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January 5 to 9, 2004
Maria dreamed that Edmund was dead. Juan Pablo's enemies surrounded the ski lodge and opened fire on the Pine Valley residents who were trapped inside. With Maria held hostage, Aidan and Juan Pablo worked together to defuse a bomb. Edmund sustained a critical gunshot wound during his attempt to rescue Maria. Greenlee, Mia, and Kendall overpowered their captor. Edmund went into surgery. Jack and Erica were served with subpoenas to be witnesses for the prosecution at Kendall's trial. Jack told Erica and David to implicate as many people as they possibly could during the trial. Jamie vowed not to give up on Babe. Jamie hacked into Joe's computer and learned that Babe had lied about her date of conception. JR found Jamie's college identification card in the secret passageway. Ryan found a doctor who was willing to switch Kendall and Bianca's test results, but it was later determined that performing the amniocentesis would be too risky.
January 12 to 16, 2004
Maria fainted and later lashed out at David and Brooke. David and Adam made a deal. Greenlee decided to pursue Ryan. Ryan told Kendall that he wanted to marry her. Kendall was about to tell Erica the truth when she realized that Erica had been called as a witness for the prosecution. Reggie drew attention to himself when he insisted that Kendall was innocent. Bianca had some blood drawn. Jack told Bianca that he knew that she was pregnant with Michael's baby, and she confirmed his suspicion. On the eve of Kendall's trial, thoughts of Michael haunted Erica, Bianca, and Kendall. Krystal warned Jamie and Tad to leave Babe alone. Babe hosted a dinner party.
January 19 to 23, 2004
Jury selection began in Kendall's case. Bianca remembered seeing something that could prove Kendall's innocence. Aidan found the minister who had married Kendall and Michael. Kendall panicked when Ryan took the stand as a witness for the prosecution. Greenlee, Mia, and Simone confronted Kendall and demanded proof that she was really pregnant. Erica corroborated Kendall's pregnancy story. Erica later took the stand and helped the defense shift the blame from Kendall to herself. Ryan urged Juan Pablo to stay away from Greenlee, but Tad advised Juan Pablo to refrain from giving up on her. Maria stayed at Edmund's bedside. Edmund regained consciousness.
January 26 to 30, 2004
Greenlee looked for proof that Kendall was not pregnant. Ryan and Kendall caught Greenlee skulking about Kendall's condo. Ryan and Kendall got engaged. Jack was arrested after admitting on the witness stand that he had planted heroin in Michael's condo. Greenlee blamed Kendall for Jack's arrest. The DNA test results "proved" that Kendall was carrying Michael's child. Jack almost told Erica about Bianca's pregnancy. Ryan once again caught Greenlee looking for evidence that Kendall was not pregnant. Ryan told Greenlee that he was going to marry Kendall. Erica threatened to stab Kendall, whom she believed was Michael. Liza kissed Tad. Liza let Krystal know her true intentions toward Tad. Tad accepted Liza's proposition. Adam offered Paul a deal. Mary found a gun with "MC" inscribed on it hidden in a sculpture in Adam's office. Aidan hid kooky minister Fred Lomax at a pump house. Mia followed Aidan to the pump house.
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February 2 to 6, 2004
Aidan prevented Erica from stabbing Kendall. Erica was later unable to recall how she had gotten to Kendall's condo or what she had done while she had been there. Juan Pablo offered to place the blame for Michael's murder on Carlos, and he urged Simone to help him do so. Ryan admitted that he had feelings for Greenlee, who promised to leave Kendall alone. Fred escaped from the pump house and ended up at the courthouse, where he was spotted and forced to testify that he had performed the wedding ceremony for Kendall and Boyd, whom he had believed was Michael Cambias. Greenlee struggled to understand why everyone was upset with her for angrily ripping off Kendall's dress during the trial. The judge refused to grant a mistrial in Kendall's case. Kendall accused Ryan of betraying her. Kendall caught Greenlee destroying the Fusion offices. Bianca's confession overwhelmed Erica. David held Adam at gunpoint. Adam, David, and Tad were arrested.
February 9 to 13, 2004
Erica questioned Jack about Bianca's pregnancy. Erica hired Tad to find out what she had done on the night of Michael's murder. Bianca recognized Lena's coat. Greenlee apologized to Kendall. Bianca encouraged Ryan to keep fighting for Kendall. Ryan declared his love for Kendall. David rushed Bianca to the hospital. Erica refused to discuss Bianca's pregnancy or see her. Erica was horrified when Kendall said that she was going to plead guilty. Greenlee fell into an abandoned mine when she went to talk to Leo. Kendall returned Ryan's engagement ring. Ryan crashed his motorcycle. Ryan threw the engagement ring into the mineshaft and placed a rock over the opening while Greenlee slept. Mary saw Babe stealing from the Chandler safe. Jamie thought that Paul was blackmailing Babe. JR found the cash from Adam's safe in Babe's purse. Babe went to Llanview to get Paul to help her. Krystal and Liza fought over Tad. Simone forgave Tad. Maria and Edmund shared a Valentine's Day moment.
February 16 to 20, 2004
Maria admitted that Edmund might never walk again. Maria warned Dr. Taylor to stay away from Edmund. Anita stopped to help Aidan with a flat tire. Paul named his price. Greenlee prayed that Ryan would rescue her from the mineshaft, and she later imagined that Kendall was taunting her. Ryan gave the Cambias fortune to Bianca. Tad found a possible witness to the things that Erica had done on the night of Michael's disappearance. Krystal helped Tad get the truth from Bronco, a bar patron. Jack found Erica's will. Ryan found Erica at Chris's grave. Adam and David each testified that they had planned to kill Michael. Despite Jack's wishes, Erica took the stand and incriminated herself. Maggie accused Lena of killing Michael. Jack tried to talk some sense into Erica. Bianca insisted on going to Kendall's trial. Bianca remembered who had shot Michael.
