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January 3 to 7, 2000
Liza realized that Adam was the person whom she had kissed at the Crystal Ball. Liza pretended to forgive Adam and told him that they were going to go to Monaco together. Liza was outraged when she learned that Barry had given Jake an envelope that revealed Colby's true paternity. Marian and Gillian helped Liza retrieve the envelope from Jake. Liza stole Adam's passport and took off with Colby. Gillian accepted Jake's proposal after catching Ryan and Greenlee together. David covered for Alex, telling everyone that he had tripped and fallen down the stairs, but Erica wasn't fooled. Hayley and Mateo kissed, prompting Mateo to start thinking about remarrying her. Sophie threatened to kill Trevor and Amanda unless Janet managed to gather one million dollars for Sophie within a twenty-four hour period of time. All My Children celebrated its thirtieth anniversary.
January 10 to 14, 2000
Erica's European informant told her that Alex had been in a Welsh mental institution for several years. Edmund and Alex enjoyed each other's company and danced together at SOS. Jake worried about Colby's safety after he learned that she was not at a television conference in Monaco. Jake told Gillian that he planned to sue for custody of Colby. Gillian confronted Adam about his plans to tell Jake the truth and learned that Adam was afraid that he would lose Liza and Colby for good if he revealed the truth. Adam tried to convince Gillian to tell Jake the truth about Colby's paternity. Leo agreed to help out at a soup kitchen in order to get closer to Becca. Greenlee overheard Scott and Ryan each stating that they had no long-term interest in her. Janet set up a booby trap at an old warehouse for Sophie, but Hayley unwittingly set off the trap. Sophie found an unconscious Hayley and dragged her off to a remote corner of the warehouse before playing dead on the floor. When Janet returned, Sophie surprised her, and a struggle ensued. Janet ultimately killed Sophie in self-defense with a crowbar. Trevor appeared on the scene and told Janet that he would take care of everything. One of Sophie's discarded cigarettes started a blaze at the warehouse with Hayley still inside. Mateo arrived just in time to save her. Trevor confessed to Sophie's murder, but disappeared before he could be charged with the crime.
January 17 to 21, 2000
After a tearful goodbye with Trevor, Janet tried to cope without him. Janet told Hayley and Brooke that she was the person who had really killed Sophie. Brooke and Hayley each pledged to support Janet and go along with Trevor's decision to take the blame for her. Mateo and Hayley grew closer after Mateo heroically plucked Hayley from the burning warehouse. Ryan broke up with Greenlee. Scott had his surprise party. Adam plotted to use Leo as a tool of revenge against Marian. David told the Greenlees that Vanessa had killed his father. Alex consulted Rae about a young patient's sudden silence. Alex had another flashback when she saw David tending to the patient. Liza returned to Pine Valley with divorce papers for Adam, prompting him to lock himself in the safe room with her.
January 24 to 28, 2000
Greenlee plotted to use Ken, her grandmother's former "pool boy," to win Ryan back. Greenlee planned to put herself in a dangerous situation so that Ryan would race to her rescue. Becca and Ryan talked in the park about love. Becca's wise words made Ryan realize that he still loved Gillian. Ryan rushed off to see Gillian, unaware that she had just learned that she would have to marry Jake immediately because he was suing for full custody of Colby. Liza agreed to continue to live with Adam so that he would grant her request for a divorce. Liza and Adam's agreement enraged Jake, solidifying his desire to fight for sole custody of Colby. Mateo hosted a celebration at SOS in honor of the premiere of Hayley's new show, Wave, with Brian McKnight as a special guest singer. Hayley found a ring box in Mateo's pocket. Brooke persuaded Janet to go to counseling sessions. Alex found the name of the doctor who had treated her in the mental institution, but when she called the hospital, no one there had ever heard of the man.
January 31 to February 4, 2000
Leo and Becca arrived just in time to prevent Ken from raping Greenlee. In the process, Leo got his hand slashed with a switchblade. Mirror Janet convinced Janet that Brooke was out to get Janet's family. Ryan told Gillian that he wanted to get back together with her, but she angrily informed him that he was too late. Hayley and Mateo got engaged and reluctantly agreed to help Ryan with his quest to win Gillian back. Jake proceeded with his plan to gain full custody of Colby. Myrtle asked Adrian to help Rae search for her missing daughter. Liza asked Adam if they could remain married for a while longer, hoping that it would help her maintain custody of Colby. Adam assigned Leo to take Marian to bed. Erica told David that she loved him. Erica also informed David that Alex had checked into the mental institution around the same time that a political figure named Geoffrey had turned up dead.
