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January 4 to 8, 1999
Nikolas and Lucky bonded after Nikolas discovered that Stefan, not Stavros, was his father. Jason told Carly that they needed to find her a place of her own to live. Carly was not happy with the idea. Robin realized that the best thing for her and for Michael and Jason was if she stepped aside. Stefan contacted Laura and Alexis and told them both that there were things that needed to be discussed in regards to Nikolas. Jax and Jerry discussed Jerry and Bobbie's new relationship and a new business venture against the Cassadines. Bobbie tried to convince Carly that moving into the Brownstone was best for her and Michael. Laura and Stefan discussed how to move forward in regards to Nikolas. Liz and Lucky grew closer as he talked to her about his family and Nikolas. Alexis met with Stefan and demanded what was rightfully hers by birth.
January 11 to 15, 1999
A.J. tried to get Carly to see she could have the good life with him. Nikolas told Katherine it was either Helena or him. Lucky went to see Laura and told her that her whole life was nothing but lies. Sonny and Jax had words over Brenda and her death. Robin tried to talk sense into Sonny and Jax. Lucky and Liz grew closer as Lucky grew farther away from his family. Felicia told Tony that she could not sign his petition for custody, and he got angry. Monica and Alan shared breakfast together, and he told her he felt that he was regaining control of his life. Robin decided to leave Jason and leave town. Robin went to see Carly, and the two had words about Jason and Michael. Before Robin left, she met A.J. on the docks and told him that he, not Jason, was Michael's father.
January 18 to 22, 1999
A.J. confronted Carly with the information that he was Michael's father, then told Edward that Michael was his son. Emily found Nikolas and Katherine in bed together and ran out. Nikolas found her later and tried to explain, but Katherine interrupted. Liz and Lucky talked about their future together. Carly and Sonny had words about Jason, Robin, and Michael. Jason and Robin met on the bridge where they had first met and decided it was all over for them. Bobbie and Jerry discussed Carly and her problems. Laura went to dinner at Wyndemere and ended up in a passionate kiss with Stefan. Luke kicked off his plan to take down Stefan by calling one of his banks in Switzerland.
January 25 to 29, 1999
Stefan told Laura he didn't want stolen moments from her. V and Ned were excited about his music career. Bobbie and Jerry discussed the fact that A.J. was Michael's father. Luke got his hands on a disc of all Stefan's holdings. Sonny and Jason worked on new business ventures. Liz and Lucky continued to talk about their future. A.J. dropped off the court order for a paternity test to Carly, and she was shaken up, but Jason told her it would be all right. Ruby passed away, and Bobbie was the first to find out. Jason tried to comfort her. Luke later found out from Bobbie that Ruby had died, and he and Bobbie shared their grief together.
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February 1 to 5, 1999
Laura learned of Ruby's death from Luke. A.J. threatened Carly with returning to Ferncliff. Sonny asked Alexis to be his "friend's" attorney in a custody battle. Jason and Carly discussed running away with Michael. Luke decided that Port Charles was always to be his "return address." Bobbie wanted to keep Kelly's open. Felicia interviewed Tammy about being a hooker. Jason and Sonny discussed the warehouse business. Carly and Jason decided to run and started packing. As Bobbie was going through Ruby's belongings, she became upset and called Carly. Carly told Jason she would join him the next day, as Bobbie needed her. Ruby had left an envelope for Carly. It held her favorite necklace. Sonny didn't like the fact that Carly wasn't going with Jason immediately. Jason told Sonny that Sonny was like a father to him. Mike was told that A.J. was Michael's father. Paternity test papers were served at the penthouse. Alexis started to work with Jax to get the Cassadine money. Stefan and Katherine met about Nikolas. Stefan informed her that she actually had helped make Nikolas and him closer. Monica threatened Edward. Alexis told Luke about her life. Nikolas and Stefan discussed the Cassadine legacy, and decided to donate some of the money to General Hospital. Helena was commanded to appear at GH. Luke got back at Stefan by "donating" Cassadine money. Carly told the Quartermaines that Jason had kidnapped Michael. As Nikolas was handing a check to Monica, Alexis took the check and ripped it up.
February 8 to 12, 1999
Emily insisted there was no way Jason would kidnap Michael. Alexis put Helena on notice that the Cassadine fortune was up for grabs. The police were notified about Michael being missing, and Taggert got a search warrant. Sonny told Emily that Jason had taken Michael on a trip. Liz saw a poster for the Valentine dance and it upset her. Felicia let V read her manuscript. A one million dollar reward was offered for Michael. Tony told Bobbie he had a meeting with the court psychiatrist and that he was sure he would get visitation rights back. Alexis happened upon Sonny being interrogated "again." She asked Sonny for one dollar as a retainer fee; he handed her a one hundred dollar bill, and she informed Dara that she was on retainer and that her client would not answer any more questions. Luke and Laura discussed their marriage. She left him on the dock. After Dara left, Alexis handed the hundred dollars back and told Sonny that he was not her client any longer. Jerry wanted to take Bobbie away. Luke told Sonny about his Cassadine "donations." Lucky and Liz had a romantic Valentine's dinner. Alexis advised Sonny that threatening Carly away from the Quartermaines would be Jason's best defense.
