One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 17, 2001 on OLTL
Todd learned about Gabrielle and Asa's plot against Max. Sam agreed to have Ben admitted to St. Anne's in order to spy on Allison. Lindsay advised R.J. that Cristian was working as an undercover cop. Sam noticed his photo of Nora was missing.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 17, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, SEPTEMBER 17, 2001

Blair finds her ex in her bedroom and demands an explanation. Todd covers by claiming that he was hunting for the doll Starr left behind but again refuses to divulge to Blair their daughter's location. Unaware that Seth is observing her every move, Jessica kneels by her infant daughter's grave and sadly tells Megan how much she misses her. Bo takes Lindsay in out of the rain and listens to her usual tale of woe. Meanwhile, Cris and Jen happily make plans for a romantic trip to the Cape. Max and Gabrielle indulge in some verbal sparring which leads to sparks of a different kind. Jessica explains to a newly sympathetic Seth how she lost her baby girl. Bo tries to convince Lindsay that Jen is in no jeopardy from Cristian. Al is disappointed to learn from Jen that she has reconciled with the man she loves. Determined to ensnare Blair in Asa's scheme, Todd cons her into signing documents on the pretext of needing medical release forms for Starr's new school. Later, Todd suggests to Asa that his faked death could turn into the real McCoy if the new Mrs. Buchanan decides to become a wealthy widow. An eavesdropping Lindsay learns Cristian's secret.

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 18, 2001

Ben is trying to enlist Sam to help him get admitted into St. Ann's, as "Dave", so he can find out the truth about Allison. Sam is completely against Ben's plan to become closer to Allison as an outpatient named "Dave." He finally gives in to have Ben admitted to proceed with his plan.

In Allison's room, Rae comes to tell her that her stay at St. Ann's might be awhile longer, Allison who is upset at the news says that she is completely well and ready to go back into the real world. But since they (the board) won't let her forget what she has done, she will never be released, if they have it their way. Rae noting Allison's disappointment told Allison that she would work on getting her released. Rae also told Allison that the board hadn't reached a final decision yet, and that she would speak to them on her behalf. Ben visits Allison as "Dave," he also has brought the autographed copy Viki's book. Allison is excited to have to book and begins to thumb through it. Ben asks her if she is a fan of Viki's. Allison tells him that Viki is the one who is going to get her released from St. Ann's. Her statement unsettles Ben.

Cristian and Jen are at Sam's house talking when her mother walks in. Lindsay asks Jen to let her speak to her alone, but Jen tells her no. Lindsay asks Jen to understand why she did what she did, she was scared and panicked. She never meant to hurt her, just protect her from Cristian. Jen tells Lindsay that nothing she can say will ever make her forgive her for she has done to both her and Cristian. Then Jen tells Lindsay to leave, Lindsay makes another plea for her to forgive her, but Jen tells her to get out of her house. Cristian tells Lindsay she should leave. As Lindsay turned to leave she plotted, out loud, another round of downfall. Jen overheard her threat, and Cristian ordered her out of Sam's house. After Lindsay left, Jen and Cristian sat back down to talk about their trip to Cape May, but Sam came home and told them he had something to tell them.

As soon as Lindsay left Sam's house she calls R.J. and tells him that if he doesn't want to go to jail, that he will meet with her. When she meets up with R.J. at The Palace she tells him that Cristian is setting him up, that he is working as an undercover cop.

Al is enraged about finding his parents together at the cabin. Al demands to know why she is there with Max. Max tells Al that he tricked his mother into coming to the cabin. He doesn't believe Max and asks his mother for the truth. As Gabrielle is telling Al that she and Max have a history together, and things just happen, Al realizes that his mother is lying to him. Al reminds Gabrielle of the treatment that Max gave both of them in the past, and that he hasn't changed. Al turns on Max yelling at him that he has already forgotten about his baby with Blair, just like he forgot about him and Gabrielle. Max tells Al that he loves Gabrielle, he has never stopped loving her. Al turns on Max and tells him that he never loved them, he abandoned them when they needed him the most. He turns to Gabrielle, vowing to have nothing more to do with her and he storms out and speed off on his new motorcycle. A devastated Gabrielle picks up Al's helmet that he left behind and turns on Max, blaming him for everything that has just happened. Max tells her that Al isn't going to listen to her while he is in this state of mind. Meanwhile, Al who forgot his helmet, is speeding down the road, loses control of his bike and crashes.

