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January 1 to 5, 1996
Erica was on the verge of telling Dimitri everything until Jonathan convinced her that it would be a mistake. Erica feared that she would end up alone, but Jonathan vowed to support her. Charlie was offered a dream job in California. Cecily agreed to move to Silicon Valley with Charlie. Bobby went to Wildwind to give Anita a special present. The following day, rumors began to circulate around the school that Bobby and Anita had slept together. Bobby happily confirmed the lies about his relationship with Anita. Liza received a letter that Louie had written before his death, which revealed the details about Erica's drug addiction. Liza decided to use the information to persuade Erica to host another show. Taylor was reluctant to testify against Noah. Trevor tried to get the truth about Noah out of Taylor, but she stuck to her story. Mateo slipped into Taylor's apartment and found Louie's gun hidden in a drawer, but Taylor walked in on Mateo. Everyone was surprised when Palmer defended Michael's decision to be open about Michael's homosexuality.
January 8 to 12, 1996
Taylor denied that the gun that Mateo had found was Louie's. Taylor warned that if Mateo turned the gun over to Derek and Jack, it would suggest that Noah's actions had been premeditated. Julia was furious when she saw Mateo spending time with Taylor, but he explained that he was simply trying to get inside of Taylor's head. Jason ranted to Tad about Dixie's "flaming queer" friend. Tad defended Michael, but he was angry that Dixie hadn't told him the truth. Gloria urged Michael to take legal action against the school for suspending him without reason. Laurel told Trevor about her brother's suspension. Trevor didn't agree with Michael's lifestyle, but he conceded that Michael was a good teacher. Janet was not pleased when Brooke offered Pierce a job painting a mural near the location where Brooke would be spending a few days skiing. Junior walked in on Tad and Liza during a heated kiss, but he quickly ducked out of sight before they noticed his presence. Dixie was concerned about Junior's behavior toward Liza, so she asked her son what was wrong. Junior told Dixie about Tad and Liza's kiss. Scott told Anita that Bobby had made a bet with Kevin that Bobby could have sex with Anita. Ruth returned for Charlie's wedding.
January 15 to 19, 1996
Michael had reservations about Trevor representing him, but Laurel assured her brother that Trevor wanted to help. Taylor gave Mateo the gun and told him to do whatever he wanted to do with it. Taylor and Mateo kissed. Mateo was not pleased that Hayley was spending time with Jason, so he warned Jason not to hurt her. Anita confronted Bobby about the bet, but he insisted that he would never do something that despicable. Kelsey was stunned when Anita quickly forgave Bobby. Jonathan was furious when Erica didn't answer his phone calls, unaware that she had taken too many pills and was out of it. Erica made a memorable speech during an awards ceremony. Liza was shocked when Dimitri mentioned that Erica's doctor was Dr. Kinder. Jonathan sought out Liza. Kelsey asked Edmund to be her Lamaze coach and later told one of her classmates that Edmund was her husband. Pierce and Janet's relationship continued to unravel. Janet rushed to Amanda's side when Amanda was taken to the hospital with pneumonia. Pierce refused to delay his travel plans.
January 22 to 26, 1996
Taylor paid Noah a visit in jail. Mateo overheard Taylor and Vivienne talk about Taylor's miscarriage. Mateo confessed to Julia that something about Taylor's miscarriage didn't jive. Julia enlisted Maria's help to access Taylor's patient records, which revealed that Taylor had never been pregnant. As Trevor questioned Taylor on the witness stand about her pregnancy, Taylor's doctor entered the courtroom. Trevor was livid when he caught Janet visiting Amanda. Brooke and Pierce hit a patch of ice on their way to the mountains and skidded off of the road. Brooke recalled that there was a cabin nearby, so they made their way there. Brooke and Pierce were caught up in the romantic setting and made love. Adam became suspicious when Brooke and Pierce's stories about what had transpired in the cabin didn't mesh. Erica visited Mona's grave to plead with her mother to help her. Mona told her daughter that Erica could overcome her addiction if Erica wanted to. Erica went to Myrtle's to admit that she had a drug problem and needed help. Myrtle and Opal arranged for Erica to get treatment at the Betty Ford Center. Kelsey was hurt when no one appeared to remember her birthday.
