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January 7 to 11, 2008
Hannah completely unraveled. After trying to kill Kendall, but injuring Ryan instead, she fled to Josh's apartment. Hannah held Josh hostage for a time and confessed everything to him. She blamed Kendall for stealing her life with Zach. When Zach and Kendall arrived at Josh's apartment, Josh managed to call out a warning and wrestled Hannah for the gun. Unfortunately by the time Zach and Kendall managed to break in, Hannah was gone. Ryan's brush with death gave him a new outlook on things. Richie's diabolical plans to frame Annie for stabbing him were put on hold when he received stunning news from the doctor: there was a slim chance of recovery if Richie had a bone marrow transplant. Babe was torn between her feelings for Richie and JR. Colby waited for Sean in the park, thinking he'd stood her up. When she ran into Dre, they talked and he opened up a bit about his life. Knowing that Dre needed a place to stay, Colby showed him the tunnels in the Chandler mansion. Later, Dre told Colby that his mother had died during the 9/11 attacks but her body was never recovered. In another section of the park Sean waited for Colby when Hannah crossed his path. She made quick work out of seducing the young man and they left the park for a more private setting. Later, Sean woke up naked with Hannah in bed. He listened in as she called Zach to arrange for a meeting. Greenlee's recovery was slow. Richie took steps to be released from the hospital. He arranged for Chambers to meet an untimely death and used it to his advantage. Zach and Hannah met at the falls. Zach was forced to hear all the ugly truths about Hannah's life. He managed to talk her down and then turned to leave. Unfortunately, Hannah lost her footing. In a desperate attempt to save her, Zach reached out to Hannah and they both disappeared over the edge. Kendall and Greenlee, having just arrived, were forced to watch in horror.
January 14 to 18, 2008
Zach was plagued with guilt over not being able to save Hannah after they fell over the cliff. Kendall reminded Zach that it was Hannah's choice to let go of his hand. Greenlee continued to struggle to recover from her ordeal in the bomb shelter. Adam offered to tell Tad where his daughter was, provided Krystal ended her marriage to Tad and reunited with Adam. Quentin was reluctant to seek medical attention. Aidan pressured his friend until Quentin finally relented. Julia grew suspicious when she heard Quentin use medical jargon. Joe was surprised when he walked into Quentin's room. Richie grew frustrated over Annie's reluctance to be tested to see if she could donate bone marrow to her brother. Colby was devastated to learn that Sean had slept with Hannah. Angie Hubbard returned to Pine Valley.
January 21 to 25, 2008
Krystal turned to JR for help with getting Adam to reveal Kate's whereabouts. Richie made a deal with Annie: In exchange for her being tested as a possible donor, Richie would leave town after the transplant. For insurance, he gave her a signed confession of all of his crimes. Annie was concerned by Ryan's erratic behavior. Kendall was surprised to learn that Greenlee had found her journal, written while Zach was missing, and sent it to a publisher who was interested in it. Angie Hubbard's return to Pine Valley quickly turned from joy to horror when her patient, Quentin, turned out to be her son, Frankie. It was a race for a cure as both Frankie and Greenlee's health continued to deteriorate. While Frankie was resting, a visitor stepped into his room. The man had an uncanny resemblance to Frankie's father, Jesse.
January 28 to February 1, 2008
Adam found a way to secretly listen in on JR's private conversations. He presented JR with a ring he claimed had once belonged to Adam's own father. He went on to tell JR that the ring bore the family crest that Adam's father had envisioned for his family. JR was touched by the gesture, not realizing that the ring was bugged. Erica was pressured to book a very handsome senator, who also happened to be a widower, as a guest on her show. Annie learned that she was not a match for Richie. Richie turned to Emma for help. He suggested that she convince her parents to let her help her dying uncle. Ryan and Annie made it clear to Richie that they would not allow Richie to exploit Emma. Ryan woke up one morning with no memory of Annie or his daughter, Emma. He appeared to have experienced significant memory loss. Greenlee and Frankie continued to suffer setbacks as a result of the poisoning. Angie grew frustrated as time seemed to be running out. No one believed Frankie when he insisted that he had seen his father, Jesse. Tad was stunned when he caught a glimpse of Jesse.
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February 4 to 8, 2008
Thanks to Angie's ability to think outside of the box, she was able to come up with an antidote for Greenlee and Frankie. Both turned a corner and their health improved. Kendall left town to promote her book, "Charm!" and ended up sitting next to Aidan on the flight out of town. A bout of nausea worried Kendall. Tad caught up with Jesse and was shocked to learn that his best friend was very much alive. Tad was determined to help Jesse. He enlisted Aidan's help. Ryan had a difficult time dealing with the fact that he had lost four years of his life. Annie was crushed when Ryan confessed that he no longer loved her. She vowed to find a way to make Ryan fall in love with her all over again. JR lost the ring that Adam had given him. Babe suggested having a replacement ring made before Adam noticed that it was missing. Erica was shocked to learn one of her accounts had been frozen. Joe suggested that Angie visit Jesse's grave. She decided it was a good idea, not realizing that Jessie was there at that very moment.
February 11 to 15, 2008
Ryan learned of Erin's murder. The more that Ryan learned about his life, the more he began to feel that Zach had stolen everything from him. Kendall worried that she might be pregnant. She confided her fears to Erica. Erica met US Senate hopeful, Samuel Woods. Jackson felt threatened. Tad and Krystal decided to play Cupid by arranging for Angie and Jesse to cross paths. Angie was at the train station when she looked up and saw Jesse on a train as it began to pull out of the depot. She ran after the train, calling out to Jesse, to no avail. As Angie turned around and started walking back, the train returned to the station. Angie watched, with her heart in her throat, as the passengers disembarked. Jesse was the last to step off the train.
