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APRIL 2013
April 29 to May 3, 2013
David was released from prison after serving five years for shooting JR during Adam and Brooke's engagement party. David returned to Pine Valley with vengeance on his mind because Marissa had been killed during David's attempt to get the gun away from JR. David also wanted answers about Cara's miscarriage. Cara feared that David would learn the truth about what she had done. David turned murderous when he realized that JR was emerging from a five-year coma. Adam and Brooke agreed to put the tragic past behind them and get married. Pete returned to Pine Valley to save Cortlandt Electronics from financial ruin. Pete met a young woman named Celia, who had a mystery guardian with stringent rules. Jesse hoped that a surprise visit from Cassandra would cheer Angie up, but things took a terrifying turn when someone from the Russian mob kidnapped Cassandra. Jesse enlisted Zach's help to track down Cassandra before Angie learned of her daughter's disappearance. Miranda's date with a boy that she liked went horribly wrong when Hunter invited Miranda to be part of a threesome with another girl.
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MAY 2013
May 6 to 10, 2013
Celia overheard a conversation between Pete and his friend that misled her about Pete's intentions. Pete managed to smooth things over with Celia and to persuade her to give him a second chance. Cassandra was kidnapped by a sex ring that was operated by the Russian mob. Cassandra's captor fed her some addictive pills to make her more compliant then later ordered her to earn her keep. Angie learned that Jesse had sent Cassandra a plane ticket to return home. Jesse was forced to admit to Angie that he didn't know where Cassandra was. Dixie pleaded with Adam to forgive JR because their son needed them. AJ ran into David during a visit with JR in the hospital. Dixie feared that David would try to worm his way into AJ's life. Dixie's prayers were answered when JR opened his eyes and called out to her. AJ was suspended from school for hitting a fellow student who had made inappropriate remarks about Miranda. AJ planned a special evening for Miranda to cheer her up. David overheard Cara tell Griffin that David could never find out about what had really happened to the baby. David accused Cara of aborting his child.
May 13 to 17, 2013
AJ was hurt when JR didn't initially recognize him. Griffin warned Dixie that JR might seem different because of the brain injury and retrograde amnesia. JR struggled with the realization that he was responsible for Marissa's death. Bianca forbade Miranda from being around JR, but Miranda refused to disappear out of AJ's life. David reeled from Cara's confession that she had aborted his child. Cara was stunned when JR confessed that he had heard the conversations around him while he had been in a coma, so JR knew that Cara's baby was alive. David wanted to go into business with Pete, but Pete was reluctant to agree. Opal paid Evelyn a visit to talk about Pete and Celia's budding romance. Evelyn immediately contacted Celia's guardian, who insisted that Evelyn immediately take Celia abroad. Celia reached out to Pete for help. Jesse was forced to break the news about Cassandra to Angie. Angie was horrified when she realized that her daughter was in the hands of a Russian sex ring. Zach's search for Cassandra led him to the seedy strip club, unaware how close he was to Cassandra. Zach met an FBI agent named Lea, who worked undercover in the club where Cassandra was forced to strip and participate in a pornographic movie. Billy Clyde Tuggle turned up in a Center City diner.
May 20 to 24, 2013
Pete and Celia's adventure led them to New York City. Celia dreamed about an eyeless, doll-like girl with blood on her face. "He's always right behind you," the little girl said as a man appeared behind Celia. Evelyn paid Opal a visit to demand to know where Pete had taken Celia. Opal suggested that Celia had seduced Pete, but Evelyn insisted that Celia was a complete innocent. Bianca faced JR when he returned home from the hospital. JR explained that he didn't recall the night of the shooting, but he assured Bianca that he was deeply sorry for causing Marissa's death. JR didn't expect Bianca to forgive him, but he assured her that he was a changed man. AJ was amazed when Miranda performed a special song that she had written about their friendship. AJ kissed Miranda, but she panicked and fled. Later, Miranda told AJ that she didn't want to jeopardize their friendship with a romance. AJ learned that his teammates had been "juicing." AJ's friend handed AJ a bag of syringes and vials of steroids with instructions for AJ to double-dose to catch up with the rest of the team. Billy Clyde decided to wage a "good Christian war" against his competition, Uri. Jesse was shocked when he saw Billy Clyde among the protesters outside of a strip club. Uri learned that Cassandra's stepfather was the chief of police, so he decided that it was time to get rid of Cassandra.