February 23 to 27, 2004
Bianca remembered killing Michael. The judge granted a mistrial. Bianca confessed to Michael's murder. Jack was concerned about Erica. On her birthday, Greenlee imagined visits from Mary, Jack, Mia, Simone, and Ryan. A rockslide made Greenlee cry out for Ryan. Ryan asked Kendall if she'd had anything to do with Greenlee's disappearance. Greenlee continued to hallucinate. Ryan went to say goodbye to Leo before leaving town. Kendall followed Ryan to the waterfall, and Greenlee heard their voices. Ryan rescued Greenlee and took care of her. Kendall enjoyed David's company. Maria asked Anita to discourage Edmund from going through with the surgery. An angry Maria barred Brooke from the hospital. Tad and Simone found the annulment papers that Krystal had hidden. Babe asked Paul for the paternity test results. Everyone gathered in Joe's office for the results of Babe's paternity test.
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MARCH 2004
March 1 to 5, 2004
Maria begged Edmund to delay the surgery. Erica resisted Jack's plans for the day and drank some wine. Erica accused her father of betraying her. The paternity test results greatly relieved Babe. Krystal stopped Tad from revealing the truth about Babe's previous marriage. Babe planned a baby shower for Bianca. Adam told Mary that he wanted Babe out of JR's life after the baby was born. Maggie was surprised to learn that Bianca had already made plans to move. Maggie asked Jamie to be her new roommate. JR offered Jamie a job. David realized that Kendall still had feelings for Ryan. Greenlee was determined to get the box from the mineshaft. Ryan refused Greenlee's offer to fund his next venture. Ryan saw Kendall at the waterfall. Jack, Kendall, and Reggie faced criminal charges. Erica drank champagne at the baby shower.
March 8 to 12, 2004
Edmund agreed to postpone the surgery. Edmund returned home and found that Anita had planned a romantic dinner for him and Maria. Edmund lashed out at Maria. Aidan raised Edmund's spirits. Krystal went to see Jack and asked him about annulments. Adam followed Krystal to Tad's place. Ryan and Greenlee got a suite at a Philadelphia hotel. Erica made a dire prediction to Babe about Bianca's future. Erica blamed David for not terminating Bianca's pregnancy. Erica and Bobby shared a drink. Erica escaped from Jack and went to Philadelphia with Bobby. Greenlee warned Bobby to stay away from Erica. Greenlee and Ryan conned their way into staying at the hotel and out of jail. Erica testified at Jack's hearing. Bianca asked Kendall to be her birth coach. Kendall, Bianca, JR, and Babe went to their first childbirth class.
March 15 to 19, 2004
Brooke and Tad were shocked to learn that Jamie was planning to move out. Tad decided to take a break from women. Reggie and Danielle's friendship grew. Disaster struck while Edmund was alone with the kids. Bianca upset Erica when she showed up at Erica's press conference. Erica lashed out at Kendall. Jack confronted Erica about her drinking. Erica returned Jack's ring. Ryan and Greenlee shared a goodbye kiss, only to later reunite when Greenlee's motorcycle stalled. Ryan and Greenlee stayed at a cheap motel. Babe and Bianca's car went off the road during a storm, so they took shelter in a cabin as their vehicle was washed away in a flash flood. Bianca went into labor while stranded. Bianca gave birth with Babe's help. Babe went for help and broke into David's cabin before being hit with overwhelming pain. Ryan and Greenlee found Babe's backpack. Tad, Krystal, JR, and Kendall were frantic with worry. Search parties were organized.
March 22 to 26, 2004
Maria struggled to accept Edmund's decision to have the surgery. Greenlee and Ryan found Babe's car and shared the news with everyone at the mansion. Babe went into labor at David's cabin. Kendall blamed Erica for Bianca's situation. Babe was unable to wake Bianca. Paul arrived and delivered Babe's baby, then placed the babies in portable incubators. Paul called Kelly and told her that he had a baby for her. David called everyone to his cabin. Erica felt guilty about what she had said to Bianca. Ryan, Kendall, and Greenlee found the crashed helicopter, along with Babe, Bianca, and one baby. Everyone demanded an explanation from a panicked Paul. Erica rejected Jack's attempt to console her. David continued to suffer over the loss of Leora. Erica and Krystal waited at the hospital. Joe reported that Babe's condition could worsen. Ryan comforted Kendall. Brooke told Adam off. Babe told Erica to make up with Bianca. Tad, David, and Ryan took the recovered incubator to the hospital. Bianca woke up.
March 29 to April 2, 2004
Kendall told Bianca that her baby had not survived the crash. Bianca accused Erica of being happy that Miranda was dead. Babe started to remember the crash. JR's references to a baby girl confused Babe. Tad convinced JR to let David treat Babe. Paul considered killing Babe. JR comforted Babe when she cried out for Paul to refrain from placing her baby in an incubator. Krystal took Bess to Babe's room. Bianca went to visit Babe. Kendall was grateful to Ryan for his care. Erica received a call and left with a suitcase. Erica's note frightened Jack. Reggie broke down in Danielle's arms. Greenlee invited Danielle to stay at the penthouse. Reggie and Danielle got locked in a closed music store. Danielle and Reggie were almost taken into police custody. Aidan taught Anita to box. Maria and Edmund imagined themselves as the lead characters in the movie that they were watching.
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APRIL 2004
April 5 to 9, 2004
Bianca went to the nursery to hold Babe's baby. Bianca left a message for Paul to contact her. Lena queried Paul about the crash. Babe's fever broke. Bianca believed that she had heard Miranda crying. Greenlee agreed to take Bianca to the crash site, where Bianca once again suspected that she could hear Miranda crying. Babe held Bess for the first time. Despite some initial confusion, Babe eventually accepted the fact that she had delivered a baby girl. Babe dreamed about the crash. Bianca dreamed that Miranda had been found. Mia refused to help Liza expose Krystal's secret. Tad warned Krystal about getting involved with David. Jack asked Tad for help finding Erica. Jack asked Greenlee to forgive Kendall. Kendall wanted to make things right with Greenlee and start up Fusion again. Anita and Aidan got stuck in an elevator. Edmund lost his temper with Maria. The guys "kidnapped" Edmund and took him out to play pool with them.
April 12 to 16, 2004
David warned Greenlee to refrain from interfering with Ryan's relationship with Kendall. Kendall told Ryan that she loved him. Kendall and Ryan nearly kissed. Danielle wanted to slow things down between her and Reggie. Tad offered Aidan a job. Bianca and Bess went missing. Kendall told JR that Bianca had left the hospital with Bess. Bianca believed that Bess was Miranda. Tad and Krystal struggled with their theory about Miranda and Bess. Everyone searched for Bianca. Greenlee thought that she knew where Bianca was. Tad and Maria stopped Adam from sending the cops after Bianca. Greenlee, Tad, and Aidan found Bianca and played along with her belief that Bess was Miranda. Ryan told Bianca that the baby wasn't Miranda. Erica went to her father's funeral. Bobby saw Erica in Las Vegas.
