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January 3 to 7, 2011
Charlie was horrified when the doctor explained that the scarring from the gunshot wound to Jessica's abdomen required Jessica to have a Caesarean section. Natalie and Marty had a bitter argument about Marty's plans to reveal the paternity of Natalie's baby. Marty hit her head during a tussle with Natalie. Natalie panicked, so she took Marty to the family lodge. Natalie decided to keep Marty at the lodge, so that Natalie could go to the hospital to tell John the truth about the baby. Marty gained the upper hand when Natalie went into labor. Natalie was stunned when Marty left Natalie to have the baby alone. Cris was upset when a man answered Layla's phone in the middle of the night. Cris accused Layla of cheating, so she hung up on him. Blair offered to let Cris spend the night, in one of the guest rooms, but Cris opted to grab a bottle of champagne and then carry Blair to her bedroom. Cris and Blair weren't certain what had happened between them when they woke up naked in bed together the next morning. Cris and Blair decided to open Eli's box. Blair was surprised when she discovered a rolled-up painting of her inside the box. Cris noticed that the painting was dated 2003, but Blair hadn't met Eli until 2009. Aubrey assured her lover that everything had been going according to plan. Aubrey's lover was reluctant to continue the scam, but Aubrey was confident that everything would be wrapped up soon. Rex's guilty conscience began to get the best of him. In Morocco, David managed to escape his captors for a brief period of time. Clint informed David that additional time had been added to David's sentence for the attempted escape. Dorian found herself thinking about David after she saw his "Have-A-Seat" commercial. Dorian was stunned when she received a call from David.
January 10 to 14, 2011
Jessica delivered a healthy baby boy by Cesarean section and was relieved to learn that she didn't need a hysterectomy. Marty returned to the lodge to help Natalie deliver a baby boy. John arrived shortly afterwards to discover that Marty's mind had completely unraveled. Marty believed that the newborn was her son with John. At the hospital, Natalie prepared to confess all to John, but Marty barged into the room and then began to tell John the truth about the baby in a disjointed and incoherent manner. After Marty was taken away, Natalie realized that she could keep her secret because no one would believe Marty. Natalie used Marty's breakdown to cover her tracks about what had transpired in the courthouse and at the lodge. Vimal realized that he might have switched the wrong Buchanan daughter's paternity test. Marty managed to make her way to the nursery. Joey was stunned to find a man in Aubrey's room. Cutter quickly introduced himself as Aubrey's brother, but Joey had his doubts because of the picture of Aubrey and Cutter in the French magazine. Cutter cleverly managed to explain the picture away. Cutter and Aubrey discussed their plans to clean out Joey's back accounts and then skip town with the money. Aubrey worried that Kelly might pose a problem, so Cutter decided to deal with Kelly. Rex told Bo that Inez had received a prescription from Marty on the day of Eddie's murder. Téa decided that the best defense for Nate was to implicate Inez in Eddie's murder. Blair continued to search for clues about the portrait of her that Eli had kept in the box. Starr was disappointed when James agreed to go to a sorority dance with Michelle.
January 17 to 21, 2011
At the sentencing hearing, Nate admitted that he had been lying to save his mother. The judge eventually decided to drop the charges against Nate. Bo and Nora questioned Inez. Inez denied killing Eddie, but she confessed that she had drugged Bo and then lied about them having sex. Inez revealed that Clint had forced her to break up Bo and Nora's marriage. Inez was arrested for drugging Bo. Clint found himself staring down the barrel of a gun when Bo confronted Clint about hiring Eddie to abduct Nora. Nora managed to talk Bo down before he shot Clint. John found Marty in the hospital's nursery with the baby. Marty was taken to St. Anne's for treatment for her breakdown. Cris discovered more clues about the portrait of Blair. The trail led Cris and Blair to Paris, where Cris bumped into Layla. Cris decided to tell Layla about waking up with Blair on New Year's Day. Layla admitted that she had slept with her boss. Blair tracked down the artist who had painted her portrait. Joey believed Aubrey and Cutter's lies about being siblings, but Kelly continued to have her doubts. Aubrey wasn't pleased when Cutter decided to keep tabs on Kelly by wooing her. Kelly questioned Ford about Aubrey and Cutter's relationship when she learned that Ford had a history with Aubrey. Ford admitted that Aubrey had never mentioned that she had a brother, but Ford had only spent a short time with Aubrey. Vimal told his wife, Rama, about everything that Clint had ordered him to do.
January 24 to 28, 2011
Shane became the target of a cyber-bully. James and Starr started to open up to each other about their feelings, but Cole called. Starr broke the news to Cole that Marty had been sent to St. Ann's. James was frustrated when he heard Starr tell Cole, "I love you." Theo turned to Shaun for help to get Destiny to talk to Darren. Shaun explained that Destiny had been upset because Darren hadn't respected her wishes to stay out of her family business. Destiny was invited to celebrate Nate's release from jail. Destiny decided to stay with Matthew because Matthew had been the only person to listen to her without trying to fix her problems. Inez wore a wire as she accused Clint of killing Eddie. Clint quickly realized that Bo was behind Inez's attempt to garner a confession, so he decided to frame Ford for Eddie's murder. Layla and Cris ended their engagement because their lives were going in different directions. Blair met the artist who had painted her portrait. Blair was stunned when Tomas showed her the photograph that he had used to paint her picture. The picture had been of her wedding to Todd before Todd's plastic surgery. Téa remarked that Todd had changed over the years. According to Téa, the old Todd had been haunted by his past, but once he had gotten a new face, he had learned to trust, love, and forgive. Joey was offended that Clint wanted Aubrey to sign a prenuptial agreement, but didn't have the same expectation for Brody and John. Natalie and John named their son Liam Asa. Jessica and Brody named their son Ryder Asa. Aubrey bumped into her friend, Rama, who quickly filled Aubrey in on Clint's secrets.
January 31 to February 4, 2011
Marty started to recall Natalie's secret, so she managed to slip out of St. Ann's and then make her way to John's apartment. Marty told John that she had something to tell him about Natalie's baby and Brody, but she couldn't remember the specifics. Marty begged John to help her remember, but John gently explained that she needed to return to St. Ann's. Natalie begged Brody to keep quiet about their one-night stand. Brody reluctantly agreed to Natalie's request. Bo and John told Brody about their suspicions that Clint was responsible for Eddie's murder. Vimal was stunned when Clint fired him for telling Aubrey about the DNA switch. Rama felt betrayed by Aubrey, so she warned Aubrey to watch her back. Rama persuaded Vimal to expose Clint's lies. Cutter and Aubrey took steps to alter the yearbook that would have proven that they were frauds. Cutter and Aubrey realized that Clint had recorded their conversations and intimate moments in the hotel room. Echo questioned Shane about the messages that she had read about him online. Shane begged Echo to keep quiet about the bullies because he was certain that it would make things worse if Rex and Gigi complained to the principal. Rex decided to lie to Charlie by claiming that a second paternity test had confirmed that Charlie was Rex's father. Charlie was stunned when he learned that Viki had tossed Echo out of the mansion. Charlie couldn't understand how Viki could tear Echo away from her family while Echo was struggling with sobriety. Joey and Kelly found themselves locked in a storage closet at Rodi's. Joey was surprised when Kelly confessed that she had never gotten over him. Joey admitted that he had been jealous when he had found Kelly with Cutter. Blair received an unexpected visit from Tomas.
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February 7 to 11, 2011
Tomas admitted that Blair's quest for the truth had inspired him. It didn't escape Tomas' notice that Blair had been drinking the same wine that they had shared in Paris. Blair tried to downplay its significance, but Tomas didn't believe her. Starr went to see Cole in jail to break up with him. Afterwards, Starr decided to talk to James about her feelings for him, but changed her mind when she found him with Michelle. Starr assumed that James and Michelle had slept together. John was plagued with doubts about Natalie after his talk with Marty. Rama and Vimal decided to expose Clint's lies at Jessica and Natalie's weddings. Charlie was stunned when Vimal revealed that Clint was Rex's biological father. Rex was forced to admit that he had lied to Charlie about the second paternity test. Charlie left the church and then headed to Rodi's to order a double shot of vodka. Jessica and Brody were heartbroken when Vimal went on to reveal that Clint had him switch Ryder's paternity test to show that Brody, not Ford, was Ryder's father. Brody confessed to Jessica that he'd had a one-night stand with Natalie. Jessica was devastated by the betrayal. Natalie told John that she had slept with Brody and that Brody was Liam's biological father. John walked out on Natalie. Dani told Nate about the paternity reveal at Jessica's wedding, but Nate didn't want Dani to tell Ford. Cutter managed to switch the flash drive that showed Aubrey and Cutter in a compromising position. Kelly realized that something was wrong when the footage showed Aubrey and Cutter having an innocent conversation. Joey was furious when he realized that Kelly had spied on Aubrey. Aubrey suggested that she and Joey get married.