January 29 to February 2, 1996
Dixie ended up in the all-too-eager comfort of Jason's arms. Dixie cried on Jason's shoulder before realizing that she might be sending him mixed signals. Jason was reluctant to let Dixie go, and when Michael discovered them, Jason's temper exploded. Jason called Michael a litany of homosexual slurs, stunning Dixie. Erica was delighted to get a phone call from Dimitri before she entered rehab. Mateo confided to Hayley that he was pretending to be interested in Taylor to get Taylor to open up to him. Noah decided to take the stand in his own defense. After Julia testified, Noah accused her of putting the final nail in his coffin and broke things off with her. After overhearing Noah's argument with Julia, Taylor informed Noah that she couldn't let him go to jail. Jonathan asked Liza to do a show on alternative medicine so that he could clear his name, since she owed him a favor. To make up for missing her birthday, Edmund gave Kelsey a credit card so that she could go shopping. Maria was not pleased with Kelsey's spending spree. Edmund told Joe that Kelsey had decided to remain in Pine Valley. Maria checked her calendar after a bout of nausea and realized that she might be pregnant. Brooke and Adam patched up their differences.
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February 5 to 9, 1996
Trevor was furious when he saw Michael out with Rudy, fearing that it could hurt Michael's case. Insisting that he and Rudy were just friends, Michael threatened to fire Trevor. Anita overheard Kevin admit that he was gay. Jason was outraged when Kevin confessed to being gay on The Cutting Edge. Laurel was shot during the mayhem that broke out during the taping of Tad's show. Maria told Edmund that she might be pregnant, but she wanted them to keep the news to themselves for a while. Kelsey overheard Maria and Edmund's conversation and decided to leave town. Kelsey demanded money from Bobby and threatened to reveal that he was the father of her unborn child if he did not comply. Maria was disappointed when her pregnancy test was negative. Kelsey hitched a ride out of town, but the man abandoned her on the side of the road after stealing her money and belongings. Kelsey called Wildwind, and Edmund made it to her just as an ice storm hit. Kelsey's water broke, and Edmund helped deliver her baby boy. Julia and Noah remained determined to pretend that they hated each other to trick Taylor into lowering her guard. Taylor offered to break Noah out of jail. Noah asked Julia to get a recorder so that he could tape Taylor making damaging statements. Noah was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison. Mateo admitted to Hayley that he wanted to be more than just friends.
February 12 to 16, 1996
Laurel's death sent shockwaves through Pine Valley. After Janet was arrested for Laurel's murder, she received a visit from Mirror Janet. Taylor staged a crash to free Noah from prison, but Noah called Julia and asked for her help. Noah and Julia managed to escape to parts unknown. Erica quickly made enemies in the rehab clinic. Hayley found Mateo and Taylor in a compromising position. Edmund and Maria hoped that Kelsey wouldn't change her mind about giving her baby up for adoption.
February 19 to 23, 1996
Loved ones gathered for Laurel's funeral. Jason decided to get his affairs in order because he realized that he had killed Laurel. Erica left the Betty Ford Center because she couldn't follow the rules. Erica assured Jonathan that she was cured. Erica was shocked when she saw the footage of Laurel's shooting on television. Dimitri was not pleased when he was informed that Erica had left rehab. Erica called Travis, hoping to talk to Bianca, but he refused to let that happen. Jonathan persuaded Erica to return to rehab, reminding her that he had gone to jail because he had taken responsibility for her accident. Janet tried to ignore the voice inside her head, which urged her to join the "dark side." Laura was arrested for shoplifting. Brooke decided to open her home to Laura so that Laura wouldn't be put into the foster care system. Edmund and Maria asked Kelsey to breastfeed the baby, who was not getting the proper nourishment. Noah and Julia decided to jump ship after they discovered a box containing a dead woman's body.
