Port Charles Recaps: The week of August 11, 2003 on PC
A partially paralyzed Kevin agreed to move in with Lucy and Ian while recuperating. Livvie bit Imani, who instantly recovered. As a result, Livvie became ill. Livvie tried to convince Rafe to leave town with Alison. Alison tried to convince Caleb to leave town with Livvie.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of August 11, 2003 on PC
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Monday, AUGUST 11, 2003

At the Hospital, Livvie insists to Lucy that there MUST be something that can be done to save Kevin from becoming permanently paralyzed. But, when Livvie talks to Chris and Ian, they will only tell her that they can not know anything conclusive about Kevin's condition until they have conducted some more tests. After Livvie storms away, Kevin regains consciousness and Kevin immediately concludes that he is permanently paralyzed. Kevin demands a full report on his condition from Chris and Ian and, although Chris and Ian try to remain positive, Kevin suspects the worst. Kevin asks that Ian remove himself from Kevin's case. When Kevin asks about Christina, Lucy admits that Christina is at the Hospital and Kevin asks to see Christina. After Ian and Chris leave, Kevin orders Lucy NOT to pity him! Lucy again appeals to Kevin to keep a positive outlook, but Kevin declares that he is prepared to live the rest of his life in a wheelchair. When Ian returns later with Christina, Lucy and Kevin are shocked when Christina suggests that Lucy should take Kevin home with her until Kevin gets better.

Later, at the Nurses' Station, Jamal thanks Imani for helping him look after Christina while everyone else was concerned about Kevin's injuries. As Imani and Jamal talk, the photographer who tried to snap Imani's photo at the Fashion Show spots Imani and begs her to leave him alone. After the photographer leaves, Jamal admits that he saw Imani grab the reporter's camera and rip up the photographer's film. Imani replies: "I can't afford to take any chances! I can NOT be found!" Jamal assures Imani that he understands. Jamal then reminds Imani that his offer for her to stay at his apartment still stands. Although Imani again turns down Jamal's offer, Imani DOES invite Jamal to walk her to work!

Later, at the Hospital, Rafe quizzes Jamal about Christina's ring and warns Jamal that they may ALL be doomed if Caleb finds the ring first. But, before Rafe and Jamal can leave the Hospital to search for the ring, Caleb shows up with the ring and informs Rafe and Jamal that they are too late in attempting to recover the ring. Jamal is in favor of rushing Caleb to take the ring away from Caleb, but Rafe reminds Jamal that Jamal can no longer get near Caleb. Rafe spots a scalpel on an Emergency Room cart nearby and unobtrusively picks the scalpel up. Rafe lets Caleb know that Rafe now knows about the power of the ring. Before Rafe can make a move on Caleb, Alison suddenly arrives and Caleb disappears. When Rafe explains that Caleb has recovered his ring, Alison reminds Rafe that Caleb has been in possession of the ring for centuries and has never yet concocted a plan as grandiose as Joshua's plan for world domination. Alison argues that they may be better off with the ring in Caleb's possession, rather than having the ring fall into the possession of some unknown person. However, Rafe reminds Alison that Caleb's possession of the ring means that LIVVIE also now has access to the power of the ring! Rafe also argues that it is unlikely that Caleb has grown a conscience. Rafe reminds Alison of every dirty trick Caleb has pulled on the people of Port Charles since Caleb arrived in town. Alison finally agrees with Rafe that they need to do something to separate Caleb from his power ring. Rafe vows that he will get the ring away from Caleb ~ no matter what it takes!