April 19 to 23, 2004
Greenlee and Reggie met Jack at the airport and told him about Bianca taking Bess. Ryan and Kendall convinced Bianca that Miranda was dead. Bianca gave Bess back to Babe. Babe asked Bianca to be Bess's godmother. Bianca thought that she needed psychiatric help because she still felt like Bess was really Miranda. Adam and JR decided to keep Bianca away from Bess. JR and Babe took Bess home. Krystal confronted Paul. Krystal was furious when she found out about the DNA test that Joe and Tad had done. The DNA test proved that Bess was JR and Babe's daughter. Krystal comforted Tad when he voiced his heartache for Bianca. Adam found a new respect for Babe when he saw her mothering Bess. Greenlee told Ryan that she was glad to be a part of her new family. Edmund confessed his fears to Anita as he prepared for his surgery.
April 26 to 30, 2004
Krystal felt guilty about switching the paternity tests and mourned the grandchild whom she believed that she had lost. Krystal rejected Tad's offer of friendship. Jack promised to help Bianca get through her ordeal. Bianca accepted Lena's ring. JR and Babe planned to remarry. Erica and Bobby bonded in Las Vegas. Edmund survived the surgery, but it was unsuccessful. Jack comforted Maria. Edmund blamed Maria for his unsuccessful surgery. Ryan took control of Cambias Industries. Ryan told Kendall that he wanted a future with her. Ryan suggested that Kendall and Greenlee could be partners in Fusion and Enchantment. Kendall revealed that Greenlee was legally barred from holding any position at Cambias Industries. Ryan and Kendall declared their love for each other. Ryan asked Kendall to separate her personal and business feelings for Greenlee. Mary encouraged Greenlee to go after Ryan. Ryan proposed to Greenlee. Greenlee and Ryan discussed marriage as a business arrangement. Mary gloated to Kendall. Maggie's mixed messages confused Jamie. Aidan comforted Anita. Danielle played a joke on Reggie.
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MAY 2004
May 3 to 7, 2004
JR urged Kendall to trust Ryan. Greenlee ran from Ryan before responding to his proposal. Greenlee and Kendall ran into each other on Ryan's doorstep. Greenlee decided to accept Ryan's proposal. Greenlee urged Kendall to make peace with Ryan. Ryan and Greenlee agreed on the ground rules for their marriage. Ryan's absence from Fusion's daily operations upset Kendall. Greenlee kept her marriage plans hidden from Kendall. Ryan told Bianca why he and Kendall couldn't be together. Livia drafted Ryan's prenuptial agreement. Kendall couldn't find Ryan to make peace with him. Ryan and Greenlee decided to elope. Bianca started her job at Fusion. Babe wanted her wedding to include Bianca. Krystal and Mary argued about Babe and JR's wedding. Liza was almost caught in the tunnel. Tad confronted Liza. Tad convinced Krystal that he really wanted a relationship with her.
May 10 to 14, 2004
Bianca encouraged Kendall to forgive Greenlee. Simone told Kendall that Ryan and Greenlee were at the airport and tried to delay them. An ecstatic Kendall told Bianca that she would forgive Greenlee and tell Ryan that she loved him. Kendall missed Ryan and Greenlee at the airport. Ryan and Greenlee got to the resort and signed their prenuptial agreement. When Kendall and Simone finally arrived at the resort, Kendall was stunned to learn that Ryan and Greenlee were planning to get married. Krystal told Tad that they did not have a future together. Liza told JR about the annulment's timing. JR was furious with Babe but pretended to forgive her. Erica held a poker party in her room. Bianca and Reggie wanted Jack to stop trying to save Erica. Tad reported Erica's whereabouts to Bianca and Jack. Reggie tried to get even with Danielle, but his plan backfired.
May 17 to 21, 2004
Simone helped Greenlee escape from the turret that Kendall had locked her in. Greenlee told Ryan about Kendall's actions. Ryan forgave Kendall and decided to proceed with his plan to marry Greenlee. Greenlee and Ryan got married as Kendall looked on. Paul told Babe that JR was the father of her baby. JR met with Livia to secure his parental rights. Liza told Adam about Babe's bigamy. Tad learned that JR knew about Babe's bigamy. JR and Adam plotted against Babe. Babe dreamed that Bess was actually Miranda, but Krystal managed to convince Babe that it had just been a nightmare. Seeing Bianca hold Bess unnerved Babe. Tad told Babe about the DNA test and assured her that Bess was her daughter. Babe had another nightmare. Krystal backed down from her attempts to flirt with David after he told her about how Miranda's death had affected his outlook on life. Bianca assured Maggie that she would find love eventually. Jack went to Tom for advice about Erica. Erica met the owner of the casino, who knew her true identity. Bobby warned Erica that Zach was a womanizer.
May 24 to 28, 2004
Kendall threw a surprise party for Ryan and Greenlee, whose marriage shocked everyone. Kendall got rid of all traces of Ryan in her condo. Greenlee prevented Ryan from drinking poisoned scotch. Greenlee told David to leave Ryan alone. Ryan told Kendall that he wanted peace. Ryan kissed Greenlee while dreaming of Kendall. Kendall supported JR's revenge plans. Babe regained her memory of the accident. Maggie and Bianca ran into Krystal and Babe at the crash site. Babe and Krystal considered telling Bianca about Bess and Miranda, but Babe was ultimately unable to admit the truth. Derek arrived to question Babe about Paul's disappearance. Brooke was suspicious of Adam when she saw him with Jamie. JR revealed his dark side. Danielle sued Reggie. Edmund went home to Wildwind. Aidan impressed Anita with his handling of the kids. Erica grew angry when she learned Bobby's real identity.
