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January 1 to 5, 2007
Maddie decided not to make love with Casey after she found out that he kept his gambling problems from her. Despite their romantic dance at the New Year's Eve party, Faith still believed her parents would split. Jade played doctor, giving an insecure Lily diet pills to help her lose weight. To win Meg over, Craig dropped the charges against Dusty. Once Jack discovered the truth about the diamonds, Henry aided Simon and acted as a go-between for him and Carly. Katie felt betrayed when she found out that Henry helped Simon escape, and tried to get him in trouble with the police. Carly's plans to leave the country with Simon were spoiled when Jack arrested her. Gwen ended her relationship with Iris when she found out her mother was lying to her about her aunt being dead. Will continued to be jealous of Adam. Much to Susan's delight, Paul further developed his psychic abilities, having a vision that Meg would be poisoned.
January 8 to 12, 2007
Holden warned Meg to be leery of Paul and all of his psychic warnings, while Barbara encouraged her son to use his new gift to help find Johnny. Lily continued to rely on diet pills to control her weight. Casey stole money from Margo in order to pay off his gambling debts. Will and Adam continued to fight over Gwen. Craig plotted Emily's downfall by trying to sell her out of her own company. When Emily and Tom's son went missing, she accused Craig of kidnapping him. Not able to handle the stress, Tom had a heart attack. Henry wrote Katie off after he found out that she ratted him out to the police When Henry informed Simon that Carly had been arrested, Simon refused to leave town without her. Despite Jack and Gwen's efforts Carly continued to stand by her man, refusing to implicate Simon in order to save herself. When Carly found out she was being moved to another prison, she and Jack shared a tearful goodbye. Simon used an unsuspecting Vienna in his plan to rescue Carly. Just when Carly was about to give up hope, Simon showed up.
January 15 to 19, 2007
Henry and Katie made up after she bailed him out of jail. Katie and Mike bonded, but her hopes of a reconciliation were shattered when he told her he wanted to continue with the divorce proceedings. Will became jealous when Tom's heart attack brought Adam and Gwen closer. Jade rejected Adam's advances when she felt like he was only using her as a replacement for Gwen. Iris plotted with Adam to break Gwen and Will up. Craig promised Margo he had nothing to do with Daniel's disappearance. Meg kept a distance from Paul, convinced that he had tried to poison her. Jack allowed Carly and Simon to escape. Furious at Carly for deserting him, Parker misplaced his anger by lashing out at Jack. Faith, like her mother, became concerned about her weight and showed signs of bulimia. Dusty rescued Emily and Daniel from Tull's evil clutches. Jack's brother, Brad, returned.
January 22 to 26, 2007
Margo was upset when she discovered her mad money was missing. Gwen's dreams of stardom left Will in the poorhouse, forcing him to borrow $10,000 from his mother in order to get Gwen's demo finished. Despite all of Will's efforts, Adam tried to convince Gwen that Will wanted to sabotage her career. When Casey found out that Will put the money in the safe at Crash, he stole it to pay his gambling debts, and made it look like the place was robbed. Adam found out that Casey took the money, but sneakily kept quiet about it. Maddie accused Jade of stealing it. After having visions of doom for Meg, Paul rushed to the hospital to warn her. She ignored his wild rants, and had Paul sedated. Later Craig rescued her when she was being held at gunpoint by a crazy man who thought she killed his wife. Afterwards, Meg went to Paul and promised she would never doubt him again. When she was alone, Meg realized she was responsible for the woman's death, because she forgot the woman's allergies. Seeing that Emily wasn't getting along with her son, Dusty offered advice on how to be a better parent. When Lily complained to Craig about her weight issues, he encouraged her to continue taking the diet pills. Finally facing the fact that Katie would never be over Simon, Mike decided to leave her for good.
