Port Charles Recaps: The week of August 4, 2003 on PC
Christina kept making wishes on the ring. Alison and Rafe held a fashion show to open their gym, at which Caleb's band played. Caleb wrote a song for the event to draw out the person who had the ring. Livvie planned an "accident" for Alison, but Kevin got hurt instead. Caleb found his ring at the gym.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of August 4, 2003 on PC
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Monday, AUGUST 4, 2003

When Chris meets Elizabeth at the Pizza Shack, Elizabeth is in a mood to celebrate because her fashion show for Alison is almost ready to go. But Chris blasts Elizabeth for giving out his private cell phone number to fashion reporters looking for an interview with "George." Chris tries to impress upon Elizabeth that Chris believes that what he is doing at the Hospital is important. But Elizabeth retorts that the fashion show is important to her because Elizabeth believes she has found her niche at last. Elizabeth accuses Chris of believing that any work other than Chris's work is just a frivolous game. Elizabeth reminds Chris that it was CHRIS who chose to impersonate George and ended up roping Elizabeth in to the fashion show to begin with! Elizabeth gets up and prepares to walk out in a huff. However, Chris quickly tries to apologize and reminds Elizabeth that he only impersonated "George" to help Elizabeth save face with her daughter. Chris finally convinces Elizabeth that his apology is sincere and Elizabeth hesitantly thanks Chris for stepping in to help Elizabeth save face! When Chris mentions that he needs to check on a patient in recovery, Elizabeth gets ready to leave, but Chris invites Elizabeth to go with him to the Hospital and promises they will be able to celebrate Elizabeth's good fortune afterward. Elizabeth agrees and leaves the Pizza Shack with Chris. Later, at the Hospital, when Elizabeth again thanks Chris for stepping in as "George," Chris warns Elizabeth that he is NOT Sir Galahad!

Elsewhere, at the Pizza Shack, Jamal meets Imani for dinner. Imani is surprised when Jamal again assures her that he is willing to protect her from whomever it is who has frightened her. Imani tries to convince Jamal that, while she appreciates Jamal's offer, Imani is used to handling her own problems. Jamal shocks Imani when Jamal warns Imani that, since she probably is NOT safe living at a motel, Jamal is willing to let Imani move into Jamal's apartment, while Jamal moves in to the room behind the bike shop. After Imani agrees to think about Jamal's idea, Jamal went around front to get his bike. Imani stays behind to retrieve her purse. While Imani wonders if there would ever be any hope for a relationship with Jamal, a sinister figure watches Iman. However, when Imani turns to leave, the sinister figure suddenly jumps out of the shadows and grabs Imani's pure! Imani angrily grabs her purse back and warns the thug NOT to make her hurt him! The thug suddenly sees something that frightens him, drops the purse, and runs away! Shortly afterward, Jamal returns and Imani mentions nothing about the purse snatcher.

When Jack arrives at the Hospital to talk to Chris, he discovers that Chris has already signed out for dinner. When Jack leaves, he finds himself sharing the elevator with Livvie! As Jack and Livvie trade insults, Jack suddenly stops the elevator and demands that Livvie listen to Jack for a minute. Livvie accuses Jack of just being jealous because Livvie has found true love at last with Caleb. But, when Jack warns Livvie that Livvie and Caleb will soon destroy each other, Livvie retorts that she and Caleb understand each other completely. When Jack smugly reminds Livvie that Jack was at Club Elixir when Caleb was trying to mix it up with three bat girls at once, Livvie retorts that Caleb still LEFT with Livvie! Livvie suddenly shifts gears and invites Jack to stop by Caleb's apartment later and see if Jack could patch things up with Reese, who will be at the apartment later. Jack refuses Livvie's offer and steps out of the elevator. As the elevator door opens, a lurking reporter spots Livvie and Jack together and scribbles some notes in his notebook!