After leaving her father's room in tears, Livvie rushes into the stairwell and sobs. When Caleb locates Livvie, Caleb again accuses Livvie of being responsible for her father's condition because Livvie made another attempt to kill Alison. Caleb blasts Livvie because Livvie let her hatred of Alison got in the way of Caleb's plan to recover the ring. And having possession of the ring was important to Livvie as well as to Caleb! Livvie tearfully admits that her father's accident WAS Livvie's fault. Then Livvie suddenly notices that Caleb has his ring back on his hand and begs Caleb to wish her father well. But Caleb coldly refuses to do anything to help Kevin. Livvie accuses Caleb of not loving her and trying to punish her, but Caleb insists that, because Caleb know ALL about the power of the ring, Caleb also knows that it is imperative that the ring NOT be used for frivolous wishes! When Caleb announces to Livvie that he is ready to go home, a seething Livvie coldly informs Caleb that she will NOT go anywhere with him. Caleb turns on his heel and walks away without a backward glance!

Tuesday, AUGUST 12, 2003

At Club Elixir, Ricky literally runs in to Reese on his way out. When Reese asks why Ricky has been walking in a fog for the last few days, Ricky claims that it was because of rehearsals ~ then rushes outside. When Ricky gets outside, he finds Casey waiting for him. Although Ricky pleads that he can no longer handle Casey's unexpected appearances and consequent disappearances, Casey urges Ricky to loosen up, lighten up and go party with her. Meanwhile, inside the Club, Jack again tries to apologize to Reese, but ends up admitting that he wished Reese would be less interested in Jack while holding Caleb's magic wishing ring. Reese angrily accuses Jack of WISHING she would get lost! Reese declares he suspicion that Jack is trying to run an elaborate scam on her with the tale about Caleb's magic wishing ring. The more that Jack apologizes and tries to explain, the angrier that Reese becomes, until Reese finally storms out of the Club, declaring that the only thing Jack will be seeing of Reese is her back as she walks away! When Reese returns outside, however, she finds Ricky talking to thin air. As Reese accuses Ricky of IMAGINING that he sees Casey, Ricky begs Casey to show herself to Reese ~ but Casey disappears, while Reese loudly challenges Casey to either show herself or go back to wherever she came from!

At the Hospital, a buoyant Elizabeth arrives to show CHRIS the newspaper headlines praising "George's" Fashions. Chris agrees that Elizabeth's fashions SHOULD have been a hit because of the creativity Elizabeth expended on the outfits. Then Chris confides the bad news about Kevin's uncertain future to Elizabeth. Later, when Chris again expresses his belief that Elizabeth is a beautiful woman who rarely gets the credit she deserves, Elizabeth thanks Chris for rescuing her by impersonating "George." Chris announces that George, regretfully, has flown back to Milan. Elizabeth impulsively kisses a VERY stunned Chris. However, when Chris returns Elizabeth's kiss, Elizabeth suddenly slaps Chris and accuses Chris of trying to take advantage of her. When Chris protests that it was Elizabeth who kissed Chris, Elizabeth angrily declares that she is not the least bit attracted to Chris and Chris assures Elizabeth that the feeling is mutual. Then Elizabeth angrily storms away from a VERY puzzled Chris!

