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January 5 to 9, 2004
Dorian and David rescued Blair from an angry Todd and later urged her to admit that Todd had raped her. Starr ran off with Todd, but Blair feared that Todd kidnapped her. Dorian persuaded Blair to file rape charges against Todd, but Todd insisted to Viki that the sex was consensual. Toting a gun, Troy showed up at Cristian's gallery and held Lindsay, Jessica and Natalie hostage. Antonio and John arrived in time to arrest Troy. Rae suspected that Troy may be the Music Box Killer while in some sort of altered state.
January 12 to 16, 2004
R.J. wasn't too pleased when Bo gave Antonio his badge back. When Starr learned that Todd and Troy were going to jail, she had Matthew help her stop the van to give Todd a chance to escape. Todd declined to go, but Troy used the opportunity to take Matthew as a hostage and ran off. Viki shaken to learn that Blair had slept with Kevin the same night she claimed Todd raped her. Starr refused to eat until Blair dropped the charges against Todd, and Viki urged Blair to fully consider having him locked up. Troy and Matthew were found and brought back to Llanview, where Troy pleaded with them to believe that he was not really the "Music Box Killer."
January 19 to 23, 2004
John began to wonder if Troy really had been framed, after finding a new message from the "Music Box Killer" in his room. Flash was upset when Riley told her he didn't want to tour with Midnight Logic. After finding Jen unconscious, Ron rushed her to the hospital where she was treated for alcohol poisoning. Michael/Al began to make some progress with Marcie. After being turned away by Jen, Rex went to Lindsay and the two made love. Later, Lindsay was shaken to find a note to her by the killer left in her gallery.
January 26 to 30, 2004
Flash and Riley said a tearful goodbye before she prepared to leave for London. Starr wrote on the wall of the hospital while serving her community service, hoping they would send her home. Todd brought Blair to the hospital when she passed out after suffering from a headache. John and Antonio received a phone call from the "Music Box Killer" and traced it back to Llanview University. Marcie invited John and Michael's mother to her dinner party. Jen was shocked to see Lindsay and Rex kissing. Natalie was attacked by the MBK.
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February 2 to 6, 2004
John came home to find Natalie unconscious on his bed, but still alive. The Music Box Killer continued to call John, who began to feel there was something personal behind the killer's actions. Dorian told Adriana that she was her biological mother. The judge took Starr out of Blair's custody and into Viki's. Dorian and David slept together. Al learned he would lose his memories if he succeeded in getting Marcie to fall in love with Michael. Antonio headed to Chicago to look for clues to the MBK. Todd decided to plead guilty for his family's sake.
February 9 to 13, 2004
John received a video tape with his fiancée's murder on it. Todd agreed to take the plea deal, then changed his mind. John put distance between himself and Natalie in order to protect her. Rae began to suspect Dr. Haver was involved with the Music Box killings. Todd attacked Kevin in court. Asa had Nigel's hotel condemned. Al/Michael arranged for Simply Red to perform and danced with Marcie. David and Dorian stopped River and Adriana's wedding. Rae was kidnapped and held in an empty room. Marcie dedicated her radio show to Al. Ben woke up from his coma.
February 16 to 20, 2004
Marcie finally saw Al in Michael's eyes. Ben awoke from his coma and asked Viki to move on with her life without him. Rae tried to remain calm when the Music Box Killer kidnapped and took her hostage. Marty Saybrooke returned to Llanview and testified in court that she didn't believe Todd would ever rape another woman. Later, Todd fired Evangeline after she refused to let him take the stand. Dr. Stephen Haver was revealed to be the Music Box Killer.
February 23 to 27, 2004
Todd was found guilty of rape and sentenced to ten years in prison. Jen was outraged after witnessing Lindsay and Rex in a passionate kiss and concluded that they'd been sleeping together. Jessica passed out when the killer drugged her drink; she awoke and found herself locked in a cabin. After receiving a phone call from a panicked Jessica, Antonio was able to find the location of the cabin. Later, the killer called John and hinted that Natalie would be his next victim. Kevin took Blair to the hospital after another dizzy spell, and she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
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MARCH 2004
March 1 to 5, 2004
Blair questioned whether her brain tumor may have impacted her judgment on the night that she said Todd sexually assaulted her. Viki urged Blair to tell the authorities that she was having second thoughts about Todd's attack. Stephen decided that Natalie would be his next victim. Jessica agreed to help John set up a trap to snag Stephen. David learned that Dorian would not marry him until he got a job. Natalie fled the safe house to find Cristian.
