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January 7 to 11, 2008
Olivia collapsed in front of Alan, Gus, and Natalia. Natalia thought Olivia was pretending; Alan thought she was brilliant. Reva was a suspect in Edmund's accident until Will admitted to pushing him on purpose. Bill was blinded by the explosion, but had Lizzie caring for him. Frank reinstated Marina on the police force. Marina told Harley the explosion might have been caused by Phillip just to scare her. Jeffrey and Josh were shocked to learn that Will had killed his father.
January 14 to 18, 2008
Marina remained suspicious of Cyrus and Harley, and continued lying to them about Phillip. Josh and Jeffrey followed Cassie and Will up to Bauer Cabin. Cassie continued to defend Will. Remy told Harley that Phillip was in New York, and she headed out there. Olivia told Gus and Natalia that the ballroom was under repair. They decided to cancel the wedding and elope. Harley collapsed while searching for Phillip, and Cyrus came to her rescue. They began to make love, but Harley stopped because she didn't want to hurt Marina. When she returned to Springfield, she went to see Cyrus and tell him she had changed her mind, only to find out that he had proposed to Marina (because of the supposed calls Marina was receiving from immigration). Natalia and Gus headed to Bauer Cabin on their way to Chicago to elope, only to be called back by an ailing Olivia at the hospital. Lizzie continued to help Bill, but was shocked to walk in on him and Ava in bed together. She sought comfort in Reva. Coop confessed to Buzz about the explosion as he and Ashlee planned to run away. Doris discovered the plan, and locked Ashlee in her room until Coop admitted to starting the explosion. Bill vowed to get revenge.
January 21 to 25, 2008
Buzz discovered Harley's feelings for Cyrus and was disappointed in her. Marina asked Harley to be her maid of honor. Remy continued to pretend to be Immigration, further pushing Marina's plans to marry Cyrus in motion. Doris decided Buzz was a good guy, much to Ashlee's surprise. Bill dropped the charges against Coop. Alan received a suspicious newspaper with the word "REMEMBER" scrawled across the top of it, as well as several voicemails from "Tammy." Alan continued to plan a memorial service for Sarah, and invited Rick and Beth to attend both the memorial service and a trip to St. Gabriel. Rick accepted, much to Beth's surprise. Later, Alan called Dr. Grant to make sure Rick would be on call. Lizzie told Bill she was pregnant. At first, he pushed her away and said he wasn't ready, but then warmed to the idea. Bill got his vision back and saw Jonathan peering in a church window after a memorial service for Tammy. Unfortunately, Lizzie found out she was not pregnant, but decided to keep the information from Bill. They planned a weekend away at Bauer Cabin. Lizzie almost walked in on Jonathan and Sarah, but Reva distracted her while they snuck out. When Bill arrived, they fought, and Lizzie stormed out, ran into the road, and was almost run over by a car. Jonathan pushed her out of the way and they landed at the side of the road together.
January 28 to February 1, 2008
Marina and Cyrus broke up after Harley admitted her true feelings and Cyrus found out about Marina's lies. Cyrus prepared to leave town, and Harley gave him a reason to stay -- they kissed. Marina turned to Mallet for comfort, and she ended up kissing him. Jonathan took Sarah back to Lizzie. They went up to Bauer Cabin to be together. Sarah got ill, and Rick cared for her -- and Beth slapped Jonathan. Jonathan prepared to drug Lizzie later that night so he could leave with Sarah, but Bill switched the drinks, and Jonathan woke to a surprise the next morning -- Lizzie and Bill had left with Sarah. Lizzie called Gus to begin custody proceedings. Bill offered to help Jonathan leave with Sarah, citing that he didn't want Lizzie tied down with a child. Jonathan shared the information with Lizzie, and Lizzie kicked Bill out. Lizzie and Jonathan agreed to no more kidnapping, instead trying to raise their daughter together. Cassie asked Josh and R.J. to leave after Will tried to get R.J. run over by a train. A psychiatrist told Cassie that Will had serious aggression issues, causing Cassie to tell her that her services were no longer needed.
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February 4 to 8, 2008
Marina and Mallet were interrupted by Frank. They decided that dating might not be such a great idea. Meanwhile, Cyrus and Harley started to make love, only to be interrupted by Dinah. Marina and Cyrus later reconciled, and Marina brought Cyrus to Cooper Poker Night. Tempers flared, and the tension between Marina and Harley was very apparent. Marina and Cyrus decided that to be happy, they needed to leave town and made plans to go to France. Right before they left, Marina decided to make one last bust for Springfield Police Department. While she was gone, Cyrus went to say his good-byes to Harley, and they ended up making love. Cyrus decided to tell Marina about him and Harley, until she got hurt while out on the bust. Olivia and Natalia continued their fight over Gus as the wedding drew near. Olivia went to Bauer Cabin and called Gus saying that she was breathless. Natalia intercepted the message, went to Bauer Cabin, locked Olivia in the bathroom, and left for the wedding. In the meantime, Olivia was paged that there was a heart ready for her, but she couldn't get out. Gus and Natalia exchanged vows. Will was expelled from school. Josh took him to a school for troubled children, where Cassie rescued him. Jon, Lizzie, and Sarah planned for a life on the run until Reva, Billy, Bill, Jeffrey, and Josh convinced them to stay. Jon called Customs and told them not to let Alan back into the country, and contacted Remy about helping him get a gun. Bill went to St. Gabriel to tell Alan that Jon and Sarah were alive. Bill told Alan he could do whatever he wanted to Jon, but to leave Sarah with Lizzie, and Alan agreed. Alan was about to leave when Beth showed up and told him that she had left Rick. Jon talked to ghost Tammy, telling her that either he or Alan would be dead, and it was a win-win situation.
February 11 to 15, 2008
Natalia had locked Olivia in the bathroom at Bauer Cabin. Olivia got the call that a heart was ready for her. After the wedding, Natalia and Gus raced to the cabin only to find an unconscious Olivia. They were too late; the heart had gone to someone else. Natalia spent her wedding night alone. Olivia told Natalia she wanted Gus for the time she had left. Beth tried to keep Alan on the island. Jonathan showed up with a gun. Beth went intp labor. Lizzie arrived, and she and Jonathan helped to deliver the baby. Later, Jon told Alan that to let Jonathan live was punishment enough because he had lost everything. After sending a text message that appeared to be from Lizzie, Alan and his goons grabbed Jon and Sarah. Alan took Sarah and made Jonathan call Reva and say he had left with Sarah again. Lizzie rescued Jon. Rick and Beth decided to name the baby Bernadette. Rev. Rutledge returned to perform the baptism. Alan, Jon, and Lizzie showed up. Jon pulled a gun on Alan. Alan wrestled it away from him, and turned it on Jon. Reva told Alan that he was the father of Beth's baby! Beth left to consider her options. Jonathan and Lizzie went to get Sarah, and ended up in a passionate kiss. Cyrus continued to split his time between caring for Marina and being with Harley. Marina had her suspicions confirmed when she listened in on a phone call.
