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APRIL 2013
April 29 to May 3, 2013
Victor Jr. returned to Llanview on the same evening that his twin brother, Todd, arrived in town. Dani overdosed during the opening of Blair's nightclub, Shelter. Everyone was stunned when Victor Jr. explained that Alison Perkins had kidnapped him, but he was reluctant to share any details about how he had managed to escape. Téa questioned Victor about a strange tattoo on his wrist, but he refused to discuss it. Téa told Victor about the circumstances of their son's death shortly after birth. Someone monitored Téa's home with hidden cameras. Clint asked Bo to be the best man at Clint and Viki's wedding, even though Viki hadn't set a date. The feud between Dorian and Viki reignited when Viki printed a story in the Banner about a political scandal involving Dorian. Todd tried to reconnect with his family, but everyone, including Blair, pushed him away. In a desperate attempt to win Rama back, Vimal agreed to have an open marriage, provided that Vimal and Rama returned home to each other every night. Matthew questioned why Destiny was out at a nightclub instead of at home with their son, but Destiny pointed out that Matthew didn't have room to criticize her.
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MAY 2013
May 6 to 10, 2013
Dorian resigned as junior senator then took steps to put an elaborate plan into motion. Viki was desperate to save the Banner from bankruptcy, so she decided to invest in a company that Clint had recommended, unaware that Dorian had lied to Clint's financial advisor about the company. Victor spiked a decanter of alcohol in Todd's hotel room. Todd suffered flu-like symptoms after consuming the tainted alcohol. Todd suggested that he and Victor call a truce for the sake of the children, so Victor agreed. Todd tried to repair his damaged relationships with loved ones. Dani decided to move in with Matthew and Jeffrey when she found it too difficult to live at home with her mother and Victor. Matthew began chatting with a woman that he had met online through Jeffrey. Natalie and Destiny talked about the difficulties of being single mothers. Clint urged Matthew to make peace with the past and to be a father to Drew. Matthew promised Clint that he would try. Bo and Nora took advantage of their empty nest. An acquaintance from Cutter's past showed up looking for money.
May 13 to 17, 2013
Victor announced that he had to leave town, but he refused to explain why because he claimed that he didn't want to endanger his family. Todd was livid when he found out that Victor intended to abandon the children. Victor's temper flared as he strangled Todd and bragged that he had poisoned Todd's scotch with arsenic. Natalie confirmed through testing that Todd's decanter had contained arsenic. Todd was grateful to Jack for saving his life, but Jack continued to lash out at his father. Téa unwittingly revealed that Victor had the same tattoo as a dead man who had been found floating in the water. A DNA test linked Victor to the murder. Matthew and Dani shared a heated kiss during a drinking game of strip truth or dare. Jeffrey resented Matthew's attitude towards Destiny and Drew because Jeffrey knew what it was like to grow up without a father. Clint had reservations about Viki's decision to invest in Pellegrino because he feared that it was too risky. Viki was confident that Clint's financial advisor wouldn't steer Clint wrong. Clint persuaded Viki to elope. Cutter and David offered Vimal some advice. A mystery person monitored the activities of several Llanview residents.
May 20 to 24, 2013
Matthew claimed that he had felt an instant connection to Michelle, the girl that he had met on Facebook. Jeffrey had reservations about Michelle because he feared that she might not be who she claimed to be. Jeffrey was curious why Matthew was focused on Michelle rather than someone closer to home like Dani. Matthew insisted that he cared about Dani like a sister. Dani indulged in a steamy fantasy about Matthew. Rama was star-struck when she bumped into David at Shelter. David decided that he needed a sidekick for his show, so he asked Rama if she would be interested in joining his cast. Rama happily agreed to be a part of David's show. Téa confided to Bo that she suspected that Victor had been tortured. Bo warned Téa that Victor would be arrested when they caught up to Victor. Todd returned to his hotel room and found an envelope on the desk with the symbol that matched Victor's tattoo. Todd took a note out of the envelope that read, "Victor is alive. Finish what you started...or else." Natalie checked her phone and was surprised when she saw that John had called.