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February 7 to 11, 2000
Gillian told Ryan that she loved him, but she refused to cancel her wedding to Jake. Greenlee lied to Gillian about Ryan. Alex underwent hypnosis for a second time and learned that Geoffrey had killed her best friend, Cassandra, who had also been his daughter. Lyle dropped all charges against Adrian and Rae after making Tad promise that he would stop investigating Lyle. Hayley and Mateo told Adam that they were getting married again. Scott told Becca that he loved her. Leo met with his pal, Paolo, and arranged for him to seduce Marian. A gunman held Alex hostage at the mall, and she suddenly turned into a fighting machine as she pummeled the man into submission. Liza took away Jake's visitation rights for the duration of the custody hearing. Myrtle planned a trip to the Fannie Battle Home for Unwed Mothers. Adam let Ryan eavesdrop on a conversation between Adam and Liza so that Ryan would learn why Gillian had decided to marry Jake.
February 14 to 18, 2000
In the safe room, Ryan "overheard" Adam and Liza talking about the fact that Jake wasn't Colby's biological father. Paolo started ingratiating himself to Marian in an attempt to lure her into bed and end her marriage to Stuart. Janet accused Brooke of having an affair with Trevor. Hayley was forced into telling Mateo that Janet was the person who had really killed Sophie. Ryan showed up at Jake and Gillian's wedding, but he made no effort to stop the proceedings, and Jake and Gillian got married. Alex confessed her dealings with Geoffrey to Joe, who supported her. Erica enraged David when she refused to let him help her locate Myrtle. Tad nearly convinced Adam to reveal the secret that Adam, Liza, and Ryan shared about Colby. Alex confronted David at the Valley Inn and threatened to permanently paralyze him. Myrtle and Rae's search in Elsa, Illinois, turned up some new information, but it was otherwise a dead end. Myrtle secretly plucked a file from the town's hall of records that bore her own name.
February 21 to 25, 2000
Paolo drugged Marian after she brushed off his advances. Scott and Becca saw Paolo and Marian in bed together. Marian told Stuart what had happened, but he was convinced that someone had set her up to take the fall. Arlene Vaughan showed up at the Dillon home, claiming that she was there to support the family. Brooke flew to China after Laura suffered a back injury. Myrtle accidentally discovered that Rae was her daughter, and Rae took off after hearing the news. Alex and Edmund shared a kiss. Jake warned Ryan to stay away from Gillian. Tad tricked Liza into telling him that Jake wasn't really Colby's father.
February 28 to March 3, 2000
Alex fled to London after kissing Edmund, but they eventually managed to reconcile their feelings about the kiss. Opal helped Rae realize that she was running away from Myrtle. Rae and Myrtle had a joyous reunion, leaving Erica feeling quite jealous. Arlene tried to prove to Hayley that she was a changed woman, but she was actually still drinking. Colby's custody battle began. A nervous Hayley stated that Adam was a loving and good, albeit unconventional, father. Jack grilled Gillian about her former marriage of convenience in an effort to cast doubt on the authenticity of her marriage to Jake. Erica was arrested when she tried to testify at the hearing. An infomercial at the Glamorama went haywire.
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MARCH 2000
March 6 to 10, 2000
As sole custody of Colby was about to be awarded to Jake, Liza tearfully admitted the truth about Colby's paternity. A stunned Jake refused to believe it, but Adam had the proof. Jake learned that Tad and Dixie had known for a few days, but he was furious with Gillian, who had kept the secret from him for six months. Jake later kidnapped Colby and took her to the house that he had been planning to purchase. Jake's parents found him and took him back to the courthouse. Ryan comforted a sobbing Gillian in the park only a few hours after he and Greenlee shared an enjoyable time at a basketball game. Rae left Pine Valley to find an antique desk that might contain the whereabouts of her child. Arlene tried to seduce Adrian, but he blew her off. Hayley and Mateo set a wedding date. Alex bought Edmund a new horse, and he hired a new stable hand named Guy Donahue.
March 13 to 17, 2000
Jake decided to let Liza have full custody of Colby. Jake left Pine Valley to do some "regrouping" in California. Liza decided to press charges against Adam, who pressed charges against Tad in retaliation. Erica was furious when she learned that David had told Gillian that Adam was Colby's father. During a math tutoring session, Leo made another pass at Becca, who quickly and angrily put him in his place. Greenlee tried to get closer to Ryan. A drunken Arlene embarrassed herself and Hayley when she crashed Hayley and Mateo's engagement party. Rae telephoned Myrtle and revealed that she had found another lead. Guy continued his secret observation of Alex's behavior.