May 31 to June 4, 2004
JR admitted that he wasn't comfortable with the idea of Bianca spending time with Bess. The truth about the baby continued to torment Babe, so David offered to perform a DNA test. Bianca distanced herself from Bess. Tad explained the results of the DNA test that he had taken. Krystal had an anxiety attack. Babe and JR got married. Ryan ushered Kendall away after her outburst in response to Babe's announcement. Ryan told Kendall that he had rejected her advances because he loved Greenlee. Greenlee was not upset to see Ryan and Kendall together. Bianca found Kendall hiding in Ryan's penthouse. Greenlee told Ryan that the SEC was questioning the validity of their marriage. Erica grew furious when she started to suspect that Zach was investigating her. Lily returned to live with Jack and Reggie. Anita filed for divorce.
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JUNE 2004
June 7 to 11, 2004
Erica hung up on Jack when he mentioned her drinking. Erica battled her inner demons as she prepared to go on stage. Bianca called Erica. Erica begged for Ryan's help. Bianca admitted to Kendall that she was afraid of facing Erica. Kendall convinced Ryan to let her help him take Erica home. Erica hallucinated that she was in a coffin. Ryan and Kendall discovered that Erica's room had been trashed. Zach told Ryan that he didn't know who Erica was. Bianca and Greenlee realized that Kendall had followed Ryan to Las Vegas. Bianca scolded Kendall for spying on Ryan. Kendall told the attorneys that Greenlee and Ryan's marriage was legitimate. Kendall ran into Ryan and Greenlee at Jack's birthday party. Lily hugged Jack. Babe took Krystal to see David. Liza told David that he had gone to medical school with Babe's father. Tad questioned Krystal. Krystal confronted Liza. JR asked Liza to help him regain control of Chandler Enterprises.
June 14 to 18, 2004
Liza told Tad and Krystal that she hadn't known that Ron was Babe's father. Tad and Krystal grew closer. Zach spied on Kendall and Ryan. Ryan found Erica undergoing detoxification at the hospital. Ryan confronted Zach about having Erica committed. Kendall arranged for Erica's release. Ryan told Kendall that he had hidden Erica somewhere. Kendall had a serious discussion with Ryan and tried to convince him that she had changed. Ryan and Kendall kissed. Kendall returned to Pine Valley. Jack refused to argue with Erica when she called him while drunk. Zach wanted to find Erica. Erica told Ryan that her father's ghost was haunting her. Greenlee grew worried when she was unable to contact Ryan. Greenlee was concerned about Ryan and Kendall. Greenlee confessed that she loved Ryan. David received news about Bess and Babe's DNA results. JR implied that Babe was an unfit mother. Stuart confronted JR. David scolded Babe for staying out all night after Bess was rushed to the hospital. David confronted Krystal about Bess. Edmund returned to work. Edmund grew furious when people started treating him differently. Adam issued a warning to Edmund. Danielle let it slip that her mom didn't want her around. Maggie declared her love for Bianca.
June 21 to 25, 2004
Krystal tried to stop David from revealing the truth about Bess. Krystal told David that he was Babe's father. Krystal admitted to Babe that she had lied about David being her father. JR and Adam plotted against Babe. JR demanded answers from David. Babe said a tearful goodbye as Krystal prepared to leave town. The DNA test results showed that David was Babe's father. Ryan convinced Erica to go home. Zach had Ryan and Erica followed back to Pine Valley. Bianca and Erica talked. Greenlee was curious about what had happened between Kendall and Ryan in Las Vegas. Greenlee told Kendall that she trusted Ryan. Kendall told Ryan that she was planning to leave Pine Valley because she couldn't handle the pain of seeing him with Greenlee. Kendall met a man named Jonathan as she was leaving Fusion, and she invited him back to her place. Ryan confessed to Greenlee that he wanted to be with Kendall. Greenlee released Ryan from his wedding vows. Reggie and Danielle developed a friendship and later kissed. Reggie got upset when Danielle asked about his past. Edmund confided in Anita.
June 28 to July 2, 2004
Ryan and Greenlee agreed to end their marriage. Ryan caught Kendall and Jonathan in a compromising position. Ryan hid his true feelings about finding Kendall in bed with Jonathan. Jonathan grew angry when he realized that he had been used. Maria prevented Zach, whom she had known in the past, from getting into a fight with Ryan. Greenlee demanded to know what Kendall had done to Ryan. Greenlee comforted Ryan. Erica and Greenlee bickered. Kendall got upset when she caught Erica drinking. Jack threw Erica out after she upset Lily while intoxicated. Jack organized an intervention for Erica, who was furious. Kendall took the offensive with Erica. Bianca explained why she had pushed Erica away after Miranda's death. Mark arrived to help Erica. JR drugged Babe. Jamie performed CPR on Babe after she passed out. David was ready to tell Bianca the truth when the hospital called. Edmund insisted on following up on a phone call that he had received. Krystal turned to Tad for comfort.
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JULY 2004
July 5 to 9, 2004
Babe's blood work showed drugs in her system. Bianca told Reggie that she had dreamed that Miranda was still alive. Babe told David why she had lied about Bess and Miranda. JR paid Seth to leave town. Krystal told Tad that she was considering leaving Pine Valley. Babe prepared to return Bess to Bianca. JR had doubts about destroying Babe. David went to the Chandler Mansion to make an announcement. During the intervention, Erica revealed that her father had arranged for Richard Fields to rape her in order to get the actor to appear in one of his movies. Erica made a decision to receive treatment for her alcohol abuse. Ryan got reacquainted with Jonathan and offered him a job. Despite her promise to Ryan, Kendall was reluctant to sign over her stock to him and Greenlee. Most of the Pine Valley residents attended the holiday picnic. Anita was surprised when Bobby arrived at the picnic. Bobby was shocked when Anita told him that she had filed for divorce. A heartbroken Bobby told Anita that their marriage was over. Zach's presence made Maria uncomfortable. Despite claims to the contrary, Zach hoped for a reunion with Maria. Edmund continued to insist that he was going to follow up on the phone call.
July 12 to 16, 2004
Maggie tried to distract Bianca from recalling what had happened one year earlier. Lena sent Bianca tickets to Poland. JR plotted against Babe. Jamie grew suspicious of JR. Bess went missing while Babe was watching her. Reggie, Jamie, and Danielle were taken to the police station. JR played the hero and returned Bess. Jamie knew that JR had drugged Babe, but she believed that Jamie was the culprit. Babe told JR about Jamie's accusation. David assured Krystal that he would always be there for Babe and Bess. Tad and Krystal counseled Anita about Bobby. Bobby refused to let Kendall bribe him into seducing Greenlee. Kendall told Ryan and Greenlee that she would not give up her shares. Ryan warned Kendall to refrain from hurting Greenlee or Jonathan. Kendall cried and admitted to Jonathan that she was obsessed with Ryan. Anita searched for Bobby. Palmer was upset to hear about Bobby and Anita's divorce plans. Zach sang Bobby's praises to Anita.
