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January 7 to 11, 2002
Tory told Ross that she knew he had feelings for her. Beth/Lorelei's selective memory losses and encounter with Naomi convinced him to investigate Beth/Lorelei's recovery by taking her back to Mexico. Josh proposed to a somewhat reluctant, but contented, Reva. Catalina and Ben's plan to manipulate Marah and Tony to their respective advantage seemed to be working. Danny was furious that Carmen interfered again with his life and most recent job search. Alan tried to convince Danny to return to Spaulding. Gus tried to get Mel to split up Harley and Rick for their respective personal gains. Alan toasted Olivia's victory over him, leaving her even more confused. Eleni came clean to Frank about her ended romance and all that had gone wrong in their marriage, while Buzz fretted over Marina's disappearance. Cassie learned of Dax's involvement with Will's adoption. Richard, onto Dax's betrayal and manipulations for the sake of the monarchy, transferred him to another post, far away from the palace. Cassie was furious and hurt that Richard, usually loving and trustworthy, lied to her about Alonzo, his heritage, Camille, Will, and why Alonzo and Camille were leaving on the state trip. After Ross convinced Blake their relationship was solid, he learned Tory was leaving town; he followed her to the airport and appeared to give in to his demons. Rick and Harley asked each other to get married, but it seemed to be only for the sake of Jude.
January 14 to 18, 2002
Phillip arranged a trip to Mexico for Lorelei/Beth to regain her memory, while she and Edmund hatched another scheme to keep him from learning the real truth about Lorelei. Gus was Danny's unlikely good Samaritan. Rick and Harley almost said "I do" when the Danny emergency jolted their senses, and they realized they were not "in love" with each other. Ben and Catalina stepped up their plan to trap Marah and Tony respectively. Sam recovered from his illness, and Alan called in a favor so that Sam could attend a prestigious journalism college out of town. Josh filed for divorce from Olivia, and he and Reva rekindled old feelings. Tory returned to town to seduce Ross, who gave in to passion.
January 21 to 25, 2002
Tory put her claws into Ross as he struggled to keep the truth from Blake, then out of a sense of guilt, he proposed to Blake. Tony broke up with Catalina before she could tell him she was pregnant. Buzz refused Holly's offer to visit his children in England, then thought twice about it when he saw Frank's pain about Marina. Marina played Harley for a fool. Harley and Gus connected professionally again for the cause. Lorelei might have had a "Beth" memory. Ross anonymously confided in Phillip about his indiscretion with Tory. Danny's coma put some things into perspective for Carmen. Michelle hired Gus to find out who had torched the warehouse. Reva and Josh told the kids that they were officially dating. Reva tried to counsel Cassie regarding her dilemma with Alonzo and insisted that it was important for Cassie to face her feelings for both men and tell Richard the truth. Camille set up Richard to find Cassie in a compromising situation with Alonzo. Phillip was onto Beth/Lorelei after he read her a letter of Edmund's declaration of love.
January 28 to February 1, 2002
Cassie told Alonzo that she would always love Richard and apologized for giving him the wrong impression. Cassie and Richard reaffirmed their love and tried to work things out with Alonzo and Camille. Alonzo relinquished the throne, but Camille threatened Will's adoption if he didn't make her the "princess" of San Cristobel. Catalina played Father Ray for a fool and made sure he learned about her pregnancy and plans for an abortion so that he would tell Tony, who would act responsibly and leave Marah again to be a good father and husband. Marah was devastated at the turn of events and knew she would lose Tony all over again because he would do right by Catalina. Harley and Rick found Marina, and later everyone celebrated her return. Marina told Frank why she hated her mother and had run away. Rick caught Harley kissing Gus. Harley and Rick realized that they did not love each other and decided to call off their marriage plans. Phillip discovered that "Beth" was really Lorelei and that she and Edmund had scammed him. Lizzie announced to everyone that Phillip and Beth were engaged. Phillip was distraught at how to handle Lorelei's hideous masquerade without hurting everyone he loved. Tory kept showing up to haunt Ross's every move, and Blake was beginning to get suspicious.
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February 4 to 8, 2002
Tory became a major threat to Ross's relationship with Blake when she followed him to San Cristobel and tried to seduce him again. Phillip ordered Lorelei and Edmund out of town -- or else. Alan took matters into his own hands and had Lorelei and Edmund arrested, revealing their scam before Phillip could warn Lillian, Rick, and the kids. Lillian was devastated at the news about Beth. While in her jail cell, Lorelei had another powerful real-life Beth memory. Marina's move to Springfield proved to be a major handful for Frank and Eleni. Catalina's scam moved to the highest level as she manipulated Father Ray to help her to get Tony to marry her and dump Marah. Marah and Tony said a tearful goodbye. Though Marah told Ben she would only love Tony, Ben was conveniently there to comfort her when she was very distraught and emotional. Sam said his goodbyes to Springfield as he left for journalism school. Olivia and Reva had it out about the Harbor Project accounts. Josh romanced Reva. Cassie and Richard reflected on the anniversary of their son's death. Alonzo tried to run interference when Camille told him that she would destroy Cassie and Richard's life and win back custody of Will if he didn't assume the throne and marry her.
February 11 to 15, 2002
Lorelei had more "real" Beth memories proving that she must be really Beth, but unfortunately no one believed her. Tory spilled the beans about her affair with Ross to Blake, but Blake didn't believe her, and Ross kept mum. Catalina and Ben reveled in the joy of their manipulations; Tony reluctantly proposed to Catalina, and Ben was there to comfort Marah in her darkest hour; he believed he was almost certain to finally win his bet to bed the "campus virgin." Josh and Reva made love. Harley learned that Gus got a job at the station and she was his boss. Later, Gus and Harley were interrupted in the heat of the moment. As planned, Alonzo was voted in as Prince of San Cristobel. Alonzo, Richard, and Cassie worked together to make sure Camille would never get custody of Will and that Richard would help Alonzo do what was best for San Cristobel. Danny started to emerge from his coma. Blake couldn't believe Ross called out Tory's name in his sleep. Phillip had an unusual confrontation with Lorelei, not realizing she really was Beth, when minutes before as Lorelei she had professed her love for Edmund.
