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January 4 to 8, 1999
When Palmer accused Opal of having an affair with Adrian, she blurted out that Adrian was her son. Adrian was stunned to learn Opal was his mother. Palmer gloated when he told Tad that Adrian was his brother. Dixie covered when Tad caught her taking medication. Dixie admitted she had sabotaged Tad's dates with other women. During the charity ball, the police arrested Ryan on charges that he had raped Kit. Despite the DNA evidence, Ryan told Gillian that he had never slept with Kit. Hayley was arrested after creating a diversion so Gillian could help Ryan escape from the cops.
January 11 to 15, 1999
Erica promised not to turn Ryan over to the cops after she found him at Linden. Ryan and Gillian learned Hayley had been arrested for not revealing Ryan's whereabouts. Mateo urged Hayley to turn in Ryan before her incarceration ruined his chances for custody of Max. Raquel warned Mateo that she would use Hayley's arrest to get custody of Max. Mateo was furious when he woke up in bed with Raquel, who had joined him and Max while they slept. Opal told Tad and Adrian that Adrian's father, Frank, had been the love of her life. Adrian was angry to learn Belinda had known, but had kept mum, that Opal was his mother.
January 18 to 22, 1999
Dixie was close to telling Adam about her heart problem. Adam stole the video Dixie had made for Junior to watch in the event of her death. After watching the video, Adam told Junior that Dixie was terminally ill. Tad told Liza and Jake to butt out of his personal affairs after he caught them trying to sneak a peek at David's medical files on Dixie. Mateo failed to convince Ryan he should turn himself in. Gillian knocked Mateo out cold when he threatened to turn Ryan in to the cops. Tipped by Gillian, Raquel later got Mateo to the hospital.
January 25 to 29, 1999
After Ryan refused the money David took to the ice shack, David told him that Gillian had slept with him to get the bail money and had offered to sleep with him for the getaway money. Ryan became ill after jumping in the lake to elude the police. Jack arrested Ryan and Gillian, who realized David had told the cops where to find them. Gillian confronted David with a gun after her release from jail. Hayley was also released from jail.
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February 1 to 5, 1999
After finding Junior at Tad's place, Dixie had David explain her illness to the boy. David promised Junior that he would save Dixie's life. After accidentally viewing Dixie's tape, Liza played it for Tad. Later, Tad whisked a surprised Dixie away from Chandler Mansion. Jake helped Gillian see Ryan in the hospital. Gillian was thrilled that a delirious Ryan said he loved her. Erica was stunned David let Joe take over when Vanessa, the older woman Erica was talking to, collapsed with chest pains.
February 8 to 12, 1999
After Tad "kidnapped" Dixie and took her on a romantic trip to New York City, she was stunned to learn he knew she was ill. Tad and Dixie made love after she agreed to marry him. Adam told Liza that he had been wrong to tell Junior that Dixie was ill, but kept silent about her baby's paternity after asking if he had any other secrets. Liza agreed to give Adam an answer to his marriage proposal after he agreed to throw Stuart and Marian a big wedding. Stuart warned Adam not to hurt Liza again. Mateo told a stunned Hayley about the morning he had woken up to find Raquel in his bed with him and Max. Raquel was able to get the custody hearing postponed so that she could still live with Mateo at Wildwind.
February 15 to 19, 1999
Mateo and Raquel searched for Max after Hayley "lost" the boy at the park. Later, Raquel went to see Max at the hunting lodge where she had hidden him. Promising to help Ryan beat his rape charge, Braden panicked Kit with his threat to tell the press that she was a con artist who'd filed false rape charges in the past. Trevor threatened to get the DNA evidence against Ryan thrown out of court, since Jack had coerced Ryan into giving a blood sample. Marian and Stuart finally said, "I do." Erica stumbled upon David's file that noted that Adam was really the father of Baby Colby.
February 22 to 26, 1999
Marian and Stuart celebrated their marriage, while Liza reluctantly agreed to Adam's proposal. A severe snowstorm hit Pine Valley, landing Erica and David in an accident, causing Erica's face and heart to be in danger. Braden shared Kit's past with the papers. Jake rethought his position in Colby's life. Raquel admitted she was behind Max's "wandering off."
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MARCH 1999
March 1 to 5, 1999
Raquel admitted to Edmund that she had hidden Max so everyone would think he had disappeared. Mateo agreed to forgive Raquel for her prank in return for joint custody of Max -- and a divorce. David panicked when Erica blasted him for nearly killing her in the car crash. After visiting Erica and hearing her talk of her plans to return to modeling, Adam confronted David and warned that he would make David pay for harming Erica. Through a jailhouse conversation, it was revealed that Braden and Ryan were brothers. Braden threatened to drag Kit's family name through the mud if Ryan's case went to trial. Kit headed to Jack's office to drop the charges, but not before Ryan had confessed to raping Kit.
