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January 2 to 6, 2006
JR believed the worst about Babe. Babe gave JR proof that she had been drugged. Babe and JR wound up in a passionate kiss. Babe and Bianca talked. Tad and Di caught each other snooping in Greg's office. Greg gave Tad a plausible reason for having a dossier on the Martin family. Tad and Di had it out. Di was attacked. Simone accepted Ethan's proposal. Kendall and Zach agreed to keep their relationship a secret. Kendall told JR that she was in love with Zach. Josh arranged for Erica to be stranded at a warehouse. Josh turned the tables on Amanda. Greg realized that Josh was out to destroy Erica. Erica remembered something involving Greg.
January 9 to 13, 2006
Kendall told Ryan about the change in her relationship with Zach. Zach comforted Kendall when she feared that she was losing the baby. An upset Erica blamed Bianca for the development in Kendall's relationship with Zach. Erica recalled how she knew Greg. Greg had good news for Kendall and Ryan. Kendall realized what Zach was up to. Kendall offered to release Ryan from his promise. Ryan thought that Kendall was making a mistake with Zach. Ethan had an offer for Ryan. Ethan gave Simone an engagement ring. Adam grew jealous when he saw Krystal with Tad. Jonathan dove into the water to rescue Di. Janet tried to convince Jonathan that he had pushed Di into the lake. Lily and Jonathan discussed sex and marriage in their life skills class. Julia would not commit to another date with David. Babe had a surprising question for JR.
January 16 to 20, 2006
Zach realized that Ethan still had resentment toward him. Zach and Kendall were happy to be together. Zach was not pleased to learn that Ryan was back at Cambias Enterprises. Kendall let Ryan know that she disliked Julia. Julia feared that Zach could be a threat to Ryan. Julia begged Kendall not to make things any worse between Ryan and Zach. Kendall believed that Julia was falling for Ryan. Ryan told Kendall that he wanted his legal rights to his child reinstated. Julia offered to help Zach deal with Ryan. Julia asked David to stay with her. Tad admitted that he had feelings for Di, although he still couldn't forgive her. Tad accused Amanda of having sinister intentions. Janet's kidnapping spree continued. Tad, Jamie, and JR suspected the worst about Jonathan after Janet did her dirty work. Babe had a change of heart toward JR.
January 23 to 27, 2006
Ethan and Simone distracted Zach to keep him from catching Ryan. Zach found proof that Ryan had broken into his office. Ryan, Ethan, and Simone learned that the schematic that they had found in Zach's office was the Pine Valley power grid. Ryan believed that Zach had been involved in the power outage, but he kept his suspicions to himself. Ryan, Tad, and Di worked together to learn the truth about Zach. Kendall officially reinstated Ryan's parental rights to their child. Kendall accepted Zach's proposal. Kendall asked Zach if he was keeping secrets from her. Kendall believed that she and Zach had a chance at true happiness. Erica and Kendall called a tentative truce. Kendall stopped Zach and Erica from bickering. Erica's behavior worried Kendall and Zach. Erica announced her Mardi Gras gala. Amanda left Janet locked in the warehouse. JR gave Dixie's star necklace to Babe as a token of his love.
January 30 to February 3, 2006
Josh promised a tabloid reporter an exclusive. Kendall was horrified to see Erica stab Zach. Erica told Jack that she had been protecting herself from Michael Cambias. Jonathan suggested that Erica might have been drugged. Kendall and Zach attended Erica's arraignment. Zach defended Erica to the district attorney. Jack and Erica found proof that Erica had been drugged. Jamie pretended to believe Amanda's excuse for being at the warehouse. Amanda denied drugging Erica. Zach had a nightmare about being trapped in hell with his father and Michael. Ryan learned that Kendall was aware of his suspicions about the blackout. Ryan planned to expose Zach at the gala. Zach wondered what was bothering Kendall. Kendall wanted to marry Zach as soon as possible. Kendall did not tell Zach about Ryan's accusation. Di had a warning for Ryan.
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February 6 to 10, 2006
Erica's Mardi Gras gala began. Ryan and Ethan set in motion their plan to expose Zach. Ryan tried to convince Kendall that Zach had caused the blackout. Zach arrived just as Ryan was telling Kendall the truth. Zach told Kendall why he had caused the blackout. Kendall ran away from Zach. Kendall refused to forgive Zach or Ryan. Kendall accused Ethan of being out for revenge. Zach wasn't ready to give up on Kendall. Ryan told Julia that he had only wanted Kendall to know the truth. Babe was determined to have her revenge. JR reached a decision about Babe. Janet cornered Erica in a private room at the gala. Amanda was cleared when Erica learned about Josh's misdeeds. Tad convinced Erica that his preposterous theory about Greg was true.
