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January 7 to 11, 2002
While Sheridan was exploring the Crane estate, Luis was visiting Sheridan's cottage. Rebecca and Julian were caught in a role-playing fantasy during Ivy's New Year's party. Tabitha cast a spell that made TC's dad appear, and the image gave TC evidence to use against Julian. Miguel was jealous when Charity danced with other men. The angel girl told Timmy that he had to choose between Tabitha and Charity. Ethan realized that Theresa was pregnant. Eve accused Julian of having their baby kidnapper. Antonio attacked Julian.
January 14 to 18, 2002
Liz started to figure out "Diana's" real identity. Luis came face-to-face with Antonio, his brother. TC received another visit from his late father and was urged to kill Julian. Theresa told Ethan that he was not the father of her baby. A furious Ethan and Luis attacked Julian. Rebecca learned that her marriage to Julian was invalid. With everyone in Harmony lurking about, Julian was shot and fell into a vat of tuna that was being prepared for canning.
January 21 to 25, 2002
Ethan tells Theresa that they are finished forever. He says that he can never trust her again and because of that, they have no future together. Gwen is waiting in the wings to console Ethan. Theresa sees them together at the pond. Later at the Book Cafe Theresa goes to approach Ethan and Gwen stops her. She reminds Theresa of all Ethan has lost because of her. Tabitha helps the murder investigation along. She finds Julian's shredded jacket at the cannery and his signet ring in a can of tuna. Luis and Sam begin to make a list of suspects. Chad gives Whitney an ultimatum about their "relationship." Whitney intends to keep her promise to stay away from Chad so he goes skating with a girl named Kelly. Later, Whitney witnesses a kiss between Chad and Kelly. Ivy manipulates David and John from leaving Harmony. Theresa blasts Rebecca and Ivy as she reminds them that she is Mrs. Julian Crane. She also tells them that she is still pregnant with Julian's child.
January 28 to February 1, 2002
Zombie Charity continued to push Miguel away as he tried to understand her strange behavior. A suggestion from a devious Tabitha sent Miguel on a date with Kay. Sam and Luis questioned Ivy, Rebecca, Pilar, and Theresa regarding the night Julian disappeared. Theresa unsuccessfully tried to reunite with Ethan, and he made it clear that they were through. Gwen and Ethan bonded over memories of the past. Sam comforted Ivy when she doubled over in pain. Grace had a troubling premonition about her husband and Ivy. The powers of the Bermuda Triangle magically reunited Luis and Sheridan.
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February 4 to 8, 2002
Zombie Charity caused a stir when she danced sexily with her cousin, John. Miguel was crushed when Charity still gave him the cold shoulder. Tabitha impressed everyone with her fancy footwork. Theresa tried to come to terms with losing Ethan. Gwen comforted Ethan. Chad and Whitney both insisted they were moving on. Though wracked with pain, Ivy continued to plot, threaten and blackmail. Rebecca vowed revenge on Ivy. Rebecca realized Ivy hired David to break up Sam and Grace, and proceeded to share her theory with TC. Luis and Sheridan were once again reunited through the power of the Bermuda Triangle. Luis and Brian unknowingly battled one another for Sheridan.
February 11 to 15, 2002
Luis and Sheridan both became convinced that the other was indeed alive, and they resolved to find one another. After TC suggested Ivy hired David, Sam and Grace decided to have a test done to prove whether or not John was her son. Eve learned the truth about Ivy's scheme, and Ivy unsuccessfully tried to blackmail Dr. Russell into helping her. Ivy had her henchman slip a drug into Whitney's drink to teach Eve a lesson. The drug caused Whitney to act wild at the Youth Center party. Eve and TC were shocked by Whitney's behavior. TC assumed Chad was taking advantage of his daughter, and the two men came to blows. Theresa was stunned when she saw Ethan and Gwen together at the dance. Per Kay's orders, Zombie Charity punched her in the face, and Kay used the attack to get closer to Miguel. Later, Kay panicked when Miguel suspected Charity was trapped in the cave and tried to find a way inside. Kay worried he would find the real Charity if they got into the cave. Armed with new powers, Zombie Charity tried to destroy Tabitha and Timmy.