March 20 to 24, 2000
Tad and Adam got into a brawl in court and ended up sharing a jail cell. Dixie told a distraught Gillian that Jake had left town. Gillian lashed out at Ryan because she believed that his talk with Jake had prompted Jake to leave town, but she later found a note from Jake that revealed the real story. Greenlee convinced her grandfather to financially support Ryan's Internet plans. Liza, Marian, and Stuart all grew suspicious of Adam, thinking that he might have had something to do with setting Marian up. Paolo returned, asking Leo for thirty thousand dollars in exchange for his silence. Paolo set his sights on Erica. After hearing Alex speak fluent Russian -- a language that she had never studied -- Adrian told Edmund that she might have been brainwashed.
March 27 to 31, 2000
Liza dropped the charges that she had previously filed against Adam, and in return, he dropped the charges that he had filed against Tad. Liza slept with Adam to solidify his confidence in her allegiance. Tad kept information from Dixie. Greenlee and Ryan traveled to New York to continue their work on Ryan's new e-commerce project. Jack told Edmund and Alex that Alex's medical files had never been sealed. Arlene gave reporters dirt on Hayley and Mateo. Paolo tried to get closer to Erica, but she was only interested in using him to make David jealous. David grew jealous when he saw Erica and Paolo dining together. Palmer warned Vanessa that Leo's free ride was about to end. Amanda started talking to an imaginary Trevor.
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APRIL 2000
April 3 to 7, 2000
After convincing the Chandler Enterprises board that Adam was losing his mind and was unable to run the company, Liza, with the help of Tad, used her power of attorney to assume Adam's duties. David said that he and Erica were through after witnessing a kiss between her and Paolo. Erica decided to pay Paolo to make David even more jealous. Leo quit his job at Cortlandt Electronics, much to his mother's dismay. Alex and Edmund traveled to Wales to figure out why they had been led to believe that her medical records had been sealed. Alex had a flashback of a little girl named Robin calling for her mommy. Alex also dreamed that Guy wanted to kill Edmund. Vanessa turned to Paolo to heal her wounds.
April 10 to 14, 2000
In Wales, Edmund and Alex planned to confront the doctor who had said that her medical records had been sealed. Guy advised the doctor to keep Edmund and Alex from seeing the records. A housekeeper referred to Alex as "Anna." At Alex's mother's house, passion erupted between Edmund and Alex. Liza tricked Adam into playing his brother in front of the Chandler Enterprises board. Liza and Tad convinced the board that Adam had no idea who he really was, and that he occasionally had delusions about being his brother, Stuart. Liza had Adam committed to Oak Haven, the Pine Valley mental hospital. The news upset Junior, and Dixie blamed Tad. Tad showed Stuart the video of Leo admitting that Adam had been behind the attempt to end Stuart and Marian's marriage. Stuart confronted Adam at Oak Haven, and Adam admitted the truth. Vanessa searched frantically for the emerald that she had lost after sleeping with Paolo. Erica found the emerald and vowed to track down its owner. Scott grew jealous of Becca and Leo's relationship.
April 17 to 21, 2000
After Arlene's car knocked Stuart unconscious, Esther found him and took him to her trailer. Stuart had amnesia, and Esther hid the pictures of Marian that were in his pocket. Liza went to Oak Haven to try to get Adam released so that he could help out with the search for Stuart, but the doctor refused to let Adam leave. Arlene hit a telephone pole and destroyed a portion of the wall at the shelter. Leo stumbled upon Vanessa and Paolo in bed together. Paolo told Vanessa about Erica's scheme to make David jealous. Erica fired Paolo after Vanessa led her to believe that Paolo had slept with Vanessa in exchange for money. An upset Paolo drugged Erica, embarrassing her at the Teens Against Addiction dinner. Paolo later stole the tape that Erica had secretly recorded of him conning her. Erica was furious when she found out what Paolo had done. Paolo told Vanessa that he had never loved her, so she drugged his drink. David found out that Paolo was harassing Erica and stormed upstairs to see him. Vanessa dragged Derek Frye up to Paolo's room, where they found Leo standing over Paolo's dead body.
April 24 to 28, 2000
Gillian kissed Ryan and admitted that she still loved him. Esther continued to keep Stuart in her trailer. Adam escaped from Oak Haven with some help from Arlene. Leo was arrested for Paolo's murder. Jack tried to convince Janet to turn herself in, but Mirror Janet urged Janet to whack Jack to prevent him from telling the police about her part in Sophie's death. Edmund and Alex talked about their relationship. The homeless man who had stolen Stuart's belongings set up residence at Stuart's Willow Lake cabin. The cabin burned down while the homeless man was sleeping, leading everyone to believe that Stuart was the person who had died in the fire.
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MAY 2000
May 1 to 5, 2000
The Martins blamed Gillian for Jake's decision to go to Chechnya. Ryan told Gillian that if she wanted to get back together with him, she needed to make a clean break from Jake first. Vanessa learned that she had caused Paolo's death, and she kept the information to herself while her son spent the night in prison. Vanessa spent a night under David and Erica's bed so that she could steal her emerald from David's safe. David caught Vanessa in his room and later realized that she had stolen the emerald. Ryan's "Incredible Dreams" website launched. Marian tried to deal with Stuart's death. Esther told Stuart that they were married. Janet confessed to Sophie's murder. Alex and Edmund were given forged medical files. Dimitri Marick was revealed to be living at Bryn Wydd.