February 18 to 22, 2002
Newly crowned Prince William made things right for Richard, Cassie, and all of San Cristobel. Tory continued to stalk Ross and Blake and then upped the odds by kidnapping their children. Rick and Mel moved forward with their relationship, but Harley wasn't ready to let Gus into her life. Maria turned the tables on Catalina over a cup of "Santos special blend tea." As Marah and Tony had an emotional farewell, Catalina appeared to suffer a miscarriage following her conversation with Maria just as Ben confided to her that he had called off the bet with Marah and found his character and integrity. Everyone was confused at Beth's behavior as she weaved in and out of her Lorelei/Beth personas. Lizzie was determined to prove to everyone that her mom was alive. An ill Beth fainted on the doorstep of the Spaulding mansion. In a state of delirium, she recalled special childhood memories that Lillian and Phillip realized had to be recollections only the real Beth would have remembered.
February 25 to March 1, 2002
Tory's "kidnap" stunt rattled Blake and forced Ross into a corner. In an effort to keep Tony, Catalina lied about her miscarriage and blackmailed Ben into keeping her secret. Catalina pieced together that Maria was responsible for her miscarriage and tried to keep her from learning the truth. Marah and Tony said one more tearful goodbye. Shane was hooked on Marina, who had other people and places in mind. Danny went home to recuperate. Michelle was enraged when Danny told her Carmen had had the warehouse torched, but he said he would handle her in his own way. Remy was against Mel and Rick's relationship. Family and friends had no idea that Lorelei and Beth were really the same person, as she weaved in and out of each persona, leaving loved ones around her anxious and confused. Reva reassured Cassie that Sarah really loved her and felt tremendous guilt that she had given her up for adoption. Richard and Cassie bid farewell to San Cristobel and decided to return to Springfield to be close to family and friends. Josh and Reva decided to take some time away from each other to think about their future together.
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MARCH 2002
March 4 to 8, 2002
A guilty Ross confided his affair with Tory to Holly, who reluctantly agreed to keep the truth from Blake. Tory played head games with Blake and Ross. Harley was disappointed that Gus lost his cool with Tony while enjoying time with friends at the Bauer cabin. Marina foiled Frank's raid on Inferno to save Romeo's hide. Sam left for school. Richard learned the joy and headaches of parenthood and civilian status. Reva, Harley, Blake, and Cassie enjoyed a girls' "tell-all" night out on the town. Catalina went to confession about her deceit then told Tony that Ray had made a pass at her when the good priest refused to marry them. Ben kept Marah in the dark about Catalina's miscarriage, but his conscience kicked in when Marah started to have real feelings for him. Felecia was onto Tory's obsession over Ross. Against everyone's advice, Phillip was determined to investigate Lorelei's past and was shocked when he received startling proof from the police records that she was indeed Beth Raines Spaulding.
March 11 to 15, 2002
Tory continued her "fatal attraction" to Ross and further tormented Blake as she turned up one step behind the Mahlers' every move. Phillip was determined to find Lorelei, who he realized was really Beth, and get her the help she needed. Gus tried to make amends with Danny so he could get on with a life that he hoped included Harley. Reva and Olivia just couldn't ever seem to see eye to eye. Reva confided to Holly that she thought maybe love was really not enough to make a go of it again with her and Josh. Catalina wouldn't come clean to the bishop about her deception of a clueless Tony, while Marah decided to move on with her relationship with Ben.
March 18 to 22, 2002
Harley and Gus continued to investigate Tory's suicide. Ross was driven by his guilt that his affair with her was the cause of Tory's death -- an affair he had yet to admit to Blake. Catalina's vengeance went into high gear when Ben rejected her seduction plan to conceive a child so that Tony would never learn of her miscarriage. Maria and Catalina made serious threats to each other as each was determined to get what they wanted, no matter the price. Tony and Marah, unaware of Catalina's deceit, tried to find a way to forget each other. Mel met Rick's family. Blake was horrified when she discovered Tory's diary and realized the truth about Ross's affair with Tory.
March 25 to 29, 2002
Blake figured out the awful truth about Ross and Tory's affair before Ross could explain it to her in person. Blake told Ross to leave and then lashed out at Holly for not telling her the truth. Josh proposed to Reva at Cross Creek, in a room full of memories, lit by candlelight. Michelle considered returning to medical school after saving a man's life. Maria found just the right way to make sure Tony learned of Catalina's deception by filtering the news of her miscarriage to Marah. Gus and Harley still managed to have fun on their first date, despite a series of mishaps in his badly decorated apartment room. Beth and Phillip escaped from the mine and were finally reunited. Alan planned a special celebration at the country club for Beth's close family and friends. Richard kept his financial problems a secret from Cassie. Edmund and Carmen decided to form an alliance.
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APRIL 2002
April 1 to 5, 2002
Blake got drunk at Beth's welcome home party and humiliated Ross in front of all of Springfield with the juicy details of his affair with Tory. Edmund and Carmen decided to give romance another try. Catalina's manipulations of Ben, Ray, Maria, and Tony stacked the odds against Marah reaching Tony in time to tell him the truth and stop the wedding. Clayton objected to Mel and Rick's relationship because of the many prejudices still existing that he felt would impact their happiness. Harley and Gus turned their investigation of Tory's background into the date from hell. While in Pennsylvania, Harley and Gus discovered that Tory had kept a shrine devoted to Ross, who was a dead ringer for her late husband, Stuart. Olivia was affected by the news of Josh and Reva's engagement. Blake saw some of the old Ross at Tory's memorial service.
April 8 to 12, 2002
Marah couldn't get to Tony in time to stop the wedding. Olivia moved into the Spaulding mansion. Gus and Harley kept missing the mark in the romance department. Harley was outraged and embarrassed that Gus went to Phillip and Rick to get advice on how to handle their relationship. Blake seemed more forgiving of Ross when she realized the extent of Tory's madness. Tony told Catalina he knew she had lied about Ben and Marah sleeping together, and then left to find Ray, who was finally able to reveal Marah's conversation to him that Catalina had actually lost the baby weeks before and had not been pregnant when they married. At the mansion, Maria set up Marah and Catalina, who got into a terrible fight, and Marah was knocked unconscious. On her way out of town, Blake was summoned to the pier, allegedly by a police officer, to identify Tory's body, but was horrified to see Tory standing before her, alive and well.
April 15 to 19, 2002
Catalina was murdered by an unknown assailant. Tony found an unconscious Marah next to a lifeless Catalina and assumed that Marah had killed Catalina. Ben told Michelle of Catalina's miscarriage. Tony later took the blame for Catalina's murder. Edmund demanded that Beth pay him a divorce settlement. Rick and Mel expressed their love for one another. Tory imprisoned Blake.