February 15 to 19, 1999
Liz and Lucky shared a romantic dance and a kiss. Sonny called Carly's bluff and threatened to expose her to Jason. Alexis and Stefan fought over her share of the Cassadine fortune, and Alexis declared war. Jax rescued Alexis when she crashed her car in a snowstorm. Lucky and Liz shared their feelings in the church. Felicia shared some drinks and fun with Luke while trapped in the snowstorm, but Mac showed up to take her home. Tammy took over the running of Kelly's diner.
February 22 to 26, 1999
Sonny ran into Moreno on the docks. Taggert happened upon Sonny and Moreno and suggested that they kill each other, and he would look the other way. Sonny thanked Taggert but said violence didn't solve anything. Alexis found Jax and Helena talking. Michael was at Bobbie's. Nikolas confronted Alexis about the way she had announced to the world that Stefan was his father. Jason admitted that A.J. was Michael's biological father. Monica told Jason she was proud of him and that he really did have Michael's best interest in mind. Jax and Sonny discussed Brenda and who was at fault in her death. Helena threatened Katherine. A.J. wanted Carly to go to the attorney's office with him when he filed the custody papers. Sonny told Jason that they should sever all ties, both professional and personal, if he wanted any chance of winning custody of Michael. Sonny and Carly argued about honesty. Nikolas warned Helena to stay away from his brother and sister. Jason told Carly that he didn't "get" her anymore. Carly announced to Jason her plan to get full custody of Michael by marrying A.J. Lucky told Luke how happy he was with Liz. Carly continued "to play A.J. like a fiddle." Luke told Sonny that his marriage was over. Bobbie told Tony to stay out of her private life. Lucky gave Liz an application for art school. Alexis read Felicia's manuscript. V told Felicia how wonderful her book was. Ned wrote a song for Alexis. Sonny warned Luke to beef up his security. Mac told Taggert to concentrate on Moreno. Felicia interviewed Luke for her book. A.J. warned Carly not to play games with him, or he would have her sent back to Ferncliff. Ned asked Felicia to write Lila's memoirs. Taggert interrupted Jason and Sonny's meeting with a prospective client to tell them that their warehouse was on fire.
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MARCH 1999
March 1 to 5, 1999
Taggert was after Jason and Sonny "again." Alexis warned him that she would sue if he did stop. Lucky and Liz discussed sex. Jax asked Jerry if he was responsible for the warehouse fire. Moreno showed up at the warehouse as Sonny was looking around. Bobbie and Laura talked as they watched the children play in the park. Tammy told Sonny that she was afraid on the street because of Moreno. Stefan told Laura that the only reason that he had married Bobbie was to get to her. Felicia was told that Lila didn't want her memoirs written. Luke went to Switzerland. Alexis talked to Dr. Lastiris. Judges granted A.J. and Carly temporary custody of Michael and denied Jason visitation rights. Luke cut a chip off of the Ice Princess. Luke took the diamond chip to a fence that turned out to be Caesar Faison, who said his name was Mr. Krieg. Alexis and Jax went to Greece to talk to Dr. Lastiris. However, they found him dead. Jason turned Michael over to A.J. and Carly.
March 8 to 12, 1999
Jason argued with Tony. Jason hit Tony just as Sonny walked up. Alexis went through Dr. Lastiris' desk and found Nikolas' file. However, the police inspector caught her, and she had to leave the file. Nikolas informed Stefan that he was moving out of Wyndemere. Michael continuously cried while he was at the Quartermaine mansion. Edward was upset when he heard Lila tell Felicia that she would do the memoirs with her. Sonny told Jason that the best way for him to see Michael was to stay clean. Sonny warned Jason to stay away from Moreno. Mike offered to be Sonny's partner. Sonny still didn't trust Mike. Tammy moved into an apartment above Kelly's. Nikolas bought Brenda's cottage. Carly and A.J. met with the court-appointed psychiatrist. Luke caught Stefan and Laura together on the docks.