January 29 to February 2, 2007
Iris and Adam set Will up, making it look like he had faked the burglary at Crash in order to sabotage Gwen's music career. When Gwen turned on him, Will tried to prove he had been framed. After Brad and Jack bashed heads over Vienna, Jack decided to kick her out. Meg was relieved when she found out she wasn't responsible for her patient's death. However, later she realized that Craig had made it look that way. As Craig and Meg grew closer, Paul began to have disturbing visions of them making out. Trying to make a friend, Parker confessed to Paul that he had once been a psychic, too. Luke discovered Faith's secret. Katie was hurt when Jack told her to stay away from his kids for a while, but her spirits were lifted when Kim offered her a job in the spotlight. Emily was upset when Tom informed her that he and Margo had decided to send Daniel away to boarding school. Feeling lonely and rejected, Emily had sex with a stranger who assumed she was a prostitute and paid her afterwards.
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February 5 to 9, 2007
Enjoying the perks of prostitution, Emily began to increase her clientele. Dusty finally convinced Lucinda to give Emily back her old job at the Intruder, on a trial basis. Meg ignored Paul's psychic warnings to stay away from Craig. After Lily confronted Faith about her eating disorder, Faith lashed out at her mother for taking diet pills. Later Lily forced Faith to see a therapist. When Faith and Parker ran away, Paul found them and brought them back home to their worried parents. Margo took over Hal's position as Chief of Police. Adam's lust for Gwen led him to finally dump Jade. A jilted Jade ran to Will and told him that Adam had set him up in order to seduce his wife, but Will didn't believe her. Brad and Craig continued to irk Katie. Maddie pointed the finger at everyone else, but the truth came out at Margo's induction, and Casey got arrested for the robbery. Gwen tried to make up with Will, but he refused to accept her apology and walked out. Will was furious with Casey for setting him up. Maddie still believed in her man and was determined to find out who really set Will up. Gwen caught Adam trying to sneak out of town.
February 12 to 16, 2007
Confident Emily had what it "takes," Oakdale's top madam offered her a job. Meg was fired after Paul convinced her to tell Bob the truth about her patient's death. Jack forced Brad to take a job at WOAK, which had the potential to lead to instant stardom when he accidentally stumbled onto Katie's show. Casey confessed to Will that Adam was the one who set him up. When Adam tried to force himself on Gwen, Maddie struck him a fatal blow. Afterwards the girls panicked and decided to cover up the murder by burying him in the woods. As everyone tried to find Adam, Maddie and Gwen became wracked with guilt. Later, when Gwen realized she lost her wedding ring, they were forced to dig Adam up again in order to find it.
February 19 to 23, 2007
Emily signed up with Oakdale's most successful madam and continued turning tricks in order to get a hot story for the Intruder. Gwen and Maddie were unable to find Gwen's wedding ring in Adam's grave. In an attempt to cover up her crime, Maddie sent a fake email from Adam to his family and friends. Afterwards, Gwen and Maddie breathed a sigh of relief, until they learned that a body had been found in the woods. Katie was livid when Kim hired Brad as her new co-host. Holden blamed Lily for Faith's bad attitude. Paul's psychic visions led him to rescue Parker and Faith from a vicious dog. Later Paul was devastated when he walked in on Craig and Meg just after they'd had sex. Despite Meg's involvement with Craig, Paul vowed to win Meg back. Determined to make it on her own, Meg refused Craig's offer to move in with him, and began waitressing at Al's.
February 26 to March 2, 2007
After following Maddie to the morgue, a suspicious Iris questioned Gwen about her part in Adam's disappearance. Once Maddie arrived, Gwen kicked her Mom out and was relieved when Maddie confirmed that it wasn't Adam's body at the morgue. The girls freaked out when Jade insisted that Adam called her. Becoming suspicious, Jade told Margo about the call and about Gwen and Maddie's odd reaction to it. When Lucinda cut the funds to Lily's project, Craig suggested Lily continue the project by taking the money from Worldwide without her mother's knowledge. Paul got a very disturbing vision after Lily decided to take Craig's advice. Vienna was forced to hire Henry as her chauffeur and go on the run when she found out the prince was out for revenge and was attempting to have her extradited. After they got stranded in a cornfield, the unlikely team began to ignite some romantic sparks and ended up making love. Katie had to take a few days off after accidentally getting struck in the eye by a hockey puck. Brad had no sympathy for his blonde co-host. Instead, in her absence, he plotted to take over the show. Emily was attacked by the john she was spying on when he turned out to be a potential advertiser for the paper. Craig continues to pressure Meg to move in.
