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Passions Recaps: The week of July 7, 2008 on PS
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Monday, July 7, 2008

Tabitha continued packing to leave Harmony, but Endora was still in hiding. Esme paid Tabitha a visit since she loved Tabitha's company. Tabitha tried to persuade Esme to go back to the church to warn everyone of their impending death, but Esme was clueless. Tabitha continued packing, but Esme seemed carefree and wanted to drink. Esme finally came to her senses and realized that Harmony was really doomed. In addition, Esme learned that Viki was the serial killer who killed her boyfriends. Esme did not want to believe it at first. Tabitha had to show her proof in the magic bowl. After Tabitha and Esme moved away from the bowl, Endora instructed Tabitha to go back to the bowl. Both Tabitha and Esme witnessed most of the people choking on their food. Esme was shocked to see that Viki and Vincent were behind it. Esme demanded that Tabitha help everyone, but Tabitha explained to Endora that they had to leave Harmony right away.

Ethan questioned Gertrude (Theresa) regarding her disappearance, but before Gertrude could reply, Gwen made up an excuse, and Ethan bought it. After Ethan and Gwen walked away, Theresa told her mom that seeing Gwen with Ethan was killing her. Vincent interrupted Pilar and Theresa's conversation and asked where they would like to "die...uh, dine." Theresa complained to Pilar that she had lost Ethan forever and there was nothing that she could do about it.

Ethan invited Gertrude to sit at the same table with him and Gwen, and Gwen seized the opportunity to torture Gertrude. Gwen taunted Gertrude by asking her if she thought Ethan was handsome. Gwen ended the topic by stating that Gertrude was alone and that one day she would find someone as gorgeous as Ethan. Gwen then kissed Ethan. Gertrude turned her head away in disappointment.

Sheridan was still battling with her conscience. Part of her wanted to tell the truth about Vincent and Viki's murderous intentions, but she wanted Fancy to die first before revealing the truth to everyone. Sheridan overheard Ivy stating to Eve that Sheridan was not predisposed to mental illness since Sheridan was not plotting to kill anyone. Sheridan thought that sitting back to watch someone die was just as bad. In addition, Sheridan chided Ivy and Eve for criticizing Pretty since they had done horrible things to win back the men they loved. Furthermore, Sheridan said that they had no right to judge Pretty since all was fair in love and war.

Vincent walked over to Viki and expressed his impatience since everyone was walking around instead of eating the poisoned food. Vincent got impatient and went to encourage everyone to sit and eat. Vincent was very excited when everyone sat down to eat the poisoned meal.

Sheridan moved over to Luis and Fancy's table. Fancy said that she was dying to eat, and Sheridan encouraged Fancy to eat. Luis then mentioned to Fancy that he was going to take some of the mushrooms home for Marty. Sheridan suddenly realized that she had to put an end to the mayhem. Sheridan walked over to Viki and Vincent and informed them that she could not let them get away with what they were doing. Both Viki and Vincent pretended that they were clueless. Sheridan then left to make an announcement to everyone. Viki nudged Vincent and asked him to do something about Sheridan. Vincent secretly pointed a gun at Sheridan's back and threatened that he would kill Luis and send Viki to kill Marty. Sheridan then turned her announcement into a toast to Luis and Fancy to please Vincent. Vincent and Viki then dragged Sheridan out of the church dining room and locked her in the closet.

Luis persuaded Fancy to go to the bathroom to look for Sheridan, but Viki came up with a story to prevent Fancy from leaving the table. Julian then got up to make a toast, but Vincent discouraged him. Julian sat back down to eat, and then started choking. Everyone else who had eaten the poisonous mushrooms started to choke. Both Viki and Vincent were excited at their handiwork. Sam tried to call for help, but he was overcome by the poison. Sam was able to turn on his cell phone, and he was about to call for help when Vincent kicked the phone out of his hand and revealed himself to Sam. Viki then came over and wished death on Ivy for trying to send Viki away to boarding school. Ivy was shocked to find out that Viki was in on the plot to kill everyone. Eve tried to save Julian, and Vincent went over to gloat. He then decided to choke Eve since she did not eat any of the poison.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tabitha insisted that Endora show herself because the signs of destruction had begun since it was thundering. Both Edna and Norma dropped in on Tabitha. They inquired about Harmony's fate. Tabitha reassured both Norma and Edna that they were not going to die, but everyone else in Harmony would. Tabitha wanted to leave town, but Endora wanted to stay and help everyone. Tabitha said that the prophecy was too strong and there was nothing she or Endora could do to help.

Tabitha tried to trick Endora out of hiding by using reverse psychology. She conjured up cue cards for Norma and Edna to read out loud. Tabitha then caged them both and had them pretend that evil had come to take them to hell. Endora asked what was happening, so Tabitha begged Endora to help. Tabitha instructed Edna and Norma to hold onto Endora while she zapped them out. Endora was trapped, so Tabitha was ready to leave Harmony. Tabitha was excited that she was finally leaving Harmony. Tabitha reminisced about Timmy since she was leaving Harmony for good.