John tells Antonio that if he can obtain the college credits that he needs, he might be promoted to head up the Organized Task force. Antonio asks John how that could be, since he was the current head of that department, unless he is leaving the police force. John just tells him that it is something else. Later, John tells Rae that he has some amazing news.

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 19, 2001

R.J. finds Lindsay's news that Cristian is working for the cops as interesting and an annoying rumor. He thinks she's confused Cris with his brother and only WISHES it were Cris involved with the cops. Cris does owe him if he indeed has been involved with his losses, he says, which scares Lindsay because she only wants him away from her daughter, not hurt. She explains that she overheard the whole thing from Jen and Cris and when R.J. still refuses to believe her, she asks him why Cris was never investigated or arrested for making fake IDs. She believes that Bo is still trying to bring R.J. down and is not done with him yet. Lindsay also asks R.J. if Cris could possibly have a grudge against him. R.J. thinks back to the car accident that he caused when Cris hurt his hand. Lindsay suggests that Cris' split with his brother is not real. All of her comments get him to think she's possibly telling the truth; he will check it out for himself.

John has news for Rae-he's accepted a position with the Crime Commission in San Francisco as an investigator for at least one year. She offers to move there with him but he gently reminds her that she can't; she has patients who depend on her. She agrees that she won't be able to find replacement therapists for all of them, especially Allison who may get a day pass soon. She promises to visit often.

Gabrielle is hysterically crying because Al has seen her with Max as they were about to make love and accuses Max of turning her son against her. She's afraid that she's lost him and orders Max to get Al back for her and take the blame. Then she realizes it's her own fault and Max agrees-she's filled Al's head with hate for him over the past several years. Max prevents her from going out to look for him as she'll only make it worse. He tells her to let Al have time to think it over and he'll come and look for her when he's ready. She sobs that Al has been the only one who never let her down and they've only had each other and now she's let HIM down. She's afraid he'll never turn back to her but Max assures her that she's his mother and that will never change, that it will all work out. Gabby mutters that this wasn't part of the plan. Max quickly asks her what she means.

Sam stops Cris and Jen from leaving for their getaway by telling them he wants to speak with them about this commitment they are making. They look worried but he assures them he's only happy for them and is as comfortable as he could possibly be in this situation. They've had enough interference from Lindsay and he will keep her away

from them, he says, though they tell him she's already visited to ask for Jen's forgiveness. Sam asks to speak to Cris alone and asks him to love his daughter and to be careful of their feelings for each other and try not to hurt her. Cris assures him that he was raised by loving parents and knows how to treat her. Sam gives the couple his blessing and the two depart to pack. Jen will stop by and pick Cris up.

Al lies unconscious, cut and bruised after his motorcycle accident. He awakens slowly and tries to reach for his nearby cell phone. As he struggles, he passes out again. Jen finds him on the ground.

Allison explains her connection with Viki to "Dave" by explaining what happened in the past and how Viki forgives her. She tells him that she will get out of St. Ann's and that she's not frightened, she "has it set." "Dave" continues to ask various questions to get information and tells her he's worried about her with no one out in the world to take care of her. She hints that she may know someone that she can see. She realizes that "Dave" really does care about her because he's special and tells him that she trusts no one but him and may have something to tell him. Outside, Rae arrives to visit her patient.

R.J. lets himself into Cris' apartment, stopping to turn off a circuit. He peruses a telephone bill that he finds and dials one of the numbers. It's Bo's office. Just then, Cris walks in.

