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January 1 to 5, 2007
Nash questioned Jessica's motives when she insisted on making him her pet project. Antonio found Claudia passed out. He supported her decision to check herself back into rehab. Dorian interrupted Viki and Clint. Todd and Blair grieved for their son. John left the hospital. John told Marty that he blamed her for what happened to Todd and Blair. Marty was sorry that John didn't agree with her diagnosis.
January 8 to 12, 2007
Clint and Viki opened up about what they were feeling. Blair's condition took a turn for the worse. Spencer managed to get his hands on a gun and took Marty hostage. Todd tried to convince Spencer to take him hostage and release Marty. A struggle ensued and a shot rang out. Natalie was alarmed when John decided to go to the hospital after learning about the hostage situation. Cris's alibi for the fire was shaky as circumstantial evidence mounted.
January 15 to 19, 2007
Jessica hoped to surprise Antonio by joining him in the sauna and stripping. It was Jessica was surprised, though, when the man in the sauna turned out to be Nash, not her husband. Bo was forced to make some difficult decisions as a result of Aaron and Vincent's press conference about the fire. Antonio was offended by the implication of Bo's actions. Lindsay and Paige talked. Lindsay told Paige that she broke up with R.J. When Paige was called to the hospital, she left Bo to entertain his old flame. Blair emerged from her coma, much to everyone's relief. Todd proposed marriage, but Blair had reservations about accepting. Rex went to see a delusional Spencer in the hopes of getting his cooperation in helping him cover up Tommy's true identity.
January 22 to 26, 2007
Tension mounted between Natalie and John. John's progress was greatly improved but John hid the truth from Natalie. Jess continued to fight her attraction to Nash despite their passionate kiss. Michael was thrown for a loop when Rex finally revealed the truth about Tommy being Todd's son. Spencer overpowered his attorney, Mark, and broke his neck. He then quickly changed into his clothes and puts Mark's body in his bed. After Spencer made good on his escape he went to Blair's room where he dressed Blair as a bride and performed a macabre wedding ceremony with her. Even heavily drugged, Blair kept saying "no." As Spencer began to rape Blair, someone entered the room and stabbed him to death. Blair remained unconscious as she was splattered with his blood.
January 29 to February 2, 2007
Spencer Truman's murder provided the police with a long list of suspects. John tried to convince Bo to let him head the case, but Bo refused to consider it. He pointed out that there would be a conflict of interest, as Michael was one of the suspects. Clint and Viki decided to go out on a date. Nash accidentally knocked himself out while working on repairs around the Buchanan mansion. While unconscious, he was visited by an irate Tess. A mystery man was not happy to learn that Spencer Truman had been murdered.
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February 5 to 9, 2007
Spencer tried to have the last word by having someone play a recorded message summoning all those mentioned in his will. Todd, Blair, the McBain brothers, Evangeline, Paige, and Dorian were all brought together to listen to Spencer taunt them one last time. Starr and Cole were determined not to let anyone break them up. Jessica was having difficulty suppressing her feelings for Nash. When she suffered a dizzy spell, Nash first wondered if she was pregnant and then if it was Tess trying to re-emerge. Antonio and Talia went on a stakeout in the hopes of catching the arsonist. Talia drew her gun when it appeared they were successful.
February 12 to 16, 2007
The arsonist struck again. This time the intended victims were Nora and Matthew. As the fire raged through Nora's home, Nora and Matthew desperately tried to escape. Matthew succumbed to the smoke but Nora managed to carry him out to safety where Bo was already waiting. There were a few tense moments while Bo gave his son life-saving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Matthew woke up coughing, much to his parents' relief. Dorian enlisted Lindsay's help to stall Viki so that she would be late for her date with Clint. Lindsay made up a story about needing Viki's help with a Lupus fund-raiser. She was horrified when she learned that Megan, Viki's eldest daughter, died of complications from Lupus. Lindsay apologized and confessed the truth. Blair was furious when she caught Starr and Cole kissing. . Nash and Jessica shared an awkward moment until Antonio joined them and announced that he'd booked Nelly Furtado to sing at Capricorns. John and Natalie continued to be at odds. He was upset with her for tampering with evidence. To himself, he wondered how his scarf fibers ended up on Spencer's body when John wasn't anywhere near him the night of the murder.
February 19 to 23, 2007
Nelly Furtado entertained the crowd at Capricorn with a couple of her hit songs. Jessica finally managed to interview Miles. They were shocked to discover that they had a family connection. Miles, it turned out, was Mitch Laurence's brother. Rex gave Todd a copy of his son's "death certificate." Todd kept it together until he got to the elevator. In his distraught state, Todd took his anger and frustration out on the elevator. Evangeline found Todd in the ruins and offered him comfort, which led to a passionate kiss. Evangeline pulled back shocked. Later, Todd went to talk to Evangeline, who had, by then, told Cris about the kiss. Cris did not react well to the news. He was upset after learning that Jessica had feelings for Nash. At Capricorn, Cris and Blair stepped outside after the concert and ended up in a passionate embrace. Inside, Jessica and Nash were in a similar situation. Meanwhile, the arsonist struck again, this time at Capricorn.
