One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 26, 2005 on OLTL

Todd told Starr the truth about his rape. Nash learned that Tess was really Jessica. Adriana blurted out Rex's name before she and Duke made love. Duke punched Rex, and they ended up at the police station. Natalie accused Evangeline of trying to interfere in John's relationship with Natalie. Viki warned John. David and Dorian caught each other in disguises and sneaking into Spencer's office.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 26, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, September 26, 2005

Unable to duck Starr's persistent questions, Todd finally admits to his daughter that he was raped by Margaret. Alarmed to learn the risks associated with Kelly's impending surgery, Kevin urges her not to take such an enormous chance. Tess is rattled to discover that a private investigator is hot on Jessica's trail. Meanwhile, Nash realizes his lover isn't Jessica's twin at all but the very same girl. Insisting it's John's place to reveal the truth, Evangeline elects not to tell Natalie what she knows. Carlo continues to taunt Cristian after hearing through the prison grapevine about "John Doe's" pending appeal. Todd swears to Starr that Margaret will never bother them again. Duke sucker punches Rex, then furiously orders him to stay away from Adriana from now on. Refusing to cancel her procedure, Kelly reminds Kevin he has no say in what she does with her body. John accuses Evangeline of working to free Cris just to get back at him. Tess has a troubling memory about an incident from Jessica's childhood. Kelly confides to Adriana why she quarreled with Kevin. Though Roxy presses Evangeline for details about her private confab with John, the attorney only drops another ominous hint to Natalie before departing. Adriana springs a sexy surprise on Duke at the Palace Hotel. Kevin and Kelly kiss and make up but she refuses to surrender her dream of having a child.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Harry Armstrong, P.I., is getting closer to tracking down Jessica Buchanan. Nash is on edge and wants answers as to why someone is looking so intently for Tess. He pays the bartender to leave for a few minutes, so that he can be alone with Armstrong. When Armstrong won't give up any information, Nash unleashes his fury. Becoming a veritable beast, Nash pins the investigator against the table and forces him to come clean about who is looking for Tess. Armstrong reveals that the woman in the picture is Jessica Buchanan and that she ran out on her boyfriend, Antonio Vega. When Nash says that Jessica Buchanan is dead and that the woman's name is Tess, Armstrong sets him straight. He says that Jessica is alive and well, and that her twin sister's name is Natalie. Nash can't understand what is going on and leaves the bar a very confused man.

Meanwhile, an ill Tess wakes up from a dream, but Jessica gains temporary control. Confused and frightened, she races to her laptop computer and checks emails from Viki, Natalie and Antonio. Hurriedly, she writes an email to Antonio, telling him that she wants to come home but doesn't know where she is. She begs Antonio to find her, then sends the email just before Nash comes back. When he opens the door, Tess fights to regain control and then falls into Nash's arms, telling him that she can no longer sleep without him in the bed next to her.

Back in Llanview, Layla and Antonio continue to bicker in Carlotta's diner. Layla doesn't understand why Antonio continues searching and pining for Jessica, and he tells her that she never will. Carlotta comes by to tell her son that he needs to accept the fact that Jessica has abandoned her family, but Antonio won't listen to reason. He knows his love is out there, and his feelings are validated when he gets a phone call from Harry Armstrong. The P.I. tells Antonio that he has located Jessica, but also delivers the bad news that she is going by Tess and seems to have very protective boyfriend.

Kelly stops by the Palace Hotel to check on Adriana, who has rented a room in order to seduce Duke. Kelly runs into Rex at the bar and decides to give him a few choice words about her cousin. When Kelly demands to know just what Rex wants out of Adriana, Balsom comes clean about his feelings: he admits that when he talked to Adriana at the quarry after Jen's death, he saw the future. Kelly doesn't want Rex to use Adriana as his rebound from Jen, but Balsom stands his ground. Upstairs in the luxury suite, Duke and Adriana kiss passionately between the expensive sheets. She asks him to make love to her, and Duke is more than willing to cooperate. As they lie together on the threshold of passion, Adriana makes a crucial error and says "I want you so much, Rex." A stunned Duke leaps up from the bed and throws his clothes on. Adriana also gets out of bed, stammering an apology and insisting that she didn't mean what she said. She tries to get Duke to believe that she is still upset by the situation with Rex and the kiss, but Duke knows that the issue is far deeper than that. He blames things on the Cramer women, and Adriana slaps him across the face. Duke calms down slightly and informs Adriana that she shouldn't make love to a guy in order to prove a point ... she should do it because she wants to. He storms down to the bar, where he ignores Kelly and Kevin's attempts to talk to him. When Rex spots a distraught Adriana emerge from upstairs, he smirks over his glass and makes his own private toast to the future.