February 18 to 22, 2008
Angie and Jesse reunited. Frankie followed Tad and Krystal to the cabin in the woods where his parents were hiding out. Angie, Tad, Frankie, and Krystal tried to convince Jesse to make a stand against the people who were hunting him. Spike's cochlear implant was turned on and worked wonderfully. Kendall's pregnancy test was negative. Kendall and Aidan tried to put the past behind them. Erica was arrested and charged with insider trading. Samuel later added attempted bribery of a public official to the charges and announced that he intended to prosecute the case. Greenlee and Zach were questioned about the bones they had found in the bomb shelter. JR agreed to be Richie's bone marrow donor after some prodding from Babe. Jesse's enemies found him. Richie made plans for JR.
February 25 to 29, 2008
Jesse's enemies were drawing ever closer. Frankie registered to intern at Pine Valley Hospital. Zach hired Aidan to accompany Kendall out of town. Zach wanted to make sure Ryan stayed away from his wife. Annie told Ryan their marriage was not working and he needed to move out. Ryan was desperate to get his memories back after he had a heartbreaking talk with Emma. Erica finally realized just how dire her legal troubles were. She turned to Adam and Palmer for help, but surprised everyone by announcing at a press conference that she would plead guilty and do her jail time to avoid wasting tax payer money on a long, drawn-out trial. Richie arranged to steal JR's bone marrow and then made it appear that he went on a drinking bender. Greenlee offered to help Ryan recover his memories. Kendall found an unwelcome visitor in her hotel room when she stepped out of the shower. A new gambler was connected to Jesse's case.
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MARCH 2008
March 3 to 7, 2008
Tad and Angie questioned John Remington's mother. She told them that she suspected that her son worked for the FBI and then showed them the necklace he gave her. As they left, she gave them a box of papers. Tad warned Angie that they were being watched. Tad met his Uncle Robert, Ray Gardner's brother. Opal bristled when she met him, but then expressed remorse over judging prematurely after he told her about the abuse he suffered at his brother's hands and the recent loss of his wife of over 30 years. Later, Robert contacted the men looking for Jesse. Babe and Krystal found JR in a hotel room with a hooker. Babe refused to believe JR when he insisted that he had not fallen off the wagon, but Krystal believed him. Colby became concerned when she found JR confused, stumbling around and running a fever. Richie was frustrated when his doctor informed him that it was too early for him to be released. Annie and Ryan made love but it was a memory of Kendall, not Annie, that returned to Ryan. Ryan covered it up by saying he remembered brushing off a lock of her hair. Annie was thrilled. Kendall was shocked to find a man in her bedroom. She realized the danger she was in when he became aggressive and refused to let her leave or use the phone. She was proud of herself when she managed to fight him off. Greenlee and Zach spent time together while Kendall and Aidan were out of town.
March 10 to 14, 2008
Tad decided that the best way to keep Krystal and Jenny safe was for them to move in with Adam. Adam was quick to take advantage of the situation by trying to rekindle things with Krystal. Erica was surprised when the judge refused to accept her plea bargain after learning how little jail time Erica would have to serve. Annie, deeply hurt, told Ryan that he would never touch her again. Ryan showed up at Kendall's book signing. Aidan warned Ryan to leave Annie, Greenlee, and Kendall. Babe pleaded with JR to let her go once and for all. Krystal admitted to Babe that she believed JR's story about being kidnapped and drugged. JR told Krystal that he intended to ask Babe to marry him again. Rob continued to work on Tad to get closer to Jesse. Erica had a surprising reaction after the judge sentenced her for her crimes. Jesse had a breakthrough after talking to Tad about the night he "died."
March 17 to 21, 2008
In a shocking twist, Rob revealed that he worked for the FBI. Jesse and Angie tried to adjust to living a normal life. Krystal was alarmed after learning that Adam had a recent cardiac episode. Carmen forced Erica to go on the run after their prison transport van crashed in a rainstorm. Carmen made it clear that she intended to find her ex-boyfriend and kill him. Samuel offered his help to bring Erica home safely. Colby found herself feeling more than just friendship for Frankie. Tad gave Aidan some friendly advice about Kendall. Annie was furious when she realized that Ryan had been lying about his recovery. Joe had surprising news about the cause of Mrs. Remington's death.
March 24 to 28, 2008
Rob had his men grab Frankie and Colby to use to lure Jesse out of hiding. The plan worked but things did not play out the way that Rob intended. Colby and Frankie managed to escape while Jesse tried buy them time by offering to lead Rob to where the "treasure" was buried. Angie and Krystal figured out that Mrs. Remington's necklace was the key. Erica shared a prison cell with Carmen. Richie suffered a setback during which he had disturbing dreams of JR. Krystal made it clear to JR that while she believed in his sobriety she would not support his decision to try to work things out with Babe. Zach was relieved when Kendall admitted that she spent time with Ryan in Los Angeles. Gunfire broke out as Frankie and Colby tried to help Jesse. Tad and Adam also came to the rescue.
