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January 4 to 8, 1999
Will threatened to take Jess to court to keep her from putting the baby up for adoption. Bo and Sam's test results were both negative for Gaucher's. Bo became suspicious Nora was hiding something from him. Blair's backfired plot to get Téa in trouble landed her and Max in jail. Barbara confessed and was sent to jail. Cassie completely lost her mind.
January 11 to 15, 1999
Dorian got a court order to keep Kevin away from Cassie. Cassie had forgotten the last two years of her life. Will agreed to give the baby up for adoption. Roseanne moved in with Cris. Lindsay wanted a second chance with Sam, but he turned her down. Lindsay made a public scene. Nora had to confess that she had slept with Sam, and the baby wasn't Bo's.
January 18 to 22, 1999
Jessica visited Cristian and was disappointed to learn that Roseanne had moved in. Andrew provided Kevin with clerical garb so that Kevin could sneak into St. Anne's and visit Cassie. Everyone was concerned when Cassie told them about a baby she had found in the manger. Kevin was heartbroken that Cassie didn't remember him. Bo left Nora and moved into the Palace. He was upset after learning that the baby Nora carried wasn't his, but Sam's. Blair ran the story of Sam and the Buchanans in the Sun much to Max's chagrin. The article caused Nora to lose a client. Téa visited the newspaper office with the key that Todd had given her. She wanted to search for what it might unlock. Blair found Téa rummaging in Blair's desk and tossed her out. Max realized that Blair knew what the key opened and wanted it back. Sam left town after receiving a mysterious phone call. Mel and Dorian had a huge argument. Jessica and Will were excited to feel their baby kicking. Téa stood up for Nora. Clint resigned from the Banner.
January 25 to 29, 1999
Blair pushed Max too far, and he sold his two percent of the Sun to Asa. Cassie told Kevin she thought they should get an annulment. Nora was mugged. Sam returned from his mysterious trip. Will decided not to study law. Lindsay and Bo had a long talk. Viki got a message and got off the plane to the Bahamas. Mel stayed on the plane and was killed when it crashed.
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February 1 to 5, 1999
Dorian blamed Viki for Mel's death. Sam told Nora that his father had died. Téa asked for Sykes's help to find out what Todd's key unlocked. Kevin wanted to finish the story Mel had been working on. The "old" Kelly reemerged and took charge at the Sun. Bo served Nora with separation papers. Viki arrived at the crossroads she had seen in her dreams.
February 8 to 12, 1999
Kelly fired Blair. Nora signed the separation papers. Dorian kicked Kelly out of the house. Kelly and Max slept together. Viki met Ben at the Crossroads Bar. Jessica asked Will to be her birthing coach. Both R.J. and Sykes were interested in Téa. Nora was ordered to have bed rest, and Sam moved in to take care of her.
February 15 to 19, 1999
Viki returned to the Crossroads Bar and ended up singing a song. Jessica and Will got stuck in an elevator. Cris and Roseanne kissed. Max told Blair that he and Kelly were sleeping together. R.J. saved Dorian from the blizzard. Téa and Sykes grew closer. Nora went into labor, and Sam carried her to the hospital.
February 22 to 26, 1999
Nora and Sam's son, Matthew, was born. Kevin met "Hamlet" at the parking garage. Kevin began to question if Mel's plane crash had been an accident. Ben and Viki kissed. Sam's office was ransacked, and Bo started investigating Sam's past. Renee told Jessica that she had once given a baby boy up for adoption. Joey caught Max and Kelly together.
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MARCH 1999
March 1 to 5, 1999
Baby Matthew had a seizure. Bo and Lindsay made love. Téa opened the locker and found that Todd had left her another key. Jessica decided she was going to keep her baby. Ben pushed Viki away. Ben revealed that he was Sam's brother. Kelly wanted to keep her relationship with Max a secret. Dorian swore she would take Ben away from Viki.
March 8 to 12, 1999
Graham was released from prison and asked Sykes for protection. Dorian visited a psychic to contact Mel. Jessica asked Renee to be the baby's godmother. Asa threatened to evict Sam. Téa threw away Todd's key. Bo told Lindsay they were finished. Blair found out about Max and Kelly's relationship. Senator Graham was killed. Lindsay pushed her car off a cliff.