February 13 to 17, 2006
A massive explosion rocked Erica's Mardi Gras gala. Josh tried to do damage control with Erica. Josh held Erica's life in his hands. Erica made a startling accusation against Greg. Dixie watched as Tad kissed Di. Dixie feared that Tad would find her. Di found herself face-to-face with Dixie. Tad and Julia feared that another explosion could occur. Amanda evaded Jamie's questions about her warning. Janet overheard Amanda's denial. JR was desperate to find Babe. Kendall caused problems for JR and Babe. Kendall and Ryan were thrilled to feel the baby move. Ryan comforted Kendall when she broke down over losing Zach. Kendall pointed out that Ryan was not infallible. Ryan promised Kendall that she would not have to face her future alone. Zach apologized to a dying Ethan.
February 20 to 24, 2006
Dixie confronted Di. Dixie overheard Tad talking about his feelings for her with Di. Dixie went to David's cabin. Janet convinced Babe to go with her. Janet blamed Babe for all of Amanda's problems. Janet locked Babe and little Adam in a bedroom. Adam and JR believed that Babe had kidnapped little Adam. Babe tried to convince Janet to go along with her plan. Ethan died in the operating room. Erica and Greg feared that Josh knew the truth about his parentage. Kendall reached out to Zach and challenged him to make things right between them.
February 27 to March 3, 2006
Ryan agreed to move in with Kendall. Kendall ran into Dixie at Ethan's gravesite. Kendall was furious when Zach did not attend Ethan's funeral. Kendall and JR commiserated over their respective betrayals. Jamie was unable to convince JR that Janet had kidnapped Babe and little Adam. Jamie struggled with Janet, but David unwittingly allowed her to escape. Janet caught Babe trying to flee through a window. Babe tried to convince Janet to return little Adam to JR. Babe was stunned when she found a body in a freezer. Tad and Adam realized that JR had kidnapped Krystal. Dixie was accidentally shot when JR threatened to kill Krystal.
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MARCH 2006
March 6 to 10, 2006
When Babe discovered Trevor's body in the freezer, Janet told her about the night that he had ended up "on ice" -- apparently, Trevor had tried to have Janet committed, so she had picked up a golf club and beat him to death before putting him in the freezer. As everyone closed in on Trevor's fishing cabin, Janet knocked Babe out and prepared to put her in the freezer with Trevor before disappearing with little Adam, whom Janet planned to raise as her own son. Babe and little Adam were rescued in the nick of time, and Janet was taken into custody. Kendall had an alarming dream that led her to believe that Zach was contemplating suicide. Dixie was accidentally shot and turned to Zach for help.
March 13 to 17, 2006
David questioned Janet, Del, and Di about Dixie, hoping to find a way to prove that she was alive. Zach nursed Dixie through the infection that had resulted from the gunshot. Tad and Di made love. Dixie told Di that she had decided to leave town. JR turned over a new leaf, choosing to let go of his deep-rooted anger and forgive everyone he believed had wronged him, including Jamie, Tad, Krystal, and Di. JR also asked those people to forgive him for all of the things that he had done to them. After making amends, JR proposed to Babe, who happily agreed to marry him. Jonathan surprised Lily with the news that he had landed a job as an orderly at the hospital. Erica enlisted Ryan's help with her plan to push Greg out of Kendall's life. Ryan and Kendall kissed and nearly slept together. Kendall panicked on the rooftop of Fusion, but Zach found her before things escalated.
March 20 to 24, 2006
Dixie disguised herself as a doctor and paid a farewell visit to little Adam. Tad assured Di that everything would work out. Di and Del agreed to help Dixie. Opal accused Di of keeping a secret. Jamie agreed to be JR's best man. JR warned David not to cause any trouble. Palmer insisted on Joe reinstating David at the hospital. David watched security tapes to try to spot Dixie. Zach immobilized David. David delivered an ultimatum to Dixie. Adam and Krystal wanted to renew their vows at JR and Babe's wedding. Greg introduced Kendall to a couple who wished to adopt. Ryan urged Kendall to find a different doctor.
March 27 to 31, 2006
Babe and JR married each other, and Krystal and Adam renewed their wedding vows. Janet told JR that Dixie was alive. The results were disastrous when Babe returned to Fusion with Amanda as her assistant. Tad proposed to Di, who happily accepted. Ryan and Julia decided to dig into Greg's patient history when they discovered that he had lied about Julia being unable to have children. Greg suffered another episode after Erica gave him tea that she had tainted with an untraceable poison. Dixie paid Greg a visit and demanded answers, but he threatened to expose her if she pursued her line of questioning. Zach pleaded with Dixie to trust him with her secret about Greg, arguing that he needed to know the truth because Greg was treating Kendall. Ryan decided that he wanted to raise his son regardless of whether Kendall wished to have a role in their child's life. Joe shocked Tad with the revelation that Jeff Martin was headed back to Pine Valley.