March 31 to April 4, 2008
Richie had difficulty hiding his fury when he realized that Babe had made arrangements for him to live at Opal's. JR's health continued to deteriorate and he collapsed in the hospital. Angie worked frantically to figure out what was going on with JR. Samuel offered Jesse a job but Jesse turned it down. Jesse and Angie took a stroll down memory lane and decided to reaffirm their love and commitment. Annie allowed Ryan to spend some time with Emma. Aidan was deeply hurt by Greenlee's rejection of his marriage proposal. Annie worried over the implications of Greenlee's decision. Greenlee confessed to Ryan that he was part of the reason that she couldn't accept Aidan's proposal.
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APRIL 2008
April 7 to 11, 2008
A passionate kiss with Ryan made Greenlee realize that she didn't want to lose Aidan. Ryan remembered more of his past. A very drunk Aidan inadvertently revealed a bit too much in front of Annie. Kendall covered for him but the guilt weighed heavily on her. Jesse and Angie had an eventful honeymoon night at the Valley Inn. Jack and Zach caught up with Erica and Carmen. Colby kissed Frankie. Babe was furious when she learned that JR was diagnosed with Hepatitis A. JR began suspecting Richie of being behind all of his recent troubles. JR vowed to vindicate himself. Annie decided to start divorce proceedings. Jesse told wonderful stories about Tad's sister, Jenny. Krystal was deeply touched by Adam's birthday gift to little Jenny. Erica warned Kendall that it would be the end of her marriage if Kendall told Zach that she slept with Aidan. Annie revealed more than she realized when she told Zach about Aidan's drunken escapades.
April 14 to 18, 2008
Kendall told Zach about her night with Aidan. Jesse was certain that his grave held important answers. Erica told Carmen that she asked Sam Woods to help Carmen. Angie asked Krystal how she felt about Adam. Greenlee insisted on Kendall and Zach joining her and Aidan for dinner. Greenlee wanted to celebrate her recent engagement to Aidan. Aidan went to see Zach about a job. Ryan and Annie rushed Emma to the hospital. She had an allergic reaction to a bug bite. Adam was diagnosed with panic attacks. Tad felt uneasy about Rob's continued presence in Pine Valley. Colby decided to attend Pine Valley University. JR tried to convince Babe to give him another chance.
April 21 to 25, 2008
Adam reached out to JR and asked him for help running the business. A bizarre occurrence left Adam rattled. Kendall and Zach burned down Tad's cabin. It was a symbolic gesture to put Kendall's night with Aidan in the past. Unfortunately, Zach had trouble letting go of it. Cassandra called Angie to let her mother know that she was headed to Pine Valley. Jesse, surrounded by family and friends, looked on as his coffin was exhumed and opened. Annie tripped and hit her head. She lied to Ryan about what happened. Erica decided to become a crusader for prison reform with plans to implement changes that would allow her fellow prisoners a real chance at rehabilitation. Jack agreed to be Carmen's new attorney. Erica landed in solitary confinement.
April 28 to May 2, 2008
Aidan agreed to lead a rescue mission in Darfur for a kidnapped Cambias employee. Greenlee couldn't shake the feeling that she would never see Aidan again. Annie sabotaged herself at Fusion to further her plans for Ryan to become her protector. Cassie arrived in Pine Valley and began settling in. She made fast friends with Colby and met Dre. Rob broke into the Hubbards' apartment to search for the diamond. He was forced to hide when Colby and Cassie arrived unexpectedly. Erica had a difficult time in solitary confinement. She was haunted by her past. Samuel and Jackson put pressure on the warden to release her back into general population. Adam learned that it wasn't Father Clarence haunting him, but Dixie. In an unknown location, a man was being held prisoner. He was forced to perform emergency life-saving surgery on one of his captors.
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MAY 2008
May 5 to 9, 2008
Aidan attempted to rescue Jake Martin from his captors in Darfur. Greenlee and Kendall were horrified when a live feed of Aidan and Jake in captivity ended explosively. Angie was stunned to find Jake Martin was a patient at Pine Valley Hospital. Jesse and Tad questioned Hazel about Kate. Dixie warned Adam that she would haunt him until he told Tad where Kate was. Adam turned to Opal for help. Babe caught Richie in the park with the same hooker she had found JR with. She realized that Richie had set up JR. Richie blackmailed Annie. Opal called on billionaire Warren Buffett to help Erica.
May 12 to 16, 2008
Greenlee was thrilled when Aidan returned home, safe and sound. Greenlee found that she was no longer certain that she wanted to have children. Joe, Jake, and Tad reunited at the hospital. Jake opened up to Greenlee about his life in Africa and made it clear that he was determined to return as soon as possible. Ryan's memories of Annie began to return. Annie learned that Ryan's vasectomy might not have been effective. Babe had a glimpse of the real Richie. Erica accidentally told Jack that Kendall and Aidan spent the night together. Jesse and Cassandra had a heart-to-heart talk. Rob drugged Cassandra. Adam told JR that Dixie was haunting him. JR decided to have Adam committed to Oak Haven.
May 19 to 23, 2008
Greg Nelson returned to Pine Valley for Jesse and Angie's wedding. Jesse and Angie exchanged vows, surrounded by friends and family. JR and Babe rekindled things between them. Adam continued to be haunted by Dixie. She warned him that the worst was soon to happen. Kathy saw Dixie. Greenlee was livid after learning that Aidan and Kendall had sex while she and Zach were trapped in the bomb shelter. Things took a deadly turn when Rob managed to gain the upper hand at Jesse and Angie's wedding. Jesse made a daring leap for love -- from a rooftop to an in-flight helicopter.