March 15 to 19, 1999
Ben decided to leave town. Kevin was released from jail when the real killer was found -- dead. Cris asked Jess to go to New York with him. Téa and Graham kissed. Téa filed her annulment papers. Kelly and Blair fought, and Dorian vowed to put her family back together. Will noticed Lindsay was missing. Ben and Viki were shot at.
March 22 to 26, 1999
Viki hid Ben in her attic and took care of him. Dorian tried to make peace with Viki. Lindsay returned and admitted to Bo that she had staged her disappearance. Kevin hired Grace. Blair had a dizzy spell. Nora and Sam kissed. Téa turned down R.J. when he asked her on a date. Will and Cris fought. Kelly agreed to move in with Max. Bo danced with Grace. Asa asked Renee to marry him.
March 29 to April 2, 1999
Renee agreed to marry Asa. Blair had several more dizzy spells. Ben told Viki the truth about his past. Kelly moved in with Max. R.J. told Hank that Club Indigo was bankrupt. Viki learned Sam and Ben were brothers. Bo continued to investigate Sam. Grace tried to get information from Kevin. Baby Matthew went home from the hospital.
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APRIL 1999
April 5 to 9, 1999
Viki confronted Dorian at Crossroads. The doctor ordered an MRI for Blair. Bo saw Grace and Hugo meet. Bo and Lindsay learned Sam's last name was Davidson. Nora continued searching for Renee's son. Blair and Starr left Llanview. Renee and Asa's engagement party was held at Indigo. Dorian and Sophia found Ben's bloody shirt at Llanfair. Ben planned to meet Hugo at Crossroads, but Viki followed him there.
April 12 to 16, 1999
R.J. accidentally set Indigo on fire and let it burn. Lindsay and Nora were rescued from the fire. Nora told Bo she had feelings for Sam. Ben and Viki made love. Joey questioned Kelly about her relationship with Max. Max found Blair in Florida. R.J. admitted to Téa that he had set the fire. Dorian consulted the psychic again. Kevin found out about Viki and Ben's relationship.
April 19 to 23, 1999
Nora defended R.J., and the assault charges were dropped. Dorian showed Bo the bloody shirt. Kevin hid Ben at his house when Bo searched Llanfair. Renee met with Roy, but he wasn't her son. Max convinced Blair to have the MRI. Téa moved back into Todd's penthouse. Sam and Nora grew closer. Dorian and Hugo kidnapped Viki.
April 26 to 30, 1999
Viki was unable to convince Dorian that Hugo was a killer, and Dorian continued to work with Hugo against Viki. The pair locked Viki in Dorian's coal cellar, but later, Hugo locked Dorian in with Viki. Starr found Viki's bracelet. Renee continued the search for her missing son without telling Asa. An MRI revealed that Max had an inoperable aneurysm. Jessica and Joey learned the truth about Ben. Jessica was taken to the hospital with labor pains. Will and Cristian decided to keep the peace between them for Jessica's sake. Ben was arrested but later escaped, and he and Kevin met with Hugo. Ben and Sam learned that their sister hadn't died -- she was Grace. Bo realized that Nora was in love with Sam.
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MAY 1999
May 3 to 7, 1999
Hugo fell through the skylight and later died. Bo shot Sam. Blair and Max made a plan to get Kelly's money. Viki and Dorian were rescued. Roseanne and R.J. had a mysterious conversation. The charges against Ben were dropped. Kelly agreed to marry Max. Dorian and Viki called a truce. Bo wrestled with his conscience about shooting Sam.
May 10 to 14, 1999
Nora learned that Bo was not sterile. Ben and Viki went on a date. Grace resigned from the Banner. Dorian and Lindsay consulted with Madame Dephina. Bo was cleared in Sam's shooting. Clint returned to Llanview. Clint told Viki he was happy for her and Ben. Blair jumped out of a cake in Max's room and found all the Buchanans there. Bo and Lindsay slept together.