July 19 to 23, 2004
Ryan fired JR after preventing him and Adam from regaining control of Chandler Enterprises. Maria admitted to Ryan that she had known and loved Zach previously. Greenlee forgave Jonathan for a mistake that was costly for Fusion. Jamie and Reggie were determined to get the truth out of Seth. Jamie refused to make up with JR. Tad blamed Adam for the rift between Jamie and JR. Jamie was arrested, and JR feigned shock when he heard the news. Brooke, Tad, and Livia learned that drugs had been found in Jamie's apartment. Maggie confronted JR. Tad and Brooke supported Jamie. Babe visited Jamie. Tad tried to convince JR to tell the truth. Jamie struck a nerve when he asked Babe how JR had been acting toward her lately. Tad and Brooke worked to free Jamie. A center for women and children was dedicated in Miranda's memory.
July 26 to 30, 2004
Bobby agreed to give Anita a divorce, but she ultimately decided to destroy the divorce papers, and they got back together instead. Zach threatened Bobby. Maria confronted Zach and once again rejected him. Maria later admitted that she still had feelings for Zach. Bianca saw Zach leaving Michael's former condo. Edmund was suspicious of Maria and Zach. Maria overheard Edmund asking Bobby to spy on Zach. Ryan fulfilled one of Greenlee's childhood fantasies. Kendall enlisted JR's help with her plan for revenge against Ryan and Greenlee. JR kissed Kendall. JR pretended to support Babe's desire to have another baby. Brooke retrieved her tape recorder from Adam's library. Brooke heard something surprising when she listened to the tape. David confronted Jamie in the tunnels. Lily told Maggie and Reggie that she had heard JR plotting against Babe. Lily was unable to tell everyone else about what she had heard because the crowd of people overwhelmed her. Reggie told Lily's story to Brooke, JR, Adam, Tad, Babe, and Jamie after Lily ran off. Babe continued to defend JR. Erica found Lily and took her home.
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August 2 to 6, 2004
Lily's innocent questions upset Bianca. Bobby admitted that he was interested in Greenlee, but he later told her to forget that he had said anything about the matter. Bobby warned Maria about Zach. Edmund questioned Maria about Zach. Ryan asked Zach about his true intentions toward Maria. An angry Maria accused Ryan of meddling in her personal life. Maria confided in Bobby. Edmund confronted Zach. Greenlee comforted Ryan as they fought their mutual attraction to each other. Ryan told Jonathan the truth about his marriage to Greenlee. Kendall tried to blackmail Bobby, but he called her bluff. Kendall conspired with JR to keep Ryan from winning a bidding war for a major corporation. David burst out of the tunnels to protect Babe. David realized that his drink was drugged in time to spit it out. An unnerved Babe continued to defend JR. Krystal told Tad that she thought that JR might be guilty. Jamie went back to jail. Liza overheard JR and Adam plotting against Babe and demanded an explanation.
August 9 to 13, 2004
Kendall interrupted Ryan as he was about to tell Greenlee how he felt. Adam and JR went to Fusion to gloat to Ryan. The Cambias board members wanted to fire Ryan, but before they could do so, a man showed up and introduced himself as the rightful owner of the company, Ethan Cambias. Ethan produced a birth certificate to prove his identity, but he was unable to find a DNA source to support his claim. Kendall and Erica ran into each other. Erica pleaded with Kendall to give up her plan for revenge against Greenlee and Ryan. Jack asked Bianca to refrain from pushing Erica away. Bianca told Erica why she believed that Miranda was better off dead. Bianca returned to the rape support group and found Erica there. Erica blamed herself for the pain that Kendall and Bianca had been forced to deal with. Bianca revealed her feelings of guilt over Miranda's death. Reggie confided in Danielle. Anita planned a romantic surprise for Bobby. Maria and Zach had a confrontation. Edmund told Aidan that he knew about Maria's past with Zach. Liza warned Babe about the perils of being a Chandler wife. Krystal told Babe why Jamie was in jail. Tad pretended to be Seth's new lawyer. Babe told JR about Jamie. Seth incriminated JR as Tad, Derek, and Brooke listened via Jamie's wire. Seth stabbed Jamie.
August 16 to 20, 2004
Zach caught Maria searching his office. Tad and Krystal realized that they were falling in love with each other. Jamie was rushed to the hospital. JR told Babe and Bianca about Jamie. Babe suspected that JR was lying. Jamie was expected to make a full recovery. JR continued to proclaim his innocence to Babe. Reggie attacked JR. Babe asked David to analyze the orange juice that JR had given her. Babe visited Jamie. Babe told JR that she was pregnant. Babe told Bianca why she was pretending to be pregnant. Jonathan advised Ryan to refrain from sharing his true feelings with Greenlee. Greenlee approached Ethan about leaving town. Ethan confronted Kendall. Ryan told Ethan that Michael's body was buried at the landfill. Bianca talked to Ethan. Aidan and Anita decided to develop a friendship with each other. The fundraiser got underway. Erica assured Bianca and Kendall that she could handle being around alcohol. Erica tried to get Kendall to stop going after Ryan and Greenlee. Kendall and Bobby spied on Greenlee and Ryan in an intimate moment.
August 23 to 27, 2004
Zach surprised Maria with a replica of the casita that they had lived in. Edmund went to the casita to tell Maria that he knew about her relationship with Zach. Babe's pregnancy test was negative. Zach agreed to help Babe and Bianca with their scheme against JR. Reggie, Maggie, and Danielle helped Jamie with a new plan. JR caught Babe and Bianca in bed together. JR told Babe that they were through. Babe caught JR's diatribe on tape. Krystal worried that Tad would hate her if he ever learned the truth. Babe was about to reveal the truth about Bess when Krystal called and interrupted her. David and Krystal searched for Bess when the child went missing. Babe handcuffed herself to JR to get him to return Bess. Jamie supported Babe. Jonathan made another mistake at Fusion. Greenlee responded to Bobby's kisses. Bobby confessed the details of Kendall's plan to Greenlee. Kendall got annoyed when Erica refused to help her break up Ryan and Greenlee. Kendall caught Greenlee searching her room.