May 27 to 31, 2013
Snoop Lion paid Bo and Nora a visit to invite them to be special guests at his movie screening. The Buchanans gathered for poker night, but things went awry when they began to bicker with each other. Destiny noticed Jeffrey's reaction when he received a letter from Winterhaven, so Jeffrey explained that the letter was from his mother's employer, who had paid for Jeffrey to go to college. Destiny didn't understand how Jeffrey could feel comfortable taking money from a non-family member, but Jeffrey sensed that Destiny was seeking advice about her own situation, so he urged her to accept help from Bo and Nora. Blair talked to Téa about Jack's surly and withdrawn attitude. Blair and Téa agreed that Todd throwing money at his children made matters worse. Natalie talked to her parents about the message that she had received from John. Natalie was determined not to let John ruin her life again, so she decided to spend some time at Shelter, where she shared a steamy kiss with Cutter. Blair, Cutter, and Rama were unaware of a growing drug problem in the nightclub. The crowd began to file out of the nightclub when the lights suddenly went out, so Todd suggested that Blair entertain the crowd with a song. Blair's song appeared to have an effect on both Blair and Todd. Todd discovered the wires in the nightclub's fuse box had been cut. Jeffrey spotted a Pellegrino file on Viki's desk but couldn't recall why the name seemed familiar.
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JUNE 2013
June 3 to 7, 2013
Viki learned that the Pellegrino Fund might be under investigation by the SEC. Jeffery assured Viki that his source who had tipped him off to the hedge fund scandal was reliable. Victor reached out to Téa to apologize for destroying the giraffe in their son's bedroom. Téa let Bo know that she had been in contact with Victor and confessed that she was concerned about the two vastly different sides of her husband. Matthew and Destiny argued about Matthew's role as a father to Drew, but they tried to make peace for the sake of their son. Snoop Lion offered Matthew some advice about fatherhood. Blair wanted to contact the police about the power at Shelter being deliberately cut, but Cutter persuaded her to let him and Bruce handle it. Todd called Bo to suggest that Bo have the drugs that had been found on Dani tested. Todd received a card that was embossed with a symbol identical to Victor's tattoo and that contained a list of Todd's family members. Rama was disappointed that Vimal had a date with another woman on Rama's night off. Vimal surprised Rama by canceling his date at the last minute to spend time with Rama.
June 10 to 14, 2013
Natalie was stunned when she was served with a subpoena from John. Natalie and Téa agreed that Téa should call John's lawyer to find out exactly what was going on with John. Natalie was shocked when Téa revealed that John had been served with a restraining order from Natalie along with a "harshly worded" letter telling John to stay out of Natalie's life. Bo and Nora tried to play matchmaker by inviting Matthew and Destiny to dinner, but the tension between Matthew and Destiny remained thick, so Matthew reached out to his brother, David, for help. Matthew confided to Dani and Jeffrey about Michelle's difficulties. Dani and Jeffrey encouraged Matthew to visit Michelle. Nora broadcast her first Internet radio show. Jeffrey decided to start a blog with the intention of one day becoming one of the most influential people in Washington. Todd spotted a gun sticking out of some bushes, so he quickly threw Blair to the ground and covered her with his body as a shot rang out. Todd took Blair to a secret room in his hotel suite to show her that he had cameras hidden throughout Llanview to monitor his loved ones because he feared that Victor had put everyone in danger. Todd admitted that he suspected that someone had tried to hurt Dani the night that she overdosed. Blair agreed to help Todd find Victor so Todd could kill Victor.
June 17 to 21, 2013
Bo questioned Dani about where she had gotten the oxycodone that she had overdosed on, which had been four times a normal dose, so she reluctantly revealed that a girl named Briana had supplied her with the pills. Briana was found dead, so Bo warned Cutter and Bruce that the narcotics unit would be watching the club. Jack realized that Dani had romantic feelings for Matthew, but he promised to keep her secret. Michelle called Matthew, but Jeffrey answered the phone. Jeffrey figured out that Michelle was in town, so he let Matthew know. Blair showed Téa the notes with the tattoo symbol that Todd had received and then told Téa about the shooting. Téa admitted that Victor might have gone to Willow Lake. Todd put a deadly plan into motion. Natalie realized that only one person could have taken out the restraining order in her name and sent John the hurtful letter, so she confronted her father. Clint defended his actions. Natalie decided to move forward by asking Cutter out on a date. Jeffrey told Viki about the SEC's investigation into the Pellegrino Fund. Clint assured Viki that he had enough money to save her and the Banner several times over.
June 24 to June 28, 2013
Dani talked to Téa about Briana's possible overdose and admitted that Briana had sold drugs to Dani. Natalie gave Bo the autopsy report on Briana, which revealed that Briana had had a high dose of oxycodone in her system that had been altered in the same way as the oxycodone that Dani had overdosed on. Bo realized that he had a murder investigation on his hands. Jeffrey arranged to meet Michelle at the coffee shop, so he invited Matthew to join him. Michelle explained why she had misled Matthew, but Jeffrey questioned her story. Jack met an attractive woman at the coffee shop who took him somewhere to have sex. After their passionate encounter, the woman introduced herself as Kate. Jack was shocked when he later discovered that his lover, Kate, was his new teacher. Todd made a grisly discover at Willow Lake. Victor sent Téa a text message asking her to "call off the dogs" for his sake. Téa confided to Blair about the text message from Victor. Viki was stunned when Clint revealed that he had arranged for her money to be returned to her account, but Viki feared that Clint had done something illegal that would get her into trouble.