April 22 to 26, 2002
Tony continued to put his own freedom on the line to protect Marah, who he thought had murdered Catalina, while Marah tried to protect Tony, who she knew was innocent. As the evidence piled up against Tony, the famous defense attorney, Cass Winthrop, was hired from Bay City to defend him. Michelle was concerned as Danny was pulled back into the Santos ways to assist in Tony's defense. Rick and Mel made love. Tory lost all touch with reality as she manipulated and drugged Ross into the illusion that Blake had ended their relationship. Meanwhile, she kept Blake hostage and tormented her with videotapes to prove that she controlled Ross and the children. Holly and Ross started to realize that Blake might be missing. Phillip and Beth just couldn't seem to find a romantic minute alone. Cassie and Richard planned to restore an elegant old hotel she inherited from Hart. Alan discovered that Richard was bankrupt and was planning to use the information to help Olivia buy out Cassie's share in the hotel development.
April 29 to May 3, 2002
Ross was convinced Blake was missing and perhaps in trouble and went to Harley and a reluctant Gus for help. Tony's riveting confession to Marah that he had brutally murdered Catalina left her hurt, confused, and in a dangerous state of mind. Michelle was not happy as an unsuspecting Edmund helped Carmen manipulate Danny back into her Santos graces. Richard asked Reva's help and then admitted that he was broke; he asked her to keep the information from Cassie until he worked out his financial difficulties. Alan and Richard were amused as Cassie and Olivia tried to learn the art of compromise in order to allow the old Beacon Hotel to fulfill their respective future dreams. Romance was in the air in Springfield -- Mel and Rick, and Phillip and Beth finally made love; and Gus surprised Harley with a romantic Grecian setting, and she, too, gave in to her passions with the ever-patient and love-sick fellow detective Aitoro. Blake finally turned the tables on Tory and locked her in the cell, but it might not be enough to stop Tory's threats.
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MAY 2002
May 6 to 10, 2002
Mel proposed to Rick, and he joyously agreed, but persistent flu-like symptoms dragged some of the fun out of the occasion. Michelle started her new job as a physician's assistant. Marah bedded Romeo in a drunken stupor and saw him wearing Catalina's gold medal and then realized that he had murdered her. Marah couldn't get to Tony in time to warn him and had to continue to play lovers and best friends with Romeo. Reva was worried about Marah's attraction to danger. After the bail hearing, Tony and Carmen feigned his heart attack and escape plan that landed Danny in the hot seat with the law -- and Michelle. Blake finally returned home, but was hush-hush to Ross and Holly about her disappearance and what had happened. Blake's silence caused the police to question her as a suspect in Tory's so-called "death." Blake left on a family trip with Ross and the kids, and left Tory to ponder her bad deeds. Beth and Phillip found themselves offering Lizzie differing views on love and romance. Cassie and Olivia's business negotiations really got down and dirty, muddy to be exact, and Richard and Alan reluctantly joined the festivities.
May 13 to 17, 2002
Cassie and Olivia decided to try to work together on the restoration project at the old Beacon Hotel. Reva warned Richard to tell Cassie the truth about his financial troubles before Alan or others spilled the beans. Carmen's scheme to help Tony by setting up Danny landed him in the hot seat with Michelle for getting too involved with the Santos family. While on the run, Tony and Marah finally had some uninterrupted quality time together and realized that they were protecting each other while Romeo was probably the real culprit. Maria's recovery was imminent, but was bad news for Romeo. Rick collapsed at his engagement party and was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Blake continued to play a dangerous game by keeping Tory, who was apparently ill, prisoner and a secret from everyone. Michelle asked Holly to track down Ed and help with Rick's medical crisis. Gus tried to comfort Harley, while the rest of the family was still opposed to their relationship, and Marina was determined to handle things in her own way.
May 20 to 24, 2002
Tony and Marah went on the run together, but Romeo discovered their whereabouts, kidnapped Marah, and shot Tony after Marah got him to admit that he had murdered Catalina. Blake got the real goods on Tory's past as a very disturbed homicidal killer. Blake finally confided in Ross about her ordeal, but he was doubtful after Tory was nowhere to be found back at the cell under the docks. Marina was at the height of her game when she set up Gus to make it look like he had tried to rape her, a minor. Harley sided with Gus, and against her family, after the facts didn't seem to add up after questioning Marina. Frank was out to destroy Gus by investigating his past: a seemingly "shady" childhood. Cassie almost caught Richard at his "new job." Phillip and Beth tried to cheer up Rick. Mel convinced Rick they should get married immediately. Edmund located Ed for Danny and informed him that he had been held prisoner for years in Africa, but could be released for the right price. Danny refused Carmen's offer to pay the ransom for fear of her demands in return, and turned instead to Olivia for help.
May 27 to 31, 2002
Reva and the police arrived at the Santos yacht just in time to save Marah and Tony in a life-and-death situation with Romeo. Marah and Tony tried to convince the police that Romeo had murdered Catalina, but Romeo and Tony were arrested. Carmen bailed out Romeo and cut him a deal he couldn't refuse. Romeo taunted Marah that he would tell Tony about their "night of passion." Richard continued to keep Cassie in the dark about his new job and financial woes, but certain Springfield residents were threatening to expose his new career. Phillip threatened to sue Harley for custody of Zack after he learned Gus was living at the house and had a juvenile record. Frank, too, was determined to "fry" Gus over the incident with Marina, unaware that she was the real culprit behind the incident. Olivia agreed to get the goods on Gus if Phillip would find a way to give her controlling interest over Cassie regarding the Beacon Hotel project. Rick was moved up on the heart donor list. After hearing the good news, Phillip rallied family and friends to prepare a very special wedding ceremony for Rick and Mel, with touches of humor and sentiment. Thanks to Danny's efforts, Ed Bauer arrived at the hospital just as Rick and Mel were about to say, "I do."