March 8 to 12, 2004
Kelly awoke in the hospital to learn she had lost her baby and immediately vowed to hide it from Kevin. When Todd was finally released from jail, he decided to plot revenge against Kevin. Blair warned David that Dorian might back out of marrying him at the last minute. Stephen held Natalie hostage and wired her with a bomb. John located them and was able to overpower Stephen and disable the bomb.
March 15 to 19, 2004
David learned that Dorian was not going to marry him. Starr received a package from Todd. John resigned from the FBI. Roxy was impressed by Rex's idea of turning the abandoned theater into a restaurant. Antonio doubted that Dorian was Adriana's mother. Natalie was embarrassed when John pulled away from their kiss. Stephen handed his attorney an envelope with instructions to deliver it to an unknown recipient. Stephen was shot and critically hurt by an unseen gunman.
March 22 to 26, 2004
Paul had Kelly meet him at a cabin in Pine Valley where he gave her a baby boy who he said was unwanted by his mother. Todd pressured Kelly to keep quiet about losing her baby because he feared that the truth might push Blair and Kevin back together. John was arrested for Stephen's murder. Michael vowed to wait as long as needed before making love to Marcie. Blair realized that Todd did not rape her. Viki found out she had suffered a mild heart attack
March 29 to April 2, 2004
Paul led Kelly to believe that the birth mother of "her" baby - who was later named after Asa and nicknamed "Ace" - didn't want him. Todd nearly exposed Kelly's secret. Kevin expressed a desire to get to know his son, Duke. Natalie and John were released after the charges against them were dropped. Riley was furious with Daniel for having Ultra Violet closed. Starr inadvertently ended up in a chat room while trying to instant message Todd. Todd blackmailed his way into becoming editor-in-chief of The Banner. He later published an article about the helicopter crash that Paul had staged in which a baby supposedly died.
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APRIL 2004
April 5 to 9, 2004
John survived the poisoning inflicted upon him by Stephen's poisoned pills. Viki discussed her heart condition and fears with Dorian. Starr smoked some cigarettes and became quite ill. Todd published an article in The Banner that hinted that Buchanan Enterprises might be accepting illegal payoffs. John saw Natalie and Paul kissing. Marcie and Michael became intimate. Kathryn Fitzgerald came to town asking John for his help.
April 12 to 16, 2004
While locked on a rooftop, Marcie and Michael made love. Paul and Todd both blackmailed Kelly, saying that they could expose the truth about Ace at any time. Kelly later gave money to Paul, money he needed to pay off racketeers. Jessica was worried when she learned that Viki was having a new will drawn up. Starr talked Blair into taking her to New York City, where she planned to meet her 16-year-old Internet chat buddy. Michael fell from Dr. Long's office window.
April 19 to 23, 2004
Travis stormed off after meeting Starr, realizing she must be younger than she had claimed. He later contacted her to apologize, and they arranged to meet again. Antonio was embarrassed after Jessica turned down his marriage proposal. David was shocked when Dorian told him she was still legally married to Adriana's father. R.J. sought out an attorney after Antonio violated the custody agreement. Kelly was nervous when she learned that Kevin had discovered the $64,000 dollars missing from his business account. Paul blackmailed Kelly into giving him more money, which she borrowed from a suspicious Todd. Viki went to the hospital after suffering from chest pains; only to learn that her heart condition was worse than previously anticipated.
April 26 to 30, 2004
In order to have access to her money, Paul asked Natalie to run away with him. Carlotta, David and Dorian schemed to prevent Adriana's paternity a secret. Adriana was heartbroken when she learned that River had kissed Shannon. Because of Michael's suspicions, John began investigation Dr. Long. Kevin learned that Kelly had stolen the money from Buchanan Enterprises. Starr became separated from Travis and was later attacked by a stranger.
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MAY 2004
May 3 to 7, 2004
A man named Laser kidnapped Starr from Central Park by pretending to be one of Travis' friends. Natalie accepted Paul's proposal, but John whisked Paul away before he could run off with her. Nigel offered to help Roxy deal with the bookie. Kevin's suspicions of Kelly and Todd grew. Antonio accepted a dangerous undercover assignment from Evangeline. Marcie decided to poke around to find out what Paul and Dr. Long were up to. Viki suffered serious chest pains upon learning from Dorian that Starr had been kidnapped. After several near misses, Todd and Blair spotted Starr and Laser at the train station, but Laser managed to escape with Starr.