March 15 to 19, 1999
Lila called Jason and asked him to go to the mansion and comfort Michael. Michael immediately quit crying when he saw Jason. Stefan and Laura attended the opera. Sonny and Luke discussed Moreno. Liz "decorated" Nikolas' home. Jason overheard Moreno's plans for his next drug shipment. The information was passed on to Justus. Justus was elected as District Attorney over Dara. Sonny warned Jason to watch out for Moreno. Monica jumped to conclusions when she caught Alan at Tammy's apartment. Monica and Alan argued about past infidelities. Jason met with the court-appointed psychiatrist. Tony, Tammy, and Bobbie plotted to get Alan and Monica back together. Liz painted Lucky at Nikolas' cottage. Luke smoked a cigar that reminded Felicia of something from the past. In another place, the same cigar was being smoked, and newspaper clippings about Robin and Anna were on the table. Alan and Monica made up. Jax and Alex met to compare notes on Dr. Lastiris and Helena. Helena was appointed trustee of the Cassadine estate. Alexis questioned Laura about Nikolas' birth.
March 22 to 26, 1999
Emily walked into Tammy's apartment and found Alan and Monica kissing. Luke told Laura he wanted to "settle accounts." Helena informed Stefan she had been made the sole trustee of the Cassadine fortune. Carly and A.J. dined at Café Matisse. A.J. ordered fish. Carly hated fish, but pretended to enjoy it. The Quartermaines received a surprise visit from the court-appointed psychiatrist. Things didn't go well, and Emily spoke out. Alexis told Jason that she had arranged the visit. It just so happened that the visit happened on the day of an ELQ board meeting. Sonny decided to attend the meeting and take Jason along. Sonny sold six percent of stock back to Jason, so he was legally allowed to attend the meeting. Alexis went along "for the show." Edward was furious, and Carly looked pleased. To get revenge, A.J. arranged a surprise visit by Dr. Smithson at Jason's penthouse. Jason tried to hide his gun that he had just taken out. Jason told Dr. Smithson that Michael was the most important thing in his life. Sonny told the doctor that Jason was a great father. Alexis returned to Jason's and informed him that Dr. Smithson had gone straight to the court and filed the papers giving Jason visitation rights. A.J. was furious. Sonny aided a damsel in distress. Hannah was a look-alike of Brenda's. Stefan told Nikolas that he had arranged to have Helena become sole trustee. Mac struggled with memories on the anniversary of Robert and Anna's death. Faison began to plot against some of the people of Port Charles.
March 29 to April 2, 1999
Faison told his companion about Robert and Anna and their death. Luke talked to Lucky about Robert and Anna. Alexis laid down the law to Carly. Sonny accused Jax of using Alexis. A.J. accused Ned of giving "inside information" to Alexis. Alexis felt all she needed was one important piece of information, and she would win the custody case for Jason. A.J. wanted the custody case to go through fast. Edward was on the phone, telling his friend the judge to postpone the case as long as possible. Faison tried to talk Luke into selling another piece of the Ice Princess. A.J. asked Tony to testify at the custody hearing. Ned performed at Jake's. Luke found the club vandalized. Alexis remembered that there might be information regarding Nikolas in Geneva, where the bone marrow evaluation had been done. Laura asked Audrey for a job at General Hospital. Bobbie informed Tony that Lucas had made the baseball team. Liz planned an April Fool's Day dinner for Lucky. Alexis went to Nikolas to get his permission to retrieve his medical records. He reluctantly agreed. Katherine overheard Alexis and Nikolas' discussion and warned him that he might have walked into a trap. Laura showed up unexpectedly at Nikolas', and Katherine accused her of invading his privacy. On the plane trip to Geneva, Jax reminisced about Brenda and her first flight. Carly eavesdropped on A.J. making plans for a meeting. Jason learned another drug shipment was to arrive soon. Sonny was remembering Brenda on her birthday. Mike showed up and told Sonny he needed to get on with his life. Sonny waited at Jake's for Jason. Hannah was the waitress there. Taggert nearly caught Jason in the warehouse as the Moreno drug bust went down. Jason jumped out the window, and Taggert shot at him.
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APRIL 1999
April 5 to 9, 1999
Carly followed A.J. to his meeting and heard him admit that he was responsible for the warehouse fire. Jax was caught going through the files, looking for Nikolas' file. Lucky and Liz made plans to take her paintings to the art school in New York City. Jerry, Bobbie, Max, and Felicia had dinner together. Katherine offered Nikolas the PR job at Deception. They "broke in" his office. Carly visited Sonny and tried to explain to him what she was doing. Jason walked in on Sonny and Carly fighting. Nikolas and Lucky discussed Lucky and Liz's relationship. Nikolas gave Lucky a condom. Jax and Alexis followed Helena to Egypt. Helena met with a mysterious person. Lucky and Liz took the paintings to New York City and missed the bus to return home. They got a hotel room and started to kiss. Jason and Sonny again met with the man that Taggert had interrupted them meeting with before. They made a deal. Felicia talked with Luke. Jax and Alexis' helicopter went down.