February 18 to 22, 2008
Beth continued to ask for space while she considered what was best for the baby. She told Rick that if he wanted to be a part of her baby's life, then he needed to cast all blame on Josh and Cassie. Josh was suspended from the church. Cassie agreed to take Will to the special school. He ran away and found Cassie trashing Reva's living room after she saw Josh and Reva hug. He jumped in to help her. When Reva and Jeffrey walked in, Jeffrey decided it was time to send Will to juvenile hall, since Cassie could no longer handle him. Natalia gave up Gus so Olivia could be happy with whatever time she had left. Jonathan and Lizzie decided to get married. When Bill found out, he started to dig into Jon's past and came up with the name Aubrey Cross. Marina was upset about a phone call she overheard between Harley and Cyrus, and set in motion a plan to get Harley in trouble. Harley and Cyrus kissed in the backseat of her car as Marina sent Buzz, Frank, and Rick outside to check on her.
February 25 to 29, 2008
Gus and Natalia decided to see each other without Olivia's knowledge. Rafe was angered by the way he perceived Gus treating Natalia, and yelled at him. He also got back together with Daisy even though Natalia didn't like it. Harley and Cyrus almost got caught in the backseat of the car. Cyrus snuck out in time, and when Frank and Rick found her with her shirt undone, Harley told them she was having another panic attack. Rick told her that Jude was not safe with her. Beth renamed the baby Peyton Alexandra Raines, and decided to include Alan in her life. Alan professed he was a new man, while Rick was thrown in jail. Lizzie and Jonathan had decided to leave town after the wedding, but Bill interrupted the wedding, and Lizzie wouldn't go through with the ceremony. In a fit of anger, Jonathan kidnapped Lizzie and left her in the woods. Bill came to her rescue. Reva and Cassie continued to fight over Cassie's loss of control. They got lost in the woods as a result, but found the right path after Cassie saw the lighthouse. GL also debuted its new format on Friday including a new opening montage. .
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MARCH 2008
March 3 to 7, 2008
Cassie attended a hearing for Will. He was allowed to go home. Josh was reinstated at the church, however, Stephen was concerned about Will coming home. Reva offered to take Will home with her. Lizzie tried to seduce Jonathan to help get Sarah back, but Jon was onto her, and kicked her out of the hotel room. Lizzie turned to Alan for help. Alan decided to have Jon arrested for the murder in Tourmaline. In a change of heart, Lizzie decided to help Jonathan run away. Lizzie agreed to move in with Alan in exchange for Jon and Sarah's freedom. Alan had arranged to have Rick jailed, and made Beth think that Rick left town. Phillip bailed Rick out. Harley told Cyrus she couldn't lie to Marina anymore. Cyrus started to tell Marina that he had been lying to her. Will caused a gas leak at Cross Creek. Cassie found Josh and Reva passed out on the couch.
March 10 to 14, 2008
Will told Cassie that he tried to kill Josh and Reva, and she decided to run away with him. Later, Cassie decided the best thing for everyone was to send Will away. Cyrus told Marina he loved Harley. An angered Marina set a plan to blackmail Cyrus through an old acquaintance, Phoebe. Phoebe told Cyrus she wanted $100,000. Harley found out, and mortgaged her house to cover it. Daisy was upset with Harley about Cyrus, and asked Rafe if they could move in together. Alan kept Lizzie in the mansion, and Bill tried to rescue her. Alan threatened Bill, and Lizzie had to cut off contact with Bill for his safety. Phillip sent a text message to Beth and the two continued to be in contact. After turning down Mallet, Dinah told him she wanted him back. He told her he had an offer as Chief of Police in another town. Gus told Olivia she should make final plans. She began to tell others she was dying-including Emma.
March 17 to 21, 2008
Harley continued to have financial problems, and no one would hire her because of her affiliation with Cyrus. Cyrus posed as a stalker to get Vanessa to hire Harley. Daisy and Rafe found an apartment, and sold fake ID's to make money for the deposit-until Cyrus found out. Olivia planned a surprise "fake" wedding for her and Gus. Gus declined because of Natalia. Jeffrey offered to marry Olivia instead. They were married by Doris, and after the ceremony, Olivia collapsed and was taken to the hospital where she was told there was a heart for her. Alan was arrested. Everything he owned was taken from him, including the mansion. Gus tried to help Alan, but was angered when Alan didn't tell him about Olivia. Gus was in a horrible accident on the way to the hospital.
March 24 to 28, 2008
Upset about Lizzie's date with Lawrence, Bill took Ava back to his room. Ava schemed to get pregnant by poking holes in the condom. Bill figured out that Dinah has been impersonating Phillip. He agreed to help her take Alan down. Dinah planted information in the mansion, and Alan was arrested for financial crimes. Alan asked Gus to represent him, and Gus said no. Gus was preoccupied with Olivia's declining health, and he continued to let her lean on him. Frank was suspended as Chief of Police pending an investigation into his alleged flirting with someone at a crime scene. Doris asked Mallet to replace him. Mallet turned down the other position to stay in Springfield as Acting Chief of Police. Harley and Cyrus decided to move in together. This upset the entire Cooper family, especially Marina, who was in the hospital to have her knee surgery. Reva found out that she was still cancer-free.
March 31 to April 4, 2008
Olivia continued to worsen as the medical team operated on Gus. Harley and Natalia were with Gus when he died. Later, Natalia gave consent for his organs to be harvested. Olivia was a match for Gus's heart. After surgery, Reva unknowingly informed Olivia that she has Gus's heart. Olivia didn't want to live or accept the heart. Harley took on funeral plans for Gus. Alan moved into the boarding house. Dinah bought the Spaulding mansion at auction. Vanessa hired Harley, but fired her when she found out that Cyrus was stalking her. Ava falsely told both Olivia and Bill that she was pregnant. Springfield said good-bye to Gus.