May 10 to 14, 2004
Todd and Blair were reunited, but Blair was later taken hostage by Laser. Nigel offered Roxy money to help pay off her bookie. The two shared a kiss. Travis said that he was in love with Starr. Natalie stopped herself from having sex with John because he was still not over losing Caitlyn. R.J. started to become suspicious of Antonio and Evangeline. Dr. Long caught Michael and Marcie snooping and offered them proof that he was not doing anything illegal.
May 17 to 21, 2004
Jen, Jessica, and Marcie made plans to go to a strip club, oblivious to the fact that Antonio planned to strip there for an undercover job. Viki learned that she would need a heart transplant as soon as possible in order to survive. A suspicious Kevin went to Pine Valley seeking information about Paul. Kelly flew to Atlantic City to find Paul, and David followed. Later, David panicked after believing he killed Paul during an argument in Kelly's hotel room. Kelly awoke to find Paul dead, and feared she must have killed him. Dr. Long came after Marcie on the hospital roof, leaving Marcie to fear for her life.
May 24 to 28, 2004
Viki's heart transplant was postponed after the donor heart was contaminated by Dr. Long. Dr. Long was later arrested after he attacked Marcie and Michael on the hospital rooftop. Dorian told Ben about Viki's health crisis and that his heart was the perfect match. Ben died as a result, and Asa and Renee said goodbye to their son. Viki decided to have the transplant. Carlotta told Antonio that Adriana's father is Carlotta's brother. Todd and Kelly hid Paul's body in a landfill only to discover it was missing later. Kevin became suspicious of Kelly. Natalie was accused of murdering Paul, who later turned out to be alive. Travis paid Starr a visit and told her he would be near Llanview for the summer.
May 31 to June 4, 2004
Riley discovered he was in trouble for cheating on a paper. Jen, Marcie, and Jessica went to the "Hook-Up," where Antonio prepared to strip for his undercover job as he continued to investigate the Santi Family. After finding Paul alive, a hesitant Natalie agreed to help him blackmail Todd and Kelly. Realizing the suspicion they were under, Kelly and Todd claimed their sudden odd behavior was due to their recent one-time fling. In Atlantic City, John was shocked to stumble upon Natalie giving money to a very alive Paul. Rex was unable to make his loan payments, and he asked Lindsay to run interference with R.J. Dorian accepted the position of chief of staff of Llanview Hospital.
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JUNE 2004
June 7 to 11, 2004
Todd convinced Blair that he never slept with Kelly. David tried to calm Kelly's fears, saying that Todd would not expose her secret. Kelly learned that Paul was alive, but refused to help him. Meanwhile, a Santi thug grabbed Paul. Marcie told Jennifer that she had seen Antonio stripping at the Hook Up. Jessica saw Antonio stripping, but he couldn't explain things to her because it would have blown his cover. Asa continued experiencing memory problems. Matthew told Bo that Nora had accepted a date with Daniel. Viki was released from the hospital. Starr and Travis went to a dance at the community center...and it erupted in flames.
June 14 to 18, 2004
Evangeline discovered Kathryn dead in her office. Blair and Todd made love and Blair later promised to move back into the penthouse with her children. Todd was arrested for stealing files from Buchanan Enterprises. Marcie's feelings were hurt when Michael made some suggestions about her manuscript. Kevin left Kelly and moved into Llanfair. Roxy confessed to Bo that she had hired the arsonist. Natalie agreed to go on the run with Paul. Viki held a memorial service for Ben.
June 21 to 25, 2004
Todd was arrested for allegedly stealing documents from Buchanan Enterprises and asks Blair to have faith in him. Margaret unsuccessfully tried to convince Blair that she and Todd had an affair. Viki recruited Jen, Marcie, Riley, and Shannon for a project to rebuild the community center. Nora and Daniel went on a date, which bothered Bo. Kevin questioned Ace's paternity, causing Kelly to move back to Dorian's mansion with Ace. Antonio tried to figure out where Manuel's money was with the help of Carlotta's bracelet. Natalie was arrested for helping Paul escape. Evangeline expressed dismay over R.J.'s jealousy of her and John.