As Caz, Ricky and Reese pick up the music for their new song at Caleb's apartment, they are interrupted by Alison. When Alison hands out schedules for the fashion show and tries to tell Reese what to wear, Reese angrily retorts that CALEB is the boss ~ NOT Alison. As Alison insists that ALISON is the one who is in charge of the fashion show, Caleb suddenly arrives and demands to know why Alison is handing out orders to CALEB'S band! When Alison informs Caleb that it would be just fine with her if Caleb bowed out of the fashion show altogether, Caleb surprises the band members by quickly reassuring Alison that the band will willingly abide by the schedule that Alison has delivered. When Alison demands to know what Caleb's REAL agenda is, Caleb insists that he just wants Rafe to owe him a return favor. Meanwhile, Reese complains to Ricky that Reese does NOT like taking orders from Alison and admits that, back when Reese was still a Bat Girl, she tried to bite Alison and found that she could NOT do it! When Reese thanks Ricky for sharing his mother's home-cooked dinner with her the previous night, Reese spooks a wary Ricky when she announces that she would like to meet Ricky's mother ~ as well as the rest of his family! Ricky suddenly tries to make an excuse to leave. However, Reese warns Ricky that, IF Ricky is hoping to see Casey, he will end up getting himself committed. Later, Reese and Ricky arrive at the Pizza Shack. While Reese is teasing Ricky about seeing Casey's face in the pepperoni, Jack arrives, notices Ricky and Reese having fun together ~ and leaves! After all the band members leave Caleb's apartment, Alison again cautions Caleb to be on his best behavior at the fashion show. Alison told Caleb that, IF she had the ring right at that moment, Alison would WISH for an end to the war between Caleb and Rafe. But Caleb reminds Alison that, since Rafe and Caleb can NOT kill each other, there really IS nothing to worry about, although Caleb and Rafe will probably ALWAYS be enemies! As Alison and Caleb argue, Alison suddenly spills her drink on her blouse. Caleb suggests that Alison change into an extra outfit that Livvie might have in the next room, but Alison refuses Caleb's offer and, instead, decides to put her blouse in Caleb's dryer. While Alison's clothes dry, Alison puts on one of Caleb's shirts. When Alison returns to the living room, she finds Caleb working on a new song and tries to sneak a peek at the new lyrics. As Caleb tries to keep the music away from Alison, a reporter creeps up in the hallway and, through the partially opened door, snaps a shot of Caleb and Alison scuffling for the music! As the reporter turns to leave, he runs into Livvie and brags that he is going to get big bucks for his photo of Stephen Clay with Stephen's new flavor of the month. Livvie angrily chases the reporter away. By the time Livvie enters the apartment, Alison has changed back into her own outfit and breezily reminds Caleb of the sound check the following day ~ and leaves. After Alison leaves, Caleb suspects the Livvie is bugged about something, but Livvie insists that everything is great!

Tuesday, AUGUST 5, 2003

At Caleb's apartment, Caleb spots the revealing photograph of Caleb with Alison and tries to keep Livvie from seeing the picture. However, Caleb finally shows the newspaper photo to Livvie. Caleb is pleasantly surprised when Livvie calmly dismisses the photo as just the kind of rumor-mongering that celebrities have to put up with when it is coming from the press! Caleb expresses his surprise that Livvie didn't launch into a meltdown because Alison was also in the picture. Livvie expresses her confidence that Caleb will succeed in recovering his ring and then everything in their lives will become just fine! Caleb happily declares that they have reached an important milestone in their relationship, and gratefully kisses Livvie.

At Rafe and Alison's gym, Christina helps Kevin paint scenery for the Fashion Show. When Kevin leaves for a few moments, Christina takes out Caleb's ring and wishes she could paint as well as Kevin paints ~ and begins to whip out a masterpiece! Meanwhile, Rafe tries to get Alison to calm down before the big show. But, when Rafe picks up the newspaper, Rafe discovers the revealing photograph of Alison and Caleb on Page One of the newspaper. When Rafe shows the photo to Alison, Alison explains that things between Alison and Caleb were NOT the way the photo makes it look. Alison is surprised when Rafe announces that he is positive that Alison is right and the photo is probably some kind of trick that Caleb has cooked up to further Caleb's secret agenda for recovering the Morley Family Heirloom Power Ring. Meanwhile, Kevin returns to Christina and is amazed that the little girl has painted a beautifully lettered banner for the Fashion Show. Declaring that he needs to enroll Christina in art class, Kevin decides it is time for Christina to go home and the two of them leave.