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JUNE 2002
June 3 to 7, 2002
Ross told Blake he believed her story, after all, and it was time to fight Tory together. Ed's return home was bittersweet, as he couldn't find the words to tell Michelle and Rick the entire truth about his absence and captivity. Mel agreed to a mini honeymoon at the Bauer cabin as Rick waited patiently for a new heart. Marina confessed to her family about her plan to ruin Gus's reputation. Phillip and Beth learned that Lizzie had helped Marina in the plot to take down Gus, but it didn't stop Phillip or convince him that Gus was a good influence on his son, and he believed that Zach would be better off living with him. Marah and Tony thought they were getting their lives back, unaware of Carmen and Romeo's plan to separate them yet again. Cassie's happiness was soon to be shattered as she was about to find out that Olivia had pulled the rug out from under her and had gained control of the Beacon Hotel Project -- and Richard's lies were about to surface regarding his new career. Richard extended the olive branch to Edmund, who refused his brother for yet another chance to plot against Josh and Richard by helping Olivia upset the Lewis wedding. Familiar faces of family and friends started to arrive for Josh and Reva's rehearsal dinner and wedding. Josh and Reva dedicated humorous and touching songs to each other, professing their undying love and determined that it would be their final wedding. Guests started to arrive at the Beacon for the big Shane/Lewis wedding of the year.
June 10 to 14, 2002
Olivia's plot to ruin Josh and Reva's wedding failed as the power outage just made the event more romantic. Alan warned Olivia regarding her continuing obsession with Josh. Bill Lewis was shocked to see Beth, who reminded him of a romantic tryst with his friend "Lorelei" from Texas. Michelle learned of Ed's captivity. Mel was shocked when she found Rick's Last Will and Testament will while at the Bauer cabin, awaiting a call for a heart. Beth confided to Phillip that she was frightened that she couldn't remember her time as Lorelei. Olivia stumbled on "Lorelei's" diary and Bill's connection to Lorelei; Olivia planned to use the information to her advantage. Blake and Ross feigned a fight at the Lewis wedding as a plan to expose Tory, and they later let Harley in on their confidence and agreed to include the police in their "sting." Carmen and Romeo made sure Tony learned of Marah's fling with him before Marah had the chance to explain to Tony about what happened. Josh and Reva set out on their honeymoon while Cassie's romantic rendezvous with Richard was halted by a serious car accident en route to the Beacon.
June 17 to 21, 2002
Olivia used Lorelei's diary to manipulate Bill and made sure he found out that Beth was "his" Lorelei. Phillip was bothered with Beth and Bill's growing relationship and warned Bill to stay away from Beth. Marah confirmed Tony's worst fear that she'd had sex with Romeo. In a jealous rage, Tony went after Marah and nearly raped her. Marah begged Josh not to press charges against Tony, as she would never lay eyes on him again. Josh threatened Tony's life if he ever went near Marah again. Alan was not happy with Olivia's meddling into Beth and Phillip's happiness, but she ignored the all-powerful Mr. Spaulding. Mel was heartbroken when she learned that Rick had faked a fever so that a more deserving donor received the heart intended for him. Cassie was an emotional wreck and in denial as Richard remained unconscious and paralyzed from the waist down. Reva blamed herself for Richard's condition and for agreeing to keep his secret from Cassie about his new job and financial difficulties. Cassie was furious at Reva when she accidentally found out about Richard's new job. Tory seemed to buy into Ross and Blake's setup, but Gus was furious that Harley had kept him in the dark about their sting. Tory met face-to-face with Blake alone at the house.
June 24 to 28, 2002
Richard's condition worsened, and Cassie refused to accept his prognosis. Cassie continued to give Reva the cold shoulder, refusing both her financial and emotional support due to Reva's part in keeping Richard's secret from her. Phillip used Olivia's affections to get back at Alan for interfering in his business regarding Zach, Harley, and Gus. Gus warned Alan to back off. Olivia ensured that the Spaulding men learned of Lorelei's connection to Bill Lewis. Much to Michelle's displeasure, Danny took his place as head of the family business once again, in an attempt to legitimize the business and build respect and integrity for the Santos name. Danny put Carmen and Tony on notice regarding their role in the family business. Marah tried to find ways to get over Tony, and Tony tried to forget his last encounter with the woman who was the love of his life. Tory took the bait from Ross and Blake, but showed up at the Bauer cabin sooner than expected and demanded Ross prove his loyalty by making love to her. Holly encouraged Ed to follow his dreams. Rick and Mel made up and prayed another heart would arrive to save Rick's life.
29 to August 2, 2002
Reva continued to struggle with her conscience over her role in Richard's death while trying to comfort an inconsolable Cassie, who needed her family for strength and support. Ed decided to take the blame for turning off Richard's life support, thinking he was protecting Mel and Michelle, who all finally realized that none of them were at fault. Rick was suspicious of his family's actions. Olivia kept Alan at bay while manipulating Bill into an unusual business deal. Harley and Gus independently went after the person who could help Harley win back custody of Zach. Tony accidentally met up with Marah and apologized for his actions in a way that she couldn't resist; she pursued him in angst against Reva's advice. Cassie accused an unprepared Ed for what she believed was Richard's murder.
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JULY 2002
July 1 to 5, 2002
Cassie told Josh and Reva that she could cover the hospital bills, but later put a very reluctant Danny on the spot and begged him to lend her the money via "the mob." Alan got the goods on Gus by uncovering his juvenile record and taunted Phillip with the contents. Alan warned Olivia to stop her quest to mess up Phillip and Beth's relationship and later proposed a "business marriage." Gus kept his investigation into the woman from his past from Harley. Blake and Ross, and Harley and Gus, waited for Tory to make her move against Blake. All of Springfield gathered for the annual Bauer July Fourth barbecue as certain people played out their fantasies for July 4, 2003 -- fantasies that included a healthy Rick enjoying life with Mel, Bill hooking up with Lorelei, Olivia enjoying life with Phillip instead of Alan, and Cassie and Richard enjoying a happy life in Springfield. Beth decided to go to Texas to learn about "Lorelei's" life. Reva tried to explain to Cassie that Richard's condition was worsening and that she had to make some decisions soon, but Cassie told Reva that she was convinced that her dream of the "lion" was a sign that Richard would recover. Edmund tried to make his peace with Richard. Richard awakened from his coma.