May 8 to 12, 2000
Janet and Amanda bid farewell to Pine Valley so that they could start their new lives with Trevor and Tim. Esther and Stuart left Pine Valley to get married, against Stuart's wishes. Skye returned to Pine Valley for Stuart's memorial service. Liza told Adam that she loved him, but he responded with signed divorce papers. Dimitri pretended to be in a catatonic state. Alex remembered Guy from her past, and he set out to kill her. Dimitri learned of Guy's plan and sent a warning message to Edmund. The power went out in Alex's house, and when she went to check the fuse box, it blew up.
May 15 to 19, 2000
While stranded at a roadside diner due to car problems, Stuart and Esther met a father and his daughter, Marilyn, who wanted to leave home and go to Vegas. Adam struggled to deal with Stuart's death, getting drunk and starting a brawl at a bar. Tad had a breakdown on live television and later decided to go on a trip to get away from everything. Ryan longed to meet "Cynthia." BBMak performed at the Incredible Dreams rollout party. Brooke talked to Reverend Freeman about her daughter, Laura, whom a drunk driver had killed. Edmund and Alex admitted that they loved each other after she almost died. Alex and Edmund learned that Guy didn't exist. Edmund left to find Guy, unaware that the man was hiding in Alex's house.
May 22 to 26, 2000
Esther and Stuart remained at the roadside diner. Esther continued to frantically search for someone to perform her and Stuart's wedding ceremony. Tad visited the diner. Despite Erica's reservations about his plan, David gave Vanessa a shot that brought on the symptoms of a heart attack. Thinking that she was on the verge of death, Vanessa admitted that she had killed Paolo. David, Palmer, Erica, and Leo all heard the confession, which David also recorded for good measure. Vanessa was furious when she found out that she wasn't really dying. Alex killed Guy in self-defense before rushing to Wales to save Edmund, who had been sedated and left to die at Bryn Wydd. Edmund and Alex escaped from Bryn Wydd just before the building exploded. Alex and Edmund later went to her mother, Charlotte's, house. Charlotte was revealed to be the person who had orchestrated the Bryn Wydd plot. Arlene tried to get money out of Adam.
May 29 to June 2, 2000
For a gag, Tad dressed up as Elvis and prepared to marry a couple at the Queen of Hearts restaurant, unaware that the couple was Esther and Stuart. When Esther spotted Tad, she and Stuart hid out in the trailer. Dixie found Tad at the diner, and they had a joyous reunion. Greenlee stole Gillian's diary and used passages in her cyber letters as Cynthia. Ryan found the diary and realized that Greenlee had been sabotaging his relationship with Gillian. Ryan explained everything to Gillian, and they made love. Guy's dead body disappeared from the closet in the hunting lodge. The evidence linking Leo to Paolo's murder was stolen from the police. Alex and Edmund filled Charlotte in on everything that had been going on. Dimitri was led to believe that Edmund and Alex had both been killed in the Bryn Wydd explosion. Liza showed up at the Chandler mansion with finalized divorce papers, but she and Adam ended up sharing a kiss. Leo was furious with Vanessa and claimed that he no longer had a mother. Scott asked Becca to marry him, but she could not say yes.
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JUNE 2000
June 5 to 9, 2000
Opal took a psychic to Marian's house, but instead of contacting Stuart, they contacted Cindy. Cindy tried to tell Marian that Stuart wasn't with her, but Marian refused to believe the information. Stuart started to remember the name Marian, but Esther insisted that they had never known a Marian. Ryan and Gillian continued their secret affair in an old tower in Wildwind that was no longer being used. Arlene and Adam went to New York. Hayley had her bridal shower on her television show, Wave. Charlotte told Dimitri that Edmund and Alex were in love. Adrian told Alex and Edmund that Anna Devane had died. Alex later looked up Anna Devane on the Internet and found a picture of herself. Leo told Vanessa that he wanted nothing to do with her.
June 12 to 16, 2000
Marilyn fixed Stuart and Esther's car, but Stuart insisted on remaining where they were. Greenlee saw an email from Rapunzel, but Adrian deleted it before she could read the whole thing. Later, Adrian told Ryan that he thought that what Ryan was doing was wrong. Gillian found out that Jake would soon be returning to Pine Valley. Alex's fingerprints matched Anna Devane's. Dimitri escaped from a plane and landed on a beach near Pine Valley. Tina turned down BBMak's offer. Hayley and Mateo finally tied the knot.