At Lucy's Place, Lucy has flashbacks of kissing Kevin. When Ian returns home, Lucy hesitantly explains that she wants no secrets between them. Then Lucy confesses that she kissed Kevin! After hearing Lucy's confession, Ian insists that, in Ian's opinion, it NEVER happened! Then, Ian confesses to Lucy that the research project that Ian is working on with Chris is to restore Ian's mortality. As Lucy assures Ian that she understands and Ian and Lucy share a kiss, Christina barges into the room, followed by Kevin. Kevin explains that Christina pushed the door open before Kevin could knock. Ian quickly grabs Christina to show her something outside, leaving Kevin and Lucy alone to talk together. After Ian leaves, Kevin tries to tell Lucy about Christina's amazing painting, but Lucy rushes into an explanation that Kevin must understand that the kiss they shared meant nothing. However, Kevin insists that something DID happen when they kissed ~ and Lucy is just doing something that Kevin has seen Lucy do thousands of times in the past ~ dodge around the truth!

After Kevin and Christina leave the gym, Rafe warns Alison that it is obvious to Rafe that Caleb IS up to something, and the revealing photo on the front page of the newspaper is only the beginning of a never-ending stream of dirty tricks they can now expect from Caleb as Caleb steps up his search for The Ring! When Alison insists that they should just cancel Caleb's appearance at the Fashion Show, Rafe argues that their best defense is to have Caleb where they can keep an eye on his antics! Alison urges Rafe to just walk away from any confrontation with Caleb, but Rafe protests that, since Caleb was allowed to return to earth BECAUSE Rafe returned to be with Alison, Rafe now believes that it is RAFE'S responsibility to make sure that Caleb does nothing to harm anyone else! As Rafe reassures Alison that they will make it through the Fashion Show in fine shape, Caleb and Livvie suddenly arrive. Alison is surprised to see the Bat Couple so early in the day, but Caleb explains that he wanted to make sure the sound check was completed early enough to make any necessary changes. When Livvie asks Alison if there will be any famous models appearing in the Fashion Show, Alison protests that they are keeping things casual and have just invited friends and family members to model the Designs By George! Then Livvie shocks Alison by volunteering to model some of the Designs By George! Alison argues that she couldn't possibly impose on Livvie, but both Caleb and Livvie insist that Livvie SHOULD take part in the Fashion Show. Livvie accuses Alison of being afraid that Livvie might steal the show! Alison suspiciously asks WHY Livvie wants to be in the Fashion Show, but Livvie insists that it is just a good-will gesture! Rafe accuses Livvie of being bugged about the photo in the newspaper and just making plans to keep close tabs on Caleb. Alison reluctantly agrees to allow Livvie to appear in the Fashion Show. After Alison leaves to show the sound connections to Caleb, Rafe asks Livvie if Caleb set it up so the revealing photo of Caleb with Alison would land on the front page of the newspaper on the day of the Fashion Show. Livvie denies Rafe's suspicions, but accuses Rafe of being secretly fearful that the Great Love of Rafe's Life just MIGHT be falling for Rafe's historic enemy! When Rafe declares that their conversation is over and walks away, Livvie begins making plans for Alison to become the victim of an accident! Livvie circles the time of 10:30 P.M. on the schedule, which notes that Alison is scheduled to make her "Thank You!" speech at that time. Meanwhile, as Alison and Caleb check out the sound equipment, Alison asks Caleb about the promises of a truce that Caleb and Rafe had made. Caleb at first tries to evade Alison's questions, then admits it will probably never happen. Alison expresses her unhappiness that the historic feud between Rafe and Caleb started up again because of that stupid ring! Alison told Caleb that, whatever Caleb is planning to do, Alison would appreciate it if no one got hurt. Caleb nods but says nothing. After Alison walks away, Caleb says to himself: "Oh, Alison! You take something that does NOT belong to you ~ and you ARE going to get hurt!"