February 18 to 22, 2002
Tabitha told Timmy and Zombie Charity how she ended Luis and Sheridan's love when they lived as Marc Antony and Cleopatra. Brian tried to help "Diana" move on with her life, while Beth and Hank did the same for Luis. A furious TC held Chad responsible for Whitney's condition and attacked the young man when he stopped by to check on her. Later, Chad sneaked into Whitney's bedroom, where a still-drugged up Whitney tried to seduce him. Eve freaked out when she found Chad and her daughter in a compromising position. Miguel, Reese, and Jessica struggled to get inside the cave while Kay subtly thwarted their efforts. Thanks to Miguel and Charity¹s love, Charity's ice block began to melt. Zombie Charity panicked when her powers failed to stop the real Charity from defrosting. Tabitha and the Zombie feared they were about to be discovered, while Timmy rooted for his beloved Charity.
February 25 to March 1, 2002
TC and Eve continued to blame Chad as they worried about their daughter. Eve feared her past was coming back to haunt her. Grace was nervous about asking John to take a blood test. An inconsolable Theresa committed suicide by jumping in the icy cold river. Friends and family feverishly raced to save her. Theresa ended up in hell, where she came face-to-face with Julian and made a life-altering pact. Kay and Miguel's bond grew as he struggled to understand what was going on with "Charity." The real Charity thawed out and came to a few realizations before Zombie Charity put her back into a deep freeze. Ivy and Rebecca continued to threaten and torment each other. After being pulled from the river, Theresa awakened to the terrifying realization of what she'd done. Pilar comforted her daughter and encouraged her to do what was right. Julian appeared to Theresa and tried to persuade her to go through with the plan.
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MARCH 2002
March 4 to 8, 2002
Sheridan and Brian continued to grow closer. Back in Harmony, Luis assure a concerned Hank that he was trying to get over Sheridan. Timmy was worried about his future after he consulted with the scroll and heard his own voice cry out in pain. Eve sadly reflected on her past and vowed to protect her daughter. Chad pressed Whitney to run away with him to New York and pursue a music career, but she refused. Ivy gave her henchman orders to help her get Eve to change the test results. Whitney was alarmed when Theresa admitted she was considering carrying out a plan given to her by Julian while she was in hell. Tabitha, Zombie Charity, and Timmy kept a close watch on Theresa as she struggled with what to do. The DNA test got underway. Ivy continued to plot as Rebecca tried to figure out what her rival was up to.
March 11 to 15, 2002
The bond between Sheridan and Brian grew as she helped him with his work. Hank did his best to get Luis back with Beth. Eve refused to let Ivy blackmail her. Tabitha accidentally put Timmy in danger. Timmy consulted the magic scroll and got a message from Charity. Grace warned Kay to leave Miguel alone. Theresa shocked everyone by publicly declaring herself as Mrs. Julian Crane. Theresa, Ivy, and Rebecca struggled to get the upper hand with one another. Theresa stunned and hurt her family as she defended her decision to go after the Crane fortune. Theresa's announcement caused the murder investigation to kick into high gear. Accusations about Julian's murder began flying. Zombie Charity watched her plan unfold with great delight.
March 18 to 22, 2002
Eve and TC were both unsettled about giving their statements about Julian's murder. Luis and Pilar's pleas for Theresa to stop going forward with her claim of being Julian's widow fell on deaf ears. Ivy and Rebecca teamed up to bring down Theresa. Luis went on a date with Beth but was plagued by memories of Sheridan. Brian risked his life to save Sheridan from a kitchen fire. Faith's spirit asked Timmy for help in saving Charity. Tabitha warned Timmy of the dire consequences for Charity if he used the spell book to get rid of Zombie Charity. Meanwhile, unaware of the consequences, Kay chanted a spell from the book to destroy the zombie. Zombie Charity put the moves on Miguel but was forced to pull away when she realized she was disappearing. The livid zombie raced to find who was casting a spell against her.