June 19 to 23, 2000
Adam and Arlene crashed Hayley and Mateo's wedding reception and announced that they had recently gotten married. Arlene tried to consummate the marriage, but Adam wasn't interested. Liza was furious and said that she and Tad were going to run Chandler Enterprises. Scott convinced two waiters to lock Leo in a wine cellar after he caught Leo flirting with Becca again. The waiters also locked Greenlee in there, and she and Leo got drunk. Ryan walked in on Leo and Greenlee kissing and pretended to be jealous of their relationship. Charlotte arrived in Pine Valley. Dimitri spied Alex and Edmund professing their love to one another.
June 26 to 30, 2000
Ryan admitted that he was jealous of Greenlee's relationship with Leo. Tad told Dixie about the job offer that Liza had given him. Adam was furious when he found out about Liza and Tad's partnership. Aidan was shocked to learn that Dimitri was alive. After Alex fell asleep, Charlotte pulled out a syringe and injected her with an unknown substance. Aidan recalled that Charlotte was high on Interpol's most wanted list.
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JULY 2000
July 3 to 7, 2000
A drugged Alex rejected Edmund's revelations about Charlotte. Dimitri collapsed while trying to use David's computer. David nursed Dimitri back to health, but Dixie unwittingly walked in and saw Dimitri. Adrian shot Edmund on Charlotte's orders. Marilyn phoned the gallery to ask questions about a "Stuart Glynn," but Marian ended the call after stating that she didn't recognize the name. Hayley cautioned Ryan about his relationship with Gillian. Charlotte's goons kidnapped Adrian and Tina and locked them in the back of a van. Charlotte took Alex to the airport and, aboard a plane, told her that she was not Anna Devane.
July 10 to 14, 2000
Adam tried to win over the board members at Chandler Enterprises, but Tad and Liza foiled his attempts. Adam purchased a roadside bar. Marilyn tried phoning Adam, but Arlene answered the call. Arlene flew to the Queen of Hearts diner and was astonished to find Stuart there. When Stuart heard Arlene's voice, he had a flashback of the night that she had hit him with her car. Jake's medical helicopter went missing over Chechnya, upsetting all of the Martins and forcing Gillian to nix her plans to tell Joe that she and Ryan were in love. Ryan told Greenlee that he didn't love her and never had. Adrian and Tina escaped from the van and later enjoyed a romantic plane ride. Charlotte told Alex that she and Anna were twins and that Charlotte wasn't their real mother. Charlotte was arrested.
July 17 to 21, 2000
Adrian flew to Chechnya to try to find Jake. A distraught Tina admitted to Hayley that she was in love with Adrian. Arlene realized that she had caused Stuart's "death," and she paid Marilyn to keep Stuart at the diner. Hayley started her new job at Adam's bar. Hayley pretended to love Arlene and was supportive of Adam and Arlene's marriage. Sick of the weird looks that she had been receiving from people, Becca went online to find out who the mysterious Victor was. A rock star asked Ryan to have him and his girlfriend stranded on a deserted island. Greenlee went to the island to try to seduce Ryan. Leo rescued Greenlee when he found out that the rock star's plan had been cancelled at the last minute. Dimitri asked David to tell Edmund that Dimitri had disappeared so that Edmund wouldn't know that Dimitri was receiving medical treatment.
July 24 to 28, 2000
Fearing that her relationship with Edmund was over, Alex planned to return to England, but he managed to stop her and convince her that he truly loved her. Edmund and Alex went back to Wildwind. Dimitri asked David to make sure that Edmund believed that Dimitri was gone for good, so David told Edmund that Dimitri had died. In actuality, Dimitri was alive and was receiving medicine through David and Dixie. While "deserted" on a tropical island, Leo told Greenlee that he loved her after he consumed some wild berries. Becca believed that Leo was behind and devised a plan to get him to admit it, but Leo denied the whole thing. David asked Erica to marry him. Erica said that she would marry David if he told her about the secret case that he had been working on, but he refused to do so. Bianca returned home. Adam and Stuart both decided to go fishing.
July 31 to August 4, 2000
Eliot questioned God's plans for him. David refused to tell Alexis that Dimitri was still alive. Ryan told Gillian that he had been forced to take Greenlee on as a business partner, but he insisted that he had no intention of continuing his relationship with Greenlee after he paid his debts to his investors.
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August 7 to 11, 2000
Dimitri told Dixie that he would fight for his life. Edmund told Dixie that he planned to ask Alex to marry him. Dixie tried to stop Edmund, but she ended up passing out on the floor at Wildwind before she could say anything. David took Dixie home and warned her to take care of herself. Becca and Leo agreed to appear on a reality-based segment of Wave. Becca almost gave in to her desire to make love to Leo. Adrian told Joe, Tad, and Gillian that Jake had been located, but that he didn't want to return to Pine Valley. Brooke and Eliot shared a kiss as Eliot struggled with his need to tell Brooke "the truth." Erica and David painfully decided to end their relationship.