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APRIL 2006
April 3 to 7, 2006
After subtle pressure from Greg and a couple of encounters with Babe and little Adam, Kendall went to Greg's room to tell him that she had decided to give her son up for adoption. Greg hid his pleasure and pushed Kendall to sign legal papers to start the process. During a New Beginnings interview, Greg collapsed after drinking water that Erica had tainted with more poison. Dixie was shocked when she saw Greg collapse on television. Zach overheard Dixie voice her concern that she would never find out where her daughter was if Greg died. Tad presented Di with an engagement ring and proposed again, but she turned him down. Jack tracked Lily down at the tree house, where she was spending time with Jonathan. Tad told Erica that Joe had called his brother, Jeff. Erica was not pleased to learn that Jeff was leaving Kenya to return to Pine Valley.
April 10 to 14, 2006
Ryan's suspicions were confirmed when Erica confessed to poisoning Greg. Ryan was horrified to learn that Erica had gone to Greg for an abortion years earlier and that Greg had secretly implanted her embryo in his wife, who had later given birth to Erica's son, Josh. Zach threatened Greg after learning that Greg had taken Dixie's daughter, Katie, and given her to a couple who had wanted to adopt a child. Kendall was furious when Ryan formally declared his intention to seek custody of their unborn child. Kendall asked Jack to help her fight Ryan's efforts to gain custody of the child. Jack didn't want Kendall to give her child up for adoption, so he made her promise to first take some time to think things through and decide if she was making the right decision. Lily regressed after Jack threatened to criminally charge Jonathan unless she stopped seeing the young man. Jack blamed Jonathan for Lily's uncommunicative state. Babe and Krystal were surprised when their husbands started talking about babies. David asked Dixie to give their relationship another chance, but before she could respond, Tad walked in and saw her for the first time.
April 17 to 21, 2006
Feeling overwhelmed with pressure from everyone around her, Kendall turned to Greg for help. Ryan, Zach, and Erica grew worried when they realized that Kendall had slipped out of town without telling anyone how she could be reached. Tad was devastated when he found himself face-to-face with Dixie. Feeling betrayed, Tad went to see Di and broke off his relationship with her. Dixie went to talk to JR and learned that he had taken Babe to the south of France for a romantic getaway. Adam offered Dixie millions of dollars to leave town and continue to let everyone believe that she was dead, but she refused the offer. Later, Adam went to Dixie's hotel room and threatened her with a gun. Tad wasn't able to track Adam down in time to save Dixie, whom Adam had rendered unconscious and placed in a shipping crate with the intention of sending her far away from Pine Valley. JR and Babe returned from France and started to open the shipping crate, assuming that it was meant for them. Amanda decided to help Lily and Jonathan spend some time together. Jonathan surprised Lily with bus tickets on her birthday, and they made plans to run away together and start a new life in Boston.
April 24 to 28, 2006
Kendall went to Greg's spa, which was located on a tropical island, and was surprised to find that all of the guests were pregnant and that at least one guest was planning on giving her baby up for adoption. Zach found Kendall on the island, unapologetically whisked her away, and confessed that he loved her. Before Erica could tell Josh that she was his biological mother, Ryan interrupted to announce that Kendall had called. Greg feared that he would not be able to stop Erica from eventually revealing the truth to Josh. JR found himself face-to-face with Dixie. JR subsequently started to spiral out of control, choosing to drown his sorrows after learning that there had been several previous opportunities for Dixie to reveal herself to him and that she had chosen not to do so each time. Dixie tried to talk to JR, but he was too angry to listen to her. Dixie later went to see Greg and demanded to know where her daughter was. Dixie warned Greg that she no longer had any reason to keep his secret, since her family knew that she was alive.
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MAY 2006
May 1 to 5, 2006
Zach and Kendall talked as they slowly made their way back to Pine Valley. Kendall eventually realized that she loved Zach and didn't want to give her baby up for adoption. Zach and Kendall made love and afterward decided to get married. After returning to Pine Valley, Kendall teamed up with Babe to start a daycare center at Fusion. JR continued to drink heavily as his distrust of Babe grew. Dixie tried to drug Greg in an attempt to gain information about Kate, but Ryan interrupted before she could question Greg. Jack decided to take Lily back to boarding school in a desperate attempt to keep her away from Jonathan. Lily played along with Jack's plan until she got an opportunity to hide from him on the train. Lily managed to fool Jack into exiting the train without her, but when she ended up alone in New York City, she quickly realized that she wasn't prepared to survive there on her own without any money.
