nearly came to blows. Roseanne pressed Will for more money to fund her plan to keep Cristian and Jessica apart.

Rae on AMC
Courtesy of: Dan Kroll

At WRCW, Tad was running around roping in people to join his plan to humiliate Adam. He told Rae Cummings about the board meeting at the Valley Inn and explained that this would be the perfect chance to get at Adam. Rae was reluctant to join in his plan, saying she was sure that Adam knows where her missing husband, Daniel, is. If that's true, it wouldn't be wise to antagonize Adam, she told Tad. But Tad kept trying to convince her, until eventually she gave in and agreed to be a part of his master plan.....

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Wednesday, November 17, 1999

Jessica turned to Kelly for advice about her confusion over her feelings for both Will and Cristian. After Kelly advised Jessica to follow her heart, Jessica made up with Will. Will also promised to have more faith in Jessica's love for him. Lindsay comforted Sam over his and Will's estrangement. Nora inadvertently tipped Will off about her engagement to Sam, and Will took the news very badly. Will and Nora reached a compromise when she convinced him that he should respect his father's choices. In the operating room, Ben had visions of Grace, Skye and Asa all urging him not to hurt Max. Unwilling to trust Ben, Asa barged into the operating room while Ben was performing Max's surgery and caused him to make a near fatal mistake. The doctors and nurses' in the operating room were shocked when Ben commented that it would serve Asa right if Max died on the operating table. Viki later lambasted Asa and warned him not to go after Ben again. Renee asked Blair if she had known about Max's aneurysm and the two women provided each other with a sense of comfort. Ben managed to save Max's life on the operating table, but Max's long-term prognosis remained unclear.

Thursday, November 18, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Nancy Fox


Blair comes in while Ben is checking on Max. Ben admits that Max still being in a coma is "not good, but not unexpected." Asa comes in spouting fire that Ben is "making sure he stays in that condition." Dr. Larry intervenes and tells Ben to "go home...respect the family's wishes." Ben takes out his frustrations on a supply cart in the hall, kicking it just as Viki walks into view. An angry Ben tells her "You don't want to be near me me, you don't."

Later, Renee comes in and asks Blair if she can spend time alone with Max. Blair tells her that "maybe he will respond to his mother's voice" and leaves the room. Renee tells Max she is sure that Blair knows about the scam. "She's your trust her with both gained from this..." but then breaks down and tearfully begs Max not to die. "I slapped you out of anger and hurt...I love you...I don't want you to die...I'm so sorry."


Kelly tells Kevin she has come by to "get advice" about a new reporter she has hired. Kevin looks over the story she shows him, pronounces it a "crock" but isn't fooled by her ruse - he knows she came by to check on him. Kelly admits she is worried about him, as is Joey, but Kevin tells her he is "getting past the hard part" of Grace's death. When Kelly wants to get him out of the house, he lies and tells her he is busy working on a story. Kelly concurs "that is what Grace would want" and Kevin promises he is "not going to let her down anymore." When Kelly leaves, Kevin picks up a liquor bottle and finds it empty; he picks up his keys and leaves the house.


Will stops by to talk to Roseanne who only wants to know if Will has the money she needs to keep Cristian away from Jessica. Will tells Rosie he "doesn't want to be a part of any more schemes" because he trusts Jessica and he wants her to trust him, too. Roseanne threatens him that "we're both going to lose unless we keep them apart" but begins to laugh as Will tells her that Jessica "took it hard" when she received the "goodbye drawings" from Cristian. Rosie admits to Will that she sent the drawings but isn't too pleased when he reminds her that they will be busted if Cristian and Jessica find out. Later, Roseanne tells Will he is "way too into it to get out" and wonders how Jessica could possibly "understand how you spent so much money to keep Cristian out of Llanview?" When Will questions how much Roseanne has changed, she tells him she has "learned about the real it's your turn." Will doesn't think she will take the chance of telling Jessica because that would ruin her own chances with Cristian, but Roseanne tells him he is "making a big mistake" if he doesn't believe her threats.


Cristian comes to apologize to Jessica for his behavior at the diner. Jessica accepts his apology but reminds him that "it's none of your business" what she does with Will. He admits that it was "kind of weird seeing you at the diner...that was always ‘our' place" and wants her to know that he still has "feelings" for her. Jess doesn't want him to have feelings for her since he "made it perfectly clear" how he felt about her. Cristian is confused and asks her if this is about what happened at the diner or something else. Just as Jessica is about to show him the sketches in explanation, Viki interrupts them. When Viki asks Cristian if he is back in town for long, he looks at Jessica and replies, "Probably not too long." After Viki heads upstairs, Cristian wants to know "where do we stand" but Jessica tells him "there is no ‘we'...just you and had better get back to her."