August 14 to 18, 2000
After answering Arlene's unattended cell phone, Vanessa learned that Stuart was still alive and well -- but missing -- in Nevada. Vanessa threatened to expose Arlene's secret unless Arlene gave her a sizeable chunk of cash. Arlene and Vanessa flew to Idaho, where Arlene found Adam and convinced him that it was time to return to Pine Valley. Edmund threw a private Shakespearean gala to propose to Alex. Dimitri overheard Alex's acceptance of Edmund's proposal. Mr. Midori told Greenlee that Ryan's decision to dip into the Incredible Dreams company account had been illegal. Bianca reluctantly agreed to let her mother throw a party. Dimitri told Dixie that he was leaving town. Reverend Taylor threatened to transfer Eliot to another parish unless he revealed the truth to Brooke.
August 21 to 25, 2000
Alex spotted a familiar face at the airport, but she and Edmund assumed that the person couldn't have possibly been Dimitri. Later, at Wildwind, the maid found a bottle of pills and gave them to Alex, who discovered that they were the same pills that Dimitri had taken. David had a sexual daydream about Dixie. Stuart decided to head to Pine Valley. Hayley told Arlene that she despised Arlene and had never loved her. Ryan and Adrian prepared to go to Chechnya, despite Gillian's pleas to stay in Pine Valley. Leo and Becca entered a swing dance contest at SOS after sharing a romantic evening together. Wade loaned Greenlee the money that she needed for, but Greenlee later regretted her decision to accept the loan. Erica continued her plans for Bianca's party and warned Edmund to steer clear of Alex.
August 28 to September 1, 2000
Dixie sent Alex to the hunting lodge so that she would find Dimitri there. Alex and Dimitri reunited and made love. Edmund arrived at the lodge the following morning and was startled to find Dimitri there. When Edmund spotted Alex's clothes crumpled on the floor, he realized that she had slept with Dimitri. Bianca was thrilled to learn that Dimitri was alive. David was furious with Dixie for leading Alex to Dimitri, but their argument ended with a kiss that left Dixie speechless. Dixie threatened to quit if David ever kissed her again. Gillian stowed away on Adrian and Ryan's flight to Chechnya and was nearly tossed overboard. After seeing Ryan and Gillian together, Greenlee went on a rampage, getting Leo to help her destroy Ryan's apartment. Becca ended her relationship with Leo after learning that he had abandoned her to spend time with Greenlee. Stuart returned to Pine Valley.
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September 4 to 8, 2000
Wade continued to torment Greenlee. Greenlee sought comfort in Leo, and in a moment of fear, she blurted out that she loved him. Ryan and Gillian found Jake, but before they could take him home, a sniper shot him. Marian and Stuart reunited. Stuart quickly regained his memory, and he and Marian were furious with Arlene. In an effort to make Adam jealous, Liza pretended that she and Tad had slept together. Adam's response to the lie involved smashing the fuse box at the ColMar tower in a fit of rage. Liza admitted to Tad that she still loved Adam.
September 11 to 15, 2000
The ColMar tower crashed down around Adam and Liza. Liza escaped serious injury, but Adam was trapped under the rubble and had to fight for his life. A guilt-stricken Arlene freed Adam, and Stuart rushed to his brother's aid. Adam was thrilled to see Stuart. Adam apologized to Hayley and Junior for all of the agony that he had put each of them through. Erica was ecstatic to learn that Dimitri was alive, but she was less pleased to learn that he still loved Alex. Erica and David had sex, but she later blew him off after she learned that he had known all along that Dimitri had not really died. Greenlee continued to fear for her life after Wade broke into Erica's place. Brooke was upset to learn that Arlene had been intoxicated when she had hit Stuart with her car.
September 18 to 22, 2000
Bianca was not thrilled when the teen singing group O-Town showed up at her party, nor when the lead singer asked her to dance. Bianca later learned that her father, Travis, had died of a stroke. Derek told Greenlee that Wade had pointed the finger at her for money laundering. After seeing a newspaper article about Ryan and Gillian's trip to Chechnya, Greenlee told Derek about Ryan's three million dollar loan to himself. Liza and Marian locked Arlene in the attic with a bowl of soup. After tasting the soup, Arlene started to get sick. Ryan returned to Pine Valley and found his apartment destroyed. Ryan was later arrested, and Greenlee told him that she was the person who had turned him in.