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MARCH 2007
March 5 to 9, 2007
Cheri ordered Emily to keep Dusty away because he was bad for business. Beginning to let go of the past, Jack and Katie started moving towards one another. At the same time, Parker developed a crush on Faith. Heeding Paul's warning, Holden destroyed Ethan's teddy bear, not realizing that the women working with Lily on the commercial had presented Ethan with an identical one. After receiving a package from Adam containing her wedding ring, Gwen freaked out. Deciding to investigate, she and Maddie went to dig him up again and were horrified to discover an empty grave. Things got worse when Jade let them know that she received flowers from Adam. Despite Maddie's protests, Gwen began to believe Adam might be alive. Margo grew more suspicious of the girls' weird behavior after learning that Adam disappeared right after attacking Gwen. Alone in her home, Gwen was terrorized by visions of a corpselike Adam. Later, she and Maddie received a muffled call from Adam telling them to meet him in the woods.
March 12 to 16, 2007
Gwen and Maddie were surprised to bump into Jade while they were waiting for Adam in the woods. When the girls heard Adam's voice, they soon realized it was just playing from a recording device. Growing suspicious, Jade accused Maddie and Gwen of murder and threatened to tell Margo. Later, unable to handle the pressure, Maddie decided to break up with Casey. Gwen chose to confess all to Will, and they decided to get out of town and take Maddie with them. While Will was out getting money for the trip, Gwen was so busy packing that she didn't realize an intruder had broken into her house. Tired of their childish behavior, Kim forced Brad and Katie to work together on their new hit show. Later, Katie was gleeful that Brad had found out that Vienna had the hots for Henry instead of him. When Dusty showed up as Emily's john for the evening, she had no other choice but to admit that she had been turning tricks. Annoyed by his persistence, Meg made it clear to Craig that all she wanted from him was friendship. After continuing to have disturbing visions about Ethan and the teddy bear, Paul decided to take matters into his own hands.
March 19 to 23, 2007
After Vienna told Henry how lonely she was when he wasn't around, he decided to move in with her. Lily was devastated when Ethan got sick and she learned that the infant product line she was promoting had caused an outbreak of e-coli. The crisis with Ethan brought Meg and Paul closer and they ended up making love. Throughout the drama, Lily continued to rely on Craig's support and advice, not suspecting that he had a hidden agenda. Jack was surprised when Katie bailed Brad out of jail. When a john wanted to spice things up with a porno flick, Emily was horrified to see her little sister was the leading lady. After Dusty informed her that most pornography was filmed in L.A., Emily quit her night job and decided to go there in order to find her sister. Swayed by her feelings for him, Jade agreed to give Will and Gwen enough time to get out of town before she went to the police. To throw everyone off their trail, Will pretended he and Gwen were going on a vacation and Maddie acted like she was going to visit her sister, Eve. Once Casey discovered where they were really headed, he broke his bail to find Maddie. Shocked when Casey showed up at the cabin they were renting, Maddie confessed everything to him and he stormed out. Fearing he would rat them out, Gwen and Will decided that they had to find a new hideout.
March 26 to 30, 2007
Casey returned to the cabin after deciding not to turn his friends in. When the girls were alone, Adam came back from the dead, knocked Maddie out, and attacked Gwen. Jade showed up and tried to get Adam to leave Gwen alone and go with her, but he knocked her out, too. Later, Jade locked Will and Casey in the country store so they wouldn't be able to help Gwen, but they were able escape in time to rescue her. After they threw Adam out, Casey tried to convince his friends to go back to Oakdale and face the music. Meanwhile back at home, Barbara, Margo, and Tom worried about where their kids really were, while Iris couldn't care less as long as she had Will's trust fund to spend. When Lily learned that Craig bought Lucinda's company out from underneath her, she was devastated by his betrayal and Lucinda's wrath. Seeing how upset Lily was, Faith reached out to her mother. Craig told Lucinda she wouldn't get her company back unless she told him where Lucy was. Disgusted by Craig's manipulations, Dusty resigned. Later Lucinda made amends with Lily but was upset to learn of her daughter's addiction to diet pills.