Lindsay stops by Sam's house and tells him she'll see Jen if she's around. Sam explains that he doesn't want her around anymore and has had all of her things removed.

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 20, 2001

Palace Restaurant
Blair walks in and overhears Todd leaving a message for Gabrielle to meet again. Blair begins to question his motives, and he begins to once again question her about marrying Max. They argue heatedly until Todd blurts out that Max and Gabrielle are sleeping together and that he saw it with his own two eyes. Blair tells him she doesn't care, and Todd figures out that if she will forgive Max that easily, that she must not really love Max. Then after goading Todd some more about the wedding, Blair leaves. Meanwhile, Seth and Jess sit down for lunch and are joined by Carlotta, who tells them how happy she is for them and brags about Seth being such a great guy. Seth becomes uncomfortable and leaves. Jess and Carlotta talk about Cris and Jenn, and then Jess leaves.

Asa's Lodge
Max and Gabrielle argue about Al, and Gabrielle slips and says that Al finding them wasn't part of the plan. Max demands to know what the plan is, and won't let her leave until she tells him everything. Just as she seems about to spill, her cell phone rings with the call that Al has been in an accident.

Jenn calls an ambulance, then calls Gabrielle to tell her about Al's accident.

Troy returns Sam's wallet, and Sam looks through it and immediately discovers that his picture of Nora is missing. He demands it from Troy, and Troy pulls it out of his pocket, saying it must have fallen out. They argue briefly about Nora, and an administrator who is nearby then begins talking to Troy and asks him out for coffee. Troy accepts, then Al is brought in, with Jenn close behind. Troy begins to work on Al, then Max and Gabrielle arrive and are told to leave the room. Jenn fills Sam in on what happened and then calls Cris. Cris arrives shortly and convinces Jenn to go to the cafeteria for a cup of coffee. Troy then comes out and tells Max and Gabrielle that he has bad news.

St. Anne's-Ben hides in Allison's closet so that Rae won't see him. Rae comes in and tells Allison that she has a day pass, then leaves.When she is gone, Allison demands for Ben to tell her why he didn't want Rae to see him. Ben tells her he didn't want her to get into trouble for having a man in her room. He then asks her to lunch, but she tells him she has things to take care of that she has been waiting years to do. She leaves, and just as Ben is leaving, he bumps into Rae in the hall. Rae demands to know what Ben is doing there and why he is coming out of Allison's room.

Cris's loft
Cris asks R.J. why he is there, and R.J. tells him there was a problem with loose wiring in the security system. Cris then tells R.J. about his trip with Jenn, and how he will also need time off to take classes. R.J. tells him he's not being very loyal, and Cris says he will skip the classes if R.J. will let him in on the moneymaking aspect of his business. Cris then gets Jenn's call from the hospital and leaves. After Cris has gone, R.J. berates himself for not realizing that Cris was the leak sooner, then calls an associate to "take care of" Cris.

Allison sneaks through the same doors she went through years earlier to kidnap Jessica, and stands in the living room looking around. She is then surprised when Jess walks in and asks who she is and if she can help her.

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 21, 2001

Dr. MacIver (Troy) tells Max and Gabrielle that Al is in critical condition and needs immediate exploratory surgery to find the internal bleeding, but that Al has a very rare blood type and they must wait for blood from Philadelphia before they can begin the surgery. Max informs Troy that he has the exact same type blood as Al and says he will give blood immediately and they rush him away. They bring Al out of the emergency room and push him onto an elevator to go to the operating room with Gabrielle right beside him. Just as the elevator doors close and Gabrielle is alone, Todd rushes up and gleefully tells her that it is time for someone to die.

Seth goes to the Carriage House to see Natalie, who is on edge because of having to live with Jessica and seeing how affluent she is. Natalie says Jessie would never make it in the real world, but Seth tells her not to underestimate Jess because she is tougher than she looks. Natalie becomes suspicious of his defending Jessie and asks him if he is developing a "thing" for her.