September 25 to 29, 2000
Arlene believed that she had been given rat poison, but she was shocked to learn that she was actually pregnant. Arlene announced her pregnancy moments after Liza had confessed that she loved Adam and wanted to start over with him. Arlene's news upset Adam, who ordered a DNA test. Hayley was furious and persuaded Adam to let Arlene live at the mansion so that he could keep an eye on her. Hayley and Mateo decided that they would adopt Arlene's baby. Greenlee's grandparents found out about Wade and decided to ship her back to California. Ryan pleaded with Gillian to tell Jake the truth, but she was unable to do so. Gillian learned that Jake might never be able to have sex again.
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October 2 to 6, 2000
Bianca decided that she wanted to drop out of school and get a full-time job. At the community center, Bianca bonded with a runaway named Rain. Adam agreed to let Hayley and Mateo adopt Arlene's baby, but Arlene wasn't as obliging. Arlene developed cramping. Gillian told Ryan that she needed more time with Jake. Hank Collins lost custody of his son, Ricky, and later learned Eliot's true identity from one of his cop buddies. Eliot revealed his past to Brooke after Hank broke into her home and started spilling the beans. Wade held Greenlee at gunpoint and forced her to end her relationship with Leo. Leo stubbornly refused to let go of Greenlee and ended up at the loft with her when shots rang out.
October 9 to 13, 2000
After suffering a miscarriage, Arlene decided to make it look like she had lost the baby after tumbling down the stairs during an argument with Liza. Eliot said goodbye to his congregation, but later decided not to leave Pine Valley. Wade captured Greenlee and Leo and locked them in a broken elevator, but they both managed to escape unharmed. Leo and Wade scuffled at the boathouse. Leo emerged victorious and helped himself to some of the ransom money. Erica brushed off David's attempt at reconciliation. Erica was furious to learn that Bianca had skipped her first day of school to hang out with Rain at the mall. Edmund struggled to contain his anger about Dimitri and Alex's relationship.
October 16 to 20, 2000
Liza continued to feel guilty about causing Arlene's miscarriage, although Adam assured her that it was not her fault. Edmund threatened to sell Wildwind and ordered Alex and Dimitri to leave. Erica admitted to Bianca that she had read Bianca's journal. Bianca was furious and decided to move in with her Uncle Jack. Erica turned to David. Ryan filmed a commercial for his Internet company and planned an IPO. Leo and Greenlee's trip to the tropics was cut short when Leo learned that the money that he had stolen was marked. Upon returning to Pine Valley, Leo was arrested and thrown in jail. Woodruff offered to help Leo, but he wanted Leo to agree to stop seeing Woodruff's granddaughter in return.
October 23 to 27, 2000
David found out about Jake's "problem" and teased him about it, resulting in a fistfight that Tad quickly got involved in. Dixie walked in on the fight and subsequently quit her job. Later, Jake delivered a young woman's baby, and he and Gillian grew closer. Leo and Bianca were named Enchantment's Young Couple. Laura returned home to comfort Brooke. Adam, Liza, Hayley, and Mateo viewed the tape of Arlene and Vanessa plotting to frame Liza for Arlene's miscarriage. Arlene and Vanessa fled the scene before they could be confronted. Leo and Greenlee reconciled. Bianca overheard some girls talking badly about her, prompting her to flee the Halloween party with Rain. Bianca and Rain ended up at the Blue Angel, a lesbian bar.
October 30 to November 3, 2000
Arlene begged for Hayley's forgiveness, but Hayley turned her away. Edmund reached out to Alex. Bianca admitted to Leo that she was gay. An Enchantment photo shoot flopped when a photographer insinuated that Leo was gay. Laura accepted a job at Tempo. Ryan's illegal business ways continued. After Dixie quit her job, David schemed to ruin her relationship with Tad. David tested an experimental drug called Libidozone, took too much, and had sex with a Dixie-esque nurse. David later broke into Dixie's house and kissed her.
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November 6 to 10, 2000
Tad decided to file a lawsuit against David for sexual harassment, despite the fact that Dixie was opposed to the idea. David tried to slip some of the Libidozone into Tad's drink, but an ailing Erica consumed it instead. Erica grew distraught when she learned that the photographer believed that Bianca and Leo were bad models who had no chemistry. Leo and Greenlee declared their love for one another, but he resisted moving in with her. Dimitri grew jealous of Edmund. Edmund decided to leave Pine Valley. Ryan announced a shindig on a yacht to celebrate his company's IPO.
November 13 to 17, 2000
Rain visited Bianca for the first time since Halloween to make sure that Bianca wasn't upset with Rain for taking her to the Blue Angel. Bianca and Rain bonded and agreed to catch a movie together after Bianca's punishment had ended. Erica inadvertently sipped Libidozone-laced soda and went on a wild and sexy singing spree at the Valley Inn. Leo, Laura, and Bianca showed up at David's hotel suite while he and Erica were making love. Arlene turned to Stuart for help, but he gently urged her to leave town. At Ryan's party, David accidentally dropped his flask of Libidozone in the punchbowl. Bianca and Laura grew closer. Gillian walked in on a shirtless Ryan. Arlene donned a disguise and served as a waitress at Ryan's party. Adam proposed to Liza.