July 8 to 12, 2002
Richard and Rick's conditions deteriorated, leaving no chance for Richard to survive and only the prospect of an immediate heart transplant to save Rick's life. Ed, Michelle, Danny, Phillip, Harley, Holly, Mel, Lillian, and others all kept vigil at Rick's bedside. Phillip and Harley comforted each at the hospital and then lit into to each other again over Harley's relationship with Gus, and Phillip's concern over her judgment as a parent. Alan enticed Olivia again with his marriage proposal. Tory was finally apprehended for her heinous crimes against Ross and Blake. Reva was emotionally torn and agonized over whether or not to act on Richard's pleas to help him die, and prayed for a sign. Richard suffered yet another excruciating attack and was told that there was no chance for him to recover; unable to contact Cassie, Reva accepted it as her sign to end Richard's pain, and turned off his life support. Mel knew that someone had turned off Richard's life support, but was found standing over his body, appearing very guilty and having a perfect motive. Simultaneously, Richard appeared and made love to a "sleeping" Cassie one last time. He promised to always love and protect her, and then reminded her never to forget Reva's courage.
July 15 to 19, 2002
Even in her grief, Cassie agreed to donate Richard's heart to save Rick's life. Reva was reluctant to tell Cassie about her role in granting Richard's last request due to Cassie's emotional state and desperate need for family strength and support, especially Reva's. Edmund unleashed his wrath on Ed because he had not been informed of Richard's death; Edmund accused Ed of pulling strings and more when he learned Rick had received Richard's heart. Edmund overheard Lillian inform a technician of a possible malfunction of Richard's life support equipment. Danny made his presence known to Carmen and others, so they knew that he was in charge of the Santos family. Marah and Tony had an uncomfortable chance meeting. Marina ragged on Ben for his crush on Marah. Olivia was devastated to learn of Richard's death, and with a little prompting from Alan, decided to set her goals for a happy future with the man of her dreams, but maybe not Alan. Michelle confided to Danny that she thought that Mel, in a state of her own personal emotional turmoil and helplessness as a physician and wife, might have ended Richard's suffering to save Rick's life. Beth met up with Bill in Texas and learned that he and Lorelei had been lovers, and maybe the fire was still burning. Blake was confused and non-committal regarding Ross's marriage proposal. Harley was forced to take matters into her own hands when Phillip threatened to file for full custody of Zack unless Gus moved out of her home. Buzz felt guilty that he was upset because Holly seemed to be spending time comforting Ed during Rick's illness.
July 22 to 26, 2002
Phillip decided to press charges against Harley for breaking into the mansion to get Zach because of Gus's juvenile record and the fact that Gus was living with Harley. Harley told Gus to take a hike after he refused to support her and tell everyone that he had taken the rap for murder to protect a woman from his past, the basic reason that Phillip had forced the custody issue with Harley. Edmund was determined to avenge Richard's death and warned Danny that the Bauers would pay for their misdeeds that had saved Rick's life. Carmen consoled Edmund in his time of need. Danny put out the word to get Edmund under control. Ed asked Lillian to hold off making a formal report about "Richard's death" until he had time to investigate. Ed and Michelle were reluctant to discuss with each other the possibility that someone had tampered with Richard's life support equipment. Most everyone in Springfield gathered at Richard's memorial to bid the former prince adieu -- including Prince William and the former Colonel Dax. Reva delivered a heartwarming and emotional eulogy to Richard while trying to conceal her own feelings of guilt over her actions to grant Richard's last wish to let him die in peace. An inconsolable Cassie left family and friends to feel close to Richard by reading to him at his graveside. Harley caused a scene at the Lewis house memorial for Richard when she learned that Phillip had left the country with Zach, unfortunately demonstrating her lack of emotional control and stability.
July 29 to August 2, 2002
Reva continued to struggle with her conscience over her role in Richard's death while trying to comfort an inconsolable Cassie, who needed her family for strength and support. Ed decided to take the blame for turning off Richard's life support, thinking he was protecting Mel and Michelle, who all finally realized that none of them were at fault. Rick was suspicious of his family's actions. Olivia kept Alan at bay while manipulating Bill into an unusual business deal. Harley and Gus independently went after the person who could help Harley win back custody of Zach. Tony accidentally met up with Marah and apologized for his actions in a way that she couldn't resist; she pursued him in angst against Reva's advice. Cassie accused an unprepared Ed for what she believed was Richard's murder.
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August 5 to 9, 2002
Harley and Gus left town respectively to find Gus's mystery woman. Phillip thought Gus had accepted his bribe to leave town, and Harley was on a mission to get her son back, prove Phillip wrong, and get back her man. Harley and Gus each found Eden. Harley was shocked to learn Eden was Gus's sister, and his promise was to his father and not another woman. Beth was disgusted with Phillip's arrogance and strong-armed tactics to control his children. Reva told Cassie that she was the one that had turned off Richard's life support when Cassie mistakenly accused Ed of ending Richard's life. Mel realized the extent of Ed's love of family when he proved he was willing to take the blame for something he thought she had done out of love for Rick. Cassie's anger toward Reva and emotional state reached a climax when she moved out of Reva's house and then informed the hospital board that Reva should pay dearly for the consequences of her actions. Reva received a mixed reaction from her children when she explained her role in Richard's death as the reason for the problems between her and Cassie. Shane seemed to understand and was supportive, but Marah was confused, repulsed, and overwhelmed; Marah left to be with and stand by Cassie. Reva was ordered to appear before the hospital board and to take along a lawyer. Carmen pulled off a power play against Danny and Edmund, the results of which sadly reminded Michelle about the reality of being "married to the mob" -- and put Carmen somewhat in the driver's seat with both men in her life.
August 12 to 16, 2002
Gus and Harley realized that Eden was more than a handful, and they literally dragged her back to Springfield in handcuffs to attempt to explain the truth to Phillip so Harley could get back custody of Zack. Sam returned to town, and Olivia confided to him that she was after Phillip. Olivia played dirty by manipulating Alan, Beth, and Bill to irk Phillip so she could make her move on him. Beth followed Bill out of town, where things heated up between them, and Beth learned something more about their stay at the monastery in Mexico. Reva was crushed that Marah was ashamed and disappointed in Reva and that she was at the hearing to support Cassie and not her. Cassie and Reva attended the hospital board meeting that resulted in suspensions for Lillian and Mel, and the matter of Reva's fate was in Cassie's hands as the board determined that the hospital was not at fault, and it was a family matter. Mel was overwhelmed with joy at Clay's love and support for her under the circumstances. Cassie and Reva had a glimmer of feelings for each other at Richard's gravesite when Cassie told Reva that she would never turn Marah against her. Claire squealed to Carmen that Reva had "pulled the plug" on Richard. Carmen then used the information to get the poison antidote from Edmund, who then used the information to have Reva arrested for her "crimes."