May 17 to 21, 1999
The double wedding began. Kelly ran out in search of Joey. Renee told Asa the truth, and they married. Blair and Max schemed to get Asa's money. Nora decided to have the baby tested before telling Bo or Sam. Grace moved in with Sam. Joey slept with Sophia. Jessica accepted Cris's proposal. Kelly and Joey got back together.
May 24 to 28, 1999
Max and Blair headed to Vegas and found out who the real Buchanan heir was. Kelly moved back into Dorian's. Jessica learned her baby was a girl. Grace taught Kevin to dance. Kelly found out that Joey had slept with Sophia. Lindsay tried to stop Matthew's DNA test. Cris and Will argued at the engagement party. Jess walked out and was hit by Dorian's car.
May 31 to June 4, 1999
Lindsay paid off the lab technician. Max and Blair found out who Asa and Renee's son was. Jessica was rushed to the hospital and ended up in a coma. Jessica's baby died. Dorian confided in R.J. Jessica saw her baby and her sister Megan in a vision. Will disappeared and went to the Buchanan lodge. Dorian went to the hospital to see Viki.
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JUNE 1999
June 7 to 11, 1999
Bo learned that Lindsay's cell phone had made the 9-1-1 call. Viki and Dorian had a confrontation. Lindsay tried to tell the lab technician not to alter the DNA test. Nora told Bo that he could still father children and told Sam he might not be Matthew's father. Jessica woke up from her coma. Sophia learned it was Dorian who had hit Jessica.
June 14 to 18, 1999
Sophia moved into Dorian's house. Sam asked Nora to marry him, but she turned him down. Téa was strangely determined to find out who had hit Jessica. Blair and Max got married in Las Vegas. Clint returned to London. Jessica didn't remember Cristian but remembered Will a little. Everyone gathered at the hospital to learn Matthew's DNA test results.
June 21 to 25, 1999
Jessica returned home from the hospital. Will disappeared again. The DNA results said that Sam was Matthew's son. Nora and Sam took a trip to Chicago. Asa and Renee learned that Max was their "son." Jessica remembered everything and searched for Will. Grace went to work at the Sun. Lindsay's alibi was blown by the security guard.
June 28 to July 2, 1999
Jessica and Will comforted each other about Megan's death. Bo arrested Lindsay. Rae Cummings arrived in Llanview. Blair tampered with the DNA sample so Max would appear to be Asa's son. Sam agreed to defend Lindsay. Grace's eyewitness turned out to be a fraud. Rae confronted Grace. A videotape proved that Lindsay's alibi was false.
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JULY 1999
July 5 to 9, 1999
Dorian agreed to give Lindsay an alibi then changed her mind. Blair talked to Ben about treatment for Max. Sykes and Téa broke up. Rae filed a missing persons report for her husband. Sophia stole Kelly's present. The DNA results "proved" that Max was Asa and Renee's son. Will and Jessica continued their travels. Blair asked Max for a divorce.
July 12 to 16, 1999
Lindsay agreed to a plea bargain. Téa visited R.J. Bo learned Max was his "brother." Jess remembered more of the accident, and she and Will headed home. Asa offered Max $250,000 to stay away from Blair. Cris fantasized about Roseanne. Ben went before the hospital board. Lindsay failed to appear at court. Nora and Dorian were trapped in an elevator.
July 19 to 23, 1999
Bo helped Lindsay off the hospital roof. Dorian confessed to Nora that she had hit Jessica. Roseanne and Cristian made love. Téa told R.J. about her past. Blair took Asa's money to stay away from Max. Dorian voted Ben onto the hospital staff. Andrew visited Lindsay in jail. Nora pressured Dorian to confess. Asa called a mystery woman to help with Ben.
July 26 to 30, 1999
Jessica and Will returned to Llanview. Lindsay's trial began. Nora tried to convince Dorian to confess. Barnes blackmailed Lindsay. Jessica went to Crossroads to try to remember. Jessica wanted to get back together with Cristian, much to Roseanne's dismay. Max had trouble with his vision. Barnes knocked Bo out. Jessica took the stand. A mysterious woman, in cahoots with Asa, arrived in Llanview.