May 26 to 30, 2008
Jesse managed to rescue Angie and capture Rob. Julia's gunshot wound proved to be fatal. She died in the hospital. Before she passed away, Dixie's ghost visited her and told Julia that Kathy would be fine. Tad lapsed into a coma after being shot by Rob. While in a coma, Tad and Dixie reunited and grew old together. Greenlee vowed to make Kendall to pay dearly for sleeping with Aidan. Greenlee kissed Zach. Dre talked to Cassandra about losing his mother in the September 11th attacks. Tad began walking into the light with Dixie.
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JUNE 2008
June 2 to 6, 2008
Tad learned from Adam that Kathy was his daughter, Kate. He was also told that Julia had died. Adam tried to justify his actions to Tad. Babe's quest for answers sent her undercover as a prostitute. Ryan continued to have difficulty reconnecting with Annie. Greenlee and Ryan shared a kiss. Annie consulted with a fertility doctor about having Ryan's baby. Adam reached out to Erica. Greenlee and Jake ended up drinking and sharing tales of woe. Krystal and Tad prepared to talk to Kathy.
June 9 to 13, 2008
Angie worried that Jesse would rejoin the police force. Annie continued with her plans to get pregnant with Ryan's baby. Greenlee provoked Kendall during a tennis game and then slapped her with a lawsuit when Kendall hit a ball that struck Greenlee in the face. Kendall learned that Greenlee and Josh slept together. Tad and Dixie shared a bittersweet goodbye. Tad talked to Kathy about their future. Richie landed in the hospital. JR accused Richie of stealing his bone marrow. Zach bumped into Richie at the hospital and recognized him.
June 16 to 20, 2008
Richie was taken into custody. Annie's jealousy grew, along with her desperation. Richie blackmailed Annie. He expected Annie to pay for his bail or he would tell Ryan about her baby plans. Zach's fury mounted as he thought of all of the things that Richie cheated him of. Tad helped Kate settle into her new home. Carmen received wonderful news. Jesse accepted a job -- as a professor. Jake discovered a genetic abnormality in Ryan's brain.
June 23 to 27, 2008
Angie warned Frankie not to get too involved with his patients after she found him arguing with Randi. Randi continued to push Frankie away. Angie gave Jesse her blessings to rejoin the police force. Richie was found beaten. Zach appeared to be guilty of the deed. Richie represented himself in court and managed to convince the judge to grant him bail. The judge ordered an ankle monitor for Richie. Jake decided to move in with Greenlee in order to protect her from Richie. Carmen was released from jail. Erica was sad to see her friend go. The prison went into lockdown mode, trapping Erica and Samuel together. Richie escaped and found Greenlee at Fusion.
June 30 to July 4, 2008
Kendall and Greenlee rushed to Babe's rescue after Richie kidnapped her. The three ladies managed to overpower Richie and tie him to a chair. Annie was nearby and managed to sneak in and free her brother. Colby celebrated her birthday by drinking alcohol. Cassandra and Dre were forced to drive her home. Samuel and Erica shared a kiss. Samuel admitted that he had feelings for Erica. Carmen started her first day as Adam's new maid. After an argument with Richie, Annie was seen alone on the side of the road. She appeared shaken up as she called Ryan.
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JULY 2008
July 7 to 11, 2008
Richie Novak was discovered dead on the road, an apparent hit-and-run victim. Jesse investigated the murder and soon learned that there wasn't a shortage of suspects. Zach was arrested at Fusion after Annie revealed that Richie had said Zach had paid the prison guard to look away while Zach beat Richie. Annie also claimed that Richie feared Zach after Zach threatened to kill Richie. Ryan watched as Greenlee appeared to be injured in her boat. The teens agreed to keep quiet about Colby's accident the night before. Pete Cortlandt discovered what appeared to be blood on Colby's front bumper. Angie and Frankie were at odds over Randi after Frankie brought the young woman home to recuperate. JR offered to buy Fusion for Babe.
July 14 to 18, 2008
Ryan regained all of his memories. Kendall realized that Ryan was still in love with Greenlee. Jake had second thoughts about living with Greenlee when he accidentally walked in on Greenlee and Aidan during an intimate moment. Colby turned to alcohol to deal with her stress. Sam told Erica that she had served her time and would be released from prison. Not everyone was happy for Erica's good fortune. Bertha took Erica in a chokehold and then pulled out a knife. Pete told Palmer that he wanted to postpone going to Harvard for a while. Adam threatened to frame Pete for rape if he said anything about Colby's car being involved in an accident. Jesse found a lead to the car that hit Richie. Jake ordered blood tests for Annie after she fainted, and found that she was pregnant.
July 21 to 25, 2008
Ryan learned that Annie was pregnant. At first he suspected Annie of having an affair until he discovered that his vasectomy wasn't successful. Ryan's feelings for Greenlee were unchanged as he committed himself to Annie and their unborn child. Greenlee tried to play matchmaker between Amanda and Jake. Colby continued sneaking alcohol. Erica was released from prison. Randi fled the women's shelter after Fletcher tracked her there. Annie bought a nanny-cam, hoping to catch Colby, Cassie, Dre, and Pete confessing to Richie's murder. Cassie and Colby suspected someone was following them.
July 28 to August 1, 2008
Kendall warned Zach that something was off with Annie. Ryan found a key, hidden by Annie, in a broken picture frame. Annie's jealousy and resentment toward Greenlee continued to grow. Annie decided to deal with the situation by hatching a plan to rid herself of Greenlee permanently. Annie's problems mounted when she began seeing Richie's "ghost," and he seemed to take pleasure in taunting Annie about her homicidal tendencies. Erica's date with Samuel turned into an event when Kendall and Zach, then later Jackson and Carmen, were asked to join the couple for dinner at the Yacht Club. The police questioned Colby, Dre, and Cassandra about Richie's hit and run. All three confessed to driving the car, so Jesse was forced to arrest them all.