February 14 to 18, 2011
Natalie was forced to tell Jessica and Brody the truth about Liam's paternity. Clint learned that Brody was the father of Natalie's son. Ford was stunned when Nate and Dani told him that he was a father. Jessica was devastated by the revelations and ended up breaking into Roxy's salon. Tess returned. Tess immediately headed to Capricorn, where she bumped into Ford. Ford, thinking that he was talking to Jessica, let her know that he had heard the news about Ryder. Tess's reaction to the news made Ford wonder if she were seventeen again. Tess quickly clarified who she was. Ford decided to keep an eye on Tess, so that she wouldn't hurt herself or the baby. Langston saw Ford leave with a blonde woman, not realizing that it was Jessica. Tess got her hands on some papers to show Ford that they could access Ryder's trust fund as his parents. Blair was surprised to see Tomas in Capricorn. Blair introduced Tomas to Langston. Blair was impressed when Tomas offered Langston some sage advice about Ford. Aubrey and Joey were married. Afterwards, Aubrey decided to use her friendship with Rama to get Clint out of his legal mess in exchange for Clint's agreement not to show Joey the incriminating footage. Kelly and John found themselves involved in a bar fight when they decided to drown their sorrows with alcohol. John and Kelly ended up a motel, where things quickly heated up between them when John admitted that he didn't want to be alone. The next morning, John and Kelly agreed that they had slept with each other to get back at Natalie and Joey. Natalie walked in on John just as Kelly stepped out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel. Charlie was filled with regret for cheating on Viki. Dorian arrived at Echo's room shortly after Charlie left. Viki was relieved when Charlie finally arrived home.
February 21 to 25, 2011
Joey was not pleased to learn that Kelly had slept with John. Kelly blamed the alcohol for her lapse of judgment. Joey was taken aback when Kelly added that she had been upset because Joey had married Aubrey. However, Kelly refused to stick around to help Joey pick up the pieces when his marriage to Aubrey crumbled. Natalie's hopes were dashed when John revealed that he had stopped by Llanfair to check on Liam, not to see Natalie. Natalie was hurt when she later saw John comforting Kelly. Blair bumped into Tomas at the diner, where she learned that he had originally hailed from Puerto Rico. Blair began to rattle of names of people in town that she knew were of Puerto Rican decent. Tomas tensed when he heard Téa's name mentioned. A short time later, Tomas paid his sister, Téa, a visit. Téa admitted that she had missed Tomas, even though he had abandoned her. James confessed to Starr that he knew where Dani and Nate were. James had taken the teens to the Viki's cabin to hide out. Dani made it clear that she planned to stay away from Todd long enough for Todd to suffer and to accept Dani's relationship with Nate. James and Starr decided to chaperone their siblings. Starr was surprised to learn that James and Michelle weren't an item. James was equally caught off-guard when Starr admitted that she had ended things with Cole. Todd was furious when he learned that Dani had called Téa to assure her mother that everything was okay. Jack was revealed to be Shane's tormentor. Tess blackmailed Ford into going along with her plans. Langston followed Brody to Las Vegas. Brody and Langston tracked Tess and Ford to a chapel, but worried they were too late to stop the wedding.
February 28 to March 4, 2011
Tess and Ford were married. Viki was disheartened when Dr. Levin explained that Tess couldn't be admitted to St. Anne's without Ford's consent. Viki realized that she would have to enlist Ford's help to have any hope of getting Jessica into treatment. Ford made it clear that he expected Tess to reunite him with Ryder. Tess went to Roxy's salon to pick up Ryder. Natalie was horrified when she realized that Tess, not Jessica, had gotten her hands on Ryder. At Gigi's urging, Rex told Bo that Clint had arranged for David to be imprisoned in a Moroccan prison. Bo was hurt that Rex had held onto the secret instead of turning to him for help when Clint had threatened Rex. Bo had Nora meet him at the airport with a suitcase, so that he could track down David. Rama persuaded Vimal to take the fall for Clint because she feared that Clint might have Vimal killed from prison. Vimal agreed to change his story when Rama indicated that she might be pregnant. John went to St. Anne's to let Marty know that he had learned the truth about Liam's paternity. Marty admitted that she had hoped to use the paternity test results to hurt Natalie. Marty blamed Natalie for stealing the life that Marty was supposed to have had with John. John was about to leave the sanitarium when Marty admitted that she had something to tell him about Liam. Dani admitted to Nate that she wasn't ready to be intimate with him. Nate assured Dani that he wasn't mad at her. Todd caught up to Dani at Viki's lodge, where the teens were staying. Todd was livid when he realized that Téa and Starr had helped Dani. Things turned ugly when Todd tried to drag Dani out of the lodge. Téa held Todd back as the teens fled. Téa resorted to tying Todd up in a chair to keep him from following Starr, James, Dani, and Nate. Echo warned Charlie that Dorian knew about their night together. Echo and Charlie kissed, but Echo refused to continue the affair until Charlie made a decision about his marriage.
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MARCH 2011
March 7 to 11, 2011
Clint remained a step ahead of Bo by making David disappear from the Moroccan prison before Bo's arrival. Rex insisted on helping Bo track down David. Jack and his friend, Brad, continued to torment Shane at school. The principal was forced to intervene when a donation box went missing. Shane accused Jack of taking it, but Jack denied the allegations. Jack arranged to have the donation box planted in Shane's locker, so Shane was suspended from school. The principal warned Gigi that Shane's grades had slipped and that he'd grown belligerent with the other students. Jack and Brad decided to teach Shane a lesson. Clint demanded to know why Joey and Aubrey were trying to break into the safe. Joey admitted that he had been searching for evidence and investigating Nora's claims that Clint had been involved in Eddie's murder. Clint denied that he had anything to do with Eddie's death or Nora's kidnapping. Natalie went to talk to John after she had learned that John had fired Gigi. Natalie was furious when she discovered John and Kelly in Rodi's storage room. Natalie was certain that John and Kelly had been carrying on an affair since the night of the "non-wedding." Ford introduced Langston to Ryder. Langston was surprised when Ford confided that he intended to have Tess committed to St. Anne's. Tess got wind of Ford's plans, so she warned him that he wouldn't be able to support Ryder without her to provide him access to Ryder's trust fund. Ford changed his mind about sending Tess to St. Anne's, so Viki tried to strike a bargain. Todd turned violent when Tomas revealed that he had checked out Todd's past. Todd decided to investigate Tomas because he was certain that Tomas had something to hide. Shots rang out when Todd left Rodi's. John went to Todd's aid. Todd was shot as he and John tried to get away.
March 14 to 18, 2011
Bo and Rex discovered that Alex Olanov had been keeping David prisoner on her island. David vowed to make Clint pay for what he had done to him. David was desperate to return to Llanview when Dorian informed him that he had been replaced. David was shocked when he found Dorian and Cutter kissing in Dorian's bedroom. Bo placed Clint under arrest for the kidnapping and false imprisonment of David. Langston broke things off with Ford when she realized that he intended to stay married to Tess. Tess made it clear to Ford that she was only interested in Ryder's trust fund. Tess was delighted when she learned about Todd's shooting because it meant that Téa would be too busy to cause problems at the custody hearing. Ford warned Tess that he would send her to St. Ann's if she did anything to jeopardize their chances at winning custody of Ryder. Cutter was relieved when Aubrey told him that Joey had destroyed the jump drive that contained incriminating footage of their romp in her hotel room. Aubrey warned Cutter that Rama continued to pose a problem. Rama was on the verge of showing Joey a picture of the real Aubrey Wentworth when Aubrey arrived home. Aubrey decided to invite Rama to live at the mansion to appease Rama. Jack set Shane up for a humiliating prank, but called it off when he received word that Todd had been shot. Loved ones gathered at the hospital as Todd clung to life following emergency surgery. Tomas managed to clean and dress his gunshot wound without anyone realizing that he was injured.
March 21 to 25, 2011
Clint managed to talk his way out of an arrest for the kidnapping and false imprisonment of David. Matthew learned that Clint was suspected of Eddie Ford's murder. David and Dorian quickly mended fences and then made plans to marry. Dorian asked Viki to be her matron of honor. Viki and Dorian agreed that, after years of being rivals, they had become true friends. Nora remembered that she had returned to the Minute Man Motel after the accident with Rex. Rex snooped around at the Minute Man Motel to see if he could find any clues to Eddie's murder. Rex bumped into a porn director who had been filming at the motel on the night that Eddie was killed. Rex persuaded the director to let him review the footage from that fateful night. Rex was stunned by what he discovered on the film. Jack and his friends snatched Shane's inhaler and then fled the gym as Shane collapsed to the ground with an asthma attack. Dani and Destiny were on hand to help Shane and fetch the school nurse. Cutter caught Tess's eye. Cutter invited Tess to meet him at the Minute Man Motel. Brody warned Joey that something was off with Cutter because a wealthy man wouldn't stay at the Minute Man Motel. Todd continued to linger in a coma. John concluded that the assassin had been shot when they discovered traces of blood at the scene of the shooting. A Euro was also found at the scene of the shooting. Later, John learned that Tomas had accidentally used Euros to pay a tab at the Buenos Dias.
