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January 3 to 7, 2022
Tracy returned to Port Charles with the shocking news that Luke Spencer had been killed in a tragic cable car accident in Austria. Tracy quickly figured out that "Bailey" was Maxie's missing daughter, Louise. Dante arrested Tracy for setting Alexis up to be charged with a DWI. Victor was revealed to be behind Luke's untimely demise. Ned and Olivia moved ahead with plans for Ned to adopt Leo. Olivia happily agreed to Ned's suggestion that they renew their wedding vows. Shawn offered Alexis a job at the Invader. Sonny hoped to work things out with Carly, but she was unable to forgive Sonny because of his reluctance to answer questions about Nina. Nina hoped to have a second chance with Sonny if his marriage to Carly fell apart. Carly paid Nina a visit. Peter hired Martin to represent him. Finn and Elizabeth made plans for their first date, but she still held her wedding ring close. Sasha struggled as she returned to work at Deception. Curtis and Portia declared their love for each other. Spencer was ordered by the court to volunteer at the Jerome Gallery. Ava decided to have Spencer report to Trina. Esme picked up a potent prescription.
January 10 to 14, 2022
Alexis decided not to cooperate with Robert's case against Tracy because Alexis felt that Tracy had suffered enough by losing Luke. Tracy was released from jail. Victor began to connect the dots between Brook Lynn and Maxie. Tracy confronted Brook Lynn about passing Louise off as "Bailey." Brook Lynn and Chase decided to rent a place together so they could safeguard "Bailey", away from prying eyes. Brad confessed to Britt that he had unwittingly poisoned Peter. Britt told Brad that she knew someone who might be able to help him. Carly had a heated exchange with Nina that turned physical when Carly slapped Nina. Nina tried to enlist Valentin's help to go up against Michael, but Valentin wanted no part of it. Ava advised Nina that Nina risked losing Sonny if Nina went to war with Michael over Wiley. Carly decided to temporarily move into Metro Court. Sonny's pharmacy alerted him that he was out of refills for lithium. Marshall explained that he had walked away for the safety of his family, but he refused to elaborate. Laura's efforts to broker a reconciliation between Nikolas and Spencer failed. After a talk with Esme, Kevin called Spring Ridge to restrict access to Ryan.
January 17 to 21, 2022
Marshall had a medical emergency during his dinner with Epiphany. Curtis made a decision about his father. Sonny evaded Carly's questions when she asked if he had renewed his prescription for lithium. Sonny grew increasingly erratic. Carly vented to Sam about Sonny and Nina. Brook Lynn was hurt when she overheard Chase tell Dante all the reasons why Chase could not see himself dating her. Brando opened up to T.J. about his concerns for Sasha and her reaction to Liam's death. Maxie offered Sasha sage advice. Maxie agreed to return to Pautauk with Austin and Felicia to walk through the events surrounding Louise's birth. Elizabeth was alarmed when she learned that Franco's studio had been destroyed in a fire that had been intentionally set. Cameron suggested that Peter had arranged for the blaze to destroy any potential incriminating evidence in Franco's murder. Peter tried to blackmail Finn, but Finn decided to confess to Chase about the altercation with Peter in the hospital stairwell. Alexis decided -- for Kristina's sake -- to distance herself from Harmony. Friends and family gathered on the Haunted Star to say goodbye to Luke. Helena Cassadine managed to have the last word. Laura was shocked when Jennifer Smith made an appearance. Things took a violent turn at Charlie's Pub.
January 24 to 28, 2022
Jennifer Smith had an ulterior motive when she made an appearance at Luke's memorial service. The teens arrived at the mountain cabin for their weekend getaway, and Esme didn't waste any time sowing seeds of doubt. Trina had a bad reaction to a drug that Esme slipped into Trina's drink. Josslyn confronted Spencer about Esme, but he reluctantly sided with his girlfriend. Cameron and Josslyn made love for the first time, but they were unaware that Esme had set up a camera to record them. Victor told Peter that he had found Louise. Peter vowed to punish Maxie for keeping their daughter from him. Peter saw Louise. Valentin pieced together that "Bailey" was really Louise. Victor abducted Valentin. Maxie returned to Pautauk with Austin, and the two shared a passionate kiss. Austin confided to Britt that his brother was on the autism spectrum. After a talk with Laura, Martin recused himself from Peter's defense. Sonny spiraled into a manic episode, but Nina managed to persuade him to call Dr. Sullivan. Sonny had an important conversation with Brando. Ned and Olivia talked to Leo about their plans for a vow renewal and for Ned to adopt Leo. Curtis filled Aunt Stella in about Marshall's reason for walking out on the family.