August 30 to September 3, 2004
Erica and Jack made love. Krystal blew up JR's car and demanded to know where Bess was. Krystal told Tad that she loved him. David threatened Adam when he refused to return Bess. David and Krystal taunted JR. Jamie comforted Babe after she had a nightmare about losing Bess. Kendall and Greenlee faced off. Ryan told Greenlee that he wanted a real marriage with her. Greenlee tore up the prenuptial agreement. Kendall convinced Ethan that Ryan had hired Aidan to spy on him. Kendall's threat left Greenlee shaken. Aidan told Edmund about Zach's photographs. Zach's murder game began. Kendall spied on Ryan and Greenlee with Zach's surveillance camera. Zach eavesdropped on his guests. David knocked Adam out. Erica caught David hiding Adam's body, but David prevented her from finding Adam. The players in the murder game looked for clues. Aidan told Edmund and Ryan that Zach was an imposter. Zach admitted to Maria that Michael Cambias was his brother. Greenlee begged Bianca and Erica to save Kendall from herself. Ethan supported Kendall as the killer in the game. Greenlee failed to convince Ryan to abandon his role as the victim. Kendall and Greenlee were horrified to learn that the bullets in Kendall's gun were real.
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September 6 to 10, 2004
Kendall realized that she had shot Ryan with a real bullet. Edmund accused Zach of loading the gun with live ammunition. Ryan went into surgery. Kendall's presence at the hospital infuriated Greenlee. Tad tried to trick JR. Jamie and Babe found a lead. Tad, David, and Krystal devised a plan and later managed to find the nanny and Bess. Babe was interrupted before she could reveal the truth about Bess to JR. Babe had an emotional reunion with Bess. JR convinced an aide to call Derek after David left JR in a straitjacket. Tad told Krystal that he was in love with her and was going to marry her. Babe gave Bess to Bianca and went to the chapel. On her way back from the chapel, Babe got lost and wound up in Llanview.
September 13 to 17, 2004
Babe felt a connection with Kevin Buchanan's infant son. Jamie bonded with Bess. Babe returned to Pine Valley and announced that she had decided not to divorce JR. Liza denied JR's accusation that she had helped David make Adam disappear. Babe told David and Krystal why she believed that her son was still alive, and she vowed to get him back. David caught Paul Kramer spying on Babe. Jamie questioned Babe about meeting Kevin Buchanan. Krystal wanted to accept Tad's marriage proposal. Tad suggested that he and Krystal could elope immediately. Krystal visited Kelly and realized that she was keeping a secret. Greenlee ordered Derek to arrest Kendall. Bianca tried to clear the air with Maggie. Bianca interrupted a kiss between Maggie and Jonathan. Anita realized that Maria still had deep feelings for Zach. Maria tried to make Zach face the fact that Michael had raped Bianca. Maria asked Aidan to stop Edmund's investigation. Aidan kept Ethan out of Ryan's hospital room. Ethan and Kendall grew closer. Aidan told Kendall that she hadn't shot Ryan and suggested that Ethan might have been the real culprit. Greenlee sat at Ryan's bedside. Kendall tried to forge a truce with Greenlee. Kendall crept into Ryan's hospital room and begged for forgiveness. Ryan regained consciousness.
September 20 to 24, 2004
Ryan asked to see Greenlee after telling Kendall to leave his room. Greenlee and Ryan had a joyous reunion and later started to plan their future together. Zach admitted to Maria that Ethan was his son. Derek questioned Ethan. Kendall found a gun in Ethan's room. Ethan caught Kendall in his room. Kendall told Ethan that she wanted to help him. Bianca refused to judge Ethan. Bianca moved in to Greenlee's old condo. Bianca grew suspicious when she overheard Babe talking about a baby. Lily helped Jamie figure out where Babe had gone on the night that she had decided to stay with him. Babe hoped that Jamie was her baby's father. Bianca and Jamie learned that Kevin Buchanan of Llanview had an infant son. Tad tried to get Babe to tell him Krystal's secret. David's investigator discovered that Kelly had never given birth in the United States. Babe anticipated being reunited with her son. David, Krystal, and Babe planned to go to an event in Llanview to search for proof that Ace Buchanan was Babe's son. JR asked for Jamie's help. Krystal developed a friendship with Kelly Buchanan. Liza reexamined her life.
September 27 to October 1, 2004
Jamie discovered the church that Babe was helping to renovate. Stuart tried to talk some sense into JR. JR overheard Babe, David, and Krystal talking about Llanview. Adam returned to Pine Valley. Adam accused David of sending him to Mongolia in a packing crate. Derek arrested David, who still had the DNA sample in his possession. David learned that Derek had no evidence that could link him to Adam's kidnapping. Bianca believed that Babe was having a stained glass window made for Miranda. Liza planned to disappear with Tad's help. Jamie turned to Tad for advice on making some difficult decisions. Jamie wrestled with the possibility that he didn't know Babe as well as he had previously believed. Krystal covered her tracks. Babe took Bess and Bianca to Llanview, where they saw Ace. Babe convinced Kevin to let her take Ace on an outing. Derek arrested Ethan. Maria asked Bianca for a favor. Maria told Ryan that Zach hadn't shot him. Greenlee accused Kendall of planning Ryan's shooting with Ethan and Zach. Ethan was released from jail. Greenlee worried about Ryan's safety after his release from the hospital. Kendall and Zach lashed out at Paul. Jonathan and Maggie grew closer.
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October 4 to 8, 2004
JR was furious to learn that Stuart had let Babe take Bess on an outing. Anita agreed to help Jamie find out if Paul had gained access to Bess and Babe's DNA test. Krystal panicked when Tad settled in to wait for the DNA test results with her and David. Babe told Jamie that he could be the father of her baby. Babe grew emotional when Krystal confirmed that she was Ace's mother. Babe learned who Ace's biological father was. Adam and JR continued plotting. David told Krystal that he would like to kill Paul for all of the trouble that Paul had caused. David devised a plan to make things right. Tad questioned Jamie about the secret that David, Krystal, and Babe shared. Krystal tried to get Kelly Buchanan to tell the truth about Ace. JR wanted Babe to sign away her rights to Bess. Ryan and Greenlee finally made love. Ryan developed a theory about Zach. Erica confronted Zach. Bianca tried to give Ethan the shirt that she had been wearing when she had given birth, but he refused to accept it. Kendall and Ethan kissed. Maggie and Jonathan grew closer. Bobbie and Anita bought a house together.