Wednesday, AUGUST 6, 2003

At Lucy's Place, while Lucy tries to convince Kevin that their kiss was meaningless to Lucy, Ian keeps Christina entertained outside. Ian brought a dandelion to Christina and told her that she can make a wish and then blow on the flower to get her wish. Keeping Caleb's ring out of sight but still close to her, Christina told Ian that she wishes she could go to the grown-ups party. But Ian told Christina that she can't wish for that and Christina makes another wish ~ for a pet ladybug! After Christina blows on the flower, a ladybug flies into her hand in front of the astonished Ian. At the same time, inside, Lucy tries to convince Kevin that they could ALL be one big happy family, but Kevin warns Lucy to remember that there COULD come a time when Ian would lose it and bare his fangs ~ even to Christina! As Kevin speaks, Ian returns to the house and overhears Kevin warning Lucy that Ian could revert to type at any moment ~ and Lucy would be powerless to stop that from happening! Kevin asks Lucy if she REALLY wants to live the rest of her life, wondering if Ian might lose it, and revert to type! Ian interrupts Lucy and Kevin's discussion to announce that they have just acquired a pet ladybug. Ian also announces that Christina wants to ask if she can go to the party. Christina follows Ian in to the house and, still keeping Caleb's ring concealed, Christina asks again if she can attend the party. Kevin argues that Christina DID help paint the scenery for the Fashion Show and even Ian suggests that Christina could go to the party for an hour and then come home early. When Lucy agrees, Christina cheers!

At Caleb's apartment, Caleb again marvels at the calm way that Livvie responded to the revealing photo of Caleb with Alison that appeared on Page One of the newspaper and Livvie merely expresses her excitement that they will soon have the Morley Family Heirloom Power Ring back in their possession! But, after Caleb leaves, Livvie picks up Alison's schedule for the Fashion Show and vows to make sure that this will be a night that Alison will NEVER forget! Later, when they get ready to leave for the Show, Livvie finds Caleb looking at a book which chronicles the history of Caleb's family. Livvie is thrilled when Caleb reminds Livvie that Livvie is now ALSO a part of that family history! But the reminder makes Livvie more determined than ever to get rid of her "rival" ~ permanently!