March 8 to 12, 1999
Jake, who still thought he was the father of Liza's baby, learned he could legally fight to be a part of little Colby's life. Adam smoothed things over with Liza, who was angry to hear him tell Jake he was not needed as godfather to Colby. Adam was worried that the truth could be revealed when he heard Jake tell Liza he wanted to be a father to "their" baby. David prevented plastic surgeon Dr. Weiss from leveling with Erica about the extent of her facial injury. Erica was worried after seeing that the whole side of her face was covered by a bandage.
March 15 to 19, 1999
Kit got teary-eyed when Ryan said her rape was not her fault. Tad and Dixie, who were checking out Ryan's past, suspected Ryan and Braden were brothers. Ryan and Braden shared horrible memories of their abusive father. Jack dropped aiding and abetting charges against Gillian when Ryan threatened to recant his rape confession. Gillian was devastated that Ryan wanted a divorce. David blamed Vanessa for his father's death. Vanessa told Erica that even reconstructive surgery would never make her beautiful again. After Erica, who was also recovering from heart surgery, disappeared, Vanessa pretended to be worried about her.
March 22 to 26, 1999
Dixie and Tad tried to find out what Braden and Ryan's connection was. Erica appeared before the media, who asked her about her face. Braden left the stand after testifying as to what he had witnessed on Halloween night. Kit looked at his shoes and made a startling discovery.
March 29 to April 2, 1999
Adam admitted to Liza that he had arranged the Los Angeles job offer rejected by Jake. David took the amniotic fluid from Liza's test, so Jake was unable to use the fluid to prove he had fathered Liza's baby. Worried Liza would learn he had fathered her baby, Adam convinced her to sign papers naming Jake as baby Colby's father. The rape charge against Ryan was dismissed. Jack fumed that there was no way to make a rape charge against Braden stick. Ryan confronted Braden, who thought Kit hadn't meant it when she said "no" to sex. Braden turned to Dixie for understanding, but became violent when she did not support him.
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APRIL 1999
April 5 to 9, 1999
Tad and Ryan rescued Dixie from Braden. Braden beat up Ryan after Ryan referred to him as a rapist. Afterwards, Braden took off. Ryan headed to Myrtle's and let Gillian tend his wounds, but in the morning, he quickly hurried off. Jack resigned as District Attorne after questioning his ability to obtain justice for the public. Kit returned the money Dimitri had given her to leave town. Tad was worried, but Dixie was fine after a fainting spell. Trevor and Janet said goodbye to Tim, who left for France on a student exchange program. Liza and Adam made love after he said he would be part of her baby's life even though Jake would be baby Colby's legal father. Erica, who was released from the hospital, broke all the mirrors in her home. Mateo offered to give up custody of Max because his son was so opposed to living with him and Hayley. Raquel was so moved by Mateo's willingness to make Max happy that she agreed to grant him a divorce.
April 12 to 16, 1999
At Hayley and Mateo's new club, Raquel was badly injured saving Max when some scaffolding collapsed. Hayley became very depressed when she heard Jake say he would arrange for Max and Mateo to stay at the hospital overnight with Raquel. Liza had false labor pains. After a series of funny mishaps, Tad and Dixie celebrated her good medical condition at a country inn. Erica went to her office at Enchantment for the first time since the accident and was disturbed by a letter from a supposed fan that contained a photograph of Erica with her face cut up. Adam went to David's hotel room to tell him to stop tormenting Liza, but he found himself painted into a corner when David revealed that her knew that Adam was really the father of Liza's baby.
April 19 to 23, 1999
As Adam pressured Liza to marry immediately, David arrived and again taunted the millionaire about being able to destroy his world by revealing that he was the father if Liza's baby. Adam was upset that Liza insisted they wait to marry until the ceremony Marian and Stuart had planned for them. Adam had his lawyer, Barry Shire, hire Adrian, who agreed to steal the papers David told his lawyer to give to Liza if anything happened to him. Adam found out that Adrian was Tad's half-brother and realized that if Tad found out about his paternity test swap, he would surely run and tell Liza the news. David told Erica her heart was normal. On David's advice, Erica headed for Rio to see a famed plastic surgeon David had recommended. Hayley received a clean bill of health and, more importantly, was told that she could have a baby. Gillian and Myrtle convinced Ryan to stay in a spare bedroom at the boarding house. Ryan comforted Gillian after she had a nightmare -- and the two shared a kiss.