May 8 to 12, 2006
Kendall fell into a coma after a wall of construction equipment collapsed on top of her. Babe's worst fears were confirmed when she overheard JR admitting to a comatose Kendall that he had caused the accident and that he had meant for it to injure Babe instead. Erica was faced with the difficult option of saving either her daughter or her grandchild. Jack and Jonathan separately searched for Lily, who was still lost in New York City. Dixie and Zach returned to Pine Valley after breaking into Greg's office on the tropical island.
May 15 to 19, 2006
Lily got upset when she saw Jonathan and Aidan, and she managed to slip away before they could catch up to her. Lily's circumstances grew dire when a man who was staying at her hotel talked her into consuming alcohol. Kendall lingered in a coma but was conscious of what was going on around her. Zach objected to the doctors performing an emergency Cesarean section on Kendall, so he barricaded the door to keep them out of her room. Kendall later heard shots ring out as Derek tried to enter her room. Dixie visited JR after he was arrested. JR was unable to raise money for his bail payment because Adam had frozen JR's accounts. Babe contemplated taking little Adam and running away, but she worried that doing so would only confirm JR's worst fears.
May 22 to 26, 2006
Jonathan found Lily in time to save her from being brutally raped, but he suffered a head injury during a scuffle with the man who had coaxed Lily into consuming alcohol. Jonathan's injury led to some painful headaches. Jonathan and Lily decided to get married. After being released from jail, JR apologized to Babe and begged her to forgive him for everything that he had put her through since learning that Dixie was alive. JR also revealed that he had joined a recovery program that would hold him accountable for attending group therapy sessions as part of the recovery process. The news pleased Babe, but she was reluctant to forgive JR right away. Erica was initially thrilled when Bianca returned to Pine Valley to be at Kendall's side, but she got upset when she later learned that Bianca had not tried to convince Zach to consent to a surgery that Erica believed was necessary in order to save Kendall's life. Ryan confessed his love for Kendall to Bianca. Ryan later talked to Zach and asked for permission to see Kendall. Zach agreed to let Ryan enter Kendall's room after Ryan promised that he wouldn't force the issue of Kendall's surgery. Tad used his fists to force Greg to reveal the name of the family who had adopted Kate.
May 29 to June 2, 2006
Greg misled Tad to buy himself some time to slip out of town. Greg drugged Erica and stowed her away with the intention of taking her with him when he left Pine Valley. Del was alone in a warehouse when he succumbed to the effects of a drug that Greg had secretly slipped into his drink earlier. Babe forgave JR after she saw him take responsibility for his actions. Kendall was taken into surgery after her condition worsened. Kendall's son, Spike, was born via a Cesarean section and rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit. Zach was arrested for keeping the doctors from treating Kendall. Zach feared the worst about Kendall and was desperate to get out of jail so that he could be with her. Jack found Lily and Jonathan just in time to hear the justice of the peace pronounce them husband and wife.
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JUNE 2006
June 5 to 9, 2006
JR and Dixie had a heart-to-heart talk and reconciled before he went to court to face the consequences for injuring Kendall. Kendall emerged from her coma and was happily reunited with Spike, who remained in the neonatal intensive care unit. Greg found himself buried in a pine box beneath the park's garden, with access to food, water, light, and oxygen to ensure his survival. Greg's captor later disguised their voice and explained that Greg would not be released until he revealed Kate's whereabouts and a DNA test confirmed her identity. Del learned that Greg was missing and blew up Greg's yacht in an effort to keep him from using it to flee Pine Valley.
June 12 to 16, 2006
Babe saved JR from being sent to jail. As Kendall slowly recovered, she and Zach plotted to take care of Babe and JR, respectively. Jonathan suffered a seizure and was taken to the hospital. Jonathan later woke up and was declared medically fit, but his speech patterns indicated that he was no longer suffering from the cognitive difficulties that his brain surgery had caused. Jonathan told Erin the truth but reverted to his old speech patterns when Lily saw him. Jonathan viewed his recovery as a blessing that would allow him to take better care of Lily, but he refused to tell anyone other than Erin the truth because he believed that it would be best to pretend that he was still "impaired" for Lily's sake. Greg remained buried underground and stubbornly refused to reveal Kate's whereabouts, even when his health started to falter. Josh heard Greg's voice in the park, but he convinced himself that he was simply imagining things. Jeff Martin returned to Pine Valley and met Josh. Erica feared that Jeff would eventually tell Josh the truth.