April 12 to 16, 1999
Jax and Alexis' helicopter crashed in the desert. Sonny "put the moves" on Hannah. Carly started to hang out at Luke's to keep an eye on Jason. She became very jealous when she saw Jason talking to Hannah. Carly took Hannah outside for a tongue-lashing, and punches were thrown. Sonny and Jason broke up the catfight. Jerry, Ned, and V went to find Jax and Alexis. Lucky and Liz decided not to make love and went exploring in New York City instead. Liz had her final session with Gail. Nikolas and Lucky talked about life and love. Helena was proud of herself for "getting rid" of Alexis. Nikolas had his first Deception campaign, and Katherine was a bit jealous of him. A.J. promised Alan that he wouldn't call Tony to the stand for the custody battle. Then he turned around and told his attorney to do it anyway. Edward contacted the judge to keep postponing the custody hearing. Luke and Lucky talked about Liz and life. Sonny told Hannah a little about his past. Lucky realized that he didn't hate Luke anymore. Lucky took Liz home after her dinner for him, Nikolas, and Emily. He called Liz and told her that he was lighting her candles and that he loved her. He fell asleep. Laura had dinner with Stefan, who asked her to go with him to Paris. Lucky's apartment was on fire. Liz dreamed of Lucky.
April 19 to 23, 1999
Carly and Jason kissed. Sonny took Hannah home. Stefan invited Laura to go to Paris with him. Lucky lit candles while he was talking to Liz. He fell asleep and "burned" in a fire. Liz awakened from a dream, thought she heard sirens, and tried to call Lucky. Sonny told Hannah about Lily. Liz went to Lucky's. Nikolas received the phone call about Lucky and the fire while he was babysitting Lulu. Luke stopped by for a visit, and Nikolas told him about the fire. Luke blamed Sonny and Jason for the fire. Carly was sure that A.J. had set the fire and planned to prove it. Jerry, V, and Ned were in a helicopter, searching for Jax and Alexis, and heard them on the radio. It died before they could get a good location. Sonny visited a grieving Luke, who pointed a gun at Sonny. Liz made sure that Luke realized that he was Lucky's hero. Laura invited Liz to sit with the family. Liz told how Lucky had helped her through some very hard times in her life. Liz repeated her "vows" that she had spoken to Lucky on Valentine's Day: "You have my heart. That's a permanent lock. Everything I am is in love with you. My mind, my soul, my body, my spirit. That will never change. I pledge myself to you, Lucky. Today, Forever." A very hospital-like room was shown. A person was trying to pick the lock of the door. Unable to pick the lock, he began to bang on the door and yell. It was Lucky.
April 26 to 30, 1999
Liz "talked" to Lucky after the memorial. Sonny warned Hannah to stay away from him. Laura saw Luke passionately kissing Tammy. Jason visited Carly. Sonny told Hannah about Lily, Stone, and Brenda. Stefan found Laura tearing Lucky's room apart and took her with him to Wyndemere. Lila told Felicia about meeting Edward. Mac got the autopsy report and told Liz and Bobbie the results, that it had been an accident. Liz tried to go back to work. Faison called Luke. Sonny again told Luke he wanted to end their partnership, but Luke tore the papers up and said no because Lucky's death had been an accident. Jax asked Katherine to sell him her stock in ELQ. John and Lady Jane visited Jax and Jerry. Taggert tried to convince Mac that Sonny and Jason were "back in business." Mac informed Taggert of the results of the arson investigation. Liz talked to Sonny about Lucky. Jax forgave his family. Taggert went after Sonny again, and Hannah "accidentally" spilled her drink tray on Taggert. Lucky "visited" Luke. Faison was shown as Lucky's captor. Bobbie went to dinner with Jerry and his parents. Felicia went to England in search of Chloe Morgan, who was in possession of Lila's letters. Hannah jumped all over Taggert after he hassled Sonny. Carly tried to seduce Jason. Sonny and Hannah kissed. Faison said it took a lot to deny the realties of a body burned beyond recognition, a dental match, and a DNA match. It had taken him a lot of work to switch all the medical records, but the results were absolutely gratifying. He pointed to Lucky and said that he was dead -- as dead as Faison ever had been. Lucky said that everyone would think it was arson. Faison asked if Lucky took him for an amateur. He said that Lucky had started the fire when he left his candles unattended, which was clear from the arson report. He believed it was Lucky's girlfriend.