May 27 to 31, 2013
Bianca was called out of town to fill in for a speaker at a conference for violence against women. Bianca decided to take Gabby with her, but she didn't want Miranda to miss any more school. Bianca suggested that Miranda stay with Opal, but Miranda insisted on going to the Chandler mansion. Bianca had reservations about Miranda being around JR, but Miranda dug in her heels because AJ was her best friend. JR became concerned when he found steroids in AJ's bag. AJ denied using the steroids, but he resented JR talking to him about addiction. JR confided to Cara about his problems with AJ. Brooke warned Cara to be careful around JR because JR was a master manipulator. David was furious when Joe refused David's offer to make the hospital world famous with a cutting-edge stem cell treatment for the heart. David decided to hold a press conference at Jane's Addiction to tell the world about the medical breakthrough and the merger with Cortlandt Electronics. Zach and Lea figured out the password to a special site connected to the strip club. Zach was shaken when they discovered a porn video featuring a sobbing Cassandra. Uri decided to sell Cassandra so that she would disappear forever. Zach was forced to tell Jesse about the video of Cassandra, which had yielded an important clue. Zach, Jesse, and Lea encountered Billy Clyde at the warehouse where Cassandra had been kept, so Lea arrested Billy Clyde. Celia questioned why an experienced guy like Pete would be interested in her, but Pete assured her that his feelings for her were as strong as hers were for him.
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JUNE 2013
June 3 to 7, 2013
Celia was assailed by visions of the creepy man, but Pete was oblivious to her distress because he was on the phone, trying to deal with the ramifications of David's shocking announcement. Pete decided that if David wanted a partnership, then Cortlandt would keep him on a short leash. Pete instructed his colleague to draw up an iron-clad contact for David to sign. Pete bumped into Colby Chandler at Jane's Addiction. Colby appreciated the changes in Pete. Brooke offered Colby a job at Teen Tempo, but Colby wasn't interested. Brooke made it clear that she wouldn't just hand Colby money, so Colby urged JR to stop Brooke before Brooke took everything from them. Amy declined Angie's offer to call Amy's family because Amy feared that Uri would follow through on his threats. Jesse suspected that Billy Clyde had tipped off the Koslovs, but Billy Clyde assured Jesse that he and Jesse were on the same side of "God's law." Jesse found a message that Cassandra had scratched into the wood paneling that read, "I love you mom + dad. Cass." Uri called to offer Jesse an opportunity to save Cassandra. Jesse readily agreed to do whatever Uri wanted. Uri expected Jesse to arrange for a burned body to be identified as Uri's.
June 10 to 14, 2013
Jesse was furious when a forensics technician revealed that Zach's fingerprints had been found on the murder weapon used to kill the burned body that was identified as Uri Koslov. Uri refused to release Cassandra until Jesse arrested Zach. Dixie was terrified when Billy Clyde approached Dixie to ask for her forgiveness. Dixie was outraged when Jesse explained that the statute of limitations had expired on Billy Clyde's crimes, so Billy Clyde was free to roam the streets. JR was surprised when he saw AJ spending time with David. JR vowed that he would not let David use AJ to get to JR. JR considered taking steroids to speed up his recovery, but Cara advised him against it because of the adverse side effects. JR had a change of heart about the steroids when he learned about Brooke's plans for the company. Colby deliberately gave Celia the wrong impression when Celia called Pete. Pete was stunned when Celia returned the gifts that he had bought for her. Colby was on hand to comfort Pete after his breakup with Celia. Colby questioned why David had handed her a check for $30,000, so David claimed that it was a gift. Miranda was horrified when she received a text message with a doctored photo of Miranda and Heather in a compromising position. Heather took an interest in AJ, but she worried that AJ was involved with Miranda. Brooke persuaded Dimitri Marick to return to Pine Valley to help her run the media division of Chandler Enterprises.
