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January 2 to 6, 2006
Edna and Norma were set free from their Christmas tree ornament when the storm's lightning struck the Harmony Parks' storage shed and reversed Endora's magic. They ended up at the mansion, but scurried on their way when Tabitha showed them in her magic punchbowl that the murder at the mansion would be blamed on them if they stayed. Rachel then revealed herself to Alistair as the mystery woman and he believed she was just pulling a hoax on him. All the other guests at Alistair's New Year's party were treated to his almost murder as he stumbled into the living room from a secret passage with a butcher knife embedded in his shoulder. Although he appeared to be dead, Dr. Eve stabilized him when Julian and Noah jerry-rigged some defibrillator paddles out of Frisbees, cooking pans, lamp cords and duct tape. The motley crew all reflected on their last individual encounter with Alistair, his threats to reveal their innermost secret to the assemblage (or at least to the person they wanted to hear it least), and that they'd all threatened to kill him. During this process, Alistair revealed that he'd known that Ethan's coma wasn't irreversible and he had changed the test results so that Gwen would take him off life support and he'd die. He also shared that since Ethan was still alive, he and Gwen were to move out of the mansion and leave Jane with Alistair and Theresa. In addition, he announced to Tabitha that she was to move Endora into the mansion where she could be raised as a Crane. Since the town was still in blackness from the ice storm and lacking phone capability, Sam instructed them all to stay at the mansion since the police would need to question them if and when Alistair died. Tabitha decided she couldn't wait and woke up Endora with a little long-distance magic and asked her to help get her out of there. A drunken Rebecca unexpectedly watched Tabitha spinning around when she stepped out into the hall at the right time. Unfortunately, she ended up in a Boston back-alley instead of at home. As the evening progressed and she realized that she'd made a real muddle of things as secrets were revealed, Rachel made her way to the attic where she sat crying. Katherine heard her cries and led a search party to the attic where she discovered her long-dead (supposedly) sister.
January 9 to 13, 2006
It was an unhappy New Year Day in Harmony. Most of the guests at the Crane mansion were upset that Alistair survived while Fancy was upset because everybody else wanted her grampy to die. There were two more attempts on Alistair's life-a person dressed in black tried to smother him while another person dressed in black trashed his library looking for something. Several guests decided that it would be better to spill the beans on their own because it would sound better coming from them than Alistair. Gwen decided to tell Ethan that she and her mother ruined his life and nearly did, but got interrupted by Theresa and Rebecca going wrestle mania on each other. Kay decided to confess her sins to Fox and when she did Fox decided that he could never trust her again, so Kay went to Tabitha and Endora and begged them to turn back time for Fox and erase her confession. He'll be shaking his head over that time lapse for a while. Noah on, the other hand, tried to find Alistair's incriminating evidence on the computer to delete it, but was foiled by Alistair's passwords. Sheridan hunted through Alistair's computer files as well to find clues to where Rachel (Oh thank heaven! She really isn't a murderer) had been held by Otto, because she thinks that might be where Beth is hiding. Alistair attempted to name "his little friend with the big knife," but didn't have the energy to speak. Sam gave him a pen and pad to write the name, but all he got was a straight vertical line. That could be the start of T for Theresa, Tabitha or T.C., P for Pilar, E for Ethan or Eve, K for Katherine or Kay, F for Fox or Fancy, R for Rebecca or Rachel, I for Ivy, M for Martin, L for Liz, N for Noah...
January 16 to 20, 2006
Fox decided to propose to Kay and set things in motion with help from Fancy and Valerie. Unfortunately the planets aren't aligned properly for an engagement, so Tabitha and Endora had to help Kay elude the big question from her suitor. All that talk of weddings put Fancy in the mood, but whenever she brought it up, Noah blew her off. He suddenly remembered his former love when who should just as suddenly appear and start stalking her old beau? Her name is Maya and she's on the prowl. Katherine also went on the prowl. She started planting seeds of doubt in Pilar's mind about why Martin was with her. Does he really love Pilar or is he just with her out of duty? Chris helped Sheridan look for clues about the whereabouts of Beth and Marty. His ulterior motive is to find the incriminating files Alistair has about him and delete them when Sheridan isn't looking. Gwen decided that the only way to keep her secret from destroying her marriage was to get Ethan and Jane away from Alistair and Theresa as soon as possible. Ethan agreed since he knew that Alistair planned to send them packing without Jane. Now that Julian is in charge of Crane Industries, Ethan thinks he can get a transfer to a distant Crane office.
January 23 to 27, 2006
Both Chris and Rachel tried to finish off Alistair and then in discussing her imprisonment with him, Rachel remembered a word Alistair said that might help Chris and Sheridan find Beth and Marty. After probing Alistair's computer for clues and hypnotizing Rachel, they determined that they need to go search Hawaii. Ethan, Jane and Gwen are also headed for the bottom of the globe-India. He got Julian to transfer him to the Delhi office and Gwen couldn't be happier. Theresa was devastated and crumpled into a puddle of tears while Gwen fantasized a Bollywood existence for her and Ethan. Noah ran into his old girlfriend, Maya and even though Alistair didn't get to spill the beans to Fancy about her, Noah did it for him by speaking Maya's name when he made love to Fancy. Maya is on a mission to get Noah back and there's a woman phoning in the game plan that Maya has to follow. Kay continued to evade Fox's proposal and now she has unwanted help. Ivy caught wind of the planned nuptials and has put Valerie on the case. Ironically, Kay spied the dastardly duo together and will have to do her best to thwart them while putting off Fox just long enough for the planets to shift alignment to ensure a propitious engagement. And finally, Katherine threw down the gauntlet and let everybody including Martin and Pilar know that she wants Martin back or she won't be happy.
January 30 to February 3, 2006
Chris and Sheridan went to Hawaii to look for Otto Krause since they think he's hiding Beth and Marty. They checked in under an alias, but Otto must have help back in Harmony because he was onto them before they'd even gotten to their room and worked quickly to burn out the property assessor's office to destroy any land ownership records about him. Gwen and Ethan tried to leave town for India, but a newly empowered Theresa found that she was in charge of the entire Crane Empire and denied him both access to the jet and the job. Ever resourceful, Ethan got a job with another company, based in New York and prepared to move his little family to the big Apple. Kay saw Ivy and Valerie conniving for Fox (in Tabitha's bowl) and decided to get her man out of their clutches. She agreed to go to the mountain Inn with him and then after a bubble bath, star gazing and champagne he popped the question. Kay smiled at him, told him that she couldn't and fled the scene. Martin and Pilar made plans to renew their vows despite the fact that he still loves Katherine. Paloma called him on it after she saw him in an embrace with Katherine outside the Book Café'. Maya asked Noah for help, but decided to steer clear of her for Fancy's sake. Thugs then attacked her and Fancy and Noah rescued her. They took her to the Bennett house and called Dr. Eve to fix her up. He asked Maya why she'd been attacked and she said it tied back to the man they saw murdered in the attic back in their college days. He told her that he had to tell Fancy, but she insisted that he not so that Fancy would be out of harm's way. Fancy stormed off when he wouldn't spill the truth about Maya and when she returned to forgive him, found him (innocently) holding Maya up in the shower and stormed out again. Paloma and Simone found a cache of Crane records stored in a sub-basement at the Book Café and they just may find all of that incriminating evidence that everyone is looking for right under their noses.