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MAY 1999
May 3 to 7, 1999
Lucky placed a phone call to Liz, but she couldn't hear him. Carly accepted A.J.'s proposal, and Jason overheard. Luke and Laura packed up Lucky's room, and the frustration and grief were too much for them. Jax got his hands on Katherine's ELQ stock. Felicia got her hands on Lila and Edward's love letters. The custody trial for Michael took place. Faison threatened Lucky that if he escaped, Liz would be killed.
May 10 to 14, 1999
When Carly returned to the Quartermaine mansion, A.J. proposed to her, and she said yes. Faison showed Lucky a video of Liz and the church after the funeral. Liz received an acceptance letter from the art school. Lucky stole Faison's cell phone and called Liz. However, he could hear her, but she couldn't hear him. Katherine went to Edward to see what he would do regarding Jax's offer to buy her ELQ stock. Felicia attended Chloe's opening. Moreno had some drugs planted in the new shipment of coffee that Jason and Sonny received and then contacted the police. Felicia read Lila and Edwards's letters. Sonny took Hannah on a tour of the coffee warehouse. There was an accident at the warehouse, and Hannah was nearly hurt. A bag of coffee was damaged, and the bag of drugs was clearly visible. Tony caught Bobbie and Jerry in the kitchen, making out. Jason found the bag of drugs and tried to get away just as Taggert raided the warehouse. Carly confronted Hannah again and warned her away from Jason. Jason ran to the docks and saw Carly. He thrust the bag of drugs at her and told her to run and destroy them. Taggert caught Jason. Hannah saw Jason hand off the bag to Carly but said she had seen nothing. Jason was arrested. Alexis arrived and tried to get Jason released, as the custody hearing was the next morning. Jason was not let out. Meanwhile, Jason quietly explained to Sonny that Moreno had planted the drugs, but that he had been able to slip the evidence to Carly before being arrested. However, Hannah had seen him. Taggert reported that no evidence had been found. Sonny offered to take Jason's place. Lulu told Liz that Lucky had gone to Heaven. Liz told Lulu that they might not be able to see him right then, but she knew that Lucky was in her heart, and in Lulu's. Lulu pointed to her chest and asked if Lucky was right there. The custody hearing began. Lucky continued his work on opening the door. He was finally successful and grabbed his coat to make a run for it, but Faison stopped him in the hall. Sonny and Hannah discussed what had happened with Jason. Hannah asked if he was referring to the drugs that she had seen Jason hand to his crazy girlfriend. Sonny assured Hannah that Carly was not Jason's girlfriend and asked how she knew it was drugs. A.J. took the stand, and said that he had been devastated when he learned that he had a son and that he had missed the first year of his son's life. He wanted to give Michael a chance to love him.
May 17 to 21, 1999
Hannah told Tammy about her evening at Sonny's. Lucas discovered Bobbie and Jerry in bed together and asked questions. While Liz and Luke discussed Lucky's death, Faison challenged Lucky to a game of chess. Stefan rescued Laura from an oncoming train. On the fifth anniversary of BJ's death, Felicia and Bobbie visited her grave together. Jason and A.J. fought over Jason's visitation of Michael. Tony found out about Lucas finding Bobbie and Jerry in bed. Felicia worked with Lila on her memoirs and found out more about the letters. A.J. and Carly announced their engagement. Jason let Hannah redecorate, and Carly was not happy about it. Sonny got ready for war with Moreno after a bomb was discovered in his car. Luke and Felicia decided to work together to get the love letters. Faison had a new partner in crime.
May 24 to 28, 1999
Carly was convinced that Jason was seeing Hannah and told him he would never have Michael. Faison and Helena discussed their plans. Laura decided to return to work at the hospital. Carly was nervous about the wedding, but went through with it without signing the prenuptial agreement. While the wedding was in progress, Felicia and Luke attempted to find the love letters. Felicia began having black-and-white visions of herself and Luke as Edward and Lila when they were young. Laura attacked Helena and had a mental collapse. Carly left A.J. at the hotel and headed for Jason's. Faison paid Luke a visit as Herr Krieg.
May 31 to June 4, 1999
Nikolas told Luke about Laura's breakdown. V and Simon met face-to-face at Luke's club. A.J. relieved Carly when he told her that he was in no hurry to consummate the marriage. Katherine caught Liz and Nikolas in an embrace. Felicia convinced Luke to help her find Lila's love letters. Jax and Chloe grew closer.
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JUNE 1999
June 7 to 11, 1999
Luke learned that Laura was going to Stefan's country house. Jax and Chloe grew closer to each other. Felicia and Luke were caught breaking and entering. Bobbie and Jerry were caught on tape. Hannah broke things off with Sonny, but later the two reconciled.