In the attic, Viki finds Ben sitting alone. Ben again tells her she doesn't "want to be around him right now" because he is not "in the mood to talk" but Viki insists that she has "been there and I'd like to help." Ben is non-responsive but Viki won't give up; she wants him to "let me love you...that's all I'm asking." As she leaves, Ben changes his mind and tells her he needs her, she's the "best thing that's ever happened" to him and they hug. Viki understands that Ben feels "helpless and frustrated" by Grace's death but reminds him that Grace's "warmth and love will always be there." When Ben allows that "it was so much easier when I was alone," Viki concurs that "people complicate life" but "it hasn't been all bad" and tells him that she would have been "really sad" if they hadn't met. They agree about their "special feelings" for each other and make love.


Asa runs into a staff doctor that assisted Ben with Max's surgery and sweet-talks her into sharing information. When she tells him that Ben "did everything he was supposed to do," Asa isn't satisfied and insinuates that he is only trying to help the hospital, he doesn't want to "damage promising careers" but "just between" them what did Dr. Davidson say after Asa burst into the operating room? Admitting that she felt that Ben was "only venting stress after your visit" she tells Asa that Ben said "It would serve you right if your son were to die right there on the table."

Later, in Max's room, Blair is talking to Max trying to get him to wake up and "help me get out of this mess." Asa comes in and assures Blair that Max will "beat it" because "he is a Buchanan." As Renee looks on, Asa declares, "We won't lose him...I just found out he is my son...I will not lose my son." Alone with Max, Asa vows, "I know what that S.O.B. did; he put you in here, son...I'm going to put him someplace a whole lot worse."


Roseanne shows up to "talk" to Jessica. Roseanne wants to know what Cristian and Jessica talked about but Jessica is "not in the mood to talk" to Rosie and wants her to take her "paranoid little mind somewhere else." When Roseanne persists, Jessica becomes suspicious and wants to know what Rosie is "so afraid of" when she spots Cristian's sketches. Will (fresh from a verbal confrontation with Cris at the diner) comes in just in time to stop Roseanne from spilling to Jessica. Will, ever gallant, offers to show Rosie the door. Outside, he tells Roseanne that he "will get you the money, I don't know how, but I will...leave us alone."

Crossroads Bar

Kevin comes into the reopened bar because he "remembers it as a kind of place where I can drink without being bothered." Skye Chandler comes in and "bothers" Kevin by telling him he "won't find a cure for your pain in that bottle." Kevin's comeback is to ask Skye if she thinks she is his mother to which she answers, "Definitely not." Later, Kevin apologizes to Skye for his "uncalled for remark about my mother" and tells her he "knows what it is like to love somebody and lose them." Skye accepts Kevin's apology but not his offer of a drink since she is "in program." She admits she came to Crossroads "looking for a little magic" since it is where Ben met Viki, but is a bit embarrassed because that "sounded pathetic." Kevin wonders if Skye merely "traded in one obsession (alcohol) for another" (Ben). When his bottle is empty, Skye tells Kevin it's time to go home and he agrees. He gets up to leave but Skye doesn't want him to drive and she tries to take his keys. Kevin won't let her have them because, after all, she "could be a horrible driver" so Skye plants a big passionate kiss on Kevin.

Rae on AMC
Courtesy of: Dan Kroll

[Rae] stomped over to Tad and blasted him for not telling her that the show was going to air live. Tad didn't see any harm in misleading Rae. Dixie strolled into the room with a broad smile on her face. She told Tad and Rae that they'd done an excellent job on the show. Rae was still fuming that Tad had misled her. Her reason were not simply because she'd been lied to. She worried that if her husband, Daniel, had seen the show he might have already fled town. If the show had been taped for later broadcast, at least he would not have been able to get a head start. Tad agreed that he'd been unfair in his treatment of the radio host. In return, he offered to put his private eye skills to use and help Rae track down her husband. Rae told Tad and Dixie that her husband left her for another woman. She did not give any additional details.

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Friday, November 19, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Tara Casey

Ben can't stop thinking about Asa and Max, and Viki wakes up next to him. Ben wonders if Asa ever has to pay for what he does. Viki tells him that Asa does, but Ben doesn't think it's enough. Viki asks Ben if he'll let her make all of his problems go away, just for one day. Later, Ben apologizes to Viki. She tells him that she just wants to help him. Ben tells her that he is going to check up on Max. Viki wonders if this is a good idea, but Ben sees Max as any other patient. She is going to go check on Kevin. Viki says that she wants "all this calamity to end-- Dorian, Jessica, Grace, Jackie McNaughton, and Skye." Ben informs her that Skye brought Jackie to Llanview, and he's made it clear to Jackie that he is through with his connections there. No one is going to get hurt again.