February 26 to March 2, 2007
Everyone was shocked when John brought his brother in for questioning in the Spencer Truman murder. Rex was questioned as well. When John didn't get anywhere with them, he threw them in lockup. While in jail, Michael and Rex realized that they each thought the other was the killer. Cristian refused to listen to Evangeline when she tried to explain the kiss between her and Todd. He insisted that their relationship was over because he could not trust her. He'd been there before and refused to go through it again. With a fire blocking their exit and smoke filling the storage room, Nash and Jess realized that they might die and started to make love. They came to their senses when they heard Antonio trying to save them. Before Antonio managed to break down the door, Nash and Jess quickly got dressed. During the rescue, Antonio was gravely injured and rushed to the hospital. Jessica and Nash were tormented with guilt. When Cris arrived at the hospital he was furious to learn that Jessica and Nash were probably dishonoring his brother while he risked his life to save him.
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MARCH 2007
March 5 to 9, 2007
Antonio's suspicions about Jess and Nash mounted. Jessica realized that she needed to make a choice between the two men. She talked to Marty about it. Marty suggested that she take a piece of paper and simply write down the name of the man she truly loved. When she had written down the name, that would be the man she had chosen. Jessica followed Marty's advice. She bumped into Nash on her way out of Marty's office. Miles remembered kissing Marty the night before when he had spent the evening drinking. Todd showered Evangeline with an extravagant gift for her birthday, much to Blaire's ire. Natalie confessed to Bo that she tampered with evidence. She also lets it slip that John helped cover up her crime. John was furious when Natalie told him. David Vickers was arrested for his brother's murder. David received a visitor. "You did good. You earned every penny I paid you to kill your brother," Asa announced.
March 12 to 16, 2007
Jessica decided to focus on her marriage to Antonio. Nash was not happy with her decision. Marty defended herself against John's accusations that she put all the horrible events into motion by falling for Spencer's lies. Cole and Starr planned a rendezvous at the Llantano Mountain Festival, thinking they could get away from prying eyes. Cristian couldn't trust Evangeline where Todd was concerned and insisted that their relationship was over for good. As the week drew to a close, nearly everyone gathered at Winter Fest. A blizzard stranded everyone on Llantano Mountain, forcing them to take lodging. Misunderstandings led to rash decisions. Believing Todd and Evangeline were making love, Blair and Cris decided to pay them back by sleeping together. Britney intended to exact her revenge on Cole and Starr.
March 19 to 23, 2007
Jessica tried to get Nash to understand the decision she made to stay with Antonio. Nash didn't buy any of it and he was tired of her excuses. A robbery at the Palace Hotel interrupted John's proposal to Natalie. It also resulted in Blair being shot while John struggled with one of the gunmen. A misunderstanding had Evangeline believing that Cris slept with her sister. She was shocked when she learned that it wasn't Layla he slept with, but Blair. Talia had an encounter with the arsonist while sifting through debris at Nora's house in the hopes of finding a clue. She found a military medal but was knocked out before she could properly study it.
March 26 to 30, 2007
Jessica burned the piece of paper with the name of the man she chose in Marty's office. It was Nash's name on the paper. Jessica was uncomfortable with the idea of Jamie calling her Mommy. She did promise to think about formally adopting Jamie, though. Nash was blindsided by the news. John had a horrible lapse in judgment when he allowed Natalie to leave believing that John had been about to propose. Natalie shared the happy news with her family. She was devastated and humiliated later when John finally admitted the truth. Cole and Starr ran away but didn't get very far before they were found. Furious, Marty and Todd threatened to press charges. Starr was forced to make the heartbreaking decision to stop seeing Cole if their parents promised to back off. Talia and Antonio got a major break in the arson case thanks to Evangeline. Miles received a letter from Spencer.
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APRIL 2007
April 2 to 6, 2007
Viki's date with Douglas turned into a disaster. The arsonist struck again. This time the target was a friend of Vincent. Miles decided to give Todd the letter that Spencer sent. Todd was stunned to learn that his son might be alive. Blair cautioned him not to put too much faith in what Spencer wrote. Todd and Evangeline deduced that the baby might be in Chicago. She offered to go with Todd to help him search for his son. An argument with Nash prompted Jessica to sign the papers officially adopting Jamie. Starr remained determined to stay away from Cole but it was breaking her heart. Cole wasn't faring much better.
