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Passions Recaps: The week of December 4, 2006 on PS
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Monday, December 4, 2006

Grace and Eve continue their telephone conversation, and Eve admits to Grace that she betrayed her. Grace is in disbelief because she would not dream of Eve ever betraying her. Eve tells her the truth, but Grace doesn't understand why Eve would betray her like that. Back at the house, TC is making plans to surprise Eve at Kay's bridal shower, but he has a setback. He fell while trying to back up with his walker. TC did not let the fall deter him. He gets up and sets out to surprise Eve. Grace lashes out at Eve and tells her how much she hates her and calls her a hypocrite. Moreover, Grace tells Eve that she will pay for betraying her. Eve wonders why her life has turned out that way. A drunken Julian happened by and tells Eve that things would have turned out better if she hadn't left him. Eve realizes that Julian is drunk and tells him so. He tells Eve that she still loves him and kisses her. Eve pushes him away and tells him to let her go, but Julian forces the issue and continues to kiss Eve. He tells her that he will have her and begins to rip her clothes apart. TC walks up right in the nick of time. He smashed Julian on his back with his walker, and Julian fell to the ground. Julian gets up and punches TC. Eve punches Julian and calls him a monster because TC is still recovering from his strokes.

Kay is shocked because she feels Miguel is pretending that he is looking for her when she just saw him making love to Charity. Kay is wondering why Miguel is pretending that everything is ok. He act as if Kay has dumped Fox and is ready to marry him. Kay couldn't bear to put it in words, so she slaps Miguel. The funny thing is that Miguel doesn't even know where Kay's anger is coming from. A drunken Julian and Fox look on while all this is happening. Kay tells Miguel to go to hell and that she is marrying Fox.

Sheridan wants to know how to get Luis out of her head. Gwen tells her that she loves Luis far too much to let him go, but Sheridan is convinced that she is not obsessed with Luis. She says that she is not in love with Luis yet she can't seem to get a grip on Fancy and Luis together. Gwen is trying to convince Sheridan that she is still in love with Luis and is jealous of him and Fancy. Gwen comes right out and tells Sheridan what she wants to hear; find Luis and tell him that she wants him back. Sheridan tells Gwen that she is finished with Luis because she cannot bear to lose Marty again. Gwen corrects her and tells her she meant James. Upon observing Sheridan's behavior, Gwen is convinced that Sheridan is having a nervous breakdown. She is still not over the loss of Marty. Sheridan turns the tables on Gwen and tells her that she is the one obsessed and not her.

Fancy is ecstatic that she is able to resume her night of passion with Luis. She is having the time of her life and will remember it forever; however, they are interrupted by a fire alarm and have to leave immediately. Luis and Sheridan discover that there is no fire and want to go back inside, but they can't. The owner has to wait for the fire truck because of her insurance policy. Fancy and Luis miss out on their night of passion once again. Luis and Fancy are determined to finish what they started because they cannot control their passion for each other, so they slip behind the bushes to resume where they left off. Sheridan walks up and takes a picture of Luis and Fancy behind the bushes, and she seems happy about it.

Theresa breaks off future plans with Ethan to plan and spend more time with Jared. While Jared leaves for a bathroom break, Ethan knocks on Theresa's hotel room. Ethan tells Theresa that Jared has been playing her and he has proof. He is trying to convince Theresa to go with him to Crane Industries to show her the proof. Funny, but Theresa is not buying it because she had proof that Gwen has been lying to Ethan all along, and Ethan refuses to believe her, so why should she buy into Ethan's story now? She closes the door in Ethan's face. Jared returns and wants to know who was at the door, but Theresa lies to him and tells him that it was some random guy who didn't know what he was talking about. Theresa tells Jared to make love to her so that she can forget all about it. While Jared and Theresa are in the throws of passion, Ethan couldn't take it anymore and broke the door down and punches Jared. Jared returns a punch and a fight ensues.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Miguel bemoans to Noah the abrupt turnaround Kay has made in her feelings for him. Meanwhile, Kay complains to a fuming Simone about how Miguel is pretending he never hooked up with Charity. Luis and Fancy finally get down to business following the false fire alarm. At the cottage, Sheridan tells Chris she simply lost track of time during an evening walk. Fox crows to Charity about his plan working perfectly. Ethan barges in on Theresa and her lover, then begins throwing punches at Jared. Certain Chad is cheating on her, Whitney gives her frustrated fiance the cold shoulder. Theresa manages to break up the scuffle between Jared and Ethan. Miguel swears to Noah that he's done nothing which could have set Kay off. Ethan warns Theresa that her new boyfriend is plotting to bring Crane Industries down. Struggling to hide her lingering doubts, Sheridan promises Chris she has no regrets about their life together. Whitney sees red when Valerie shows up at her door looking for Chad. Later, Val privately advises Chad to break off his illicit affair before he loses Whitney forever. Fox and Charity meet up with "Miguel."