June 28 to July 2, 2004
After becoming trapped in a basement, John and Evangeline made love. Roxy and Rex were assigned to assist with the Love Project to fulfill their community service obligations, as each student involved reluctantly signed on. Jessica became upset when Antonio refused to admit that he was working undercover on the Santi case. Paul and Natalie set off to find the clues leading to the Santi money. Adriana feared she may be pregnant after sleeping with River. Todd and Blair tricked Margaret into confessing that she had lied about sleeping with Todd. Kelly told Kevin that the baby belonged to Todd, and pleaded with Todd to go along with her story.
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JULY 2004
July 5 to 9, 2004
Antonio told Bo and John that he was headed to Puerto Rico to meet the head of the Santi family. Jessica learned the truth about what Antonio was doing. Sonia held Adriana hostage. Dorian, David and Paul made a pact to work together to find the treasure. Blair didn't want to go along with Todd and Kelly's plan to say that Todd was Ace's father. Kevin filed for divorce from Kelly. John and Evangeline agreed that their sleeping together was a once and done thing, but then they had to fight their growing attraction to each other. Roxy assigned rooms at the Love House - and the young men and women found themselves in a very co-ed environment. Jessica discovered a man named Tico inside the Santi vault.
July 12 to 16, 2004
Margaret temporarily kidnapped Jack. After returning him, she kidnapped Ace from Dorian's. Todd played along with Margaret in order to get Ace back. Blair agreed when Dorian asked her to keep the Ace's parentage a secret. After serving Kelly with divorce papers and fighting with Viki about her Todd favoritism, Kevin was arrested for DUI. When sober, he asked his lawyer to go for full custody of Ace. Starr and Travis hacked into The Banner to change headlines and it got Todd in trouble. Paul asked Natalie to move in with him and she accepted. Antonio brought his newly found cousin, Tico, to Llanview to meet his family. Sonia was revealed to be Tico's adopted sister. Most of the Love Project group cheered Marcie on to a win at "Search and Destroy" while someone trashed the Love Center the same night. River turned to Shannon for a little afternoon delight down at the quarry.
July 19 to 23, 2004
Adriana broke it off with River after finding him with Shannon at the quarry. Starr was grounded by Todd, but allowed to help Todd propose to Blair. Todd gave money to David to buy Craze from Kevin. Natalie gave her proxy to Kevin in exchange for giving Paul a job as they moved into the Angel Square Hotel. Kelly unraveled when Kevin announced he was suing for full custody. R.J. asked Rex to spy on Evangeline in exchange for the opportunity to buy back into Ultra Violet. John and Evangeline continued their strictly sexual affair, but R.J. hired a thug to beat up John. Bo and Nora were trapped in an elevator at the hospital. After Mark came out to Marcie, she found a set of human remains with Michael at the Love Center building site. Sonia faked her own beating and bar destruction to keep Antonio at her side.
July 26 to 30, 2004
John suspected R.J. of orchestrating his beating. Tico bought Lion's Heart, moved in, and learned that he has a brother named Manuel. Starr came clean to a disbelieving Kevin about her computer hacking. Kevin moved up the shareholder meeting, ousted Todd as editor in chief, and caused Viki to cut ties with him. After Starr heard the baby rumor, Todd went to Kevin and spilled all about Ace. Kevin got emergency custody of Ace, but when he went to collect him, Kelly had escaped with the baby to see her mother in Boston. The ladies wanted the guys to agree to strip as a fundraiser for the Love Center.
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August 2 to 6, 2004
Kelly took Ace to see Melinda who thought the baby was Paul, and after briefly losing Ace to Kevin, she won temporary custody of Ace. Blair convinced Asa to help her take down Todd and learned the land she had gotten in her divorce settlement might be where Asa's mansion was. Viki agreed to interview Travis' mother for a job as a favor to Starr. Viki also had dinner with Paul, which motivated Natalie to put her money into a trust for her kids. Marcie learned that her brother Eric was going to marry his boyfriend, prompting Mark to come out to the group -- and arguments. Michael, Marcie, and John learned the bones might be those of Amy Dunham, who had been involved with a Charles McBain. A two-week-late Adriana bought a pregnancy test but responded to River's New York City ultimatum by hanging up the phone. Tico hosted a formal dinner for his new family and introduced his governess, Angelina, who had known Carlotta previously. Antonio dreamed of Angelina's locket and grew closer to Sonia. R.J. admitted he had once worked for Manuel Santi.
August 9 to 13, 2004
Paul agreed to help Rex pull off an insurance scam and robbery involving Lindsay's gallery. R.J disposed of Octavio's body. Dorian remained concerned about Kelly's mental state. Todd realized that Blair owned more of Asa's land than they had thought. Nora and Bo became trapped in a meat locker, but made it out before freezing to death. Antonio was alarmed to discover that Carlotta and Angelina were missing.