April 9 to 13, 2007
Jamie's adoption became a catalyst. In court, before the adoption was finalized, Jessica broke down and stopped the process. She apologized to Jamie, telling her that Jessica didn't deserve Jamie, and then fled before anyone could stop her. Later, Nash saw Jessica dart across the road in the rain. He followed her and found her, distraught and crying, at the quarry. Antonio wanted answers from Cris but he didn't get a chance to tell Antonio anything. Antonio left for the quarry when he got word that Jessica's car had been found. Blair and Todd arrived in Chicago in the hopes of finding more clues to his son's whereabouts. Rex was right behind him, intent on keeping Todd from discovering anything. Lindsay was not happy when Nora convinced Paige to stay in town. A jealous Miles told Natalie that John and Marty were getting cozy.
April 16 to 20, 2007
Jessica decided it was time to tell Antonio the truth about her and Nash. Unknown to Jessica, Jamie witnessed her kissing Nash. Later, as Jessica apologized to Jamie about the adoption mess, Jamie surprised Jessica when she started asking about the kiss. When Antonio walked in, Jamie told him that Jessica was sorry about the kiss. Evangeline was hurt when she learned that Todd went to Chicago with Blair. The victims of the hate crimes decided to hold a press conference in an effort to lure out the arsonist and expose the group. Adriana saw a side of Tate she hadn't before when he opened up to her about himself. Cole and Starr were manipulated into trying out for the school musical.
April 23 to 27, 2007
Natalie quit her job. Miles hired a hooker. Jamie was struck by a car just as Jessica tried to tell Antonio about Nash. Jamie was rushed to the hospital. Jessica couldn't bring herself to tell Antonio that she was leaving him while Jamie was in guarded condition. Nash was frustrated by the delays. Evangeline suspected that she might be pregnant and picked up a home pregnancy test kit. Cristian figured out what was going on with Evangeline while talking to Layla. Evangeline decided to take the test while Cris was there. They awaited the results together. Blair and Todd grew closer as they searched for Tommy. The search led Todd to a seedy, rundown tenement where he was attacked by a masked figure.
April 30 to May 4, 2007
Jessica collapsed in Antonio's arms and was admitted to the hospital for tests. Her condition was grim. Nash was desperate to see her, but Antonio prevented him from it. Desperate, Nash turned to Bo for help. Henry made an attempt to impress Britney, only to have it backfire on him. Starr, Cole, and Langston felt for Henry and tried to help. Henry became increasingly angry, sharing his thoughts only with his computer, as he continued to be ridiculed by Britney and her friends. Michael surprised Marcie with a special necklace. Rex accused Tate of being gay. He demanded that Tate and Adriana publicly announce that they were not a couple. Blair was determined to find Todd despite it being an uphill battle.
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MAY 2007
May 7 to 11, 2007
Jessica was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Jessica had flashbacks to a certain night in a seedy bar when Tess shared a heroin needle with a stranger. Fearing she might have passed it on to her daughter during pregnancy, Bree was tested. The news was good. Bree did not have the potentially deadly virus. Jessica was not so fortunate, as the virus continued to weaken her. Antonio admitted to Cris that he had realized all along that since the integration, Jessica was more like Tess than her old self. Todd remained missing. A distraught Henry took off in a car with Britney, Starr, and Cole along as passengers. While he drove erratically at high speeds, terrorizing the teens, he unleashed his anger and resentment over Britney's treatment of him. He appeared to suffer a heart attack just before crashing the car. Henry was killed while the rest of the teens walked away shaken but otherwise uninjured, thanks to wearing their seatbelts.
May 14 to 18, 2007
Rex convinced Adriana to give their relationship another try. He promised her that he would back off of trying to publicly humiliate Tate. Tate was not happy to see his father, Kirk, arrive in town for a visit. Evangeline, Cris, Talia, and Nora were trapped inside Cri's vandalized studio as they were slowly poisoned through the ventilation system. When Lindsay arrived at the scene, she was struck from behind and rendered unconscious. Bo arrived before there were any fatalities. Evangeline clung to life while the others slowly came around. Jessica's condition continued to deteriorate. Cole was sympathetic to what Britney was going through. Jordan had some relationship advice for Miles when they bumped into each other. Jessica decided to tell Antonio that she was in love with Nash. Marty had another panic attack after seeing Spencer's crime scene photos.
May 21 to 25, 2007
Talia opened up to Antonio about her past and the regrets she carried. Starr was upset to learn that Cole was out on a date with Britney. Miles was unaware that Marty was having nightmares as he continued to put her in situations that allowed him to impress her. Marty and John's paths seemed to cross more and more. Cris was having a difficult time dealing with Evangeline's coma. Langston met someone new. Jessica told her family about her decision to be truthful with Antonio. Tate's father, Kirk, thought of a great way to repair the damage that Rex caused Tate's reputation.
May 28 to June 1, 2007
Jessica recorded a video for her daughter in case the worst happened and she died. Viki was told that she could not be a donor for Jessica despite being a match. That left Antonio as the only other match, but Antonio had decided to take his daughter and leave town. Nash was able to track Antonio down and get him back -- and it might have been too late. Marty realized that the nightmares and flashes of images were suppressed memories of her murdering Spencer. Marty was horrified at the lengths that Miles had gone to in order to win her heart. He blackmailed her, threatening to reveal all if she did not marry him. Blair received a phone call, but the call was disconnected. When she checked caller ID, the number was unavailable.