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

In Tabitha's living room, Kay is distraught over Miguel's betrayal. Simone is there. Noah walks in. Noah wants to know why Kay broke up with Miguel. Kay says a lot of nasty things about Miguel, Kay mentions that she saw Miguel making love to Charity. She leaves to look for Miguel On the docks, Fox thanks the look-a-likes he brought to Harmony to impersonate Miguel and Charity. Kay and Miguel talk, but she never tells him about seeing him making love to Charity. The real Miguel is completely in the dark as to the reasons for her intense anger. Simone and Noah talk about Kay and Miguel. Simone denigrates Miguel but never tells Noah that she and Kay saw Charity and Miguel making love. Kay calls Miguel names but never tells him why. He is mystified. Fox pays off the imposters he used to fool Kay and break her away from Miguel. Noah defends Miguel with Simone. Simone rails against Miguel, but never spells out what he did to make her so angry. She walks out without telling him. Miguel is in the same place with Kay. She calls him names but never spells out what he did. On the docks the look-alikes take off their latex masks. Fox gloats about how clever he is.

At the B & B, Luis and Fancy are taking off their clothes and kissing passionately. Fancy and Luis are interrupted when Sam knocks on the door and refuses to go away. In her cottage, Sheridan prints out a picture of Luis and Fancy that she took of them at the Bed and Breakfast. She gloats about sending it to a sleazy scandal rag. At the B & B, Luis and Fancy are taking off their clothes and kissing passionately. They are interrupted when Sam knocks on the door and refuses to go away. Sam shows Luis and Fancy the photo of them, which had been sent to a scandal sheet. Sam has managed to kill the story. He further tells them that the photo came from a private source. They fear a stalker. Sheridan wakes from a dream and regrets her impulsive actions. Luis tell Sam that he's sorry and to go ahead and fire him. All Luis wants is his personal life. Sam says that he would not care if Fancy were not a cadet, but that now their relationship is causing problems in the police department. Fancy says that she will leave the department. Luis says they will both leave. Sam says they will both stay, and he will do what he can to squelch the rumors. Sam cautions Luis to be careful about squandering his future for Fancy. He tells Luis that his career will be "down the tubes" if his relationship to Fancy gets out. Sheridan is awake and pacing. Chris tries to comfort her. She makes excuses and sends Chris back to bed. Sheridan is appalled by her own behavior. She finally admits to herself that she still loves Luis. Luis vows to Fancy that there will be no more interruptions and they will finally make love. Fancy delays because she worries about Luis' career. She does not want him to lose out on being a detective because of him. They decide to wait.

In another hotel room, Whitney and Theresa discuss Ethan's behavior. Ethan works on a laptop and challenges Theresa to look at the computer, which he says has evidence of Jared's betrayal. Theresa says that she is not interested that she trusts Jared. Ethan continues to insist that she look at the computer. Theresa looks and Ethan show her evidence that Jared has stolen all the Crane Retirement funds. Despite the computer evidence and Ethan's impassioned plea, Theresa tells Jared that she believes and trusts him. He takes Theresa aside to continue his argument against Jared, but Jared interrupts to tell Theresa that Ethan is right, that he did take the money out of the account. Jared says that he did take the money, but that he had reallocated the stock and moved it into a better plan. Ethan does not believe him. Jared tells Theresa to look in her heart. Chad supports Jared. He knew about Jared's plan to increase pension fund profits from the beginning. Theresa defends Jared as Ethan continues to argue against him. Ethan persists in blaming Jared. Whitney finally gets him to leave the room. He insists that he is right and that everyone else is wrong about Jared. Whitney tells Ethan that it is his jealousy talking. Theresa tells Chad that she is grateful that he backed up Jared. She hugs Jared who flashes a smug look to a sheepish Chad.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Miguel doesn't seem to understand why Kay thinks he was lying to her. Upset Kay refuses to explain it to him. Miguel guesses that she must think he is still in love with Charity. Despite evidence to the contrary, Miguel still believes Kay is going to leave Fox for him. When Fox shows up, Miguel tells him there is something he needs to know...