November 20 to 24, 2000
After David accidentally spilled Libidozone in the punch at Ryan's party, total chaos erupted. Laura helped Leo make Greenlee extremely jealous, prompting Greenlee to push Laura off of the boat. Bianca witnessed the assault and fainted when Laura hit the water. Eliot was called out to the deck, and he dove into the icy waters to save Laura. Greenlee later threatened to expose Bianca's lesbianism if she blabbed about what she had seen. Leslie seduced Tad. Adam and Liza got engaged. Hayley walked in on Mateo and Arlene having sex. Hayley confronted her mother and strangled her. When Hayley returned to the spot where she had "killed" Arlene, Arlene was gone. Thanks to the Libidozone, Jake was able to make love to Gillian, but Ryan walked in on them and forced her to admit that she still loved Ryan. Dimitri accused Edmund of being responsible for Alex's disappearance.
November 27 to December 1, 2000
Marian learned that Adam had thrown Arlene's dead body into the ocean to protect Hayley. Marian agreed to keep quiet about the situation, and she also agreed to forge Arlene's signature on the divorce documents so that Liza would be free to marry Adam. Adam led Hayley to believe that Arlene was alive, but she still wanted to see Arlene for herself. Gillian confronted the Martins. Leslie continued to try to sink her claws into an unwilling Tad, who felt heavy guilt about his betrayal. Dixie was rushed to the hospital because the Libidozone had adversely interacted with the medication that she had been taking to treat her heart condition. Jake found out that he had been given Libidozone at the yacht party. Bianca was heartbroken to learn that Sarah was engaged to a man. Erica followed Bianca to New York, where she found Bianca with Sarah.
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December 4 to 8, 2000
Dimitri continued to search for a missing Alex, still believing that Edmund was behind her disappearance. Divers found Alex's brooch at the bottom of the sea. Fearing that he knew the truth, Bianca asked Jack to refrain from talking to Erica about her. Marcus gained possession of Laura's pornographic photographs via the Internet. Liza spotted Leslie and Tad when they went to get tested for STDs. Tad told Liza about his night with Leslie. David blamed Ryan for the incident with the Libidozone that had happened at the yacht party, enlisting Donald Steele's help to spread the rumor. David broke down in Dixie's arms and admitted that he loved her. Adam admitted to Mateo that Hayley had killed Arlene.
December 11 to 15, 2000
Jake hired a private investigator to search Ryan's yacht. The investigator found a signed agreement between Ryan and Gordon, the lab technician, about the use of Libidozone at the party, which David had secretly planted in the yacht. Gillian confronted Jake and made him realize that Ryan wasn't the guilty party. Junior's band, Dream Street, performed at and won PVH's battle of the bands, but they were unaware that they couldn't have done so without David's help. Dixie had a dream in which she was jealous of David and Erica's relationship. Liza was told about Arlene's death. Dimitri staged a scenario to get Edmund to attack him so that he could press charges against Edmund. David asked Erica if it was possible that Bianca and Sarah were lovers.
December 18 to 22, 2000
The scandal at the yacht party resulted in's IPO being cancelled. Penniless, Ryan sold his loft to Leo and Greenlee. Alex called Dimitri and said that she was okay before abruptly ending the call. Dimitri arranged for Edmund to be released from Oak Haven after realizing that it had been wrong to send him there in the first place. Hayley learned that she had murdered her mother. Leslie visited Tad in New York. Jake, Ryan, and Gillian confronted David about drugging the people at the yacht party. A stunned Dixie defended him. Leo quit the Enchantment gig, prompting Erica to devise a new mother-daughter modeling campaign. Sarah visited Bianca and asked for the strength to make it through the wedding. Erica was furious to learn that Sarah had been in Erica's house. A tearful Bianca admitted to Erica that she was gay.
December 25 to 29, 2000
Hayley decided that she had to tell the police that she had killed Arlene. In an effort to change Hayley's mind, Liza, Adam, and Mateo pointed out that they had covered up Arlene's death and would also be implicated if Hayley confessed. Erica tried to deny that Bianca was gay, accusing Sarah of "converting" Bianca to lesbianism. Erica walked out on Bianca and ended up alone in a park, where Dimitri found her. Bianca told Laura that Greenlee had pushed Laura off of the yacht. Greenlee was subsequently arrested. Leslie's obsession with Tad continued to grow as she pasted her photo over Dixie's in a wedding portrait. Dixie and David spent a day together, but her guilt eventually got the best of her.
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