As Skye passionately kisses him, a very drunk Kevin pulls away and asks her what she's doing. He tells her that he has standards, and he won't be kissing her again. Skye, who has his car keys, sits down. Kelly shows up then, and asks Kevin if this is the big story he's working on. He says that he's undercover. Kelly asks if he's posing as a drunk, and he admits that it's not a pose. He tells her to "go save Joey." Kelly says that Joey doesn't need saving. Kevin doesn't think he does, and he tells her to leave him alone. Kelly leaves. "One pest down, one to go," Kevin says.

He tries to get a drink, and the bartender won't give him anything stronger than coffee. He starts to leave, but he realizes that Skye took his keys. She laughs and admits that the purpose of the kiss was so she could steal the keys. Kevin asks her to give them up, but she drops them down her shirt. Kevin thinks he can drive, but Skye doesn't want him to kill an innocent person. Kevin gives up and tells her to take him home. Skye says it would be her pleasure, and she helps him stumble out to the car. Skye brings him home, and he says that he'll call her and thank her profusely in the morning. Right now, he'll go to bed when the room stops spinning. Skye tries to help him. Kevin doesn't want her to take advantage of him. Skye says not to worry, all she wants to do is get him into bed. "Hi, Mom!" Kevin says then, as Viki shows up in the doorway. Viki is shocked and asks Skye what she thinks she's doing with her son.

Kelly shows up at the hospital and sees Blair and Renee. Blair tells her cousin that the doctors are saying everything to give them some hope. Kelly asks what she can do, and Blair says nothing, she's fine. "That's the problem, everyone thinks they're fine," Kelly says. She says that in times like this, Blair needs family around. Blair says that Renee and Asa have been great. Kelly leaves. Later, Ben asks Blair if there have been any changes. Ben says that Max is a tough guy and he'll get through it.

In Max's hospital room, Asa complains to Max about Ben. He insists that he is finally going to bury Ben and his family once and for all. Bo walks in and tells Asa that he won't. Larry believes that Ben may have saved Max's life. Max knew about the aneurysm, but he didn't do anything about it. Ben was there, and if anything, Asa owes him thanks. Asa says that that was the first dumb thing Bo has ever said. Bo says that it's true, but Asa says he will never forget what Ben did, and he is going to get everything he deserves. Asa says that Bo should be out arresting Ben now on the grounds of premeditated murder. Bo brings up the fact that Max isn't dead, and Asa decides that attempted murder would do. Bo jokes that if he arrested everyone who ever threatened Asa, the jails would be full. He doesn't think it's Ben's fault. Asa says that he has many witnesses, and Bo has to do his job. Bo tells Asa to leave Ben alone before things get even more out of hand. Ben walks in then, and Asa simply walks out. Neither Bo nor Ben expected that. Bo says that Asa is having a hard time, and the war between the families has gone far enough. Ben says that at least Max is still alive-- his sister is gone forever. Ben leaves the room, and Bo goes out as well, telling Blair to stay with Max.

At the diner, Cristian clears up the problem with the insurance company. Roseanne is happy because now they can go back to New York. Cristian says there are a few more things he has to take care of first. He would like to spend Thanksgiving with his mom, too. Roseanne complains that she was hoping to spend Thanksgiving in their home in New York. Cristian insists that he is not staying to see Jess. "Again?" says Roseanne. She asks Cristian why he hid his visit from her. Cristian says that he just went to see Jessica to apologize for his behavior in the diner, and he didn't want Roseanne to freak. Roseanne says again that she just wants to get out of Llanview so they can be together. Cristian says that they will be together for Thanksgiving-- with his mother.

He leaves, and R.J. appears. He says that he came to meet Téa. He thanks Roseanne for "realizing she didn't see him in New York." Roseanne says that he owes her now. She wants to convince Cristian to marry her now. Roseanne wants to get married right away. R.J. can't do that. He and Cristian don't even get along. Roseanne threatens to tell Téa about R.J.'s meeting with the "crooked judge." She will go to Téa if necessary. R.J. tells her that she wins-- for now. Téa shows up, and Roseanne says that she told R.J. about the "major hunk" in NY that looked so much like him. "I'll bet the world can't handle two of you," Téa says. They laugh and decide to go to the penthouse. Roseanne intercepts them at the door and reminds R.J. that he wanted to speak with Cristian. R.J. says that it'll keep.

Cristian comes upstairs, and Roseanne tells him that she understands why he went to see Jess. She is just jealous, but she knows that Cristian has more in his life than her. Cris says that Jess isn't a part of that now. Rosie didn't deserve to be treated the way he treated her. Rosie says that she won't be jealous of Jess anymore-- she won't even mention her name. Cristian assures her that they'll be okay.

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