As Livvie arrives at the Hospital with a big bouquet of flowers for her father, Livvie flashes back to Caleb's accusation that Kevin's accident was Livvie's fault ~ and Caleb's subsequent refusal to use Caleb's magic ring to restore Kevin's health. Meanwhile, in Kevin's room, Christina insists that Kevin should move in with Lucy until Kevin is well again. Although Kevin tries to explain that he will return to his own home at the Light House when he leaves the Hospital, Lucy chimes in to insist that Christina is right and that Kevin SHOULD move in to Lucy's Place to recover. At that moment, Ian arrives. Lucy announces that they need to talk it all over with Ian and Lucy, Christina and Ian leave. After Lucy, Christina and Ian leave, Livvie arrives with her flowers. While Kevin is happy to see his daughter, Kevin bitterly confides to Livvie that he will probably be paralyzed for life. Livvie tries to cheer Kevin up with positive thoughts but, beginning with the announcement that she plans to help Kevin get well, Livvie informs Kevin that she wants Kevin to move in with Caleb and Livvie once Kevin is released from the Hospital. When Kevin appears reluctant to take Livvie up on her offer, Livvie launches in to a description of the way that her relationship with Caleb appears to be falling apart. Livvie declares that she wants Kevin to spend time at her apartment with Caleb and Livvie in the hope that Kevin's expertise with psychology would make it possible to convince Caleb to look at Livvie's viewpoint about everything. Kevin angrily accuses his daughter of thinking only about herself! Hurt by her father's accusation, Livvie storms out of the room. Meanwhile, Lucy appeals to Ian to understand that Lucy believes that, while Kevin NEEDS to be near Christina in order to heal quickly, Lucy ALSO believes that Christina needs to be able to see that Kevin is OK in order to help Christina get over the trauma of seeing her father crushed beneath the falling light fixture. However, Ian stresses his belief that having Kevin right down the hall from them will turn out to be the worst decision they ever made, and Ian concludes that he could NEVER agree to Lucy's plan. However, when Lucy and Ian return to Kevin's room, both Kevin and Lucy are surprised when Ian suddenly announces that Ian is going to INSIST that Kevin move to Lucy's Place in order to recover. Although Kevin again refuses to consider Lucy's scheme, Lucy urges Kevin to accept her offer for Christina's sake. Kevin finally agrees.

Wednesday, AUGUST 13, 2003

Outside Club Elixir, Reese challenges Casey to either appear or go back to where she came from. Ricky warns Reese that it is NOT really smart to make an angel angry, but Reese ignores Ricky. Meanwhile, Livvie shows up inside the Club and is upset when she realizes that it is Jack who is pouring drinks. When Jack asks about Kevin, Livvie confides that Kevin is feeling well enough to say some hurtful things to Livvie. When Livvie asks Jack WHY people hate her so much, Jack replies that it is because Livvie keeps stabbing those people who are closest to her in the back! At that moment, Reese runs in and asks for Jack to help her with Ricky. Jack turns the bar over to Jamal, while Jack rushes to help Reese ~ and completely ignores Livvie! When Imani arrives with questions about her station, Jamal takes the opportunity to suggest that Imani take a break and chat with Jamal. At the same time, as Livvie complains about the way that Jack just ran out on her, Livvie looks up and finds Caleb towering above her. Although Livvie objects, Caleb demands that Livvie go home with him ~ and the two of them immediately disappear! When Jack and Reese arrive outside, they believe they have again found Ricky talking to thin air. With Casey egging him on, Ricky argues with Jack. Meanwhile, inside the Club, Jamal tries to convince Imani to take a ride on his motorcycle with him. However, Jamal is surprised when Imani insists that she absolutely will NOT ride on a motorcycle! When Jamal asks Imani if she had a bad experience with a motorcycle, Imani replies that it was "something like that!" However, Jamal then begins inviting Imani to go outside with Jamal and just take a look at the bike. At the same time, when Ricky complains that Casey has disappeared again because that is what angels do, Jack and Reese implore Ricky to quit building his world around someone who is GONE! As Ricky suddenly appears to agree and heads back to Club Elixir with Jack and Reese, Casey suddenly returns! Ricky suggests they take Jamal's bike for a spin and Casey agrees. Meanwhile, Reese and Jack return to the Club without realizing that Ricky is no longer with them! Jamal and Imani leave the Club just as Ricky hops on Jamal's bike and roars away ~ with an angry Jamal yelling at Ricky to come back! Back inside, Reese and Jack make peace, but Jack is annoyed when Reese remains worried about Ricky's continuing infatuation with the absent Casey.