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JULY 2013
July 1 to 5, 2013
Dorian was not pleased when she learned that Viki hadn't suffered a financial setback. Dorian resented that Rama would be working with David. David tried to smooth things over by explaining that his reality show wasn't the right fit for Dorian. Dorian became jealous when she saw the obvious chemistry between David and Rama. Destiny asked Jeffrey out on a double date as friends. Natalie softened toward Clint when he explained why he had done what he had and apologized for hurting her. Kate continued a sexual relationship with Jack even though he was her student. Téa was an unwilling participant in Todd and Blair's plan to fake Victor's death because it would force Victor into hiding for the rest of his life. Todd explained to Blair and Téa that Bobby, his tattoo artist, would put Victor's tattoo on an unidentifiable body from an out-of-state morgue. Todd continued that Natalie would use Todd's DNA for the forensic reports, since his DNA was the same as Victor's. Téa didn't think Natalie would do that, but Todd thought she would cooperate once she found out that Viki's name was on the hit list. Todd warned Téa and Blair that their children could never know the truth about Victor. Dani was upset when she saw Matthew kiss Michelle.
July 8 to 12, 2013
Nora told Viki about Dorian's accusations, so Viki promised that according to Clint, there hadn't been anything suspect about Viki's money. Nora wondered if Viki trusted Clint, prompting Viki to admit that she wasn't sure. Clint was forced to confess that Viki had lost all of her money in the Pellegrino Fund, so he had covered the loss. Viki handed her engagement ring to Clint and walked away. Dani listened with disgust as Matthew flirted with Michelle, who had claimed to be in Toronto, over the phone. Jeffrey accused Dani of being jealous. Dani tried to prove Jeffrey wrong by accepting Arturo's invitation to join Arturo in Briana's hotel room to go through Briana's things. Dani was shocked to discover that Michelle worked as a maid at the hotel. Dani was stunned when Matthew forgave Michelle for lying once again. Bo questioned Jason Murray about the night of Briana's murder, unaware that Jason had a tattoo that looked exactly like the one that Victor had. Jeffrey received a letter from his benefactor, Carl Peterson. Jeffrey was not pleased to learn that Carl was on his way to Llanview. Jack resented that Todd had hired Shaun to follow him. Cutter asked for a rain check on dessert when he was called away to attend to a minor emergency at Shelter. Dorian was devastated when she saw David kiss Rama.
July 15 to 19, 2013
Jeffrey questioned if Dani wanted Matthew for herself, but Dani insisted that she was simply concerned for her best friend who was dating a woman who continually lied. Matthew surprised Michelle by booking a room at the hotel for a romantic evening. Michelle revealed that she was a virgin, so Matthew offered to wait, but Michelle wanted him to make love to her. Clint felt that Viki made it impossible for a man to love her by refusing to accept help. Nigel reminded Viki that Clint was "richer than God," so she owed it to her employees to get over her personal issues with Clint. Viki agreed, for the sake of the Banner, to keep the money that Clint had given her. Tensions between David and Dorian mounted, prompting Dorian to ask what David was willing to do to save their marriage. David decided to focus on his reality show when a network picked it up, so he moved out of La Boulaie. Things quickly heated up between Todd and Blair when they kissed. Cutter showed up on Natalie's doorstep, so she invited him to stay for pizza. Cutter and Natalie's impromptu date led to a steamy kiss.
July 22 to 26, 2013
Michelle thanked Matthew for making her first time memorable. Jack was frustrated when Kate refused to talk to him outside of class because Jack remained under Shaun's watchful gaze. Blair had second thoughts about rekindling things with Todd because she was afraid of losing him again. Jack walked in on Todd and Blair after they had made love. Jack insisted that Blair made him sick, and he stormed out. Blair tried to get through to Jack, but Jack refused to accept Todd or Blair's relationship with Todd. David confessed to Jo that his marriage to Dorian was on the rocks. Jo told him about her dream reality show, Anatomy of Divorce, which would show both sides of a divorce. David jumped on board when Jo promised to sell the show from his perspective. Dorian demanded that Rama be fired, but she quickly backed down when Cutter went to bat for Rama by threatening to sue Dorian. Arturo gave Dani a pair of diamond earrings as a token of his appreciation. Dani was reluctant to accept the extravagant gift, but Arturo assured her that there weren't any strings attached. Natalie and Cutter spent time together getting to know each other. Natalie made it clear that she expected Cutter to be honest with her.