June 19 to 23, 2006
Josh was suspended from the hospital for two weeks after his attempt to humiliate JR backfired. Jeff considered telling Josh the truth. During a rainstorm, JR discovered Babe and Josh on the roof of Fusion in what appeared to be a romantic moment. Terry showed up in Pine Valley looking for his ex-wife, Annie, who had disappeared with their daughter. When Terry ran through the park during the storm, he happened to see Lily and remembered that he had previously encountered her in New York City, where he had tried to convince her to have sex with him. Kendall made it perfectly clear that Babe was not in charge of Fusion. Ryan talked to Zach about their discovery that Greg had used his own sperm samples during his years of helping women with their fertility problems. Zach reminded Ryan that as far as everyone else, including Kendall, was concerned, Ryan was the only person who could possibly be Spike's father. Greg panicked when water started leaking into his coffin.
June 26 to 30, 2006
Terry stalked Lily. Jack was still upset with Erica and didn't bother to correct her when she jumped to the wrong conclusion after she saw him leave their yacht with Brooke. Erin broke things off with Aidan. JR made a generous offer to prove to Krystal that he was a changed man. Jamie and JR abducted Josh and put him in a walk-in freezer in an effort to push Greg's buttons. Babe freed Josh, who confidently identified Jamie and JR as his abductors even though he had never actually seen their faces. Greg feared that he would never make it out of the coffin alive. The judge dismissed the case against Zach due to a lack of evidence. Tremors started to rock Pine Valley.
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JULY 2006
July 3 to 7, 2006
Nearly everyone was a suspect after an earthquake rocked Pine Valley and Greg's body was discovered in a coffin. Josh was convinced that JR was responsible for Greg's death and enlisted Kendall's help to make JR pay for the crime. Kendall was taken aback when she learned of the theory that Greg was the donor for all of the artificial inseminations that he had performed over the years. Ryan told Kendall that he loved her and that Zach knew how Ryan felt about her. Colby returned home to her father, but not without controversy.
July 10 to 14, 2006
JR's blackmailer turned out to be Colby. Babe heard a recording of Greg's last words that left her completely shaken. Babe grew increasingly concerned that JR was the person who had buried Greg alive. JR was stunned when Babe let him listen to the recording. Worried that Greg was Spike's biological father, Kendall turned to Josh for help and a DNA test, and he was shocked when the results revealed that he shared genetic markers with Spike. Unaware of his true biological link to Kendall, Josh broke the news that Greg was Spike's biological father. Erica was heartbroken when Zach told her that Kendall had learned that Greg had secretly been fathering children at his fertility clinic. Di told Aidan that Erin had moved on with another man. Ryan learned Annie's secret.
July 17 to 21, 2006
JR tried to convince Babe that he was being set up for Greg's kidnapping and murder. Babe was skeptical but decided to figure out who had really killed Greg, and her investigation led her to David's home, where she found a transceiver that was just like the one that had allowed Greg's captor to communicate with Greg in the coffin. Erica was forced to tell Kendall the truth about Josh. Kendall and Ryan decided to do another paternity test to finally determine who Spike's father really was. Jamie and Julia were caught in an embarrassing and compromising position. Josh's actions caused Joe to question Julia's competence as a nurse. Josh decided to leave town and asked Babe to accompany him. Jonathan confronted Terry, who denied that he had tried to hurt Lily in New York City. Aidan called Lily, and when she saw Terry, her reaction confirmed the man's guilt.
July 24 to 28, 2006
The second paternity test for Spike revealed that he was indeed Ryan's son. JR planned to blow Josh's world apart, and he asked Krystal to help Babe through the fallout. Rihanna performed two of her hit songs at ConFusion's grand opening, where Josh finally learned that Erica was his biological mother when Greg's final recording was played for everyone. Erica and Kendall tried to talk to Josh, but he was too shaken and angry to say much. Babe rushed after Josh when he stormed off, and they ended up on his private jet. Against Babe's wishes, Josh fired up the jet and took off. When Josh later realized that the jet was low on fuel, he radioed the tower for help and was informed that he was going to have to find another place to land because the airport had been closed due to foggy conditions. Zach and Dixie followed a lead to Philadelphia, but it turned out to be a dead end. Erin was eager to explain things to Aidan, but when she finally found him, he was in a passionate embrace with Di. Jack heard Jonathan give Erin advice in his normal voice.
July 31 to August 4, 2006
Dixie and Zach were arrested for Greg's murder. Kendall was as certain of Zach's innocence as Tad was of Zach and Dixie's guilt. Josh and Babe survived the plane crash and were stranded on a deserted island. JR was despondent at first, but Jamie and Julia convinced him not to give up hope, and they formed their own search party together. Erin told Aidan why she had ended things and kept the truth about Annie from him, but he was unable to get past the fact that Erin hadn't trusted him enough to tell him the truth earlier.