When Caleb and Livvie appear back at Caleb's apartment, Livvie accuses Caleb of pulling away from her when Caleb KNOWS that that is what keeps on fueling Livvie's jealousy. But Caleb warns Livvie that it is Livvie's obsession with getting even with Alison that will eventually drive a stake through their relationship. As they argue, Caleb suddenly kisses Livvie. But, although Livvie begs Caleb to hop in bed that very moment with her, Caleb warns Livvie that Caleb believes that wanting Livvie will be the end of him. Caleb told Livvie that he can give her only ONE more chance to get over her irrational obsession with Alison ~ then Caleb plans to split and will be gone for good! Livvie promises Caleb that she WILL be able to fix everything. As Caleb begins to kiss her, Livvie suddenly jumps up and announces that she has to go do something that she KNOWS will cement their relationship ~ then Livvie rushes out the door, leaving a puzzled Caleb behind!

At Rafe and Alison's loft, Alison catches Rafe trying to slip away and guesses that Rafe is headed out to talk to Lucy about a plan for getting Caleb's ring away from Caleb. However, when Alison kisses Rafe goodbye, she snatches his car keys. As Alison playfully keeps the keys away from Rafe, Rafe tries again to explain to Alison WHY he believes it is dangerous to leave the Morley Family Heirloom Power Ring in Caleb's control. But Alison begins unbuttoning Rafe's shirt and suggests that Rafe could surely put off trying to find a way to take the ring away from Caleb for a few more hours. Rafe reluctantly gives in and they hit the sheets. Later, after Rafe has fallen asleep, Alison quietly gets dressed and, after leaving a note for Rafe, Alison slips out of the Loft. As Rafe sleeps next to the note that Alison left for him, Caleb sits alone in his apartment, strumming on his guitar and waiting for Livvie to return. However, when there is a knock at the door, Caleb is surprised to find Alison standing there when he answers the door.

Thursday, AUGUST 14, 2003

As Lucy sits beside Kevin's Hospital bed, Lucy fantasizes that she hands Kevin a magic potion which immediately restores Kevin's health. Kevin thanks Ian (who is dressed like Indiana Jones) and Lucy ~ then, expressing his gratitude for the way they saved his life, Kevin announces that he realizes that Lucy and Ian belong together ~ and walks out of their lives! Later, Kevin also fantasizes about being well again and announces to Lucy that he is leaving Lucy so she can be alone with Ian. As Lucy begs Kevin to stay with her because she has grown tired of Ian, Ian appears and announces that Ian was wrong to have ever come between Kevin and Lucy. Ian then grabs his bag and leaves Lucy, who is happy to reunite with Kevin. At the same time, Ian looks in on the dozing Kevin and Lucy and Ian also fantasizes that he is Indiana Jones and that Lucy reports to Ian that she sent Kevin away for good because Kevin was interfering in Lucy's relationship with Ian. Ian gratefully kisses Lucy, following her announcement. When Kevin wakes up, Lucy helps Kevin get a drink of water and tries to be cheerful about Kevin's future prospects. But Kevin glumly declares that he believes that there is NO hope for him to ever walk again! When Ian returns, Ian reports that the MRI told them nothing conclusive about Kevin's condition. Later, Ian confides to Lucy that it looks like they are going to have Kevin as a house guest after all!