Jessica finds Allison in the living room at Llanfair. She asks Allison who she is, but Allison doesn't answer at first. Finally she tells Jess that she is Allison Perkins and that she had kidnapped her.

Rae again asks Ben why he is at St. Anne's and in Allison's room. Ben (much like his "brother" Sam) verbally attacks Rae by asking why Allison is being released. When Rae tries to explain that what Allison did happened a long time ago, Ben yells at her and asks how she knows that Allison won't try to destroy Viki and her family all over again.

Bo, Antonio and several officers have gathered at the Palace to see John off and wish him well. Bo tells John that he is leaving him with a very large pair of shoes to fill. John alludes to the fact that Antonio would be excellent to fill the position. Bo says he thought Antonio wasn't in the running, and asks why. Antonio tells Bo that there was a bump in the road but Bo assures him that bumps can be smoothed out. Just then, Antonio spots Keri Reynolds and he tells Bo that he thinks the road should just take a different direction and excuses himself and goes over to speak to Professor Reynolds.

Rae tells Ben that she would not have helped Allison get a day pass if she thought she was dangerous. Angrily Ben tells Rae he has seen a different side to Allison and that she is closer to the edge than Rae thinks. Rae asks him if he has been talking to Allison, but Ben denies it. Hank appears and tells Rae that she will be late for John's party. Rae says she must leave, but Ben stops her and asks her if she has any idea where Allison went. Rae tells him she does not know and that even if she did, she would not tell him, which just make Ben angrier.

Allison realizes that Jessica knows who she is and that she kidnapped Jess when she was an infant. Jessica tries to pick up the phone behind her back just as Allison takes a step toward her and she drops the phone. Allison tells Jess she wouldn't hurt her and that she has been rehabilitated. She explains that she has a day pass and that she has a lot to do.

Gabrielle is told that Al is out of surgery and that Dr. MacIver will be down to talk to her shortly. She is near hysteria and Todd is all over her telling her that he has gotten Blair's signature and that he is ready to proceed with the plan to make it look as if Max and Blair have killed Asa. Gabrielle tells him that she cannot concentrate on the plan while her son is barely hanging on to his life. Todd reminds her that he has the videotape and is not afraid to show it to anyone. Gabrielle accuses Todd of being a heartless demon and he reminds her that she is about to send her son's father to jail for the rest of his life for a crime he didn't commit and tells her she should look in the mirror.

Dr. MacIver explains to Max that Al's liver was lacerated, which caused the internal bleeding. Repairing the damage was a complicated procedure and the next 72 hours will be critical. There is also concern that Al had not awakened as yet. Max tells Troy that he needs to be with his son and Troy tells him to take his time. He then goes to find Gabrielle and tell her what is going on.

In a beautiful scene, Rae walks into John's party and stands to the side until John turns and sees her. He gets up and walks over to her and takes her in his arms while she cries.

Antonio says he would like to have a cup of coffee with her and Keri asks whom the group is that he is with. Antonio explains that it is a going away party and that everyone there is with the police department. Keri says that she is very interested in the police department, but when he offers to take her over and introduce her, she nervously says she is not ready, then covers by saying that she is not ready to have coffee with him yet. She says that she would like to, but that she can't. Antonio asks why.

Seth tells Natalie about following Jessie to Megan's grave and how difficult it had been for Jess when Megan died. Natalie has absolutely no sympathy and reminds Seth that they had experienced a tough life and that they deserved a bright future and the only way they were going to get it was to stick with the plan. She asks Seth what Jessica means to him and he replies that she is just a girl. Natalie tells him that he is wrong. Jessica is nothing but a means to an end and nothing more and that Seth better not forget it.

Allison concocts a story about why she was in the house when Jessie came in. She says she wanted to tell Viki that she would be getting out soon and that she had plans.