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August 7 to 11, 2006
Babe and Josh were rescued. Babe offered Josh a job at Fusion. Erin promised to help JR deal with Josh. Colby got a new nemesis. Zach told Kendall that he and Dixie were planning to claim that they had been having sex in a hotel room at the time of Greg's disappearance. Kendall wondered why Zach, who supposedly had nothing to hide, was worried about establishing an alibi for himself. Tad told David that Dixie was having an affair with Zach. Erica tried to talk Jack out of filing a motion to have Lily declared incompetent. Jonathan was upset to learn that Jack was willing to go to such lengths to keep him away from Lily. Ryan finally realized that Jonathan had fully recovered.
August 14 to 18, 2006
Derek remained suspicious of Zach and Dixie's story, even after a "witness" corroborated it. Colby was upset to learn that she was going to be forced to share her birthday party with Sydney. Jack's nephew, Sean Montgomery, arrived in Pine Valley and moved in with him. Jack managed to get Lily and Jonathan's marriage annulled. Lily was shattered when she discovered that Jonathan had been "normal" for a while and had been hiding the truth from her. Lily had no idea that her new online friend was actually Terry. Terry made it clear to Annie that he could get to her and Emma quite easily if he wished to do so.
August 21 to 25, 2006
Kendall threatened to expose the truth about Dixie's false alibi if Dixie ever crossed a line with Zach. David suspected that Emma was actually Dixie's daughter, Kate. An unconscious JR was rushed to the hospital after a fight with David, who had called JR's mother a "whore." Josh and Babe went to Philadelphia to try to convince a rock star to let them use one of his songs in a Fusion ad campaign. Babe and Josh consumed a lot of alcohol during the meeting and ended up in a hotel room together afterward. Lily remained unaware that her online friend was Terry, who suggested that it would be nice to meet her in person.
August 28 to September 1, 2006
Zach and Ryan argued about Kendall. Kendall started to have doubts about Zach's innocence after Ryan raised some good points. Josh overheard a private exchange between Kendall and Zach and learned that their estrangement was a farce. Babe and Josh grew closer as Babe and JR grew further apart. Babe was shocked when she went to Josh's apartment and found a coffin that he had constructed. Dixie offered to admit to murdering Greg in exchange for Derek's promise that he would leave JR, Jamie, and Zach alone. Jonathan feared for Lily's safety because Terry was still on the loose. Lily made arrangements to meet her online friend in a private location. Erica and Jack couldn't seem to find any common ground and acknowledged that there was a growing divide in their marriage.
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September 4 to 8, 2006
Amanda admitted to Babe that she had fallen in love with Jonathan. Jonathan learned that Lily had an online friend. Colby's birthday party gave Lily the perfect opportunity to meet the online friend in person. Adam grew determined to make Colby's party a special event after overhearing a conversation between her and JR. Colby was furious when Sydney stole the spotlight at the party. Kendall questioned whether Josh and Babe were really just friends. Kendall's doubts about Zach grew, further straining their relationship. Zach offered to go on the run with Dixie, but she declined the offer. Jamie told Julia that he was planning to drop out of medical school. Livia discovered that Jamal was part of an underground network that helped abused women and their children disappear.
September 11 to 15, 2006
An out-of-control Colby moved her birthday party to the yacht, and when Harbor Patrol officers tried to break up the party, she took control of the yacht and raced away from them, ultimately crashing the yacht in the process. The hospital was subsequently overwhelmed with injured partygoers, but Colby was conspicuously absent. Zach and Kendall continued to drift apart. Annie accidentally shot Ryan, who was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Kendall stayed at Ryan's bedside as she waited to find out if he was going to be all right. Lily's online friend convinced her to meet him at a cabin, and things turned terrifyingly violent when she got there and realized that Terry had tricked her. Terry struck Lily when she tried to leave, and when she subsequently fell into a catatonic state, he started to undress her with lecherous intentions. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Jack each desperately searched for Lily. The sound of a gunshot led Jack to the cabin, where he found Jonathan, who dropped a gun and admitted that he had killed Terry.
September 18 to 22, 2006
Everyone desperately searched for Colby in the aftermath of the yacht accident, unaware that she was hiding in the secret passages of the Chandler mansion, eavesdropping on various private conversations while contemplating her next move. Krystal insisted that Tad needed to keep quiet about the night that they had spent together, since she was in love with Adam and didn't want to hurt him, especially when his daughter was missing. Julia ended her relationship with Jamie. Jamie admitted to JR that his feelings for Julia were real. As Babe and Josh were having sex on the rooftop of Fusion, JR entered the building and found her dress laying on the floor. Lily emerged from her catatonic state and grew extremely agitated when she saw Jonathan, who was heartbroken over her reaction to him. Zach pushed Kendall away, which sent her right into Ryan's arms. Kendall told Ryan that she loved him, but she also admitted that there was still a small part of her that was in love with Zach.