March 25 to 29, 2002
Tabitha worked to hide the book of spells to protect Timmy. Brian and Sheridan set sail for Bermuda. Meanwhile, Luis struggled with his emotions after winning a trip to Bermuda and learning he and Beth would be staying at the same resort where he vacationed with Sheridan. Sheridan retrieved a bottle from the sea and found a note from Luis. Meanwhile, Luis told Beth and Hank how he sent a message in a bottle to Sheridan after she died. A guilt-ridden Luis admitted to his mother that Antonio returned home over the holidays. Pilar was overjoyed. Luis promised her he would bring his brother home if he ever ran into him again. Theresa got a fast-talking lawyer, who helped her confront Ivy and Rebecca. Ethan and Theresa helped make Chad's dreams come true by giving him access to a state-of-the-art recording studio that Julian owned.
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APRIL 2002
April 1 to 5, 2002
Luis and Beth grew closer, as did Brian and Sheridan. Sheridan and Luis missed seeing one another on several occasions. Upset about Whitney, Chad decided to turn down the use of the recording studio and leave Harmony to pursue his music career in New York. Ethan managed to change his friend's mind. Kay desperately tried to save Miguel from certain death as he began to make love to Zombie Charity. Kay started a fire outside his bedroom window to create a distraction, but the fire grew out of control and the Lopez-Fitzgerald house was quickly engulfed in flames. Kay feared for Miguel, who was trapped inside with Zombie Charity. Ivy pressured Eve to change the DNA results. The test results arrived and Eve prepared to read them. She was interrupted when Sam and Grace received a call that Pilar's house was on fire. As everyone rushed to Pilar's, Ivy tried to convince Eve to lie. A disgusted Eve held her ground.
April 8 to 12, 2002
A fire at Theresa's house put several people in danger. Ethan came to Theresa's rescue. Pilar tearfully admitted that she had no insurance. Miguel and Zombie Charity barely managed to escape the fire. Luis and Sheridan almost came face-to-face at the hotel restaurant. Brian and Luis finally met up. Sheridan had a surprising reaction to Brian's brother's "friend." Ivy desperately tried to stop Eve from telling the truth. Eve stayed firm in her resolve but Ivy later pulled Eve aside and threatened to get her daughters hooked on drugs. Eve lied for Ivy to protect Whitney and Simone. Theresa admitted to Whitney she couldn't bond with the baby and later had a horrific nightmare. Zombie Charity continued to try to sleep with Miguel. Pilar admitted the depth of her family's financial problems.
April 15 to 19, 2002
Despite Tabitha's warnings, Timmy continued his quest to save Charity and Miguel as well as stop Zombie Charity. After Sam and Grace caught them in a compromising position with Miguel, Kay and Zombie Charity talked fast to hide the truth. Kay was furious after Zombie Charity cast suspicion on her about the fire. Kay and Timmy teamed up. Zombie Charity plotted murder. Sam questioned a guilty Miguel about what was going on with him and the girls. Miguel told a shocked Sam that he thought he saw a demon. Theresa barricaded herself in the mansion. Despite everyone's attempts to convince Theresa to accept the settlement, Theresa pressed on with the lawsuit. The trial got under way. Brian fussed over an ailing Sheridan. Brian and Luis reunited but Sheridan and Luis just missed each other. TC gave Chad a warning.
April 22 to 26, 2002
Sheridan moved forward with her relationship with Brian, as Luis moved on with Beth. Brian and Luis continued to get reacquainted. A masked Sheridan and Luis shared a dance, both feeling they knew each other. Luis and Beth rushed back to Harmony when they learned what's been going on with his family. Timmy learned the truth about his future and went on the run, intent on saving himself and the real Charity. Zombie Charity summoned the Bird of Mordred to kill Timmy. In court, Ethan put Theresa on the spot in order to win the case for his mother. Everyone but Alistair was stunned when Theresa was named the true Mrs. Julian Crane. An outraged Rebecca and Ivy plotted to destroy Theresa.