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JUNE 2007
June 4 to 8, 2007
Jessica's transplant was a success. Nash found himself the only person available to close up Antonio after a bomb exploded in the hospital. Antonio asked for Nash. He told him that he hoped Nash and Jessica burned in hell. After Nash left, Antonio suffered a seizure and required dialysis. Nash told Jessica that Antonio would never forgive them. Cole was shocked when he learned of Marty's plans to marry Miles. He was suspicious after Marty admitted that she didn't love Miles, but could see herself eventually loving him in the future. The teens performed a number from their musical, scheduled for Friday, June 15th.
June 11 to 15, 2007
Prom night was kicked off with a lively musical number. Starr accepted Markko's offer to go to the prom with him. Cole admitted to Starr that she was the one he wanted to go to the prom with, not Britney. Marcie reminded Langston that she was still working off her detention and needed to help out at the prom. As Langston's feelings for Markko grew, she desperately tried to hide them behind angry words. Miles and Marty continued to be at odds. Marty opened up to John, but only to a point. John was certain that Marty was not Spencer's killer. He managed to have David released from jail to help catch the real killer. Talia was suspicious of Tate and shared her thoughts with Antonio. Tate tried to put distance between himself and his father. Todd remained unconscious but help appeared to have arrived.
June 18 to 22, 2007
Prom night reunited Cole and Starr, united Markko and Langston, and left Britney alone. Hurt, she decided to get even. David moved in with John after David had nowhere else to go. John uncovered some information that deepened his suspicions about Miles, and Miles forged a friendship with a young boy who suffered a facial deformity. Marty observed Miles's interaction with the young boy and was affected. Kirk was arrested as the arsonist. He pleaded no contest in court, and before he was taken away, he whispered to Tate, revealing that Tate was actually the arsonist. Rex was not comfortable with Adriana's continued support of Tate. Jessica left the hospital. She paid Antonio a visit one last time, this time with Bree. After she and Nash arrived home, Antonio had Jessica served with divorce papers.
June 25 to 29, 2007
Viki offered David a place to say to spite Dorian, and the games began. Tate paid Kirk a visit in prison. Kirk pleaded with his son to take advantage of the opportunity his father provided by confessing to the hate crimes. Tate's hate and twisted thinking were too deeply rooted. Kirk warned Tate that if he harmed anyone else, Kirk would tell the truth. Adriana was uncomfortable with some of the things that Tate was saying, but he managed to explain it away. Blair, Cris, and Rex got a lead on Todd. They arrived at Hunter's apartment too late. Todd was gone, but the young woman wasn't. She was instantly recognized as Sarah "Flash" Roberts. Hunter took Todd's unconscious body to Miles and literally dumped him on Miles's doorstep. John refused to back down from investigating Spencer's death and proving Marty innocent. Bo and Lindsay talked about the loss of Drew and Jen, and the grief that continued to weigh heavy on them.
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JULY 2007
July 2 to 6, 2007
Miles managed to hide Todd before anyone realized that Hunter dropped him on his doorstep. Miles kept Todd drugged while he figured out what to do next. Hunter gave Blair information on where to find Todd. Blair was furious when she recognized Marty's address. Cole found Todd's unconscious body. Miles tried to manipulate Cole into doing his dirty work. Viki and David took advantage of Dorian's jealousy. Jessica and Antonio divorced. As she was leaving court, Jessica collapsed.
July 9 to 13, 2007
Miles panicked and decided to move Todd's body just a few minutes before Marty and Blair opened up the storage room. Blair called John for help. David observed that John had feelings for Marty. Jessica's body rejected her transplant. David turned out to be a match for Jessica. Clint reluctantly agreed to honor Asa's deal with David. David didn't want Viki to learn of it. Kirk realized that Tate would not stop and decided it was time to talk to Bo. He was murdered before Bo arrived. Tate was truly distraught when he learned of his father's murder. Nash and Jessica were married as her condition steadily declined. Marcie gave Michael heartbreaking news. Todd regained consciousness. Cole was guilt-ridden over keeping the truth about Todd from Starr.
July 16 to 20, 2007
Marty and Cole decided to stop keeping secrets and open up to each other. Marty was livid that Miles would blackmail Cole. Jessica worried that her body would reject her new liver. Clint and Dorian debated whether or not to clue Viki on David. Starr was devastated to learn that Cole was helping Miles. Todd reached out to Blair for help but it was Dorian who answered the call. Adriana realized that Rex might have been right about Tate. Tate's behavior became increasingly erratic.