September 25 to 29, 2006
Jonathan decided to move back in with Erin, Annie, and Emma. Ryan asked Annie if she had any interest in finding Emma's biological father. David stole Tad's toothbrush. The Greg Madden murder trial began, and as Tad took the stand to testify, Jamie entered the courtroom and announced that he had proof that Tad was lying. Tad stuck to his story and dismissed Jamie's evidence as nothing more than a convincing fabrication. Colby overheard Babe tell Krystal that she had slept with Josh. Josh found Colby in the tunnels. Krystal announced that she was pregnant.
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October 2 to 6, 2006
Adam was overjoyed when he learned that Krystal was pregnant. Adam found directions for a home pregnancy test and jumped to the conclusion that Babe was pregnant, but when she flatly denied that the pregnancy test belonged to her, everyone turned to Colby for an explanation. Babe admitted that she was in love with both JR and Josh. Lily was released from the hospital and returned home. Sean learned that Jack had been granted guardianship of him. Erica felt that Jack's growing responsibilities were making it harder for him to stick to his end of their agreement that they wouldn't allow their children's problems to drive a wedge between them. Jonathan asked Amanda if their arrangement was interfering with her love life. Tad explained that he had lied on the witness stand to establish reasonable doubt for Zach and Dixie so that they would have a chance of being acquitted. Zach tried to return the favor when Derek went to arrest Tad. Kendall and Ryan grew closer.
October 9 to 13, 2006
Bianca returned to Pine Valley. Colby accused Josh of seducing her after the yacht accident, weaving a story about a callous man taking advantage of a young, traumatized girl that was convincing enough for the police to arrest him. Babe knew that Josh was innocent because they had been together at the time that Colby had claimed that Josh had taken advantage of her. Babe confronted Colby, who said that she would only drop the charges against Josh if Babe and Krystal agreed to leave Colby's family alone. Dixie was surprised to learn that Krystal was pregnant. Dixie showed Annie the picture of Emma that had been found in Greg's files. David offered to kidnap Emma for Dixie. Annie was determined to leave town with Emma. Zach received signed divorce papers.
October 16 to 20, 2006
Bianca questioned Erica after seeing her leave Jeff's room. Bianca confronted Babe about Josh. Babe decided to stay with JR. David told JR about Kate. Colby told David that Josh and Babe had slept together. Kendall and Zach made love. Jamie's date arrived while Julia was trying to have a conversation with him. Josh and Julia commiserated over their respective love lives after Jamie left with his date. Krystal told Adam about the risks of pregnancy at her age and asked him if he could love a child who wasn't perfect. Krystal was deeply moved when Adam talked about his love for Stuart and said that he would love their child regardless of any imperfections that it might have. Annie told Ryan that her DNA wouldn't match Emma's DNA if they performed a DNA test.
October 23 to 27, 2006
Annie breathed a sigh of relief when the judge ruled in her favor and didn't order a DNA test for Emma, but she was unaware that the judge had also asked Child and Family Services to open an investigation into the matter. Emma disappeared. Krystal told Tad that Adam was the father of her child. David ordered a DNA test to compare Krystal's baby's DNA to Tad's DNA. David told JR that Josh and Babe had slept together, but JR later assured Babe that he didn't believe David's claim. Josh confronted David. Erica assured Jack that their marriage wasn't in trouble, but his concerns grew when he discovered that Jeff's room was right next to hers. Amanda made the mistake of telling Del that she loved Jonathan, much to Jonathan's dismay. When Jonathan told Amanda that he didn't feel the same way about her, she claimed that she had only told Del that she was in love with Jonathan to get Del off of her back. Sean felt guilty about the fact that he had been Colby's first lover. Spike developed a fever.
October 30 to November 3, 2006
Krystal and Adam made an announcement after tests confirmed that they were expecting a healthy baby girl. JR bragged about his marriage to Babe, prompting Josh to blurt out that he had slept with Babe. Babe was shocked when JR told her about Josh's claim, and JR was equally shocked when she confirmed that Josh had been telling the truth. David took Emma and offered Dixie the opportunity to disappear with the little girl. Dixie was tempted to leave Pine Valley with Emma but ultimately had a change of heart and returned her to Annie, who agreed to have Emma's DNA tested. Colby got jealous and kissed Sean after catching him staring at Amanda. Sean made it clear that he and Colby were just friends, and she masked her pain as she played along with him. Colby later lashed out at Sydney and framed her for a theft. Zach turned to Myrtle for advice on how to make amends with Kendall. Kendall and Babe each wanted the same dream home. Erica received a visitor while she was making last-minute preparations for her party at the hotel, and she was disappointed when the visitor turned out to be Jack instead of Jeff. Josh found Erin at the party and propositioned her.