February 26 to March 1, 1996
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MARCH 1996
March 4 to 8, 1996
Derek figured out that Taylor had slept with him in an attempt to get pregnant. Taylor was furious when Derek fired her. Taylor managed to ferret out where Noah and Julia were. Jason called to ask Dixie to visit him in jail. Tad and Liza slept together. Later, Liza was livid when Tad informed her that he and Dixie had reconciled. Janet became homicidal when she saw Pierce and Brooke in bed together. "Mirror Janet" warned Janet not to give in to the urge to kill the lovers, because Janet would end up in jail if that happened. Noah and Julia took refuge with one of Grace's friends. Noah and Julia were shocked when they encountered the woman who had appeared to be dead on the ship. The woman, Corinne, assured Noah and Julia that she had not been on a ship recently.
March 11 to 15, 1996
Taylor headed to Jamaica to find Noah and Julia. Dimitri visited Erica at the Betty Ford Center. Kelsey was determined to steal Edmund away from Maria.
March 18 to 22, 1996
Michael's case against the school board headed to court. Janet plotted revenge against Brooke and Pierce. Tad and Liza battled for the station manager job.
March 25 to 29, 1996
The jury reached a verdict in Michael's case. Marian vowed revenge on Tad. Janet vowed revenge on Brooke. Taylor caught up with Julia, and disaster followed.
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APRIL 1996
April 1 to 5, 1996
Kelsey took steps to try to seduce Edmund. Gloria caught Janet snooping through Brooke's house. Janet claimed that she was simply dropping off a résumé. Dr. Kinder offered Janet a job as his receptionist. Pierce nearly discovered Janet's recording of Brooke's voice. Erica completed her treatment at the Betty Ford Center. Dimitri remained aloof around Erica. Laura was caught shoplifting again. Derek warned Brooke that Laura would end up in state custody if Laura ever shoplifted again. Noah and Julia were reunited. Someone found Taylor's unconscious body and carried her away.
April 8 to 12, 1996
Erica told Jonathan that he was no longer a part of her life. Kelsey threatened to take Sam away from Maria. Noah and Julia committed suicide.
April 15 to 19, 1996
Erica finally admitted her dealings with Jonathan. Liza vowed to get revenge after losing the station manager contest. Somebody pulled a disappearing act.
April 22 to 26, 1996
Janet blackmailed Jonathan. Marian told Dixie about Tad and Liza's affair. Julia and Noah's bodies returned to the mainland.
April 29 to May 3, 1996
Hayley was shocked when Mateo told her about the ruse regarding Julia's demise. Noah explained that it had been a ploy to force Taylor to confess. Later, Julia and Noah were reunited with the rest of the Santos clan. Kelsey threatened to tell Anita that Bobby had gotten Kelsey pregnant if Bobby didn't give Kelsey some money. Kelsey plotted to gain an invitation to live with Opal. Anita overheard Bobby claim that he had only slept with Kelsey once. Edmund and Maria spent the day in Central Park with Sam. Marian played the tape of Tad and Liza talking about their affair over the station's intercom. Tad raced to Liza's office to stop the tape, but the damage was done because Dixie had heard everything. Marian claimed that she had been looking out for Liza. Dixie decided to leave town.
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MAY 1996
May 6 to 10, 1996
Taylor was jailed, but some of the charges were later dropped. Baby Sam fell ill. Janet decided to find out who Jonathan's mystery woman really was.
May 13 to 17, 1996
Noah coped with new financial difficulties. Janet figured out who the mystery woman was and still had time to work on her impersonation of Brooke English.
May 20 to 24, 1996
Joe ordered Kelsey back to Oregon. The mystery woman's identity was finally revealed, but her secret was not. Trevor caught Janet impersonating Brooke.
May 27 to 31, 1996
Trevor figured out Janet's plan, but an ensuing accident threatened to keep her secret hidden. Janet was kidnapped. Kelsey hid out in Wildwind after telling Julia who baby Sam's biological father really was.
