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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of December 29, 1997 on SB
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Monday, December 29

Ben's House
Ben finds the torn up lab report in the wastepaper basket. He pieces together the report and realizes that Meg sent in a swatch of the sheets to be analyzed.

When Mark comes by with a list of things to take with to the island, Ben asks Mark if Meg trusts him, and Mark told him that Meg is more in love with him than she has ever been. Mark tells Ben that spending New Year's with Meg's friends is not something that Ben would have done when he was with Maria.

Surf Central
The Surf Centralites begin packing for their island trip. When Gabi says that she's unsure of herself, they reassure her that they're glad that she decided to stay in Sunset Beach.

Virginia makes arrangements for Jimmy to stay with a friend for the weekend, and then she told Michael that she won't be able to go to the island. She is bidding for Michael and Casey to convin

ce her to come along on the trip, which they do.

When Vanessa asks Casey why he convinced Virginia to come with, Casey told her that he did it to prevent Michael from obsessing over all of the things that Virginia's missing. Casey promises Vanessa that he'll keep Virginia busy for the weekend, but Vanessa told him that if Virginia wants to interfere with her and Michael, then she will.

Grogan's Boat
While looking around Grogan's boat, Meg bumps into Grogan. When he realizes that Meg is Ben's fiancée, he told her that he's surprised that Ben hired him, since Ben hasn't had much luck with boats, especially since Maria got lost at sea.

Grogan told Meg that it's difficult to get to and from the island because of the tides, so once you're on the island, you're there for the night. He told Meg that he's the only person who can get them onto and off of the island.

Cole's Apartment
In the process of kicking Jade out, Cole finds out that Jade has been researching Ben. Jade told Cole that she's going to be catering the party on the island and then she "lets it slip" about the videotape that she left for Caitlin to find. Cole leaves to stop Caitlin before she watches the videotape.

Richards House
Sean told Caitlin that he's going to the island, but that he invited Elizabeth, since Amy can't make it.

After a few false starts, Caitlin plays the tape. However, the phone rings and Caitlin answers it. While she's talking on the phone, Cole comes in and sees the tape playing.

Ben's House
Meg comes home and told Ben about her encounter with Grogan. Meg asks Ben why he hired Grogan to take them to the island, and Ben told her that all of the other boat captains were busy for the weekend.

Meg sees the lab report that Ben has pieced back together, and confesses that she had hired the report, but that she never read it. When Meg mentions that Mark knows about the report, Ben asks if Mark has seen the report. Meg assures him that Mark hasn't seen it.

When Meg went upstairs to pack, Ben calls a hacker to help him get into the computer at the lab, where we see that the red substance wasn't paint after all, it was blood.

Grogan's Boat
Gabi and Mark arrive with the supplies and Mark stops Gabi from opening one particular duffel bag.

Gabi gets the fright of her life when she gets locked in one of the rooms, and Grogan opens the door, demanding to know who she is and why she's on the boat.

Tuesday, December 30

The Seabreeze
Jade believed that if she scanned Ben that Cole would remember what a good team they make.

Cole once again failed to convince Jade that he isn't scamming Caitlin. Jade taunted Cole that Caitlin might feel differently about him once she sees the tape she left her. Cole left in a panic.

Ben and Meg's House
Ben pulls up the lab report for the bloody sheets on the Internet. To keep Meg from seeing what he was doing, he lied to Meg that their Internet connection was down when she wanted to check the weather report. Ben suggested that he get a new copy of the report for he, Meg, and Mark to go over. Meg didn't think that was necessary because she completely trusted him and thought Mark felt the same way. Ben still worried that Mark had seen the report. Meg left to run some errands and said she's meet Ben at the boat. Ben changed the lab results via Internet from blood type O+ to acrylic paint.

Jade went to visit Ben under the pretense that she needed purchase orders. When Ben went to go get them from upstairs, Jade took the opportunity to snoop around. She found a safe and started to try and open it when she heard Ben coming back and had to stop. Ben turned down Jade's offer of a ride to the boat.

The Richard's Communication Group
Annie laughs to herself that her father must have thought that the stipulation on his will would be a punishment for her, but little did he know...

Annie announced to Gregory that she was giving up her shares in the Liberty Corporation because she refused to have an affair with him. Gregory had no idea what she was talking about. Annie reminded him about the kiss they shared and she felt that working together would confuse everything. Gregory insisted that the kiss meant nothing to him. Annie commented that maybe Gregory hasn't won Olivia back because his heart really isn't in it. He thought the idea was ludicrous. When Annie made an advance, Gregory was unable to resist her and they shared another kiss. They were surprised when Alex interrupted them.

