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Passions Recaps: The week of March 17, 2008 on PS
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Monday, March 17, 2008

Kay tried to convince Pilar that Tabitha is not a witch, but Pilar insisted that too many weird things happened at Tabitha's house for it not to be true. In addition, Grace told Pilar the many strange things that happened in Tabitha's house. Kay chalked it up to Tabitha being eccentric. Pilar told Kay to move out of Tabitha's house with Maria because she was suspicions of Tabitha. Tabitha worried that Pilar might find out the truth.

Noah, Paloma, Kay and Miguel decided to plan their wedding, but Noah told everyone else that the wedding was off since Paloma broke off the engagement. Noah left and returned with balloons; then he got down on his knees and proposed to Paloma. Tabitha was turned off by all the romance. The demon elf broke the balloons one by one, so Tabitha had to come up with a plausible excuse. She told everyone that the kitchen was overheated but Kay did not believe it and asked if it was the demon elf. Tabitha told Kay that she did not know. Miguel overheard and asked Kay about the elf. Tabitha lied and told Miguel that it was the name of one of Endora's pets. After Pilar and everyone else left the house, Tabitha sent Endora to bed. She spoke out loud and told the demon else that he could do whatever he wished with everyone else, but she and Endora were off limits.

Gwen tried to convince Ethan to get rid of the box with memories of Theresa, but Ethan told Gwen that he would always love Theresa and refused to get rid of the box. Gwen told Ethan that he needed to move on and focus on the children. Rebecca then walked in the room and asked Ethan and Gwen if they were ready to put Theresa's junk into storage. Ethan placed the special box on the bed, told Gwen and Rebecca to treat Theresa's belongings with respect, and then he left the room. Gwen grabbed the special box and threw it on the floor. In addition, she said that she would never be rid of Theresa. Rebecca told Gwen to stop feeling sorry for herself because Ethan was hers, and it was time to celebrate her victory. Rebecca suggested throwing Theresa's belongings in the incinerator, but Gwen told her that it was best to put them in storage just in case Jane needed anything of Theresa's. Rebecca disagreed. She told Gwen to get rid of all traces of Theresa because she was Jane's mother now. Gwen agreed and decided that she would do what she had to do to get rid of Theresa, who kept appearing, even from the grave.

Ethan met up with Ivy and Sam downstairs in the living room. Ethan told both Ivy and Sam that Theresa was the love of his life and that he would never forget her. Ivy told Ethan that it was time to move on and to focus on the children, and to let someone help him with his crisis. Ethan sensed that Ivy was referring to Gwen, so he told Ivy to stop pushing Gwen in Ethan's direction. Ivy urged Ethan to show Gwen a little affection for the sake of the children. Ethan told Ivy that it was already a foregone conclusion that he would stay with Gwen just for the kids. Moreover, Ethan told Ivy that he would never love Gwen the way he loved Theresa and that if Theresa were still in the picture, Gwen would not have had a chance. After Ivy left the room, Ethan told Sam that if Theresa were to return, he would never settle for Gwen.

Ivy went up to Gwen's room with champagne to celebrate Gwen's victory landing Ethan. Gwen and Ivy felt guilty celebrating since Ethan was still mourning Theresa, but Rebecca told them that Ethan would get over it. Ivy told Rebecca that she was sorry to hear how Theresa died. Rebecca remarked that sharks were on the endangered species list and that she did not want the sharks to be poisoned by likes of Theresa. Gwen and Ivy doubted that Ethan would ever forget Theresa. Gwen said that she would be the best wife to Ethan. Rebecca told Gwen to make Ethan forget about Theresa, and then Rebecca made a toast to the shark that took the very first bite out of Theresa.

Back in Mexico, Juanita continued to shoot at the crate where Theresa was hiding. Juanita checked to see who was in the crate, but the person got away.

Theresa was hiding behind a wall and realized that she had to get out of there. It was impossible to get around without an ID or passport, or even money. Theresa worried that Juanita would find her and torture her in order to learn her family's whereabouts so she could kill them. Theresa ran through the streets of Mexico, and a strange woman ran up behind her and grabbed her. Theresa screamed. The woman told Theresa that she was also trying to sneak into the US, so the woman suggested that they take the freight train.

Back at the pier, Juanita told the police officer that she heard a scream and that she wanted to check it out. They ran in Theresa's direction, but Theresa and the strange woman had already taken off.