Vincent continued to choke Eve. Julian got up to help Eve, and Vincent called for Viki's help. Julian learned that Viki was the one who injured him. Julian started to choke Vincent, and Viki, in turn, started to choke Julian.

Esme went to the church, and she overheard Sheridan screaming from the closet. Esme was able to open the closet door. Esme and Sheridan ran over to Luis and Sheridan to help them. Luis instructed Sheridan to go find Eve because she was the only one who could help them. Sheridan blamed herself because she could have prevented it.

Esme ordered Viki to stop what she was doing, and Viki pretended to be innocent. Esme then told Viki that she knew that Viki was a serial killer and that Viki and Vincent poisoned everyone in the church. Esme ordered Viki to stop what she was doing. Esme asked Viki why she became a serial killer. Viki said that she did not suddenly wake up and decided to become a serial killer. She told Esme that her parents wanted to send her away to boarding school, so she killed them. Esme slapped Viki for her behavior and reassured Viki that she would never have left her.

Esme and Sheridan rushed over to help Eve. They held Vincent and restrained him. Vincent was upset because he wanted to finish off Eve. He insisted that Eve should pay for abandoning him. Eve yelled at Vincent and mentioned to him for the last time that it was Alistair who kidnapped him from the hospital. Vincent did admit that Alistair tortured him by locking him up in a rubber room and calling him names. Consequently, Vincent started killing to numb the pain.

Eve tried to find out what Vincent put in the sauce, but Vincent refused to help. Sheridan begged Vincent to tell Eve the truth, but Vincent lashed out at Sheridan and blamed her for leaving him to fall over the cliff.

Esme went off on Viki for her murderous behavior and begged her to help Eve by telling her what Vincent had put in the mushrooms. Viki blurted out what Vincent did, against Vincent's wishes, because she thought that it was too late to save anyone. Eve knew what to do and immediately attempted to contact the hospital to send over the antidote, but Eve was having a hard time getting a signal on the phone. Both Viki and Vincent left, despite Esme's insistence for Viki to stay. While Viki and Vincent were on their way out the door, both Eve and Julian threw themselves at Vincent and Viki to prevent them from leaving. They tied both Vincent and Viki up.

Sheridan wanted to save Luis and leave Fancy for dead, but Luis begged Sheridan to save Fancy. He reminded Sheridan that she stated, in her speech, that she loved Luis, and if she loved Luis, she would save Fancy. Sheridan agreed to save Fancy.

Esme asked Eve if there was a plan B if her plans did not work, and Eve said she had no other plans. Esme suddenly had an idea and ran off to get help.

Gertrude (Theresa) frantically tried to save Ethan. She kissed Ethan and begged him to stay alive. Gertrude fantasized that Ethan had figured out that Gertrude was Theresa and that she was alive. Gertrude then snapped out of the fantasy and shook Ethan begging him to come back to her. Gertrude struggled to revive Ethan. She was unsuccessful, so Gertrude decided to take a bite of the poisoned food. She wanted to join Ethan since she could not live without him.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tabitha looked outside at the storm that was brewing. She went back inside and warned Endora that the evil forces were descending on Harmony. Tabitha apologized for tricking Endora into the birdcage but said she left her no choice, because they had to leave town. Endora said she didn't want to leave without her friends. Mortals die, and that was something Endora had to get used to, Tabitha explained. Besides, Tabitha said, they planned to meet up with Edna and Norma at Nurse Precious' place. Endora said it was wrong to abandon the people they loved. Tabitha told Endora that sometimes self-preservation came before anything. Esme pleaded with Tabitha to help those who were poisoned by Vincent and Viki. Tabitha refused to help Esme, saying she couldn't save them because the Book of Disasters predicted that everyone was doomed. Eve was at the church, and she could help everyone, Tabitha said. Esme asked Tabitha if she could live with herself if she walked away and let everyone die. Tabitha told Esme if she wanted to blame anyone, Esme should blame her niece, Viki. Esme said that didn't mean Tabitha shouldn't save Viki's victims. Tabitha told Esme that members of the victims' families tried to kill her many times over the century, so they should all die.

Esme said Tabitha couldn't hold the mortals responsible, because Tabitha was proud of being an evil witch. Tabitha told Esme that she was made to feel like an outsider. Esme said Tabitha was going to hold this generation of Harmony residents responsible for what the previous generations did to her. Tabitha said Esme wasn't in a position to lecture her, and Esme admitted she wasn't perfect and mortals make mistakes. Tabitha said if people would accept each other's differences, all the wars and suffering in the world would end. Tabitha said even if she did save everyone in the church, no one would thank her. Esme was frustrated that no one took a leap of faith anymore, but Tabitha said the only leap she wanted to take was to get out of Harmony. Then, Endora asked if her father was at the church. Esme asked if Endora was in the birdcage and who her father was. Endora said Julian was her father, and Esme was surprised that Tabitha and Julian slept together, but she used the opportunity to play into Endora's worries about her father. Endora begged Tabitha to save her father, saying she was half Crane, but Tabitha said Endora was a Lennox through and through. Esme said Tabitha was worse than a typical mortal, because she was willing to let innocent people die.