June 17 to 21, 2013
Celia confided to Heather about her terrifying visions of the strange man. Heather suggested that the visions were a subconscious warning about Pete, since they had started around the time that Celia had met Pete. Opal was shocked when she walked in on Pete and Colby in bed together. Pete announced that it was time for him to get an apartment, so Opal decided to sell the mansion, unaware that Billy Clyde had bought it. AJ asked his father to return the steroids, but JR claimed that he had thrown them out. JR arranged for the Chandler jet to whisk Cara off for a visit with her son, Oliver. Miranda became uneasy with the growing friendship between AJ and Heather. Cassandra was rushed to the hospital and quickly stabilized, but Dr. Anders warned Angie that Cassandra had a long recovery ahead of her. Jesse was tempted to turn Uri over to the Feds, but Uri warned Jesse that Frankie, Randi, Natalie, and Brot would pay the price for Jesse's betrayal. Lea asked Zach about his split from Kendall, so Zach revealed that Kendall had walked out to safeguard their children.
June 24 to June 28, 2013
Lea questioned Jesse about Cassandra's claim that Cassandra had talked to Jesse during her captivity, but Dixie attributed Cassandra's comment to a hallucination. Lea sensed that Cassandra's release had been a message, so Lea was determined to get some answers. Zach and Lea discovered a potential clue in a picture of Uri and Vlad. Cassandra had a seizure after an adverse reaction to the methadone treatment, so David recommended another medication to Angie, which caused friction between Dr. Anders and Angie. Billy Clyde signed over his business to Ruby. Joe and Dixie talked about Billy Clyde's return. Joe decided to pay Billy Clyde a visit to warn Billy Clyde to stay away from Dixie and her family. Pete and Colby agreed to be friends with benefits. David found Colby drinking alone at a bar, so he joined her. Later, David and Colby ended up in bed together. Colby objected to Brooke hiring Dimitri, so Brooke offered Colby a job. AJ was furious when Heather told him about the altered picture of Miranda and Heather that Hunter had sent to their classmates. AJ confronted Hunter, who accused Miranda of being gay. Hunter and his friends ganged up on AJ, but Billy Clyde broke up the one-sided fight. Billy Clyde was shocked when he realized that AJ was related to Dixie.
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JULY 2013
July 1 to 5, 2013
Miranda felt responsible for Hunter beating up AJ, so she tried to push AJ away, but AJ refused to turn his back on her. AJ and Miranda experienced an awkward moment during a playful pillow fight. JR decided to have a talk with Hunter's father when AJ told JR about the fight. JR managed to get his hands on more steroids. Cara noticed how quickly JR's recovery was progressing, so JR attributed it to a balanced diet and exercise. A jeweler confirmed that he'd made three medallions -- for Uri, Uri's father, and Uri's brother, Vladimir. Zach and Lea suspected that Uri might have faked his death, so they searched Jesse's computer for Uri's dental records. Zach and Lea were concerned when they noticed that the dental records had been downloaded onto Jesse's computer, not emailed from a dentist's office. Dr. Anders revealed that Cassandra's tests for STDs, HIV, and hepatitis had all been negative, but she was pregnant. Angie broke the news about the pregnancy to Cassandra. Dr. Anders threw Dixie off balance when he confided that he thought that she was the most beautiful therapist he'd ever met. David tried to win over the people of Pine Valley by telling his side of the story on Talk Tempo. Colby admitted that even though David had tried to kill her brother, David's story had made her tear up. Cara had an emotional encounter with David following his interview.
July 8 to 12, 2013
Brooke put Colby in charge of a publicity party, so Colby promptly enlisted Celia's help. Colby made a point of reminding Celia that Colby and Pete had shared a past. Colby took credit for Celia's idea to add a charity component to the party to show that Chandler Enterprises gave back. AJ asked Miranda and Heather to catch a movie with him, but Miranda bowed out. Heather seemed disappointed when AJ worried that Miranda might have gotten the wrong idea that AJ and Heather had planned a date. Zach was pleased when the D.A. dropped the charges against him. Zach and Lea shared a passionate kiss that led to a steamy tryst at the police station. Afterwards, Lea questioned if Zach was truly ready to move forward, since he still wore his wedding band. Bianca urged Kendall to let Zach know about Kendall's medical setback, but Kendall refused because she was certain that Zach had moved on. David advised Angie to prepare herself for the possibility that Cassandra might decide to have an abortion. Angie insisted that she would support whatever Cassandra decided, but David realized that Angie already loved her grandchild. Jesse warned Uri that the authorities knew that Uri had faked his death by killing Vlad. Afterwards, Jesse took steps to protect his family from Uri's wrath. Cara was shocked when she arrived at the mansion and discovered her son waiting for her. JR revealed that he had hired Cara's mother as his cook, so Cara could be near Oliver. JR surprised AJ with tickets to a concert and an invitation to go to a ballgame.