Luis and Fancy wonder how they will be able to stay away from each other until her graduation. The pair kisses as Sheridan watches in agony.

There's chemistry between Paloma and Noah when they have a chance meeting.

Chad is upset when Whitney tells him they need to take time apart so she can think about their relationship. Chad protests, but Whitney tells him if she had to make a decision right now, she would end things.

An irritated Theresa tells Ethan she doesn't need his protection.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Kay is having a dream about being together in bed with Miguel. Charity calls, and Miguel picks up the phone and is having a conversation with her. Kay tells her to go away and calls her a slut. Miguel walks out of Kay's bed to be with Charity. Kay awakens saying. "Don't leave me!" Fox overhears Kay and tells her that he is right here. Tabitha senses that Kay was dreaming about Miguel. Kay tells Tabitha that she walked in on Miguel and Charity doing the deed, and she fainted. Kay awakens Tabitha but is too busy thinking about Miguel to hear Tabitha making plans to round up Endora so that she can board her space ship to protect her from the aftermath of Miguel and Charity making love. She does not realize that Fox hired two actors to play Miguel and Charity. Tabitha realizes that something is not right because no one from the dark side is running for the hills. She even asks Kay if she was sure that she saw Miguel and Charity making love. Fox overhears Tabitha and Kay discussing Charity. Tabitha tells Kay that Charity has to show up at the wedding, and Fox is worried about how he is going to pull off Charity being at the wedding without blowing his cover. Tabitha heads downstairs to consult with her magic bowl while Miguel walks in and started kissing Kay.

Miguel is moping around Pilar's house leaving voice mail messages to Kay that she won't return. He is still in the dark about what he did to make Kay so angry at him. Pilar is happy to see all her kids together under one roof, except for Paloma who had to show up at the station early. Luis tells the rest of his family that he will officially start dating Fancy after she graduates from the academy. Theresa tells Luis not to put Fancy off that long just in case someone else sweeps her off her feet, and Luis tells her that he is worth the wait. Luis tells his siblings that he is through with Sheridan and that he is now focusing on Fancy. Theresa tells her family that she is trying to move on with Jared, but Ethan is interfering. Theresa's family pokes fun at her for her over the top life style. She tells Valerie to arrange for her to arrive at a meeting in a custom made limo with her personal chef preparing the meal. The family gathering at breakfast in the Lopez-Fitzgerald home ended in a food fight with Pilar ducking for cover.

Fancy awakens to the beautiful spring flowers that Luis has sent her. Sheridan walks in while Fancy is admiring her flowers. She has a devious look on her face. Fancy calls Luis to thank him for the flowers while Sheridan sulks in the background. Sheridan refuses to let Fancy enjoys the flowers, so she tries to dampen her spirits by trying to make Fancy feels guilty into thinking that Luis will resent her for spending all that money on her since he has to work so hard to earn a living. While Fancy leaves the room to get dressed, Sheridan pours salt on the flowers in order to kill them. Each time Sheridan does something to interfere with Luis and Fancy; she asks herself what is wrong with her. Before Fancy leaves for the station, Sheridan tells her that there is a legend that when a man sends a woman flowers, for every day that those flowers live is a decade of love for the couple. Fancy is excited and decides to make sure the flowers have enough water, but she is sad because the flowers are already wilting. Fancy doesn't care about the legend because she is quite sure that she and Luis will be together, but not if Sheridan can help it. Fancy goes by Pilar's house to meet Luis, and Sheridan spies on them kissing.

Ethan tells Chad that he doesn't trust Jared, and Chad tells him that Theresa does not trust him. Jared walks in and comments to Ethan that he is still out to get him. Ethan tells Jared that he doesn't fool him because he knows that he is out to manipulate Theresa, and he is going to prove it. Ethan and Jared exchange more words, and Chad intervenes. Jared tells Ethan that if he wants to prove to Theresa and Gwen that he cares about them, he should back off and let Theresa do her own thing. Jared tells Ethan that he will be around to be with Theresa for a very long time. The back and forth discussion with Ethan and Jared ended in a fight. Theresa gets cleaned up and heads over to Crane Industries. She kisses Jared, and Ethan walks in on the kiss.

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