June 14 to 18, 1999
Jax and Chloe convinced V to go to the Nurses Ball with Simon. Hannah couldn't walk away from Sonny. Felicia called off her investigation. Emily offered a mysterious stranger a job during the Nurses Ball. Luke confided in Lucy about his marriage. Lucy told Tony that he couldn't perform at the ball. Tammy accepted Tony's invitation to go with him to the ball.
June 21 to 25, 1999
Sonny learned that Juan was Lily's son after all. At the Nurses Ball, the tape of Bobbie and Jerry's lovemaking was accidentally shown. V decided to leave town with Simon. A.J. and Carly made love. Luke agreed to smuggle diamonds for Krieg. Chloe got some bad news and might lose her company. Laura was found bending over Helena's unconscious body.
June 28 to July 2, 1999
Helena's prognosis wasn't very good. Stefan arranged for her to be cared for at his home. Juan asked Sonny for a job. Ned asked Chloe to marry him so that she wouldn't lose her inheritance. Nikolas had a confrontation with Katherine. Luke and Felicia broke into the Quartermaine crypt and were shocked by what they found.
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JULY 1999
July 5 to 9, 1999
Ned and Chloe planned on a Las Vegas wedding, but someone else was wed instead. Emily rescued Juan; Liz warned her about getting involved with someone like Juan. 98 Degrees performed at Luke's place. Luke and Felicia asked Tony to check out the skulls they had found in the mausoleum. They weren't prepared for Tony's answer. Jason told Carly that he was hurting Michael, so he was giving him up completely. Sonny caught Hannah in her lies.
July 12 to 16, 1999
Luke and Felicia were trapped in the crypt. While there, they shared near-death stories. Mac finally realized where they were and rescued them. Carly was devastated when Jason decided to cut all ties to Michael to give him a normal life. Sorel beat up Juan, and Emily witnessed the beating. Sonny returned Hannah's Nurses Ball dress, and they made up. Felicia found Luke on the docks and told him she thought she knew whose body was in the crypt.
July 19 to 23, 1999
Monica and Emily clashed over her desire to spend time with Juan. Katherine set Liz up to see her and Nikolas together, and afterwards, Nikolas dumped Katherine once and for all. Sonny tried to tell Juan he was not his father, and Juan suffered a cardiac arrest. Ned, Chloe, Jax, and Alexis had to do some fast thinking and faster talking to fool Edward and Aunt Gertrude. Laura banished Katherine from Wyndemere. Luke and Felicia confronted Edward with the evidence they had found in the crypt. Edward confessed to killing Elliot, but Lila interrupted and told him she couldn't let him do it.
July 26 to 30, 1999
Luke and Felicia agreed to keep quiet about Lila and Edward's confession about Elliot's death. Faison continued to track Felicia and her children. Luke decided to take a trip out of town for a while. Carly was on hand to help when Sonny had a breakdown. Jason confessed to Maria that he missed Carly. Chloe prepared to wed Ned, while Jax and Alexis looked on. Emily continued to have problems with Monica and Alan where Juan was concerned.
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August 2 to 6, 1999
Ned covered when Gertrude read a page from his love letter to Alexis, then Ned and Chloe were pronounced husband and wife. After the wedding, Chloe and Jax kissed, while Alexis and Ned realized how much Jax and Chloe cared for each other. Sonny trashed his house when Carly tried to help him after he told her about Lily's death. Mac was furious when Felicia told him she had been face-to-face with Faison, who had supposedly been killed in a boat explosion with Anna and Scorpio.
August 9 to 13, 1999
Katherine told Nikolas she was pregnant with his child. Ned and Chloe headed off to Rome for their "honeymoon." Jax and Alexis went to meet them and continue the "honeymoon" under disguises. Nikolas worried about his situation with Katherine and how to tell Liz. Liz wished Lucky were there to help her, and tried to draw, but her artwork turned dark. Katherine told the doctor that he had to keep everything confidential. Ned and Alexis shared some passionate alone time. Aunt Gertrude was lurking around the hotel, and Jax and Chloe spotted her. Mac had to let Faison go, even though he and Felicia knew Faison was guilty, because they couldn't prove anything. Sonny let Hannah back into his house and his life.
August 16 to 20, 1999
Carly and A.J. headed to Maui for a two-week honeymoon. Juan went over to the Quartermaines' for dinner, and all did not go well. Laura confronted Faison and returned the money he had given for the outreach program. She also warned him to stay away from her children. Laura left for North Carolina after talking to Stefan and Nikolas. Nikolas continued to struggle with Katherine's "pregnancy." Liz was missing Lucky. Bobbie allowed Tony to take Lucas to his ball game alone. Sonny and Hannah left for a trip to his island. Jax and Chloe shared a romantic day until she fell from a horse. Faison promised to get Helena back on her feet.
