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January 3 to 7, 2022
Brooke was ashamed that she'd blown her sobriety, and Taylor became leery of Sheila's anger toward Brooke. Devil Johnny announced he did not want to be with Chanel, Chad told Kate about his alliance with Lucas, and Jack and Jennifer left town. Tracy revealed that Luke Spencer had been killed and later figured out that "Bailey" was Louise. When Abby and Chance declined to amend their legal agreement, Devon decided to pursue legal rights for Dominic.
January 10 to 14, 2022
Grace Buckingham arrived in Los Angeles, and Steffy declared that the Logans and Forresters were at war. Johnny dumped Chanel and conviced E.J. to sign over his stock, Allie slept with Chanel, and Nancy worried Craig had cheated on her. The charges against Tracy were dropped, Sonny ran out of refills for lithium, and Brad confessed to poisoning Peter. Devon filed for joint custody of Dominic, and Victor declined Victoria's request to sell Newman Media to her.
January 17 to 21, 2022
Deacon professed his love for Brooke, Carter and Paris kissed again, and Brooke told Hope all about New Year's Eve. Kristen told Kayla that Steve was dead, Abigail suspected Sarah was a fake, and Nancy worried that Craig had cheated on her. Marshall suffered a medical emergency, Finn confessed to Chase, and Port Charles remembered Luke Spencer. Chance convinced Abby that sharing custody with Devon was the best thing for Dominic, and Mariah accepted Tessa's marriage proposal.
January 24 to 28, 2022
Grace didn't understand Paris and Zende's relationship, and Brooke asked Douglas to forget what he saw on New Year's Eve. Craig confessed he'd fallen in love with a man, Kristen held Abigail on the same island as Sarah, and Johnny's investor turned out to be Lani's father. Esme laid a trap for Josslyn and Cameron, Sonny had a manic episode, and Peter learned where to find Louise. Victor accepted Victoria's offer to buy Newman Media, Mariah proposed to Tessa, and an agreement was reached for shared custody of Dominic.
January 31 to February 4, 2022
Grace ordered Carter to stop seeing Paris and Douglas identified Deacon as the man Brooke was kissing. Craig told Nancy he was gay, Gwen accepted Xander's proposal, and T.R. told Lani that he was her father. Ned and Olivia renewed their vows, Spencer reported to prison, and Peter escaped police custody. Abby feared that something was wrong with Dominic's health, and Michael uncovered inconsistencies with Ashland's cancer treatment.
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February 7 to 11, 2022
Taylor told Ridge that Brooke slept with Deacon on New Year's Eve before Brooke was able to tell Ridge the truth. Days of our Lives did not air due to the 2022 Winter Olympics. Carly caught Sonny in bed with Nina, Peter offered Maxie a deal, and Elizabeth's wedding dress was found shredded. Ashland confessed that he'd funded the Peruvian clinic, Chelsea dreamed about kissing Rey, and Dominic needed a bone marrow aspiration.
February 14 to 18, 2022
Brooke stopped a brutal fight between Deacon and Ridge, but Ridge saw that as Brooke siding with Deacon and ended things with her. Craig told Nancy he was gay, Gwen accepted Xander's proposal, and T.R. told Lani that he was her father. Harmony made a shocking confession, Victor was unable to trigger Drew, and the search for Maxie and Peter heated up. Adam and Sally had sex, Devon was match to be a donor for Dominic, and Jack received mysterious text messages.
February 21 to 25, 2022
Ridge ended things with Brooke. E.J.'s new cellmate was Clyde, Sarah believed she was Renee DuMonde, and Eli gave T.R. a warning. Peter was declared dead and Maxie reunited with her daughter, who she renamed Bailey Louise. Jack learned that Keemo had died, and Victoria agreed to make Ashland co-CEO.
February 28 to March 4, 2022
Sheila's arrogance caused her to make a careless slip and Carter and Paris gave in to passion. Craig's new boyfriend was Leo Stark, Gabi rebuffed Johnny and Jake's seductions, and Chad and Tony rescued everyone from the island. Jordan Ashford returned, Betsy showed up unannounced at Elizabeth's, and Esme broadcast the video of Cameron and Josslyn. Victor ordered Ashland to feign a relapse and cut all ties to Victoria, and Jack found letters written to him by Keemo.