April 26 to 30, 1999
Tad and Adrian's recovery mission was thwarted by a pair of thugs Adam had hired after learning that Adrian and Tad were brothers. Erica returned from South America with promising news about her possible recovery. Not so promising was the news that Vanessa might have been making unauthorized purchases while Erica was gone. Under the watchful eye of Faux Axel Green, Jack and Brooke took a turn at stand-up comedy. With Adrian by her side, Opal attended a board meeting of Cortlandt Electronics. Trevor dropped off divorce papers at the hospital, but Raquel claimed that she was too groggy to sign them. Ryan and Gillian's passionate kiss ended abruptly when Ryan decided that it wasn't appropriate. Tad and Dixie set a wedding date. David found Adam and Liza's secret out-of-town getaway spot and prepared to unleash his big news. Before he could, Liza started going into labor. En route to the hospital, Adam and Liza's car got stuck in the mud.
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MAY 1999
May 3 to 7, 1999
Liza went into labor while she and Adam were trapped in his cabin during a storm. David, who had been looking for Liza, helped deliver her baby, Colby, despite complications. After getting Liza and Colby to the hospital, David warned Adam that he still intended to tell Liza that Jake was not Colby's father. Mateo was ecstatic when Raquel signed their divorce papers. Mateo and Hayley hosted a gala opening of their new club, Sounds of Salsa, complete with special guest Tito Nieves. Erica attended the opening of SOS, reporter Jerry Reeves confronted Erica after Vanessa tipped him off to Erica's presence. Janet angrily confronted Vanessa about the incident. Opal returned to Cortlandt Manor and found Alice Dawson, Adrian's "other mother," waiting for her.
May 10 to 14, 1999
As part of a plan to get Vanessa out of Erica's life, Janet taped incriminating evidence linking Vanessa and sleazy reporter, Jerry Reeves. Adam asked Erica to keep mum that on the day of the car crash, David had been rushing to Pine Valley to tell Liza that Adam had fathered Liza's baby. Adam was uneasy when Stuart insisted that Colby looked just like Adam had as an infant. Opal was hurt to hear Adrian call Alice "mother" when he asked why Alice had never told him about his parentage. Trevor delivered divorce papers to Ryan and, in spite of being told that Gillian really didn't want a divorce, Ryan inked his name on the dotted line. Adam met with Erica and asked her to team up with him in an attempt to stick it to David once and for all.
May 17 to 21, 1999
After making sure David was unconscious, Erica stashed him in the basement. Erica ignored David's plea to remove his right hand from a vise. She taunted David, saying that since he had ruined her face, she intended to ruin his career as a surgeon. Erica kept mum when Adam badgered her about David's whereabouts. Tad and Dixie were married, and Dimitri offered his helicopter to whisk the two to New York. At the wedding, Gillian danced with Jake as Ryan looked on. Janet learned that Vanessa had not left Enchantment. Isabella placed an urgent call to Hayley and Mateo and informed them that Max had destroyed the condo. While searching for Erica, Vanessa found her hovering over David in the basement.
May 24 to 28, 1999
Donald, a renowned but sleazy author, agreed to ghostwrite a tell-all book with Vanessa about Erica. Trevor and Janet investigated Donald and Vanessa after Janet had another run-in with her. Vanessa vowed to get even with David and Erica when she heard David reveal that his father had committed suicide with a gun Vanessa had given him after she said she was dumping him. David and Erica almost kissed after he tended to her facial scars. Erica freed David, who regretted causing her injuries. Max started a fire by burning the divorce papers for Raquel and Mateo. Ryan put out the fire as Mateo and Hayley arrived. The family therapist told Mateo, Hayley, and Raquel that Max was emotionally disturbed about the demise of his "family." Gillian tended to Ryan at the hospital to treat his slight burns. Gillian saw a man lurking around the hospital, listening to Jake talk about David Hayward. The man was a private investigator that Adam had hired. Erica went to David's office to talk to the doctor, but instead of finding David, Adam was there, waiting for her.
May 31 to June 4, 1999
On their honeymoon, Dixie and Tad both had a spell of bad luck: Tad's back gave out on him during an inline skating session, and Dixie got food poisoning after eating at a Chinese restaurant. Scott had an encounter with a mystery woman at a rest stop along the highway. Scott didn't know it, but the woman was Becca, one of Dixie's friends from Pigeon Hollow, in town to drop things off at Tad and Dixie's house. Hayley told Mateo they had to put off having a baby for Max's sake. Adam gave Gillian two hundred thousand dollars in return for information about her rocky run-ins with David -- and the pouch full of money that David had given her. Palmer tried to pull a fast one on Stuart by saying that he'd been given permission to visit Petey after his private art lesson. Leslie Coulson handed Liza a letter from David. Before Liza could open the letter, she received visits from Jake and Erica. When Adam returned home, Derek dropped by the mansion to ask Adam what he knew about the murder of David Hayward.