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APRIL 2008
April 7 to 11, 2008
After Gus's funeral, everyone gathered at Company to celebrate his life. Harley continued to have money woes, but used money from the budget to buy paint for the house. Gus's ghost visited and told her that he would be waiting for her. Bill asked Ava for proof of her pregnancy, and she had a pregnant woman take the test for her. Lizzie was upset by Ava's announcement, but was determined to stay with Bill. Reva figured out that Dinah was behind Alan's fall, and told Dinah that she wanted in on the action. Olivia began to recover from surgery and Gus's death with the help of Sam, Ava, and especially Jeffrey. Ashlee decided to have LAP-BAND® surgery. Coop wanted a night with her beforehand.
April 14 to 18, 2008
Ashlee had gastric banding surgery. Coop, Buzz, and Doris were by her side. Harley and Cyrus had a fight, and he walked out. Cassie left for work in a suit, and changed into something very revealing. She went to the bar at Towers instead of work. Cyrus ran into Cassie. The two got drunk and had sex in a barn. Afterward, Cassie told Josh she broke her wedding vows, and he left. Cassie promised Cyrus to never say it was him. Olivia went home from the hospital determined to die, but Natalia wouldn't let her. Ava saw a doctor about a sperm donor. Lizzie tried to support Bill and Ava. Rick offered to buy Peyton from Alan. Dinah told Alan that she had pretended to be Phillip. .
April 21 to 25, 2008
Nat tried to help Olivia recover. When Olivia collapsed and was taken to Cedars, Jeffrey decided to have her recuperate at Cross Creek. They signed divorce papers. Jeffrey tried to convince Ava to stop lying to Bill. Later, Ava found out that she was pregnant! Cassie had an awkward dinner with Harley and Cyrus. Harley told Cyrus that she felt like she was cheating on Gus, and asked him to move out. Harley went back to the Springfield Police Department, and was partnered with Marina. Harley caught Daisy selling fake ID's, and found out Cyrus was involved. Beth decided she wanted Alan, but Alan told her she couldn't have him until he was successful again. Frank offered Natalia and Rafe rooms at the boarding house (he didn't tell her he vacated his room for her). Dinah convinced Bill to help her take over Spaulding. She also made a sizable donation to the police department as long as Mallet remained chief. Josh returned from his convention unsure of what to do about Cassie. He told Cassie he'd be sleeping in Will's room for the time being.
April 28 to May 2, 2008
Josh asked Harley to spy on Cassie. He wanted to know who she slept with. Cassie asked Josh when they could be together again. The doctor told Olivia she needed to rest more. Olivia told Jeffrey it was time for her to move out. Reva returned home. Hawk showed up with a director wanting to make a movie of Reva's life. Frank found out that the woman who accused him of flirting on the job was paid to lie. Frank told Natalia that someone was going to trial for Gus's death. Natalia showed up and made a statement that she forgave the teen, because it wasn't his fault. Ashlee started exercising too soon, and she and Coop struggled with the changes in their relationship. Remy spent more time with Ava. Lizzie helped Bill prepare to take over Spaulding, and Ava offered to help him. Marina kissed Mallet.
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MAY 2008
May 5 to 9, 2008
Cyrus took over Josh's case for Harley. He told Josh that the man Cassie slept with stayed at the Beacon once, and never came back. Tension continued between Josh and Cassie. Josh told her he didn't know when or if he could trust her again. Jolene continued to research Reva and Josh, and decided the movie should be about their love story. Lillian became Olivia's nurse. Ava told Lizzie that Bill was out to "smash Spauldings." Lizzie broke up with Bill, and turned to Alan to help her get Spaulding back. Bill accidentally gave Roxie chocolate, then rushed her to the vet to pump her stomach. Bill wrote Ava a check and told her to call him when the baby was born. Remy and Ava got closer. Harley planned a fundraiser for Gus's boys club, but then decided she couldn't go. Mallet picked up Marina for the fundraiser. Marina told Cyrus she was sorry that he and Harley broke up, but he told Marina she was mistaken. Marina spilled a drink on herself. She and Mallet end up in Natalia's room, and made out while she changed. Ashlee and Daisy got drunk. Ashlee admitted how angry she was about the way people had treated her in the past, but then told Coop it didn't matter anymore because she had him.
May 12 to 16, 2008
Lizzie got a Mother's Day card from Jonathan and Sarah with a return address. She left town to see them. The movie crew continually interrupted Reva and Jeffrey. After learning the movie was about her and Josh, she decided to move to the Beacon with Jeffrey during filming. Blake, Harley, and Cassie had a girls' day out. Blake admitted she liked Coop. Blake planned a bus tour for Coop's book. Coop invited Ashlee along, but Ashlee was hired by Dinah to work for WSPR. Harley opened an investigation to figure out why Gus couldn't tie up his cases-she worried that there was a crooked cop in the department. Harley took her hunch to Mallet and Jeffrey. Mallet later admitted to Dinah that he knew it was Gus who was crooked, but didn't want to tarnish Gus's memory or cause Natalia and Rafe to lose his pension. Mallet also shredded the evidence. Dinah offered to help him get Doris to take Jeffrey off the case. Josh went to confront the man he believed slept with Cassie, but walked away. He told Cassie he was ready to move back into their bedroom.
May 19 to 23, 2008
Daisy was suspended from graduation for selling fake ID's. Cyrus turned himself in for being the one to sell the ID's, so Daisy could graduate. Alan fell when a piece of the roof at the boarding house almost landed on him. He said he could sense Gus saving him from the roof. He then had a dream that Gus had unfinished business and it involved the number 512. He told Rafe who got Gus's Cubs jacket and there were 512 twenty-dollar bills in it. Ava started cramping and bleeding, which later stopped, but the scare caused Bill to ask Ava to move in with him. Lizzie and Alan sued Bill and Dinah for Spaulding. Bill offered Lizzie the opportunity to work there, but Lizzie said no deal-she wanted the company for Sarah. Josh saw Boyle and went to hit him, but Cyrus took the punch instead. Later, Josh saw Boyle entering his room at the Beacon-with a man. Reva proposed to Jeffrey. Mallet told Dinah he would turn himself in as the corrupt cop to save Gus's reputation. Dinah was unwilling to accept that and told Jeffrey that Gus was the one behind the corruption.
May 26 to 30, 2008
Harley figured out that Gus was taking favors to move Olivia up the transplant list. Rafe decided he wanted to join the Marines, and become a cop. He went back to Harley's to go through Gus's things. He heard that Jeffrey was going to make a statement about the Salem Police Department, and went to the courthouse with Gus's gun. Jeffrey had talked him down, but Mallet walked in and the gun went off. Jeffrey was rushed to Cedars and went through two surgeries as Ava, Olivia, and Reva took turns by his side. Harley decided to run away with Rafe to keep him safe. Lizzie drugged Bill to stop him from going to the CEO vote. He showed up in a daze, but the board voted him in anyway. Dinah planned an announcement in the park, but none of their family came. She asked Mallet to come, but he told her to leave him alone. After much consideration, Mallet quit as Chief of Police..