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MARCH 2022
March 7 to 11, 2022
Thomas forced Sheila to admit how she'd gotten Brooke to drink, and Grace found Paris half-dressed at Carter's. The devil and Gabi took over DiMera, Orpheus warned Clyde to eliminate E.J., and Will and Sonny talked to Craig about Leo. Esme reunited with her father, Brando and Sasha eloped, and Josslyn and Cameron tried to do damage control. Jack encountered a woman named Allie at Keemo's house, Ashland signed the co-CEO documents, and Michael went missing.
March 14 to 18, 2022
Sheila urged Deacon to pursue Brooke, Brooke decided to fight for Ridge, and Thomas struggled to keep Sheila's secret. T.R. shot Eli, Allie realized she was bisexual, and Johnny made everyone believe that Belle was possessed. Esme took steps to frame Trina, Victor sought information about Project Demeter, and Jake revealed he had been talking to Elizabeth's parents. Jack learned that Allie was Keemo's daughter, and Nate confronted Ashland with medical evidence he had faked his cancer diagnosis.
March 21 to 25, 2022
Brooke looked back on her past relationships. and Steffy caught Thomas having a secret meeting with Sheila. Sonny crafted a plan to tempt Leo, E.J. remembered his shooting, and the devil planted evidence at Belle's house. Ryan threatened Harmony, Selina approached Sonny with a business proposition, and Esme claimed she might be pregnant. Victoria realized the accusations against Ashland were true, and the buyer of Keemo's house, Taylor, was the spitting image of Diane Jenkins.
March 28 to April 1, 2022
Steffy confronted Sheila, and Finn jumped in front of Steffy as Sheila pulled out a gun and fired. Chad's seduction of Leo backfired, and Devil Johnny revealed his demon nature to Allie. Trina was arrested, and Harmony was revealed to have murdered Dr. Neil Byrne. Jack was floored when he encountered a supposedly dead Diane Jenkins, and Michael returned home.
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APRIL 2022
April 4 to 8, 2022
Sheila shot Steffy and staged a robbery scene in the alley, Finn was killed, and Steffy clung to life. The devil jumped into Allie and chained Johnny up in the DiMera crypt, and Jan revealed she was pregnant with Shawn's baby. Valentin resurfaced, Anna followed a lead on the Ice Princess, and Brendan Byrne blackmailed Harmony. Jack prepared to tell Kyle that Diane was alive, and Ashland hacked into Adam's computer.
April 11 to 15, 2022
Sheila contemplated ending her life, Taylor had a near-death experience, and Steffy awakened. Ben and Ciara's gender cake was filled with blood, Nancy signed divorce papers, and Leo received a prenup. Spencer shared a secret with Cameron, armed men invaded Charlie's, and Sam broke Dante's trust. Adam offered Ashland $500 million to walk away, and Diane checked into the Grand Phoenix under a fake name.
April 18 to 22, 2022
Steffy's belief that Liam was her husband and fuzzy memory of the shooting caused tension. At the double wedding, Abigail revealed Gwen's evil deeds and Jackie Cox announced they were married to Leo. Alexis made a grisly discovery, Marshall decided to leave town, and Valentin and Anna shared a passionate kiss. Victoria, Ashland, and Rey got into a three-car accident -- Ashland rescued Victoria, but Rey didn't make it.
April 25 to 29, 2022
Steffy remembered Finn shortly before being told he was killed, and Sheila plotted to kill Steffy. Jan moved in with Shawn for medical reasons, and Devil Allie made it look like Evan had killed Ben. Carly learned Harmony's secret, but paid a price, and a fleeing Harmony was struck by Sasha's car. Nikki faced off with Diane, and Kyle reeled when Jack revealed that Diane had faked her death.
