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Passions Recaps: The week of August 11, 2003 on PS
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Monday, August 11, 2003

Tired from their experience at the hospital, Sam, Grace and Jessica return home. Ivy quickly uses the crisis with Kay to earn some points with Sam. Jessica boasts to Ivy, David, Sam and Grace about her new job as a "Mark rep," selling cosmetics for the prestigious company. Grace can't take it anymore when Ivy claims that she went to church to pray for Kay and the baby. Eve almost catches Liz and T.C. kissing in the backyard. Eve confronts her sister about her interest in T.C. Inside getting lemonade for Liz, T.C. can't stop thinking about his growing feelings for her. He returns to the backyard and is caught off guard to find Eve there. Chad, Whitney and Fox are shocked to find Ethan kissing Theresa in bed. The two struggle to figure out why they're in bed and kissing and then tell their audience that they were dreaming about kissing. Theresa claims she was so tired, she didn't know he climbed into bed with her. She then insists that he stay with them so he can be close to the hospital and Gwen. Theresa privately boasts to Whitney about fate bringing Ethan back into her life. Downstairs, Fox accuses Ethan of scheming to be with Theresa. While Luis tends to Mrs. Wallace on the floor of the living room, he senses Sheridan's presence, unaware that his bound and gagged love interest is wandering blindly through the room. Gwen panics when she realizes Sheridan is nearby but Charlie puts Sheridan back in her pit where she cries out that she's in labor.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Grace accuses Ivy of lying about her concern over Kay. David reluctantly backs up Ivy's story about going to pray at church. Grace is irritated when her rival uses Gwen's troubled pregnancy as a way to get sympathy from Sam.

Eve tries to explain to a furious TC why she gave Whitney her blessing to move to L.A. Meanwhile, Liz dreams of a future with her sister's husband. Antonio and Liz catch up.

Luis wants to move in with Beth and spend every minute with her while she's pregnant. Beth is frantic to get him away before Sheridan delivers. In the basement, Charlie contemplates killing Sheridan and her baby as Sheridan struggles through painful contractions.

Whitney chastises Theresa for being in bed with a married man, while Fox accuses Ethan of cheating on Gwen. Theresa and Ethan defend themselves, insisting they didn't realize they were kissing until they woke up. While Theresa is ecstatic about the kiss, Ethan swears to Fox that he's not attracted to his ex.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Fox works on spending time with Whitney. He calls Vivian to make sure Chad will be spending lots of time with Syd. Meanwhile, Whitney tries to get Theresa to see reality when it comes to Ethan. Theresa stays firmly in her fantasy world and accuses Whitney of being unsure of her future with Chad.

An emotional Kay wants to turn away from the dark side and live at home with her family again. Tabitha does her best to change her mind. Meanwhile, a tormented Charity almost tells Miguel about the deal she made in order to save his baby. However, Grace interrupts and gives the young couple her support.

Luis and Pilar have a heart-to-heart about Sheridan. Luis wants desperately to be with Sheridan even though it appears that she wants to be alone. Pilar is confident Sheridan will be able to take care of herself. Meanwhile, Beth vows to kill Sheridan once the baby is born. Sheridan is terrified when she can't feel the baby moving.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Grace is furious to learn Kay is dropping out of school and questions how she plans to support herself and the baby. Miguel announces that he will also drop out of school in order to support them. Despite Tabitha's manipulations, Kay still wants to try to be good in order to save her daughter. This may not be possible as "Death" returns, and Charity fears that Miguel's baby will die.

Sheridan fears something is wrong with her unborn baby because her ankles are swollen and she can't feel the baby move. Beth is furious to learn that Luis had given Sheridan his grandmother's ring again. Raging because of the ring, Beth refuses to help Sheridan or the baby.

Pilar urges Luis to be more attentive to Beth's needs as they're lighting candles for their loved ones. Luis agrees and surprises Beth on a break from work. He asks Beth when they will have an ultrasound and is disappointed when he learns she already had one, or so she tells him.

A naked Theresa thinks Whitney is at the door and is surprised to see that it is Ethan. Ethan tells Theresa that he can't keep secrets from his wife and that he plans to tell Gwen everything. Theresa urges him not to because she is afraid of how much it will upset Gwen and possibly hurt the baby.

Friday, August 15, 2003

Theresa tries to talk Ethan out of telling Gwen the truth and offers to leave Los Angeles if it will help. Ethan insists Theresa stay. Gwen has a nightmare about Ethan and Theresa.

Whitney and Fox talk about true love and being with the right person no matter what. Chad and Syd get closer as they work together.

Tabitha encourages Kay to use her baby to get Miguel. With that in mind, Kay chooses a name that means a lot to Miguel when naming their daughter.

Luis is afraid there's a problem with Beth's baby when he can't feel it move. Beth is stuck when Luis insists on taking her to see Dr. Culver. Mrs. Wallace predicts Beth's plan is about to blow up in her face since Luis will realize he met a fake Dr. Culver the first time around and the real doctor will know Beth isn't really pregnant.

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