April 29TH      THROUGH            3, 2002
Brian was hurt and angry over Luis' sudden disappearance. Brian felt his brother must still be mad at him, but Sheridan thought there must be a reasonable explanation. Brian and Sheridan continued to grow closer as their romance took off. Luis struggled with Theresa to leave the Crane mansion. Theresa continued to throw her weight around and was confident she would win Ethan. Luis moved forward with the murder investigation. Ethan continued working on his mother's case. Zombie Charity tried to kill Tabitha, but was thwarted by an oblivious Luis. Rebecca had a plan to destroy Theresa and assured Ivy that their rival would be sentenced to death for Julian's murder. Sheridan and Brian tracked down their son from their past life together only to find that he was dead.
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MAY 2002
May 6 to 10, 2002
Luis looked for information on what happened to Sheridan in her last life. Beth worried that Luis would discover that in Sheridan's past life, she fell in love with a man who looked eerily like Antonio. Sheridan and Brian used the Internet to learn more about their past life together. Pilar got her miracle when Antonio called home. Ivy and Rebecca moved forward with their plan to get rid of Theresa. Theresa panicked when she thought Sam and Luis were close to making an arrest in Julian's murder case. Theresa confessed in an attempt to protect Ethan. After discovering Timmy's whereabouts, Zombie Charity prepared to kill him. As "Charity's" birthday party got underway, Zombie Charity plotted to sleep with Miguel.
May 13 to 17, 2002
Zombie Charity's attempts to kill Timmy were foiled again and again. Tabitha worried about Timmy's well being and made a deal to keep him safe. Brian and Sheridan planned a future together as they celebrated Brian's birthday. Brian was confronted by Nick, a shady figure from his past. Theresa shocked everyone when she confessed to Julian's murder. Sam was forced to place Theresa under arrest. Ivy and Rebecca celebrated the success of their plan. Luis, Ethan, and Whitney were certain Theresa was innocent and struggled to get through to her. Theresa stood firm as she continued to believe she was protecting Ethan. Zombie Charity caused Grace great physical pain through voodoo to get what she wanted from Kay.
May 20 to 24, 2002
Friends and family tried to get the truth out of Theresa, but she stood firm in her resolve. Pilar burst into the courtroom and made a scene at Theresa's bail hearing. Theresa was stunned when her mother slapped her, and ordered her to admit she hadn't killed Julian. Alistair agreed to pay Theresa's ten million dollar bail. Kay vowed to stop Zombie Charity from killing Miguel. Zombie Charity and Miguel began to make love. Zombie Charity had a truth-revealing reaction to the berries Miguel put in the tub. The zombie struggled to keep Miguel from seeing her in demon form. Brian and Sheridan made love.
May 27 to 31, 2002
Beth and Luis grew closer as she helped him deal with Theresa's confession. Luis and Beth made love. Beth vowed to keep Luis when she realized he was dreaming of Sheridan. Sheridan and Brian made love. Tabitha was worried when she learned Timmy was going to die. Kay frantically tried to track down Zombie Charity and Miguel to stop them from making love. Zombie Charity was angered by her lack of success. Ethan searched for a way to help Theresa. Theresa faced sentencing. Whitney ran to Chad for support. TC attacked Chad. To stop TC from pummeling Chad, Eve blurted out that Chad didn't drug Whitney -- and she knew who did.
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JUNE 2002
June 3 to 7, 2002
After discovering that Peggy was in disguise, Timmy thought he knew who she was and set out to prove it. Tabitha tried desperately to find and save Timmy. Zombie Charity pushed Simone's suspicions about Whitney and Chad. Ethan vowed to save Theresa, while Luis and Pilar begged Theresa to tell the truth. Theresa collapsed in pain and believed she was in labor. She was rushed to the hospital. Eve let Ethan know there wasn't much time before Theresa gave birth. Ethan and Theresa made a daring break. Pilar and Luis were shocked by Sam's attitude. Nick wanted his money and threatened Diana and Brian. Liz was upset when Brian considered revisiting a dangerous time in his past.