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JUNE 2008
June 2 to 6, 2008
Jeffrey woke up. He told Frank the shooting was an accident, even though he didn't remember it. After becoming angry because of Cassie spending so much time with Jeffrey, Josh took him for a car ride, and Jeffrey's wound began bleeding. Mallet became a regular cop again, and moved out of the Beacon. Dinah told Frank she was responsible for him losing his job as chief. Frank later decked Mallet. Cyrus stole a painting for Adrianna to help pay Harley's bills, but the money disappeared. Coop returned from his book tour, and Blake kissed him. Ashlee twisted her ankle and a stranger helped her up, then disappeared, leaving his dog tags-it was G! G appeared to both Daisy and Cyrus and revealed that he was Cyrus' brother. He told Daisy he wanted to make up for all of the hurt that he had caused her.
June 9 to 13, 2008
Daisy continued to help Grady, also known as G, stay out of sight. Grady made contact with many of the women in Springfield. He told Dinah he wanted to learn from her and Cyrus. She told him she had gone legit. He went swimming with Ashlee, and took money from Lizzie so he'd leave Alan alone. Bill, Ava, Olivia, and Emma moved into the mansion with Dinah. Bill and Dinah threw a party and few people attended, however, Bill announced that he and Ava were engaged-much to everyone's surprise-including Ava! Lizzie told Bill not to get comfortable in her house, and he told her he was having a son. When Bill officially proposed to Ava, Lizzie walked in as it was happening. Alan showed Lizzie all of the pearls for Beth. Lizzie told Alan she wanted all of her family to live together. Mallet and Marina came out about their romance to the Coopers. Frank said he was glad it was someone he kind of liked.
June 16 to 20, 2008
Dinah and Olivia began planning Ava's wedding. Olivia told Remy to move out, but Dinah convinced him otherwise. Ava asked Dinah to be her maid of honor. Jeffrey and Reva decided to postpone their wedding. Daisy admitted to Mallet that she was hiding Grady. Grady was arrested for murder, and Cyrus for aiding and abetting. Buzz bailed out Cyrus. Cassie went to the jail and started to attack Grady, but punched Cyrus instead. Cassie fired Cyrus from his job, leaving him jobless and homeless. Alan wanted to confess for his role in Tammy's death, but Lizzie stopped him. Lizzie also bribed a judge to lower Grady's bail, and then paid it-as long as Grady promised to leave town. Cyrus continued to try to get a hold of Harley. Friday's show ended with Cassie on the phone with Harley. What would she tell her?
June 23 to 27, 2008
Blake had a surprise for Coop-she took off her dress and hopped in his bed! Ashlee walked in on them, as Coop was protesting. Ashlee admitted to having self-image issues, and she broke up with Coop. Ava saw Grady while she was out with Remy. Remy beat G up. When Bill found out, he told Remy to keep his distance from Ava, and move out. Dinah and Olivia gave Ava a wedding shower, which turned into quite an event. Natalia worked the shower. While Natalia was on break, her cell phone rang. Olivia answered and heard Rafe's voice, and took the phone to Natalia. Natalia was upset to hear that Rafe had decided to stay with Harley. Cassie talked to Harley and told her that she had slept with Cyrus. Harley told her she was no longer a friend. She asked Buzz to bring Zach to her in Greece. Cassie told Josh she slept with Cyrus, and Josh walked out. Daisy continued to stand by G's side, including when he walked into the police station to confess to being hired by Alan to kill Jonathan.
June 30 to July 4, 2008
Cassie told Reva about her affair, and Josh leaving. Reva told Cassie she was on her own. Reva and Josh reminisced, but later he and Cassie reconciled. Lizzie rented Harley's house and moved her family in. Alan was arrested for his part in Tammy's death. He was about to confess, but Beth convinced him to let the lawyers handle it. Lizzie found out from Jeffrey that Ava's baby was not Bill's. Lizzie struggled with what to do, but eventually told Bill. Shortly after Remy told Ava he loved her, Bill stormed in, angry about the baby. He told Ava he loved the baby more than he was mad at her. They were married, but Bill spent the night in another room. The Fourth of July brought the Bauer Barbecue, and a depressed Rick-Beth told him it was over. Rick decided to let Josh and Reva host the festivities. Bill told Lizzie he loved her, but he walked away. Rick eventually came back to the Bauer blast, and a fun time was had by all.
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JULY 2008
July 7 to 11, 2008
Josh and Reva attended a screening of the "dailies" for the movie. Josh was enraged to see the ending show in which he left Cassie. He attempted to have Jeffrey shut the movie down. Josh and Cassie attended marriage counseling where Cassie admitted it was a lot of pressure to follow in Reva's footsteps. Reva planted drugs on Grady to have him arrested and keep him away from Daisy. Coop dropped Blake as his agent and decided to go back to teaching. Clarissa Marler was in his class. Bill purchased a cabin. Both Ava and Lizzie thought it was for them. Ava went into premature labor, and was taken to Cedars. Her labor was stopped with medication. The governor had a meeting with Bill to tell him he thought Bill should succeed him as the next governor. Remy and Ava spent time together as Bill went to see the cabin and found Lizzie waiting for him..
July 14 to 18, 2008
Cyrus taped Reva saying that she planted the drugs on Grady. He blackmailed Jeffrey into dropping the charges. Grady was released. Frank found Daisy before Grady, and headed to the airport to take her to Harley. Lizzie was waiting for Bill at the cabin. He told her that he bought it for Ava and Max. He was kissing Lizzie when Olivia called to say she couldn't find Ava. He found Ava with Remy, and Bill once again told Remy to leave Ava alone. Josh kissed Reva. Reva told Jeffrey what happened, and he decided that Reva should move out while she figured out who she wanted-Jeffrey or Josh. Josh didn't tell Cassie about the kiss. Instead, he told her he wanted a baby. Hawk told Reva his motive for the movie was to bring her back to Josh. Reva and Josh attended the recreation of the wedding at Cross Creek.