Dorian and David are each trying to sneak into Spencer's office, disguised in trench coats and shades. They catch each other in the act and demand to know what is going on. It's obvious that both members of the couple want to attain information on what Spencer is plotting against the Buchanans, but Dorian is the one who really wants to pursue things. When David's attempts to reign her in prove futile, he briefly threatens not to get married. Dorian soon convinces him that he's acting foolishly. Kevin interrupts for a moment, trying to find Spencer so that he can give him a piece of his mind about the surgery he wants to perform on Kelly. Dorian is shocked by this revelation and is livid that Kelly is willing to put herself in danger in order to have a baby with a Buchanan. Kevin soon leaves, and David and Dorian go back to their flirtatious bickering. David sets a definitive date for their wedding: November 1st. He says that D-day will now become D&D Day, much to Dorian's delight. The two of them agree to forget about Spencer and his plot against the Buchanans for the rest of the night, then fall onto his office sofa in order to make love!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Nash quietly asks Bruce to do some research on one Tess Buchanan. Viki returns to Llanview and is surprised to hear from a beaming Natalie how serious she's become about John. As Antonio prepares to return to family court, Rex hints that he may have a way to defang R.J. Meanwhile, R.J. confides to Lindsay why he's worried about the outcome of the next custody hearing. Antonio turns to John for help after receiving an email from Jessica. At Statesville, Evangeline cautions Cristian that his wife seems to be quite enamored of her new love. Viki gently reminds her daughter how her heart has been broken before when she jumped into a relationship too soon. Nash assures Tess he won't let anyone come between them. Bo offers Rex a chance to join the police force for real. Cris vows to fight for the woman he loves. Bruce confirms for Nash that "Tess" doesn't exist. Viki cautions John not to hurt her vulnerable daughter. Cristian asks his attorney to deliver one of his sketches to Natalie.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

A frightened Addie phones her daughter for help. Startled to discover that Paige has moved in with Bo, Nora lashes out at her for forcing Matthew to play musical parents. Rex turns to Bo for some advice about matters of the heart. John prevents Evangeline from putting Cristian's sketch on Natalie's desk at the precinct house. Cornered by a curious Kevin and Kelly, Todd claims that Margaret gave up her vendetta and left the country. Blair grabs a gun and races to St. Ann's to confront "Margaret" following the tearful call from Addie. Paige assures an emotional Nora she could never replace her in Matthew's life or affections. Duke complains to Natalie about her brother's intrusion into his romance with Adriana. Later, Duke attempts to mend fences with Adriana but she balks at giving up her friendship with Rex. Todd rushes to stop Blair but arrives just as she fires at the nun leaning over Addie. Duke and Rex exchange punches once again. Though her bullet luckily misses its mark, Blair is placed under arrest as Addie collapses. Natalie gasps after catching a glimpse of Cris' sketch.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Tess comes back to the vineyard, tired and sick. Nash thinks that she has just come back in order to have a place to sleep, but Tess insists that it's more than that. She admits that she is a liar, and that she is best at running away from her troubles. Nash decides that they should have a serious conversation. He wants to know why Tess made up the lie about Jessica being her dead twin sister. Tess says that the lie was close to the truth. She explains that Jessica is who she used to be, and the name by which everybody knows her. She goes on to say that she has tried to kill Jessica, and that perhaps Nash can help bury her once and for all. Nash brings up Antonio, always a sore spot for Tess, and vows to protect her from him at all costs. When Nash leaves to buy a bottle of wine, Tess looks in the mirror and warns Jessica to stay the hell away from she and Nash. Jessica comes out and tells Tess that she has to lay off the alcohol. Tess calls Jessica an idiot, but Jessica says it's Tess who is being stupid. She points out that Tess is not sick because of the flu, but because they are pregnant!