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February 6 to 10, 2006
In Hawaii, Chris and Sheridan unsuccessfully searched for Marty. Chris received a beatdown from the mob. Chris worked a deal on the side. Sheridan found out and followed him until he slipped away. When Chris returned to the hotel room, Sheridan said that she knew he was working for her father. Chris proved her wrong and showed her what he'd gotten on his afternoon adventure. He got down on one knee and proposed. Theresa promptly asserted authority after finding herself in power. She scared Ethan's new employer into rescinding his job offer. Ethan angrily declared that he'd get a job far away from her. Theresa promised she'd always intimidate anyone who considered hiring him. She offered to make him co-CEO and asked him to take on his dream project of redeveloping a downtrodden part of Harmony -- Crawford Street. Ethan considered Theresa's offer. Kay agreed to be engaged to be engaged to Fox. Fox promptly asked Sam for his daughter's hand. Ivy immediately started plotting how she could get Miguel home to drive a wedge between her son and "that little tramp." Valerie resigned. After learning Valerie was the sole support of her family, Kay got Valerie to stay. Kay confided in Theresa that she and Fox were headed for the altar, and Theresa called Miguel to convince him to return home. Noah tended to Maya's wounds and rescued her when she passed out in the shower. Fancy saw them in what looked like a cheating moment. She flipped out until he took her to a diner outside town to tell Fancy the whole story. A car drove through the diner, pinning them under the car and rubble. Noah was shaken, but Fancy was severely injured. She had glass embedded in her eye and might lose it.
February 13 to 17, 2006
Sheridan did a lot of soul-searching and lily sniffing before she decided to change her mind and accept Chris's marriage proposal. Chris's mob friends walked in on a tender moment at the beach to tell them they had news about Marty and could take them to him. Unfortunately, they don't know that Otto and the other Crane henchmen just finished watching a DVD from Alistair indicating that they were to push the self-destruct button in the house if Sheridan discovered them. It will blow up the house, guests, and henchmen. After Fox took Kay her favorite flowers, he took her to the Seascape for a little dining, dancing and divining. He hired an astrologist to determine when they could get engaged. Kay almost accepted the proposal, but Tabitha had been keeping tabs on them and popped into the scene to break up their little fortune telling party. When they made love that night it was under magical stars and fireworks that Endora provided on the bedroom ceiling for their viewing pleasure. Ethan turned down Theresa's offer to be co-CEO and when he tried to leave, she offered yet another temptation-she'd be his mistress. She seduced him with her flowery words and poured out her heart. He could work at Crane and wouldn't have to leave Gwen. Ethan started to get sucked in by this man-eating plant but pulled away from their hot and heavy make-out session and declared that he wanted to keep his dignity. A very bitter Theresa began wilting later as she watched Gwen dance with Ethan at the Seascape and then wink knowingly at Theresa. Fancy woke from her medicated state to find that Noah had filled her hospital room with flowers and that she could only see them from one eye. She went berserk when Noah told her they'd talk about Maya only after she got well and ended up having to be sedated. Poison Ivy blossomed in Sam's arms when he created a special Valentine celebration for her on the roof of the hospital and later when they were at home; she plotted with Valerie to sow seeds of discontent with Kay by bringing Miguel home. Liz pulled the plug on Alistair sending his heart into arrest, but Eve rescued him and Sam found the unplugged oxygen cord. Later, when Julian was alone with his father he found Liz hiding and she spilled all of her venom on him. She revealed that she was the one who had made all of the attempts on Alistair's life as well as shooting Julian in the cannery. She told him that he really hadn't raped her in a drunken haze, but had in fact passed out when she went to discuss Eve with him. While she was in his apartment, Alistair had come to chew out his son and found Liz and raped her viciously (just like her father had) while Julian lay in a drunken stupor. Julian was able to convince her for the moment that it is better to let Alistair suffer in his dying shell instead of killing him and going to prison for it.
February 20 to 24, 2006
Chris and Sheridan got married on the beach in order to provide a legal guardian for each of their children if something should happen to either one of them whilst rescuing Marty from Beth's clutches (thus driving a wedge between Sheridan and her memories of Luis). Kay inadvertently gave Theresa an idea for getting Ethan back and Theresa ran with it; pulling strings in order to get Gwen a job in order to undermine Ethan's place as the breadwinner in his marriage and drive a wedge between Ethan and Gwen. Poison Ivy and Valerie searched for Miguel (losing his trail after his job as a gardener on Wisteria Lane) in order to drive a wedge between Kay and Fox. Rachel encouraged Katherine to convince Martin not to recommit to Pilar and Katherine went to him, imploring him to remember their love and thus driving a wedge between the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Noah began telling an unconscious Fancy his history with Maya, but Maya pulled him out of the room to warn him that "they" had called her and when he returned to Fancy, found a bullet on her pillow where he'd left a rose.
February 27 to March 3, 2006
Even though Kay dreamed about Miguel, she denied it all to Fox. His mother was pulling strings in the background to bring Miguel home while planting seeds of doubt in his mind that Kay was 100% into him. Sheridan and Chris ran around the Crane Hawaii compound and even though the goons had guns and ropes, every time they caught our duo, they lost them. Fancy and Noah broke up for the umpteenth time because he wouldn't tell her the whole story about Maya. Martin and Pilar got ready for their renewal ceremony despite the fact that he's still in love with Katherine. Rachel pushed Katherine to tell Pilar how she felt before the ceremony started. Theresa played puppetmaster getting Gwen a job so that Ethan would be available for her to play with. Gwen kept trying to finish her work so that she could get to the ceremony nut Theresa's new friend (Gwen's boss) just kept piling on the paper.