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MAY 2022
May 2 to 6, 2022
Steffy began to recall the night of the shooting, and Eric and Donna played "Pickleball" in bed. The devil took Ciara's baby, Leo asked Craig for another chance, and Eli regained consciousness. Harmony made a deathbed confession to Carly, and Willow learned the truth about Harmony's crimes. Kyle decided to give Diane a chance to prove herself, and Victoria appointed Nikki co-CEO.
May 9 to 13, 2022
Steffy began to recall the night of the shooting, and Eric and Donna played "Pickleball" in bed. Lani shot T.R. dead, but Paulina confessed that she did it, and Ben and Ciara stopped the devil's plan to possess baby Bo. Spencer found proof that Trina had been drugged, and Elizabeth received some answers during a séance. Diane faced the Abbott family's interrogation, and Crystal returned to town.
May 16 to 20, 2022
Sheila was arrested, Brooke learned why she'd drunk on New Year's Eve, and Ridge moved to Eric's house. Bo's spirit helped Ciara rescue her baby and resurrected Tripp from the dead, and Eli told Lani to stick to Paulina's story. Finn realized that Elizabeth might be the supposed stalker, Gladys confronted Sasha about the pills, and T.J. and Molly caught up with Marshall. Mariah and Tessa were married in a 1970s-themed wedding ceremony, and Jack and Phyllis had sex.
May 23 to 27, 2022
Unbeknownst to Steffy or anyone else, Finn survived the shooting and was being cared for by Li. Rafe and Nicole got engaged, Jake and Ava had sex, and Johnny proposed to Chanel. Nina's hearing got underway with Sonny testifying on her behalf and Michael being asked about Claudia Zacchara's violent death. Victoria broke up a fight between Nikki and Diane, and Adam brainstormed a way to take Victor's focus off Ashland.
May 30 to June 3, 2022
Steffy left town to seek time to mourn and heal, and an emotional Carter confessed he hadn't gotten over Quinn. Belle asked Shawn for a legal separation, Marlena felt guilty about Eric's situation, and Sarah remembered her life. The judge denied Nina's petition for visitation, Britt met Dante's childhood friend, and Nikolas and Esme had sex. Michael filed a civil suit against Ashland for fraud, and Jack overheard Phyllis make a troubling comment about their relationship.
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JUNE 2022
June 6 to 10, 2022
Eric ended his affair with Donna, Li visited Sheila in jail, and Brooke barred Deacon from her property. Sonny's blood test was negative, Johnny and Allie both told Chanel they wanted to be with her, and Abigail was murdered. Dex was secretly working for Michael, Spinelli was in cahoots with Zelda, and Trina received bad news. Victoria's family objected when she decided to start a new life with Ashland away from Genoa City.
June 13 to 17, 2022
Hope confronted Donna and Eric about their affair, and Sheila escaped from prison and learned that Finn was alive and well and being cared for by Li. Abigail died, Jack and Jennifer said goodbye to their daughter, suspects began to emerge, and Tripp left Salem. Austin secretly met with a mystery person, Josslyn and Trina found trouble in a dive bar, and Selina took issue with Cody. Traci and Ashley reminisced, Victor named Adam as CEO of Newman, and the Chancellor-Winters launch party didn't quite go as expected.
June 20 to 24, 2022
Carter proposed to Paris, and a fight between Li and Sheila ended in flames. Paulina and Abe married on Juneteenth, and Lucas proposed to Sami. Cyrus mounted a campaign to oust Laura as mayor, and Kevin blocked Esme from visiting Ryan. Phyllis reluctantly declared a truce with Diane, and Victor plotted to thwart Victoria and Ashland's new business venture.
June 27 to July 1, 2022
Quinn walked in on Eric and Donna, prompting Eric and Quinn to realize their marriage was over, and Eric urged Quinn to stop Carter's wedding. Belle and E.J. slept together, Orpheus said Evan was the father of Jan's baby, and Abe adopted Lani before she was sent to prison in Maryland. Willow learned she was pregnant, and Carly realized she might not be able to buy back her half of the Metro Court. Victoria outsmarted Ashland and walked out on him, Tessa received a troubling diagnosis, and Chloe and Chelsea sparred.