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JUNE 1999
June 7 to 11, 1999
Mystery woman Becca helped heal Tad's injured back with an herbal remedy. Ryan helped Hayley cope with the fact that she and Mateo couldn't have a child right away because it would upset Max. Ryan took care of Max so that Hayley and Mateo could spend time together, but Mateo rushed off when Max started to give Ryan trouble. Adam insisted he had nothing to do with David's disappearance after Derek showed a letter in which David said Adam was responsible for his death. Barry told Adam that David's prints were all over the getaway money he had given Gillian. Janet scared off Donald Steele by threatening to clobber him with a crowbar-like object. To add to the fright factor, Janet "killed" Brooke by hitting her on the head. Vanessa, however, was wise to the scam. David returned to town and gave Erica the impression that he was no longer going to spill the beans about Adam's fertility clinic swap, but his promise looked more like a lie when David paid Liza a surprise visit just before she was about to head to the chapel.
June 14 to 18, 1999
Stuart liked Becca, who Scott rather fancied, but Marian disapproved of her because of an encounter they had at the Wildwind chapel. Adam and Liza tied the marital knot after Adam kept David from revealing Colby's parentage. Adam threatened to tell the cops that David had given Gillian and Ryan getaway money if David ever told Liza about Colby's parentage. David kept mum to Liza about Colby, lying that he had just pretended to have a secret. Tad and Dixie agreed to be Colby's godparents. Palmer fumed when he learned that Cortlandt Electronics stockholders called a special CEO election that would oust Palmer and make Adrian CEO. A dejected Hayley almost had some vodka, but Ryan inadvertently stopped her by arriving at SOS before she could drink it.
June 21 to 25, 1999
Hayley nixed Mateo's decision to relocate Max and Raquel. Saying that it would not lessen the anger she felt, Hayley decided to move out and took a room at the Valley Inn. Opal celebrated with friends in front of Palmer after a judge gave her sole custody of Petey. Opal was stunned that Palmer defended Vanessa when Opal gloated that Vanessa was off Erica's "A" list. The new Glamorama had its unofficial opening. After feeling faint, Dixie headed to the hospital to have her heart checked out. Instead, she learned that she was pregnant. David followed Erica to Brazil, where she'd gone to have surgery to attempt to repair her injured face.
June 28 to July 2, 1999
David kissed a thrilled Erica after her Brazilian doctor said her facial surgery was successful. Also in Brazil, Adrian's assistant kidnapped Palmer and Vanessa, but after escaping, Palmer persuaded Erica to return to Pine Valley to help him regain control of Cortlandt Electronics. Vanessa stole Erica's note to David about her abrupt departure. Tad worried about Dixie's health after learning she was pregnant. Adrian suspected a vengeful Palmer had sabotaged Stuart's computer with a virus because Stuart testified against Palmer at Petey's custody hearing. Hayley walked in on an argument between Trevor and Adam, and learned that Adam was responsible for Mateo having won sole custody of Max. Hayley showed up at SOS and saw Mateo, Max, and Raquel having a good time together. She took off for the beach where Gillian and Jake were having a romantic evening. Ryan followed Hayley and tried to comfort her... comforting that included a spontaneous kiss.
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JULY 1999
July 5 to 9, 1999
Dixie told Tad and Joe that she wanted to have her baby, but Tad suggested that because she only had one kidney and suffered from heart problems, she should talk to David before making a decision. Palmer and Opal squared off as it was time for the CEO vote at Cortlandt Electronics. The vote ended in a tie, just as Erica, out for the first time in months without a mask or bandages, entered the room to break the tie. Opal was upset that Erica's vote for Palmer kept Adrian from becoming CEO. Marian arranged for Scott to ask Adam about taking control of his own finances. Gillian ran to Jake after seeing Ryan kiss Hayley. Jake told Gillian that they could only be friends until she resolved her feelings for Ryan. Erica and David met for dinner, and David invited Erica up to his hotel suite.
July 12 to 16, 1999
Scott and Becca shared a brief kiss and later an embrace. Adam agreed to help teach Scott how to become a financial wizard. Belinda was thrilled to receive a small ring box from Adrian, but was disappointed that it was not an engagement ring. Earlier, Belinda became very upset when her Aunt Grace mentioned her half-sister, Ella. Opal was suspicious when Erica suggested they market a line of cosmetics together. Opal coldly turned Erica away, refusing her offer and her plea to be friends again. Gillian believed Ryan had feeling for Hayley, and did not buy his story that he had "accidentally" kissed Hayley. Mateo confronted Raquel when he thought Gillian had seen her kissing Ryan, then was stunned to realize Ryan and Hayley had kissed.