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MARCH 2006
March 6 to 10, 2006
In Hawaii, Chris and Sheridan found a man wrapped and tied up in a secret room, so Otto blew up the house and they barely got out in time. They took the man they found to the hospital and though Chris had seen his face without recognizing Luis, Sheridan kept missing seeing his face because his eyes were so pained by light that they kept his face covered. Everybody gathered for Martin and Pilar's vow renewal ceremony and Katherine sabotaged Martin and Pilar by following Rachel's advice. She lied to Pilar that she and Martin had made love and to prove it told her that she'd scratched Martin's back while doing it. Pilar blew up when she saw the scratches and later found Katherine kissing Martin and assumed the worst. Tabitha blew up when Kay couldn't wait any longer for the planets to align and agreed to marry Fox. Ivy almost blew up until she and Valerie managed to lure Miguel home on the Crane jet for a surprise rendezvous with Kay and Maria at the ceremony. Fox is on the verge of blowing up because Miguel is acting possessive about Kay and Maria and Kay keeps putting off telling Miguel that she and Fox are engaged. Theresa got Jane and Ethan to the mansion without Gwen and almost trapped Ethan into coming back to run his redevelopment project, but he smelled a rat and blew up at her, refusing to ever go back to Crane or even help Theresa on the side. Noah met with Maya's mystery woman after he answered Maya's cell phone and demanded a meeting with her. He blew up at Maya when he found that the mystery woman had a pipeline of information from Maya and he discovered it was because Maya's necklace had a listening device in it.
March 13 to 17, 2006
Theresa tried and failed yet again to enlist Ethan's help to run Crane and then convinced Chad that she'd help him get Whitney back if he'd help her with Ethan. Too bad Ethan smelled a rat. In spite of all her efforts to keep Gwen at work, Theresa was foiled by Ethan taking dinner to Gwen at the office. Ivy tricked Miguel into coming home for Martin and Pilar's vow renewal ceremony and now he's been pulled off his chase for Charity by his love for another girl-Maria (Which casts a cloud over Fox and Kay's announced engagement-especially if Ivy has her way.). Katherine torpedoed the vow renewal by convincing Pilar that she and Martin had made love. Luis is back I the land of the living, but Chris is seething that his new bride has promised to stay by Luis's side forever. At least Noah and Fancy made up (in time to be the target of someone lurking outside Fancy's bedroom).
March 20 to 24, 2006
In Hawaii, Sheridan professes her undying love to Chris and tells him that despite finding her soul mate, Luis, he is her future. Too bad Luis didn't get that memo. He just rounded up a Justice of the Peace and wants to marry Sheridan without delay. Tabitha let Miguel move in to her house (because she wants to keep him from marrying his true love Charity and starting a war between good and evil) to be close to Maria and though he says he's never loved the recently engaged Kay, he's starting to fantasize about making love to her. Chad went to Julian and Eve to keep Whitney from marrying the church, but it's probably too late because Whitney talked to God and he talked back to her in the chapel. Pilar is disgusted and ashamed at the Alistair style tactics (spying on them, manipulating people and events around them, becoming wicked) Theresa is employing to get Ethan from Gwen. Oh and there's an FBI agent lurking around wanting to get all the dirt on Crane Industries before a national catastrophe takes place that Alistair has already set in motion. Don't tell Ethan, but Theresa told the agent that Ethan would probably work under cover at Crane for the sake of national security.
March 27 to 31, 2006
Paloma found evidence in the Book Café's basement that the Cranes appropriated artwork that rightfully belongs to the church and convinced a reluctant Simone to gallivant with her all over Europe a la' "The Da Vinci Code" to find the art and put Alistair away for a long time if he ever wakes up from his coma. Meanwhile, Whitney had more visions of "God?" at the convent chapel telling her to go to Europe and stop his enemies from revealing his secrets. Theresa has turned into a bitter nasty witch now that Ethan refused to fall for her ultimate plan to bring him close to her bosom-sending the FBI to ask him to work at Crane for the good of his country. Theresa then almost convinced Fancy to give up on Noah before he breaks her heart, but the FBI beat her to this one by convincing Noah that the only way he can save Fancy from the mysterious "Dragon Lady" terrorist is to pretend that he and Maya are lovers so that Fancy runs away from him. Miguel on the other hand is recklessly reconsidering which cousin should be the object of his affection-Charity for whom he only has memories of pain; or Kay, the engaged-to-Fox, mother of his child, and reminder of all his childhood good times. Martin showed up at la casa familia looking for Pilar, but found her archrival, Katherine serving a 1950's style romantic dinner complete with candles and tablecloth. Pilar walked in on Martin's confrontation with Katherine (oh how much like passion, anger can look!) and misread his feelings before she squared off with the shrewish Kate. She was summoning him to Sheridan's cottage to see what she had brought home with her. The Lopez-Fitzgeralds gathered at the cottage and were instructed to tiptoe into the darkened bedroom for an Extreme Makeover: Luis Edition. When Sheridan turned on the lights and revealed their undead son, everybody was shocked, but not as shocked as when Luis revealed that he'd Shanghaied Sheridan into marrying him in Hawaii. Just wait until they all find out who she really married!
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APRIL 2006
April 3 to 7, 2006
Ethan was a fool to think he could get out of Theresa's clutches by turning down the FBI's request to spy at Crane. He went to work with his buddy Jerry restoring cars, only the Crane chauffer spotted him and Theresa backed him into a corner wearing only a raincoat and a smile. Noah was a fool to think he could work for the FBI as Maya's boyfriend without hurting Fancy. When he went to fess up to his love, the Dragon Lady Lina phoned her and played a tape of Noah saying that Fancy meant nothing to him. Kay was a fool to think that Miguel showing up out of the blue and then moving in with them at Tabitha's house could never hurt her relationship with Fox. Apparently she didn't get the memo that Pilar could be even more ruthless than Ivy when it comes to her son's love life and happiness. Sheridan was a fool to think that she could marry two men at the same time and not end up hurting them both and James to boot. Luis and Chris are both exerting possessiveness and Sheridan might just bolt the scene to figure out what to do. Jessica was a fool to accept even one more "present" from Spike. Since he didn't have the cash to pay for her new "omega" tattoo, she had to turn tricks and dog gone if she didn't wake up next to another dead john. Chad was a fool to think he could guilt Whitney into giving up God and his secret mission just to go home and change diapers. At least Paloma and Simone aren't foolishly planning to go search Europe for priceless artwork stolen from churches by Alistair Crane. What's that? Oh well. At least Whitney will be there to stop them.
April 10 to 14, 2006
Harmony will be deserted this spring since many of her residents will be living the adventure in Europe. Noah and Maya have been sent to Italy by Lina (Dragon Lady) and at the behest of the FBI to find her partner's killer and the object stolen from the trunk. Fancy needs to get Noah off her mind so (not knowing that Noah is going) she's going to work in the Crane office in Italy as she promotes her line. Paloma and Simone decided to hunt for some church artwork that the Cranes apparently stole during World War II. Whitney will be on a mission for "God"/the mystery monk to stop the people who are going to discover the secrets regarding some stolen artwork. Since Spike had the mysterious omega symbol tattooed onto Jessica's back and he has communicated with the mystery monk, the johns in Rome better watch out not to sleep with "John Killer Jessica." And on a lighter note, Sheridan finally stammered out to clueless Luis that she is Chris's bride and expecting his baby. Miguel told Kay to consider breaking up with Fox in order to marry him. And as usual, Theresa threw herself at Ethan only to be rebuffed as he fought off his attraction to her.