August 19 to 23, 2002
Edmund manipulated Cassie to inadvertently add more chaos to Reva's legal situation, and then pushed Reva to the limits, causing her even more problems. Tammy told Cassie that she wanted to live at the Beacon for a while longer. Rick was released from the hospital. Harley and Gus played Keystone Kops to convince Eden to come clean to Phillip. Gus finally got Eden to admit to Phillip that Gus was innocent and that he had been covering for her. Phillip was concerned over Olivia's interest in him, but Alan was onto her passion for Phillip and planted a bug in a piece of jewelry to get the proof. Lillian told Phillip that Lorelei's diary and promiscuous lifestyle had been published and had hit the bookstands all over Springfield, while Olivia played innocent to the entire event. Beth traveled to Mexico and was shocked to learn that Lorelei and Bill had been married at the monastery. Michelle made a heart-wrenching decision and told Danny that if he loved her and Robby, he would walk away from their marriage for the sake and future safety of their son. Ed and Holly were in a "teenage tizzy" when they kissed and disturbed Ross and Blake's romantic evening to get advice in the romance department. Marina gave Frank a new look, while Marah and Shane made plans to attend the opening of the Beacon with two unlikely escorts.
August 26 to 30, 2002
Phillip was "out of control" when he learned that Beth and Bill had been married while she was "Lorelei," and Phillip was so incensed when he found them kissing that he left Beth stranded on the island with Bill. Meanwhile, Olivia played innocent to the publication of Lorelei's Diary while Alan was waiting for the right moment to expose Olivia's plan to snag Phillip. Tony's temper and violent side surfaced again in front of Marah when he thought one of the crew was trying to take advantage of her. A confused and hurt Marah sought comfort from Father Ray. Josh lessened Cassie's financial load, while Reva made no headway when she tried to talk to Cassie about whether or not they would ever have a future as sisters. Cassie and Danny commiserated silently over their respective heartaches. Phillip hired Ross to help him force Eden to confess to her past crime in the presence of a judge. Harley finally realized the depth of Phillip's investigation into Gus and Eden's past before he would return custody of Zach. Marina called Ben's bluff to go "buff," and ended up making a friend in Olivia -- and Ben more attentive.
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September 2 to 6, 2002
Danny and Michelle were both like lost, tortured souls over their breakup, but realized it was the right thing to do. Tony and Marah had a strained encounter at the Country Club. Bill invited Michelle to get away with him to help both of them mend their respective broken hearts. Beth gave Phillip a taste of his own controlling style and explained her need to learn the truth about her life as Lorelei. Olivia acted helpless and innocent, but Phillip and Beth suspected she was the culprit behind the publication of Lorelei's diary. Eden caved in to to Phillip's threats and double-crossed Gus and Harley, forcing the arbitrator to grant Phillip full custody of Zach. Harley, outraged and furious, vowed to even the score on all ends and win back custody of her son. Edmund initiated a wrongful death lawsuit against Reva and her family and named an unsuspecting Cassie as a participating party. Reva laid into Cassie at Richard's grave and told her to lay off Reva's family and deal with Reva directly, as her self-pride and blind anger were hurting more people than she realized.
September 9 to 13, 2002
Eden bribed Phillip for more money to keep silent about her part in helping him win custody of Zach, unaware that Eden truly was the guilty party and not Gus. Gus fought back and warned Phillip that Beth's arrest for bigamy was only the beginning of his problems until Harley regained custody of Zach. Tony was unaware of the dangers of dating Eden. Danny eavesdropped on Michelle and Bill on the island and decided to sacrifice his happiness for the sake of Robby's future to have a happy and safe life. Lizzie and Tammy were arrested for shoplifting Cassie's engagement ring from the jewelry store. Ed tried to help Cassie by offering her a loan for Tammy's bail money, but Cassie's life and financial desperation took a spiral when she later begged Danny to hire her as a stripper for a private party at Inferno so she could get quick money to make her loan payment to the mob. Sam ruined a romantic interlude for Alan and Olivia when he informed Olivia that Alan had bugged her special earrings.
September 16 to 20, 2002
Phillip and Olivia's pretend romantic tryst to make Alan jealous landed Alan in the hospital but forced Phillip and Olivia to re-think their real feelings for each other. Gus manipulated Lizzie into alerting another powerful Spaulding about Alan's condition, which could ultimately put the company stock in jeopardy. Gus gave Phillip food for thought regarding his bribe to Eden, while Eden came through for Gus and gave him the support he needed to help him win back custody of Zack for Harley. Meanwhile, Harley pretended to be Eden so she could use the information against her to make her admit that she had lied at the custody hearing, but Frank acted as Harley's "knight in shining armor" before she could get any solid proof. Josh and Reva bought back Cassie's engagement ring in the hopes she might accept it from them in the future. Cassie got the squeeze from the "Santos clan" to pay back her debt, while Tammy awaited the results of her shoplifting decision. Reva called a family conference to help her weigh her legal options: accept a plea bargain for less jail time, or take a chance that the jury would understand her actions and find her not guilty -- neither of which was particularly favorable to Reva.
September 23 to 27, 2002
Alexandra Spaulding returned to Springfield with a commanding presence and bought out the Beacon, giving Cassie the financial help she so desperately needed to pay off the mob and keep her and Danny alive. Alan knew Alex's game and that corporate war was lurking. Gus threatened Phillip to return Zack to Harley or he would spill the truth about his liaison with Olivia to all of Springfield. Harley and Eden just couldn't see eye to eye. Phillip came clean to Beth about how Alan had his heart attack and his feelings for Olivia. Beth and Phillip's problems seemed to outweigh their love for each other, and both agreed to end their relationship as amicably as possible. Lizzie spilled the beans to Alan about her parents split, and Alan used the information to lay guilt on Olivia by feigning another heart attack; Alan forced her to agree to marry him in order to push her out of Phillip's life permanently. Michele's attempts to drown away her marital woes with Ben almost went too far. Rick returned to Springfield, looking fit, but was disappointed to hear the problems of his family and friends.