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JULY 2022
July 4 to 8, 2022
Finn remembered the night he was shot by Sheila, Carter jilted Paris at the altar, and Ridge told Taylor that he moved back in with Brooke. Salem mourned and buried Abigail, Ben and Ciara sailed away, and Jan attempted to flee with Shawn and her baby. Sasha suffered a breakdown on live television, Nina declined Drew’s offer to buy Crimson, and Elizabeth checked herself out of Shadybrook. Victoria reclaimed the throne at Newman Enterprises, Ashland suggested he and Adam work together to get revenge, and Chelsea ended her collaboration with Chloe.
July 11 to 15, 2022
Sheila caught Finn trying to get out of bed, and Deacon and Taylor bonded over rejection. Chad realized that Lucas might be Abigail's killer, Chad broke up Lucas' wedding, Lucas confessed to the kidnapping, and Sami caught E.J. in bed with Belle. Nina bought Carly's half of Metro Court, Trina and Rory grew closer, and Laura was called away to Italy. Adam walked away from Newman, Billy exposed Ashland's cancer fraud, and Ashland violated the restraining order by spending time with Harrison.
July 18 to 22, 2022
Brooke and Ridge grilled Mike about Sheila, Sheila told Finn that Li was dead, and Bill found a disheveled Li near the wharf. Chanel refused to choose between the twins, Orpheus blackmailed the governor into granting pardons, and Jada questioned Sarah about Abigail's murder. Trina's trial began, T.J. worried Willow might be ill, and Spencer told Esme he'd tell her the identity of her mother if she exonerated Trina. Adam abruptly ended his relationship with Sally, and Ashland's behavior toward Victoria became increasingly ominous.
July 25 to 29, 2022
Liam identified Bill's houseguest as Li Finnegan, Li took Bill to where Sheila was holed up with Finn, and Bill flew Finn to Monaco to be reunited with Steffy and the kids. Jake sustained a fatal gunshot wound during a mugging, Sarah attacked Gwen during a hallucination, and Chanel chose Allie. Esme asked Ryan about her mother, Nikolas told Ava he'd had sex with Esme, Spencer gave Trina an alibi, and Sasha decided to forgo therapy. Ashland was presumed dead after a fight with Nick, Ashland's body was later found in his car at the bottom of a ravine, and Sally overheard Adam telling Sharon why he'd broken up with Sally.
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August 1 to 5, 2022
Finn and Steffy reunited, Sheila showed up on Deacon's doorstep, and a family photo led Ridge to kiss Taylor. Evan took his son from Shawn, Xander and Sarah found the Sarah mask in Gwen's room, and Dr. Rolf transferred Jake's heart into a comatose Stefan. Esme vanished after a fall from the parapet, Spencer was arrested, Willow had a biopsy, and Elizabeth had an unsettling flashback. Chance and Kevin became increasingly suspicious that there was more to Ashland's death than the car accident.
August 8 to 12, 2022
Detective Sanchez said Sheila was killed by a bear, Steffy confronted Li, and Thomas suggested that Douglas live with him. Li ordered Rolf to delay waking Stefan, Xander and Sarah gathered evidence against Gwen, and Thomas identified Leo as the Tooth Fairy. Cody claimed to be Dominique Stanton's son, Valentin rejected Drew's offer to neutralize Victor, and Spencer faced time in Pentonville. Chance and Kevin became increasingly suspicious that there was more to Ashland's death than the car accident.
August 15 to 19, 2022
A redheaded Sheila resurfaced in Deacon's bed. Thomas said he wanted Douglas to live with him. Ridge told Brooke that he kissed Taylor in Monaco. Li plotted to brainwash Stefan to pursue Chloe. Chanel and Allie had drinks with Alex. Stephanie returned home. Leo gave the police Gwen's Sarah mask. The charges against Trina were dropped. Willow learned she had leukemia. Victor helped make it appear that Esme was in France. Chance decided not to further investigate Ashland's death. Sally chose not to publish Nick's account of the night Ashland had died. Devon and Nate clashed. Billy was told his podcast was interfering with his COO job.