July 21 to 25, 2008
Reva and Josh were taken back in time at the recreation of their wedding at Cross Creek. After kissing Reva, Josh questioned his relationship with Cassie, and ended it. Reva decided to stay with Jeffrey, and he proposed to her. Later in the week, Josh told Reva that "Always means always," and he wanted her back. As Bill prepared for the governor's endorsement, rumors flew that he was having an affair with Lizzie. Lizzie told the governor that wasn't the case, and she prepared to move to L.A. As she was about to leave, and Bill was saying good-bye, Alan had another vision-that Ava was in labor. Bill rushed to the hospital only to find Ava was not there. Ava was with Remy at Towers, stuck in an elevator. As Remy kissed her, her water broke. Remy rushed her to Cedars where Bill was waiting. Little Max was born prematurely, and rushed to Intensive Care. When Bill and Ava finally got to see Max, they were surprised to find that the baby was interracial -- and Remy's!
July 28 to August 1, 2008
Josh continued his pursuit of Reva. She told him they were over, and he reminded her that he would be her future. Reva went to see Ava, and found her very depressed. Ava told her she wished Max was gone and she could disappear. Reva told Jeffrey, who then took Ava to Chicago for treatment. Jeffrey was appointed legal guardian, and refused to let Bill or Remy in to see Max. After Jeffrey spoke with Remy, he decided to allow Remy in. Bill went to see Max anyway. He and Dinah fought because Dinah told him to let Max and Ava go because Ava and Remy loved each other. In a fit of anger, Bill bagged up Olivia and Ava's things and kicked them out of the mansion. Daisy returned with Frank after he couldn't find Harley or Rafe in Greece. Daisy decided she couldn't live with her family, and she spent the night in her car and showered at school. Marina offered to let Daisy stay at her place. Grady threatened Reva, which Reva used to try to convince Daisy that he was trouble.
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August 4 to 8, 2008
Bill found out that Dinah had given Remy company money to help him leave town with Max. Bill had Dinah arrested, and Mallet posted her bail. Remy and Bill continued to fight over Max. Suddenly, Max took a turn for the worse and died. Remy went to Chicago to tell Ava that their baby had died. Lizzie was by Bill's side to help him. Lizzie admitted that she still loved him, but planned to return to Los Angeles after the memorial. Olivia and Natalia comforted each other over their missing children, Ava and Rafe. Natalia told Olivia that Alan had a vision that Rafe was in danger. Olivia told her not to trust in Alan's visions. Daisy told Grady she didn't know what she would say in court. Jeffrey saw them together, and warned Daisy he would charge her with perjury if she lied in court. Grady's trial began. Grace, one of Alan's groupies, was removed from the jury after Reva saw her talking to Alan. Frank and Cassie testified. Alan saw Daisy at the site where Tammy was run over.
August 11 to 15, 2008
Cassie finished her testimony at Grady's trial. She told Josh she wanted to get a divorce, so they met with Mel. Josh told Cassie he wanted to continue to be R.J.'s adoptive father. Josh also told Cassie he planned to pursue Reva. Josh took breakfast to Reva, which she threw out. Reva and Jeffrey set their wedding date. Daisy testified that Tammy's death was her fault. Daisy said that Grady was distracted while driving because she was high. The jury found Grady not guilty. Bill dropped the embezzlement charges against Dinah. Bill also tricked Dinah into signing away all of the stocks, bonds, and the house. Alan took advantage of Dinah's anger and convinced her to work with him to take away the company from Bill. Lizzie bought a statue in memory of Max, and had a memorial service with Bill, Billy, and Vanessa. Bill thanked her for the statue, and asked her not to leave for Los Angeles. Lizzie decided she wanted Sarah back, and after Alan refused to help her, she went to Jeffrey. Lizzie told Jeffrey she would give testimony against Alan to put him in jail. Alan and Bill argued about Lizzie, and he collapsed. When Alan awoke, he called Bill, "Gus." Bill encouraged him to go to Cedars. When Alan refused, Bill called Lizzie to get Alan help.
August 18 to 22, 2008
Bill convinced Lizzie that Alan needed tests. She took Alan to see Rick. When Alan saw Rick was his doctor, and Lizzie was with Bill, he decided to leave. Rick later called Lizzie and said Alan had a blood clot on his brain, and should be treated immediately. Alan was nowhere to be found. Lizzie struggled with her decision to testify against Alan, and, instead, ignored Jeffrey's calls. Jeffrey postponed the wedding again. Josh thanked Jeffrey for giving him more time to win back Reva. Rafe returned to Springfield. He decided he loved Daisy and wanted to be with her, but Daisy wanted to be with Grady. Rafe went to see Natalia. Natalia called Mallet to turn Rafe in. When Rafe discovered this, he decided to leave town, and hoped Daisy would go with him. Daisy met Rafe at Harley's house where they were surrounded by the police-thanks to Grady's phone call. Grady watched this transpire and laughed.
August 25 to 29, 2008
Blake took Cassie out for dinner. When Cassie came back, she sobbed in her room because she felt so lonely. Cyrus was working on the farmhouse, and came in to see Cassie. He told her he wanted to be friends, but Cassie said that was not possible. Cyrus continued to help Cassie at the farmhouse with repairs. Later, they decided to start over and try to be friends. Rafe surrendered to the police. He was angry with Natalia for turning him in until he realized that it was Grady who made the call. Rafe threatened Grady and told him to stay away from Daisy, and Grady told him that he would do everything in his power to keep Daisy away from Rafe. Bill and Lizzie went to New York to search for Alan. Bill and Lizzie decided to give their relationship another try-until Lizzie heard Bill telling Dinah over the phone that Alan would no longer be a threat. Reva and Jeffrey went in for pre-marriage counseling, only to discover that Josh would be the counselor. After a short time, Reva and Jeffrey decided to leave. They moved up their wedding date, and Jeffrey and Buzz took care of the details to surprise Reva. Reva found a mass in her breast, but decided to wait to tell Jeffrey until she had more answers from the doctor.
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September 1 to 5, 2008
Bill stopped Alan from attending the meeting with Blackthorn Group. Lizzie attended the meeting instead, and took ownership of 49% of Maximus. Bill and Lizzie flew Alan back to Springfield. Rick told them that Alan needed surgery. Alan refused surgery because he did not want to lose his visions of Gus. He told Lizzie she was the future of Spaulding. There was a flurry of activity as Jeffrey, Buzz, and the Coopers prepared for Jeffrey and Reva's wedding. Reva told Jeffrey that her cancer might be back, and that he could call off the wedding if he wanted. Jeffrey told Reva that he loved her and would stand by her. The two were married. When they went to the doctor the next day, they found out that Reva did not have cancer. The doctor told her that she was pregnant. Jeffrey and Reva were shocked and worried, as there was a higher risk of birth defects, as well as a chance her cancer could return. Harley called Buzz to say that she would be staying in Greece because she met someone. Cassie overheard this and told Cyrus. Cyrus walked away angry, but came to see Cassie later and kissed her.