July 23 to 27, 2007
Tate terrorized Adriana and her friends on the Palace Hotel rooftop. Talia saved the day. Todd was found in the motel room and rushed to the hospital. Michael was worried about what Todd remembered, especially since Marcie had learned that she couldn't have children of her own. Paige made a decision about her future. Marty remembered walking in on Spencer as he was about to rape an unconscious Blair. Nash surprised Jessica with a honeymoon. David used his money wisely by hiring an attorney who quickly had his conviction vacated, making David a free man.
July 30 to August 3, 2007
Layla and Adriana wondered if there was a special man in Talia's life. Natalie's support of Miles raised questions with John. Natalie explained that she knew what it was like not to have anyone in your corner. John was convinced Miles's case and Marty's were connected. Marty was concerned about Cole's safety when she learned that Miles was out on bail. Sarah discovered that she'd been cut off from the family money. Todd and Cole decided to find a way to make peace for Starr's sake. Rex reassured Michael that Tommy's paternity would remain a secret. John's line of questioning made Michael nervous. John picked up on it.
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August 6 to 10, 2007
Tate was brought to court for his trial. He pleaded guilty instead of going through a trial with a jury, who he claimed wouldn't be his real peers. Hunter made his move against Sarah. Luckily, Cris arrived to rescue her. After a brief struggle, Hunter was fatally injured. Natalie pleaded with her mother to allow Miles to stay in the guesthouse. Viki reluctantly agreed. Todd was furious. John's investigation uncovered the truth about Tommy's paternity. Michael desperately tried to convince John to reconsider telling Todd. It broke John's heart, but he insisted that Todd had the right to know. Antonio wanted to sever all ties with Nash and Jessica. He gave Nash thirty days to buy him out of the vineyard. Talia mustered up the courage to ask Antonio to Monte Carlo night. Antonio accepted the offer, but noted that it was just as friends. Marty entered her plea and was remanded to jail.
August 13 to 17, 2007
A game of poker at a charity event left Viki ten million dollars lighter. The teens enjoyed some unsupervised time at Dorian's house. Llanview was rocked by the news of Asa Buchanan's passing. Cord, Kevin, Joey, and others came to town to remember the family patriarch and bid him a final farewell. Max surprised Blair by asking her to leave town with him. Nigel was plagued by one last secret that he had kept for his boss. He talked to Max about whether or not he should tell the Buchanans that David Vickers was Asa's son. Alex Olanov placed a call to David. Bo had a very difficult time dealing with his father's death. He was convinced that his father was never proud of him. After Viki saw her sons off, she decided to book a one-way flight to anywhere out of town.
August 20 to 24, 2007
Max told Todd that he invited Blair to run away with him but that she turned him down because she still loved Todd. Blair didn't appreciate Max's bout of honesty. The charges against Miles were dropped for lack of evidence. Nash played a high-stakes poker game with disastrous results. Miles claimed to feel awful for Todd and vowed to help him. Llanview named their new Woman of the Year just as Marty recalled more details of Spencer's murder. As Nora gave an honest but heartfelt speech, Marty recalled seeing the killer's face. Just as Lindsay took the stage to accept her award, Marty told John that it was Lindsay Rappaport she saw walk out of the room. John admitted that he already knew Lindsay had committed the crime; he just needed Marty to recall the events. To Bo's surprise, John showed up at the event on business. Lindsay shocked everyone when she informed them that John had come to arrest her for Spencer's murder.
August 27 to 31, 2007
Nash took a terrible risk gambling and ended up losing. Jared used his winnings to buy Antonio's shares of the Vineyard, gaining a controlling interest. Jessica arrived home early from her trip to London to surprise Nash only to find that he was not at home. Nash questioned Jared's intentions. Natalie was leery of Jared's business proposition. Marcy was stunned when she realized that Lindsay was resigned to her fate and might be guilty of murdering Spencer. Natalie convinced Blair to hear Miles out. Miles told Blair that Marcy and Michael McBain were raising Todd's son. John decided to keep his brother's secret. Michael was greatly relieved and shared the good news with Rex and Adriana. Rex wasn't so quick to celebrate. John learned that Blair knew the truth and intended to tell Todd. He raced over to Todd's offices to stop Blair, but she refused to be stopped. Todd finally learned that his son was living in Llanview with Marcy and Michael McBain.
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September 3 to 7, 2007
Rex asked Adriana to move in with him. Vince and Layla didn't want to hurt Shaun's feelings by making him feel like a third wheel. Blair managed to convince Todd that Tommy really was his son, TJ, but was less than supportive over Todd's decision to claim him. In a desperate move, John arrested Todd for assaulting Miles when he realized Todd intended to get his son. Lindsay tried to stay strong but a call to Will was her undoing. Clint was shocked to learn that there was a very strong case against Lindsay. Sarah discovered that Jared had a picture of Jessica on his cell phone. Nash came clean to Jessica about the vineyard. Michael realized that he had no choice but to tell Marcie the truth about Tommy. Marty was released from jail and reunited with Cole.