July 15 to 19, 2013
Zach confessed that he was grateful that Lea had put the brakes on their passionate encounter because he didn't want to mess up what they had by moving too fast. Lea revealed that a flash drive had been recovered from Jesse's desk, confirming her suspicions that Jesse was Uri's inside man. Zach felt betrayed by Lea because she had not shared her reservations about Jesse with Zach. Cassandra admitted that she didn't want to keep the baby that was growing inside of her, but Angie assured Cassandra that Cassandra didn't have to make a decision right away. Cassandra reminded Angie that the baby was a product of rape. Angie worried that Cassandra would regret terminating the pregnancy. Jesse opened up to Joe about Uri. Joe urged Jesse to do the right thing, so Jesse agreed that it was time to confess. Federal agents arrested Jesse before Jesse could tell Angie about Uri. At the police station, Jesse recounted to Zach and Angie everything that Jesse had done to rescue Cassandra from Uri. Colby decided to auction a date with Pine Valley's most eligible bachelor as part of the charity event. Colby overheard Pete assure Celia that Celia was the only woman that he wanted. Brooke found it difficult to turn down Dimitri's invitation to fly to Washington, DC, to meet a potential new host for the talk show.
July 22 to 26, 2013
Hunter and Kyle taunted Miranda at the beach. AJ invited Heather to the gala. Colby was delighted when Celia revealed that Pete had agreed to be the auction's eligible bachelor. Pete was frustrated by Celia's refusal to believe that he cared about her. Celia was disappointed to learn that Colby and Pete were friends with benefits. Pete rebuffed Colby's advances, so David offered Colby an opportunity at retribution. Celia had another terrifying vision. JR was surprised when Brooke gave him the lead on a project. Dimitri questioned Brooke's decision, so she explained that she wanted Adam to see JR succeed at something. JR had a violent outburst after an injection of steroids. Brooke became concerned when she noticed that she had missed a call from Adam. Dimitri confessed that he had answered Brooke's phone, but Adam had ended the call without a word. Cassandra was desperate to terminate her pregnancy, so Colby agreed to help Cassandra. Billy Clyde made an anonymous donation through Joe to the Miranda Center to help women who had suffered the way that Dixie had. Billy Clyde was moved when Dixie wrote a letter thanking him for his donation. Brooke asked Opal to work the red carpet during the gala.
July 29 to August 2, 2013
Zach took Miranda dress shopping and promised to accompany her to the gala. Zach arranged for a top-notch attorney to represent Jesse and then bailed Jesse out of jail. Jesse's attorney, Sullivan, and Lea worked out a deal that would require Jesse to resign as chief of police in exchange for dropping the charges against Jesse. Lea tried to explain why she had done what she had, but Zach insisted that she had chosen her job over Jesse's family. Dr. Anders explained that it would take time to schedule an abortion for Cassandra, so Colby used the Chandler name to expedite the process. Angie tried to be supportive when she learned that Cassandra had terminated the pregnancy, but Cassandra suspected that her mother was simply repeating what Angie had been told to say. Pete managed to persuade Celia to save a dance for him at the gala. Colby convinced Celia to have a one-of-a-kind dress made for the gala, but then secretly made some adjustments to Celia's measurements when the dressmaker wasn't looking. Cara and David talked about their past. David was pleased when Cara acknowledged that their love had been real.
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August 5 to 9, 2013
Dr. Anders opened up to Dixie about his past by revealing that he had spent months recovering from a traumatizing event after which he had vowed to save as many lives as possible to make up for the one life that he hadn't been able to save. JR stole a few sheets from Cara's prescription pad. Cara questioned if she had made the right decision by telling David that she'd had an abortion. AJ defended his father to David by insisting that JR was a changed man. JR continued to take steroids. Celia had an ugly confrontation with Colby when Celia realized that Colby had changed the measurements of Celia's dress for the gala. Celia was left shaken after a terrifying vision of the mystery man. David escorted Colby to the gala, but they agreed that their affair had run its course. Lea handcuffed Zach to force him to hear her out. Zach explained that he couldn't be with someone who didn't trust him. Billy Clyde skulked in the bushes as Opal hosted the red carpet interviews prior to the gala. Billy Clyde appeared smitten during Dixie's interview. Opal caught a flicker of Celia's visions when Celia approached her on the red carpet. Celia was shocked when it was announced that she had won the date with Pete.