April 17 to 21, 2006
Sheridan plans to stay married to Chris even though she told Luis she loves him more. Fox and Kay set a wedding date and then Miguel asked Kay to leave Fox and marry him. That was before a boom knocked Miguel off a boat and a beautiful mermaid rescued him. Ethan tried to stay far away from Theresa, but she exploited Luis's need for a Crane insider to search for Marty as an occasion to get Ethan involved. Fancy and Noah ran into each other in Rome, but she won't speak to him because he broke her heart. Chad wanted to rescue Whitney from the convent, but the mystery monk has spirited her away and changed her looks in order to take her to Rome.
April 24 to 28, 2006
Chad, Simone and Paloma searched everywhere for Whitney and finally got help from Julian and Crane security in tracking her to Rome. Ethan found evidence that Beth and Marty could be drawing off of a Crane Industries expense account in Rome and nobody could convince Luis to do otherwise, so he's on the same flight as Chad. Simone and Paloma said that they'd won scholarships to study art in Rome and though no one believed them, were grateful that Chad would have help. Jessica ran away from Spike so Simone and Paloma decided to take her to Rome with them since Spike would never follow. Whitney sensed evil as she prayed in the catacombs under Rome so she ran away to the city above. The mystery monk called Spike to go to Rome immediately and help him recapture Whitney. Endora enchanted Miguel so he'd go search the foggy ocean for the mermaid who rescued him. Kay followed him in his boat, and then Fox got jolted by Endora's magic and followed in another rowboat. Fox glimpsed them on the beach as they kissed passionately by a fire, and couldn't tell for sure it was Kay.
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MAY 2006
May 1 to 5, 2006
After a night of lovemaking with Fancy, Noah went with Maya to get his marching orders from the Dragon Lady and had to break Fancy's heart once again to keep her safe. Chad and Luis arrived in Rome and decided on their plan of action. Chad heard Whitney scream (she fell while using a virtual reality headset to practice breaching Vatican security to find a chalice) from inside the catacombs below, forced open a door with an omega symbol on it, fell into a pit, and searched through a maze of corridors only to find himself back on the street. Luis saw the mystery monk and tailed him to a church full of blind monks financed by the saintly Alistair Crane (but one of the monks can see-is it our mystery monk?). Simone, Paloma and Jessica were grabbed by three men on the streets of Rome and saved by Luis only to have the trio grab them later and ask them if they knew the significance of a coin with the omega symbol on it. Back in Harmony, Theresa tried and failed to pay Chris to leave Sheridan. Theresa then tended to an ailing Jane, which gave her a foothold to drive a splinter between Ethan and Gwen. Endora brought the mermaid from her story to life in order to save Miguel's life and now she's turned her into a human to keep Miguel occupied so Fox and Kay can be happy together. She didn't count on Kay's feelings for the two men to cause so much turmoil in Kay's head.
May 8 to 12, 2006
In Rome: Whitney continued to search for the mystery monk's chalice in the virtual reality Vatican and got real world bumps and bruises when she climbed and fell off a wall as well as being dragged by wolves. Luis, Chad, Fancy and Noah dropped into the catacombs to rescue Whitney several times after hearing her screams. She's told "God" (the monk) that she can't be around Chad without sinning so she wants to sacrifice her life so he can be safe. Fancy bumped into a friendly New England voice in a café and met Beth and Marty without knowing it. Paloma, Simone, and Jessica were captured by three thugs who've promised to explain everything to them about the symbol. Lina gave Maya and Noah their mission. In Harmony: Gwen found Theresa asleep with Ethan and sent her packing, but shortly after her return to the mansion Crane security informed Theresa that Paloma and friends were in grave danger. This gave her a new excuse to ask Ethan to help her-he needs to go to Rome to save his half-sister. Siren has gone off the deep end for Miguel and since nobody could stand the hot night at Tabitha's Fox, Kay, Siren and Miguel headed to the Crane pool for a swim. Fox caught a glimpse of Siren's mermaid tail and Siren wants to make a baby with Miguel.
May 15 to 19, 2006
More folks from Harmony arrived in Rome and they're all starting to bump into each other. They've also discovered that many of the people, places and things that they see are marked with the omega symbol. Simone, Paloma and Jessica escaped from the thugs who took them to the nightclub full of omega tattooed dancers and even managed to snag a corner of a painting from them (with the symbol). Even though Noah left them safe and sound in their hotel room, Spike is hot on the girls' trail. Chad and Luis caught several glimpses of Beth and Marty before she made it to a hiding spot and changed her hair color so she could spy on them (for an accomplice). Beth has gone into full psycho mode now that she heard a waiter say erroneously that Luis and Fancy are in love. Ethan and Theresa arrived and this may be her lucky break because the tabloid editor, J.T. Cornell (hiding under an alias) is also there and she might be able to get him to spill the truth to Ethan about who sent the story of his paternity. Chad heard Whitney in the catacombs, but she told him that if they even lay eyes on each other, she will lose her life. The monk spied on the group as Luis, Ethan, Fancy, Theresa, and Noah met together and realized that they were all brought there for a reason by somebody. Now they just need to figure out why and who is behind it all. Back in Harmony, Endora kept magically pushing Miguel and Siren closer while Kay got ever more jealous of the "fishy missy." Chris gave Sheridan a beautiful book of paintings and at least one of then had the symbol and Chris has a secret-he has a piece of paper with the omega symbol on it and hopes Sheridan will understand.
May 22 to 26, 2006
In Rome Lena wasn't happy that the monk brought Spike to Italy. She told Spike that she lied to Noah that the man Spike killed in the attic was her partner and she gave Noah the task of finding the killer. If Noah figures out the killer was Spike and finds him in Rome, Noah will figure out she scammed him and she won't be able to get rid of him and Fancy. Lena helped Noah remember that the killer had an omega tattoo on his wrist like the one on Jessica's back. Crazy Beth thinks Fancy is out to get Luis so she tried to kill her several times but was foiled each time. Theresa lucked into finding the tabloid editor and though Rebecca tried to warn him to keep away from Theresa, Theresa intercepted the phone call. In Harmony, Kay continued to be jealous of Siren, especially when Miguel and Siren posed together for a provocative perfume ad.