August 16 to 20, 2004
Tico offered Kevin help with his political career before he announced to Jessica he was going to throw a benefit for heart disease with Dorian as co-host. With Dorian's support, Adriana learned she was not pregnant. After an ultimatum, Paul told Natalie about the art heist and got her to agree to act as a decoy. Evangeline pretended to be interested in R.J. but he was suspicious. Moony eyed Daniel and Nora fought with a drunk Lindsay. Asa may have adverse possession of the mansion so Todd and Blair moved in to stake a claim to the land. Michael and Marcie continued to argue about Eric as the Love Center Full Monty benefit kicked off at Ultra Violet. Antonio was captured and blindfolded while looking for a missing Carlotta.
August 23 to 27, 2004
D.A. Colson gave the go ahead to Todd and Blair to stay in the mansion much to Viki and Kevin's righteous anger. Duke arrived into town and was both immediately smitten with Adriana and ready to testify for Kelly against his dad. Natalie was uneasy with the heist but stopped short of warning John or Jessica who was at odds with Antonio's Santi obsession. Carlotta and Antonio were reunited in Puerto Rico, where Antonio's palm print unlocked the Santi fortune at a bank. Back in Llanview, Tico got the fortune and seemed to be losing his nice guy facade. Meanwhile, his sister Sonia broke into R.J.'s office and met with shady characters at the Love Center. Addie visited to meet Adriana and to force a grudging truce among the Cramer women. A pill popping Kelly tried to blow town with Ace and once stopped, came clean to Evangeline about Ace's origins. At Marcie's urging, Mark asked out bartender Justin for his first date with a guy.
August 30 to September 3, 2004
Angelina took a bullet to save Antonio's life. Sonia revealed herself to be a federal agent under cover in the Santi organization. After first trying to get Kelly to sign over custody, Kevin finally went to court and won sole custody of Ace, thanks to Tico's influence with the judge. John had Paul and Natalie followed and arrested before the art heist could take place. Thanks to a tip from Natalie, the armored car took a different route, screwing up R.J.'s plan to steal the art. Dorian begged Todd to get Ace back for a deteriorating Kelly. Riley got a letter from Flash. Marcie received an ultimatum from Ron and her father to choose them over Eric, or else she would be cut out of the family.
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September 6 to 10, 2004
Riley had a heart to heart with Daniel, then told Jen he loved her. Jessica refused to help Natalie get the money to help Paul and Rex. Michael informed Marcie that her dad still wanted to see her. Tico planted the Octavio file on Antonio, but John smelled the set-up. Angelina told a disbelieving Antonio that not only was she Isabella, but also that Antonio was Manuelito. While Antonio got Carlotta to admit that Angelina told the truth, Tico fought with Angelina and accidentally pushed her onto some broken glass, killing her. Jessica learned the truth about Antonio and Angelina from Carlotta. After agreeing to reenter politics as the new Lieutenant Governor, Kevin met Babe, who felt a strong connection to Ace.
September 13 to 17, 2004
Babe questioned Paul after feeling a connection to Ace. Bo prevented a furious Asa from shooting Todd and Blair in the mansion. Realizing he wasn't right for her, Natalie broke off her relationship with Paul. Blair knocked Asa out after he insulted Starr, then dragged him to the woods to cover it up. Jessica was devestated when Antonio packed up his bags and left.
September 20 to 24, 2004
Asa fell in a hole in the woods and was almost rescued by Addie, but eventually rescued by Rex in exchange for a tidy sum of money. Tico and Antonio were at odds, culminating in Tico having Antonio kidnapped so that he could call him as El Tiburon and ask him to kill to earn his spot in the Santi family. John confronted Sonia about her INL connection to the FBI, but she didn't admit it. Kelly was shocked to see Kevin spending time with politico Will Dawes, but was over the moon about her one hour with Ace. After grabbing Ace from Babe's arms and spending some unsanctioned time with Ace in Angel Square, Kelly cried in David's arms before giving him an extended kiss. Marcie got a positive letter from the author that read her book. Everyone went to the Heart Disease Benefit gala and Duke beamed the most with a lovely Adriana on his arm.
