One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 11, 2000 on OLTL
Blair and Todd threatened to turn the other in for Max's shooting, but Skye was arrested. Antonio was displeased with Roseanne's behavior. Rae learned that Max wasn't her son and decided to give up the search. Sophia and Joey plotted together.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 11, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, December 11, 2000

Max reminds Renee what exposing his charade will do to an already vulnerable Asa. Meanwhile, Asa tries to rid himself and his "son" of Skye but she stubbornly insists she had nothing to do with the shooting. Todd scolds Blair for panicking and making some stupid mistakes while he's attempting to cover her tracks with the police. Later, Blair starts to walk out but is pleasantly surprised to hear Todd admit that he's begun therapy with Rae Cummings. During their stake-out, Joey explains to a dubious Sophia how he plans to win Kelly back. Rae pleads John's case with Bo. Joey watches his brother bestow a fervent kiss upon Kelly. Bo places a sputtering Skye under arrest for attempted murder.

Tuesday, December 12, 2000

Kelly suggests to Joey that he move out for all their sakes. Embarrassed by Roseanne's sleazy tactics, Antonio berates her for involving him in her childish prank. Clinging to Max, Skye insists that she's innocent but Bo reveals how the weapon turned up in her room at the Bayberry Inn. Todd threatens to turn Blair in if she walks out on him. Outraged, Blair counters by warning she'll paint him as the shooter if he dares to double-cross her. Though Skye swears she's being framed, Max stands silent as his lover is handcuffed and led away. Kelly explains to Joey why separation would be best to give them both time to heal and move on with their lives. As they quarrel, Antonio warns Roseanne he won't stand for any more of her manipulative mind games. Rae receives word that her DNA test results are ready. After trading sob stories, Joey and Sophia decide to make a pact to win the love of Kelly and Antonio.

Wednesday, December 13, 2000

Nora pays another unexpected call on Colin, then rifles through the doctor's desk drawers the minute his back is turned. Unable to reach her father or his attorney, Skye is escorted to a jail cell still protesting her innocence. Renee, Rae and Asa wait anxiously for an update on Max after he collapses and is rushed to the hospital. Todd arranges a surprise for Blair to celebrate Skye's arrest. A jittery Melanie prepares to unveil a piece of her past to Bo but loses her nerve following several interruptions. Nora finds evidence which suggests a financial link between Colin and Lindsay. Renee invents a cover story when Asa wonders why she's having blood tests run. Bo advises an irked Nora to keep her distance from Colin now that he's been officially cleared in the kidnapping. Later, Skye is surprised to learn that Nora has taken her case. A jeering Colin asks Melanie what her lover will do once he learns how she killed her own father. Rae receives proof that Max is not her son after all, while Sophia and John stumble over a shocking new lead in their friend's search.

Thursday, December 14, 2000

Skye swears to Nora that she didn't shoot Max, then relates for the attorney how she's made so many deadly enemies since arriving in Llanview. Ben and Viki return home from their adventures on the road and settle down to open the rest of their wedding gifts. Todd shows Blair the long list he's keeping of the people on whom he intends to take revenge. Skye's sad story about being the poor little rich girl with no one to love has an impact on Nora. Renee scolds Max for treating Rae so cruelly. Meanwhile, Rae weeps on John's shoulder after hitting another dead end in the search for her longlost child. Skye clams up when Nora asks how Max and Ben are connected. After Todd names his price, Blair reluctantly reveals the identity of Asa's real son. Ben tells Viki he doesn't believe the hatred between himself and his biological father will ever end. John locks away a piece of evidence after Rae begs him never to mention her child again.

Friday, December 15, 2000

R.J. offers Cris a rent-free apartment in the same building where Will and Jessica are living. Kelly scoffs at Kevin's remarks about Charlie possibly not being quite as harmless as he appears. Ben explains to a fretful Viki how he intends to infiltrate the mob. Later, Viki admits to her husband that she disclosed his dangerous plan to Sam in hopes that his brother could find a way to dissuade him. Antonio encourages an appalled Roseanne to apply for a job as a switchboard operator with the police department. Sophia attempts to cause waves between Kevin and Kelly, while Joey keeps up his end of their pact by dropping a few well-placed hints to Antonio. Sam urges his brother not to endanger his life by undertaking such a foolhardy scheme but Ben stubbornly turns a deaf ear to his pleas. Lindsay drops in unannounced on Jessica and finds her arguing with Cristian. Meanwhile, Will is startled to learn from Bo how his mother accepted two hundred thousand dollars from Asa as "reparations."

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