August 22 to 26, 2022
Brooke confronted Taylor about the Monaco kiss. Eric threw a dinner party to allow the Forresters to reconnect. Hope was unnerved to find a woman at Deacon's house. Stefan woke up and wanted to see Gabi. Orpheus kidnapped Kayla and Marlena. Nicole and Eric dreamed about one another. A mystery person attacked Ava with a fish hook. Curtis proposed to Portia. Passion ignited between Drew and Carly. Spencer learned of Nikolas' tryst with Esme. Adam found the original police report of Ashland's case. Billy gently rebuffed Chelsea's kiss. Phyllis sold the Grand Phoenix to Chancellor-Winters.
August 29 to September 2, 2022
Brooke and Taylor got into a paint fight. Thomas told Hope she was the only woman for him. Sheila received hope for a chance with Finn. John, Steve, and Roman saved Marlena, Kayla, and Kate from Orpheus. Alex refused to give up on Stephanie. E.J. attempted to oust Gabi, but Johnny intervened. Ava woke up, but her memory of the attack was hazy. Valentin told Anna about Charlotte's abduction. Elizabeth opened up about her brief flashbacks of childhood memories. Adam accepted Jack's job offer and later asked Sally for forgiveness. Talia published a story about Diane's return from the dead.
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September 5 to 9, 2022
Hope couldn't bring herself to take Douglas home from Eric's. Sheila, disguised as Lina, sneaked into the cliff house. Xander and Sarah married. Stephanie recommended Paulina run for governor. Li and Gabi got engaged. Johnny kissed Ava. Trina learned of Spencer's efforts to clear her name. Dante moved in with Sam. Maxie learned Cody might be Mac's son. Willow had a vivid nightmare about Nelle. Diane received a mysterious text claiming she owed someone for killing Talia's articles. Nate walked out of a Chancellor-Winters meeting. Nikki decided to track down Deacon Sharpe.
September 12 to 16, 2022
Ridge walked in on Brooke and Bill embracing. Steffy was determined to split up Brooke and Ridge. Sheila spent time with Hayes. Orpheus revealed he had poisoned Kate, Kayla, and Marlena with a deadly toxin. Kristen accused Brady of murder. Brando was attacked by a hook-wielding stranger. Stella confessed to Jordan. Nick and Sally had sex. Nate quit his job at Chancellor-Winters. Chance and Chelsea bonded over their mutual restlessness.
September 19 to 23e, 2022
Steffy prevented Brooke and Ridge from spending a romantic evening together. Ridge apologized for past failures. Taylor told Brooke that Ridge loved two women. Clyde proposed to Nancy. Leo named Craig as Abigail's killer. The custody judge awarded sole custody to Brady. Steve attacked Orpheus, but Shawn stopped him. Before he died, Brando revealed a clue about his attacker. Elizabeth had a breakthrough when Kevin put her under hypnosis. The hook-wielding attacker set their sights on Diane. Nate and Victoria launched their plan for Newman to take over Chancellor-Winters. Nikki met with Deacon in L.A. Kyle asked Summer to marry him again. An anonymous text rattled Diane.
September 26 to 30, 2022
Someone called Child Protective Services on Thomas. A voice recording revealed the caller was Brooke. Steffy and Taylor prepared to head to Aspen and stay at a house Bill was selling. Chad forced Clyde to confess to the details of Abigail's murder. Chad spoke to Abigail's spirit. Bonnie consoled Nancy. Rex discovered the cause of Kate's illness. A brush with the killer left Diane clinging to life. Cody learned that Mac might be his father. Sonny tried to force a confession from Dex. Jordan urged Portia to tell the truth about Trina's paternity. A man from Diane's past arrived in Genoa City. Johnny reacted badly to the news that Chelsea was his biological mother. Elena decided she and Nate needed time apart.
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October 3 to 7, 2022
Liam grew concerned about the hold Thomas might have on Hope. Thinking Brooke had lied about calling CPS, Ridge took off for Aspen to ask Taylor to spend her life with him. Jennifer headed to rehab, and Gwen promised she would not tell the police Jennifer had hit her. Craig and Nancy returned to New York. Allie convinced Chanel to have a threesome with Alex. Sloan blackmailed Paulina. The Hook struck again. Esme resurfaced and denied being the killer. Diane revealed she’d been attacked by a woman. Spencer received a helping hand from Cyrus. Victor demanded Nikolas divorce Ava. Tucker crashed Kyle and Summer's vow renewal by flying in on a helicopter. Devon hired Esther. Chelsea unraveled when Johnny rejected her. Noah told Allie he loved her. Audra turned out to be Noah's ex from London.