September 8 to 12, 2008
Grady vandalized the outside of Harley's house after he found out that Harley was not coming back. Grady called 9-1-1 to report trouble at the house, and sliced open his arm while he waited for the police to arrive. Daisy, who was on her way to see Rafe, rushed to the hospital instead. As Daisy and Grady were about to leave, Cassie showed up and told Daisy that Grady had turned Rafe in. Daisy decided it was over with Grady. Marina and Mallet prepared Harley's house to go on the market. Alan agreed to have surgery to remove the blood clot from his brain. Alan admitted to Bill, while under sedation, that he had made a deal with Dinah to take the company back. In a fit of anger, Bill threw Dinah out of the house. Dinah went to find Cyrus to see if he wanted to be her partner again. She found Grady instead, and decided he would do. Lizzie arrived at the mansion with movers to announce that a mistake had been made on the foreclosure, and the Spauldings still owned the mansion. Bill discovered that the company owned the property the mansion sat on, which meant that he owned the land, and she owned the house. As a result, both would live together, but in separate rooms. When Reva and Jeffrey were honest with each other, they admitted that they wanted the baby. Excitedly, they decided the baby was worth any risk.
September 15 to 19, 2008
Reva and Jeffrey went to her first prenatal appointment. The doctor gave Reva many restrictions, including no flying. The newlyweds decided to take a road trip for their honeymoon. Josh contacted Reva to say that Shane was missing in Afghanistan. Reva was going to ignore the doctor's orders and go to Kabul. However, Josh called to say that Shane had been found and was fine. Grady disguised himself and attacked Bill. Dinah was upset that Grady did that to Bill, but still wanted to find a way to get back at Bill for throwing her out of the house. Cyrus broke into Cassie's neighbor's house and stole the stereo because the noise was keeping Cassie up at night. Frank arrested Cyrus after he found a witness to the crime who later refused to identify Cyrus because Grady threatened him. Cyrus was released. Ava was released from the clinic, but decided not to return to Springfield. Olivia blamed Remy for it, but later decided to work with him and Jeffrey to try to bring Ava home. Alan remained in a coma. His condition worsened when Bill went to see him. Bill was angry, and demanded Alan wake up. As Bill ranted at Alan, alarms started going off.
September 22 to 26, 2008
Frank offered Natalia a job at Company because she was thinking of working at a strip club. Natalia went to her lawyer, Russo, and asked if she could help in the office to cover her fees. He wanted to come up with another arrangement. As he started to kiss her, Olivia walked in and told Russo to keep his hands off Natalia. Natalia was angry with Olivia because the interruption meant she had to get a public defender for Rafe. Olivia became the new face of Galaxy Hotels. She continued to struggle for breath. Bill met with Decker to try to seal the deal without Lizzie. He told Decker that Lizzie was unable to meet because of family problems. Decker said no deal without Lizzie. Lizzie called Decker during the meeting, not knowing Bill was right there. Decker started a bidding war between the two. Later, when Lizzie and Bill were together at the hospital, Dinah met with Decker and advised against the deal with Spaulding-Lewis. In Dinah's presence, Decker called Lizzie and Bill simultaneously and told them they had bid against each other. Bill and Lizzie kissed. Dinah came up with a new plan for Grady -- she wanted him to break up Bill and Lizzie. Daisy asked Doris if she could be on the task force to help bring in delinquent teens. In return, Daisy wanted Rafe's trial date moved up. Doris agreed, and sent her to work with Marina. Marina did not want Daisy to help. When Marina was away from her desk, Daisy stole a file on Trey Palmer. She went to Towers to meet Trey, and he took her to a seedy hotel room. Trey caught Daisy taking pictures of his drugs, and took her to the basement of the hotel. He found his file in her purse. Marina and Mallet burst into the room. Trey pulled out a gun and placed Daisy in front of him while Mallet pulled Marina behind him.
September 29 to October 3, 2008
Mel and Remy told their parents that they didn't want to live in Harley's house. Clayton told Remy he would let him make his own choices about medical school. Remy decided to apply for the MCAT. During the standoff with Trey, Mallet told Marina he loved her. Daisy freed herself from Trey when she stabbed him in the leg with Grady's key. Josh called Cassie because border patrol would not allow him back in the country. Cassie asked Cyrus to help her sneak into a reception for an ambassador so she could ask the ambassador to help Josh. Dinah sent Grady to try to pick up Lizzie. Lizzie and Bill tried to make each other jealous with Grady and Susie. Bill told Grady he was Lizzie's pet. Later, Grady told Dinah he wasn't anyone's pet, and kissed her. Alan was released from the hospital. He pretended to be an invalid while he formulated his next plan. Later, Alan interrupted the meeting between Bill, Lizzie, and Decker, and closed the deal with Lizzie's help. Rafe got his court date, but decided to take a plea deal instead. A devastated Natalia watched as Rafe was sentenced to two years in prison.
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October 6 to 10, 2008
Cyrus and Cassie were denied entrance to the ambassador's reception. She asked if she could speak with the host, who immediately recognized her as Princess Cassie. Cassie and Cyrus were allowed to speak to the ambassador about Josh. The ambassador tried to hit on Cassie, but after Cyrus threatened him, he backed off and agreed to help Josh. During her first photo shoot, Olivia became very short of breath, and needed a break. She went into a room and collapsed. Natalia found Olivia. Natalia decided to put on one of Olivia's jackets and tell the photographer and Decker that she was Olivia's assistant. Later, Olivia thanked her and offered Natalia work as her real assistant. Decker asked Olivia to tour China, but when Olivia became ill, she and Natalia pitched the idea of a video conference from Emma's school instead. Decker loved the thought of a campaign with family values. Natalia snuck Olivia out of the hotel and took her to the hospital. Vanessa and Billy moved into the mansion. Bill and Lizzie prepared for the presentation with Decker; however, shortly before they were set to start, Lizzie disappeared. She was kidnapped by Grady. After Marina was visibly upset about Mel and Remy moving into Harley's house, the Boudreau family pulled out of the offer. Mallet surprised Marina when he bought the house, and asked Daisy to move in with them.
October 13 to 17, 2008
Reva was bored with resting at home. She went to Towers. Jeffrey found Reva there and told her he would be with her to get her through the pregnancy. Mallet and Marina took on second jobs as security guards to earn their down payment on Harley's house. Frank gave them the down payment. Mallet and Marina found the stereo that was stolen by Cyrus, and they suspected Cyrus and Cassie, who then took a polygraph test. Bill received a ransom note from Lizzie's kidnapper. Bill went to meet a ski-masked covered Grady to give him the ransom money.