June 10 to 14, 2002
Tabitha faced an old enemy. Timmy was stunned when he took off Peggy's mask. Kay revealed all to a shocked Father Lonigan, and they prayed for help. Kay fought the undead to save Miguel. Whitney leaned on Chad for support, but then pushed him away. Ethan and Theresa remained on the run. Theresa tried to hide the fact that she was in labor. Gwen and Theresa faced off. Sam and Luis came to blows over the escape. Luis held a gun on Sam. Liz lashed out at Sheridan and tried to reason with Brian over his plan to race again. Nick made an indecent proposal. To save Brian's life, Sheridan agreed to break his heart.
June 17 to 21, 2002
Timmy found himself facing an evil scarecrow and an evil tin man, thanks to Zombie Charity. Kay's plan to save Miguel worked as the holy water burned Zombie Charity. Nick thought he'd won as he prepared to leave the island with a brokenhearted Sheridan. Liz let a devastated Brian in on the truth, and Brian and Sheridan were reunited. Nick learned of "Diana's" true identity and plotted to destroy Brian. Gwen was relieved to learn that Ethan and Theresa had not been in the helicopter when it crashed. At the cabin, Ethan and Gwen finally realized that Theresa was in labor. Ethan and Gwen helped to deliver Theresa's baby.
June 24 to 28, 2002
Timmy and Julian sought out the Demon's Horn. Timmy saved Julian from Big Dog. Sam and Eve convinced state troopers to allow Theresa and her newborn to receive medical attention. Nick plotted to get his hands on Sheridan's fortune. Luis and Father Lonigan urged Theresa to tell the truth. Brian's ex-girlfriend, Katie, showed up.
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JULY 2002
July 1 to 5, 2002
Beth and Luis got closer. Brian looked forward to the race, while Sheridan and Liz continued to express concern for Brian's safety. Nick and Stan stayed close to make sure no one discovered that they'd sabotaged Brian's racecar. Charity's ice block continued to melt as Timmy got closer to the Demon's Horn. Ethan struggled to find a way to save Theresa from being executed. As the hour of her execution drew near, friends and family said goodbye to Theresa. A deluded Theresa refused to believe she'd die.
July 8 to 12, 2002
Tabitha risked it all to save Timmy from Zombie Charity. After learning of Theresa¹s fate, Julian agreed to go home. Brian risked his life to save Sheridan when she tested out his racecar. Friends and family were horrified as they watched Theresa be put to death. Ethan felt guilty, believing he could have done more. Rebecca and Ivy scrambled when the tape turned up missing. Pilar came extremely close to discovering the truth. Whitney mourned her best friend and admitted to Chad how much she needs him.
July 15 to 19, 2002
Whitney and Chad made love. Father Lonigan urged Kay to destroy the vial containing Charity's essence. Kay considered using the vial to get Miguel for herself. Fearing for Timmy's life, Tabitha ordered him to stay away from Harmony. Brian and Sheridan became engaged right before his race. Brian was badly hurt when his car exploded in a ball of fire. Brian appeared to be okay but Brian's doctor was disturbed by his patient's latest test results. Brian and Sheridan made plans to head for Harmony. A familiar enemy haunted Ivy and Rebecca.
July 22 to 26, 2002
Simone reached out to a guilt-ridden Whitney. Tabitha was overjoyed when Timmy returned home. Timmy wouldn't be deterred and went to Charity's rescue. Charity was defrosted and faced off with the zombie. Zombie Charity produced an earthquake from hell. After fighting against the forces of evil, a badly injured Timmy and Charity defeated the zombie. Tabitha and the kids came to Timmy and Charity's aid. At the hospital, Eve fought to save Charity and Timmy's lives. After paying off Sheridan's debt to Nick, Brian and Sheridan headed for Harmony. Luis and Ethan tried to kill Julian when he showed up alive.
July 29 to August 2, 2002
Simone suspected that Kay is somehow involved in Charity's situation. Eve attempted to resuscitate Charity after her heart stopped beating. Eve feared that Charity would have irreversible brain damage. Tabitha watched as Timmy began a battle to save his life. Tabitha was heartbroken when Eve informed her that Timmy's chances of survival were slim. Kay started to realize the impact of her actions. Ivy and Rebecca feared that they were ever closer to being found out. Ethan learned of the tape supposedly showing him kill Julian.