Jack, Jamal, Alison and Rafe work inside the gym to finish putting up all the decorations for the evening's festivities. Meanwhile, Chris, dressed as "George," meets Elizabeth outside. When Elizabeth informs a very astonished Chris that the "Original Fashion Designs by George" were supposed to be delivered to Chris at his apartment, Chris reports to Elizabeth that NOTHING was delivered to him! When "George" calls the clothing manufacturer to find out what has become of the clothes, Chris discovers that the check which Elizabeth wrote to the manufacturer bounced ~ so the manufacturer does NOT plan to deliver anything! Elizabeth insists that there was plenty of money in her account to cover the check and can NOT figure out how her check could have bounced. Chris worries that this will ruin "George's" entire career in the fashion design business. At the same time, Elizabeth worries that she will be letting her daughter down ~ yet again! When Elizabeth insists that they need to figure something out to salvage the fashion show ~ Chris informs Elizabeth that there is no "we" who need to salvage Alison's Fashion Show! Declaring that Elizabeth is on her own from now on, Chris walks off in a huff. After "George" storms away, Elizabeth informs Alison that a glitch has developed where the clothes are concerned. When Alison guesses that the clothes are not even going to arrive, Elizabeth tries to convince Alison that they can salvage the show if Elizabeth can "make over" some of the clothes that Alison and Rafe have in their closets. When Alison informs Rafe that they need to cancel the Fashion Show because they have no fashions to show, Rafe mutters that promising things that she can NOT deliver IS Elizabeth's M.O.! Jack and Jamal convince Alison to at least let her mother TRY to come up with some fashions from Alison's closet. As Alison continues to argue that they need to cancel the show, Elizabeth and Alison walk away from the others. Rafe takes that opportunity to quietly inform Jack and Jamal that Rafe suspects that Caleb has something planned for the evening and the show HAS to go on as scheduled ~ so Caleb will tip his hand! When Rafe warns Jack and Jamal that Caleb's move is probably an attempt to recover Caleb's ring, Jamal confidently assures Rafe that the ring is surely long gone by now. Both Jack and Jamal are surprised when Rafe insists that the ring probably is NOT gone! When Ricky and Reese arrive, Jack tries to engage Reese in a conversation, but Reese informs Jack that she is giving him some space because Reese believed that Jack acted like she was crowding him before. Jamal is happy when Imani arrives with the food and convinces Alison to keep the snacks so people will at least have snacks ~ even if there is NO Fashion Show! When Rafe insists that they MUST go through with the show ~ Alison suspiciously asks WHY the show is suddenly so important to Rafe! At that moment, Caleb and Livvie arrive and, when Caleb and Livvie both express extreme disappointment when Alison announces that she wants to cancel the show ~ Alison becomes even more suspicious that there must be MORE than just a fashion show on everybody's minds! Meanwhile, as Ricky checks out the sound equipment, Ricky is surprised when Casey suddenly appears! When Ricky told Casey he believed she was gone for good, Casey admits that she is well aware that Ricky has been getting closer to Reese. Casey suggests that Ricky maybe SHOULD explore his relationship with Reese more! Then Casey announces that Ricky needs to have a good life ~ but WITHOUT Casey! Then Casey disappears. At the same time, Jack again tries to talk to Reese but, when Jack ends up suggesting that Reese has hit the sheets with Ricky, Jack only makes Reese angry and Reese slaps Jack ~ then storms away! At the same time, Elizabeth returns to Alison and announces that there is NO way that Elizabeth could put together something new for the Fashion Show with the clothes that Rafe and Alison have on hand! Livvie becomes obviously upset at the prospect that the Fashion Show might, indeed, be cancelled and Alison asks WHY it would be so important to LIVVIE for the Fashion Show to go on as scheduled. Caleb suggests that the band could go ahead and play, they could hand out free food and probably no one would even notice that there really is NOT a Fashion Show! As Elizabeth and Caleb begin to argue about whether or not they should go ahead with the show, "George" suddenly arrives with a rack full of clothes, breezily assures everyone that "George" has "fixed" everything and orders "Liz" to come plant a big, fat, sloppy, wet kiss on him. As a relieved Elizabeth rushes to greet Chris, Caleb and Livvie gloat in their corner that "someone down below" must be watching over them! Caleb expresses his confidence that he will get back what belongs to him ~ no matter WHO gets hurt. And Livvie beams her agreement!