Ben asks Hank if people that have been locked up for a long time ever revert back to a life of crime. Hank explains that no one knows, but it's the ones that fake insanity to avoid prison that are more likely to be criminals again when released. He tells Ben that if he becomes aware of anything suspicious to call the police and let them handle it. Ben promises that he will. Ben calls Viki just to hear her voice and make sure she is ok.

Allison explains to Jessica that she has plans for after her release and that she came by to tell Viki about them and get her approval. When Jess asks her why she would need Viki's approval, Allison explains that she might get a job designing bouquets at a florist shop in Llanview. As Jessie is escorting her out, Allison says she has something she wanted to give Viki, but that Jess is probably the one who should get it.

In a very tender scene, Max is talking to Al, who is still unconscious. Max tearfully tells Al that he would give up everything if Al would just live.

After Dr. MacIver tells Gabrielle about Al's condition, Todd continues to push her to get the "plan" into action. Gabrielle tells him she will not take Max away from Al right now and Todd accuses her of trying to get out of their deal. He tells her that if she betrays her she will regret it and Gabrielle gets in his face and tells him that she cannot deal with him and that she needs to be with her son. After she leaves, Todd says to himself that is ok, but that she should not say he hadn't warned her.

John gives Rae a "survival kit" he has made for her. It contains her cell phone with his number programmed into it, stamped envelopes with his address on them and an open ended ticket to California. He tells her he hopes she will use it sooner rather than later. Rae once again starts to cry and throws her arms around him.

Keri tells Antonio she can't have coffee with him because it is against University policy for the teaching staff to fraternize with students. Antonio reminds her that he is not a student and she says that he should be. They almost start arguing again when Antonio says "time-out". Keri tells him that he has a party to go to and that she has papers to grade and asks him to excuse her. Antonio walks back to the party and tells Bo that he crashed and burned. Bo figures out that Keri is the bump in the road Antonio talks about. He goads Antonio about rewriting his thesis and asks if Antonio is too proud. Bo asks if "that little lady" is too tough for him.

Ben talks briefly to Viki then he tries to call Llanfair, but gets a busy signal. Then he realizes that Jessica is at Llanfair alone. Allison has a stuffed animal that she says was kept in storage for years. She says that the animal would comfort Jessica when she was a baby. She tells Jessica that it might make her feel safe again now and Jessica asks her why she would not feel safe. Just then, Seth walks in. Jessica introduces him to Allison and says that she was just leaving. Allison hands her the stuffed toy and turns to tell Seth that Jessica is a very special person and that he should take care of her. After Allison leaves, Seth asks Jess who she was and Jess tells Seth how glad she is to see him. Outside, Allison has a flashback of taking Jessica when she was a baby and has a wicked smile on her face.

Antonio tells Bo he is going to rewrite the paper and get the credits and goes to talk to Keri, but she has left. Hank shows up at John's party and Rae tearfully makes a toast to John. Everyone sings "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" and at the end of the song, Antonio turns to see Keri leaving. They look at each other for a long moment.

Natalie is staring out the window of the Carriage House looking at Llanfair and says to herself that someday she will have everything that Jessica has, but that she will have something Jess will never have. She will have Seth.

Ben burst into Llanfair as Seth and Jess are talking and tells Jess that Allison has a day pass. Jess tells Ben about Allison's having been there and shows him the stuffed toy. She and Seth both say that Allison was in no way threatening. Ben finds the phone off the hook and notices the picture of he and Viki sitting on the desk. He asks Jessie if Allison saw the picture.

When Allison gets back to St. Anne's she asks on of the nuns if she has seen her friend Dave. The sister tells her that Dave had been asking about her and asks Allison if there is anything going on between them. Allison tells her that there might be.

Dr. MacIver tells Max and Gabrielle that Al's condition has stabilized. Gabrielle tells Max that if he had not been there that Al would have died, but Max says all he did was give him blood. Gabrielle goes in to see Al and Todd comes up to Max and tells him he is going to tell him the whole truth.

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