October 11 to 15, 2004
JR blackmailed Babe. Tad and Krystal discussed her lies. Jamie convinced Paul to talk about the helicopter crash. Babe admitted that she had signed custody of Bess over to JR. David stopped Babe from telling Bianca the truth. Bianca contacted Ethan to once again offer him her shirt. Zach was accused of stealing Bianca's shirt, and Maggie was later horrified to find Jonathan destroying it. Maggie tried to talk Bianca out of calling the police about her shirt. Lily was upset about losing her supposed friends, so she went to the record store to find them. Edmund and Maria talked about Zach. Myrtle told Zach about Michael. Zach admitted to Maria that he knew that Michael had turned into a monster. Edmund told Aidan that he was dropping the investigation of Zach. Erica stumbled on Maria and Zach at the cemetery. Edmund refused to believe that Zach was Alexander Cambias, Jr. Ethan told Kendall that he was considering the buyout offer. Greenlee told Ethan that Zach was Alexander Cambias, Jr.
October 18 to 22, 2004
Erica and Zach had a discussion. Greenlee let it slip to Ethan that Zach was his father. Ethan planned to leave town. Kendall and Ryan talked. Zach and Ryan prepared for a meeting at Ryan's penthouse. Adam told Tad that he would send Jamie to prison unless Tad told him where Colby was. Bianca was horrified to learn that Babe had signed Bess over to JR. Babe went to Llanview to confront Paul, but she ran into Kevin Buchanan instead. Paul warned Babe that he would implicate her if she revealed the truth. Kendall refused to intervene with JR on Babe's behalf. Kendall offered her support to JR. JR flirted with Kendall. Brooke held a gun on Adam. Adam gave Brooke a copy of the DVD that incriminated Jamie. Babe admitted to Jamie that Bess was really Miranda. Jamie suggested that he and Babe could kidnap Ace and run away together. Krystal confronted JR. Tad and Bianca had a heart-to-heart talk. Bianca, Kendall, and Ethan were stunned when Greenlee answered her door in the nude. Bianca confronted Jonathan about her stolen shirt.
October 25 to 29, 2004
Zach admitted that he was Alexander Cambias, Jr., but he claimed that Ethan was not his son. Ethan and Kendall wondered if Edith had lied about his heritage. Maria disagreed with Zach's decision to keep the truth from Ethan. Edmund learned Zach's identity and wondered if Maria had known all along. Ethan told Kendall that he was leaving Pine Valley. Edmund told Maria that their marriage was over, and he ordered her to leave. Greenlee was paranoid about Ryan's safety. Ryan and Greenlee's news displeased Jonathan. Ryan found Kendall in bed with Ethan. Greenlee learned that she was not pregnant. Ethan was charged with attempted murder in Ryan's shooting. Derek told Ethan and Kendall that the gun that had been used in Ryan's shooting had been found in Ethan's locker. Kendall asked Zach to help Ethan. The "hot girls" got Lily drunk at school. Babe wrote Bianca a letter that explained the truth about their babies. Babe and Jamie tried to prove that they were in love as they asked JR for money. Babe said goodbye to Bess. David told Krystal about his plan to get Paul to confess. Anita helped Aidan with a plan, and Stuart helped Tad with one. Anita confronted Bobby. Aidan comforted Anita.
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November 1 to 5, 2004
Bianca made JR an offer. Krystal was tempted to confide in Tad. Babe and Jamie shared their plan with David and Tad. Babe told Bianca that she and Jamie were leaving town. Jamie ignored David's warning to stay away from Babe. Babe and Jamie disguised themselves and went to Kevin Buchanan's victory celebration, where David and Krystal were waiting to stop them. JR refused to help Adam put Jamie in jail. David knocked Tad out. Babe's farewell letters were delivered. Tad demanded the truth from Krystal after reading Jamie's letter. Tad was furious with Krystal and David for betraying Bianca. Kendall tossed Babe's letter to Bianca aside without reading it. JR was relieved when he realized that Bianca didn't know the truth. Babe anticipated Bianca's reunion with Miranda. Erica caught JR trying to steal Bianca's letter. Greenlee's health deteriorated. Zach tried to help Ethan. Kendall confronted Zach. Bianca stopped Kendall and Erica from arguing about Ethan. Ryan confronted Zach about Ethan. Maria suggested marriage counseling, but Edmund just wanted a divorce.
November 8 to 12, 2004
JR convinced Erica that Bess was his child and that Babe's letter was an attempt at revenge. David convinced Tad to refrain from telling Bianca the truth. JR told Tad and David that Babe's letter was filled with lies. JR refused to let Adam have Jamie arrested. Jamie promised Babe that he would never let JR take her son. Bianca demanded the truth from Tad. Erica lied to Bianca about what was in Babe's letter. Babe and Jamie's money disappeared. Adam wondered if Babe was telling the truth about Bess. Jack grew frustrated when Erica refused to confide in him. Bianca demanded the truth from JR. Edmund asked Zach to take Maria. Edmund announced that he was moving out and divorcing Maria. Maria confronted an unapologetic Erica. Kendall told Ryan about Greenlee's odd behavior. Greenlee insisted that she felt fine and refused to go to the hospital. JR refused to give Kendall money for Ethan's bail. Kendall offered to sell her Fusion stock to raise money for Ethan's bail. Zach convinced Ethan to accept his help. Maggie asked Jonathan to move in with her.