The woman told Theresa that the freight train only stopped there once per week, so this was their last chance to get on the train. The woman left to board the train first and told Theresa to follow her. Theresa heard Juanita in the distance telling the cop to look somewhere in her direction. In addition, she told the guard to step up the search on Theresa's family and to use all resources. The officer told Juanita that he did not know the family's last name or their place of residence. Theresa worried that she would miss her train since Juanita and her guard were in the way. Juanita and the officer concluded that whoever it was must have disappeared, so Theresa was able to make a run for it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Theresa called out for Elena to show her where to hide, but Elena walked up behind her and covered her mouth before they were discovered. She grabbed Theresa so that they could find some place to hide. Elena questioned Theresa about sneaking back in the US as opposed to flying back. Theresa was hesitant to answer because of her bad experience with Juanita. Elena first had to build trust with Theresa before Theresa attempted to tell her story. It turned out that Elena was planning to leave Mexico for a better life in the US. In doing so, she left her kids behind. Elena begged Theresa not to report her to the INS. Theresa felt comfortable enough to tell Elena her story, so she divulged her information. She told Elena that she was supposed to be dead, and Elena questioned why Theresa was returning to the states since it was such a dangerous thing to do and since it was impossible for her to be with her loved ones. Theresa told Elena that she wanted to be near them. Theresa then showed Ethan to Elena from her surveillance cam, and Elena remarked that Ethan was "hot." Theresa told Elena that she had lost Ethan to Gwen. The train stopped briefly, and Elena worried about getting caught. A light was shined in the car they were in, but they were lucky not to be caught. Elena kept worrying about being caught, and Theresa told her to have faith that they will be safe. Elena asked Theresa if it were possible for her to get a job once she got to the states. Theresa told Elena that she had a lot of money, and as soon as she got her life back together, she would help her find a job and also a place to stay. In addition, Theresa promised to bring Elena's children to her the legal way. Theresa hoped that she could keep Elena's promise.

Tabitha yelled and told the demon elf that she and Endora were off limits. She looked around in the kitchen but could not find the elf. The magic bowl started to bubble, and Tabitha thought for sure that it was trying to guide her. She looked in the bowl, but there was nothing. A clock flew in the air and landed on a calendar. Tabitha concluded that the magic bowl wanted to tell her about the future. Tabitha asked if it had to do with Kay and Miguel's double wedding with Noah and Paloma. In addition, Tabitha asked the bowl if the wedding would be the most exciting event of the year. Cake flew directly in Tabitha's face followed by champagne, and Tabitha concluded that Kay and Miguel's wedding would be utter chaos. Tabitha asked the bowl if there was anything else of which she should be aware, and a bell flew out of the bowl. Tabitha figured that it was another wedding. Tabitha asked the bowl whose wedding was going to be the most shocking event this year, and the bowl showed Ethan at the altar. Tabitha concluded that it would be a recommitment ceremony between Ethan and Gwen. A fire ball came out of the bowl, and Tabitha looked and saw that someone was trying to stop the wedding between Ethan and Gwen. Tabitha saw Theresa telling Ethan that she could not let Gwen marry him since Gwen was responsible for her death.

Ethan continued his conversation with Sam, and he told Sam that he would stay with Gwen since he could not be with Theresa. Moreover, Ethan told Sam that he would commit to be a good husband to Gwen, but he would never get over Theresa. Sam told Ethan that he knew that he would do right by his children. Sam changed the topic to Esme's men killer. Sam thought that it was odd that the killer targeted Rebecca and Ivy. At one point, Sam suspected Esme, and Ethan agreed since she was always on medication, but Alistair confirmed that it was not Esme after he was viciously stabbed. Sam left to go upstairs to continue his investigation.

Viki had a talk with Alistair via cell phone, and she promised Alistair that she would kill Ethan before Esme had the opportunity to go after him since Theresa was no longer in the picture. Viki pulled out her knife, looked at it and smiled. Viki heard someone coming, so she hid.

Ethan and Sam walked in on Julian and Esme in a very compromising position, so they decided that it was best to leave and return later, but Esme told Ethan and Sam to stay since she was waiting on Julian's little blue pills to kick in. Ethan said that he wanted to speak to Julian, but Julian told him that it had to wait since his little blue pills had kicked in. Ethan and Sam left the room. Viki lurked in the halls and told herself that it was time to kill Ethan and that it was noting personal. She refused to have Ethan anywhere near Esme.

After Julian and Esme had some rounds of love making, they met up with Sam and Ethan downstairs. Sam asked Julian if there had been anymore attacks since the sting operation to catch the killer, and Julian told Sam that the killing had stopped. Ethan then asked Julian's permission to adopt Little Ethan. Julian had a flashback at the moment he found out that Little Ethan was not his child. Julian stated that it was fitting since Ethan is Little Ethan's father. Ethan was taken aback by Julian's statement and asked him to explain it. Julian explained by telling Ethan that he was the only father that Little Ethan had ever known. Julian then gave Ethan his blessings to adopt Little Ethan because he was sure that was what Theresa would have wanted. Viki lurked in the hall and wished that everyone would leave so that she could kill Ethan.