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August 2 to 6, 1999
Jessica remembered that Dorian had hit her. Dorian confessed. Roseanne blamed Téa for her mother's death. Will realized he was falling in love with Jessica. Max collapsed again. Skye had Ben's medical license revoked. Bo told Lindsay he needed time apart. Dorian was sentenced but got no jail time. Viki and Will vowed that Dorian would pay.
August 9 to 13, 1999
Viki asked Sam to represent her in a civil lawsuit against Dorian, but he refused. Jessica found out that Cris and Roseanne had slept together. Dorian was thrown out of the Palace Restaurant. Kelly and Joey fought. Rae took Sophia under her wing. The rapist attacked Rosanne. Ben and Sam plotted to get back at Asa. Jessica forgave Dorian.
August 16 to 20, 1999
Dorian heard a baby crying and wondered if she was losing her mind. The rapist attacked Roseanne. Skye tried to get a job at the Banner. Roseanne shot Téa. Blair set up surgery for Max but had to drug him to get him there. Rachel was released from prison. Jessica broke up with Cristian. The rapist turned out to be Brian, a janitor at the Sun.
August 23 to 27, 1999
Rae helped create a profile of the rapist. Skye was hired as Styles Editor. Max woke up and refused the operation. Sam and Lindsay kissed. Brian was arrested and released. Sophia started working for Rae at the Banner. Kelly insisted Brian was innocent. Dorian found the tape recorder creating the crying baby. Will decided to sue Dorian without Asa's help.
August 30 to September 3, 1999
Grace and Kevin made love. Lindsay admitted to Sam that she had altered Bo's sperm test. Liz was raped. Rae realized the rapist was sending her letters. Lindsay agreed to help Dorian find out who was tormenting her. Viki told Ben about her past. Kelly and Brian ended up alone at the cabana. Skye announced that she and Ben were married.
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September 6 to 10, 1999
Lindsay and Bo got back together. Viki was devastated but listened to Ben's explanation about Skye. Rae realized the rapist had been following her from city to city. Rae read the letter Daniel had sent to Grace. Brian had Sophia tied up in his closet. Dorian accused Will of terrorizing her. Nora went home. Max told Renee and Asa that Blair was his wife.
September 13 to 17, 1999
Asa reluctantly agreed to let Blair and Max live with him. Skye refused to divorce Ben. Dorian got a note that read, "It's not over." Roseanne and Cristian moved to New York City. Viki insisted that Skye keep working at the Banner. Will started working for Asa. Téa admitted her feelings for R.J. Rae and Sykes found proof Brian was the rapist. Brian kidnapped Kelly.
September 20 to 24, 1999
Dorian promised she'd keep Lindsay's secret. Kelly took Brian to the Buchanan Lodge. Joey was shot. Rae talked Brian into going outside, and Sykes captured him. Nora had to defend Brian. Delphina told Dorian a blonde woman was tormenting her. Téa looked into Judge Peterson's decisions. Sam found information to use against Asa. Jessica was Dorian's tormentor.
September 27 to October 1, 1999
Roseanne got a job at Club Sable. Rae visited Pine Valley. Jessica started to have flashes of what she'd done. Ben and Viki got engaged. Will covered for Jess when she trashed Dorian's house. R.J. told Judge Peterson that Téa was investigating him. Esther Hoffman blackmailed Max and Blair. Skye told Ben that she hadn't gotten the annulment because she had been pregnant. Jessica was about to run Dorian down with her car.
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October 4 to 8, 1999
Jessica stopped the car before hitting Dorian. Skye lied to Ben that he had a son. Kevin took off his wedding ring. Brian held Nora and Sam hostage and was shot by Sykes. Esther continued to blackmail Max and Blair. Skye signed the divorce papers. Asa refused to give up his vendetta against the Rappaports. Téa found evidence against Judge Peterson. Sam wrote Esther a check for one million dollars.