Annie listened in as Alex warned Gregory not to let that "self-serving temptress" ruin his plans to get Olivia back. Gregory assured her that what she saw wasn't what it looked like.

Later, Annie decided it was time to have a little chat with Alex.

The Richard's House
Cole pulled Caitlin into a kiss to keep her from seeing the video of Jade and he that Caitlin had just turned on. Olivia walked in, saw the tape, and recognized Jade in the video with Cole. Caitlin received a phone call that prompted her to leave without ever seeing the tape.

Caitlin called the fertility doctor and was pleased to hear that they would squeeze her in that day.

Olivia assumed that Cole was having an affair with Jade. Cole explained that the tape was made over a year ago. Olivia wouldn't let Cole anywhere near the tape. When Caitlin came back, she suggested that the three of them watch the tape together. Cole was really sweating, but when Olivia played the tape he was relieved that Olivia had switched the tape with the tape of Caitlin's ultrasound. The tape made Caitlin sad and she went running off. Olivia told Cole that he'd better take care of Jade.

Caitlin wondered how long she would be able to keep her charade of being pregnant up. She had been fooling with the size of her maternity pad and was holding part of it in her hand when Olivia walked in the door and saw her.

The Boat
As all of the party guests gradually arrived to catch the boat someone watched them from afar through binoculars.

Mark was protective of his duffel bag, which he explained to Meg just had a few things to liven up the party with.

Gabi greeted Sean and Elizabeth. She made the mistake of thinking that Elizabeth was Amy. Elizabeth realized that she had been Sean's second pick and stormed off claiming she wouldn't go on the trip.

Sean saw Cole talking to Jade. Cole threatened Jade to stay away from Caitlin or that she'd be very sorry.

Meg was upset when Ben phoned her and told her that he'd have to miss the boat because he had urgent business to attend to. He promised to make it out for the party.

Elizabeth sneaked back onto the boat because she decided she didn't want to miss the biggest party of the year. She hid out downstairs and made plans to surprise everyone once they got to the island. Little did she know she was being watched through a peephole.

Wednesday, December 31

Richards' Communication Group
Annie accused Alex of wanting Gregory for own. Alex claimed she is working to get Gregory and Olivia back together. After Annie went off on a rant about how Olivia doesn't deserve Gregory, Alex commented that it was obvious Annie had fallen for Gregory. Annie said that Alex was the one in denial about her own feelings for Gregory. Alex refuted it. Annie told Alex to face it... Gregory was through with Olivia and had never started with Alex.

Later, Alex told herself that Annie was wrong about her motives, but then she remembered a kiss that she and Gregory shared. Alex wondered what that kiss meant to Gregory.

Gregory asked Tim to look after Caitlin for him. Tim found out that Ben was off on a trip.

The Richards' House
Olivia was shocked when she found Caitlin holding the maternity pad. Olivia thought that the pad was the one Gregory gave her to fake her pregnancy. So they both were worried that their respective secrets were out. Before Caitlin gave any explanation, Olivia explained that she had the pad to have maternity clothes made for when she is bigger. Caitlin wasn't happy that Olivia was still planning on divorcing Gregory. Olivia declared that she could let her baby be raised in the same conditions that Caitlin was.

Olivia told Cole that she knew Jade was no caterer and she wanted to know what he had done about her. Cole explained that they wouldn't have to worry about Jade for a few days, because she went on the trip to Ben and Meg's private island. Olivia wasn't happy because that was where Sean was. Cole demanded that Olivia give the videotape to him, but Olivia planned on keeping it.

When Tim walked in on Caitlin's phone conversation with the fertility specialist, Caitlin explained that she had a doctor's appointment, but that she wanted to keep it quiet until she knew more. Caitlin asked Tim to drive her to the appointment. They embrace. Cole walked in the room and saw them. Caitlin said that they were just being friends. Tim covered for Caitlin and said that they'd better go if she was going to make it on time for breakfast with Gregory.

Olivia was stunned when she overheard Alex ask Gregory what his kiss with Annie meant.

Annie and Bette's house

Cole, who was determined to find the videotape, was caught snooping by a towel clad Annie.

The Boat
The boat set sail with Meg, Mark, Vanessa, Michael, Virginia, Casey, Gabi, Jade, Sean, Grogan, and Elizabeth as the known passengers on board.