August 12 to 16, 2013
Jason Derulo performed at the gala. Celia suspected that Pete had arranged for her to win the bachelor auction, but Pete denied that he'd had anything to do with it. Celia remained insecure about Colby despite Pete's assurance that he only wanted Celia. Joe intervened when a reporter asked Angie some uncomfortable questions about Jesse's resignation. Dixie suspected that David wanted to take Jesse's place in Angie's life, so Dixie warned David to keep his distance from the Hubbards. Jesse arrived at the gala drunk and became enraged when he saw David and Angie dancing together. Zach appreciated that Miranda and AJ had been there for one another as friends, but Zach urged Miranda not to let fear hold her back from opening her heart to more. Miranda was hurt when she saw Heather and AJ kissing. Cara wondered if Tad knew that JR had awakened from the coma, so Dixie confessed that she hadn't been able to reach Tad. A technical error with JR's presentation forced Brooke to resort to the backup presentation that she had prepared. Enraged, JR accused Brooke of plotting against him. Adam returned to Pine Valley for a brief visit. Colby was hurt that her father hadn't spent any time with her. David found Olivier unconscious on the floor.
August 19 to 23, 2013
Dixie talked to Dr. Anders about Tad. David spent time with Oliver at the hospital following Oliver's seizure from a peanut allergy. Cara debated telling David the truth about Oliver but ultimately decided against it because she couldn't trust David. Colby was hurt when Adam failed to spend time with her before leaving town. JR assured his sister that she hadn't missed out on anything because Adam was a "heartless bastard." Colby and JR's resentment against Brooke grew. Brooke assumed that Adam had put the winning bid in for the necklace that she had admired, but she later discovered that Dimitri had been the one to purchase it for her. Dimitri leaned in to kiss Brooke, but she pulled back and reminded Dimitri that she loved Adam. AJ was shocked when a syringe fell out of JR's jacket pocket. JR tried to defend his actions, but AJ contended that JR was the same liar and addict that AJ had known growing up. Cara confronted JR about the prescription pad that he had stolen from her. Celia asked Heather about AJ, so Heather confided that Heather and AJ were destined for each other. Celia had a nightmare about the man from her visions, so Dixie agreed to help Celia get to the root of the visions and dreams. Colby enlisted Opal's help to ruin Celia's date with Pete.
August 26 to 30, 2013
Jesse was determined to track down Uri to make him pay for everything that had happened to Cassandra. Cassandra was relieved to be out of the hospital and back home; however, she was filled with guilt and remorse when Jesse was forced to explain why he had lost his job. Jesse insisted that he didn't have any regrets because he loved Cassandra more than he did his job. Miranda helped Zach find an apartment and asked if she could stay with him until her mother returned because she felt uncomfortable at the Chandler mansion. Zach and Lea kissed and then talked about where they stood with each other. Pete talked to Opal about his plans for the special date with Celia, so Opal promptly called Colby. Opal and Colby set a skunk loose in Jane's Addiction during Celia and Pete's romantic dance, but their plan failed to ruin the evening. JR realized that David had sabotaged the presentation at the gala, so he confronted David. David vowed to destroy JR's life to make JR pay for killing Marissa. David confessed to Cara that spending time with Oliver had made him realize what Cara had taken from him. Dixie became concerned about Dr. Anders when she found him disheveled and nursing a drink after he had failed to show up for work.
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September 2 to 6, 2013
JR tried to reach out to AJ, but AJ wanted nothing to do with his father. JR apologized to Brooke for accusing her of corrupting his file for the gala. JR admitted that he had been blinded by his anger, so he wanted the opportunity to make things right with the investors. JR apologized to Cara, but she bristled when he accused David of sabotaging his presentation. JR promised that he had stopped taking steroids, but Cara explained that he had jeopardized her career. Dimitri continued to pursue Brooke, but she insisted that she was with Adam. Dimitri was certain that Brooke felt something for him, so he kissed her again. Brooke was determined to keep her relationship with Dimitri professional, so he agreed to respect her wishes. Jesse and Angie discussed his career options, prompting Angie to suggest that Jesse open his own private investigation agency. Colby asked David to leave JR alone, but David growled that JR had killed Marissa and had destroyed Babe's life. Colby was sorry that David's daughters were dead, but she believed that JR had been punished enough. Tad decided to return to Pine Valley.
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