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JUNE 1996
June 3 to 7, 1996
Erica and Dimitri decided to take things slowly. Trevor slowly recovered from the accident that had left him without any feeling in his legs. Joe told Trevor that the tests were inconclusive, so Joe didn't know if Trevor would regain sensation in his legs. Trevor put on a brave front for the sake of the children. Jack learned that Trevor's car had been tampered with. Jonathan held Janet prisoner. Jonathan planned to kill Janet after stealing her money. Laura was hurt when she learned that Janet had left without saying goodbye. Pierce wanted to tell Laura about his relationship with Brooke, but Brooke decided that they needed to wait until after Laura's finals. Toni Kinder was revealed to be Skye Chandler, Adam's daughter. Toni/Skye managed to escape her bedroom prison and make it to Wildwind's grounds before collapsing. Everyone gathered for Noah and Julia's fairytale wedding. Brian Bodine returned to town.
June 10 to 14, 1996
Brian and Hayley prepared to relive their prom. Olga had a new job offer for Noah. Kelsey continued her quest to get Sam back.
June 17 to 21, 1996
Anita and Bobby made plans to be together. Kelsey filed to rescind the custody agreement. Brian told Hayley why he was really back in town.
June 24 to 28, 1996
Julia told Edmund that Bobby was Sam's biological father. Edmund decided to delay telling Maria until he had a chance to talk to Bobby. Anita made plans to elope with Bobby. Palmer discovered that Bobby had fathered Kelsey's baby and intended to run away with Anita, so he called Nina after barring Bobby from leaving the mansion. Kelsey told Anita who Sam's biological father was. Toni/Skye managed to communicate with Janet through the air duct, offering Janet advice on how to avoid being drugged. Mateo feared that he and Hayley were drifting apart. Brian declared his love for Hayley, but she insisted that she had moved on with Mateo. Hayley told Mateo that he was the one whom she wanted to be with.
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JULY 1996
July 1 to 5, 1996
Erica learned that Bianca was having trouble coping with Erica's addiction. A court order said that Edmund and Maria had to give up Sam, but Maria decided to flee the country instead.
July 8 to 12, 1996
Jonathan drugged Erica and tricked Dimitri into believing that she was having an affair with Jonathan. Janet and Toni escaped their prison. Grief turned to passion for Dimitri and Maria.
July 15 to 19, 1996
Noah got backlash for ditching his modeling gig. Nina wanted Anita to reconcile with Bobby, but Anita wasn't interested in doing so. Janet and Erica teamed up against Jonathan.
July 22 to 26, 1996
Julia pawned her engagement ring, infuriating Noah. Kelsey devised a plan to help Bobby obtain some money. Erica helped Janet realize who Toni really was.
July 29 to August 2, 1996
Anita was finally allowed to return home without the fear of being shipped off to Mexico. Marian learned that Liza was pregnant. Jonathan had to deal with three women who each had a vendetta.
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August 5 to 9, 1996
Skye and Adam reunited with each other. Laura and Janet also reunited, as did Erica and Dimitri. Liza found out that she was not pregnant. Brooke told Pierce that she couldn't see him anymore.
August 12 to 16, 1996
Tad and Gloria began seeing an awful lot of each other. Laura learned why Janet had really left Pine Valley. Dr. Kinder asked Marian to run away with him. Julia and Noah plotted to get Maria and Edmund together.
August 19 to 23, 1996
Janet's loose lips keyed Hayley in to Trevor's condition, which turned out to be psychosomatic. Edmund and Maria finally put their differences aside and got back together. Skye used Adam to get Liza fired. Jonathan used Marian to escape from the hospital.
August 26 to 30, 1996
Bobby agreed to marry Kelsey, and she agreed to give Sam back to Edmund and Maria. Pierce left Pine Valley. Liza learned that she might have cancer.
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September 2 to 6, 1996
After Liza verified that she did not have cancer, she told her mother to leave town. Despite some problems, Hayley and Mateo's engagement party proceeded as scheduled. Arlene returned to town. Bianca also returned to Pine Valley, but danger might have followed her.
September 9 to 13, 1996
Skye planned a sneak attack on Hayley during a performance on The Cutting Edge. Tad flew to Pigeon Hollow to talk to Dixie. Joe and Ruth learned of Kelsey's marriage. Erica and Janet teamed up to find Bianca's kidnapper.
September 16 to 20, 1996
Dixie ended her marriage to Tad in a letter that Stuart was asked to deliver to Tad. Liza threatened to take a job in San Diego. Even in death, Jonathan continued to cause problems for Erica and Janet.