July 29 to August 2, 2013
Matthew became concerned when he spotted Dani spending time with Arturo. Dani insisted that Arturo was lonely and needed someone to talk to, but Matthew's fears grew when he realized that Arturo had given Dani diamond earrings. Michelle caused friction between Matthew and his roommates when she complained about the way that Jeffrey and Dani treated her. Jeffrey kissed Destiny. Clint turned violent when he showed up drunk at Shelter and was refused entry. Viki made it clear that Clint's antics wouldn't change her mind. Bo decided to arrest Clint when Clint threatened to drive drunk. Kate continued to push Jack away because she knew that he was being followed. Jack opened up to David about Kate. Cutter admitted that he preferred the peace and quiet that Natalie offered to his hectic lifestyle at the club. Todd received an envelope with an imprint of the tattoo on the front. The envelope contained a note warning Todd that Victor had been captured and instructing Todd to disappear if Todd wanted to keep his family safe. Blair was heartbroken as she begged Todd not to leave.
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August 5 to 9, 2013
Cutter and Natalie's postcoital bliss was shattered when Natalie received a call from Bo informing her that Clint had been arrested. Jeffrey warned Viki that Clint's altercation at Shelter had been videotaped. Bo suspected that Briana might have been part of a call girl ring. Bruce alerted Cutter to Bo's plans to investigate the club. Jo told Dorian about David's new reality show and offered Dorian an opportunity to be a role model for successful women who were going through a divorce. Dorian suspected that Jack had been seeing Kate, but Jack insisted that Kate was too old for him. Michelle was shocked to learn that Matthew was Drew's father. Drew suffered a seizure from a high fever and was rushed to the hospital. Todd showed Téa the note that he had received about Victor. Téa wanted to alert Bo about the note, but Todd and Blair were confident that Victor would find a way to escape. Téa ordered Todd and Blair to find Victor and get him home. Todd told his family that he was headed overseas on a business trip. Blair and Todd were secretly married before Todd left town. Jeffrey was revealed to have a tattoo on the bottom of his foot that was identical to the one that Victor had.
August 12 to 16, 2013
David agreed to paint Rama as the villain on his reality show by blaming Rama for being the driving force behind the breakdown of his marriage to Dorian. Viki showed Clint the damaging video of him punching Diego at Shelter and advised Clint to step down as Man of the Year. Clint accused Viki of trying to ruin him and threatened to pull his large donation from the organization if he didn't receive his award. Dorian advised Viki to post the video of Clint, so Viki discussed it with Natalie. Natalie pointed out that Clint had only himself to blame for his disgraceful actions. The Veterans' Organization dumped Clint after the damaging video surfaced. Bo was selected as the new Man of the Year. Téa was shocked when she noticed Blair's wedding ring. Blair refused to let Téa wallow in misery, so she insisted that Téa attend the gala. Carl Peterson was pleased that Jeffrey had followed the plan to befriend Matthew in London, to get close to Viki, and to replace one of Clint's prescriptions with a drug that had made Clint "go nuts." Carl Peterson revealed that his sister, Allison, had Victor and that Todd would be walking into a trap. Everyone gathered for the gala as Clint sat in his office, drinking and seething with rage.
August 19 to 23, 2013
Carl spared Dorian the sting of public humiliation by bidding on her portrait during the Man of the Year gala. Dani and Michelle traded heated words. Michelle complained to Matthew, so Matthew ordered Dani to leave Michelle alone. Matthew made a point of telling Téa about Dani's date, Arturo. Téa called Arturo a predator and told Dani that if she wasn't careful, Dani would end up like Briana. Dani returned to Arturo's suite, and the two kissed. Bo and Nora were disappointed when they noticed that Jeffrey and Destiny had attended the gala together because it dashed their hopes for a romance between Matthew and Destiny. Matthew caught Michelle in another lie. Natalie was furious when Nikki bragged that Cutter had been "banging" Nikki for months and didn't intend to stop. Clint showed up drunk at the gala and stumbled to the podium to take the Man of the Year trophy from Bo. Clint turned violent and had to be restrained by paramedics. Cutter demanded to know why Diego had let Clint into the club, so Diego revealed that Clint had given him $100,000. Natalie screamed in terror when she saw a needle-wielding Allison Perkins in Clint's hospital room.
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