May 29 to June 2, 2006
In Harmony: Kay was determined to come between Miguel and Siren and accidentally pushed her into the water. Despite her protestations to leave her alone, Carl, Miguel and Fox hauled Siren out of the water with a net and revealed her mermaid tail. Because everybody was worried that Alistair was beyond all the turmoil in Rome so Chris, Sheridan, Julian and Eve went to the nursing home to confirm that he's still in a coma. In Italy: Luis tried to protect Fancy from harm, but Beth almost killed her and then got away. Noah rescued the trio of girls once again, this time from Spike. Theresa found the tabloid publisher but he slipped away before Theresa could get him to tell all to Ethan, so Ethan still chooses Gwen. Whitney pulled the hood off the monk and found that he was keeping a disfigured face from her. The monk removed a latex mask while he was alone to reveal he's really Alistair Crane. Alistair met up with Beth while in his monk's garb to let her know she should keep Luis on her trail so he stays out of Alistair's business.
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JUNE 2006
June 5 to 9, 2006
Noah walked in on Fancy and Luis innocently sleeping in the same bed and assumed the worst. Beth hired Spike to kill Fancy at the art gallery opening, but when he failed, she took over the task by poisoning Fancy's champagne. Noah determined that Spike was the killer Lena wanted him to find so when he and Jessica caught Spike at the gallery opening, he called her to say he was on his way. Unfortunately his victory will be short lived because Lena has decided Noah must die. Theresa chased J.T. Cornell all over Rome and finally paid him to admit to Ethan that Theresa had nothing to do with the tabloid story. But Ethan didn't look like he believed J.T. was telling the truth that his wife ruined his life as a Crane. Luis caught Beth twice, but had to let her go both times in order to save Fancy. Beth and Marty are on their way out of town with Luis and Fancy in hot pursuit. Whitney found the clues Alistair (the monk) needed to get the chalice that will make him as powerful as God, but there is still a force field keeping them from grabbing the cup. Chad, Simone and Paloma are struggling to put together the clues leading them to the reason why the artwork was stolen, where Whitney is, and why so many people in Harmony were lured to Rome. Back in Harmony, Miguel, Fox, Kay, Carl and a photographer saw Siren with a mermaid tail that she swears is just a costume. Kay managed to get Tabitha to admit to her that Siren is a mermaid and she has to save Miguel from making love to Siren or he'll never be able to love a mortal woman again.
June 12 to 16, 2006
In Rome Lena attempted to kill Noah on the hotel roof with an iron rod, but lightning was drawn to her and she was left sizzling. Spike tried to kill Jessica, but found he couldn't because he loves her. Jessica took the opportunity of Spike's weakness to grab his gun and threaten to kill him. Theresa found J.T, he told Ethan the truth about Gwen, but because Theresa had paid him to confess Ethan didn't believe him. Sheridan found out that the man in the nursing home was an Alistair imposter wearing a latex mask. She called both Luis and Gwen to tell them the bad news. Gwen took that opportunity to wing her way Rome and inform Crane Security that their true boss is still alive and they no longer will do Theresa's bidding. Luis and Fancy chased a taxi with Beth and Marty in it, but the taxi crashed and burst into flames. It is presumed that they died in the car fire. Luis told Fancy about Alistair being alive and she still can't believe he's behind all of the evil things that have befallen the folks from Harmony who were lured to Rome. Alistair revealed himself to Chad, Whitney, Paloma, Simone and the mystic nun after getting his hands on the chalice and setting it afire so that it will reveal its secrets. The Pope encouraged the intrepid gang to get the chalice from Alistair before he comes into its power. Back in Harmony, Kay became so panicked about the possibility of Miguel falling to the mermaid curse that she convinced Sam to arrest him overnight for public lewdness to keep him from making love to Siren. Sam asked her to examine her feelings for Miguel before marrying Fox.
June 19 to 23, 2006
In Rome, Alistair seized the chalice and transcribed the words on it in order to take full advantage of its power to rule the world. Maya fell off the roof of the hotel and made a big impact on the streets of Rome. J.T. Cornell fell in with Alistair while seeking protection from the IRS and the wrath of Theresa, thus securing Gwen as Ethan's loyal wife. Beth and Marty ran into Edna and Norma making pizzas in a café and got them piles of dough from Alistair to keep out of the way. Theresa was dealt a heavy blow with J.T. disappearing before he could deliver the proof to Ethan that Gwen and Rebecca sold him out, but the mystic nun gave her a ray of hope in amongst her predictions of more pain to come. Jessica won't come to his defense about Lena and Maya because she married Spike and refuses to testify. Back in Harmony Kay and Miguel had a shocking experience with the washing machine and she's forgotten all about being engaged to Fox while displaying plenty of affection for Miguel.
June 26 to 30, 2006
In Rome, Luis beat the location of Alistair's lair out of Spike and called in the troops to capture him. They got the unexpected bargain of finding Beth and J.T. Cornell with Alistair so Luis knows Marty is still alive. J.T. used information he'd gained to break free from Chad first (Chad is not Whitney's relative because his parents were really Liz Sanborn and Alistair; and Liz was an adopted sister to Eve, not her half-sister as she thought.) and Theresa second (little Ethan is really Ethan's son, not Julian's.). This wasn't the news she expected to lay on Ethan, but it will definitely bind them together. Fancy is still miffed that Noah didn't trust her enough to tell her what was going on and is becoming more enamored with Luis. Chad was able to get the chalice from J.T. who had stolen it from Alistair and get it back to the Vatican. Luis, Ethan and Noah thought they had Beth and Alistair ready to throw in jail, but Alistair had an army of thugs to rescue him and the police were paid off to look the other way. Simone and Paloma rounded up a lesbian brigade to help defeat the thugs, but the dastardly duo managed to escape when he set off a charge and blew up part of the piazza. Back in Harmony, Dr. Eve treated Kay for her electrical shock and concussion and told Tabitha. Fox, Miguel and Siren that they'd have to go along with her idea that she was engaged to Miguel until she came around to reality on her own. Siren took things into her own hands. First she clonked Kay over the head with a baseball bat, which didn't return Kay to normal, so then she sang her siren song to Fox so that Kay would have neither of her men when she finally comes back. Dr. Eve got surprising news as well. Rebecca decided to grant Julian a divorce for a large sum and T.C. was in a near fatal car crash and was not expected to live.
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JULY 2006
July 3 to 7, 2006
In Rome, Beth, Marty and Alistair are on the run from Luis and Fancy, J.T. Cornell broke the news to Chad that he and Whitney aren't really related, and to Theresa that Ethan is her son's father. Theresa thinks she finally has the ammunition to blow up Ethan and Gwen's marriage. Chad returned the chalice to the Pope and then with Simone, Paloma and Noah's help found the church's missing artwork as well. Back in Harmony, Endora got so angry with Siren's meddling in Fox's love life that she let her magic get out of control and burned down their house. Sam and Ivy have taken in the motley crew and Ivy has set up Fox to find Kay making out in the shower with Miguel. T.C. is at death's door so Eve and Julian went to the house for some pictures and found he'd been living in a drunken shambles. She felt sorry for him and if he pulls through she may give him a second chance. Chris tried to keep Sheridan from reading a newspaper account of Alistair's shenanigans in Rome and then cut an omega symbol out of his suitcase and burned it.