September 10 to 14, 2007
Todd was frustrated when the judge didn't give him Tommy. Jessica was shocked when she met Jared. He was someone from her past as Tess. Dorian expressed her concern to Clint about Langston's neglectful parents. Bo suspended John for not upholding the law when he learned the truth about Tommy. Miles decided not to press assault charges against Todd, in an effort to make amends. Todd took steps to prove that Tommy was his son. He and his attorney arrived at Marcie and Michael's home to have Tommy's DNA taken. The McBains objected until a court order was produced. Starr had conflicted feelings when she learned that Tommy McBain was her brother. Marty received her annulment papers, dissolving her marriage to Miles. Miles and Natalie witnessed a kiss between Marty and John. They did not react well to the realization that John and Marty were involved. Blair opened up to Todd in an effort to convince him that she was on his side.
September 17 to 21, 2007
Jared assured Natalie that they had not had sex when she woke up the next morning in his bed with no memory beyond drinking. The custody hearing for Tommy heated up, and things got nasty. Todd testified about his relationship with Margaret. Antonio reached out to Talia after her return from New York City to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11. Blair was furious when she learned that Rex was helping Michael and Marcie. Dorian warned Adriana and Rex that Blair and Todd could never learn that they had known the truth about Tommy's paternity all along. Bo took Matthew to Asa's ranch in Texas. Todd suggested that Blair marry him in order to better his chances of gaining custody of Tommy. Will returned to Llanview to stand by his mother and pressured Nora to drop the charges. Lindsay surprised everyone when she pleaded guilty to killing Spencer. Jessica admitted to Natalie that Jared was blackmailing her. Nash asked Jared why Jessica's picture was on Jared's cell phone.
September 24 to 28, 2007
Natalie tried to hustle Jared out of giving him a job by challenging him to a game of pool. He realized pretty quickly that she was not a novice and managed to distract Natalie enough to beat her. Jared ingratiated himself with Renee, who was astonished by how much Jared looked like Asa. Nigel was leery of Jared's intentions. Todd and Blair got married. Cris missed Sarah after she moved out. Natalie and John had a heart-to-heart talk. Clint invited Nora and Matthew to move into the mansion on a permanent basis. Talia offered to introduce Antonio to her "boyfriend," George.
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October 1 to 5, 2007
Dorian managed to snap Lindsay out of her catatonic state with a vicious slap to the face. Marcie was shocked to learn from Lindsay that Michael knew about Tommy's paternity long before everyone else. She angrily confronted Michael but was interrupted by a phone call. The judge had made a decision in the custody case. Dorian was determined to hold Langston's parents accountable for abandoning their daughter. Langston's secret was starting to wear on her. Dorian learned something surprising about Langston's parents. Marty and John opened up about their feelings and grew closer. Cristian was surprised to discover that Sarah actually managed to book Timbaland for Capricorns. Layla saved the day for Talia by announcing that Shaun was actually George. Talia was shocked when Shaun went along with it and pulled her into his arms for a passionate kiss in front of Antonio.
October 8 to 12, 2007
Markko told Langston that he loved her. Dorian learned the truth about Langston's parents and talked to her about their deaths. Langston shared her heartbreaking story with Dorian. Dorian was moved and offered to take Langston under her wing and bring her home with her. Langston received tremendous support as Markko and Starr learned of her tragedy. Talia and Shaun kept up appearances, but Vince felt compelled to remind Shaun that it was just for show. The judge awarded Todd custody of his son. Marcie was given some time to say goodbye to Tommy. She used the time to spirit him out of town before Todd could take custody. Michael was left to deal with the police and Todd. Michael pleaded with Marcie to bring Tommy back, but she refused. Todd got a lead on Marcie and ended up at her brother's home, where she was in hiding.
October 15 to 19, 2007
Britney had one last surprise for Starr and her friends before going to her new school. She called social services to report that Langston's parents had died. Starr called Dorian for help. Dorian tried to have Langston released into her custody. Clint wanted to know where Dorian stood in regard to their relationship. Antonio saw Shaun flirting with another woman at the gym. He was offended on Talia's behalf. Michael continued to hope that Marcie returned Tommy to his home. Marcie managed to stay one step ahead of Todd and the police with some help from her brother. Ron had trouble with a rogue FBI agent. Viki checked in via email from Paris. Natalie tried to pay off Jared. John suggested that he and Todd work together. Viki turned up working at a diner as a waitress.
October 22 to 26, 2007
Information about Viki's time away from Llanview slowly came to light. Todd reluctantly teamed up with John to find Marcie and his son. Michael insisted on being included in the search, but ended up detained by the police when they arrested him for perjury. Marcie received unexpected aid from her brother, Ron. She headed for Decatur, GA, as instructed, and met friends of Eric. Cris and Natalie were not happy about Jared and Sarah's budding relationship. Jess and Nash were determined to gain the upper hand with Jared. They devised a plan. Renee opened her home to Jared. Blair was deeply affected by Langston's plight. She recalled her own experiences growing up in the foster system and was moved into action. She offered to be Langston's foster mother. Langston was overcome with emotion when she was embraced by the Kramer women. Clint informed the family that the reading of Asa's last will and testament would take place at the ranch in Texas.