September 27 to October 1, 2004
After showing up guns blazing at the Heart Disease gala, Asa went home to find and shoot Todd. No one believed Asa shot Todd so Nora, Kevin, and Bo talked him into entering a hospital for observation for a week. Meanwhile, Todd and his bloody new bullet hole trekked on over to Lion's Heart so that Sonia could sew him up on the sly and also so that he could snoop for dirt on Kevin. After several heated arguments, Antonio and Jessica agreed they had no future together and called it quits. Antonio fell into the arms of Sonia, while Jessica accepted Tico's wedding proposal. At Angelina's funeral, her ghost pleaded with Antonio for justice. John and Natalie spent an intimate evening alone in his room, where Natalie confessed that she never stopped loving John. But before he could spill about his feelings for Evangeline, Evangeline interrupted. Desperate for a sugar momma, Paul wooed Lindsay. Viki offered a newly optimistic Kelly a fundraising job at the University. Dorian made Adriana promise once again to cut ties with Duke.
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October 4 to 8, 2004
To get R.J.'s money, Paul tried to steal money from Lindsay's gallery and was caught by Jen, stole Natalie's earrings and was punched by Natalie, hit up Kelly for money and was threatened by David, got money from Kevin to leave town and gambled it away and finally Paul blackmailed Jen to get the money or else he was going to sell the tape of Rex and Lindsay at UV on the internet. Dorian received a key to a Santi safe deposit box, but when Adriana overheard Dorian and David, she told Tico about the key. While Antonio watched, Jessica and Tico married, but later Jessica wouldn't sleep with Tico. Still haunted by Angelina's ghost telling him Tico killed her, Antonio received instructions from el Tiburon to steal the contents of Dorian's safe. Todd suffered the ire of Blair when the first edition of "The Sun" came out with an expose on Kevin's campaign corruption. The New York book editor loved Marcie's book and asked her to come to New York to discuss publishing it. Bo kept a close eye on Todd as Daniel told Nora to make up her mind. Sonia admitted to John that she was INL.
October 11 to 15, 2004
Tico told Sonia that Angelina was El Tiburon and after Benicio was shot by INL agents, Sonia believed Benicio was the one pretending to be El Tiburon in Angelina's place. The INL agents were paid off by Tico to shoot Benicio, but for a bonus payday, one agent tipped Tico off to Sonia's undercover agent status. Antonio stole the safe deposit box key from Dorian's safe, but when he couldn't get into the bank without a password, he Mission Impossibled the contents out through the air ducts. Dorian followed Antonio from the bank to his hotel and as she began to open the safe deposit box package, she was grabbed from behind. After being evicted, Paul continued to try to blackmail Jen into bed, but Jen plotted to get Paul drunk and then take the Lindsay sex tape from him. Meanwhile, R.J. gave Lindsay a gun for protection. After prompting from Bo, Coulson got back together with Nora as Bo started something new with Asa's docter, Paige Miller. Kevin played nice with Viki and Kelly to prevent more stories from appearing in "The Sun." Blair went to Asa to call a truce. Marcie went to New York to see about publishing her book. Michael saved Evangeline from a racist attacker.
October 18 to 22, 2004
After Paul passed out drunk, Jen got the tape, but when Riley found her leaving the motel room, she told Riley all and preemptively broke up with him. Rex got 60% of UV back in exchange for his silence on the Love Center trashings as a suspicious Shannon began to realize Rex still loved Jen. Dorian learned the safe deposit box money was marked. Antonio got a CD with a list of all the most powerful people in the world and a note from Manuel Santi implicating Tico in his death and tagging Tico as el Tiburon. Both Jessica and Tico learned of the letter from Antonio, and Tico told Sonia he was proud of her secret agent status. Nora seemed to doubt her platonic friendship with Bo, then Asa confided to her that he was dying and wished to see Nora remarry Bo before he died. Michael waited to propose to Marcie on her birthday while Marcie saved Jen from Paul's second, more violent attempt at sleeping with her. Paul spilled the truth about Ace's origins to Kelly and threatened to tell the real mother if he didn't get money. David warned Kevin about the Ace revelation. Dorian got a gun from Antonio in exchange for information on Manuel Santi. A rejected Natalie kissed John and then confronted Paul in an alleyway about what he had done for Kelly.