Thursday, AUGUST 7, 2003

As the Fashion Show at Rafe and Alison's gym gets under way, Alison urges Rafe to consider the possibility that Caleb really is only there for the music ~ but Rafe declares that he plans to remain suspicious of Caleb's motives. Meanwhile, Caleb savors the possibility that Rafe will soon be getting a heavy dose of Pay Back! When Ian, Christina and Lucy arrive, Christina sits with Jennifer and checks on her secret ring. Caleb sits down to talk to Christina and Christina is on the verge of showing her ring to Caleb, but Kevin swoops in and whisks Christina away! Meanwhile, in an alley outside the gym, Livvie meets with a stranger and pays him to cause trouble at the Fashion Show at 10:30 p.m. precisely! At the same time, Caleb asks Alison if she knows where Livvie is, but Alison pleads ignorance. When Alison hauls Lucy away to talk about commenting on the various fashions, Rafe takes the opportunity to clue Ian in to the fact that Rafe is expecting Caleb to make trouble some time during the Fashion Show. Meanwhile, a harried "George" tries to get the models ready and mistakes Reese for a model. When "George" complains that there are not enough models, "George" slips and part of the complaint comes out in Chris's voice. Jamal tries to convince Imani to volunteer to model, but Imani backs out. While Reese is playfully trying to learn whether or not Ricky's large family will arrive at the show to watch him play, Jack watches them jealously. When Livvie finally returns to the gym, Caleb makes a point of asking Livvie where she has been ~ but Livvie makes an excuse about needing something she left out in the car. When Livvie insists that she wants to make sure that Alison's Fashion Show went according to schedule, Caleb wonders WHY it is so important to Livvie to be precisely on schedule. At the same time, as Kevin shows her paintings to Christina, Kevin is surprised when Carolyn Hinsey (S.O.Digest, New York Daily News) pops in to cover the Fashion Show for her newspaper. Elizabeth steals a few minutes to get Chris alone and Chris complains they are short of models. Chris tries to press Elizabeth into service, but Elizabeth begs off because she designed the clothes! When Livvie arrives and realizes that the other models are NOT dressed yet, Livvie begins snapping out orders to speed things up. Stunned at first, George suddenly agrees with Livvie and hustles everyone out to the gym for the show. After the models leave the dressing area, Elizabeth again gets Chris in a corner and thanks Chris again for saving the day for her Chris admits that he is sort of enjoying himself. Jack makes another effort to speak to Reese, but Jack only makes Reese angry again and Reese storms away. When a photographer snaps Imani's photograph, Imani angrily grabs his camera and snatches the roll of film out, exposing it. From behind a curtain, Jamal watches Imani approvingly! Ian begins to wonder where Chris is and, when Rafe told Ian that Chris was too busy to attend the Fashion Show, Ian calls Chris on his cell phone. When George's cell phone went off at the same time, Ian notices that "George" answers at the same time that Chris answers. When Lucy gets the Fashion Show under way, she introduces "George" to thunderous applause!

Caleb begins to play his new song:

"You are out there somewhere,

And you have no choice,

Because you can't run far,

From the ringing in your head.

It is the sound of my voice.

You think happy news

is all pre-arranged.

But for every dream,

There is a circle of pain.

Now it is time for you to pay

Give in to me!

Give it to me!

When Alison told Elizabeth how pleased she is that the audience is giving George's designs such a warm reception, Elizabeth slips and calls them "her" designs. When Alison questions Elizabeth's slip of the tongue, Elizabeth reminds Alison that George DID say that Elizabeth had inspired his creations. At the same time, Kevin discovers that he is having a hard time convincing Christina to sit still. Meanwhile, Ian slips up to Chris and whispers that George's wig is slipping ~ and that Ian has discovered Chris's secret. When Chris asks Ian NOT to blow his cover, Ian assures Chris that Ian has no intention of blowing "George's" cover because the Fashion Show is for Alison! Chris tries to press Ian in to service as a model, but Ian turns the idea down. The crowd is surprised when "George" is the last model and does a funky dance to show off the final exercise outfit. Livvie worries as the clock speeds on toward 10:30 P.M. When it is time for Alison to give her closing remarks, Kevin insists that he should introduce Alison and leads Alison up to the stage. At that moment, Christina, standing with Lucy and Ian, hangs on to her ring and wishes that her Daddy could live with them again.

At precisely 10:30 p.m. Caleb sings:

"Give it to me!"

And a light fixture suddenly falls from the ceiling and Livvie is horrified as she watches the light fixture hit Kevin instead of Alison. Christina drops the ring and runs toward Kevin on the stage.