October 29 to November 2, 2007
Viki met a new man by the name of Charlie. Moe, Gigi, and Noelle saw chemistry between the couple. Marcie managed to remain on the run with Tommy despite being pursued by Ramsey and Todd. Marcie found refuge with a couple from New Orleans who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. Blair and Marty came to the rescue and bailed out Todd and John after they were arrested. They insisted on joining the men in their search. Langston got the good news that Blair would be approved as her foster mother after one last interview. With Blair out of town, Dorian stepped forward and offered to be Langston's foster mother. Langston was deeply touched by Dorian's offer and happily accepted. Sarah surprised everyone by inviting Jared to the ranch for the reading of Asa's Will. Alex turned up looking for David Vickers. She knew that he was Asa's son. David thought he was playing Alex but it was really the other way around. Halloween brought out some strange creatures. Cole and Marty were stalked by someone dressed as Death.
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November 5 to 9, 2007
Marcie headed to Paris, Texas, with Tommy as she continued to stay one step ahead of everyone pursuing her. John and Marty opened up to each other. John told her why Ramsey despised him. Ramsey was in love with Caitlin and held John responsible for her death. She shared the details of Patrick's death with him. John was concerned when she told him about the disturbing events on Halloween. Cole came home to find the masked man waiting for him. Star was in a panic when Cole disappeared. Alex worked her magic on David and was Mrs. David Vickers by the end of the week. She told him that she would like to stop off in Llanview on their way to their honeymoon. David was not thrilled with the idea. Vicki accepted a date with Charlie after initially declining the invitation. Natalie set up Jared to find her in what he thought was a compromising position. Cris told Antonio that he was interested in Sarah.
November 12 to 16, 2007
Bo and John feared that Patrick's enemies were responsible for Marty and Cole's disappearance. Cole and Marty were reunited in their prison. Gigi jumped to the wrong conclusion when Marcie told an edited version of her tale. Marcie moved in across the hall from Viki but thanks to a series of near misses, both remained hidden from discovery. The revelation that Asa had a long-lost son was met with stunned disbelief. All soon realized that Nigel would have been privy to all the details. Asa had some other surprises in store for his family. Each received a seat on the board, nothing else. They needed to work together in order to make Buchanan Enterprises run successfully. Dorian was forced to travel with Alex and David to Asa's ranch. All three ended up at the diner but Viki managed to keep out of sight. Cris was unsure whether or not to call Sarah. Jared's jealousy over Natalie's "relationship" with Chuck was obvious to others. Dorian was not happy with what she saw when she finally made it to Asa's ranch and tracked down Clint, who was with Nora.
November 19 to 23, 2007
Jared and Natalie had an honest discussion about the attraction that they felt for each other. They decided to take things slowly. Jessica was less than pleased when she learned that her sister intended to pursue a relationship with Jared. Alex was shocked to learn the details of Asa's will. Dorian sought comfort in David's arms after seeing Nora and Clint kiss. Norah was flattered by Clint's interest, but felt that it was just a result of the recent events that had them spending so much time together. Sarah returned to Llanview in time to spend Thanksgiving with Cristian. Gigi realized who her new friend was. Gigi was tempted by Todd and Blair's offer. She decided to confront Marcie, who came clean and explained her side of things. Gigi was sympathetic when she heard about all of the horrible things that Todd had done. Michael received a surprising phone call from Marcie, who told him to forget about her and Tommy and move on with his life. Viki spent Thanksgiving with her new friends. Bo and R.J. set their differences aside to enjoy a visit with Lindsay.
November 26 to 30, 2007
Jared finds a way to become a Buchanan when he convinces Nigel to let him step forward as Asa's long lost son. Nigel points out that while Jared may become a Buchanan he will not be able to continue his romantic relationship with Natalie. Jared has a moment of indecision but ultimately goes forward with his plans. He manages to get a hair sample from David, anticipating a DNA test. Charlie gets a lead on his long lost son and ends up at the Buchanan ranch in Texas. Clint tells Dorian that he's through with her. Dorian is stunned when he throws her out. Alex manages to convince David that she's destitute and makes a quick exit. Unfortunately in her haste she backs up and hits Dorian. Unaware that Dorian is injured, Alex drives off. David is concerned when he can't find Dorian. His search leads him to the Bon Jour Café where Viki is working. Viki is forced to put David up. Todd calls Viki to tell her what has been going on. She is surprised to learn that Marcie has taken Tommy and disappeared. John discovers a secret in Patrick's book of poetry. Marty and Cole realize that their captors want information that neither can provide. Marty tells Cole the truth about Patrick's murder. Starr is worried sick about Cole. Things don't go well when John and Ramsey finally track down the men who took Marty and Cole. Ramsey makes a potentially fatal decision when he shoots out the tires of the van that Marty and Cole are being held in as the kidnappers drive away. The driver loses control and the van careens over a cliff.