At Club Elixir, Imani tries to make Jamal feel better after Ricky takes off on Jamal's bike. Imani finds a miniature remote-controlled motorcycle and engages Jamal in a little flirty play with the remote-controlled bike. Meanwhile, at Rafe's Loft, when Rafe wakes up, Rafe finds the note that Alison left, which claims that Alison is visiting her mother. When Rafe answers the persistent knocking at his door, he is surprised to find Livvie, who breathlessly implores Rafe to take Alison and leave Port Charles ~ immediately, if not sooner. Livvie argues that neither Livvie NOR Rafe will ever know a moment's peace so long as they are both worried about Caleb and Alison being in close proximity to each other. At the same time, Alison arrives at Caleb's apartment and implores Caleb to take Livvie and go back to Transylvania or wherever Caleb would most want to go. However, at Rafe's Loft, Rafe informs Livvie that there is NO way that Rafe would plan to leave Port Charles ~ but Rafe suggests that Livvie and Caleb can go anywhere in the world that they want to go. Livvie admits that, although Livvie personally sees no reason to feel tied to the God-forsaken town of Port Charles, Caleb appears to be strangely attached to the town. Rafe replies: "Well, when your last address was hell, I guess anything is an improvement!" At the same time that Rafe and Livvie are arguing about Rafe and Alison leaving town, Alison is at Caleb's Loft and offers to do whatever Caleb wants Alison to do to convince Caleb to take Livvie and leave town. But Caleb insists that he likes it in Port Charles, and Alison is amazed to conclude that Caleb seems to consider Port Charles as his home now. At the same time, at Rafe's Loft, Rafe again told Livvie that Rafe would NEVER go away and leave the town of Port Charles unprotected from Caleb now that Caleb has recovered the Morely Family Heirloom Power Ring! However, Rafe points out that the ONE person Caleb WOULD listen to about leaving town would be Livvie! When Livvie protests that Caleb has been tuning her out lately, Rafe suggests that it would probably be simpler and more effective if Livvie were to get hold of Caleb's magic wishing ring HERSELF and then wish herself AND Caleb far, far away from Port Charles, with a fresh start somewhere else, never to return ~ leaving all the hurt behind! Livvie suddenly admits that Rafe has hit upon the perfect solution, and Livvie rushes away, determined to find a way to get hold of Caleb's ring. As soon as Livvie leaves, Rafe puts in a call for Jamal and asks for an immediate meeting. When Rafe arrives at Club Elixir, Rafe finds Jamal STILL playing games with Imani. Rafe announces to Jamal that Rafe may have hit upon the perfect solution for getting Caleb's ring away from Caleb and Rafe confides that Rafe just suggested to Livvie that LIVVIE should slip the ring away from Caleb. At the same time, at Caleb's apartment, Alison reminds Caleb that Caleb was pretty successful in building a new life for himself in Port Charles, WITHOUT the ring and BEFORE everyone started fighting over the ring. Alison appeals to Caleb to give the ring to Alison and let Alison get rid of the ring ~ the way Jamal TRIED to get rid of the ring! Alison promises Caleb that IF Caleb gives the ring to Alison, Alison would swear to Caleb that the ring would NEVER be used again to hurt any one! Declaring that he has actually come to trust Alison, Caleb surprises Alison by handing the ring over to her! Alison joyfully thanks Caleb, promises Caleb that she will NOT let him down ~ and gives Caleb a hug! As Caleb and Alison hug, Livvie returns home and overhears part of Caleb's conversation with Alison. At the same time, as Rafe fills Jamal in on Rafe's plan to use Livvie to get Caleb's ring, Jamal warns Rafe that the plan COULD backfire because Livvie would surely be more dangerous than Caleb IF Livvie had the ring! But Rafe points out that, although Caleb has guarded the ring with his life for centuries, Livvie would have little experience in guarding the ring and it would be easier for Rafe to take the ring away from Livvie than it would be to try to get the ring away from Caleb! At the same time, after Livvie overhears Caleb telling Alison that Caleb trusts Alison, Livvie runs away from Caleb's apartment. As Livvie runs, she runs past Club Elixir and runs into Imani! As Livvie angrily orders Imani to look where she is going, Imani begins to protest that Livvie is the one who needs to watch out, which makes Livvie even angrier. Livvie lunges at Imani and bites Imani!