October 20 to 24, 2008
After saving Olivia's life, Remy took the MCAT. Rick said Olivia needed a pacemaker. Olivia entrusted the Beacon to Natalia during her recovery. Alan enlisted Jeffrey to find and punish Lizzie's kidnapper. Even with Lizzie's kidnapping out of her control, Dinah managed to impress a flirtatious Decker with her business acumen. Bill pleaded with the kidnapper in a press conference that garnered the FBI's attention. Upon receiving a text message, Bill went alone to a specified location, and took a gun and ransom money. A blindfolded Lizzie escaped Grady; however, Cyrus recaptured her without being seen. Cassie and Cyrus admitted having feelings for each other. Cassie accidentally revealed to Marina that she'd slept with Cyrus once. Josh returned from Afghanistan and told Reva that he was leaving the ministry. He advised her to embrace her miracle baby. Jeffrey decided that since Josh had taken off his collar, they both could take off the gloves.
October 27 to 31, 2008
Dinah met up with Grady again and promised to pay him off. After a heart-to-heart talk with Mallet, she instead placed a disposable phone near Lizzie and set it to call Bill. The police couldn't trace Lizzie's call, but a drunken Bill later discovered a white van, which leaked power steering fluid. Bill followed the fluid trail to the hostage site and fought a masked Grady. Bill rescued Lizzie but then crashed the van during their escape. After arguing with Grady, Daisy happened upon the wreckage and called the paramedics. Lizzie sustained superficial injuries, but Bill required surgery. Lizzie defended Bill to Alan when Rick suspected a comatose Bill of drinking and driving. After Olivia got her pacemaker, she rushed to the prison to defend Rafe, who had been beaten up again by the inmates. Natalia arrived in time to see Olivia lashing into the cavalier warden. As Cassie and Cyrus deepened their relationship, Marina accused Cyrus of robbing the Spaulding mansion. Reva and Jeffrey learned that they were having a baby boy.
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November 3 to 7, 2008
Hoping to push Cassie away, Cyrus hid a stolen necklace in R.J.'s toy. After Cyrus was busted, Cassie decided to move to Hawaii to cope with her repressed sadness over Tammy's death. Olivia appealed to the governor to have Rafe transferred to a better prison. In return, the governor wanted Gus's real estate property. Lizzie kept vigil at Bill's beside, ignoring Alan's pleas that she attend to business. After the company's stock dipped, she held a press conference to reassure investors. Grady confessed to Alan that he'd kidnapped Lizzie. When Grady proposed that he and Alan frame Bill for it, Alan bound and gagged Grady in Lizzie's room. Alan had been about to turn Grady in until Beth entered the parlor, ranting that Alan had to accept Bill as Lizzie's hero. Alan untied Grady and agreed to the plan. A guilt-ridden Dinah decided to leave Springfield to find Bill a specialist. Mallet and Marina clashed over Dinah. Before leaving town, Dinah promised Mallet that she wouldn't be an obstacle in his relationship.
November 10 to 14, 2008
Jeffrey moved Reva into the Beacon until he returned from an interview in Washington, DC. She promptly moved out after realizing that Josh lived on the same floor. Natalia reluctantly sold Gus's house to the governor, and Rafe was transferred to a better prison. Olivia and Natalia treated Decker and his investors to a home-cooked meal. Remy scored well on the MCAT, but Christina did poorly. Despite Ashlee's protests, Daisy reunited with Grady. After sending Frank an anonymous tip pinning the kidnapping on Bill, Grady told Alan that Dinah had constructed the second ransom note. Lizzie proclaimed Bill's innocence, even after discovering a cut-up magazine in Bill's drawer. Grady joined Lizzie on her hunt for the cement pipe she'd fallen into. Frank recovered surveillance footage that could reveal who stole the kidnapping van. Ashlee tried to set Coop up with Beth, but Coop and Beth were already secretly hitting the sheets. Mallet called Dinah seeking a statement to clear Bill, but her phone was disconnected. Marina observed that a housewarming gift from Dinah had come from Mount Arrow Casino. When Mallet invited Marina on a getaway to the casino, Marina accused him of only wanting to find Dinah.
November 17 to 21, 2008
Mallet took Marina to elope at a casino, but Marina changed her mind and decided that Mallet had nothing to prove about Dinah. After a drunken night gambling, their witnesses, Remy and Christina, woke up married instead. Reva learned that she might have leukemia. Dr. Alcott advised her to terminate her pregnancy, but Reva insisted on carrying her baby to term. Lillian knew Alcott, and she advised Jeffrey to seek a second opinion. Cyrus failed to talk Alan and Grady out of framing Bill. Lizzie found a jacket similar to the kidnapper's in Bill's room. Before she could destroy it, Frank confiscated it. Since Frank hadn't presented a search warrant, Lizzie sought to have the jacket evidence suppressed. Lizzie accused Alan of setting Bill up, but Alan threw her off his trail by claiming to falsely confess to the kidnapping for her benefit. Ashlee's interview of Rafe didn't sour Daisy's feelings for Grady. Ashlee set out to frame Grady as her assailant, but when a stranger assaulted her for real, Grady rescued her. Olivia chided Natalia for hoarding her money instead of investing in the farmhouse, but she was speechless when Natalia dumped her life's savings into Decker's high-risk hedge fund.
November 24 to 28, 2008
For Lizzie's sake, Alan reluctantly persuaded Doris Wolfe to allow her to testify before the grand jury in the kidnapping case. At the hearing, Lizzie was stunned when Doris readmitted into evidence the previously suppressed jacket. Prior to winning her indictment against Bill Lewis, Doris thanked Alan for finagling the jacket back into evidence. On Thanksgiving, Bill opened his eyes to find Lizzie at his bedside. After Buzz caught Beth in her negligee awaiting her secret lover, Beth and Coop decided to end their affair. Buzz, Mallet, and Frank got drunk at Company. Mallet proclaimed his love for Marina and revealed that they'd almost eloped. The three men then accidentally set fire to the kitchen, necessitating Marina and Mallet to host Thanksgiving. Natalia dreamed of a better life with the money she'd invested, but Olivia revealed that the hedge fund had crashed. Jeffrey and Reva sought Colin for a second opinion about her cancer treatment. Even though Reva trusted Colin, she still refused chemotherapy. After a heart-to-heart talk with Josh, Reva decided to undergo the treatment. Remy didn't mail the annulment papers in time, causing Christina and him to chase down a county clerk's signature. When the clerk showed them no leniency, Christina said she'd be proud to divorce a good man like Remy.