March 28 to April 1, 2011
David and Dorian were married. Charlie decided that it would be best to stay with Viki until Ryder's custody issue was resolved; however, he confessed that he couldn't imagine his life without Echo. Viki found Echo and Charlie in bed together. Clint was arrested for Eddie's murder after Rex found footage of Clint leaving Eddie's motel room. Nora and Bo were stunned when Clint revealed that Matthew had killed Eddie Ford. Blair confided to John that she was uncertain about Tomas. John assured Blair that Tomas didn't have a criminal record, but he advised her to keep her distance from Tomas. Natalie was shocked to discover that John had vouched for Marty, so that Marty would be released from the sanitarium. Jessica made a brief return. Jessica and Brody went to Ford's apartment to pick up Ryder. Ford reminded Jessica of all the reasons that Tess had taken control, which gave Tess the opportunity to take over again. James' ex-girlfriend, Deanna, was shocked when she learned that James was in a relationship with Starr. Rick, the adult film director, offered Deanna a job. Deanna accepted the job offer when she found herself without any funds to support herself. James rescued Deanna just as she was about to shoot her first scene. Deanna and James shared a passionate kiss. Jack's bullying escalated when he and his friends stole Shane's clothes and then managed to pull away Shane's towel in a gymnasium full of students. Shane was mortified when several of his peers began to film the humiliating experience. Gigi and Rex learned that Jack had been tormenting their son for months. Starr was furious when Rex showed her the MyFace account that Jack had used to harass Shane. Rex and Gigi were alarmed when they found a note from Shane.
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APRIL 2011
April 4 to 8, 2011
Bo and Nora were stunned when Clint played a voicemail message of Matthew confessing to killing Eddie Ford. Bo and Nora took Matthew to their garret apartment to discuss the tape that Clint had given to them. Matthew admitted that he had killed Eddie Ford after Eddie had hurled lewd innuendos at him about Nora's fate. Shane decided to end his life by jumping from the school's roof. Gigi and Rex arrived in time to persuade Shane that life was worth living. Gigi wanted to take their son home, but Rex insisted that Shane needed to talk to a professional. Blair demanded answers when she realized how far Jack had gone in tormenting and humiliating Shane. Jack was unapologetic. Blair warned Jack that she was tempted to send him to military school. Viki confronted Echo and Charlie about their affair. Viki made it clear to Charlie that their marriage was over. Viki ordered Echo to never to set foot on Llanfair property again. James invited Deanna to stay at his apartment; however, he made it very clear that he was with Starr. Deanna tried to talk about their breakup, but James insisted that it was in the past. Brody was uncomfortable when Natalie breastfed Liam in front of Brody. Natalie advised Brody to get used to it. Brody confessed to Cris that every minute Brody spent with Tess, in an attempt to entice Jessica out, was a minute away from Natalie and his son. According to Brody, Natalie and Liam were his family. Dorian and David persuaded Langston to work on the script for David's new movie. Langston was stunned when she learned whom they had hired to direct the movie.
April 11 to 15, 2011
Viki turned down Charlie's offer to pose as the dutiful husband until Ryder's custody was determined. Viki pointed out that the charade would be exposed when Tess showed the judge the picture of Charlie kissing Echo. Charlie packed his things and then moved out. John became teary-eyed when Natalie gave back the engagement ring. Natalie was curious why Marty continued to hang onto Liam's paternity test. Vimal recognized Marty when she went to prison to visit Cole, but she learned that Cole had been moved. Vimal recalled that Marty had been quite focused when she had been in the genetics lab on the night that Jessica and Natalie's paternity results had been switched. Cris was curious why Marty was carrying around Liam's paternity tests. Rama continued to let Vimal believe that she was pregnant. Rama managed to fabricate a convincing lie when Vimal mentioned Rama's "delicate condition" to Cris. Starr decided to get to know Deanna better when she learned that James had invited Deanna to stay in the apartment. Langston agreed to collaborate with Markko on David's movie. Starr was heartbroken when she learned that Langston had to leave town to work on the movie project. Clint learned from Echo that Shane had been the victim of school bullies. Clint vowed to make the culprits who had tormented Shane pay. Blair and Jack learned that Shane had tried to take his own life. Gigi and Rex convinced Shane to talk to them if he felt desperate again. Tess forced Aubrey and Cutter to cut her in on their scheme. Nora was heartbroken when Matthew decided to confess to killing Eddie Ford.
April 18 to 22, 2011
Tess ripped into Viki, which resulted in Niki making an appearance. Natalie was stunned when she walked in on an argument between Tess and Niki. Niki was forced to follow Tess's lead by pretending to be Viki. As Viki, Niki confessed that she had tried to get Tess committed to St. Anne's for being a danger to others. Tess and Niki struck a bargain for Tess to secure custody of Ryder. Ford learned about the events that had led to the creation of Tess. Clint collapsed with a heart attack. Dorian refused to help until Clint admitted that Echo had known the truth about Rex's paternity. Clint gave Dorian the tape of the conversation that he had recorded of Echo begging Clint not to tell her secret. Gigi happily accepted Rex's proposal of marriage. Rex had conflicted feelings when he learned of Clint's heat attack and prognosis. Gigi resented that she wasn't invited to sit in on Shane's first therapy session. Jack was roughed up by some thugs. Shane was stunned when Jack revealed that Rex had told Jack about Shane's suicide attempt. Marty confessed to her therapist that Liam was John's biological son. Dr. Bohari reminded Marty that Marty had taken an oath not to harm others, so she urged Marty to tell the truth. Matthew admitted to Nora that he felt tremendous guilt for killing Eddie Ford. Starr learned that James had opened his home to his ex-girlfriend, so Starr invited Deanna to stay at La Boulaie.
April 25 to 29, 2011
Natalie and Joey suspected that Niki had returned, so they questioned their mother when she arrived for Ryder's custody hearing. Niki, posing as Viki, tried to assure her children that she was fine; however, Niki then informed the judge that she wanted to withdraw her bid for custody. Jessica smiled triumphantly, but Joey and Natalie immediately raised objections. Jean made a brief appearance as Viki tried to regain control. Things reached a crisis point when Viki collapsed. Viki woke up as herself, but the judge had seen enough. The judge decided to place Ryder in foster care because Viki and Jessica needed treatment. Aubrey persuaded the judge to grant Joey temporary custody of Ryder. Dr. Buhari pleaded with Marty to do the right thing by telling John the truth about Liam's paternity. Marty feared that John would reconcile with Natalie. John decided to play along with Marty to find out what she was hiding. Marty surprised John with a kiss. Deanna revealed that Eddie Ford had used her desire to find her birth mother to force Deanna to break up with James. Starr realized that Deanna had hoped to work things out with James. Deanna announced her intention to remain in Llanview instead of returning to Dayton. Cutter overheard a revealing conversation between Clint and Dorian. Cutter decided to use his newfound information to blackmail Dorian to keep quiet about his true relationship with Aubrey. Gigi confessed that she had stolen the tape of Shane's session, unaware that it was actually a tape of Marty's session with Dr. Buhari. Rex and Gigi wanted to respect Shane's privacy, so Natalie offered to listen to the tape for them.
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MAY 2011
May 2 to 6, 2011
Téa, Blair, and the children were delighted when Todd woke up from his coma. Todd accused Tomas of being the shooter. Todd was not happy to learn that Jack had been bullying Shane because Todd didn't want Jack to follow in his footsteps. Deanna announced that she intended to remain in Llanview until she had raised enough money to hire an attorney to find her birth mother. Deanna admitted that she also hoped to rekindle things with James. Ford was shocked to learn that the judge had decided that it would be best for Ryder to go to foster care. Aubrey managed to persuade the judge to grant her and Joey temporary custody of Joey's nephew. Ford threatened to have Tess committed, so Cutter helped Tess obtain an annulment and then married her. Charlie learned that Echo had always known the truth about Rex's paternity. Echo was devastated when Charlie walked out on her. Natalie discovered that Gigi had swiped a tape of Marty's therapy session, not Shane's. Natalie decided to return the tape to Rex, but later had a change of heart when John began to show a romantic interest in Marty. Destiny was shocked when Matthew confessed to shooting Eddie Ford. Destiny's unwavering support of Matthew led to a heated kiss and then a walk to the bedroom. Clint explained that he had suffered extensive damage to his heart during the prolonged heart attack. Bo was stunned to learn that a heart transplant was Clint's only hope for survival.
May 9 to 13, 2011
Jessica's new alter, Wes, managed to give Brody and Cutter the slip. Wes went to Capricorn where "he" tried to buy drinks and pick up women. Charlie gave Viki signed divorce papers and then revealed that he intended to move back to Paris, Texas, to rebuild the Bon Jour Café, which had been destroyed by a tornado. Kelly was surprised to find Marty lurking in John's apartment. Marty accused Kelly of throwing herself at John, even though he wanted to be with Marty. Things turned violent when Kelly grabbed a knife to defend herself after she realized that Marty was unhinged. Marty broke a bottle and then attacked Kelly. Kelly was left to bleed to death while Marty made her way to the rooftop to wait for John with a romantic dinner for two. Natalie listened to Marty's session tape, and learned that Marty had changed Liam's paternity results. Natalie packed up Liam and then raced over to John's place to share the news with him. Natalie ended up on the rooftop with Marty, where they engaged in a struggle that left Marty clinging to the ledge. Natalie helped Marty to safety, so Marty repaid her by pushing Natalie off of the roof. John found Kelly clinging to life when he returned to his place to look for Natalie. Kelly managed to identify Marty as her attacker before she was rushed to the hospital. John was stunned when Kelly later revealed that she had heard Natalie in the apartment after the attack. John found Natalie in Angel Square, but she had miraculously only suffered minor injuries. Joey realized the depth of his feelings for Kelly as he watched her fight for her life.