Friday, AUGUST 8, 2003

At Rafe and Alison's gym, the crowd is in shock as Ian rushes to stabilize Kevin. Jamal and Imani take Christina and promise Lucy that they will look after her until the crisis has passed. Rafe and Alison ask each other how such a tragic accident could have happened when everyone was having so much fun just minutes before. A stunned Livvie stands shaking in a corner, horrified by what is going on around her. CHRIS suddenly materializes in civilian clothes and WITHOUT the "George get-up!" Bringing his medical bag to the emergency, CHRIS begins to assist Ian. Meanwhile, Caleb surveys the crowd, wondering whom among them would have his ring. When Caleb finds Livvie, he asks Livvie point blank if Livvie had anything to do with Kevin's accident ~ but Livvie denies any involvement. Lucy asks Ian if Kevin will be paralyzed, but Ian reports that they will need more tests to determine that. Rafe reminds Alison that the light fixture missed Alison only by a few seconds. Elizabeth tries to reassure Alison that Kevin is very strong and probably will pull through this crisis. Alison offers to take Livvie to the Hospital and Caleb urges Livvie to go with Alison ~ telling Livvie that he will come to the Hospital after he gets all of the band instruments packed up. However, after Livvie and Alison leave, Rafe accuses Caleb of setting everything up just so Caleb could find the missing Morley Family Heirloom Power Ring. Caleb denies Rafe's charges, but Rafe orders Caleb to leave the gym any way. Caleb told Rafe that arguing with Rafe is NOT worth the effort and storms away. But, before leaving, Caleb promises Rafe that Caleb WILL eventually find his ring ~ then Caleb walks right past the fallen ring as Caleb storms away!

Later, as Reese, Ricky and Jack walk home, Jack reminds Reese and Ricky that the people of Port Charles have more than their fair share of bad luck. When Ricky accuses Jack of just being paranoid, Reese reminds Ricky that Jack HAS been around the bedeviled town longer than they have been and might be right. Jack warns Reese and Ricky that Jack believes that the tragic events of the evening lead Jack to conclude that Caleb is once again up to his old tricks ~ which means that they are ALL in a lot of danger!

At the Hospital, after CHRIS consults with Ian about Ian's case, Ian returns to check on Kevin's progress. However, when Ian enters Kevin's room, Kevin lets Ian know how disappointed Kevin is to discover that Ian appears to have been put in charge of Kevin's case! When Livvie arrives with Elizabeth and Alison, Livvie orders Alison to leave her alone ~ and Livvie takes up a solitary vigil outside her father's room. Elizabeth tries to cheer Alison up by reminding her daughter that the Fashion Show was a success, up until the accident happened ~ but Alison refuses to be cheered up! When Rafe arrives, he eyes Livvie suspiciously, but merely assures Livvie that they will be happy to help if they can. At the same time, Christina told Jamal and Imani about losing her ring when the light fixture fell on her father. When Jamal questions Christina about her missing ring, Jamal begins to suspect that the little girl may have found Caleb's Power Ring. When Christina describes finding the ring beside the river, Jamal asks if Christina made a wish just before she lost the ring and Christina admits that she wished that Kevin could live with Christina and Lucy again. Jamal immediately went in search of Rafe and, when Jamal finds Rafe, Jamal brought Rafe up to speed on the occurrences surrounding the ring. Jamal relates that, after Jamal discovered that the ring was missing, Jamal found that Jack had the ring and, convinced of the destructive force of the ring, Jack and Jamal threw the ring into the river ~ which is what Rafe had told Jamal that Rafe would do if Rafe found the ring. Then Jamal informs Rafe that Christina found the ring on the riverbank ~ but lost the ring again during the evening's excitement at the gym. Jamal informs Rafe that the ring grants wishes and that Christina must have stumbled across the way to use the power of the ring. When Rafe finds Jamal's report hard to believe, Jamal assures Rafe that Jamal tested the ring out and the ring truly does grant every wish made by whomever is holding the ring.

At the same time, Caleb returns to the gym and tears the place apart, looking for the ring! Caleb promises: "I am NOT giving up. And, when I have the ring ~ THEN you all will KNOW what hell is!" Having no luck finding the ring, Caleb prepares to storm out of the gym. But, as Caleb leaves, he drops some of his sheet music. When Caleb bends down to pick up the music, he spots the ring where it has rolled under a couch ~ and reverently picks up the ring! Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Ian informs Lucy that it IS quite possible that Kevin will be permanently paralyzed. In the meantime, Rafe reminds Jamal that, IF Caleb recovers the lost Morley Family Power Ring, it is quite possible that Caleb will now use the ring to destroy them all! At the same time, declaring that "The world is mine again!" Caleb puts the ring back on his finger and the gym fills with wind and a red glow engulfs the room.

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