One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 13, 2004 on OLTL
Babe questioned Paul. Bo stopped Asa from shooting at Todd and Blair. Natalie broke things off with Paul. After Asa insulted Starr, Blair knocked him out and dragged him into the woods. Antonio left Jessica. Dorian blackmailed Kevin. Antonio recalled being in Angelina's arms as a baby. Evangeline told Todd she was resigning as his lawyer.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 13, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, September 13, 2004

Dorian gets a hint about Kevin's future in politics from Todd by mail. Dorian threatens Kevin with the tape of the prostitute's testimony in court. Dorian gives Kevin 24 hours to decide if he will give Kelly visitation with Ace or she will publicize the tape.

Paul lies to Babe about Ace's father; he tells her that Todd is Ace's real father. Babe still feel strong connection with Ace. Babe thinks Paul is trying to get rid of her.

Asa threatens Blair and Todd with a rifle. Bo arrives in time to help them. Asa returns again with a handgun. Blair is scared so she and Todd decide to leave the mansion.

Antonio discovers his real identity. Tico refuses to confirm whether he knew all along. Antonio tries to strangle Tico, but Sonia and John come in time to save him. Antonio has a flashback of being in Angelina's arms playing with her necklace. Antonio returns to the diner where a framed photo of him, Cristian and Carlotta is on the counter; he smashes it with his fist and leaves the diner.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Jessica reveals to John and Bo that Antonio is Manuel Santi's first son. Jessica pleads with Bo to find Antonio because she fears he will begin to think he is not the good man they all know. Bo suggest to Jessica to give Antonio time to deal with this new information. Jessica confronts Tico about keeping Antonio in the dark about Angelina and his father. Tico confesses that he kept the secret to protect Angelina as he promised to do from he was ten-years-old. Tico uses his mother's death to get closer to Jessica. Sonia finds a drunken Antonio at a motel. Antonio pulls a gun on Sonia and reveal to her that he could never trust her again. Antonio rants about discovering who he really is; he questions the goodness that is within. Antonio explains to Sonia that he always suspected he was different from Cristian, Carlotta and his father Diego. Sonia tells Antonio that he should not be ashamed of who he is. Sonia kisses Antonio. In the morning Antonio thanks Sonia for staying. He tells her that he intends to find out why Angelina wanted Antonio to forgive Tico. Antonio also suggests to Sonia that she begin to accept that Tico may know who El Tiberon is or Tico may be El Tiberon.

Natalie breaks up with Paul. She tells Paul that she cannot be the wild woman he wants her to be. Paul thinks it is because Natalie wants to be with John. Paul demands that Natalie get him the one hundred thousand dollars they need to pay off R.J. John and Natalie watch the sun rise.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Bo rejects Antonio's request for his job back and the freedom to continue his investigation of the Santi crime circle. Frustrated, Antonio goes back to the loft and is surprised to see Jessica there. Meanwhile, Evangeline tells Todd that she is resigning as his lawyer.

Until he gets full ownership of the mansion back, Asa has Todd's assets frozen. Blair tries to sneak back into the mansion to retrieve a few of her things that she left there, only for Asa to catch her in the act. Asa goes into defense mode by insulting Starr, which outrages Blair enough to smack him over the head with a candlestick!

David is able to talk Kelly out of seeking isolation alone in her room. She is worried to death that she will completely lose her mind if Kevin keeps her from getting joint custody of Ace. Todd and Dorian press forward with their plan to destroy Kevin.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Antonio comes back to the loft, where an anxious Jessica is waiting for him. He demands to know where Jamie is when Jessica says she was at R.J.'s place. Jessica tries to empathize with Antonio, but Antonio wouldn't hear her, saying that Carlotta lied to him his whole life. He is clearly devastated by the fact that he is really Manuelito Santi. He then argues bitterly with Jessica before packing a bag and leaving the loft.

Dorian and David are fuming over Tico's betrayal of them by sponsoring Kevin's re-entry into politics. At that very moment, Tico shows up and she sympathizes with him. They all grieve over Angelina's death and he gives them details about the memorial service. He expresses his desire to continue with the gala, saying that Angelina would have wanted him to go on. He also said that he wanted to keep busy or he would fall apart. They then go over the seating arrangements for the gala.

Kevin arrives later and Dorian blackmails him, threatening to expose Tico Santi as his benefactor if he didn't let Kelly see Ace. Kevin gives in and allows Kelly limited contact.

Duke brings Ace to see Adriana. He fumed at his father for refusing to let Kelly see her son. Adriana is beside herself over the events of the past few days- the rift between Antonio and Carlotta and the discovery that Antonio is really Manuelito Santi.

Blair is freaking out after knocking Asa out, thinking that she killed him. When he groans, she breathes a momentary sigh of relief that he is still alive. Then she realized that as soon as Asa regained consciousness, he would have her arrested for assault. She rolls him up in a rug and then takes him to the woods, where Todd meets her. They leave him there and when Asa regains his senses, he makes his way out of the woods, vowing revenge against Blair and Todd.

The Love Crew goes to the football crew to support Nick while Shannon McBain, supposedly part of the crew, fooled around with Rex Balsom. Later, when the construction site was vandalized, the evidence points to Shannon.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Antonio asks R.J. if Jamie can stay with him until further notice then says a painful good-bye to his daughter. When Antonio refuses to answer John's pointed question, he is threatened with the possibility of being tossed in jail. However, an FBI agent steps in and takes Antonio into custody, thanks to Sonia's assistance.

David takes a thrilled to pieces Kelly to see Ace. But when the moment comes where she has to again say good-bye to her baby, it's more than Kelly can take. David is there to lend a shoulder to cry, which she shows her gratitude for with a kiss.

Natalie and Jessica have a friendly conversation and put aside their many differences. Natalie asks Kevin for a loan, which he immediately refuses when he finds out that it's, actually, for Paul. Kevin goes straight to Paul and issues him a firm warning to stay away from Natalie.

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