May 16 to 20, 2011
John and Brody found Dr. Buhari's murdered body. Wes helped Marty evade capture. Natalie learned of Liam's kidnapping from a news report on television. Marty was horrified when she was told that Marty had most likely murdered Dr. Buhari. Clint offered a substantial reward during a press conference to appeal for information leading to the recovery of his grandson. Clint made a full confession to Eddie's murder when he realized that Blanca intended to run a story about Matthew being the killer. Clint also admitted to switching the paternity tests and sending David to prison. Nora was stunned to learn that Clint needed a heart transplant, but Clint was unlikely to get one because of his rare blood type. Clint was determined that his last act would be to save Matthew. Kelly slowly recovered from her near-fatal injuries. Joey told Kelly that he knew the truth about Aubrey and Cutter. Dani realized that Matthew had killed Eddie. Nate overheard Destiny beg Dani to keep quiet about Matthew's role in Eddie's murder. Nate confronted Matthew in a rage and then punched Matthew. Matthew hit his head during the altercation with Nate. Nate demanded that Matthew go to the police to admit the truth about Eddie. A man, bearing a strong resemblance to Todd prior to the plastic surgery, emerged from a catatonic state after eight years. Agent Baker, the man in charge of the project involving the man with Todd's old face, explained that they had a few things to discuss, starting with John McBain. Agent Baker also accused his prisoner of taking something that Agent Baker wanted returned.
May 23 to 27, 2011
Cutter agreed to have Tess committed to St. Ann's in exchange for a fortune and the Buchanan mansion. Clint readily agreed to all of Cutter's plans, so that Jessica could receive treatment. At an undisclosed location, Agent Baker interrogated a prisoner who looked like Todd prior to the plastic surgery. Agent Baker was looking for something specific, but the prisoner had no idea what Agent Baker was talking about. Agent Baker went to extreme measures to force the information out of the prisoner. The prisoner tearfully recalled having a daughter named Starr, whose mother was named Blair. The prisoner also remembered that he had been married to Blair, and another woman named Téa. Agent Baker ordered Kent to "dispose" of the prisoner just as the prisoner shouted, "I am Todd!" Brody learned from Bess that Todd Manning was the key to finding Liam. Roxy turned to Madame Delphina for answers about where Marty had taken Liam. Madame Delphina claimed that Marty was with a man wearing a mask. Todd learned that if anything happened to Tomas then Téa would receive a disk exposing all of Todd's secrets. Marty blackmailed Todd to help her hide out after she eavesdropped on Tomas and Todd's revealing conversation. Todd warned Tomas that Marty was a problem. Matthew collapsed following an agonizing headache. At the hospital, Bo and Nora were stunned to learn that Matthew needed emergency surgery for a brain bleed after suffering a blow to the head. Bo questioned how Matthew had been injured. Nate was horrified when Dani told him about Matthew's grave condition.
May 30 to June 3, 2011
Roxy unwittingly found the tape of Marty's confession about Liam's paternity switch. The prisoner claiming to be Todd Manning escaped from the compound after knocking out his guard and then stealing the man's clothes. Marty was stunned to learn that Natalie hadn't died from the fall from the rooftop. Matthew was put on life support following his surgery. Bo and Nora were devastated when the doctor revealed that Matthew had very little brain activity and that it was unlikely that Matthew would ever wake up. Nate was horrified when he realized that he might have caused Matthew's condition. Clint suffered another heart attack, so the cardiologist rushed Clint into surgery to implant a device that would buy Clint some time until a donor heart could be found. Cutter took possession of the Buchanan mansion and then tossed out Aubrey, Joey, and Ryder. Aubrey persuaded Joey to stay married to her for Ryder's sake. Joey vowed to end his marriage as soon as Jessica was well enough to take care of Ryder. Aubrey was determined to win back Joey's love. Joey made it clear that Kelly was the woman who had his heart. Tess revealed that Aubrey and Cutter were not siblings and that Aubrey was a fraud. Ford threatened to tell the judge that Aubrey and Joey's marriage was a sham, so Aubrey agreed to allow Ford to spend time with Ryder. Tess received a visit from Bess, who informed Tess that it was time to allow Jessica out. Tomas claimed that he had proof that Patrick Thornhart was alive and that they needed to reunite Marty with Patrick in exchange for the disk that Marty was hiding. Todd was certain that Patrick would have returned to Llanview for Marty and Cole, so Tomas gave Todd a file confirming that Patrick wasn't dead. Agent Baker made plans to send Patrick to Llanview. Marty refused to believe Todd and Tomas' claims, but they assured her that she could see for herself when she met Patrick at the airport. Marty decided that she couldn't leave town without first telling Todd that John was Liam's father.
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JUNE 2011
June 6 to 10, 2011
Dr. Levin recommended electroconvulsive therapy to draw Jessica out. Viki recalled that Jessica had reverted to her teenage years when Mitch Lawrence had tried ECT on Jessica, so she was reluctant to agree. Viki changed her mind after a conversation with Tess. Bess suggested that Tess was in love with Ford. Ford realized that he had deep feelings for Tess, so he was horrified when Viki revealed that Tess would undergo ECT to draw Jessica out. Tess cried out for Ford as she was taken for the treatment. Gigi and Rex decided to head to the courthouse to get married. Gigi agreed to meet Rex at the courthouse because Rex wanted to go to the hospital first to check on Bo. Gigi was livid when she discovered that Jack had posed as a teenage girl on MyFace to befriend Shane. Gigi pretended to be Shane when she arranged a rendezvous with "Comicgurl15." John and Kelly decided to part as friends. Natalie and Joey learned that Clint was dying. Matthew's doctor advised Bo and Nora to consider donating Matthew's organs. Nora vowed that she would not give up on her son because tests had shown that he still some brain activity. Bo learned that Clint had been moved to the top of the transplant list after suffering a setback. Nora was horrified when she overheard Bo tell Rex that Matthew had the same rare blood type as Clint. Nora warned Bo that she would not consider taking Matthew off of life support to donate her son's heart to save Clint's life. Destiny suffered a bout of nausea. Starr suggested that Destiny might be pregnant if Destiny and Matthew had not used protection when they had slept together. The man with the scar on his face caught a glimpse of Starr, and encountered Sam.
June 13 to 17, 2011
The man with a scar spied on Blair as she stared at a picture of her 1995 wedding while wondering if Todd were the love of her life. At La Boulaie, Agent Kent caught up to the man with a scar. Ford and Tess made love. Ford decided to ask Cutter to divorce Tess, so he left Tess alone at the Minute Man Motel. Tess found herself confronted with Jessica, who told Tess that sleeping with Ford had made Tess vulnerable. Jessica managed to gain control, so she raced to Llanfair. Jessica was furious when she walked in on Brody and Natalie in bed together. Cris kissed Rama and then told her that he couldn't stop thinking about her. Rama was stunned to learn that Vimal's parents intended to fly to Llanview to be on hand for the baby's birth. Bo and Nora's prayers were answered when Matthew opened his eyes. Matthew's doctors confirmed that Matthew showed signs of improvement. Tragedy struck when Gigi succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning after Jack and Brad had locked her in the cellar of a house. Rex was devastated when the doctor informed him that Gigi was braindead. Rex's heartache was compounded when Natalie, unaware of what had happened to Gigi, revealed that a donor heart had been found for Clint. Rex realized that Gigi was a match for his father.
June 20 to 24, 2011
Nate was rattled when he learned that Rick knew that Nate had been responsible for Matthew's head injury. Bo questioned Matthew about the injury. Bo was confused when it appeared that Matthew had identified Eddie Ford as the assailant. The man with the scar posed as deceased Agent Kent when Agent Baker called for an update. The man with the scar assured Agent Baker that the man that they had been searching for was dead. Sam provided his father's address to the man with the scar. The man with the scar promised Sam that nothing bad would happen to Todd Manning. John was curious how much it had cost Todd to get Brad to confess to locking Gigi in the basement. Rex was stunned to learn that Jack had been released from custody. Rex discovered that Gigi had written a will, and requested a health proxy prior to her death. Echo forged Gigi's signature on the proxy and then filed it at the court, so that Rex would be able to stop Clint from receiving Gigi's heart. Dorian and David returned to Llanview, but their marriage had hit a bump because Dorian had found an actress's bra in David's dressing room. David denied that he'de had an affair with the actress, but compromising pictures of David and the actress suggested otherwise. Unbeknownst to David and Dorian, Echo had arranged for the incriminating pictures to be sent to Dorian. James wasn't happy to meet Starr's new friend, Baz, who was revealed to be Tomas' son.