October 25 to 29, 2004
Kevin directed Paul to San Francisco to pick up a check, but before Paul got on the plane he was called away. Natalie stayed with Paul to ensure he left town, but when they fought, he knocked her unconscious and covered in his blood, and stumbled off to meet someone in the park. Paul's meeting ended with him getting shot, while Natalie came to back at his hotel and stumbled home, babbling about Cristian and carrying Paul's gun. David worried Dorian went after Paul with her gun. Duke temporarily went back to Texas to visit his mother, but kissed Adriana goodbye first. Tico ordered Jessica around, but she resisted. Antonio offered Todd an exclusive story on the Santis. Kelly insisted on returning Ace to his natural mother, but Kevin threatened her to at least wait until after the election. When left waiting to propose to Marcie, Michael exploded when she arrived, telling her she didn't have time for him. Paul released the Lindsay sex tape to the internet, but Rex had it shut down. Jen and Riley made up. Nora told Bo what Asa said about dying and they agreed to play a joke on Asa to get even.
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November 1 to 5, 2004
Bo and Nora held a faux wedding to prank Asa ,but Colson was not amused. Sonia agreed to help Antonio get Jessica away from Tico. Antonio shared a couple of kisses with Jessica and tried to talk to a skittish Natalie about Halloween. Natalie burned her clothes from Halloween night, but John arrived in time to rescue them from total destruction. John tested the blood on the phone at Paul's and Natalie's clothing, linking her to the crime scene at Paul's room. Tico affected the outcome of the election to ensure Kevin's win. Babe and Jamie kidnapped Ace on election night and a frantic Kevin hoped Kelly was to blame. Kelly was set to move in to the carriage house when Kevin had to break the news about Ace so they could make a television plea for the return of their baby. Jessica accepted a job at the Sun with Todd. Dorian almost found Paul's body in Judge Hernandez's grave. David dropped a gun in the river, while Rex buried the gun he found in cement at the Love Center. Somewhere, Cristian is alive and being held captive.
November 8 to 12, 2004
Todd learned Tico ordered Cristian's death, but didn't tell Antonio. Cristian, with a knife wound, escaped from his captors and hitchhiked back to Llanview. Shannon told John a woman buried a gun at the Love Center and once tested, showed to be Paul's gun with both Natalie and Rex's prints on it. When arrested, Natalie hired Evangeline. After finding Blair and Dorian digging at Judge Hernandez's grave site, John dug up Paul's body. David knocked John unconscious and reburied Paul elsewhere, but John still found the Bahdra diamond necklace at the grave. Nora asked Bo to forgive her for sleeping with Sam. Starr blackmailed Asa to get him to restore Todd's identity. Antonio asked Jessica to leave Tico, but she continued to work on Tico's Santi-Vegas connection and his ties to Governor Brooks. Natalie told John she would spill all about her Paul encounter. Krystal called Kelly to let her know Ace was doing fine.
November 15 to 19, 2004
Kelly and David tracked down Krystal, talked to Bianca, figured out the baby switch, and drove after Babe in North Carolina. Paul's body was found and Dorian was arrested for killing him after a gun was found in the drawer to her desk at work. After coming clean to John about the night Paul died, Natalie was reunited with Cristian up at the cabin. Antonio learned Tico was to blame for Cristian's death, but was reunited with a very much alive Cristian. Cristian and Antonio's plan to find evidence at Tico's backfired when Tico found them there, but they pretended not to know one another. Tico made plans to force Antonio to kill the governor in exchange for Cristian's life, but really intended to kill them both anyway. Todd got his identity back as Margaret got out of St. Anne'sAfter reuniting with Cristian, Jessica was more determined than ever to stay on the inside with Tico.
November 22 to 26, 2004
Natalie was conflicted about her feelings for John now that Cristian was back. A threatened Evangeline continued to sweat John's connection to Natalie, but John continued to reassure Evangeline of his feelings for her. Nora canceled her weekend with Daniel so Bo could go away with Paige, but Bo and Nora still managed to have a Thanksgiving together. A witness came forward and identified Dorian as the woman in the cemetery with Paul before he was shot, which led to Dorian's arrest. David and Kelly continued to search for Ace, but were slowed down by food poisoning. Michael continued to try to propose to Marcie as she set up a book tour with her new literary agent. Tico tried to shoot Cristian, but ended up tying him up in his mansion. Frantic, Antonio followed Tico's instructions to aim a gun at Governor Brooks or else Cristian would be killed. Adriana mentioned to Natalie that Tico had a picture of Cristian and a scared Natalie ran to Tico's, only to find some bloody ropes and no Cristian.