October 11 to 15, 1999
A shocked Bo returned home and found Lindsay and his furniture missing. Will and Roseanne made a pact to keep Cristian and Jessica apart. Asa cancelled Cristian's financial aide to art school, but Will stepped in and secretly paid the tab so that Cristian would remain away from Llanview. Skye blackmailed Max and Blair so that she could move into Asa's mansion, and got the couple to agree to help her break up Viki and Ben. Ester never got a chance to tell Sam that Max was not Asa and Renee's son. She clutched her throat and raced out of the room. Max, Blair, and Sam were stunned to find out that Ester had died.
October 18 to 22, 1999
Rae interrupted Kevin's proposal to Grace and begged him to reconsider. Cris caught Roseanne dancing at Club Sable and made her quit. Will borrowed money from Asa to send to Roseanne when Cris's scholarship was taken away. Thanks to Skye, a mob associate of Ben's arrived in town and threatened him. Rae made peace with Grace. Jessica went to see Cris, and they ended their relationship for good. Grace got a call from Daniel. Sam proposed to Nora, who asked him for more time. Rae told John she was leaving Llanview soon. Lindsay passed out. Kevin wrote a letter to Cassie. Asa got evidence against Grace. R.J. paid Judge Peterson to leave town.
October 25 to 29, 1999
Téa questioned R.J. in Judge Peterson's disappearance, and he asked her to trust him. Renee hosted Kevin and Grace's engagement party. Lindsay collapsed again. Roseanne convinced Cristian to stay in New York City and use the money "Téa" had loaned them. Asa showed Grace pictures of her sleeping with mobsters. Grace ran away and ended up in the summerhouse. Jackie McNaughton continued bothering Ben. Jessica and Will went to the lodge together. Grace fell through a hole in the floor and was discovered by Rae. Everyone, including the police, was searching for Grace. Bo put Asa in handcuffs and threatened to take him in if he wouldn't reveal where Grace was.
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November 1 to 5, 1999
Asa finally told Kevin that he had last seen Grace at the summerhouse. Jessica and Will almost made love at the lodge. Grace told Rae that Daniel was in Pine Valley. John pulled Rae out of the water and rushed her to the hospital. Max promised to stand by Asa's side. Roseanne told Cristian that her dreams for the future revolved around him. Grace was pulled out of the water and was conscious briefly, but later died. Kevin wouldn't leave Grace's body. Nora told Will about Grace's death, and Will returned home to comfort his father. Ben attacked Asa and promised to make him pay. Rae told Sykes that she was headed to Pine Valley. Kevin was finally convinced to go home, where he had a vision of Grace.
November 8 to 12, 1999
Sam was furious when Bo wouldn't arrest Asa for Grace's death. Ben met with Jackie McNaughton, who offered to put a hit out on Asa. Rae went to see Kevin and told him of Grace's last moments. Sam gave Will an ultimatum -- either turn his back on Asa or he was out of the family. Will left. Jessica and Will made love. Kevin refused to go to the funeral and kept having visions of Grace. Asa went to Grace's funeral. Rae and Sykes said goodbye when she headed off to Pine Valley in search of Daniel. Kevin refused Asa's apology. Cristian headed back to Llanview. Renee figured out that Max wasn't really her son.
November 15 to 19, 1999
Ben found out Skye was responsible for getting Jackie McNaughton into town. Renee slapped Max for lying to her about being her son. Max collapsed and was rushed to the hospital by Ben and Skye. Blair and Kelly started to repair their relationship. Ben operated on Max. Will agreed to pay Roseanne more money to keep Cris away from Jess. Will was upset to learn Sam and Nora were getting married. Kevin got drunk at Crossroads, and Skye took him home. Roseanne asked R.J. to help her get Cris to marry her. Renee told Blair she knew Max wasn't her son.