June 27 to July 1, 2011
Dani resented Nate and Deanna's closeness. Nate and Deanna feared that Rick would expose Nate's secret if they didn't agree to star in Rick's porn movie. David was certain that someone had been deliberately trying to destroy his marriage to Dorian. Vimal was stunned when Aubrey revealed that Rama wasn't pregnant. Rama turned to Cris after Vimal tossed her out onto the street. Cris was disgusted when Rama confessed that she had faked her pregnancy for financial gain. Rex and Shane were furious when they learned that the charges against Jack had been dropped because Jack's friend, Brad, had confessed to locking Gigi in the basement. Rex offered to give Gigi's heart to Clint in exchange for Clint's agreement to sign over the entire Buchanan fortune, including Asa's mansion. Rex apologized to Gigi for using her heart to secure the Buchanan fortune. Rex explained that he needed the money and power to destroy Todd. Rex had a fantasy wedding with Gigi before Gigi was taken to the operating room. Echo told Viki that Dorian had been responsible for Clint's failing heart because Dorian had delayed calling for help when Clint had a heart attack. Brody listened to the tape of Marty confessing that John was Liam's father. Ford kidnapped Jessica to attempt to draw Tess out, but Jessica caught Ford off-guard by apologizing. Vimal learned the truth about Liam's paternity when Todd and Vimal began talking over drinks at Capricorn. Vimal decided that John had the right to know about his son. Blair was stunned when John told her about the details of Jack's arrest. The man with the scar eavesdropped while Jack opened up to Starr about Gigi's death.
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JULY 2011
July 4 to 8, 2011
The man with the scar was furious that Todd had managed to steal his life without anyone realizing the truth. The man with the scar slipped into Llanfair, where he experienced flashbacks of Todd's life before the plastic surgery. Todd was livid when he discovered that a business deal had gone south because a company called Origami Cogs had outmaneuvered him. Todd was determined to find out more about Origami Cogs. Rex pretended to make peace with Todd and Jack, so that they wouldn't realize that he intended to use the Buchanan fortune to make them pay for Gigi's death. Echo offered to help Rex with his quest for vengeance. After Gigi's memorial, Rex promised Gigi that Jack would know the kind of pain that Shane had suffered, and that Todd would understand what it was like to lose a wife. Vimal decided to tell John about Liam's paternity, but at the last minute, Todd managed to stop Vimal from talking. However, John's suspicions were aroused, so he put a tail on Vimal. Brody was startled when John asked him about the missing tape recorder that had been logged as evidence after they had found Gigi body. Echo and Ionia continued to conspire to sabotage David and Dorian's marriage. Dorian was startled to discover that Ionia had sent David a package with a gun inside. Bo and Nora were devastated when they were advised to send Matthew to a rehabilitation facility in Philadelphia. Destiny took a pregnancy test. Destiny was allowed to say goodbye to Matthew, so she confessed to him that she was pregnant.
July 11 to 15, 2011
The man with the scar researched Todd's life, starting with the facial reconstruction. Blair took Sam to the police station because she suspected that Sam had witnessed the shooting of Agent Kent. Sam revealed that Agent Kent had tried to hurt him, so his friend with the scar had killed Agent Kent. Sam identified the man with the scar when John showed Sam a picture of Todd prior to the plastic surgery. Later, the man with the scar managed to slip into Sam's birthday party by donning a super hero costume. Baz overheard Tomas and Todd threaten to expose each other's secrets. Baz warned Starr that their fathers were up to something, but Starr dismissed his concerns. Baz's suspicions grew when he learned about the CIA files on Tomas and Todd. Nate agreed to do the porn movie for Rick, but he tried to keep Deanna out of it. Rick refused to turn over a file on Deanna's birth mother unless Deanna agreed to do the movie. Dani was hurt when Destiny revealed that Nate had lied to Dani about working. Destiny explained that Nate had gone to the Minute Man Motel with Deanna. Dorian threw David out after she received a package with a gun and a letter from Ionia suggesting that David wanted to kill Dorian to be with the actress. David turned to Viki for help. Viki realized that Echo was behind Dorian and David's marital woes.
July 18 to 22, 2011
Joey's divorce from Aubrey was finalized. Joey and Kelly left town to visit Zane. Vimal's parents arrived in town for a visit. Brody suggested that Natalie and Liam move in with him. Jessica warned Brody that Natalie would still be with John if Liam had been John's son. Natalie accused Jessica of hiding behind Tess to shirk responsibility for hurting others. Ford invited Jessica and Bree to spend time with him and Ryder in the park after Jessica's ugly confrontation with Natalie. Sam raced to Dorian's aid, dressed as Spider-Man, when he heard Dorian cry out for help. John followed a trail of string from Sam's web shooter, which led to Echo's room at the Minute Man Motel. Echo was taken into custody and then charged with kidnapping and conspiring to kill Dorian. Agent Baker caught up to the man with the scar and Todd outside of Todd's house. Agent Baker took the man with the scar into custody and then instructed Todd to forget the man with the scar. Later, Agent Baker shot the man with the scar and then dumped his body into the river, unaware that the man with the scar wore a bulletproof vest. A homeless man fished the man with the scar out of the river and put him in contact with John.
July 25 to 29, 2011
Dorian and David arrived for the red carpet premiere of their movie, Vicker Man: The David Vickers Buchanan Story. Rex armed himself with a gun and then headed to the premiere, intent on revenge. Nate was horrified when Hold the Diploma, the porn movie that he had filmed with Deanna, appeared on the big screen. Tomas opened up to Téa and Blair about his life as a CIA agent. Todd urged Tomas to return to Paris, but Tomas was determined to safeguard his sister and niece. Todd insisted that he had more to lose than Tomas, so Todd would keep Téa and Dani safe. John opened his home to the man with the scar while John investigated the man's claims. John collected DNA from the man with the scar and then, later, managed to get a sample of Todd's DNA by slipping into Todd's office to snag Todd's toothbrush. Tomas revealed to John that Baker was a rogue CIA agent, so he urged John to help him find Baker before people started dying. Vimal assured Brody that Liam's paternity secret would be safe with him. Cris helped Rama to fake a pregnancy, so that Vimal wouldn't have to disappoint his parents, who had arrived in town for a visit. Rama's deception was exposed after her fake pregnant belly sprang leaks. Starr had a joyful reunion with Markko, who reported that Langston was working on a new script. The Manning family was stunned when the man with the scar stepped forward to announce that he was the real Todd Manning.
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August 1 to 5, 2011
Nora had a change of heart when she arrived in court for Clint's arraignment. Nora dropped the charges against Clint for Eddie's murder, but the judge decided to send Clint to jail, despite Clint's recent heart transplant. Bo discovered that Nate had had an altercation with Matthew after discovering that Matthew had killed Eddie Ford. Echo grew concerned when Rex claimed to have seen Gigi on several occasions. Echo feared that Rex needed professional help, but Rex was certain that Gigi was somehow alive. Destiny admitted to Vivian and Shaun that she was pregnant. Vivian gave Destiny an exam, and then discussed Destiny's options. Blair was rattled when the man with the scar kissed her in an effort to prove to her that he was who he claimed to be. Tomas told Blair about his assignment to kill Todd Manning eight years earlier because he had been told that Todd was a terrorist. Tomas revealed that he had found Todd near death, so he had taken Todd to Baker and then spent eight years regretting what he had done. Viki was stunned when she saw the man with the scar in jail. The man with the scar made a convincing argument that he was the real Todd Manning when he shared details of private conversations that Todd and Viki had shared. Jack firmly believed that his father was the man who had been raising him for the past eight years. Starr decided to question the man with the scar to test his story. The man with the scar was shocked when he learned that Starr had a daughter. John received the results of the DNA test that would determine who the real Todd Manning was.
August 8 to 12, 2011
Nora pleaded with Destiny to reconsider terminating the pregnancy because the baby would be the only part of Matthew that Nora and Bo would have left. Nora promised that she and Bo would raise the baby if Destiny wasn't ready for motherhood. Starr and James made love. The DNA results on the two men claiming to be Todd Manning revealed that they were both a match to Todd Manning. John decided to do another round of DNA testing. Viki opened her home to the man with the scar until the results of the second DNA tests were revealed. Viki suggested that only Todd's deceased mother, Irene Manning, could solve the mystery. David surprised both men claiming to be Todd by admitting that he had Irene Manning's diary. Unbeknownst to everyone, Irene Manning was revealed to be Agent Baker's boss. John managed to track Agent Baker's movements to a military compound in Louisiana, so John enlisted Tomas and Brody's help to infiltrate it. Baker offered to take John, Tomas, and Brody to Irene. Vimal warned Brody that Todd knew the truth about Liam's paternity. Rama told Cris that she had worked things out with Vimal, so she urged Cris to find love because he deserved the best. Natalie reached out for Madame Delphina's help after Natalie found Rex reviewing security tapes for glimpses of Gigi. Madame Delphina's message to Rex was "Spotted Pony." The judge agreed to put Clint under house arrest at Llanfair.
August 15 to 19, 2011
Irene Manning revealed that she had given birth to identical twin boys: Todd and Victor. Irene revealed that the man with the scar was the real Todd Manning, and that the man that everyone had believed was Todd was actually her son, Victor. According to Irene, Victor had been brainwashed to believe that he was Todd, and then underwent plastic surgery to look like Walker Laurence as part of an elaborate plan to claim Todd's portion of the Lord fortune, and to help Irene's rogue division of the CIA. The Manning children grappled with the startling news that the father that they had known was actually their uncle. Todd felt betrayed because his loved ones had never realized that Victor was an imposter. Rex continued to have visions of Gigi, so Natalie decided to consult Madame Delphina to find out if Gigi was trying to send Rex a message. Madame Delphina tried to connect with Gigi in the afterlife, but couldn't reach her. However, Madame Delphina received a clue from someone on the other side: Spotted Pony. Rex learned from David that Spotted Pony was a strip club in Kentucky, so Natalie and Rex raced to find out how the club was connected to Gigi. Rex was stunned when a stripper named Gigi was introduced at the Spotted Pony. Dorian was stunned when the governor called to offer her a senate seat. Kelly decided to return to London, so that she could spend more time with her son, Zane. Kelly was overjoyed when Joey insisted on moving to London with her.