October 10 to 14, 2022
Thomas revealed an app had altered his voice to make it sound like Brooke had called CPS. Ridge told Brooke their life together was over. Katie rebuffed Bill's pleas for another chance. Kristen offered up a cure with a catch. Chanel, Allie, and Alex had a threesome. Li Shen's little sister, Wendy, arrived in Salem. Roman and Kate were married. A memorial for Brando was held. Esme told Nikolas that she was pregnant with his child. Carly made a formal appeal to cancel the plans for the cemetery. Elena told Nate she was leaving Genoa City. Nate came clean about his plan to Devon, Lily, and Billy. Ashley rejected Tucker's attempt to make amends.
October 17 to 21, 2022
Bill warned Deacon not to pursue Brooke. Brooke was determined to fix things with Ridge. Quinn unexpectedly left town, Forrester, and Carter. Carter and Katie kissed. The serum healed Marlena, Kayla, and Kate. Tripp and Joey competed for Wendy's affection. Stefan gave Gabi divorce papers. Kristen rejected Chloe's truce. Lucy was shot by an assailant that looked like Anna. Holly Sutton resurfaced after being missing for two years. Cody agreed to a DNA test. Sonny offered Dex a promotion. Diane's whereabouts while she was "dead" were revealed. Summer voiced her objection to Nick and Sally's relationship. Devon confronted Nate.
October 24 to 28, 2022
Deacon proposed to Brooke. Taylor bought Wyatt's beach house. Paris told Thomas that Hope thought he was hot. Douglas wanted a family weekend -- with Liam. Kristen moved into the penthouse. Rolf made Gabi forget his confession. Paulina hired Leo. Nicole rehired Eric, and she modeled for him. Anna was arrested for shooting Lucy. Victor pressured Nikolas to divorce Ava. Heather Webber turned up at the hospital. Elizabeth visited her parents' home. Victoria offered Nate the CEO position at Newman Media and forced Nick to fire Sally and Chloe. Chelsea's feelings of anxiety and depression escalated.
October 31 to November 4, 2022
The Hope for the Future preview show was a success. Liam's decision not to attend alienated him from Hope. Sheila gave Deacon a sexy surprise for Halloween. Ava hired Xander to kidnap Susan. Wendy overheard Li talk to Kristen. Nicole and Eric were forced to model together. Stefan and Chloe kissed. Elizabeth confronted her parents and learned the details of Reiko's death. Heather was revealed to have a flesh-eating illness. The Hook sent a letter to Alexis. Billy stopped a despondent Chelsea from jumping from the Grand Phoenix rooftop. Kyle learned about Diane's lies. Devon realized Nate and Victoria had conspired to take over Chancellor-Winters.
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November 7 to 11, 2022
Hope rebuffed a kiss from Thomas and told him nothing would happen between them. Ridge sent Brooke annulment papers. Thomas ordered Douglas to delete the voice app from his phone. Shawn arrested Chanel for murder. Xander held Susan captive in the Kiriakis garden shed. Jada learned she was pregnant. Sonny and Valentin helped Anna escape. Willow told Michael she had cancer. Cameron ran into Heather. Nikolas was attacked by the Hook. Amanda and Chance walked in on Abby and Devon having sex. Audra confessed to Noah that she'd miscarried his baby. Michael discovered the connection between Tucker and Audra.
November 14 to 18, 2022
Ridge proposed to Taylor. Bill made a play for Brooke. Douglas figured out that Thomas made the call to CPS. Chanel told Allie about the woman she had killed. E.J. agreed to pay the ransom. Jada learned she was pregnant. Wendy's plan to trick Rolf failed. Elizabeth learned Nikolas had Esme locked away. Finn had an encounter with Jeff Webber. Holly was revealed to have shot Lucy. Chance told Abby their marriage was over. Chelsea gently explained her suicide attempt to Connor. Lily was blindsided by Amanda's resignation.