November 29 to December 3, 2004
John saved hostage Jessica from Tico, but John shot Tico in the struggle. Before going to the hospital in a coma, Tico stabbed Jessica in the abdomen and she later developed peritonitis and clung to life. Governor Brooks thought Kevin tried to have him assassinated and Todd ran with the story as Kevin left town in search of Kelly. Kevin found Kelly in Carolina and told her to go find Ace, but lacking trust, had her followed. David claimed he killed Paul to free Dorian, but Bo had them both locked up as co-conspirators in the murder. Marcie finally realized Michael was trying to propose to her, but he felt they just weren't ready to take that step. Sonia was leaving town on a new case. Evangeline continued to struggle with Natalie and John's friendship, even though the twosome agreed to keep their friendship from Cristian. Both Cristian and a fever deluded Jessica left their hospital beds, but only Jessica saw a shadowy figure pull the plug on Tico right before she passed out in the hallway.
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December 6 to 10, 2004
Someone pulled the plug on Tico's life support, but Jessica could not quite remember who she had seen kill Tico. Kevin's private eye continued to report on Kelly, who decided to go to the Miranda Benefit concert in Florida to look for Ace. A mortified Starr got braces, but Adriana and Matthew pepped her up. Nora attempted to make love to Daniel, but thoughts of Bo stopped her. Bo planted a news story that narrowed down Paul's murder suspects to Lindsay and Jen. Bo suspected that Dorian and David had a secret. Cristian continued to hide his memory loss as a worried Natalie tried to make him comfortable. Michael worked to save his job in the wake of Tico's death. Todd and Blair moved up the wedding and scrambled to get their family and friends together. Once the affair was set, a wedding gown-clad Margaret pulled a gun on Todd and shot him before the wedding could begin.
December 13 to 17, 2004
With Todd being less than cooperative, Margaret shot him in the other leg and threatened Starr in order to get Todd to write Blair a goodbye letter before whisking him off to a cabin for the winter. After several weak escape attempts, Margaret begged for Todd to impregnate her so she could set him free. A devastated Blair held out hope that the letter from Todd was a forgery, but when she learned it was his handwriting, she went on a drunken, insult spree at Rodi's. Michael feared becoming the fall guy at the hospital for Tico's death, while brother John questioned a mentally blocked Jessica. Cristian continued to have memory problems and violent mood swings. Duke helped Kelly find Ace in New Orleans. Nora and Bo finally fought about all their baggage, each blaming the other for still being in love, but both never wanting to talk again after Bo admitted he would never forgive her for Sam.
December 20 to 24, 2004
Kelly tearfully handed Ace over to Babe and returned to Llanview to tell Duke and Kevin the news. Kevin was furious, but allowed Kelly to take some of Ace's things home with her when he saw how devastated she was. Mrs. Bigelow and Blair looked for Todd, but Blair struggled to accept that Todd left her. Todd fashioned a crutch and stumbled into the snowy woods, passing out after leaving a message in the snow for Blair. Riley found Paul Cramer's bracelet in Jen's purse, but insisted he believed she didn't kill Paul. Adriana couldn't give Antonio an alibi and John learned Antonio stood to inherit Tico's fortune. Jessica remembered the night of Tico's murder. Michael was put on probation and continued to bicker with Marcie over her new found self esteem issues. Cristian was creatively blocked and frustrated but reunited with Carlotta for Christmas. At the Christmas party, John kissed Natalie in the darkened coat room, mistaking her for Evangeline. Dorian vowed revenge on Viki for costing Dorian her job. Nigel gave the hotel deed to Roxy and agreed to go back to work for Asa.
December 27 to 31, 2004
Marcie was fired by Bo and broken up with by Michael. Natalie was caught crying on John's shoulder again by Evangeline who ripped into her about that and the closet kiss, begging her to leave John alone. Dorian worked on a plan to get Viki fired. Jessica thought Kevin was still in love with Kelly but for herself insisted she needed time away from Antonio. Mrs. Bigelow had no news of Todd but Kelly wanted to help and diverted Kevin with a faked twisted ankle so that Blair could have his television time on New Year's Eve. After finding a hypothermic Todd in the snow, Margaret spun a story and produced a bribe at the clinic, but it was Blair's singing on the television that finally awoke Todd. At the stroke of midnight at the Palace, Daniel proposed to Nora as Bo tried to get over the memory of Gabrielle with Paige back at the station. Jen and Riley finally made love and after stumbling on them post coital, a dejected Rex told Roxy he was leaving town. The surveillance tape of Dorian's office seemed to show a man, clearing Jen of Paul's murder, but it was mysteriously erased.
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