August 22 to 26, 2011
Asa's loved ones commemorated the anniversary of his death. At the Spotted Pony Club in Kentucky, Rex was stunned to discover that Clint's ex-wife, Kim, was working as a stripper. Kim seemed surprised to hear about Gigi's passing, and Clint's health crisis. Rex had another vision of Gigi urging him not to give up. Kim visited a mystery patient at a medical facility to tell the person about her visit with Rex. Later, a picture of Stacy and Kim, during happy times, was seen on the patient's bedside table. Kim returned to Llanview with the intention of nursing Clint back to health. Rex decided to have Gigi's body exhumed after he noticed that the date of Gigi's death had been scratched out on her tombstone. Rex was devastated when he saw that Gigi's body was inside the coffin. Téa insisted that Victor was still her husband and soul mate. Todd stole a gun from Dorian's safe. Dorian and David decided to bid farewell to Llanview after Dorian accepted the governor's offer of a senate seat. Dorian's family gathered to throw her a going away party, and to remember the important moments in their lives together. Joey and Kelly moved to London, but promised to return for visits with Zane. John was on the verge of telling Natalie how he felt about her, but he had a change of heart when a Realtor called to let Natalie know that there was an apartment available for her and Brody to look at. John became suspicious when Brody revealed that Victor didn't know anything about the contents of the tape that had been found with Gigi.
August 29 to September 2, 2011
A murder mystery began to unfold when Victor was shot dead in his living room. Téa arrived on the scene seconds later, but Victor died in her arms without naming his killer. Jack and Dani were grief-stricken when they learned of Victor's death because they considered him to be their father. Louie, the homeless man, spotted Todd as Todd was on the verge of throwing the gun that he had taken out of Dorian's safe into the water. Louie asked Todd for the gun. Louie explained that John had started a program where people could turn in guns in exchange for one hundred dollars. Todd agreed to give Louie the gun if Louie promised to turn the gun over to John. Jack was found unconscious outside of the hospital following Victor's shooting. Jack admitted that he had gone to Victor's house to warn Victor that Todd had a gun, but someone had attacked Jack from behind. Jack was certain that Todd had been the assailant. Rex and Shane appeared to suspect each other of the murder when they learned about Victor's death via a news report. Brody was relieved that Victor was dead because it meant that Liam's paternity secret was safe. Felicia was furious when Nora reminded Felicia that Matthew had rights to Destiny's child, even though Matthew was in a coma. Felicia accused Nora of trying to replace Matthew with Destiny's baby, and then suggested that all future discussions about the baby be handled through their attorneys. Aubrey was surprised when she learned that Cutter had taken a job at the motel to satisfy her desire for him to make an honest living. Kim visited the mystery patient, to give her a picture of Sierra Rose, Stacy's daughter. Kim discovered that Cutter was in Llanview, so she went to see him. Cutter was taken aback when the real Aubrey Wentworth showed up on his doorstep. Rama suggested that one of the ladies from Cris's past might be his true love. Cris revealed that everyone except Jessica had left town.
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September 5 to 9, 2011
Cris wondered if there might be a possibility that he and Jessica could rekindle things. Jessica feared that it was too late, but she kissed him anyway. Jessica confessed that there had been a spark during the kiss, but the timing wasn't right for her to get involved with someone. Carlotta urged Cris to accept a teaching job in Barcelona. In Barcelona, Cris met a woman with a familiar face who was named Erin and reminded him of someone he had once known. Aubrey confided to Rama that she was determined to live an honest life with Cutter. Rama confided that the real Aubrey had gotten plastic surgery to transform herself from an ugly duckling to a beautiful woman with money that she had stolen from Rama. Rama grew quiet when Aubrey asked questions about the Spotted Pony. Cutter was stunned when Kim, who was revealed to be the real Aubrey Wentworth, showed up on his doorstep. Kim greeted her brother, and then explained that she had a new name. Starr was certain that Todd hadn't killed Victor, but Jack disagreed. In a fit of anger, Jack told Sam that Sam's friend with the scar had murdered their father. Todd confessed that he had given the gun, taken from Dorian's safe, to Louie. Téa told Dani that she believed that Victor had been trying to name his killer. Téa claimed that it had sounded as if the person's name had started with a "T." Dani suggested that Victor might have been trying to say Téa's name. Téa went to the police station, where she angrily accused Todd of murdering Victor. Todd denied that he had anything to do with Victor's death. The forensics department identified the murder weapon as a 9mm gun, which was commonly used by police officers. Natalie learned that Victor's assistant had heard Brody threaten Victor. Echo discovered that the gun in Rex's safe had been fired, so she turned to Roxy for help to get rid of it. Cutter bought Morris, the porcupine, where Roxy had stashed the gun, during a flea market sale. Shaun revealed that he had a recording of Victor's murder.
September 12 to 16, 2011
Todd revealed to Natalie that the thought of his children had kept him from killing Victor. Todd was confident that he would be cleared as a suspect once the missing gun was found. Natalie began to have doubts about Todd's guilt. Todd and Blair discussed the direction that Jack's life had taken. Blair promised Todd that they could save their son if they worked together. Jack claimed that he had seen Todd kill Victor, so Todd was arrested. Shane admitted to Brody that he didn't feel any satisfaction in knowing that Jack knew what it was like to lose a parent. Aubrey was stunned to learn that Kim was the real Aubrey Wentworth. Cutter ordered his sister to leave because he feared that Aubrey would find out what had happened at the Spotted Pony. Aubrey and Cutter were surprised when a gun fell out of Morris, the porcupine that Cutter had bought at the flea market. Aubrey and Cutter suspected that the gun was the murder weapon used to kill Victor, so Aubrey urged Cutter to turn it over to the police. Cutter figured out that the gun belonged to Rex, so he assumed that Rex had shot Victor. Cutter decided to hold onto the gun, but didn't tell Aubrey. Kim was struck by inspiration when she learned that Cutter was in possession of Rex's gun. Shaun played the voicemail recording that Victor had left at the time of the shooting. Felicia Evans turned to Téa for help with Nora, so Téa advised Felicia to try to work things out with Nora privately, not in court. Gigi urged Rex not to give up. Madame Delphina suggested that Rex should talk to Clint. Victor's family gathered to say goodbye to him.
September 19 to 23, 2011
Jack watched as Todd was arrested for Victor's murder based on Jack's lie. Téa questioned the validity of Jack's story. Todd realized that Irene was behind Louie's disappearance. Irene offered to help exonerate Todd, in exchange for Todd returning the microchip that he had taken. Dani paid her father a visit in jail to talk to Todd about Victor's murder. Dani began to have doubts about Todd's guilt. Brody proposed marriage to Natalie. Natalie initially turned Brody down, but she had a change of heart after overhearing John tell Roxy that he didn't love Natalie. Roxy knew that John was lying, but Natalie didn't stick around to hear John admit that Roxy was right. Kim managed to get her hands on the gun that Cutter had hidden in Morris. Kim decided to use the gun as leverage to blackmail Echo into persuading Rex to sign the Buchanan fortune back over to Clint, so that Clint could take care of her friend's medical bills. Rex refused to consider Echo's advice. Rex followed the clues to Kentucky. Kim convinced Rex that the patient in the Kentucky hospital was a friend named Annie who had been the victim of an abusive husband. Roxy and Echo breathed a sigh of relief when they learned of Todd's arrest. Cutter was stunned when he tracked down his sister to a hospital in Kentucky. Kim convinced Cutter to keep her secret about the true identity of the patient, whom she claimed was her friend Stacy. It was revealed in a flashback that Shane had knocked Jack out moments before Victor's murder. Shane remained troubled as he looked at one of his comic strip drawings, which depicted the killer standing over Victor's bleeding body.
September 26 to 30, 2011
Things turned violent between Natalie and Jessica when Jessica learned about Natalie's engagement. Later, Jessica found a copy of Liam's original paternity test. Rex was surprised to discover a note from Gigi, urging him not to give up, after he had a vision of her. Shane confirmed that the note was in Gigi's handwriting. Tina arrived in Llanview to claim her "rightful inheritance." Tina was shocked to see her mother, Irene, standing in Victor's home. Irene smiled with satisfaction when it was revealed that Victor had left everything to her. Viki was certain that Irene had tampered with the will, but the attorney proceeded to hand over the portfolio, containing all the information to Victor's holdings, to Irene. Tina quickly tried to get in her mother's good graces, so Irene gave Victor Sr.'s signet ring to Tina as a token of appreciation. Irene met up with an associate to plant a bomb outside of Victor's house. Todd convinced Starr to help him escape from jail. Todd quickly made his way to Victor's house, where he saw Tina's new ring. Todd recalled that he had put the microchip that Irene wanted in Victor's signet ring. Viki ordered Tina to hand the ring over to Todd, so Tina grudgingly complied. Todd raced to the docks to rendezvous with Irene. Irene revealed that Louie and the gun were in the bottom of the river, so Todd couldn't be cleared of killing Victor. Irene shot Todd after he tossed the ring -- and the microchip -- into the river. Todd was horrified when Irene told him that the explosion he heard was his family being killed. Bo arrested Starr for helping Todd to escape. With David Vickers' help, Bo found the bomb. Cord paid Clint a visit to warn Clint that Buchanan Enterprises was in trouble because of Rex's mismanagement. Clint reminded Cord that Rex was Cord's brother.