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APRIL 2007
April 2 to 6, 2007
Vienna proposed to Henry, who asked Katie to be his "best man." Brad tried to convince both Henry and Vienna that they were making a mistake. Casey turned himself in and was put under house arrest for jumping bail. Maddie visited him at home and, as they were about to make love, Margo walked in on them. Emily convinced Dusty to try to help her find Alison, after figuring out that she was working for a porn producer named Vance in Las Vegas. Dusty and Emily went to Vegas, where Dusty pretended to be in the porn business and arranged a meeting with Alison. Emily and Dusty tried to convince Alison to come home with them, and Dusty found crystal meth in Alison's purse. Adam called Margo to tell her he was okay. Will told Barbara the truth about Maddie thinking she killed Adam, and Gwen helping her bury him. Barbara warned Jade not to say anything about what happened to Adam. Jade devised a plan to find a "twin" for Gwen and bring her to town, but when the girl who answered her Internet ad, Cleo Babbitt, showed up, Jade didn't think she looked anything like Gwen. Lily told Meg about Craig taking control of Worldwide. Meg told Lily that Faith was binging and purging, and Faith told Holden that Lily was still taking the diet pills and lying to Holden about it. Later, Faith collapsed from hunger.
April 9 to 13, 2007
Margo told Maddie she couldn't live at the Hugheses' house after finding Maddie and Casey preparing to make love. Meg told Paul she wanted to bring Craig down for what he'd done to her family, and he agreed to help her. Lily and Faith agreed to work together to control their eating/dieting problems. Jade told Cleo to leave town, but Cleo donned a wig and did such a good impersonation of Gwen that Jade agreed to let her stay. Henry was arrested while taking part in a high-stakes poker game, but Jack let Henry off the hook for it after Vienna pleaded with him. Jack and Katie wrote wedding vows for Vienna about love sneaking up on you; however, after Vienna recited her vows at the wedding, Henry said he couldn't go through with it and called it off, leaving Vienna devastated. After dealing with Vienna, Jack and Katie kissed. Emily brought Alison home and reunited her with their mom, but privately told Alison she had to get treatment for her drug problem.
April 16 to 20, 2007
Lily tried to get Lucinda to let her help win back Worldwide from Craig, but Lucinda told Lily to focus on her family. Holden found out that Faith had been taking laxatives to try to lose weight. Holden also found a new bottle of diet pills that Lily had purchased. Lily agreed to go to rehab. Luke discovered Jade was the one who gave Lily the idea to take diet pills in the first place, and he was unhappy she wouldn't accept responsibility for what had happened. Paul and Meg made love after trying to convince Craig that they had broken up. Meg offered Craig a phony apology for having hurt him by going to Paul after being with him, saying she thought that was what pushed Craig into going after Worldwide as revenge. Casey asked his dad to move up his sentencing so he could get it over with and move on with his life, and Tom arranged it. Brad realized Katie was beginning to like Jack and told Jack that he and Katie would be wrong for one another. Jack decided to go to a law enforcement conference in Chicago, causing Katie to wonder if he left town because of her. Dusty told Emily he bought the Intruder from Craig in exchange for his shares of Worldwide, and Emily gratefully accepted his offer to keep running the paper. Upset about her non-wedding to Henry, Vienna tried to seduce Brad, but he declined.