August 23 to 27, 1999
Jax, Alexis, Ned, and Chloe continued to play marriage-go-round. Ned had Alexis impersonate Chloe for a business meeting, and Edward and Gertrude had surveillance equipment placed in the gatehouse. Sonny and Hannah had a romantic trip to the island, but when they returned, Juan blamed Sonny for his mother's death, and a mystery man found photos of Sonny and Hannah together. Emily and Juan were allowed to see one another, and Liz watched them, remembering the times she had with Lucky. Katherine continued her scheme to get pregnant. Faison learned who was responsible for Helena's health problems. Laura, Leslie, and Leslie Lu left for North Carolina. Felicia discovered that Luke had been working with Faison and Luke didn't know it.
August 30 to September 3, 1999
Liz and Jason formed a bond over her loss of Lucky and his loss of Michael. Carly and A.J. returned with Michael, and Carly immediately started to use the information she had gained about Hannah to her advantage. Jax, Chloe, Ned, and Alexis were all forced into a dinner with Jerry and Bobbie. Jax and Sonny had an intense confrontation that led Hannah to agree to move in with Sonny, and Chloe to see another side of Jax. Carly broke into Hannah's apartment, and the FBI arrested Sonny. Katherine found out that she was barren as a result of the drug that Helena had given her. Jerry and Bobbie were in a car accident.
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September 6 to 10, 1999
The FBI arrested Sonny and took him to jail. Alexis contemplated defending Sonny, much to Jax's disapproval. Carly tried to tell Jason what she knew about Hannah, but he wouldn't listen and told her not to tell Sonny either. Hannah was revealed to be an FBI agent. Faison gave Helena the cure, and she began to show improvement. Katherine continued her pregnancy charade to Nikolas. Faison and Luke faced off on the docks. Bobbie and Jerry shared some tender moments before he took a turn for the worse. Ned's daughter, Brook Lynn, visited and took immediately to Chloe and not Alexis.
September 13 to 17, 1999
Hannah was upset over the FBI interfering in her investigation of Sonny. Jerry continued to recover, and he and Bobbie planned to marry. Katherine searched for a surrogate so she could keep up her pregnancy charade. Stefan wanted to eliminate Katherine from Nikolas' life. Ned, Chloe, Jax, and Alexis kept up their marriage-go-round for Brook Lynn's benefit. Carly continued to try to dig up dirt on Hannah.
September 20 to 24, 1999
Katherine continued with her pregnancy plan, and Helena let Laura know by sending her flowers from Katherine. Laura talked to Nikolas about his plans to marry Katherine and then had a discussion with Katherine. Juan ran away from Puerto Rico and back to Emily, who hid him in the Quartermaine house. Carly continued to try to get evidence against Hannah and to convince Jason and Sonny that Hannah was lying to them. Luke and Felicia left town on a new adventure. Ned, Alexis, Chloe, and Jax had several misunderstandings about their respective relationships, and Ned's daughter, Brook Lynn, went back home to Lois.
September 27 to October 1, 1999
Jason and Sonny clashed over Carly and her accusations about Hannah. Laura and Stefan tried to come up with a way to prevent Nikolas from marrying Katherine. Luke and Felicia ended up in jail in Mexico, but later escaped and shared a kiss. Faison found them and took the diamonds, but Luke had given him the fake diamonds. Bobbie continued to plan her wedding to Jerry, and Jason learned Jerry was working for Moreno. Roy DiLucca was released from jail.
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October 4 to 8, 1999
Carly continued to try to get more dirt on Hannah. Sonny tried to find a way to get rid of Sorel and stay out of jail. Roy DiLucca showed up in Port Charles and was looking for Bobbie. Sonny confronted Luke about leaving his diamonds in Sonny's warehouse. Laura confronted Katherine with the information from Helena. Someone pushed Katherine off the parapet.
October 11 to 15, 1999
Katherine was dead, and the autopsy revealed she had never been pregnant. Laura and Stefan were both under suspicion for the murder, and Stefan was taking the blame for it to protect Laura. Felicia and Luke continued to try to catch Faison and fight their attraction for each other. Juan was allowed to remain in Port Charles, much to Emily's delight. Jason rescued Carly after she was attacked in an alley. Bobbie continued to plan her wedding to Jerry, unaware that her old love, Roy DiLucca, was alive and in Port Charles. Carly found out what was in Hannah's locked box.
October 18 to 22, 1999
Jason and Carly found out Hannah's gun was registered to the FBI. Juan was allowed to stay in Port Charles and to see Emily. Stefan was arrested for Katherine's murder. Roy continued to watch Bobbie from a distance, and at week's end, they met face-to-face on the docks. Jax threw a birthday party for Brook Lynn just for Chloe.