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August 5 to 9, 2002
Miguel held a gun on Sam to prevent anyone from pulling the plug on Charity. Julian and Rebecca plotted to handle the "resurrection" of Sheridan. Sheridan started to remember people from her past, but she wasn't able to figure out exactly who they were and what they meant to her. Beth made plans to marry Luis. Whitney and Chad continued their romance. Luis and Antonio ended up fighting. Tabitha was devastated when Timmy lost his fight for life. Passions star Josh Ryan Evans passed away in real life on August 5th.
August 12 to 16, 2002
Whitney and Chad tried to tell Simone the truth but were sidetracked when Simone revealed Theresa was alive. Gwen and Rebecca's plan backfired when Gwen drank the drugged tea meant for Theresa. Theresa and Ethan bonded over the baby. Distraught and angry over Timmy's death, Tabitha used her powers to try killing Charity. Timmy appeared and intervened. After bidding his Princess a final good-bye, Timmy returned to heaven and learned he would be a guardian angel. Charity's loved ones prayed for her to make it through the heart transplant surgery. Antonio was rushed to the hospital. Luis was determined to tell his brother the truth.
August 19 to 23, 2002
Whitney and Theresa had a joyous reunion. Chad confronted Ethan about his feelings for his ex. Gwen vowed to fight for her man. Gwen exposed Theresa¹s latest lie, and a disgusted Ethan walked out on Theresa. Charity received an unwelcome visit from Zombie Charity, who showed her a disturbing vision of the future. Tabitha plotted revenge. Mrs. Wallace schemed to hurt Beth. Luis and Sheridan got into a heated argument after Beth "accidentally" revealed her broken engagement to Luis. Antonio realized people were keeping something from him and became determined to find out what it was.
August 26 to 30, 2002
Before Whitney and Chad had a chance to reveal their relationship, Simone told TC she was dating Chad. TC and Eve gave Chad and Simone their blessing to date, but Eve wondered if Chad and Whitney were really the ones who had a relationship. Theresa demanded a job at Crane Industries as part of her plan to get Ethan back. Tabitha and Julian bonded over losing Timmy. Zombie Charity urged Tabitha to take revenge against the Cranes. However, instead of killing Julian, Tabitha ended up sleeping with him! Luis and Sheridan were torn between their love and protecting Antonio. Antonio received a shock when he sneaked out of the hospital and arrived at Sheridan's cottage, where Luis and Sheridan were making love.
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September 2 to 6, 2002
Tabitha grieved for Timmy and remembered the good times. Grace and Kay had a nasty fight, and David came to Grace's defense. Kay learned the truth about David and Ivy and set out to drop the bomb. Miguel wanted to level with Charity about sleeping with Kay. Ethan, Theresa, and Gwen were reunited with Sheridan. Theresa planned a homecoming party for Antonio and Sheridan. Sheridan, Luis, and Pilar were given devastating news about Antonio's condition. Antonio wanted the truth about Sheridan's other fiancée.
September 9 to 13, 2002
Theresa demanded an executive position at Crane Industries. Alistair shocked everyone by agreeing to hire her. Zombie Charity used her magic to make a special gift for Tabitha. A despondent Tabitha rejected Zombie's new doll. After attacking Tabitha, Cracked Connie stole Reese's car and headed off to cause mischief at the Crane party. Sheridan struggled to keep from having to make love to Antonio and keep Luis from killing him. Julian made a pass at Eve. Beth put a plan in motion to get Luis back. Luis was pained at having to watch Sheridan in Antonio's arms. Luis and Sheridan struggled to spend time together at the party. Beth's mother crashed the party and ruined her daughter's evening.
September 16 to 20, 2002
Hecuba and Cracked Connie cut an unholy deal. To Tabitha's dismay, Cracked Connie released a magical green mist to wreck havoc on the party guests. Beth tried to convince Antonio that he and Sheridan should elope. Mrs. Wallace continued to embarrass Beth at the party. Sensing evil, Charity left the hospital and arrived at the party in time to get an eye-full from Miguel and Kay. Kay attempted to tell Charity she slept with Miguel. Sam and Ivy, along with David and Grace, experienced a "what might have been" vision. Sam and Ivy shared a passion-filled kiss, as did David and Grace. David admitted to Grace that he loved her. Sam accused Grace of wanting to be with David.