Even if she saved Julian and the people in the church, they were going to die anyway, Tabitha said. Esme said that wasn't true, because she heard on Scooby-Doo that sometimes an act of unexpected goodness in the midst of evil changed the course of things, and Tabitha saving the people in the church could be the thing that changed the prophecy. Then, Esme realized that there was another reason why Tabitha wasn't willing to go into the church. Tabitha admitted that if she set foot inside the church, she would lose her powers, and she wasn't willing to do that for anyone. "Not even for me?" Endora asked Tabitha. Tabitha told Endora that Julian had a date with death and she couldn't do anything to stop that. Endora pointed out that Tabitha had lost her powers before and they returned. Tabitha said that was different, because she was being punished, and she knew she would get her powers back. This time, if Tabitha went into the church, God would get most of her power and the rest would go to the dark side. Besides, Tabitha said, how would she protect Endora? Endora said she would protect her mother. Tabitha said if she lost her powers, she would be a mortal and she couldn't bear that.

Endora pleaded with Tabitha to save Julian, and Esme begged too. Endora said it would break her heart if her father died. Tabitha said being a witch was the only thing she knew and if she lost her powers, her enemies would come after her and do horrible things to her and Endora. Endora tried to convince Tabitha that she could protect her mother, but Tabitha didn't want to think about how life would be without her magic. Then, after more pleading from Endora, Tabitha agreed to save the people in the church. Tabitha let Endora out of the cage and made her promise to stay home until Tabitha returned from the church. Then, Endora would use her magic to get them to Precious. Endora agreed and said Tabitha was her hero and she wanted to be just like her when she grew up. Tabitha said she wanted Endora to grow up to be the best witch that she could be, and Endora said Tabitha was the best witch ever.

At the church, Eve tried desperately to get in contact with emergency services to get an antidote to the poisoned mushroom sauce, but Vincent laughed at her efforts, saying no one would come to her rescue in the storm and everyone who was poisoned was going to die. Eve tried to get Julian to get up and walk to slow the effects of the poison. Vincent told Julian to ignore Eve's request, reminding him that the last time Eve tried to help, Julian's penis was put on backwards. Sheridan tried to get Fancy to walk around too. Eve told Sheridan she couldn't reach anyone by radio so they had to get everyone up and walking. Sheridan saw that Luis wasn't doing so well, so she begged him not to die. Theresa thought she wouldn't be able to save Ethan, so she was prepared to eat a poisonous mushroom too so she could join him in death. Pilar grabbed Theresa's hand before she could eat the mushroom and asked her if she had lost her mind. Eve told Sheridan to force everyone to drink water, to dilute the poison. Eve said she managed to get through to the hospital and police station on Sam's radio, but the storm was so bad that no one could reach them so they were on their own for the moment.

Pilar asked Theresa why she would take her own life, in a church no less. Theresa said she wanted to die because Ethan was dying, and she tried to bite into the poisonous mushroom. Eve gave Julian some water and told him to walk. Julian tried to walk, while Vincent mocked Eve. Sheridan gave water to Luis and urged him not to die. After he drank, Luis told Sheridan to save Fancy, so Sheridan gave her some water too. Luis asked about her mother, who was wrestling with Theresa over the poisonous mushroom. All of a sudden, Pilar collapsed, and Theresa called for help.

Julian told Eve to help the others, and then he passed out, much to Vincent's delight. Luis was worried about his mother and crawled over to help her. Theresa, dressed as Gertrude, was holding Pilar in her arms, and Luis begged Pilar not to die. Then he realized Pilar had no pulse, and Theresa begged Luis to help her. Sheridan told Luis that Pilar was dead, but he didn't want to accept it. Sheridan told Luis he could get through anything because he was strong.

As Eve tried to save Julian's life, Vincent taunted her more, saying Julian was dead and if she wanted to join him, he'd be happy to help her. Eve said she wished that when she was pregnant with Vincent she would have treated him like a tumor and cut him out. Vincent said it was too late and he got just what he wanted because Julian was dead. Eve lunged at Vincent and started choking him. Viki grabbed some mushroom sauce and forced it into Eve's mouth to poison her too. Sheridan overheard Eve struggling with Vincent and Viki and went to help. Theresa decided to help too, but when she got up, she fell out. Viki had Eve pinned to the ground while Vincent rubbed sauce on her mouth. Sheridan tried to grab Viki, but Viki knocked Sheridan back and put the sauce in her mouth too. Fancy passed out on Luis' shoulder. Theresa summoned up the strength to crawl to Ethan and lay next to him. Vincent and Viki were able to poison Sheridan and Eve, who passed out along with the rest of their victims.

When Tabitha showed up at the church, a cross appeared out of nowhere in front of the door, and she had second thoughts about entering. Esme tried to convince Tabitha to go inside, reminding her of her promise to Endora. Endora showed up outside the church, too, and pleaded with Tabitha to go inside and save everyone. Then Endora gave Tabitha a kiss on the cheek, and that was enough to persuade Tabitha to go inside the church. Once inside, Vincent told them that everyone was dead. Viki said her plan worked-Esme would never leave her now because there was no one left to take Viki away from her.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, July 11, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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