July 10 to 14, 2006
In Rome, Beth, Marty and Alistair got away on a train, but as Luis, Fancy, Noah and Interpol looked on from a copter, a drone dropped a bomb, apparently on the train and there was a huge explosion. Theresa decided that it would be too risky to tell Ethan and Gwen that he is her son's father and the mystic nun tried to help her understand God's plan. In Harmony, T.C. came out of his coma and Eve assured him that she and the girls were there for him, and then she and Julian celebrated their official engagement. Not knowing the fate of Luis, Fancy and Marty sent Sheridan's blood pressure zooming causing premature labor. As she started to relax, she fell asleep and her nightmare about her son sent her into seizures. Kay decided that there were too many people hanging around so she asked Fox to watch Maria for a couple of days while she takes Miguel away for some alone time since she still thinks they are engaged.
July 17 to 21, 2006
In Rome, J.T. Cornell staged one last grab for Crane cash by telling Gwen that now Theresa is back in charge (with Alistair's apparent death), he could go to her and she'd pay to have him spill all the beans to Ethan. Crane jets whisked all the weary travelers back to Harmony. Whitney, Chad and Simone headed to the hospital where they dropped the bombshell of Chad's parentage on a stunned Julian and Eve. Luis and Fancy went to Sheridan's cottage instead because she'd checked herself out of the hospital. This turned out to be a hasty decision as Sheridan went back into premature labor at the news Marty was on the train that the drone apparently blew up. This time labor couldn't be stopped and Sheridan's baby wasn't able to survive. Spike and Jessica landed on the Bennett front porch as man and wife and after Sam's initial pronouncement that they were to get out, and Noah duking it out with Spike, Ivy convinced him he could be a force for good in their lives if he let them move in with rules and support to help them clean up their act. Gwen, Ethan and Theresa stopped at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. As much as Theresa wanted to take them up on the offer to go with them to the Bed and Breakfast to see Jane, she was pulled back to reality by her secretary, Valerie and her responsibilities to Crane Industries. She watched them all on her spy cam in Gwen's computer as Gwen got to live the life she wanted with Ethan and their two children. She confessed to Pilar that she'd found out that Ethan is her son's father, but she was afraid if she told him, Gwen would find a way to get custody of her son as well as her daughter. Siren cooked up some seducing stew for Fox, but he was too forlorn to eat and Sam ate it instead and then spent the night ravishing Ivy all over the house. Kay pinched a bottle of lust potion from Tabby and though Miguel put up a good fight, he was no match for the potion and Kay.
July 24 to 28, 2006
There's a new man in town and he seemed as determined as Shakespeare's Petruchio to tame shrewish Tess (Theresa). Unfortunately Jared Casey made disparaging remarks about female bosses and girls playing sports and he suddenly found himself on a team of reluctant Harmony men playing baseball against a team of athletic Harmony women lead by Theresa. Everybody saw sparks flying between them except her, especially Gwen who looked forward to Jared filling the hole in Theresa's heart left by her decision to stop pursuing Ethan. Chad and Whitney took advantage of their newfound information that they aren't related to have relations and her life as a nun is almost forgotten. Despite Simone's wish to take care of her dad, Eve stepped in and Julian found that he might lose Eve to her need to care for T.C. Sheridan boldly moved on after losing Marty and her unborn baby, and found it difficult to see Luis with Fancy. Luis only thought of Fancy as a friend that he had to arrest for a pile of unpaid traffic tickets, but Fancy fancied herself filling the hole in his heart left by her Aunt Sheridan. Kay still thought she was engaged to Miguel but Fox managed to break into her broken mind for a moment to plant seeds of memories of her being with him.
July 31 to August 4, 2006
Noah was left out in the cold as Fancy fancied Luis who still fancied Sheridan who still doesn't know her husband Chris used to work with Jessica's new husband Spike for Alistair's Omega crew. Spike tried to blackmail Chris into working for him, but Chris refused and got shot in the leg for his trouble. Luis arrested Fancy for a slew of unpaid traffic tickets and then succumbed to her seductress ways when she suggested playing strip "practice test" while he studied to retake his detective exam. Kay was still in her amnesiac state when Miguel finally fell for her lust potion and because she seduced Miguel, Siren went after Fox again and finally succeeded. Endora put a stop to all the coupling with an electric shock to Kay that brought her out of her amnesia, but sent her into a depression when she realized what she'd done. Theresa swore off Ethan and put on a good show of it snubbing him as the women beat the men in a challenge game of baseball (much to Gwen's delight), but when Jared leaned in for a goodnight kiss after their date, Theresa didn't return the favor. Whitney and Chad moved into a state of blissful cohabitation, except for the calls he kept receiving from someone he wanted to keep secret from Whitney. Alistair became Noah's new barstool buddy now that Eve decided to help T.C. return to health from his accident and stroke and even Rebecca couldn't entice him away from the bottle and back into her bed.
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August 7 to 11, 2006
Theresa decided to set her feelings for Ethan aside and date Jared to get over Ethan. Unfortunately for her, she never corrected Jared's assessment of her as a poor, hard-working single mom who worked for a whip-cracking bitch. When he went to Crane to interview for the executive position working for "Alistair's pretty young slut wife who married for his power and money" he came face to face with Tess and felt used, betrayed and stormed off. Her brother Luis had similar problems with unwelcome police recruits-Fancy and Paloma. He felt that they were there for all the wrong reasons, but in the end Sam and Sheridan convinced him to give them a chance. Siren sang her seductive song for both Fox and Miguel and despite all of that they are both still smitten with Kay and she has to make a choice between them and the mermaid's curse may nullify that choice. Spike continued to blackmail Chris and threatened to expose the most interesting information if Chris doesn't help him burgle the Crane mansion-Chris was hired by Alistair to get Sheridan's mind off of Luis and he is not James's father.
August 14 to 18, 2006
Dr. Eve got in way over her head taking care of T.C, being a doctor, and trying to run the summer fair fund raiser for the children's wing at the hospital. Thankfully, Jared came to the rescue with getting the fair set up and running. In a successful bid to prove to Jared that she's just a regular girl, Theresa manned the pie throwing booth where Gwen got out a little of her aggression by hurling plates of whipped cream at her nemesis and Jared apologized by splatting one in his own face. Kay signed Siren up to be in the dunk tank so that Miguel and Fox will see her for the mermaid she really is. Luis rode his two female cadets-Fancy and Paloma-fairly hard but they were instrumental in stopping and arresting two men who tried to rape Jessica. While Chris kept his bride away from the Crane mansion for dinner at the Lobster shack (where she had to watch Fancy getting gooey over Luis) Spike used the access code to slip into the mansion and relieve it of its excess. Pilar went to the mansion to check on her grandchildren and got caught in Spike's crosshairs.