September 30 to October 4, 2002
Unbeknownst to Cassie, Reva changed her plea to guilty and almost certain jail time after realizing a trial was too much for Cassie to bear. Edmund's conscience lost out to his inner demons as he destroyed the only copy of Richard's living will, evidence that could have set Reva free. Danny struggled with his decision to stay out of Robbie's life. Harley and Blake tried to figure out Eden's profession as a last shot at Harley winning back custody of Zach. Beth and Bill finally gave in to their passion for each other, as ironically did Phillip and Olivia. Alexandra put the squeeze on the "pretending to be ill" Alan to either sign over power of attorney or risk his scam being revealed to Olivia and Phillip. Bill and Ben decided to become roommates.

October 7 to 11, 2002
Reva prepared her family for her impending departure for prison. Josh dished out some hard-talking to Cassie, who later seemed to somewhat soften to Reva's predicament. Cassie started to realize that perhaps Reva had acted on Richard's wishes and then suspected Edmund was keeping more secrets. Danny vowed to protect Cassie when she again failed to pull through for her "debt to the mob." Beth and Bill couldn't hide their feelings for each or from others as they continued their steamy liaison. Phillip's rejection of Olivia forced her to plan an early "I do" to Alan, which was later thwarted by Alexandra who was holding all the cards. Michelle, Marah, Bill, Ben, and Romey moved in together at the old Mahler house. Danny and Tony decided to keep Eden close, while Gus decided to help Harley discover Eden's secret. Marina's plan to snag Ben at the Millennium college night turned deadly when she inadvertently became Eden's unsuspecting target and walked into the middle of Harley and Gus's sting to get the goods on Eden.
October 14 to 18, 2002
Alexandra and the "Phillip Spaulding" ex-wives club yanked Alan out of power and rendered Phillip "speechless." To get even with Beth after catching her in the sack with her young stud, Bill Lewis, Lizzie agreed to be Olivia's maid of honor at grandpa Alan's wedding. Marah and Michelle reflected how loving a Santos man had affected their lives. Edmund lied to Cassie about knowledge of Richard's "living will," and Alexandra was not impressed with his attempts at courtship. Gus was racked with guilt after Eden took a bullet meant for him, and he was torn between his love for Harley and his sister. Danny left town mysteriously, but he might have been Cassie's "angel of mercy," as she miraculously found cash in her hotel suite to pay off her debt to the mob. Reva celebrated what might have been her last night of freedom with family and friends, and even the strained relationship between Reva and Cassie seemed to soften as both sisters managed to offer each other a few words of comfort.
October 21 to 25, 2002
Alexandra and the "ex-wives" club toppled Alan from his post at Spaulding; Alan was even more horrified at his sister dearest's choice of guests at his wedding. Harley succumbed to Phillip's demands and ended her relationship with a heartbroken Gus so she could win back custody of Zach. Phillip and Olivia ended up in very tight quarters, minutes before the wedding, trying to fight off their passion for each other. Cassie's eleventh-hour change of heart didn't help much as Reva was sentenced to two years in prison. Cassie turned to Dax as a possible solution to help get Reva released from jail. Beth and Bill's relationship seemed to alienate just about everybody in Springfield, and was especially hurtful for Lizzie and Lillian. Danny asked Gus to help him put away Carmen, Maria, and their associates by devising a plan to convict them for his "murder." Carmen thought discrepancies in her personal bank account and Cassie's mysterious payback on her loan were more than a coincidence.
October 28 to November 1, 2002
Alan had Alexandra exiled to the island before he said his "I dos" to Olivia and then used Edmund as a ploy to make his plan complete. Phillip struggled with his continuing feelings for Olivia, but realized he needed to make the sacrifice for Alan. Cassie was on the verge of finding a way to get Reva released and shared her plan with Danny. Carmen was suspicious of Danny and his loyalty to her and the family. Carmen forced Eden to be her eyes and ears -- or else. Danny urged Gus to move quickly with their plan to nail Carmen, family, and associates. Marah's anger at Reva's impulsive nature, which landed Reva in jail, stunned Reva into the reality of how a prison sentence could destroy a family. Blake asked Harley to help her become a talk show host for the lovelorn. Harley and Gus remained apart but joined in spirit. Beth realized what she might have lost to be with Bill, who seemed to get cozy with Michelle and emphasized to Beth that he wanted to keep things light and easy with no commitment. Carmen and Edmund parted their romantic ways. After Lizzie overheard Alan's conversation with the doctor, Alan confessed to Lizzie that he had faked his heart attack to get Olivia to marry him, but that she had to keep it a secret.
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November 4 to 8, 2002
Cassie employed Danny to help her do some "down and dirty" forgery that recreated Richard's living will and ultimately freed Reva from prison. Edmund, annoyed at Cassie's antics, turned to Alan for work and solace by helping him keep Alexandra in her place via low-life Edmund's specialties: deception and romance as a ploy to nail his prey. Alexandra forced Olivia to make a terrible choice: leave Alan and the marriage with the Beacon, or be banished with nothing after Alan viewed the elevator video of Olivia kissing Phillip minutes before the wedding. Harley decided to stay with Gus and take Phillip to court and fight for her kids, and she asked Rick to help her with her custody case. Gus leveled with Harley about Eden and how it was Tony's father who had been murdered on the rooftop many years before. Carmen forced Eden to spy on Danny. Danny asked Tony to watch over Michelle and Robby. Maria and Carmen planned Danny's hit just as he had predicted to Gus it would happen, but Carmen pulled a fast one, and Danny's life was truly on the line unless Gus could save the day.
November 11 to 15, 2002
Edmund played both sides in Alan and Alexandra's sibling rivalry. Phillip and Olivia were determined not to give in to Alexandra's blackmail, and forced Alan to get a second opinion so they could tell him about "the video," unaware that the second opinion would reveal his game of deception toward his wife and son. Edmund told Reva that Cassie had played "dirty" to get Reva out of prison, and he advised her to watch her back. Meanwhile, Josh manipulated the governor into possibly granting Reva a pardon. Cassie was frantic to keep Danny alive and his whereabouts a secret, as well as keep herself out of harm's way. Tony and Marah, and Gus and Harley respectively, joined forces to get to the truth about Danny's disappearance and to keep Michelle and Robby safe. Tony and Ray put the pressure and guilt on Carmen, who seemed to repent for her twisted crime of passion for the sake of love. Ed suspected Cassie was in trouble. Ben lost something dear to him.