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August 4 to 8, 2008
The Laverys and Slaters embarked on a short trip during which Annie hoped to renew their friendship. Annie continued to have visions of Richie. Frankie learned that Randi's new life had a price. JR took his sister, Colby, to an AA meeting. Aidan and Greenlee met an elderly couple who made the young couple rethink their decision to delay marriage. Jesse continued to investigate Richie's murder. Tad suggested that perhaps Richie had been dead when the teens struck him with the car.
August 11 to 15, 2008
Aidan and Greenlee were married in Las Vegas. Annie was delighted by the news. Her joy turned to annoyance when, during the flight home, Ryan and Greenlee found themselves locked in the bathroom. Kathy began acting out against Krystal. Jesse and Tad zeroed in on Annie as their main suspect for Richie's murder after Tad discovered that Annie's lug wrench was missing from her car. Pete declared his love for Colby but when she had a less than thrilled reaction, he backpedaled and said it was a joke. Carmen passed on a job with Fusion so that Randi could be hired instead. Jack said goodbye to Erica for good, and then made a date with Carmen. Erica told Sam that she was the one who broke things off with Jack. Jake met a new woman named Taylor. Taylor served with Frankie in Iraq and shared a story about Frankie's heroics with Angie and Jesse.
August 18 to 22, 2008
Frankie was tempted to steal drugs in order to secure Randi's future. Jake and Amanda went out on a date. To their surprise, they enjoyed each other's company. Annie's erratic behavior continued to escalate. After she quit her job at Fusion, Annie tried to recruit Amanda and Babe to take over Fusion. Amanda turned Annie down while Babe decided to align herself with JR. Seizing the opportunity, Annie went to Adam and offered to help him with his takeover bid. Kendall and Greenlee found the post office box that Annie's mysterious key opened. Inside, they found an envelope. Kendall and Greenlee opened the letter and realized that they needed to share the contents with Ryan. Erica figured out that Carmen and Jack were attracted to each other. Erica gave Carmen her blessings to date Jack but warned her that Jack might be trying to make Erica jealous. Cassandra took steps to leave Pine Valley for good. When Dre learned of her plans, he offered to run away with Cassandra. JR, Tad, and Krystal mistakenly believed that they addressed the problem that made Kathy act out against Krystal.
August 25 to 29, 2008
Cassandra and Dre changed their minds about running away to Canada. Instead, Cassandra decided to go to Paris. Before she left, Cassandra gave Dre a book of her poetry. Ryan realized that Annie had planned her pregnancy. Annie cleverly painted herself as the victim and convinced Ryan to stay in the marriage for the sake of their children. After experiencing painful cramps, Annie was advised to rest. Annie decided to tell Ryan that she was fine. Erica was not happy when she saw Jack and Carmen kissing. Krystal believed that she had made progress with Kathy but the opposite was true. A nightmare about Krystal only intensified Kathy's mistrust of her stepmother. Greenlee refused to consider reconciling with Ryan after Kendall revealed that Ryan was still in love with his ex-wife. Aidan was furious when he learned of Ryan's feelings for Greenlee. Jake moved into Jamie's old apartment. He soon learned that he wasn't the only one. Taylor had a signed lease to the apartment. Jesse seemed reluctant to talk about his life over the past 20 years. Frankie told his father about Fletcher's attempt at extortion.
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September 1 to 5, 2008
Fletcher grabbed Randi during the launch party for Bella. Taylor came to her new friend's rescue. Unfortunately, while Taylor held Fletcher in a chokehold, she suffered a flashback. As a result, Taylor broke Fletcher's neck, killing him instantly. Despite Adam's best efforts and the shocking death, Bella's launch was a success. Annie continued to unravel as her marriage fell apart and Ryan drifted further away from her. Ryan was surprised to discover that Adam was Annie's new ally. Aidan insisted that Greenlee cut off all ties with Ryan. Greenlee refused. Jesse opened up to Angie about his past. Josh came under suspicion after Zach discovered a large sum of money missing from his company. Zach decided to deal with the problem privately. Kendall walked in on Josh asking her husband if Zach intended to kill him. Kathy's violent behavior escalated when she pushed Krystal off of a ladder. Krystal demanded that Tad get Kathy professional help. Erica remained uncomfortable over the idea that Jackson and Carmen were lovers. Angie was stunned to learn that Frankie had been redeployed and would soon ship off to Iraq.
September 8 to 12, 2008
Angie begged Frankie to reconsider his decision to return to Iraq rather than petition for a deferment or exemption. When Frankie refused, Angie turned to Randi for help. Samuel told Erica that the charges against Dre had been dropped. Erica turned down Samuel's invitation to join him on the campaign trail. Tad and Krystal met with a counselor about Kathy. Kendall asked Ryan to help Josh disappear. Ryan offered to give Zach restitution for what Josh had taken from him. Taylor continued to experience flashbacks. Annie discovered where Adam kept his gun. Annie stole the gun and slipped over to Greenlee's apartment to kill her. Abdominal cramps derailed Annie's plans. Later, at the hospital, Annie was ordered to rest while they ran tests. Kendall went to talk to Annie and the women argued bitterly. Annie's cramps returned. An ultrasound confirmed that Annie had lost the baby. Ryan was stunned by the news. Annie told Ryan that she was ready to tell him the truth about everything.