November 21 to 25, 2022
Just before the wedding, Taylor learned that Thomas had made the CPS call. Both Brooke and Katie rejected Bill. Stephen Logan visited. Ava kidnapped Susan, and she drove their car off a cliff. Johnny and Wendy escaped Rolf. Based on Nicole's advice, Jada decided not to have her baby. Holly confessed to working with Victor. Britt received grave health news. Lucy was revealed to be alive. Dex kissed Josslyn. Adam proposed to Sally. Daniel returned for Thanksgiving. Nate blew off a date with Elena. Lily worried about Billy's attention to Chelsea.
November 28 to December 2, 2022
Turmoil erupted when Steffy revealed the truth about the CPS call just as Ridge and Taylor prepared to say their vows. Jada informed Eric that Nicole had helped her decide to have an abortion. Trask ordered Paulina's arrest. E.J. was unsure if he had hallucinated seeing Ava. Johnny and Wendy decided not to tell anyone about Stefan's brainwashing. Holly received help disappearing without raising Victor's suspicions. Willow collapsed during an argument with Nina. The Quartermaines' Thanksgiving dinner ended in a feathery disaster. Phyllis' anonymous tip resulted in Jeremy Stark showing up at the Abbott mansion. Sally succumbed to Adam's kiss. Chance told Abby he wanted to move forward with a divorce.
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December 5 to 9, 2022
Finn believed Sheila faked her death. Steffy found herself face to face with Sheila. Bill refused to lose Katie to another man. Someone vandalized the bakery. Eric spent the night in jail after punching E.J. Paulina decided not to take office. Sister Mary Moira visited E.J. Heather reunited with Ryan. Victor arranged for Spencer's release from Pentonville. Robert, Laura, and Felicia found a coded message in the necklace. Jeremy demanded Diane return his money. Jack and Diane plotted to make Jeremy believe she'd fled town. After making love, Sally told Adam that it was time for them to move on.
December 12 to 16, 2022
Sheila slipped away before being caught. Deacon erased surveillance footage. Brooke and Taylor chose themselves over a relationship with Ridge. Gwen hired Leo to dress as the clown kidnapper so Xander could rescue Bonnie. Eric slept with Sloan, and Nicole saw them together. Brady kissed Mary Moira. Ava planted a bomb at the church. Rory died following an attack by the Hook. Elizabeth told Finn she was pregnant with Nikolas' baby. Nikolas gave Ava divorce papers. Heather and Ryan vowed to find Esme. Chelsea made amends to the people she'd hurt. Devon ordered Nate to stay out of his life. Summer fired Phyllis, and Daniel invited Phyllis to work with him.
December 19 to 23, 2022
Sheila managed to elude police. Bill sunk further into darkness. Katie received a surprise at her annual transplant checkup. Ridge and Brooke kissed under the mistletoe. Everyone survived the explosion. Ava suffered a psychotic break. Sonny invited Leo to move in. Eric advised Brady to stage a kidnapping. Xander received a Horton ornament. Spencer and Trina teamed up. Confronted by Ava, Elizabeth claimed she'd had a miscarriage. Ryan was linked to the Hook. Danny surprised Daniel with a holiday visit. Jack paid off Jeremy Stark. Ashley almost caught Tucker and Audra having sex. Mariah and Tessa received a sonogram photo from a prospective birth mother.
December 26 to 30, 2022
Bill shocked Steffy and Finn with news that he and Sheila were a couple. Thomas was booted from Forrester. Carter gave Katie a heart-felt gift. Sonny defended Leo to Victor. Brady and Eric plotted to kidnap Rachel. Gabi remembered her conversation with Rolf, and she confronted Li at the altar. Valentin and Anna met with Andre Maddox. Heather offered to help Mac spy on Ryan. Britt made plans to leave town after her party. The Hook targeted a new victim. Sally realized she might be pregnant. Diane tried to con Stark. Daniel confided to his parents that he'd become estranged from Heather and Lucy.
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