July 19 to 23, 1999
When Vanessa did not pay Donald the money she owed him, he gave Jerry the photos of Erica before her surgery, which Vanessa had stolen from David's office. At Erica's press conference to launch her new cosmetics line, David took the photos from Jerry before anyone other than Opal and Erica could see them. David later agreed to pay off Donald after blasting Vanessa, who lied that she had not stolen the photos. Vanessa refused Palmer's offer to have David ousted from his hospital job. Janet and Opal warned Erica against getting romantically involved with David.
July 26 to 30, 1999
Opal was disappointed when she learned that Adrian had not proposed to Belinda. Mateo found Hayley and Ryan together in the condo and hit the roof, spoiling Max's birthday party. Raquel revealed that she'd been in touch with her family. David pretended to poison Donald so that the writer would admit on tape that Vanessa had stolen photos from his office. Edmund, Brooke, and Erica were stunned when they learned Dimitri had died after suffering a massive stroke. Shock also followed when a woman, Alexandra, announced that she was Dimitri's wife. Jake comforted Gillian after learning of Dimitri's death. A panicked Alexandra talked Edmund out of opening Dimitri's casket. Edmund was upset when Dimitri's casket, along with Alexandra, disappeared.
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August 2 to 6, 1999
Scott backed out on the queen's garden party, but Stuart arranged for Marian to go anyway. Hayley and Mateo began to mend fences while he consoled her over Dimitri's death, but Mateo walked out on Hayley after learning she had spent the night at Ryan's place. Ryan tried to talk to Mateo, but Mateo was unreceptive. Raquel made arrangements for her and Max to go to Texas and stay with her family for a little while. Mateo announced that he would be going, too. Ryan and Hayley kissed, but he nixed making love. Hayley was furious and stormed off, threatening to take a drink. Amanda's plan to get Janet and Trevor to go off on a honeymoon worked -- with a little help from Brooke and Axel. Edmund remained suspicious of Alexandra, a.k.a. Alex, who showed him a copy of Dimitri's death certificate and arranged for a closed-casket service.
August 9 to 13, 1999
David and Erica made love while stealing some time alone at a romantic inn. Myrtle was shocked when Becca said she had caught Erica and David kissing. An old college friend of Scott's, Greenlee Smythe, returned to Pine Valley. Edmund rushed off to check on Maddie after he realized Alex had taken a photo of the girl. At the hospital, Alexandra hid when she heard David's voice. Edmund asked Alex for a copy of Dimitri's medical records so Joe could look them over. Edmund didn't believe Alex's version of how Dimitri had died. On the anniversary of Maria's death, Jack insisted to Brooke that she had done everything possible to save Maria.
August 16 to 20, 1999
Adam, who had just returned from London, was angry that Jake kept him from spending time with Liza and Colby. David was unable to help Dixie, who miscarried her baby. Erica comforted David, who was upset over Dixie's condition. Dixie overheard a part of a conversation Tad and Joe were having and mistakenly assumed that Tad felt the miscarriage was for the best. Edmund was skeptical when Alex said Dimitri had complained of a severe headache and feeling ill just before he collapsed and died. Jack informed the already suspicious Edmund that Dimitri had changed his will just after he and Alex were married. Raquel told Hayley that she had slept with Mateo as a way to hurt her. Raquel then packed her bags and left town.
August 23 to 27, 1999
Opal was in shock after learning Palmer and Vanessa had gotten married. After accusing Mateo of sleeping with Raquel, Hayley took off while Mateo and Ryan were arguing over her. Ryan rushed Hayley to the hospital after finding her unconscious. Adam nixed letting Mateo see Hayley after hearing him deny he had slept with Raquel. Erica and David made love after her return from visiting Bianca. Tad and Dixie grieved over their baby. Alex worried that David would reveal that she was a doctor after he announced they were old friends. Alex later told Edmund that she was a neurologist, and that she had treated Dimitri. Edmund wondered if Alex had tried to save Dimitri or let him die -- or killed him.