November 15 to 19, 2004
Someone shot at Greenlee and Ryan. Jonathan suggested that Kendall was the shooter. Greenlee prepared to run Kendall down in the parking garage. Zach denied shooting at Ryan. Ryan returned home to a disoriented Greenlee and took her to the hospital. Greenlee feared a brain tumor when Maria ordered an MRI. Greenlee hallucinated while meeting with her psychiatrist. Ryan and Jonathan almost got into a physical confrontation with each other. Bianca didn't believe JR when he told her what Babe's letter had said. Adam asked Krystal if the things that Babe had written in Bianca's letter were true. Bianca told Krystal that she believed that Jamie and Babe had been involved in Paul's murder. Tad was determined to find Babe and Jamie. Babe and Jamie realized that Bianca still did not know the truth. David comforted Krystal. Maggie told Bianca why Jonathan was being distant with her. The judge refused to drop the charges against Ethan. Bianca encouraged Ethan to run his own blood test to determine if he was Zach's son. Maria admitted to Anita that she loved both Zach and Edmund. Zach grew angry when Maria compared him to his father. Maria was served with divorce papers.
November 22 to 26, 2004
JR invited Krystal and David to spend Thanksgiving with him. Babe asked to see Bianca, JR, and Bess. Bianca tried to convince JR to attend a concert in Florida, but Kendall was the person who ultimately coerced him into doing so. JR caught Adam trying to take Bianca's glass. JR answered Bianca's cell phone when Babe called. Tad realized that Krystal still loved him. Kendall tried to get Ethan to leave. Erica and Jack's holiday dinner turned chaotic. Ethan told Jack and Erica that Greenlee had tried to run over Kendall.
November 29 to December 3, 2004
Someone drugged Greenlee, who climbed on a roof during a hallucination. Kendall saved Greenlee from falling, but Ryan believed that she had placed Greenlee in danger. Jack asked Ryan about Greenlee's illness. Greenlee was admitted to the hospital's psychiatric ward. Tad tried to tell Bianca about Bess, but she stopped him from doing so. Despite Adam's warnings, JR and Bess left for Florida. Tad stowed away on JR's plane. Bianca, Jamie, JR, and Babe separately reflected on their lives. Tad confronted Babe and Jamie in Florida. Jamie denied killing Paul but admitted that he had seen Paul's body in the cemetery. Bianca warned Kendall that their relationship would be placed in jeopardy if Kendall chose to side with JR. Bianca told Kendall why she wanted to help Babe and Bess. Jamie refused to allow Tad to tell JR about his son. JR warned Krystal and David to stay away from him and Bess. Tad tried to talk Jamie and Babe into telling JR the truth. JR performed. Reggie told Maggie that he had been rooting for her and Bianca to develop a romantic relationship with each other. Lena broke up with Bianca. Anita signed the divorce papers.
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December 6 to 10, 2004
Babe and Bianca had a brief reunion. JR was shocked to see Babe at the concert. Babe set up a meeting with JR, who feared that she would try to kidnap Bess. Babe tried to tell Bianca the truth about Bess. Jamie prevented JR from leaving. JR refused to reconsider the custody agreement and give Babe visitation rights to their child. Jamie and JR fought. JR made a run for it when Kendall arrived. Krystal took baby James to JR's room. David and Tad fought. Babe asked David for help after Jamie sustained an injury. JR and Bianca confronted each other. Jamie promised Tad that he would follow through with his plan to disappear. Krystal wondered if she and David would go to prison. Bianca fell from the hotel balcony. Bobby spied on Anita and Aidan on their first date. Kendall was hurt when Erica asked if she had drugged Greenlee. Ryan convinced Greenlee that he was alive and returned her to reality.
December 13 to 17, 2004
David asked Krystal to go away with him. David and Krystal went to the hospital. Tad told Erica the truth about the baby. Erica wanted a new DNA test, but Tad talked her out of it. Bianca lapsed into a coma. Brooke realized that Adam was worried about JR's involvement in the situation in Florida. Tad tracked down Babe and Jamie at their latest hotel and gave them the name of a friend who could help them. Erica told David and Krystal that she knew the truth. Aidan refused to help Adam. Erica took Bianca back to Pine Valley. JR grew angry when Adam doubted his version of the events that had taken place in Florida. Erica told Jack about the babies. Bianca's condition worsened. Erica told Adam that Bess was Miranda. Erica urged Adam to cooperate with the DNA testing. Babe and Jamie rented an apartment in New Orleans. Brooke threatened to write a malicious article about JR. Ethan was determined to go to Florida to be with Kendall, but Zach stopped him from doing so. Ethan told Kendall that he had disposed of the pill bottle.
December 20 to 24, 2004
Kelly Buchanan showed up at Babe and Jamie's motel and demanded her baby. Bianca remained in a coma. Adam agreed to the DNA test. James was rushed to the hospital. Kelly decided to leave James with Babe. Erica covered in front of JR as Bianca's blood was drawn. Adam blamed Tad for the heartbreak that JR would be forced to deal with if Bess turned out to be Miranda. Stuart gave JR a portrait of Bess. Tad told Brooke the whole truth. Maria informed Jack, Erica, and Kendall that Bianca's condition was deteriorating. Kendall raged against God. The results of the DNA test were revealed. Erica delivered the devastating news to JR, who remained in denial. Bianca's condition was grave and everyone prayed for her. Father Clarence confronted JR as he was about to flee with Bess. Zach gave Greenlee and Ryan "proof" that Kendall had poisoned Greenlee. Kendall was unwilling to make amends with Greenlee. Autumn, Chantal, and China accosted Lily at the boathouse. Aidan insisted on having lunch with Anita.
December 27 to 31, 2004
Tad alerted Erica, Jack, and Aidan that JR had fled with Miranda. Father Clarence delayed JR's departure until Tad and Aidan arrived. Erica brought Miranda to the hospital. Bianca woke up. Krystal thanked Tad for not allowing JR to raise her grandson. Adam and Kendall each tried to comfort JR in their own way. Jamie called Joe for an update. Babe and Jamie prepared to move on. JR was determined to get revenge on Babe and Jamie. Ethan warned Zach to stay away from Bianca and Miranda. Bianca grew furious with David. Erica had Derek arrest David and Krystal. Bianca offered to help Ethan find out if he was a Cambias. Derek warmed toward Reggie. Reggie told Maggie some of Jonathan's lies. Jonathan was furious to learn that Ryan had given up the business. Jonathan hit Maggie and later regretted his actions. The attraction between Aidan and Anita was obvious. Anita accepted Aidan's New Year's invitation. Lily developed a crush on Aidan. Zach watched as Ryan and Greenlee searched Kendall's condo. Ryan and Greenlee confronted Kendall with what they had found.
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