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December 1 to 5, 2008
Grady boasted to Cyrus about somehow inflicting a wound upon an unconscious Bill. When Bill regained consciousness, Lizzie discovered a fresh scar on his chest that reminded her of injuring her abductor. Sensing a setup, she hired Cyrus to investigate. While travelling in Germany, Dinah called Mallet, who announced his wedding and Bill's indictment. She met Shayne Lewis while he rehabilitated at a military infirmary, but Shayne gave her a fake name. She confided in him about the kidnapping and her desire to return home to help Bill. After a call to Reva, Shayne decided to return to Springfield, too. Once Buzz blabbed Beth's secret to Lillian, Coop informed Buzz that he was Beth's secret lover. Beth tried to end things with Coop again, but they wound up in bed. Frank secured Rafe a prison job. Too stressed by her finances, Natalia refused a date with Frank. Olivia implored Decker to return Natalia's investment money. Decker exposed Olivia's illness and forced her to resign in exchange for Natalia's money. Weary of her overbearing family, Marina mulled having a clandestine wedding. Mallet flew Eleni to town, and Frank secretly planned to throw Marina a Cooper wedding. Christina unwittingly crashed the Boudreau family's Thanksgiving, where she announced that she was Remy's wife.
December 8 to 12, 2008
Shayne Lewis foiled Marina's wedding by punching Mallet. The next day, Mallet gathered her family and married her on the spot at the courthouse. Dinah warned Alan and Grady that they wouldn't succeed in framing Bill. While Grady hid his scar with a tattoo, Cyrus blackmailed Alan to keep his secret. Reva delayed telling Shayne about the cancer resurgence when she saw him in a wheelchair. When Bill overheard Lizzie expressing guilt for doubting him, he hoped that cooperating with the police would vindicate him. After his statement contradicted other evidence, Mel vowed to suppress it. Hoping to push Remy and Christina closer, Mel abandoned their divorce case, leaving them to legally handle the divorce themselves. Remy and Christina bonded while visiting her ailing grandmother. Christina discovered that a grant she wanted required her to be married. After Olivia resigned, Decker reneged on his end of the deal-until Olivia threatened to sue him for firing her. Olivia handed Natalia a hefty check, and Natalia deduced that Olivia had sacrificed her career to get the money back. Frank set up a Christmas tree drive to benefit Rafe's defense fund, and he arranged for Rafe to work at it through the prison labor program. Beth accidentally spent an entire night with Coop after an argument with Alan.
December 15 to 19, 2008
Ava stunned Remy by arriving on his doorstep to ask him to travel to San Francisco with her. As Remy wrestled with his decision, Christina overheard Ava tell Olivia that the only thing holding Remy back from the trip was work. Christina told Remy that she busy for the holidays, and she tossed his Christmas gift into the trash. Natalia purchased the farmhouse after Olivia agreed to rent a room from her. Upon moving in, the women clashed over the décor. Once Ashlee persuaded Doris to hire Grady, Doris quickly discovered that his shady talents could be useful. Daisy agreed to move in with Grady after she feuded with Mallet and Marina. Bill confided in Dinah that he couldn't remember the events surrounding the kidnapping. Bill hid the detail from Lizzie. After Lizzie recovered from exhaustion at the hospital, Bill convinced her to travel to Macau to save the Decker deal. Buzz warned Beth and Coop that Alan might kill Coop over their affair. Coop and Alan each invited Beth on trips for the holiday. Beth lied to Alan in order to go with Coop. After Jeffrey informed Shayne about Reva's cancer, Shayne and Reva had a heart-to-heart talk. Later, Shayne parked his car on the train tracks and awaited the oncoming train.
December 22 to 26, 2008
Even though Dinah and Shayne claimed that the kiss they shared meant nothing, Dinah accepted Shayne's invitation to accompany him to Reva's holiday party and then on to Europe afterward. Jeffrey flagged Shayne's passport, ending their plans to leave Springfield. As Bill fixated on proving that Alan was the real kidnapper, Dinah pressured Cyrus to take action. Since she didn't trust Cyrus' plan to steal evidence from a police storage unit, she convinced Shayne to help her torch the storage unit instead. Upon discovering that Doris was inside the blazing unit, Shayne rescued her while Dinah discretely called emergency services. Olivia and Natalia clashed over décor and religion, and Olivia decided to return to the Beacon after the holidays. Emma ran away from home after overhearing her mother's decision, but Frank quickly alerted Olivia to Emma's whereabouts. Desiring to give Emma a stable environment, the women recommitted to living together. When Remy told Ava about Christina, Ava rescinded his invitation to go to San Francisco with her. Ava concluded that she and Remy had moved on with their lives, and she bid him a poignant goodbye. Buzz lectured Coop about his brazen attempts to persuade Beth to sneak out of town with him. Beth had waffled about the trip, but after reading excerpts from Coop's novel, she agreed to go. Beth gave Alan her final decision to attend the "law conference," and Alan unexpectedly invited himself, James, and Peyton along on her trip.
December 29, 2008 to January 2, 2009
Doris awarded Shayne a medal for rescuing her from the fire, but Shayne tossed it into the lake. He protested hanging out with Dinah on New Year's Eve, but she still wound up in his lap for a kiss just twelve seconds before the new year. After Coop learned that a conflicted Beth had received a marriage proposal from Alan, Coop assumed their affair was over. Beth drugged Alan with sleeping pills in order to sneak off with Coop, but upon seeing Coop inside Company with Ashlee, Beth second-guessed her involvement with a younger man. Doris hinted to Grady that Ashlee liked him and then hinted to Ashlee that Grady liked her. Ashlee offered Daisy and Grady the spare room at her place. Olivia ordered all of Natalia's favorites from Company to console Natalia after Natalia shared that Rafe's new lawyer had been unsuccessful in appealing Rafe's case. Olivia then asked Frank to be Natalia's surprise date at the dinner for two. After being treated like the town pariah on New Year's Eve, Alan vowed to Alex that he would once again be feared in Springfield. Bill guessed that Dinah had set the evidence fire, and as he thanked her; he said that Doris hadn't enough evidence to prove the fire had been arson. Lizzie returned home in time to attend Bill's court case dismissal. When Lizzie suggested that Bill hold a press conference to publicly vindicate himself, Bill revealed that he couldn't remember whether or not he really had kidnapped her.
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