August 30 to September 3, 1999
Mateo sneaked into a sleeping Hayley's room and told her he loved her. When she awoke, Adam told her that Mateo had never stopped to see her and urged his daughter to move on. Ryan was upset when he realized Gillian had kissed him to create a diversion so that Mateo could sneak into the Chandler mansion. Gillian stood up for Mateo and insisted to Hayley that Raquel had lied about having slept with Mateo. Marian agreed to host a luncheon so that she could cozy up to Millicent. Greenlee, meanwhile, altered Scott's documentary to make Becca look incompetent. Tad viewed the documentary and learned that Dixie had been in pain only hours before she miscarried. Erica told David she wanted to keep their romance a secret for the moment. After finding a vial of poison in Alex's medical bag, Edmund suspected Alex might have killed Dimitri. David agreed to do an autopsy on Dimitri's body at Edmund's request, but when the coffin was opened, Dimitri's body was not inside.
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September 6 to 10, 1999
Becca admitted to Scott that she was sexually inexperienced. They then got stranded at Willow Lake together. Tad tried to put a scare into Dixie and accidentally fell out of an airplane and crash-landed at Marian's luncheon, which was not going very well at all. Vanessa dined with Palmer and Peter, but she was hardly thrilled about having a youngster around. Trevor and Stuart helped Mateo sneak into Chandler Mansion to see Hayley. After finding Dimitri's coffin empty, Edmund confronted Alex and learned that Dimitri was still alive. Edmund forced Alex to take him to the hospital to see his brother. There he watched as Alex took care of Dimitri, who was upset that Edmund was there to see him.
September 13 to 17, 1999
While Alex contemplated whether to do stem cell treatment, Edmund was out looking for a donor. With David's help, he asked Liza if he could use Colby's stem cells. After discussing it with Jake, she gave the green light to go ahead with it. Adam was less than trilled when he realized it would mean doing DNA testing on the cells. After a bitter argument with Liza, Adam switched Colby's cells for someone else's. The cells were compatible with Dimitri, who had just lapsed into a coma. Mateo flew to Texas to get Raquel back to Pine Valley. Raquel admitted to Hayley that she had lied, and Mateo had rejected her. Hayley was relieved, but wasn't sure if that meant a brighter future for her and Mateo. Marian pleaded with Opal to forgive her, but Opal was still mad.
September 20 to 24, 1999
Dimitri was beginning to recover, and everyone's hopes were up when he disappeared. Alexandra and Edmund found his robe at the beach. While Alex was losing hope, Edmund wouldn't give up. Greenlee invited Scott to her grandparents' anniversary party, but Scott bluntly declined. Greenlee, not taking no for an answer, asked Marian to help. Of course, Marian thought it was a fabulous idea, and she and Greenlee schemed on how to get the two together. Mateo made another trip to Texas. After realizing Max was happier there, he agreed to let him live there permanently. Hayley found out and was surprised to hear it. Ryan admitted his true feelings for Hayley. Adam became more and more jealous after Jake took Colby to the Martin family picnic. Erica and David continued their secret rendezvous.
September 27 to October 1, 1999
The Coast Guard declared that Dimitri was dead. Edmund was furious at Alex -- if she had let him stay at Wildwind, he never would've disappeared. An emotional Alex took Maximillian for a ride. During the ride, the horse reared her off and broke his leg. Edmund had to put him to sleep. Marian begged Scott to take Greenlee to her grandparents' party. Scott reluctantly said yes. Becca found out that Scott had told Greenlee that Becca was a virgin. Later, she found the video of Scott and Greenlee having sex. David and Erica went to New York City, running into Joan Rivers. Linda Dano appeared as Rae Cummings, asking Adam to help find her husband Daniel. Liza asked Jake to give Adam some space with Colby. Belinda got a job offer in Arizona.
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October 4 to 8, 1999
Alex was going back to London to live, and to hear Dimitri's will. Edmund wanted to go, too, but Alex bluntly said no. Edmund became suspicious and went anyway. Alex was surprised to hear that something had been added to Dimitri's will. Becca confronted Scott about the video. He tried to explain, but it didn't help. Greenlee found out that Becca had viewed the video and told her Scott had made it. Marian begged Scott to go out with Greenlee once more, but he declined. Belinda and Adrian came to terms with their relationship, just before Belinda left for Arizona. Hayley asked Mateo to buy her shares of SOS out. He reluctantly agreed. Hayley and Amanda ended up at Ryan's loft. After an exhausting game of indoor basketball, Hayley and Ryan kissed. Adam signed up Junior for boarding school against his son's wishes. Palmer found out Vanessa never had a sick friend. David and Erica had an argument and he trailed her to New York City.