August 21 to 25, 2006
Pilar narrowly missed death from Spike shooting her and she used the occasion of her dire situation to attempt to extract promises from Miguel and Ethan to go to the ones they truly love (Kay and Theresa) and make a family with them and their children. Ethan was taken aback and wondered what Pilar meant when she called little Ethan and Jane his children and despite the fact that Theresa really seems to be moving on with Jared, Ethan couldn't let go of wanting her. This infuriated Gwen who actually offered several times to divorce him. Jared accepted the executive position at Crane for which he'd previously applied and immediately made his law and MBA degrees useful in negotiating a merger with a German company. Luis continued to investigate his mother's shooting and matched ballistics from Pilar's bullet to both a shooting at Spike's former club and Chris's shooting. Spike blackmailed Chris into giving him an alibi when Jessica refused to and then when he overheard Sheridan tell Chris she was going to ask for Fancy's style job at Crane he pushed Chris to ask for an accounting position so he could embezzle money for Spike.
August 28 to September 1, 2006
Spike blackmailed Chris into getting an accounting job at Crane, but Chris refused to embezzle from Crane for Spike or to kill Luis who is doing a background check on him. Sheridan was jealous of Fancy being with Luis and thought Luis's jealousy of Chris was why Luis suspected him of helping Spike. Jessica thought Spike changed, but at the first pressure from another thug, he sold her and the diamond necklace he'd just given her as repayment of his debt. Kay got through two thirds of a spell to break Siren's curse on Fox but found the last part (making Fox jealous enough to kill) very challenging and Tabitha won't be much help as she got a nasty witch virus complete with spots, voice changes and floating about. Ethan kissed Theresa because of pressure from Pilar and then after she rebuffed him, became insanely jealous of Jared and took on a lawsuit of Crane to assuage his pain.
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September 4 to 8, 2006
In a power outage at the Sea Cliff Inn Jared was knocked out, a drunken Ethan went to Theresa's room exactly one floor below his and Gwen's, and Theresa and Ethan made love. When the lights came back on, the four all met in the hall and Theresa found out Ethan was representing a disgruntled former employee in a suit against Crane. Downstairs in the restaurant, Spike ran into someone he owed money so he bartered an unsuspecting Jessica's body and the new diamond bracelet he'd given her. Even after Paloma and Roberto rescued her, Jessica continued to defend her new husband. Chris started his new job at Crane and Spike wasted no time in pressing him to embezzle funds to an offshore account for him, letting him know that as long as Chris breathed he would be under Spike's thumb. Kay broke the Mermaid's Curse only to have both Fox and Miguel ready to duel to the death for her hand. Sheridan was tormented by seeing Fancy with Luis and decided to tell him she still loved him.
September 11 to 15, 2006
Luis told Fancy he wanted to move on with her, but not while she was a cadet and then the first chance he got alone with Sheridan he tried to convince her to leave Chris by kissing her. Fancy smelled Sheridan's perfume on Luis and her heart broke. Paloma convinced her to be patient and give Luis a second chance and she did until he declared his love out loud for Sheridan while he was asleep. Miguel told Kay that he loved her and wanted her to marry him instead of Fox, but then Siren blackmailed him into being with her and ignoring Kay so Kay moved her wedding with Fox up to next week; and then Miguel sleep-walked into her bed while Fox was in the shower. Whitney and Chad began planning their wedding, but Chad had another motel visit with someone else and had nightmares about Whitney finding out. Theresa and Jared planned Ethan and Stewart Allen's downfall until Ethan and Theresa found themselves in Chris's office together and made love three times while Gwen and Jared searched for them and the correct access code to Chris's office. Now Theresa isn't sure which man she really wants.
September 18 to 22, 2006
Jared asserted his claim to Theresa's love by brawling with Ethan and then setting up a private yoga session with Tess in the Crane gym. Spike decided he wasn't getting monetary action quickly enough from Chris and decided to eliminate the person he perceived to be the obstacle-Theresa. Fancy asserted her claim to Luis's love by confronting Sheridan who was aided by her mother Katherine. Fancy took them both on handily, dealing with their self-righteousness by pointing out their infidelities. Miguel asserted his claim to Kay by walking into a trap set by Ivy. Unfortunately for the mama bear, her baby Fox didn't arrive in time to see the conflicted duo battling it out with intertwined tongues. Chad attempted to keep Ethan and Jared in separate corners all the while dealing with his own love triangle with Whitney and his mystery lover on the side.
September 25 to 29, 2006
Theresa's obsession over Ethan prevented her from having a good life with Jared. Gwen got frustrated with Ethan's attentiveness toward Theresa. Eve confronted Julian about cutting funding to the hospital. Kay was torn between Fox and Miguel. Pilar urged Luis to move on without Sheridan. Eve felt guilty making love to Julian. Luis misunderstood Sheridan, thinking that Sheridan was going to divorce Chris. Whitney got suspicious about Chad after overhearing a conversation between Chad and Jared. Eve called off the wedding between her and Julian. Pilar insisted that Theresa tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan.
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October 2 to 6, 2006
Sheridan moved forward with the adoption of James. Luis was crushed to learn that Sheridan was moving on with Chris. Chad and Valerie were caught in an embrace. JT returned to Harmony. Tabitha's bowl forecast an upcoming funeral. Fox and Miguel went head-to-head in a game of kamikaze basketball. Theresa finalized her will, granting custody of Little Ethan to Julian.
October 9 to 13, 2006
Fox and Miguel are still fighting over who will win Kay's heart and eventually a hand in marriage. Fancy and Luis were caught up in a porn ring, which angers Sheridan. Whitney is convinced that Chad is cheating on her, but Chad manages to deflect her suspicions. Ethan continues to search for the truth in regards to the tabloid debacle. JT is closer than he thinks, and Theresa may not be that anxious to see JT since he knows the secret about Little Ethan's true paternity. Jared wants to make it permanent with Theresa, but Theresa's heart is still with Ethan. Paloma and Simone manage to organize a family intervention for Jessica. It was working until Spike manages to blackmail Jessica emotionally about the dead Johns.
October 16 to 20, 2006
Jessica returns to Spike and a life of prostitution despite the support of her friends and family. Kay is moving full speed ahead with her marriage to Fox but is still finding herself alone with Miguel. Fancy and Luis' undercover work still haunts them. Sheridan cannot get the scene out of her mind neither can Fancy. Both Fancy and Sheridan cannot stop thinking about Luis. Gwen, Rebecca and Theresa are still trying to find JT. Each wants to get to him first because he is holding all the cards. Gwen does not want the tabloid secret to be revealed, and Theresa does not want Little Ethan's paternity revealed. Julian makes it very clear to Tabitha that he is willing to use his Crane power to fight for custody of Endora.