January 31 to February 4, 2022
Tracy had trouble with the WSB when the Ice Princess was revealed to be a counterfeit. Anna interceded on Tracy's behalf, and Tracy was permitted to return to Amsterdam to settle Luke's affairs. Victor realized that Valentin had figured out the truth about "Bailey," so Victor and Johann drugged and kidnapped Valentin. Anna became concerned when Valentin left her a message about Louise and vanished. Austin figured out that "Bailey" was Louise. Brook Lynn told Chase that she had overheard his conversation with Dante about her. Spencer said his goodbyes as he prepared to report to Spring Ridge. Esme feigned ignorance when she intentionally walked in as Spencer and Trina were about to kiss. Harmony told Alexis that Willow didn't have a legal birth certificate because Willow had been born on a commune where the community members had been afraid of government scrutiny. Sonny resumed taking his medication for bipolar. Sonny transformed the Haunted Star to recreate his Martinique wedding to Carly, but Nina showed up instead of Carly. Carly opened up to Drew about her troubles with Sonny. Mac and Dante transported Peter to Pentonville. They were ambushed, and shots were exchanged. Mac was shot, and Peter escaped. Peter abducted Louise.
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February 7 to 11, 2022
After Peter escaped, Mac and Dante were rushed to the hospital. Dante suffered minor injuries, but Mac was taken into surgery. Felicia breathed a sigh of relief that Mac was expected to make a full recovery. Victor agreed to provide Peter with safe passage out of Port Charles in exchange for Charlotte's safe return. Word spread that "Bailey" was really Louise. Valentin resurfaced, but Anna suspected that his disappearance had been linked to the truth about Louise. Peter agreed to leave Louise behind if Maxie left town with him. Carly arrived late at the Haunted Star and caught Sonny in bed with Nina. Carly told Sonny that their marriage was over. Drew overheard Sam open up about her feelings for Dante. Drew and Carly shared a close moment. Dante and Sam admitted that they were in love with each other. Taggert and Portia offered Trina a warning about Esme. Liz marked her first Valentine's Day wedding anniversary without Franco. Liz was unsettled when her wedding dress turned up shredded in a donation box. Terry encountered a familiar face on a Valentine's Day date.
February 14 to 18, 2022
In Switzerland, Maxie took an opportunity to leave a message for Anna without alerting Peter. Felicia reluctantly returned Louise to Brook Lynn and Chase until Maxie was found. Several figured out where Peter had taken Maxie. Carly talked to a divorce lawyer about her desire to punish Nina. Sonny tried to make amends with Carly, but Carly insisted that their marriage was over. Liesl planted a listening device on Victor's lapel. Victor attempted to trigger Drew's mind control, without success. Victor confided to Johann that Drew had important information buried in his subconscious. Laura passed along a special gift to Trina from Spencer. Esme was furious when she learned that she was blocked from seeing Ryan. Kevin and Spencer confronted Esme about her interest in Ryan. Liz grew uneasy when she received a card from a mystery person, commemorating Franco's passing. Chet sprang to Terry's rescue when her date took a wrong turn. Curtis and Portia decided to move in together and find a place of their own. Harmony revealed that she was not Willow's biological mother. An unseasonable heat wave hit Port Charles.