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October 3 to 7, 2011
Cord and Tina grew closer as they spent time together at Llanfair. Tina was elated when Viki admitted that she wanted to mend her relationship with Tina. Bo saved the Manning family by tossing the bomb that Irene had planted at Victor's house into the pond. Before Bo carted Starr off to jail, Starr managed to let her mother know where Todd intended to meet Irene. Blair sent Tomas to help Todd. Irene admitted that it had been a mistake to give Todd to Peter Manning. Infuriated by the cold remark, Todd managed to knock his gun-wielding mother off balance. Irene was stunned when Todd grabbed the gun, and then shot her in the stomach. Tomas arrived at the docks moments after Irene died, so he took the gun from Todd, and then instructed Todd to run. Tomas confessed to murdering Irene, so John arrested Tomas, even though he didn't believe Tomas' admission. Téa pleaded with her brother to tell the truth about the shooting, but Tomas insisted that he knew what he was doing. Todd made his way to Viki's cabin, where he hallucinated about Irene, as he slowly bled out from his gunshot wound. Blair managed to track Todd down, and nurse his wound. Todd and Blair reminisced about their past as Todd recovered from a fever. James urged Jack to tell the truth, but Jack refused to change his story about seeing Todd at the scene of Victor's murder. Viki questioned Natalie's reasons for wanting to marry Brody. Natalie insisted that she and John were over because John couldn't forgive her, or get past Liam's paternity. Viki confessed that she didn't think that Natalie was in love with Brody. Jessica debated whether or not to show anyone the copy of Liam's paternity test that she had found. Jessica was reluctant to take another child away from Brody, who seemed genuinely happy with his newfound family. Jessica turned to Ford for advice about the paternity test, but he made it clear that it was Jessica's decision to make.
October 10 to 14, 2011
Viki was encouraged when Clint confided to her that he and Rex had talked. Viki urged Clint to continue to help Rex and Shane, because Rex and Shane were alone. Shane went to the cemetery with a gun, where he confronted Jack about Gigi's death. Shane took aim at Jack, and then demanded to know what Gigi's final words had been. Shane fired a warning shot when Jack refused to cooperate. Rex and Bo tracked Shane down to the cemetery before Shane could force a full confession out of Jack. Shane admitted that he had knocked Jack out on the night of Victor's murder, but Shane denied killing Victor. Cutter had difficulty believing Kim's claims that Stacy had undergone plastic surgery to look like Gigi, in a desperate attempt to get Rex. Cutter threatened to reveal the identity of Kim's friend if Kim didn't turn over the papers that Echo had given Kim. Kim insisted that Stacy hadn't done anything wrong, so she revealed the details about how she had found Stacy, unconscious, in the basement of the house where Gigi had died. "Stacy" opened her eyes. Jessica remained conflicted about sharing the results of Liam's paternity test with John.
October 17 to 21, 2011
Kim's friend opened her eyes, and then quietly called out Rex's name, before whispering, "Don't give up." Rama and Cutter framed Kim for the murder of the man that Cutter had inadvertently given an overdose of drugs to during one of his and Kim's scams. Kim was carted off to jail, so Cutter promised to take care of Kim's friend. Cutter decided to use the patient's memory loss to his advantage by passing her off at Gigi. Cutter sought out Rex, to offer Rex the opportunity to be reunited with Gigi. Clint and Rex reached an agreement. Rex promised to return everything that he had taken from Clint, so Clint invited Rex and Shane to continue to live in the mansion. Téa assured Bo that Todd would turn himself in if Bo agreed to drop the murder charges against Todd, because Shane's testimony proved that Jack had lied about seeing Todd moments before Victor's murder. Téa listened to the recording of Victor's final minutes. Todd and Starr received suspended sentences along with community service. John decided to test Brody's gun after Vimal had suggested that a police officer might have killed Victor. Natalie revealed that Brody's gun was not the murder weapon, but John continued to remain suspicious because Brody had threatened to kill Victor. Todd interrupted Tomas' sentencing hearing to confess to shooting Irene. The mayor gave Bo a deadline to find Victor's killer, or Bo would lose his job.
October 24 to 28, 2011
Clint confessed that he resented that Jessica had been revealed to be Mitch's daughter, while Rex had been revealed to be Clint's son. Viki was appalled; she reminded Clint that he had never treated any of his adopted children differently from his biological children. Clint admitted that he envied the relationship that Rex had with Bo. Viki assured Clint that he was a wonderful father, and then confessed that she had seen a glimpse of the man that Clint had been when she had first fallen in love with him. Cutter teased Rex with the possibility that Gigi might be alive, but he expected Rex to "settle up" before he provided Rex with any details. Cutter was stunned to learn that Rex had signed everything over to Clint. Cutter reminded Rex that it wasn't official until the paperwork had been finalized. The argument escalated, until Rex took a swing at Cutter. Kim's friend ran a computer search on the Morasco sisters, which led her to Llanview. Cutter managed to catch up with Kim's friend, and then persuade her to attend the Halloween/engagement party for Natalie and Brody that Rex was hosting. Téa argued that Todd had shot Irene in self-defense, and then pointed to the gunshot wound that Todd had sustained during the altercation with Irene as proof. Nora reluctantly agreed not to prosecute Todd for Irene's death. Todd visited Victor's grave, where he tearfully confessed, "I killed my own brother. I'm sorry." Marcie and Michael paid John a visit. John was surprised to learn that Marcie was expecting another baby. Michael and John talked about John's feelings for Natalie.
October 31 to November 4, 2011
Nora advised Destiny not to give up on going to college, because it would provide a better future for the baby. Blair explained to Sam that Todd was Victor's brother, and, therefore, Sam's uncle. Sam seemed to take the news in stride. Todd continued to be haunted by Irene, who took pleasure in reminding Todd of what he had done to Victor. Irene taunted Todd that Blair would never return Todd's love. Todd was surprised when Louie showed up at the Sun, with a story about how Louie had managed to outwit Irene. Ford and Clint forged a truce for the sake of Jessica and Ryder. Viki was proud of Clint's efforts to make peace with Ford, Rex, and Brody. Kim's friend was rattled when she met Shane, so she later decided that the only way to move forward was to "undo" her plastic surgery, so that she could return to looking like Stacy. Cord was stunned when Viki informed him that Irene had left everything, including Victor's estate, to Tina, but Tina had handed it over to Todd. Tina explained that all she wanted was Cord. Tomas promised his sister that he would find Victor's killer. Tomas pointed out that Todd did not have an alibi for the night of Victor's murder. Téa realized that she might be pregnant, so she took a home pregnancy test. Roxy reminded John that he was running out of time to tell Natalie how he truly felt. Jessica was determined to tell Natalie the truth about Liam's paternity, so she sought her sister out.
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November 7 to 11, 2011
Téa revealed to her brother that she was pregnant with Victor's baby. Tomas teamed up with Calmar to investigate Victor's murder. Todd tried to implicate Baker as the killer, but Calmar explained that Baker had been in custody at the time of Victor's death. Calmar revealed to Tomas that the man in Todd's office had been Louie. Todd confessed that he had killed Victor, but he couldn't remember the details. Louie suspected that Todd suffered from posttraumatic stress, because of what Irene had done to Todd, so Louie decided to keep Todd's secret, and turn over the gun to Todd. David Vickers returned to Llanview, at Dorian's bidding, to make certain that Blair stayed away from Todd. David encouraged Blair to stick with Tomas. Blair decided to pursue a relationship with Tomas after a bitter argument with Todd. Blair and Tomas made love. David noticed the sparks between Viki and Clint. David promised to have Clint sent to a Moroccan jail if Clint hurt Viki. Jack decided to burn down the Sun to stop Todd from using the paper to get away with murder. Jack was stunned when Neela mentioned that Rama had gone to meet Vimal at the Sun, so he returned to the newspaper to save Neela's family. Jessica blurted out that John might be Liam's father, but Natalie didn't believe her sister when Jessica failed to provide proof of her claims. Clint was overjoyed when Dorian gave him a special dispensation, so that he could attend Natalie's wedding. John decided to take a job in Seattle to be closer to his family, and to get over Natalie. Ford advised Jessica that John deserved to know about Liam.