October 11 to 15, 1999
Edmund and Alex attended the reading of Dimitri's will. There, they found that Dimitri wanted Alex to head a foundation that would raise money for terminal illnesses. Alex was not thrilled, and asked Jack to get her out of it. As Adam prepared to take Junior to boarding school, Junior ran away. He hid at the mausoleum until he was creeped out and vanished. Jamie knew all along that Junior was hiding because of Adam, and finally told Tad and Dixie. Liza was furious that Adam had neglected to tell her and Dixie. Amanda and her friends had a fashion show and Hayley VJ'd. Hayley was unaware that Ryan was planning to give Liza the videotape that Scott had made of her at the party. Hayley and Ryan soon found out about her brother's disappearance, and they joined in the search. Mateo stopped by to comfort Hayley, but was surprised to see Ryan. Hayley was touched about Mateo's compassion. As the police were about to drain the lake to find Junior, he reappeared. Tad and Dixie were overjoyed. David and Erica reconciled after David had her hotel's floor quarantined with the help of Donald Steele.
October 18 to 22, 1999
Greenlee delivered Scott's acceptance letter from NYU to the cabin where he'd gone for a retreat. Scott, who was overcome with happiness, decided to sleep with his former lover -- unaware that Becca had unwittingly caught them in the act. Opal and Marian patched up their differences. Hayley decided she'd go for the job at WRCW. Palmer continued to investigate what was going on with Vanessa. Adam tried to buy a percentage of WRCW under a different name, without Liza's knowledge. David vied for the job as the head of Dimitri's foundation. Gillian and Jake decided to begin dating -- again.
October 25 to 29, 1999
Hayley was awarded the style reporter job on The Cutting Edge. She and Ryan went back to the Dillons' to celebrate. They decided to make love, unaware that Mateo was going to stop by to congratulate Hayley. He was furious and stormed out, and soon after, Hayley kicked Ryan out before they could get anywhere. Liza decided to investigate why David's signature was on the stem cell transfer forms. She went to the hospital where she found Colby's sample in the storage container, completely full and sealed. Alex diminished David's hopes of becoming the head of Dimitri's foundation. Erica wanted to fight Alex's decision, but David told her to forget it. That made her furious, and she told David that their relationship was over. Adam got Barry to talk Marian into convincing Stuart to sell some of his unimportant stocks. Among them were her shares of WRCW. That effectively gave majority ownership of WRCW to Adam. David blurted out to Gillian that Adam was Colby's father.
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November 1 to 5, 1999
Adam accidentally admitted to switching the sperm. Liza was furious because her marriage to Adam had been based on a lie that Adam didn't regret. Liza decided to hide the truth from everyone but her mother, Marian. Liza and Marian schemed on how to get Adam out of their lives. WRCW was in complete chaos because Liza had neglected to go to work. Leslie smugly told Tad that The Cutting Edge had been canceled and that Hayley was getting her own show. Tad immediately thought Adam was behind it. Gillian and Ryan were involved in a terrible accident while they were en route to tell Jake the truth about Colby. Mateo found Gillian and Ryan, but was reluctant to save Ryan. However, Mateo ultimately did the right thing. Hayley rushed to the hospital, where she found Mateo and accused him of being the cause of Ryan's hospitalization. Gillian was in critical condition. Amanda, JR, and Jamie ran off to hunt for a witch. Janet was rattled by the children's adventure. Later, a shadowy figure returned Amanda's lost costume and an old necklace.
November 8 to 12, 1999
Ryan's memory hadn't fully returned when he told Hayley that Mateo had walked away from him in the burning car. In actuality, Mateo had saved him. Hayley was upset and scolded Mateo, who was stunned and didn't tell her the truth. Ryan quickly regained his memory and realized Mateo had saved his life. He then told Hayley, who tried to make it up to Mateo. Ryan, along with Jake, Alex, Eugenia, and Edmund, was very concerned about Gillian. Being thrown from the car had caused her to develop a condition that made it difficult for her brain to process words and thoughts. Tad and Dixie found information that proved Adam was behind Datcom. Adam remained locked in the safe room as Marian continued taunting him. Erica told David they were through -- again. Janet's old cellmate, Sophie, returned -- wanting $50,000.
November 15 to 19, 1999
Adam was still locked in the safe room, while everyone schemed on how to get him out of hiding. Tad invented the idea of a game show that would air on WRCW. Stuart posed as Adam. Everyone else assumed it was Adam. The show was called Getting Even. Rae Cummings hosted. The show had three contestants, all vying to get even with someone who'd wronged them. Tad told everyone that Adam had tricked his own wife out of WRCW, and cancelled his show just to win over Junior. Tad won, and Liza, thinking Stuart was Adam, threw a pie in his face. Stuart handled everything nicely, and no one suspected a thing. Ryan was discharged from the hospital. He planned a trip to New York to help Hayley get ideas for her new thirty-minute style show. Gillian was still in the hospital, unable to speak. David told Erica he loved her. Janet handed over money to Sophie as promised -- but it was only one thousand dollars. Sophie vowed that she would hold Janet to her promise of delivering the full $50,000.