February 21 to 25, 2022
After escaping from Peter, Maxie ran into Felicia on the road as Felicia arrived to rescue her daughter. Peter managed to force Maxie and Felicia's car off the road. When Peter confronted Maxie with a gun, Felicia gained the upper hand and struck Peter with a tire iron. Anna decided not to call for an ambulance because she wanted to make certain that Peter succumbed to his head injury. Anna held Peter's hand as he took his last breath. Maxie was reunited with her daughter, and she decided to honor Brook Lynn by naming the baby Bailey Louise. Sonny and Carly reached an agreement about their divorce. Sonny moved into the penthouse. Carly and Ava discussed Avery's visitation. Nina talked to Sonny about his drinking and the effect that it had on his medication and mental health. Brando and Sasha made plans for a romantic getaway. Sasha reconnected with an old acquaintance who offered Sasha drugs. Curtis and Drew made a decision about how to proceed with Marshall. Stella offered Portia some advice. Tensions mounted between Esme and Josslyn when Josslyn made it clear that she did not trust or like Esme. Laura set some ground rules for Esme. Shawn let Alexis know that he wanted to rekindle their romance. Liz called Betsy Frank.
February 28 to March 4, 2022
Diane cautioned Alexis about trusting Harmony. Willow put her foot down with Nina. Shawn questioned Harmony about the people she kept company with. T.J. was happy for his father when Shawn revealed that he was relocating to San Francisco. Jordan Ashford returned to Port Charles, and Laura immediately reinstated the police commissioner. Curtis and Portia moved ahead with their plans to buy a place together. Marshall accepted a job offer from Drew. Sonny, Nikolas, and Spencer each remembered Courtney on the anniversary of her death. Elizabeth was shaken when Franco's painting of her -- that she believed had been destroyed in the fire at Franco's studio -- turned up in her living room. Betsy Frank was questioned about the strange incidents, but Betsy was cleared as a suspect when she provided an airtight alibi. Jake learned that Peter August was dead. Brando and Sasha were intimate during their romantic getaway. Sasha secretly took illicit pills, and she suggested that she and Brando elope. Maxie made it clear to Austin that she was ready to explore a relationship with him. Anna and Liesl buried the hatchet. Anna, Laura, Sam, and Drew discussed the possibility that Victor had been responsible for Luke's death -- and how to catch Victor in a trap of his own making. Esme put a diabolical plan into motion.
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MARCH 2022
March 7 to 11, 2022
Esme reunited with her father -- Ryan Chamberlain. Ryan was revealed to have full faculties of speech and movement. Esme assured her father that she remained loyal to him, and she promised to prove it. Ryan reminded Esme to focus on their mission to drive Nikolas and Ava apart. Cameron and Josslyn were horrified that someone had recorded their first time being intimate. Josslyn confronted Esme about the leaked video, but Esme pointed the finger at Trina. Josslyn leaned on her mother for support. Trina ran into Spencer while he was visiting his mother's grave. Portia and Curtis bought Jax's house. Nina threatened to take Michael and Willow to court for visitation with Wiley, but Sonny asked Nina for an opportunity to talk to Michael first. Britt and Maxie helped Drew, Dante, and Sam set a trap for Victor. Victor believed that he had the key to controlling Drew's mind. Victor persuaded Nikolas and Ava to invite Spencer to their vow renewal. Anna and Felicia decided to fly to Austria to take a second look at the events surrounding Luke's death. Elizabeth decided it would be best for her to focus on her family instead of a relationship with Finn. Jake was upset when Elizabeth told him that she had made an appointment for him with his therapist. Brando and Sasha eloped.
March 14 to 18, 2022
Cameron and Josslyn struggled as they dealt with the fallout from the video recorded of them during their first intimate night. Trina told Spencer that they couldn't remain friends as long as Esme was a part of his life. Esme took steps to frame Trina for posting "revenge porn." Carly confronted Esme about the illicit video, but Esme used the opportunity to manipulate Nikolas into defending her. Carly helped Drew out of a tricky situation. Drew, Sam, and Dante learned that Victor wanted information about something named Project Demeter from Drew's Navy SEAL days. Elizabeth was stunned when Jake revealed that he had been talking to her parents the night of the fire in Franco's studio. Nina helped Sonny realize that it was time for him to stop drinking. Sonny approached Michael and Willow about Nina having a visitation schedule with Wiley, but Michael and Willow refused to consider it. Michael was arrested for assaulting a reporter. Willow fainted. Anna and Felicia found proof that Luke had been murdered. Monica decided to have Jason legally declared dead. Before Shawn left town, he and Alexis had a difficult conversation. Selina had a business proposition for Curtis, but he declined.