October 25 to 29, 1999
Bobbie and Roy had a confrontation on the docks, where he tried to explain why he hadn't contacted anyone for the past 25 years. Roy then helped Luke dispatch with Faison. Jason and Carly found out more about Hannah and her FBI involvement. Nikolas continued to struggle with Katherine's death, as Stefan and Laura continued to seek the real killer.
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November 1 to 5, 1999
Stefan and Laura worked together to prove Helena had killed Katherine. Carly and Jason worried about Sonny's plan for revenge on Hannah. Jax and Chloe spent some time together unexpectedly. A.J. was getting suspicious of Carly and Jason spending so much time together. Bobbie and Roy reminisced about old times as Jerry worried about the wedding. Liz remembered Lucky on her birthday.
November 8 to 12, 1999
Sonny continued to feed Hannah wrong information that led to a bust of Moreno's warehouse. Carly wanted Sonny to get rid of Hannah, but he refused, and Jason and Sonny exchanged heated words. Luke rescued Felicia from Faison, who told Felicia she would learn to love him. Helena's true condition was exposed when Stefan and Laura found her using the telephone, and Mac told her she was a suspect in Katherine's murder. Roy shared his experiences in prison with Bobbie. Jax and Chloe tried to share a romantic evening -- with disastrous results.
November 15 to 19, 1999
While in Greece to track down Mikkos Cassadine's will, Chloe and Jax found another family document. Stefan told Nikolas that Helena was the prime suspect in Katherine's murder. Sorel's men beat up Roy when he took the heat for the Moreno bust. Helena threatened to tell Nikolas the truth unless Stefan confessed to Katherine's murder.
November 22 to 26, 1999
Faison took Felicia to the hideaway he had prepared for her. He tormented her by letting her know he had ways of keeping Mac and Luke from finding out she had been kidnapped. Bobbie found out that Jerry was indeed guilty. Nikolas confronted Stefan over his parentage and then turned to Liz for comfort. Sonny continued to set up Hannah. Carly decided she wanted out of her marriage, but A.J. would have none of it.
November 29 to December 3, 1999
Carly left A.J. and went to find Jason, only to find him dancing with Liz. Carly headed to Sonny's, where they fought and ended up in bed together. Jason was caught in the crossfire at the meeting with Moreno and got back to Sonny's, where he saw Carly in Sonny's shirt. Liz found Jason at the boxcar and got both Sonny and Bobbie to help him. Jason didn't want Sonny's help and turned to Liz. Mac accused Luke of being responsible for Faison getting Felicia. Chloe and Ned continued to find ways to beat Aunt Gertrude at her own game. Carly exposed Hannah's FBI secret.
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December 6 to 10, 1999
Liz continued to care for Jason at her studio while Carly tried to get Jason to forgive her. Carly and Liz exchanged words on the docks about Jason. Jerry was released on bail, and Jax tried to get Sonny to help him get Jerry out of the country. Ned, Alexis, and Chloe tried to devise a plan to get rid of Gertrude. Luke and Roy tracked Faison but lost him. Mac vowed to get revenge on Faison, even if he had to break the law. Nikolas, Laura, and Stefan got the results of the DNA test proving that Stefan was not Nikolas' father. Felicia decided to take matters into her own hands to get away from Faison.
December 13 to 17, 1999
Luke continued to play a game of cat and mouse with Faison to find Felicia, while also trying to keep Mac from being involved. Carly and Liz exchanged heated words about Jason, and Jason told Carly to leave the studio. Later, Audrey found Jason at the studio. Jerry left the country with money and means provided by Sonny. Ned, Alexis, Jax, and Chloe tried to convince Mike to marry Gertrude. Hannah got a job as the liaison for the FBI at the Port Charles Police Department, which pleased Taggert and angered Sonny.
December 20 to 24, 1999
Liz moved into the studio because of her grandmother's reaction to Jason. Felicia and Luke escaped from Faison with Mac's help, but they almost made love before Mac found them. Mike continued to romance Gertrude to help Jax and the rest of the married gang. Emily overheard Juan singing and tried to encourage him to pursue it. Luke visited Lulu with Christmas presents, and it was a hard moment for him and Laura. Roy was moving into Laura's house in Lucky's bedroom. Port Charles celebrated Christmas.
December 27 to 31, 1999
Faison promised Felicia that he would not reveal to Mac what had gone on with her and Luke in the bunker, while Mac found Faison's videotape showing Luke and Felicia in a passionate embrace. Carly was not pleased with Jason's friendship with Elizabeth. Jason was annoyed when Carly showed up at his penthouse with Michael because he didn't want to send Michael mixed signals. Elizabeth continued to nurse Jason. Stefan realized the depth of Nikolas' feelings for Elizabeth. Sorel appeared to have plans for Elizabeth.
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