September 23 to 27, 2002
Beth tried to prevent Antonio from catching Luis and Sheridan together. Antonio, however, passed out upon seeing the two in an intimate situation. Chad and Whitney felt badly for keeping their affair a secret. TC had flashbacks brought on by a room at the Crane mansion. Tabitha cast a spell to have TC's father appear to him again. Theresa plotted to use the time Ethan was spending with her as a way to get closer to him.
September 30 to October 4, 2002
Tabitha searched for answers about the fourth baby. Charity was horrified when one of the evil babies showed up in her hospital room. Grace confronted a scheming Kay, who lashed out at her mother. Theresa was relieved when Alistair praised her first report for Crane Industries. Ethan considered buying an engagement ring. Liz arrived in Harmony and Luis filled her in on the Antonio situation. Antonio surprised Sheridan with his arrangements for their elopement. Sheridan struggled to find a way out.

October 7 to 11, 2002
Ethan tried to buy an engagement ring for Gwen, but a jeweler refused to sell him a ring. Theresa continued believing that Ethan would eventually return to her. Luis, Beth and Liz found Sheridan and Antonio standing at the altar. While trying to save Whitney and Julian from a stuck elevator car, Ethan was electrocuted. Julian and Whitney discussed their personal lives, with Julian talking about a singer who was his true love.
October 14 to 18, 2002
Kay lashed out at Miguel and confessed her love for him. Miguel was sorry for Kay's pain but remained focused on Charity. He decided it's was time she knew the truth about his one-night stand with Kay. Meanwhile, Charity made wedding plans. Cracked Connie tried to convince Tabitha she had to kill the young girl to avenge Timmy's death. Sam and Ivy overheard Grace admit to David that she loved both him and Sam. Julian saved Whitney's life, causing her to see him in a whole new light. Eve fought to save Julian's life. Gwen was shocked and hurt when Theresa claimed the engagement ring was for her. Ethan set Theresa straight about the ring, which devastated her. Sheridan was crushed when Luis wanted to end things.
October 21 to 25, 2002
TC and Liz became fast friends, and he invited her to stay at his home. Eve was confronted with her past when she ran into Liz. Liz threatened to blow her out of the water. Theresa grieved over losing Ethan to Gwen. Pilar and Rebecca had a violent altercation. Rebecca sought revenge by getting Antonio to realize the truth about Luis and Sheridan. Beth seduced Luis and made sure Sheridan got an eye-full. Sheridan was devastated by what she saw, leading her to believe that her relationship with Luis was over.
October 28 to November 1, 2002
Liz moved forward with her plan to destroy Eve's life. Luis and Sheridan both struggled to move forward, believing the other had. Gwen encouraged an upset Sheridan not to give up. Ethan tried repeatedly to propose to Gwen, but was constantly interrupted. Theresa reluctantly accepted defeat and said a quiet good-bye to Ethan. Theresa was horrified when her son became deathly ill. Grace was rocked by the sight of Ivy and Sam in bed together. Cracked Connie made an evil creation of her own.
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November 4 to 8, 2002
Dressed as trick-or-treaters, Cecil and Cracked Connie spread pain around town. The evil duo told Charity that Miguel and Kay slept together. Fearing for his girlfriend's health, Miguel lied. Miguel and Charity announced their wedding plans. At the Cranes', Eve worked desperately to save little Ethan, who had an extremely high fever. Theresa promised to give up Ethan if her baby lived. Everyone was relieved when the baby made a full recovery. Ethan couldn't go through with his proposal to Gwen. Sheridan told a shocked Gwen and Pilar it was over for her and Luis. However, Luis and Sheridan found their way back to one another, and they made love. Eve had bad news for Antonio when he demanded answers about his medical condition.