March 21 to 25, 2022
Spencer's homecoming took an unexpected turn when Esme's pregnancy test fell out of a bag as she prepared to move out. Esme told Spencer that they were over, and she refused to take the pregnancy test until she was ready. Esme turned to Nikolas for help. Cameron and Josslyn decided to do an interview with the Invader about the illegal recording of them during an intimate moment. Trina cleared the air with Cameron and Josslyn. Jordan followed up on the tip that Esme had anonymously called in naming Trina as the person who had posted the "revenge porn." Taggert spent time with Portia and Trina. Drew uncovered that Marshall had lived in Buenos Aires, but not under an alias. Curtis was determined to find out the details of Marshall's sealed records, but both Jordan and Sonny refused to help him. Sonny and Marshall had a tense encounter. Selina approached Sonny with a business proposition, and he agreed -- with stipulations. Britt had a job for Brad, but Selina informed Brad that he would be working for his aunt. Ryan threatened Harmony if she refused to stop helping him. Alexis invited Harmony to move in until Harmony could afford a place of her own. Willow fainted, but she quickly recovered after having some fluids and something to eat. Michael was arrested for punching a reporter who was asking him questions about the video of Cameron and Josslyn. Epiphany decided to go to medical school to become a doctor. Finn and Liz rekindled their romance. Avery injured her arm on the playground.
March 28 to April 1, 2022
Harmony became uneasy when Phyllis recalled how close Harmony and Madeline Reeves had been during Nina's pregnancy. Harmony was revealed to have murdered Dr. Neil Byrne as he slept next to Alexis. Neil's brother Brendan paid Alexis a visit. Trina was arrested when the cell phone that Esme had planted in Trina's bag was turned over to the police. Scott agreed to represent Trina, and Trina pleaded not guilty at her arraignment, despite being offered a plea deal. Sonny put Esme on notice. Victor gave Sonny a warning. Both Spencer and Esme moved into Wyndemere. Spencer continued to question Esme's innocence in the revenge porn scheme. Sonny asked Brick to fill the void that Jason had left. Brick agreed to investigate Esme. Brando and Sasha returned from their honeymoon, but Sasha continued to struggle. Sasha reached out to Siena for more drugs. Chase turned down Brook Lynn's request to perform a duet with Amy at the upcoming party for Deception. Nina decided to take Michael and Willow to court for visitation with Wiley.
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APRIL 2022
April 4 to 8, 2022
Brendan Byrne demanded money from Harmony, or he would tell Nina that Nina had given birth to twin girls -- Nelle and Willow. Michael offered to give Smoltz an exclusive story about Nina and all her dirty secrets, including what had really transpired between her and Sonny in Nixon Falls. During Curtis and Portia's housewarming party, Stella had a tense exchange with Marshall, and she suffered a health scare. Selina and Sonny reached a new understanding about her plans to expand in Port Charles. Curtis took Selina up on her offer to host high-stakes card games at the Savoy in exchange for information about Marshall. Trina pleaded not guilty at her arraignment. Esme's pregnancy test was negative. Esme manipulated both Nikolas and Spencer into letting her stay at Wyndemere. Ava decided to move into a guest room to keep an eye on things, but she made it clear that Nikolas would not be welcomed in her bed. Liz had an unsettling dream about a shadowy figure telling her not to forget him. Liz's fears mounted when she found a note in red paint with the same message. On the dark web, Spinelli uncovered a black-market auction for the Ice Princess. Anna went to French Polynesia to track down the Ice Princess, which led her straight to Jennifer Smith. Anna was unaware that Valentin had resurfaced. Jennifer spoke to an associate on the West Coast about their diabolical plans for Port Charles.