April 23 to 27, 2007
Alison bought some crystal meth from a dealer named Jesse. Paul ran into Alison and was struck by how much she sounded like Rosanna. He got the idea to hire Alison to impersonate Rosanna on the phone with Craig, so that Craig would think Rosanna had come out of her coma, and he brought Lucinda in on his plan. Meg continued trying to convince Craig that she was over Paul, and ultimately, he showed up at the farm and kissed her. Holden was upset when he heard Meg's plan, and Paul tried to convince Meg that they didn't need to go that route anymore. Cleo dressed up like Gwen and spoke to Elwood, who believed it was Gwen. Later, Cleo let herself into Will and Gwen's house with a key she found on the porch and ended up stealing some of Gwen's clothes. Jade tried to get Gwen to leave town by sending her a fake e-mail from Carly, but Maddie convinced Gwen it was probably a setup by Jade. Jade told Cleo her plan was to break up Gwen and Will. Casey was sentenced to six months in jail but was given two days before he had to be incarcerated; Will and Gwen arranged for Casey and Maddie to be alone at their house, and Casey and Maddie made love. Katie came up with a plan to get Henry and Vienna together at a romantic location and convinced Brad to help her. Their plan didn't quite work out, but later, Henry saw a softer side of Vienna with Maddie.
April 30 to May 4, 2007
At the inn where Henry and Vienna were supposed to have their romantic encounter, Brad and Katie woke up in bed together, but Brad reassured Katie that nothing happened between them. However, she saw him naked when his towel accidentally fell to the floor. Brad tried to goad Jack into thinking something was going on between him and Katie. When Brad and Katie traveled to the town of the WOAK contest winner, Kim received a call from a woman in that town who threatened to kill Brad if she saw him. Disturbed, Kim sent Jack to warn Brad and Katie. Jade tried to get Cleo to leave town, but Cleo went behind her back and impersonated Gwen again. This time, Cleo met Barbara, who had a heart-to-heart talk with her, thinking she was Gwen. Later, Cleo pretended to be Gwen when she encountered Will, but Will knew she wasn't Gwen and threatened to turn her over to the police. Cleo convinced him not to do so and promised to leave town. Will told Gwen about Cleo, but despite that, Gwen was caught unaware when Cleo showed up and declared herself to be Gwen's biggest fan. Unsettled, Gwen tried to call the police, but Cleo fainted, and Gwen offered her juice and gently interrogated her, hoping to find out if she was connected somehow to Jade. Cleo insisted she didn't know Jade, and they continued talking, even hugging as Will came home and saw them together. Will told Gwen about Cleo impersonating her, and they both told Cleo she needed to leave town. Jade found out what Cleo had done and destroyed the evidence of her plot. Jade later ordered Cleo to leave town immediately, but Cleo had other plans. Casey pleaded with Maddie to accept the offer she received to attend college at Wesleyan, but Maddie wanted to be in Oakdale when Casey got out of prison in six months. She had a heart-to-heart talk with Vienna about Casey's desire to have her leave town, and Vienna thought Maddie should go and not give up her dreams over a guy. Henry overheard the conversation and thanked Vienna for being so good to his little sister. Maddie went back to see Casey right before he left for prison, and they said their goodbyes. Lucinda offered Alison $100 to meet with her and Paul about a job they wanted her to do. Needing money for drugs, Ali agreed. Dusty became suspicious of Alison's behavior and wondered if she was using drugs again, but Emily didn't think Alison could afford it. Paul tried to talk Meg out of her role in their plan to destroy Craig, but she said she'd done too much groundwork to give up. Paul told her that he had a plan to have Alison make sound-alike calls to Craig, pretending to be Rosanna, to spook Craig into confessing that he tried to kill Rosanna. Lucinda made a phone call to the Swiss clinic where the comatose Rosanna was being cared for. Alison made her first call to Craig, who was so spooked that he canceled his plans with Meg. Craig called the clinic in Switzerland, but the doctor told him Rosanna had disappeared. Craig hired an investigator to track down Rosanna. When Craig arrived at a Montgomery Enterprises board meeting, he received another phone call from Alison, who, pretending to be Rosanna, said, "I know you tried to kill me, Craig!" Craig canceled the meeting and went home, where he saw a broken picture of Rosanna on the floor.