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November 6 to 10, 2006
Dixie and Tad nervously awaited the results of Emma's DNA test. Annie and Ryan learned that a mother could carry two types of DNA so that she might not initially appear to be a genetic match for her child. Babe was furious with Josh for telling JR about their one night together. JR got drunk and jumped through the window of Josh's room, which was several stories off of the ground. JR miraculously survived the fall, but his condition was critical. Erica and Bianca witnessed the fall and watched as Josh tried to stabilize JR so that JR could be transported to the hospital. The police later questioned Erica and Bianca about the incident. Adam and Dixie blamed Babe for what had happened to JR. Krystal warned Adam not to go after Babe. Babe made it clear to Josh that she wanted nothing to do with him. Jeff confessed his true feelings for Erica to her. Jack confronted Erica about Jeff.
November 13 to 17, 2006
Tad and Dixie were devastated when the DNA test results revealed that Emma was not Kate. Annie's relief was short-lived because Emma was later taken into protective custody. Babe was plagued with guilt after JR's fall. Adam was determined to push Babe out of JR's life. Krystal was ready to reveal the truth about her baby when she realized how far Adam was willing to go to keep Babe away from JR. Jamie and Julia gave in to their feelings.
November 20 to 24, 2006
Dixie suspected that Krystal was carrying Tad's child, but Krystal insisted that Adam was the father. Bianca tried to organize a Thanksgiving dinner for her family in an effort to reunite Jack and Erica. Erica was stunned when Jack sent over all of her belongings just as she was preparing to move back in with him. Josh tried to convince Babe that they belonged together. Babe attempted to talk to JR, but he made it very clear that he wanted nothing to do with her. Annie prepared to receive the newest DNA test results. David told Kendall that Ryan was Emma's father. Tad and Jamie found David's taped confession that he had lied about Emma being Kate. David blamed the Martins' incompetence for Leora's death and hoped that they would never find peace.
November 27 to December 1, 2006
The Kanes gathered for their annual Thanksgiving dinner, and things quickly deteriorated as Erica and Jack squared off. Kendall tried to dispute David's claim that Ryan was actually Emma's father, but David wove a convincing tale. David intended to leave town after gifting Adam with a DVD that revealed all of Krystal's sins, but Babe smashed the DVD in a fit of rage when she figured out what David was planning to do. JR encouraged Josh to take Babe but warned him to stay away from little Adam. Josh promised that Babe and her son would both eventually end up with him. Adam decided to invite Tad and Dixie to the Chandler family's Thanksgiving dinner after JR credited them with getting him back from the brink of death. Several Pine Valley residents experienced very vivid dreams about their deepest fears. Zarf fell in love with Bianca at first sight.
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December 4 to 8, 2006
Simone's untimely death rocked the residents of Pine Valley. Zach was reminded of his recurring vision of a mysterious woman when he saw Simone's corpse. Zach later learned that Simone had died of a drug overdose. Ryan and Zach were suspicious of Zarf and decided to look into Simone's death. Babe admitted to Josh that she loved him. Dixie told Tad about David's claim that Tad was the father of Krystal's child, but Tad refused to believe it. Tad reasoned that Dixie desperately needed to believe David because she felt guilty about giving Kate up for adoption and wanted to give Tad another child. Kendall was not pleased to learn that Ryan and Annie had taken Spike to see Santa. Amanda and Aidan rented rooms at Wildwind. Jamie and Julia moved in together. Jonathan and Lily found closure. Erica told Jeff that she had decided to get a divorce.
December 11 to 15, 2006
Erin Lavery was found dead on the Fusion rooftop, wearing a white ribbon in her hair and holding a gardenia, and there were eerie similarities between her death and Simone's death. Jonathan and Ryan were shaken when they learned of Erin's death, and Amanda and Annie tried their best to comfort the men. It was apparent that the women of Fusion were being targeted, so security was increased and bodyguards were assigned to protect the ladies. Zach recalled a past event that could shed some light on the murders. JR told Colby that he still loved Babe.
December 18 to 22, 2006
Everyone gathered for a joint funeral for Simone and Erin. The attendees carried white roses and Simone and Erin's loved ones delivered touching eulogies. Sean and Colby tried to play matchmaker in an effort to get Erica and Jack to reconcile. Dixie talked to Babe about Krystal's pregnancy, hoping to figure out the truth about the child's paternity. Dixie received a visit from Father Clarence, who had amazing insight into Tad and Dixie's lives.
December 25 to 29, 2006
Tad uncovered more information about Zach's past that linked him to Erin and Simone's murders. Ryan walked in on Kendall and Josh arguing about Annie and Ryan's right to know the truth about Emma's paternity. Julia's friends were involved in a car crash on their way to visit her, leaving their younger daughter a possible orphan. Bianca found herself strangely excited about her New Year's Eve date with Zarf, but she was shocked when Zarf arrived dressed as a woman.
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