October 23 to 27, 2006
Theresa finally tracked down J.T. and was about to pay him off, but Gwen foiled her plan. Chad was still sneaking around in motel rooms with his mystery lover. A murder was committed at Sheridan's cottage, and Chris was the prime suspect. Fox managed to outsmart Miguel in the finance department. He was capable of giving Kay stability and financial security, but all Miguel had to offer was love. Ivy's secret was out in the open. Miguel pressured Kay until she spilled the beans. She admitted that she had known Ivy had hired David to pose as Grace's first husband and that John was not really Grace's son. Sam was devastated by the news, and the entire family put most of the blame on Kay. Rebecca and Julian reconnected and returned "passion" to Passions.
October 30 to November 3, 2006
Ivy's secret is out in the open thanks to Kay. Sam, Grace and the rest of the Bennett family are outraged at Kay's behavior. Grace threatens to kill Ivy, and Sam tells her to pack her things and get lost. Chad narrowly escapes Whitney discovering his secret. He is off the hook again. Rebecca and Gwen are scrambling to get Theresa's secret out of JT so that they could have one up on Theresa. Theresa on the other hand reconsiders and wants the tabloid secret to be revealed. Whitney manages to convince her to fight for Ethan, and she is ready to do just that. Luis and Sheridan are still at odds about Chris. Fancy gets a lead on Phyllis' killer but it lands her in grave danger.
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November 6 to 10, 2006
Rebecca and Theresa went head-to-head at the bed and breakfast. Believing that he had only a short time left, Kay refused to break off her engagement to Fox even though she had told Miguel that she loved him. Luis tried to rescue Fancy from certain death, but they both ended up falling to the bottom of a mineshaft.
November 13 to 17, 2006
Fox invents a brilliant plan to keep Kay and Miguel apart; he makes believe that he is dying and he manages to locate Charity. She will be a surprise guest at Kay's bridal shower. Meanwhile, Miguel is insisting that Kay tells Fox the truth about them getting married instead of to Fox. Luis rescues Fancy from the mineshaft and realizes how much he truly loves her. Sheridan has come to the realization that Luis has fallen for Fancy. Theresa's plan to expose Gwen and Rebecca's part in the tabloid debacle fell apart, thanks to Julian. Out of desperation, Theresa blurts out to Ethan that Julian is not Little Ethan's father but he is. Chad continues to cheat on Whitney.
November 20 to 24, 2006
Gwen panicked when Jared announced that he was leaving Harmony. Theresa encountered a fortune teller who seemed to know a lot about her past, present and possibly even her future. Jessica crashed her sister's bridal shower and bitterly accused Kay of tearing their entire family apart with her lies. Paloma told Noah why she finally made peace with her mother's decision to send her away to Mexico years ago. Recalling last year's disastrous Thanksgiving dinner, Tabitha struggled to keep Endora in the dark about the approaching holiday.
November 27 to December 1, 2006
Charity returns to Harmony and scares the pants off Tabitha. Tabitha is not the only one affected by this. Kay is really bent out of shape because Miguel has chosen Charity over her again it seems. Luis finally gives up on Sheridan and decides to have a relationship with Fancy. The accident in the mine shaft must have opened his mind some. Paloma is pursuing Noah since she thinks he is hot. Whitney tells Chad that she won't marry him because she does not trust him. A fortune teller manages to steer Theresa into Jared's arms, but Ethan is hell bent on destroying their union. He has found out a secret about Jared and cannot wait to tell Theresa. Too bad Theresa doesn't want to hear it. Grace lashes out at Ivy and plans to make her pay. Eve shares her concern over Sheridan with Julian, but he doesn't care to hear from Eve these days since she has chosen TC over him.
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December 4 to 8, 2006
Eve finally admits to Grace that she was involved with Ivy's plot to break her and Sam up. Kay still thinks that Miguel made love to Charity, but Fox paid off two actors to play the part of Miguel and the other Charity. Kay refuses to tell Fox the truth as a result. Tabitha thinks she, Endora and the dark sides are doomed after Kay tells her about Miguel and Charity; however, Tabitha thinks something does not add up and decides to consult her magic bowl. Sheridan wants to be over Luis, but she cannot help but being drawn to him. She is so obsessed with him that she will do anything to keep Luis and Fancy apart. Luis has decided to wait until Fancy graduates the academy before officially dating her since they keep getting in hot water when they break the rules. Theresa insists that Ethan leaves her alone because she can take care of herself, and she makes it very clear to Ethan that her life is now with Jared. Whitney is taking a break from Chad to sort things out since she does not trust him.
December 11 to 15, 2006
Fox is still deceiving Kay by allow her to think that Miguel is back together with Charity and is lying to her about it. Meanwhile, Miguel is chatting with the real Charity on the phone at the Harmony Police station. Ethan finally gets some dirt on Jared and cannot wait to take him down. Meanwhile, Theresa is fighting her feelings for Ethan in the hopes of building a life with Jared. Sheridan thinks she is losing it because she cannot stop obsessing over Luis and Fancy, and to make matters worse, she has horrible thoughts of hurting Fancy. Whitney still does not trust Chad, even though Chad has given her an ultimatum to marry him by Christmas. JT continues his blackmailing schemes with Eve and Julian as his latest victims. Rebecca does not trust JT and is trying to figure out a way to get her hands on the memory device for her own selfish reasons. Fancy's chance to prove herself to Luis that she is a good cop has taken a turn for the worse. She goes behind Luis and Sam's back to be a decoy for a peeping tom but is under attack by the peeping tom.
December 18 to 22, 2006
Whitney and Chad are about to get married, but there is a strong possibility that their wedding will be interrupted. Ethan is on a manhunt to find JT; he wants the dirt on Jared, pronto. Jared wants to propose to Theresa but keeps getting interrupted. Miguel still cannot figure out why Kay is giving him the cold shoulder, while Fox continues to scheme with the fake Miguel and Charity. As a result of the assault, Fancy falls into a deep coma. She recovers and wants to discuss it with Luis. Sheridan is trying to move on with Chris but can't stop thinking about Luis. JT is shot at, so he is keeping a low profile. Meanwhile, Rebecca is trying to get her hands on the memory device.
December 25 to 29, 2006
Fox's secret about the Miguel and Charity imposter was almost blown; however, Fox should have something to worry about since Miguel is intent on proving to Kay that Fox is lying by showing her his medical file. JT is found dead, and the body ends up in Chad and Whitney's wedding cake. Ethan is still trying to dig up dirt on Jared, and Theresa is beginning to buy into his story. Whitney discovers that Chad is cheating on her and thinks marrying Chad is the biggest mistake of her life. Fancy is on to the Sheridan's schemes. Sam gets news from Grace about her flight delay. She has a secret to tell Sam, but a stranger is out to make sure that she does not make it back to Harmony alive.
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