September 23 to 27, 1996
With a little help from Myrtle, Hayley and Mateo purchased Hal's bar. Stuart planned a surprise party for Skye. Janet and Erica learned that burying a body in a rose garden was harder than they had ever suspected.
September 30 to October 4, 1996
Palmer and Opal figured out why Bobby and Kelsey had gotten married. Liza and Adam made a bet on their dating abilities. Erica wanted out of Linden House. Janet got a new job. Skye got wise to Erica and Janet's scheme.
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October 7 to 11, 1996
Hayley finally told Mateo that she had bankrolled the bar purchase. Bobby and Palmer schemed to get Kelsey out of their lives. Kelsey lost Sam at the airport. A mystery woman watched Noah.
October 14 to 18, 1996
Bobby returned Sam to Edmund and Maria, but the Greys didn't want Bobby out of the picture. Hayley had news for Janet about a new job. Hector gave Anita permission to start dating Bobby again. Noah's mom returned to town and promptly found herself in danger.
October 21 to 25, 1996
Noah and Belinda both had encounters with their mother. Grady's true identity was revealed. Trevor made an appointment to see Dr. Tolan. Erica and Skye asked Janet to scare Marian to stop Marian from making anonymous phone calls to the police.
October 28 to November 1, 1996
Trevor kept his appointment with Dr. Tolan. Red Kilgren showed a different side of his personality. The cops closed in on Grady after Noah agreed to go to prison. Belinda was shot at the Pine Cone Motel.
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November 4 to 8, 1996
Belinda was hospitalized in serious condition, but later pulled through. Julia agreed to undergo hypnosis to pinpoint the shooter. Erica was arrested for Jonathan's death after she confessed to killing him. Janet was caught trying to dig up Kinder's body to get rid of Marian's rug.
November 11 to 15, 1996
Bobby and Kelsey's marriage was voided, but Hector still refused to let Anita date Bobby. Grady rigged Julia's car to prevent her from identifying Belinda's shooter. Noah planned to shoot down Grady, but it was Hector whose life ended up on the line.
November 18 to 22, 1996
Liza looked at wedding dresses. Tad invited Gloria to have Thanksgiving dinner with his family. Julia picked the gunman out of a lineup. Hector and Grady were killed. Someone who was supposed to be dead turned up in the tropics.
November 25 to 29, 1996
Marian was reunited with Jonathan, but her love and money were soon stolen from her. Laura listened in on Red's phone calls. Maria learned that she was pregnant. Noah and Julia faced the fact that they would have to leave Pine Valley.
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December 2 to 6, 1996
Brooke and Adam shared a kiss and discussed their feelings for each other. Liza met a mystery man in the middle of nowhere. Julia testified against Slade. Peggy told Dimitri about a family disease after learning that Maria might be carrying his child. Erica regained control of Enchantment and arranged a tea party so that Amanda and Janet could spend some time together.
December 9 to 13, 1996
Jake learned that "Ace" was really Liza Colby. Jake saw Liza with Tad before returning to Pine Valley. Janet was arrested for violating a restraining order. Gloria accepted a date with another man. Skye overheard Dimitri suggesting that he might be the father of Maria's baby.
December 16 to 20, 1996
Dimitri and Maria headed to a clinic to determine the paternity of Maria's baby, unaware that Skye was waiting to take a peek at the results. After clashing over Amanda, Janet and Trevor reached a remarkable understanding. Liza and Adam got married, and everyone was afraid to stop the festivities.
December 23 to 27, 1996
Red gave the gift of Christmas miracles to Pine Valley. Brooke wanted to adopt Laura. Trevor allowed Janet to visit with Amanda. Mateo's friend agreed to fly Hayley and Matt back to Pine Valley, but they encountered some harsh weather conditions mid-flight.
December 30, 1996 to January 3, 1997
Pierce returned to Pine Valley. Holidays opened with a New Year's Eve bash. Amanda wanted to meet Janet's daughter. Brad asked Michael to move in with him. Skye pressured Andy for the paternity results. Erica got stunning news from Joe.
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