Natalie finds the picture that Cristian drew of her lying on John's desk. She is flooded with memories of her "dead" husband and confused as to how the picture came into John's hands. When John and Evangeline come back into the office, Natalie demands an explanation. She asks John why he kept the picture hidden from her, and he insists that that wasn't his intention. He then tells Natalie that he is not the one she should be looking to for answers. "Do you want to handle this one?" he asks Evangeline, who is stunned to have the spotlight focused on her. She pulls herself together and informs Nat that Cris gave her the picture years ago, before his "death." Natalie is enraged and accuses Van of hauling out the picture in order to drive a wedge between her and John. Van defends herself, but Natalie vows that she is not going to break them up and marches out of the office. Van is annoyed with John for putting her into the middle of things, but John says he wanted Van to know what it was like to be in the hot seat. He asks her why she didn't tell Natalie the truth about the picture, and Van says that she did what she felt was right. John reminds her that that is what he was doing when he chose to keep Cristian's secret.

Meanwhile, at Statesville Prison, Carlo Hesser pulls the library cart of books past Cristian's cell. He holds up a copy of The Old Man and the Sea and says that it's the closest he could find to a Romanian freighter. Cristian reaches through the bars and begins to strangle Carlo. When Hesser says "There is a job you must do," Cristian suffers a debilitating headache and falls to his knees, releasing Hesser from his grip. Cristian lays down on his cot, and Carlo begins to push the library cart away. He tells Cris that he will keep the assault a secret from the prison guards, and Cris brushes him off by saying that when an opportunity arises, you have to take it. Carlo then says something cryptic about opportunities arising, and Cristian flashes back to when he was prisoner on the freighter. He recalls someone saying something to him about an opportunity arising, and that the voice was very similar to Carlo's. Suddenly, it becomes evident to Cris that Hesser may have been involved with his imprisonment and brainwashing!

Duke and Rex have both been dragged down to the police station after engaging in fisticuffs. John turns Hugh Hughes loose on the men, and the District Attorney immediately releases Duke from custody. He then drags Adriana into the conference room and regales her with a tale from his college days that is similar to the faux pas she made in calling Rex's name. Hugh seems to break through to Adriana, while Marcie teases Rex about his feelings for the young Cramer woman. When Hugh returns to Rex, he threatens him with jail time but then sends him on his way. Adriana approaches Rex, and Balsom gets his hopes up; sadly, she immediately disses him and tells him to stay the hell away from her.

Todd has a temporary scare when he spots Rich, the man who was at the marina the night that Margaret disappeared. Rich is talking to Bo, because his son is friends with Matthew. Luckily for Todd, Rich believes that he recognizes Todd only from the papers. Blair can tell that Todd is nervous, but he once again lies his way out of the situation. Michael interrupts the Mannings to say that he wants to perform more tests on Addie. Todd and Blair remind each other of their love before leaving the hospital. Meanwhile, a hand appears out of the water on Llantano Lake ... could it be Margaret Cochran?

Paige arrives at the hospital, attempting to warn Bo that Nora is on the war path regarding their weekend plans for Matthew. Nora storms into the lobby and starts tearing into both Paige and Bo. She is obviously ill, but this does not stop her from insulting her ex-husband and his plans to form a new family with Paige and Matthew. Paige excuses herself before she can say something she will regret, and Bo becomes the sole focus of Nora's fury. She brings up the Colson debacle and claims that she doesn't care if people stare at her anymore, that her only concern in life is Matthew. She grows increasingly shaky when Bo tells her that Matthew asked him when he and Paige were going to give him a little brother. Nora calls Bo a son of a bitch! He finally asks her if she's on drugs, and then she collapses onto the floor.

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