November 14 to 18, 2011
Brody and Natalie's marriage was halted when Tina appeared at the church with the results of the paternity test confirming that John was Liam's father. Natalie called off the wedding when she realized that Brody had known the truth for months. Roxy urged Natalie to go after John, who had decided to leave town. John was shocked when Natalie told him that he was Liam's father. John and Natalie were horrified when they realized that Brody had kidnapped Liam. Jessica questioned Ford's reasons for kissing her. Ford admitted that he had loved Tess, but he had realized that Tess was a part of Jessica. Jessica and Ford made love. Cord surprised everyone, including Tina, when he asked Tina to marry him. Viki turned to Dorian for help to obtain a marriage license for Tina and Cord, so that the couple could get married right away. Rex was stunned when he saw the woman with Gigi's face at the airport. Rex and Aubrey tracked Cutter and the woman with Gigi's face to a plastic surgeon in Brazil. Cutter opened up to Kim's friend about his father's suicide, and his mother's greedy ways. Cutter was startled when he bumped into his mother at the plastic surgeon's office. Cutter's mother was revealed to be Alex Olanov. Tomas worried that Blair regretted making love to him, but Blair assured him that she did not. Todd joined forces with Baker to remove Tomas as a threat. Baker happily agreed to kill Tomas, but Todd made it clear that he did not want Tomas dead. Tomas was surprised when Todd, not Louie, showed up for the meeting at the warehouse. Neela covered for Jack after the fire chief determined that the fire at the Sun had been deliberately set.
November 21 to 25, 2011
Rick was forced to face the wrath of Starr, James, Nate, and Dani when they confronted Rick about a false rumor that Rick had started. John and Brody put their guns down, so that they could talk about Liam. Brody explained that Liam had saved him after Brody had learned the truth about Ryder. Brody denied that he had killed Victor, because Brody couldn't take a father away from his children. Brody was taken to St. Ann's for treatment. Rex and Aubrey tracked Cutter, and his partner, to a plastic surgeon's office in Brazil. The woman with Gigi's face stopped Cutter from strangling his mother, Alex Olanov. Alex wanted to make amends for abandoning her son, but the woman with Gigi's face insisted that they leave the doctor's office before they were discovered. Cutter turned to his mother for help. Cutter wove a tale about Alex having had plastic surgery to resemble Gigi. Rex pretended to believe Cutter's lies, to buy some time. Dani was thrilled when Téa told her about the pregnancy. Dani vowed to help take care of Téa. Blair insisted that she loved Tomas, but Starr questioned if Blair loved Todd more. Todd threatened to plant Tomas' fingerprints on the gun that had killed Victor. Baker arrived to help Todd, but Tomas warned them that Calmar knew of the meeting. Baker bragged that Calmar had been captured. The mayor fired Bo, so Bo's fellow officers lined up to salute Bo as he left his office for the last time. Bo and Nora spent Thanksgiving with their son, Matthew. As the Thanksgiving holiday drew to a close, Matthew flatlined.
November 28 to December 2, 2011
Starr demanded that Rick retract the rumor that Rick had started about Starr and Nate having an affair, but Rick was intent on being compensated for the injuries that he claimed Starr, and her friends, had inflicted. The Evans' post-Thanksgiving dinner turned into a food fight as everyone began to argue. Bo and Nora were overjoyed when Matthew opened his eyes. Matthew recalled everything that had led up to the coma. Nora told Matthew about the agreement that she and Bo had made with Nate. Matthew learned that Destiny was pregnant, and that Nora had talked Destiny into keeping the baby. Destiny assured Matthew that the decision to have the baby had been hers, not Nora's. Brody urged Natalie to give Liam the family with John that Liam deserved. Todd became nervous when Blair called John to report that Tomas was missing. Natalie questioned the timing of Tomas' disappearance after she learned that Blair had picked Tomas over Todd. The police recovered a gun when they searched Tomas' things. Natalie advised Shane to try to forgive Jack for what had happened to Gigi, but Shane continued to seethe with rage, because Jack acted as if everything were fine. Neela was shocked when Shane accused Jack of murdering Gigi. Todd was horrified to realize that Jack had started the fire at the Sun, so he took steps to protect his son from criminal charges. The woman with Gigi's face remained determined to get her "old face" back. Cutter was stunned when the plastic surgeon revealed that Kim's friend had never had plastic surgery, so she was not Stacy Morasco. Cutter realized that Kim's friend was actually Gigi.
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December 5 to 9, 2011
Rex deduced that the woman with Cutter was Stacy, and that Stacy had had plastic surgery to look like Gigi. Aubrey told Rex about her history with Cutter, and his connection to the real Aubrey Wentworth, whom Rex knew as Kim. Rex went to Kentucky to enlist Kim's help to track down Cutter. The plastic surgeon assured Cutter that the woman with Gigi's face had never had plastic surgery. Cutter realized that "Stacy" was actually Gigi. Cutter decided to keep the information to himself, so that Gigi wouldn't leave him. "Stacy" was upset when Cutter told her that she wouldn't be able to have surgery to "restore" her old face. Cutter offered to take "Stacy" anywhere in the world that she wanted to go to, so she picked Paris, Texas, unaware of her connection to the small town. "Stacy" and Cutter took jobs at the Bon Jour Café. Shane persuaded Neela to help him obtain proof that Jack had been responsible for Gigi's death. Neela armed herself with a recorder, and then paid Jack a visit. Rex decided to whisk Shane off to Paris, Texas, when Shane told his father about Noelle's plans to enter a special pie recipe, in honor of Gigi, at the annual "Pie-Off." Viki was rattled after Clint kissed her, so she accepted Noelle's invitation to go to Paris, Texas, to get away from Clint for a while. John had doubts about Calmar's claims that Tomas had killed Victor. John shared his suspicions about Todd's guilt with Téa. Blair was stunned when Tomas made a full confession about Victor's murder to her. Roxy was heartbroken when she learned that her favorite soap opera had been cancelled.
December 12 to 16, 2011
Roxy tried to enlist David's help to save her favorite soap opera, Fraternity Row. Starr and Todd discussed Todd's feelings for Blair. "If you love someone, don't play games, just say it," Starr advised her father. Todd explained that he didn't want to blow it, after everything that he had done to get Blair back. Starr immediately grew suspicious, but Todd managed to explain the remark away. Blair and Dani were hurt that Tomas had duped them, but they agreed that it had been a relief to know who had killed Victor. Calmar confessed to John that he had lied about Tomas. Calmar then revealed everything that he knew about Victor's murder. Téa was happy to have proof that Todd had killed Victor, but John warned Téa that Calmar's statement wasn't sufficient evidence, so they needed to proceed with caution. Téa became agitated, and then clutched her stomach as she doubled over with pain. John rushed Téa to the hospital. Téa was relieved when a sonogram confirmed that the baby was okay. John and Natalie continued to skirt around their feelings, while John spent time with Liam. Shaun encouraged Destiny to find out how Matthew felt about the pregnancy, and what Matthew's intentions were. Matthew sought his brother's advice, so David revealed that he had gotten a girl pregnant in high school too. Matthew was curious what had happened to the child, but Destiny arrived before David could answer. Matthew confessed to Destiny that he wasn't eager to become a father. Destiny was hurt when Matthew reminded her that they hadn't even been dating when she got pregnant.
December 19 to 23, 2011
Cutter managed to track Gigi down at the Bon Jour Café. Cutter decided to tell the truth to Gigi and Rex, that Stacy had died on that fateful night in the basement. Cutter found himself in handcuffs and arrested for the murder in Kentucky, which he had had framed his sister for. Delbert, the son of the man who had made it possible for a couple in 1968 to return to the future, offered Rex and Gigi a glimpse of the night that Stacy had died. Rex and Gigi were shocked when it was revealed that Gigi had been alive when Stacy had found her, and then had switched clothes with Gigi. Gigi mustered the strength to knock Stacy out, and then stumble out of the basement room. Stacy had been left behind in the room with the leaking generator. Rex realized that the woman before him was Gigi, not Stacy. Gigi's memories flooded back when Rex kissed her. Jack confided to Neela about the night that Gigi had died, unaware that Neela had a hidden tape recorder running. Later, Neela handed the tape of Jack's confession over to Shane. Shane promptly called John to give John the evidence against Jack. Jack was arrested for Gigi's murder on Christmas Eve. Viki was crushed when she saw Clint kiss Kim. Viki fled the house with David moments before Clint confessed to Kim that Viki was the woman he loved, and wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Clint quickly cleared things up with Viki when he realized that she had seen him with Kim.
December 26 to 30, 2011
Cutter called Kim to ask her to break him out of jail. Kim turned Cutter down, so Cutter reached out to his mother, Alex Olanov. Todd realized that Téa knew that he had killed Victor. Jack was stunned when Neela admitted that she had provided the police with the tape of Jack's confession. Gigi and Rex returned to Llanview, where Gigi was happily reunited with Shane. Rex broke the news to Aubrey that their budding relationship was over, because Gigi was alive. Jack was relieved to realize that he hadn't killed Gigi, but John warned Jack not to celebrate too soon, because Stacy had died as a result of being locked in the basement on that fateful night. Téa pointed out that Stacy had died, because Gigi had fought back when Stacy had tried to kill her sister. Jack tried to apologize to Gigi and Shane for everything that he had done to them, but neither was interested in hearing what Jack had to say. Friends and family gathered for Rex and Gigi's New Year's Eve wedding. Madame Delphina warned John, "all hell breaks loose" on New Year's Eve. As midnight struck, the lights went out in Llanview, and John received a call that there had been a prison break at Statesville. Starr, Nora, and Natalie received unexpected visitors.
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