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Passions Recaps: The week of June 17, 2002 on PS
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Monday, June 17, 2002

A worried Tabitha kept her eyes and ears on Timmy as he searched for the Yellow Brick Road to the wizard who could help him and Julian get their hands on the demon's horn. Little Timmy found help in the form of a sneaky, suspicious munchkin who took Timmy's cash and then whispered the only way to reach the wizard. Timmy then dressed as Dorothy while Julian donned a lion's costume.

Finding trouble in the hideous form of the living dead, Kay sought help from Father Lonigan while Zombie Charity went ahead with her deadly plan for Miguel. Meanwhile, Miguel remained in the throes of Zombie Charity. Kay finally broke away from the corpses and doused a stunned Zombie Charity with holy water, stopping her from making love.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

When Zombie Charity saw the scroll and realized what Timmy was up to, she conjured up a dangerous scarecrow to deal with her "little buddy." As Zombie Charity relished Timmy's upcoming death, Tabitha pleaded for her friend's life.

Nick aimed his gun at a reunited Brian and Diana and demanded his money. Unimpressed by the gun, Brian jumped Nick and threw the gun into the water. A fight ensued. As Brian ordered him to set sail, Nick insisted that Sheridan pay him what she owed him and later vowed to hurt Brian permanently. Nick later remembered who Diana was.

At the hospital, Ivy worried about Ethan being on the run with Theresa. Rebecca tried to reassure Ivy that Theresa's medical predicament would soon send Ethan back to them. However, she did refuse to tell Ivy where the fugitives were.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

As the "Cowardly Julian" attempted to flee, the sinister scarecrow menaced Timmy. Nick racked his brain to remember where he'd seen "Diana" before.

Rebecca reminded Ivy why she couldn't tell anyone that Ethan and Theresa were at the cabin. Meanwhile, the suspicious prison guards questioned Eve about her missing patient. Beth explained to Hank how Theresa's medical condition could cause violent mood swings and psychotic behavior. Fed up with Gwen's carping, Theresa gleefully sunk a pair of scissors into her rival's back.

The munchkins attempted to rescue Timmy, but the evil scarecrow repelled them. Sam, Pilar, and T.C. backed up Eve's story to keep the guards at bay. Later, when Ethan phoned, Eve warned him that Theresa and her baby were in great peril.

Thursday, June 20, 2002

As the munchkins celebrated the fiery demise of the evil scarecrow, Toto sensed a new danger nearby. Timmy and Julian were face-to-face with the murderous Tin Man and his trusty chainsaw.

Brian urged "Diana" not to trust a word that came out of Nick's lying mouth. Meanwhile, Nick triumphantly matched "Diana's" photo to a picture of the "late" Sheridan Crane.

At the hospital, the suspicious prison guard reminded Luis he'd have a lot of explaining to do if Theresa turned up missing. As a terrified Gwen clung to Ethan, Theresa raged at her former fiancÚ for leading her on. Though Rebecca remained confident that their scheme would pan out, Ivy feared for her son's safety. Theresa lunged at Ethan with the scissors and managed to wing him.

Friday, June 21, 2002

Rebecca berated Ivy for tipping Sam off to Ethan's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Gwen warned Ethan that Theresa's baby was well on the way. Theresa finally delivered a healthy baby boy into the world.

Julian made tracks to escape the Tin Man's chainsaw. Julian saved a grateful Timmy and Toto from certain death.

The prison guards informed Sam and Luis that they'd face charges for aiding and abetting a felonious flight from justice. Thanks to some timely assistance from Hank and T.C., however, the chief of police and his officer managed to elude their pursuers and head up to the cabin with Eve.

"Charity" assured Miguel that he couldn't remember their night in the cemetery because he had been so exhausted that he had zoned the whole evening out.

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