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Passions Recaps: The week of August 5, 2002 on PS
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Monday, August 5, 2002

Antonio slugs Julian and orders him out of Theresa's house. Julian goes to the library to drink and sulk. He decides to call the police to get rid of Antonio but Ivy pulls the phone cord. She tells Julian to think about what he is doing.

Alistair calls Julian with news that puts a smile on his face. Alistair tells him that Luis and Sheridan are together but she was with Luis' brother Antonio when she was missing all these months. Julian smiles when he realizes that both brothers are in love with the same woman. Alistair tells him that they will be too busy fighting each other to care about the Crane family secrets.

Pilar begs Miguel to put down Sam's gun. Miguel relents and begs Charity to get well and fight. Kay says her last goodbyes with the rest of the family. Kay tells Charity not to fight. She tells her that if she sees a white light to walk toward it and to let go of Miguel once and for all.

Rebecca drools over Antonio. She is dying to know what Alistair had to tell Julian that made him smile that frightening Crane smile. Ivy knows it can't be good news for someone.

Sam shuts off Charity's respirator. Eve unhooks the rest of the life support. Timmy closes his eyes and slowly slips away from Tabitha.

Tuesday, August 6, 2002

Julian confides to Rebecca about Sheridan still being alive. He also tells her of his plan to get Antonio and Luis to try to kill each other. Julian puts his plan into motion by tells Antonio that his love "Diana" may be at the cottage on the Crane grounds. Antonio goes to the cottage as Rebecca and Julian watch. Rebecca gets the hot thinking about Luis and Antonio fighting.

Charity opens her eyes and speaks after she is taken off life support. Miguel sees it as a positive sign but Eve tells him that it does not change anything. Charity asks Kay to look after Miguel for her. Kay breaks down and cries. She confesses all to Father Lonigan. She asks him for absolution. He says he cannot absolve her from her sins this time. Charity asks Miguel to keep her in his heart but to move on with his life and fall in love again. She asks for a kiss goodbye.

Theresa feels weak as she goes up to her room. She does not want to leave Gwen and Ethan alone. She asks Ethan to help her upstairs and to sit with her until she falls asleep. Gwen can see that Theresa is trying to keep them apart. Rebecca tries to get Gwen to fight devious. She tells Gwen to fight fire with fire.

Luis takes Sheridan to the cottage as they try to find clues to where Sheridan was these past few months. Sheridan panics as she has flashbacks of making love to Antonio. She remembers agreeing to marry another man.

Luis realizes that Sheridan was on the same flight as Antonio.

Mrs. Wallace tells Beth she is a horrible girl that does not deserve Luis. Mrs. Wallace says that she prays everyday that Sheridan comes back from the dead.

Sheridan chickens out when she goes to tell Luis about being engaged to another man. Luis then receives an email from Beth. He suddenly remembers about their engagement.

He says that he will be right over, intending to tell Beth about Sheridan.

Wednesday, August 7, 2002

Charity dies. The family watches and weeps. Miguel is inconsolable. Kay vows to make him forget Charity and move on with his life.

Father Lonigan tells Kay that the only way she can be forgiven is to tell Miguel the whole truth.

Mrs. Wallace prays that Luis dumps Beth. She begs the saints on her knees that Sheridan Crane return from the dead.

Beth tells her mother to shut up. She warns her that Luis is on his way over and she doesn't want her mother to spoil things.

Sheridan remembers that she is engaged to Brian O'Leary. She plans on telling Luis as soon as he returns from the "errand" he had to run.

Antonio walks into the cottage relieved to see his "Diana." He just misses seeing her in his brother's arms. He asks her why she did not get a hotel for them. Sheridan then tells Antonio that she is home. She belongs in this cottage because she is Sheridan Crane.

Antonio cannot believe what he is hearing. He hugs her and says he is relieved because he thought once she regained her memory, that there would be no room in her life for him.

Sheridan panics. Then she is horrified to realize that Brian's mother is Pilar. She then finally understands what she has done. She got herself engaged to Luis' brother.

Luis tells Beth that Sheridan is alive.

Mrs. Wallace thanks the saints saying that they do answer the prayers of the disabled and abused.

Eve has a slim chance to revive Charity.

Thursday, August 8, 2002

Sheridan begins to put the pieces together about how Antonio and Luis are related. She realizes that it was Luis that she danced with in Bermuda. She desperately tries to stop the two brothers from meeting. Antonio says he can't wait to tell his family that he is engaged to Sheridan Crane. Sheridan manages to stall him.

Luis breaks off his engagement to a broken hearted Beth, much to her mother's delight. Beth tells Luis to spare her the "let's be friends" talk. She tells Luis not to feel guilty and that she needs to be alone. After Luis leaves, Beth cries like her heart is breaking. Mrs. Wallace uses this as an opportunity to twist the knife even deeper by telling Beth she never deserved Luis.

Tabitha curses all of Harmony. She realizes that with Charity's "Death" she now can get back all of her powers. Lightening flashes from Tabitha's basement and she is recharged with new powers. Eve revives Charity and puts her back on Life support. She found a heart donor so Charity can have a transplant. Tabitha is horrified to realize that the heart Charity is to receive is from her precious Timmy.

Luis sees Antonio in Sheridan's cottage and they beat each other up. Kay is less than thrilled about Charity's second chance at life. Ethan volunteers to give the baby a bath. Both Gwen and Rebecca can see how Theresa is manipulating Ethan. Rebecca tells Gwen to drug Theresa so she can spend time alone with Ethan. Tabitha zaps the hospital so it will lose power, cutting off Charity's life support. Chad and Whitney make love again.

Friday, August 9, 2002

Tabitha creates a terrible storm that will not let up. All the power in the Hospital goes out. Hank hooks up a temporary source of power to buy Charity some time. TC and Sam go to fix the generators. Every time they get near the generators, Tabitha causes lightening to hit them.

Miguel curses God for all the bad that is happening to Charity. Pilar tells him not to be so hard on God. She also tells him that his sister is alive. Miguel is unbelieving but happy. He asks God for another miracle for his Charity.

Sheridan bursts in on the fight between Antonio and Luis. She gets them to stop fighting and to talk. They come to a tense truce. They shake hands and promise to be best men at each other's wedding unaware that they are engaged to the same woman. Sheridan does not know how she will tell them. Antonio goes to get something to stop his bleeding nose and kisses Sheridan before he leaves. Luis asks what right did he have to kiss her like that. Sheridan has no explanation.

Gwen and Rebecca drug Theresa's tea unaware that Phyllis the maid saw them. She tips off Theresa who plans a switcheroo on the two scheming witches.

Simone goes home to tell Whitney that Theresa is alive. She finds Whitney in the afterglow of making love with Chad. Chad has a bouquet of flowers for Whitney with a card calling her the love of his life. Simone of course thinks the flowers and the sentiment are for her.

Angel Timmy appears to Tabitha begging her to be good so she will end up having a chance at heaven. Tabitha says no way. She plans on making everyone pay who she feels did not help save her Timmy. She is jealous to see everyone hovering around Charity and praying for her when no one did that for Timmy. She curses all of Harmony and Charity in particular.

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