November 11 to 15, 2002
Liz helped Whitney and Chad out, promising to keep quiet about what she knew. Ethan struggled to choose between the two women in his life. Theresa prayed Ethan would choose to marry her, as Gwen resolved to accept his decision. Gwen became ill. Sheridan feared her relationship with Luis would be damaged no matter what happened. Luis gathered everyone together so he could tell Antonio the truth. Everyone learned that Antonio's condition was deteriorating. Eve and Liz faced off once more. Antonio thought Eve was Liz's sister.
November 18 to 22, 2002
Chad and Whitney spent a romantic night in each other's arms. Liz questioned Luis' motivation regarding telling Antonio the truth. Antonio lost his vision. Gwen announced that was pregnant. Grace rebuffed Sam. Theresa happily taunted and teased Ivy and Rebecca about her impending engagement to Ethan. Ivy and Rebecca turned the tables on a crushed Theresa when they tell her about Gwen's condition. Theresa lashed out at Gwen.
November 25 to 29, 2002
Chad and Whitney spent time together. TC was livid with Whitney for staying out late. Whitney lost a big tennis match. Gwen and Ethan celebrated their engagement. Rebecca and Gwen tormented a devastated Theresa. Sheridan stuck by Antonio. Luis was hurt and shocked by Sheridan's decision. Pilar got a call from an old friend. Kay wondered what was going on with Reese and Jessica.
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December 2 to 6, 2002
Grace hurt Kay deeply when she gave Charity her wedding gown. Kay tried to convince Miguel not to marry Charity. TC let Whitney have it for losing the tennis match and laid down the law. Whitney and Liz bonded. Tabitha told Cecil and Cracked Connie what would happen should Miguel and Charity sleep together. Sheridan's lie broke Luis' heart. Theresa tried to stop Gwen and Ethan by using Father Lonigan. Ethan professed his love to Gwen. Luis and Theresa lamented their situations. Antonio wanted a double wedding. Luis decided to marry Beth.
December 9 to 13, 2002
Miguel and Kay had an emotional argument in the confessional. Eve was disgusted to learn why Ivy was working so hard to walk again. TC asked Liz to get close to his girls. Sheridan tried to convince Luis not to marry Beth, but he is determined to move on with his life. Beth had troubling memories of her childhood. Thanks to Theresa's manipulations, the only job Ethan could find was in Alaska. Gwen was unhappy about his job offer, but later saw the benefits of living far away from Theresa. However, Theresa plotted to get Ethan to work with her and arranged for the Alaska position to fall through. She was thrilled when Ethan reluctantly accepted her job offer at Crane Industries. The couples got ready for their weddings.
December 16 to 20, 2002
Tabitha shopped for a coffin for her and her dolls. Miguel gave Kay an ultimatum. Kay came close to exposing David and Ivy's plot to her family. Despite Theresa's scheme to cause a rift between them, Ethan and Gwen got married. At the reception, Gwen gave her rival a stern warning. Ivy pushed herself and danced with Sam, but the physical strain caused her to pass out. Antonio's health continued to deteriorate. After losing big while gambling, Fox Crane came home to Harmony.
December 23 to 27, 2002
Whitney panicked when she realized she spent the whole night with Chad. Liz saved the day for Chad and Whitney. Fox's return shook up everyone at the mansion. He and Theresa got to know each other. Ethan didn't like his half-brother hanging around Theresa. Gwen questioned Ethan's feelings for his ex. Tabitha prepared for what she was certain was her end. Kay fainted during Miguel and Charity's wedding. The scheming teen discovered she was pregnant with Miguel's baby, and her announcement effectively put an end to the ceremony. Charity was devastated by Miguel's betrayal. Theresa presents her family with a newly rebuilt home for Christmas.
December 30, 2002 to January 3, 2003
Miguel promised Kay he'd take responsibility for his child but made it clear his heart remained with Charity. Kay worked to keep Charity and Miguel from connecting. Ethan was impressed with Theresa at work but was concerned about her growing bond with Fox. Sheridan and Luis reunited and made plans to elope. Beth was pushed to the edge when she caught them making love. Thanks to Beth's machinations, Luis and Sheridan had a misunderstanding and were left believing the other didn't want to elope after all. Tabitha learned she was pregnant.
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