November 22 to 26, 1999
Kelly turned down Sophia for a job. Viki was upset when she found Skye helping a drunk Kevin to bed. Bo congratulated Nora on her engagement to Sam. Blair denied knowing that Max wasn't Renee's son. Téa and R.J. made love. Will "borrowed" money from the foundation and gave it to Roseanne. Nora and Lindsay had a food fight. R.J. convinced Carlotta to let him stay for Thanksgiving dinner. Will stormed out when Sam offered him the position of director at a foundation he had started in honor of Megan and Grace. A drunken Kevin verbally abused the Thanksgiving dinner guests at the country club. Sam gave Nora an engagement ring. Rae sent John a turkey dinner. Renee and Asa saw Max open his eyes. Kevin dared a robber at the diner to shoot him.
November 29 to December 3, 1999
Dorian tried to convince Skye to move in with her. Max finally emerged from his coma. Kevin continued to taunt the gunmen to shoot him. R.J. and Cris overpowered the gunmen, and they were arrested. Sophia started working at the police station. Kevin spent the night sleeping on Grace's grave. One of the gunmen turned out to be Sophia's brother, Freddie. Max continued to behave very oddly. Viki and Ben found a little girl who'd run away. Kelly tried to help Kevin through his grief. Ben operated on the little girl. Bo arrested Kevin after he punched Zack. Sam bought Nora a new house, and she agreed to become his law partner. Skye got the adoption certificate from Starr and learned the identity of the Buchanan heir.
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December 6 to 10, 1999
Cris returned to New York City and found Roseanne waiting for him. Bo put Kevin in a jail cell to give him some time to think. Sam considered telling Nora the truth about Lindsay changing Bo's sperm test, but Lindsay threatened he'd lose his son if he did it. Max continued his odd behavior. Bo questioned Ben about Max's condition. Skye moved into Dorian's house. Joey became jealous of all the worrying Kelly was doing about Kevin. A confused Max climbed out onto some scaffolding outside the hospital. Kevin, who had been bailed out by Skye, followed Max out there, and both ended up falling. Max was fine, but Kevin cracked several ribs. Will accepted a donation from Dorian. Asa found out Will had stolen money from the foundation. Skye overheard something Max said and realized he was faking his condition.
December 13 to 17, 1999
Asa found out Will had stolen from Megan's foundation and confronted him. Asa pretended to forgive Will but then set him up by sending another check to Roseanne in Will's name. Viki worried that Ben might have gone back to Las Vegas. Max kissed Skye when she confronted him about faking his condition. Skye warned Viki that Kevin was becoming a drunk. Madame Delphina told Bo there would be a bomb in Llanview. Will threw a birthday party for Jessica at Llanfair. Kelly and Joey moved in with Kevin to try to help him. Sam and Nora planned their New Year's Eve wedding. Viki was upset when she learned Skye had moved in with Dorian. Skye left town in search of Ben. Max moved back into Asa's house. R.J. was shocked when he opened the box he received.
December 20 to 24, 1999
Asa received a box from Esther, containing Renee's baby's ID bracelet. The bomb R.J. had received turned out to be fake. Jessica told Cristian about how she had been the one who had tortured Dorian. Kevin got very upset when he accidentally erased the tape of Grace's birthday. Max gave Blair power of attorney. Will found out about the check Roseanne had received for $100,000, which he hadn't sent. Joey became jealous of the attention Kelly was paying to Kevin. Blair moved some of Max's money into her own account. Everyone in Llanview had fantasies of how they'd like things to be. Kevin refused Skye's help with his drinking. Dorian made peace with Viki when she explained why she had let Skye move in with her. Max confided to R.J. that he was faking his condition. Ben returned home to Viki.
December 27 to 31, 1999
Ben got a letter from the Medical Licensing Board about a hearing to revoke his license. Sam asked Ben to be his best man. Asa told Will he had sent more money to Roseanne to help keep Cristian out of town. Joey and Kelly got engaged. Dorian kicked Skye out of her house. Asa set up an account in the Cayman Islands with Will's name on it. Nora and Lindsay got into an argument, so Lindsay ripped Nora's dress. R.J. almost got run over by a car. Cristian arrived and took Jessica away from the party. Nora ended up getting trapped in a warehouse with Bo. Joey and Sophia got stuck on the Palace Hotel roof. Sam went looking for Nora when she didn't show up for the wedding. Kevin and Kelly kissed. Bo was electrocuted.
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