September 15 to 19, 2008
Annie lost the baby she had been carrying. Kendall maintained that Annie was up to no good. Annie confronted her brother's ghost once and for all and banished him. Randi offered to run away with Frankie to keep him from redeployment, but he refused. Angie and Tad became more suspicious about the mysterious phone calls Jesse had been getting, as well as his behavior. Amanda questioned Jake about the tenuous connection he made with Taylor. The Fusion ladies prepared for the official launch of Bella, and Kendall got wind of Adam's plans to hijack Fusion. She asked Erica to seduce Adam as a way to find out the specifics of his plans. Pete moved forward with his plans to taint Bella, but carelessly left it out at the Chandler mansion and Carmen was accidentally dosed. Kendall continued to push Ryan to let his feelings out, and urged him to do so with Greenlee. Greenlee in turn confronted her best friend about her unacceptable behavior. JR and Babe got engaged. Zach cornered Kendall about the status of their marriage. Pete was struck by lightning while he was in the midst of poisoning a batch of Bella.
September 22 to 26, 2008
Ryan was furious when he found a gun in Annie's room. Luckily for Annie, Adam came to her rescue and told everyone that he had placed the gun there during the time the Satin Slayer had targeted the women of Fusion. Ryan wasn't placated, so he took custody of Emma. Things took a dramatic turn when Annie enlisted the help of a social worker and to collect Emma. The Hubbards were disappointed when Frankie was arrested for DUI. Jesse revealed to Angie that he had been involved with someone during his 20-year absence. Jesse insisted that the relationship was over and he was completely committed to Angie. While under the influence of tainted Bella perfume, Greenlee mistook Aidan for Ryan and confessed that she wanted to have Ryan's baby. Babe and JR announced their engagement to friends and family. Babe witnessed a meeting between Pete and Adam as they discussed their plans for Fusion's downfall.
September 29 to October 3, 2008
Something wicked this way comes, or so Opal believed after she experienced several visions portending doom. Taylor turned to Frankie for help dealing with the tremors in her hand. Frankie suggested that Taylor inform her therapist that she was on medication. Unfortunately, Taylor ignored Frankie's advice. Jake suspected that Taylor was on tranquilizers when she had met with her therapist. Pete spied on the ladies at Fusion for Adam and tainted another batch of Bella. Frankie signed a lease for an apartment and asked Randi to move in with him. Randi turned Frankie down because she feared the intimacy of being with a man who wasn't a client. Colby was stunned when she caught Adam and Erica kissing! Pete warned Adam that Erica was onto his scheme to take over Fusion. Annie lost custody of Emma after Adam recanted his story and told the police that Annie had stolen the gun, found in Emma's room, from Adam's locked cabinet. Was someone following Annie? It appeared so after several strange incidents during which Annie was attacked from behind. Later, a mystery person dressed in black approached little Adam while he played in the living room, unattended. Angie found a woman lurking outside of her apartment. The woman claimed that she was waiting for a neighbor. As Jesse returned to his apartment, he came face-to-face with a woman from his past.
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October 6 to 10, 2008
Opal continued to be plagued with visions of doom. Dr. Price told Zach that Annie was unstable. Zach eavesdropped on Annie's therapy session and heard Annie admit that she killed Richie. Later, Zach used the confession to pressure Annie to give Ryan custody of Emma. Annie suspected Greenlee of stalking her. Pete came clean to Colby about his involvement with Adam and sabotaging Bella. JR and Babe decided to pack up little Adam and move to San Diego where they had shared happier times. Amanda and Randi fielded phone calls about tainted Bella. Kendall learned that the FDA intended to shut down Fusion while an investigation into Bella was launched. Aidan's decision to bug Greenlee's earring backfired. He mistook a private moment between Jake and Amanda as an illicit encounter between Ryan and Greenlee. Taylor paid Brot's mother a visit. She was stunned to learn that Brot had never told his mother of their engagement. The mystery woman in Jesse's hallway turned out to be his daughter, Natalia. Natalia was in Pine Valley to persuade her father to visit her mother.
October 13 to 17, 2008
As tornados loomed on the horizon of Pine Valley, Opal suffered a heart attack at the Comeback. Luckily, Angie and Frankie were on hand to start Opal's heart and stabilize her until the paramedics could take her to the hospital. Greenlee admitted that she was in love with Ryan. Ryan was overjoyed until Greenlee pulled back. Greenlee was afraid that loving Ryan would lead to another broken heart. Adam and Erica found evidence that someone had been living in the tunnels of Chandler mansion. Unfortunately, as a tornado struck the house, Adam and Erica found themselves trapped inside the tunnels. When a candle sputtered out, they realized that their oxygen might have been depleted. Annie tracked Emma and her nanny, Corrina, to a movie theater. While Annie yelled at Corrina, Emma disappeared. Kendall became concerned when she heard emergency warning sirens sound moments after Zach left for the store. Zach's car was clipped by a twister and he crashed. He managed to escape certain death moments before the car exploded. In the midst of the horrific weather, Kendall received a surprise visitor. Moments later, a tornado hit the Slater house. When Zach arrived at the scene, it was Bianca he found in the rubble, not Kendall. After a tornado touched down on the Comeback, JR was faced with an unimaginable decision. To save his son, he had to risk Babe bleeding to death.