Casey boasted to Grogan that he knew a lot about boats. Grogan doubted it, but let Casey take the wheel while he spoke to the other passengers. Sean commented that he was going to call Amy and ask if she could come to the island after her family commitment was over with. Grogan told him that he'd better go ahead and call because there were no phones on the island and cell phones wouldn't work there.

When Vanessa was seasick, Virginia did everything she could to see that Vanessa felt worse.

Elizabeth, who was stowing away down below, started going through the other passengers' bags. She found a video camera and unknowing turned it on. She found something that frightened her in one of the bags. A masked man entered and frightened her. The two start to struggle and the assailant picked up a hook.

Casey, who was no longer at the wheel, and Michael were worried when the boat didn't seem to be going in the right direction. When they went to check what was going on, they found that Grogan was no longer at the wheel. The boat was headed for a collision and Casey was having trouble getting the boat off auto- pilot. He managed to fix everything in time, but ended up jerking the boat.

When the boat jerked it knocked Elizabeth's assailant down and appeared to knock "him" out. Elizabeth tried to make her getaway, but the assailant grabbed her foot.

Meg was angry when she found out Grogan left the wheel and went looking for him. She went down below. The assailant hid in the corner holding Elizabeth when Meg came in. She stood only a few feet away from them. The video camera that Elizabeth had found was recording the whole incident.

 New Year'sThursdayJanuary 1

Due to the New Year's holiday, Sunset Beach did not air today.

Friday, January 2

Richards' House
When Olivia confronts him about his kiss with Annie, Gregory writes it off as just a friendly greeting.

When Cole asks Gregory about his meeting with Caitlin, Gregory says that he didn't have a meeting with Caitlin and obviously Caitlin and Tim had plans that they didn't want Cole to know about. Annie's House
Annie, who thinks that Cole has broken in to steal the Deschanel jewels, told him that they both were cheated by Olivia's inheritance of the Deschanel jewels -- Cole because they should have been his birthright, Annie because they should have been her inheritance.

Annie told him that Gregory will never see Cole as anything but a jewel thief and a gigolo, and Cole says that he's given up that life. Annie wonders why Olivia hasn't been more supportive of Caitlin and Cole's relationship, and suggests that Olivia might want Cole for herself.

Olivia overhears Annie's comment and told Annie that she was just trying to protect Caitlin.

Olivia told Cole that she knows that he is there to find the tape, which makes Cole threaten to tell Annie that Gregory might not be the father of Olivia's baby. Cole backs down when she points out that Caitlin's the one who would be most hurt by that revelation.

When Olivia confronts Annie about the kiss, Annie says that she was just trying to comfort Gregory.

Alex overhears Olivia told Annie that she can have Gregory. Alex questions whether Olivia really means it, but Olivia says that she does mean it. Later, Olivia admits that she can't stand the thought of losing Gregory to Annie.

Fertility Specialist's Office
When the fertility specialist told Caitlin that she can't have children, Caitlin resolves to tell Cole the truth.

Richards' House
Caitlin arrives home, takes one look at Cole, and heads upstairs in tears. She went to the nursery to work up the courage to tell Cole about her infertility. When Cole comes in, Caitlin can only choke out the words "our baby."

Gregory thanks Tim for misdirecting Cole, and asks Tim where Caitlin really was going. Tim told Gregory that Caitlin just had to run some errands that she didn't want Cole to know about.

Grogan's Boat
When Michael mentions that the other Surf Centralites should keep an eye open for seasickness medication, Virginia went to steal the boat's supply of seasickness medication. Virginia bumps into Meg in the process and after she has it, she dumps it overboard.

The killer locks himself in with Elizabeth, who begs him not to kill her, to no avail. The killer wraps Elizabeth's body in a tarp.

While Meg is telling the other Surf Centralites that she couldn't find Grogan, Grogan comes up behind her and says that he was in the engine room.

When Vanessa comes downstairs in search of seasickness medicine, she sees the puddle of Elizabeth's blood, is seized by another attack of nausea and rushes back upstairs. She mentions the puddle of blood to the others.

The killer pushes Elizabeth's body out the porthole.

Mark reassures Meg that Ben will arrive in time for the party, and Meg says that with all of the romantic surprises that Ben has had for her, she wouldn't be surprised if Ben were already on the island waiting for her.

Unaware of what they're seeing, the Surf Centralites watch the sharks eating Elizabeth's body.

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