November 18 to 22, 2002
Alex realized that Phillip really loved Olivia, but he loved his father more and wanted them to be happy. Alex begged Olivia to back off. Alan and Olivia finally enjoyed their wedding night. Lizzie put the screws to grandpa Alan and told him to find a way to convince Phillip not to move out of the Spaulding mansion, or else she would spill the beans about his fake heart attack. Alex invited the Coopers and Gus to dinner at the mansion to try to get Phillip to return Zach to Harley. Edmund helped Reva's bid for freedom, but Cassie called in her favor to Reva and forced Reva to help hide a seriously wounded Danny from Carmen. Reva felt guilty about lying to Josh about Danny and feared that she might put her freedom and family in jeopardy once again. Gus joined forces with Reva and Cassie to help Danny in his plan to nail the Santos family. Michelle stood up to Carmen and told her to keep her hands off Robby. Bill and Beth had their first tiff. Tony and Marah decided to give love another try.
November 25 to 29, 2002
Cassie implored Ed to give his personal and medical assistance to help Danny, but Ed was conflicted about keeping the secret from Michelle, who was heartbroken and thought she was bereaving her slain husband. Reva felt guilty about lying to Josh about helping Cassie hide Danny at the pool house. Alexandra's timing was impeccable as she followed Olivia's Thanksgiving "forgive and forget, loyalty to the Spaulding's forever" toast with her own bombshell and hoped that the Spaulding's would forgive Olivia for publishing Lorelei's diary. A distressed and emotional Carmen told Gus that she wanted to see Danny's body for herself. Marah and Tony tried to rekindle their relationship, while Beth's relationship with Bill hit another snag: Bill was Michelle's "knight in shining armor," helping her cope with Danny's apparent death.
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December 2 to 6, 2002
Alexandra was determined to reunite Harley and Zach and find a way to force Phillip to realize that Gus was not the "bad guy." Gus arrested Cassie, fearing she would tell Michelle that Danny was alive and ruin the plan to nail Carmen, unaware that Ed had already told Michelle the truth. Danny's memorial began with a change in plan; Michelle charged with vengeance at the betrayal of family and friends who had lied to her about Danny's undercover plan, and seeing Carmen in the church grieving for the son she thought she had murdered, decided to deliver the eulogy. Josh did not approve of Marah and Tony's reconciliation. Beth delivered her own justice to Olivia, as did Phillip when he discovered her marriage to Alan was on very shaky ground due to her betrayal of the Spauldings over the Lorelei diary revelation.
December 9 to 13, 2002
Josh agreed to disagree that he couldn't change Reva, but he could change some of his own predicable ways. Danny's ultimate plan, with help from the Springfield Police Department and various friends, finally put Carmen behind bars, but Carmen's knowledge of Eden's deep, dark secret might just be Carmen's "get out of jail free" card. Danny reunited with Michelle as they tried to start to put the pieces of their life back together. Ed and Michelle's perspective on "keeping secrets" made Cassie realize and understand Reva's actions in Richard's death, and that it was time to apologize to Reva and reunite with her sister. Reva returned a precious token of Richard's love to Cassie. Alan pressured an unwilling Olivia to conceive a child with him. The women of Springfield decided to find Phillip a new love interest as a way for Harley to win back custody of Zach. In a plea to get Zach back to Harley, Alexandra put Gus in the marrying mood, but unfortunately, it only resurfaced Harley's insecurities about the "holy state of matrimony."
December 16 to 20, 2002
Reva helped Josh accept the holidays with Tony and Marah as a couple. Danny tried to put his life with Michelle and Robby back together again after issuing his statement to the police that would indict Carmen and send her to prison. Carmen used leverage about Eden's father "being on the Santos payroll" as a way out of serving jail time, but Harley foiled the plan and launched her own private investigation to find out the real truth about Gus and Eden's dad. Phillip showed some true Christmas spirit and allowed Zach to spend Christmas with Harley, Gus, and family. Ross's joke to romance Blake with Ed's assistance resulted in Ed expressing his true feelings for Holly. Alan tossed Olivia out on her ear after accidentally viewing the "elevator" video of Phillip and Olivia. An emotionally devastated Olivia drove her car into an accident that sent the needy Phillip to her rescue. Alexandra defended Olivia to Alan with her own ulterior motive.
December 23 to 27, 2002
Thinking they would be stranded at the Beacon for Christmas due to the storm, Danny and Cassie received a visit from a mysterious friend who found a way for each of them to spend the holiday with their loved ones. Danny and Tony agreed to find a legitimate business and work together. Carmen, however, decided to ruin their happiness as she found a way to escape the prison beat, and left Tony to ponder the new year after she told him that it was really Eden who had killed his father. Blake proposed to Ross, who accepted, as friends and family celebrated their engagement and the holiday at the Bauers'. Rick warned Danny not to ruin Michelle and Robbie's future. Harley questioned Joe August's ex-partner to try to find out if they were dirty cops. Gus and Harley agreed to a "trial" engagement, but soon after, Gus realized that Harley was keeping secrets again and that it had something to do with his father. Reva continued to receive disturbing phone calls. Alan disowned Olivia and Phillip after viewing the infamous elevator video of Olivia and Phillip's "liplock," plus learning that Olivia's Christmas gift of the portrait of his grandchildren had really been intended for Phillip.
December 30, 2002 to January 3, 2003
Tony and Ray learned that Eden was responsible for their father's death. Father Ray was overjoyed that Tony was able to let go of his anger and decided to find a way to lead a normal and peaceful life with Marah. Carmen caused her final reign of terror as she escaped from prison and attempted to kidnap Robby at all costs. Bill saved the day by rescuing Michelle and Robby and removing Carmen from their lives forever. Danny was determined to win back Michelle's love and reunite his family. Bill ended his relationship with Beth when he admitted that he had gone to see Michelle to tell her that he was in love with her. Beth urged Phillip to follow his heart and never regret love, even though they might not agree with each other's choices. Alan exercised his prenuptial agreement with Olivia, leaving her virtually penniless but still married to the "almighty Spaulding king." Ready to invoke the same punishment on Phillip, Alexandra threatened Alan to stop his actions or else she would tell Olivia and Phillip that Alan had faked his heart attack and used their guilt to manipulate their lives and feelings for each other. Harley was forced to reveal to a devastated Gus that his father might have been on the take to the Santos family. However, Gus agreed to help her uncover a truth that might change his entire life.
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