Friday, AUGUST 15, 2003

At the Hospital, Chris tries to duck Elizabeth, but Elizabeth catches Chris before he can hide. Chris informs Elizabeth that he is OUT of the Fashion Business, but Elizabeth begs Chris to get "George" back to town ~ pronto! Elizabeth explains that orders for her clothes are pouring in, but Elizabeth has no clothes manufactured to fill the orders. Elizabeth implores Chris to impersonate "George" one more time, and charm the buyers into waiting until the clothes can be manufactured. Chris points out that some of the buyers probably know the REAL "George!" Elizabeth assures Chris that they will handle that by setting up a teleconference, and Chris wouldn't have to actually meet any of the people who might realize that Chris is an imposter! Chris finally agrees to Elizabeth's scheme. However, when Elizabeth went to give Chris an impromptu kiss, Chris backs away. Elizabeth informs Chris that she even has THAT covered! Elizabeth proposes that Chris and Elizabeth pose as lovers so people would not be wondering WHY Chris and Elizabeth are spending so much time together. Elizabeth points out that even her daughter has already leaped to the conclusion that Elizabeth and Chris are in the sack together, so it should NOT be too hard to fool everyone into believing that Chris and Elizabeth have something going! Later, Elizabeth and Chris show up at Club Elixir to practice looking chummy in public. Elizabeth informs Chris that, since many of the buyers that Chris will need to charm have met the REAL "George" ~ Elizabeth and Chris will need to meet together often to work on perfecting Chris's accent!

At Caleb's apartment, Alison promises Caleb that she will take really good care of the Morley Family Heirloom Power Ring. But, as Alison gets ready to leave, Caleb shows Alison that Caleb still has the REAL ring and the ring that Alison has in her hand is a fake! Caleb blasts Alison for being so naive that she would actually believe that Caleb would give Caleb's family ring to Alison! Alison told Caleb that she pities everyone whom Caleb has infected ~ including even Livvie! Caleb reminds Alison of all the trouble that developed when Joshua had the ring, but Alison reminds Caleb that Caleb caused plenty of trouble BEFORE Joshua showed up! Caleb informs Alison that, over the years, Caleb has learned to be careful of what he wishes for when Caleb uses the ring! Caleb told Alison that, since Caleb knows HOW to control the power of the ring, Caleb can have whatever he wants WITHOUT resorting to magic! When Alison asks if Caleb plans to be the Leader and keep everyone playing Follow the Leader into infinity. Caleb declares that Alison has guessed the truth ~ then Caleb ushers Alison out of his apartment.

At Club Elixir, Rafe explains to Jamal that they need to convince Livvie that all she needs to do is get hold of Caleb's ring and wish to be Number One in Caleb's life forever. Jamal warns Rafe that Livvie would be suspicious of Rafe or Jamal suggesting that Livvie cross Caleb to make her wishes come true. Rafe and Jamal decide that Livvie MIGHT take that kind of advice from Jack! Rafe button-holes Jack and tries to convince Jack to help them persuade Livvie to grab Caleb's ring. Jack at first refuses, but finally agrees. Later, Jack flashes back to his brief but idyllic time with Tess and told himself that Livvie DESERVES getting set up by Jack! Outside Club Elixir, Livvie is stunned when Imani recovers immediately following Livvie's bite! Livvie tries to apologize, but Imani warns Livvie that Livvie just made a BIG mistake! When Imani demands an explanation, Livvie admits that she bit Imani because Livvie was in a hurry and Imani got in the way. Although Livvie confesses that Imani should not even be able to walk, Imani grabs Livvie and shoves Livvie against a wall! Then Imani orders Livvie to get out of her sight, and Livvie runs away. When Imani returns to Club Elixir to get her keys, Jamal notices the blood on Imani's neck, but Imani claims it is just a mosquito bite! Meanwhile, Livvie stops in an alley to rest and, when Livvie flashes back to biting Imani, Livvie suddenly becomes ill. Later, when Livvie returns to Caleb's apartment, Livvie is evasive about where she has been, then admits that she does NOT feel well and has been worried about her father. Livvie is surprised when she notices that Caleb STILL has his ring! Livvie tries to convince Caleb that she has a bad feeling about staying in Port Charles and implores Caleb to leave with her. But Caleb kisses Livvie and assures her that they are so close to having everything they want, it would be foolish for Caleb and Livvie to leave Port Charles now.

Later, when Rafe returns home, he finds a pensive Alison sitting in the dark. Rafe is mystified that Alison is so quiet and Alison suddenly clings to Rafe, declaring that she loves him!

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