October 20 to 24, 2008
As tornados ripped through Pine Valley, destruction led to tragedies and miracles. Babe succumbed to her injuries despite heroic efforts on behalf of the doctors. David Hayward showed up at the hospital moments after Babe's passing. Kendall sustained severe head trauma and lapsed into a coma. Her brain surgery was hampered as a twister hit the hospital. During the surgery, Kendall suffered a near-fatal seizure. Bianca went into labor. Zach was forced to deliver his daughter in the rubble of his ruined home. Ryan realized that Annie had told the truth about Emma's disappearance. Their search for their child led Ryan and Annie to the Chandler mansion. Convinced that Emma was in the tunnels, Ryan, Annie, Pete, and Colby began digging through the debris. They found Adam and Erica and quickly rescued them. Angie learned that Jesse had fathered a daughter and been involved with another woman while he had lived on the run. Frankie did not react well to the news. David vowed vengeance on all who had a hand in Babe's death. Frankie told Bianca that there had been an accident involving the emergency vehicle that Erica was riding in. Ryan and Annie received a ransom note. It warned them not to contact the police, or Emma would die. An altercation between Zach and Jake led to Taylor inadvertently being pushed down a flight of stairs.
October 27 to 31, 2008
Bianca was overjoyed when Reese and Miranda joined her in Pine Valley on Halloween. When Reese suggested names for the baby, Bianca confessed that she and Zach had been calling the baby Gabby. They told her that the name Gabrielle meant "God's hero." Reese thought the name suited the baby. Bianca happily accepted Reese's proposal of marriage. Father Clarence paid Kendall a visit. Later, Kendall's finger moved. Unfortunately, no one saw it happen. Annie was shot when she tried to meet the kidnapper's ransom demands. Ryan received further instructions from the kidnapper. Angie met Natalia's mother, Rebecca. Rebecca told Angie that she did not have any designs on Jesse; she insisted that she was in Pine Valley to see Natalia. Angie was uncomfortable when she witnessed an intimate family moment between Jesse, Natalia, and Rebecca. Angie was on hand when Rebecca collapsed. David decided to rent the Wildwind estate. JR placed a wedding ring on Babe's finger after a heartwrenching memorial service. An ugly scene erupted between JR and David after JR said his final goodbye to Babe. Krystal was stunned when she saw David sitting in a chair, resting a gun against his head.
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November 3 to 7, 2008
Jake ended things with Amanda because of his feelings for Taylor. Heartbroken, Amanda turned to David for comfort. Jake and Taylor grew closer and kissed. Tad made a shocking discovery. His new client was Brot, Taylor's ex-fiancé. Jesse learned that Rebecca had an inoperable brain tumor. Natalie was devastated by the news. Frankie and Randi reached out to Natalie. Rebecca suffered a seizure. David told Zach that there was hope that Kendall would recover. Zach decided to send Kendall to Canada for further treatment. Ryan, Greenlee, and Aidan followed Annie's trail after she was kidnapped. Their search led to two unmarked graves. Krystal convinced JR to remain in Pine Valley with Little Adam. Krsytal had a disturbing dream about David. Ryan received a frantic call for help from Annie. After the call abruptly ended, Annie was shown relaxing in a bubble bath, sipping champagne, and grinning.
November 10 to 14, 2008
Aidan caught up with Annie. The two conspirators discussed the kidnapping hoax and their hopes for winning back Ryan and Greenlee. Annie called Di Henry to check on Emma. Later, when Annie and Di met up in a hotel room, Di told Annie that she was onto her old friend. Di warned Annie that she would not take the fall for Emma's kidnapping. To Annie's surprise, Di was armed with a gun. Later, a shot rang out as Ryan, Greenlee, and Aidan closed in on the hotel room. Taylor felt sensation in her legs and, later, moved her foot. Angie told Jesse how she really felt about Jesse's life with Rebecca. Amanda got drunk and passed out in a bar after she left David's bed. David offered to pay Amanda five million dollars to ruin JR. JR was tempted to take a drink from a champagne bottle after Amanda tried to seduce him. Erica moved into Adam's mansion. Reese and Bianca decided to extend their stay so that Reese could help rebuild the town after the devastating tornados. Pine Valley had a visit from its founder, Aggie. Aggie was born in 1870 and carried around a book titled All My Children.
November 17 to 21, 2008
Aidan was taken to Pine Valley hospital. As Greenlee prepared to sign consent forms authorizing his surgery, Aidan woke up and told her not to sign the papers. Amanda donned Babe's dress and called JR. When he realized that the dress belonged to Babe, he was livid, and tried to tear it off of Amanda. Erica misread the situation and accused JR of attempting to rape Amanda. Amanda was disgusted with herself and told David that she refused to help him destroy JR. After Di was killed, Ryan became convinced that she had been framed. He suspected Annie of being the mastermind behind the kidnapping. When Ryan confronted Annie, she pulled a gun on him and threatened to shoot him. Krystal and Tad made love, but it was David that Krystal dreamed of. Greenlee learned that Erica had saved Fusion and decided to run the company. Bianca reached out to Reese's mother, but she hung up on Bianca. Bianca and Reese had Gabrielle baptized. Erica stood in for Kendall as godmother. Erica insisted that she was not in love with Adam. Adam pushed until Erica did admit that she was wildly crazy about him. Kendall's eyes fluttered open briefly but no one witnessed it.