Julian and Esme went back upstairs to take up from where they had left off. Sam and Ethan remained downstairs to continue their conversation. Ethan told Sam that Esme was a wild woman, but he saw good qualities in her since she was actively pursuing an adoption of Viki. Sam left the room, and Viki walked up behind Ethan with knife in hand. Ethan received a phone call, so Viki retreated. Viki told herself that she would get Ethan at another time, and she was sure that there would be a next time.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ethan called hospitals in Mexico asking if they'd treated any victims that were rescued from the sea or if any other clinics or hospitals in the area had. Gwen lurked outside the Crane living room listening to his phone call and vented to Rebecca that Ethan had been spending hours a day calling around Mexican police stations and hospitals hoping to find Theresa. Rebecca chastised Gwen for her defeatist talk and encouraged her to have mind-blowing sex with Ethan to help him get over Theresa.

Meanwhile, Theresa arrived on the docks in Harmony after taking a train from Mexico, excited at the opportunity to see her family and friends and be near them even if they still thought she was dead. Theresa contemplated her next move and watched her kids on the video monitor the DEA agent gave her. Theresa also watched as Gwen tried to convince Ethan to give up on his search for Theresa and move on. Theresa yelled at the monitor as if Ethan could hear her and encouraged him to never give up on her.

Ethan told Gwen it felt like he was living a nightmare. Gwen reminded Ethan of all the things they had to live for-the kids and each other. Gwen suggested they renew their marriage vows in front of everyone, as Theresa screamed at the monitor again for Ethan not to listen to Gwen. Ethan told Gwen he needed some time and that it was too soon to renew their vows. He said Theresa would always be in his heart. He said he needed to go for a walk and, as he walked out, he pointed out to Gwen that the top buttons on her shirt were undone.

After Ethan left the room, Gwen expressed frustration that she couldn't compete with Theresa even when Theresa was dead. Theresa, who was still on the docks and listening to their conversation, said Gwen could never compete with her, adding that all Theresa wanted was to tell Ethan she was alive and that she loved him. Gwen drowned her sorrows with alcohol and vented to Rebecca that even in death Theresa was haunting her. Rebecca said Gwen was wrong, because Theresa was not dead- she was alive and well in Ethan's heart-that is unless Gwen did something to change that. While on the docks, Theresa saw Ethan talking about how much he missed her and wanted her back. Theresa couldn't take seeing Ethan like that and decided to reveal herself. As she moved out from her hiding place, Ethan turned around and said, "Theresa, you're here?"

Luis walked a blindfolded Fancy into her bedroom and surprised her with a romantic candle-lit dinner. Fancy told Luis how much she missed him, and they made out on Fancy's bed. Later, after making love, Fancy basked in the afterglow in Luis' arms and thanked him for her romantic surprise. She expressed frustration at her recent erratic behavior, even though the hospital couldn't find anything wrong with her. Fancy said she felt bad for hurting Luis, and especially Marty. Luis comforted Fancy, saying that he would love her no matter what. As they enjoyed dinner, Fancy asked Luis for forgiveness for everything she put him through. Luis told her to stop apologizing and put everything behind them.

Pretty showed up at Sheridan's cottage and tried to downplay her foiled plan to use Fancy to kill Paloma as a way to get rid of Fancy. Pretty said if Sheridan hadn't stopped her from carrying out her plan to get Fancy to bash Paloma in the head, Fancy would have been on her way to the gas chamber. Pretty told Sheridan that if Sheridan had only stayed away, Luis and Fancy would be apart by now. Sheridan wondered what Alistair did to Pretty. Sheridan said that Alistair did the same thing to her, making her believe she was stupid and worthless, but Pretty stuck up for Alistair. Sheridan warned Pretty that if she continued to listen to Alistair, Pretty would have a lifetime of bitterness and pain. Pretty said Alistair was using Marty as bait to get Luis away from Fancy. Sheridan said she knew what Alistair's plan was, but that she planned to convince Luis that what she had to offer was better than anything Fancy could offer him and he would come back to her. Pretty told Sheridan to stop feeling sorry for herself and toughen up, then Pretty proposed that Sheridan team up with her to destroy Luis and Fancy's relationship for good. After some haggling, Sheridan agreed.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, March 21, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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