April 11 to 15, 2022
Brendan Byrne arranged to meet Harmony to collect the money he'd demanded in exchange for keeping quiet about Nina's twin daughters. Harmony had an altercation with Brendan, and he fell backwards over a cliff to his death. Alexis began to have questions about Harmony when Carly confided that Harmony had mentioned being indebted to Nina. Trina was hurt that Spencer continued to believe Esme's lies. Spencer admitted to Cameron that Spencer was only pretending to believe Esme because he wanted to remain close to her in an effort to uncover proof that Esme had been behind the revenge porn. Spencer made it clear that he did not want Trina -- or Josslyn -- to know his secret. Esme talked to Nikolas about her adoptive family. Ava called off her vow renewal to Nikolas. Cameron learned that he would not be permitted to work at Lila's Kids over the summer because of the scandal. Finn enlisted Chase's help to uncover who was stalking Elizabeth. Brando saved the day when two armed gunmen attempted to rob Sonny and Nina at Charlie's Pub. Phyllis agreed to buy the pub. Dante was stunned when he caught Sam going through his phone without his permission. Michael and Willow took steps to smear Nina in the public eye. Alexis agreed to run Smoltz's story -- but with stipulations. Aiden expressed an interest in the afterlife.
April 18 to 22, 2022
Alexis discovered Brendon Byrne's body floating in the harbor. Harmony slipped into Brendon's hotel room and stole Neil's case file on her. Alexis' concerns about Harmony mounted when she found Harmony drinking her troubles away, and Harmony demanded that Alexis kill Smoltz's story on Nina. Carly paid Alexis a visit, but she found Harmony about to burn incriminating evidence. Chase was knocked unconscious while surveilling Liz's home. The footage from the security cameras in Liz's house was corrupted. Marshall decided to leave town. Selina delivered the file on Marshall to Curtis. Curtis confided to Portia that Jordan was trying to help Trina. Britt was stood up by her date through the matchmaker service, but she had an unexpected encounter with Drew. Family and friends gathered to celebrate Ned adopting Leo. Spencer accused Josslyn of enlisting Trina to frame Esme when Cameron nearly spilled the beans about Spencer's plans to prove Esme's guilt. Furious, Cameron punched Spencer, and Spencer accidently hit Officer Rory Cabrera. Rory arrested Spencer and Cameron; however, Laura intervened on Cameron's behalf, and Rory decided to drop the charges against Spencer. Valentin paid Anna a visit, and the two shared a passionate kiss. Sonny made a power move.
April 25 to 29, 2022
A photographer snapped photos of Sasha taking drugs, but Gladys unwittingly intervened and took the man's memory card. The photographer gave chase in his car when Sasha and Gladys left Metro Court's gardens. Carly found a portion of Neil's report about Harmony's secret in the fireplace. Harmony injected Carly with a syringe and took an unconscious Carly to Rana Point to stage a car accident, but Alexis arrived in the nick of time to save Carly. Alexis was stunned when Harmony confessed to murdering both Neil Byrne and his brother. Harmony escaped into the woods, but she was struck by a car driven by Sasha. Sasha performed CPR on Harmony, and Harmony was rushed to the hospital in grave condition. Michael cut Sonny out of his life. Laura secured a promise from Sonny that Esme wouldn't be harmed. Ava admitted that she didn't know what would fix her marriage to Nikolas because the trust had been broken between them. The security cameras in Elizabeth's house were revealed to have been jammed when Chase had been knocked unconscious. Curtis confronted Marshall about Marshall's lies. Marshall resented that Curtis had looked at Marshall's criminal file and learned that Marshall had been arrested during a protest and sent to a mental health facility. Marshall sent T.J. a special gift.