November 24 to 28, 2008
Amanda thought it was pathetic that David was trying to tear down the town while everyone else was working to rebuild it. David made Amanda promise not to reveal his plans to anyone. JR offered to pay for Amanda's boat repairs as a way of apologizing. Aidan told Greenlee he knew about Annie's plot to stage Emma's kidnapping in order to win Ryan back. Greenlee turned to Tad for help and asked him to encourage Aidan to have the surgery that he needed. Annie jumped from Ryan's balcony. She survived the fall and managed to get away. Unfortunately, Annie was in the midst of some kind of psychotic break and she suffered delusions. Zach was advised to take Kendall home to die. Annie made an appearance at the Confusion fundraiser for tornado victims. She was dressed in a blood-stained wedding gown, her lipstick was smeared, and she was holding a knife. Upstairs, in the Fusion offices, Erica lay crumbled on the ground in a pool of blood.
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December 1 to 5, 2008
Taylor learned that Brot was alive and staying in Pine Valley. When they came face-to-face, Taylor was startled to see his extensive burn scars. Brot took her reaction as a sign of rejection. Jake realized that Taylor needed time to decide whom she wanted to be with: Jake or Brot. Erica received an invitation from both Adam and Jackson to convalesce in their homes. Erica decided to stay with Adam. Kendall was brought home to Pine Valley. Everyone took turns sitting at Kendall's bedside and talking to her in the hopes of bringing her out of the coma. Zach shared a secret with Reese: Kendall's heart condition was worsening. A judge decided that Annie needed to be institutionalized. Aidan wasn't convinced that Annie had truly lost her mind. Annie attacked Aidan. Krystal continued having difficulty dealing with Babe's death. In her grief, Krystal repeatedly turned to David, who took full advantage of the situation. Amanda helped JR and Little Adam decorate a Christmas tree.
December 8 to 12, 2008
David schemed to get closer to Krystal. He put a sleeping pill in her milk and arranged for Tad to leave town. Tad received a call from a doctor claiming that Jamie and Jeff had disappeared in the Congo. Natalia begged Angie to ignore Rebecca's DNR order after Rebecca collapsed. Rebecca emerged from her coma after she was taken off life support. Zach told Reese the truth about Kendall's grim prognosis. Bianca sensed that Reese was keeping something from her. Reese's father paid his daughter a visit. Taylor told Brot that she would let go if he told her that he did not love her. Brot walked away without saying anything. Emma was confused after an encounter with Annie. Annie was admitted to a sanitarium. Aidan told Greenlee that he was leaving Pine Valley for good. Aidan turned up at Annie's sanitarium as a patient.
December 15 to 19, 2008
Randi's life as a prostitute was revealed to the world thanks to an Internet website. Bianca was troubled after she discovered that Reese had been engaged once before, to a man. Zach told Bianca the truth about Kendall's condition. David announced that he was Pine Valley Hospital's new Chief of Staff. Krystal was upset after David leaned in to kiss her. As she sped away from Wyndemere, she lost control of her car and crashed. Brot turned himself over to the U.S. Army official who had been looking for him. Ryan went to the sanitarium to give Annie a picture of Emma. Ryan's presence agitated Annie. Emma was disappointed when Ryan failed to show for her Christmas pageant. Beloved Pine Valley resident, Myrtle Fargate, died. She passed away in her sleep. Friends and family gathered to say goodbye and reflect on their memories of her. Myrtle left behind special Christmas gifts for those who were important to her. Myrtle's final gift to Zach reminded him to be patient. He decided to give Kendall more time to recover.
December 22 to 26, 2008
Krystal realized that David had drugged her milk with sedatives on several occasions. David claimed that he had slipped her the mild tranquilizers to help her. In her fury, Krystal trashed her living room and knocked over a candle. Later, as smoke filled the house, David managed to rescue Krystal before it was too late. Ryan and Greenlee made love. Ryan learned that Annie had overdosed, and he rushed to the hospital. Greenlee was rattled after she found a video of Ryan, Annie, and Emma celebrating Christmas the year before. Annie managed to escape from the sanitarium. She went to Ryan's apartment and found it empty. Taylor turned to Zach for help. Zach arranged for Brot to be released from jail and the charges against him dropped. Kendall's spirit was with her family during Christmas. Amanda managed to tempt JR to drink. David was delighted to hear about JR's lapse in sobriety when Amanda called to update him.
December 29, 2008 to January 2, 2009
Krystal was stunned when she returned home and found that the fire damage had been repaired. Krystal was impressed with David's generosity and kindness when she learned that he had arranged for the repairs to her house. Ryan and Greenlee were shocked when they found Annie in Ryan's penthouse. When Annie realized that she wasn't Emma, she reached for a knife and lunged towards Greenlee. Ryan managed to subdue Annie until the police arrived. Greenlee was shaken by the incident. She felt that Annie wouldn't stop going after her until Greenlee was dead. Later, when Ryan proposed, Greenlee turned him down. She couldn't shake the visions of her dead body floating in a tub filled with flower petals. Greenlee turned to Opal for help. Opal assured Greenlee that things were fine, but later, Opal appeared troubled by what she had "seen." When Ryan proposed again, Greenlee happily accepted. JR didn't blame Amanda for his relapse with alcohol. Colby turned down Pete's invitation to spend New Year's Eve with him. Bianca came face-to-face with Reese's ex-fiancé, Simon. Reese tried to help Simon understand why she had left him. Taylor feared that Brot would leave town if she regained full use of her legs. Joe learned that Tad had disappeared, along with Jeff and Jamie, in the Congo. David fired Jake because of his "reckless" habits. Dr. Sinclair removed a flash drive from a laptop computer in the sanitarium's storage room.
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