November 22 to 26, 1999
Tiffany learned that Greenlee had told Becca that Scott was the one who'd made their sex videotape. There was no improvement in Gillian's condition, but Alex learned that a blood clot in Gillian's brain was the reason for her ailment. Marian told Stuart that Adam was safe, but she refused to reveal his hiding spot. Stuart wasn't very pleased when he found out that Adam had switched sperm samples. He agreed to act as Adam for a press conference in which he gave Liza back her station and Tad back his job. While Ryan and Hayley were in New York, she got a phone call from Mateo. She rushed home, leaving Ryan in New York, to find that Mateo had gotten a new business partner, Adrian. Ryan realized he had to stop chasing after Hayley. On the night of his wedding reception fete, Palmer caught Vanessa's supposed lover and hid him in a room at the Valley Inn.
November 29 to December 3, 1999
Vanessa's supposed lover, Leo, was still at the Valley Inn. Palmer planned to have Vanessa killed and make it look as if Leo had done it. Becca found a moaning Leo in bed, asking to be taken to Vanessa. She took him down. Just as Vanessa was about to be shot, Leo stumbled in, and Vanessa cried out, "My son!" In that short time, Palmer realized his mistake and dove in front of Vanessa, saving her from the bullet, but he got shot. Palmer and Vanessa's son, Leo, were rushed to the hospital, where they were going to be okay. Palmer was guilt-ridden. That same night, Erica and David made their first public appearance as a couple. Scott told off Greenlee, who went from the Valley Inn almost directly to Ryan's arms -- and soon a motel bed with him. Liza found Adam's hiding spot, but decided to keep him there. Mirror Janet showed up after Sophie had taken Amanda home, demanding more money.
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December 6 to 10, 1999
Vanessa covered up for Palmer's act and told Derek that one of her former lovers had shot Palmer in a jealous rage. Derek couldn't find any information on the guy, so the case was thrown out. Vanessa used her cover-up to get Leo a job at Cortlandt Electronics. He charmed his way through a business deal, making Palmer very happy. Leo tried to get closer to Becca, but all the while, Becca and Scott were becoming close again. Ryan and Greenlee continued their romantic affair. Stuart found Adam's hiding spot and decided to keep him there until he learned his lesson. Tad realized Stuart was pretending to be Adam. Janet continued to try to find ways to get the money for Sophie.
December 13 to 17, 1999
Leo set his sights on Greenlee. Greenlee, though, told a slumbering Ryan that she was going to try to make him see her as more than a "good time." Jake told Gillian he loved her. Becca decided to stay in Pine Valley with Scott for Christmas. Defeated in her attempt to block David's appointment to head the Andrassy Foundation, Alex made a surprising announcement that she would stay in Pine Valley and co-head the foundation with David. Sophie stuck around and continued to harangue Janet. Mirror Janet warned her that the only way to get rid of Sophie was to kill her. Liza realized Tad knew that Adam wasn't really Adam. Tad's new show, Nothing but the Truth, debuted. Stuart pretended to be Adam, dressed up as Santa Claus. In the show, he gave away millions of dollars of Adam's money for charities and needy people. Screwdriver in hand, Adam loosened a vent on an air duct and tried to crawl his way to safety.
December 20 to 24, 1999
Adam escaped from the safe room. No one knew he had escaped except Barry. Adam pretended to be Stuart and went to the Martins' for Christmas, where he had to listen to everyone badmouthing Adam. Janet thought she had killed Sophie and dumped her body in a garbage dump. Hayley and Mateo met at the beach after they'd both received cards from one another, telling them to meet there -- but no one knew who had actually written the cards. David tried to win over Alex, much to Erica's disapproval. Alex had nightmares of the new year.
December 27 to 31, 1999
Sophie, who had survived Janet's bashing on the head, haunted Janet with candy canes. The Crystal Ball began. Adam drugged Stuart and went to the ball as Stuart pretending to be Adam. Adam gave Barry orders to give Jake the paper that revealed Colby's paternity after Adam and Liza left. Hayley and Mateo shared a dance. Stuart soon emerged from his drugged state and went to the ball. Jake asked Gillian to marry him, with Ryan looking on. Alexandra accepted Edmund's invitation to the ball. She was fine until she saw David. She kept imagining him to be an unknown elderly man. Thinking David was that other person, Alex pushed David down the main staircase at Wildwind.
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