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MAY 2022
May 2 to 6, 2022
Harmony made a deathbed confession to Carly about Nina and Willow. Carly made a promise to Harmony as Harmony succumbed to her injuries. Willow was shocked when Dante revealed that Harmony had killed two men to keep Willow from learning that Harmony had kidnapped Willow as an infant. Jordan assigned Dante to track down Willow's birth mother. Sasha began to spiral when she learned that Harmony had died. Valentin had concerns about his investment in Deception when he saw incriminating photographs of Sasha and her pills. Gladys vowed to protect her daughter-in-law. Sonny and Nina shared a close moment at the Savoy. Sonny found clarity when he had a dream about Lenny. Terry and Amy clashed at work. Chet returned to Port Charles. Dex approached Sonny for a job. Britt was supportive of T.J. when T.J. lost his first patient. T.J. showed Curtis the gift that Marshall had given T.J. Mac and Felicia each suspected that the other wanted a baby. Liz was shaken by another unsettling incident in her hotel room. Martin and Lucy had a passionate reunion, and they decided to go public with their relationship.
May 9 to 13, 2022
Willow was shaken when she learned that Harmony was not her biological mother. Carly decided to delay telling Willow about Nina until a DNA test confirmed that Nina was Willow's biological mother. Carly enlisted Drew and Britt's help. Nina told Sonny that it would be best if they didn't see each other until after a judge ruled on Nina's petition for visitation. Spencer searched Esme's bedroom for proof that she'd been deceiving him, and he found the medication that Esme had used to drug Trina during the getaway at the cabin. Spencer continued to pretend to believe Esme's lies. Ryan warned Esme that Spencer was onto her, and he demanded that Esme seduce Nikolas. Nikolas continued to isolate himself by defending Esme. Josslyn noticed the sparks between Trina and Rory. Elizabeth met with Chelsea Lam for a sťance. Chelsea revealed there was a dark presence in Elizabeth's home, and it did not want Elizabeth to move on with Finn. Parents gathered in the town square for a school fair to support their children. T.J. decided to follow up on a lead to Marshall's whereabouts. Ned worried that he might not have a place in the company when ELQ and Aurora Media merged. Brook Lynn offered Ned some sage advice. Valentin and Martin plotted their next move when they learned about the merger. Chet and Terry grew closer. Amy had a tense exchange with Terry.
May 16 to 20, 2022
Violet said something that made Finn realize that perhaps Liz had been behind each of the strange events. Cameron found Liz in a trance-like state as she shredded a drawing of Finn and Violet. Nikolas stubbornly refused to give in to Ava's demands and evict Esme. Esme used the tension between Nikolas and Ava to her advantage. Spencer confided to Sam that he suspected Esme had framed Trina. Brook Lynn was touched when Chase showed up to a school fair to support Leo as Leo recited a poem. Linc resurfaced and informed Brook Lynn that he owned the legal rights to all the songs she had written during their working relationship. Gladys deleted the incriminating photos of Sasha from Felty's memory card. Gladys agreed not to tell Brando about Sasha's drug use in exchange for Sasha agreeing to get clean and inviting Gladys to move in. Curtis decided to search for his father. T.J. and Molly caught up with Marshall in Brooklyn. Curtis arrived in the nick of time to help T.J. and Marshall thwart two would-be muggers. Marshall was injured and taken to the hospital. Jordan asked Portia about the confession about Trina's father that Portia had made during their near-death experience.
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JUNE 2022
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JULY 2022
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December 13 to 17, 2021
Brook Lynn and Willow had a heated argument. Harmony was thrilled when Willow offered to arrange a visit with Wiley to exchange Christmas presents. Alexis admitted that she wasn't interested in working as a private investigator. Alexis realized that a friendship with Harmony was not possible because of what Harmony had done to Kristina in the name of Dawn of Day. Britt broke the news to Brando and Sasha that Liam had no brain activity, and he would never recover. Sonny helped Sasha accept that she needed to say goodbye to Liam. Mike Corbin watched over Liam. Olivia gave Nina a warning about Carly. Leo had an evaluation. Finn and Elizabeth opened up about the kiss they had shared and what they wanted moving forward. Brad was granted parole. Selina made arrangements for her nephew to live with her and start a new job. Britt told Brad about Selina's threat. A furious Michael warned Brad to stay away from Wiley. After an encounter with Marshall, Stella confronted him about turning up in Port Charles. Peter was rushed to the hospital, but he lingered in a coma from an unknown poison. Sam took Scout to spend time with Drew.
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