Things don't go well when John and Ramsey..." And then, "...Ramsey makes a potentially fatal error when he..."
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December 3 to 7, 2007
Jared moved ahead with his plan to pass himself off as Asa's long-lost son. Natalie's reaction wasn't surprising. It hit Jared harder than he expected. David tried to cash in on the opportunity after discovering Marcie. He blackmailed her for one million dollars, promising not to call Todd and turn her in. Marcie made a desperate call to Michael but didn't get the results that she wanted. Spending time with Tommy and Marcie's pitiful begging convinced David to change his mind and drop the demand. Michael got a lead on Marcie and found himself at the Bon Jour Café. Viki returned home, much to the delight of her family. Cole and John looked helplessly on as the van Marty was trapped in exploded. Cole was devastated by the loss and held Ramsey responsible. Vowing to avenge his mother's death, Cole held Ramsey at gunpoint while John tried to talk him down. Miles took the news of Marty's tragic death quite hard. He took a walk and stumbled onto Cole, John, and Ramsey. He called out to Cole in shock, asking him what he was doing. Cole was startled and the gun fired. Miles was hit in the chest and fell to the ground.
December 10 to 14, 2007
Nigel had second thoughts about following through with the ruse to pass Jared off as Asa's long-lost son. He was close to telling Clint the truth, but the mere mention of David set Clint off. Not surprisingly, the DNA tests confirmed that Jared was a Buchanan. Natalie rushed out of the room when she heard the results. Jared followed her and stopped her before she could get too far then pulled her into a passionate kiss. Cristian had conflicted feelings about Sarah and Evangeline. Blair advised him to visit Evangeline. When Cristian finally got access to her, he was shocked to discover that her bed was empty. Natalie questioned Starr's visit with Miles. Cole hid out at Langston's old house. John took responsibility for shooting Miles. Ramsey was confident that Miles would wake up and tell the truth, that it was Cole who had fired the gun. He was shocked when Miles lied and insisted that he did not remember who had shot him. Viki got a call about Charlie. She was alarmed when she learned that he'd been drinking again. She decided to return to Paris, Texas, to help him. Rex asked for Dorian's blessing to propose marriage to Adriana.
December 17 to 21, 2007
Natalie and John tried to seek solace at the bottom of a bottle and then in each other's arms. Nora asked Cole to move in with her and he accepted. She introduced him to Jared. They talked about losing their mothers and growing up without a father. Nora was surprised to learn from Matthew that Lindsay was doing better. Todd decided to honor his friend, Sam Rappaport, by changing Tommy's name to Sam. Dorian's plans for the holidays took an ugly turn when Blair and Adriana ended up throwing fists and pulling hair. Rex went to Paris, TX, to follow a lead on Marcie for Michael. He was surprised to see his ex-flame from high school, Gigi. Gigi was nervous around Rex. She lied to cover for Marcie but wasn't ready to see Rex walk out the door without telling him something that she felt he needed to know. Viki helpd Charles get sober and back to his AA meetings.
December 24 to 28, 2007
Jessica wanted to pose as Tess to deal with Jared. Nash had strong objections. Addie was literally a new person, much to Blair's delight. Dorian had reservations. She felt it was nothing more than the euphoric effect of the drugs. Gigi sold Marcie's engagement ring to Rex. Rex proposed to Adriana and she accepted. Michael recognized the ring immediately. Adriana was stunned when she read what Rex said he had inscribed inside the ring. Cris said goodbye to Evangeline who remained in a coma. Talia accepted a job that would take her away from Llanview. Todd and Ramsey bumped into Gigi. Viki and Charlie made love. Viki pushed Charlie to try again with his son. Jared confronted John about sleeping with Natalie. Roxy was jealous and warned Natalie away from Miles. Antonio made it to the bus station before Talia left town. Sarah was offered a job and more if she was interested. As the New Year rang in, everyone was with the one that they wanted to be with.
December 31, 2007 to January 4, 2008
Lindsay went to court and was found competent to stand trial. The judge surprised Nora with the decision to release Lindsay. Bo and R.J. both offered to be Lindsay's legal guardian. Clint and Nora shared a New Year's Eve kiss. Cris returned to Llanview in time to ring in the New Year with Sarah. He told her that he had made peace with Evangeline and was ready to move forward. Cole was reluctant to spend New Year's Eve with Starr. Todd and Ramsey forced Gigi to cooperate, and caught up to Marcie. Dorian was surprised to learn that Charlie was connected to more than one person in Llanview. Marcie returned to the diner to retrieve her money and passports. She and Viki were startled when they came face-to-face. Jessica passed herself off as Tess in order to deceive Jared.
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