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MAY 2007
May 7 to 11, 2007
Alison demanded more cash for helping in the scheme against Craig, and Lucinda gave it to her. Alison used it to buy drugs. When Alison made the next call to Craig pretending to be Rosanna, she began to laugh and messed up the call. Craig became suspicious of not only the phone call, but also of Meg, who was near him with a wiretap. Paul had warned Meg, and she stashed her wire when Craig left the room. Meg stripped down and told Craig to search her clothes. In the end, he found nothing, and told Meg that she was the only person he could trust. Cleo tried to get a job at the Lakeview, but Will and Gwen told Lisa she could not be trusted. Jade told Cleo to leave town. As Cleo was leaving the Wagon Wheel, she spotted Carly. Carly denied who she was to Cleo, but allowed Cleo to hide her when Dallas was heard down the hall. Cleo then impersonated Gwen for Carly so Carly could see her kids. Carly felt horrible for what she had done to her kids, particularly Parker, when she left Oakdale. Lyn aimed a gun at Brad and Katie. Jack stopped her from hurting them. Jack continued to think that Brad and Katie were together. Katie realized this. Both Katie and Jack argued with Brad about getting in between their romance. Later, while Katie talked to Jack about whether they were friends or a couple, Jack kissed her. The next day, Jack and Katie went on their first date, only to be interrupted by a phone call from Sage, who was upset because she missed Carly. Jack and Katie kissed back at the farm while Parker looked on.
May 14 to 18, 2007
Dusty and Emily discovered Alison in a hotel room after Alison had overdosed on drugs. To distract Susan from seeing Alison, Dusty and Emily kissed. The pair attempted to detox Alison, but she escaped from the hotel room. Dusty and Emily found Alison on the window ledge, but once safely inside, Alison claimed that it had been a prank. Gwen figured out that Cleo had somehow taken Jack's kids for an outing. Gwen involved the police and learned that Cleo had been impersonating her around town. Jack arrested Cleo, and Carly paid Gwen a surprise visit to appeal to Gwen to help Cleo. Gwen and Will got Jack to release Cleo, and then the couple advised Cleo to get out of town. Henry urged Katie to end her marriage to Mike, so she could make it work with Jack. Jack got his sons to agree to give Katie a chance. Carly lurked around the farm to be near to her kids. Katie filed the divorce papers. Brad tried to figure out how to catch Katie's attention, and Henry told Vienna it couldn't work between them. Vienna retired to her room, and while she slept, someone planted the crown jewels of Leonia around her neck. Luke and Maddie started their summer internships at WOAK. They put the past with Jade behind them and decided to attend the prom together. Paul tried to get Meg to let go of her vendetta against Craig, but Paul realized that she was just like he was.
May 21 to 25, 2007
Jack had a hunch that Simon and Carly might be behind the mysterious return of Vienna's necklace. He then discovered Carly in his house and hauled her down to the police station. The prince dropped the theft charges against Simon and Carly, but Jack claimed Carly faced other charges. Katie tried to not let Carly's return threaten her, and for his kids' sakes, Jack told Carly that if she said Simon had coerced her, she might beat her charges. Carly feared that Simon would face worse charges, but at Jack's disappointment in her, she readily agreed to say what he thought was best. Before Vienna could leave town, Henry admitted his feelings to her, and the couple reunited. When Susan wrongly assumed that Emily and Dusty were dating, the pair acted out a fake breakup over dinner with Susan. Alone with him later, Emily claimed Dusty wouldn't date an ex-hooker. Lance arrived in town to woo Alison back, but she told him to get lost. Lily drummed up a plan for a new company, but Lucinda opted to destroy Craig. Lucinda convinced Meg to break her promise to Paul by visiting Craig; however, at a meeting with Craig, Meg rejected his affections. Meg then reneged on her partnership with Lucinda. Paul proposed to Meg, and Lucinda stole drugs from the hospital. Meg found Craig collapsed on the floor and realized that Lucinda had done something to him. Meg called paramedics for Craig and then confronted Lucinda, who denied any wrongdoing.
May 28 to June 1, 2007
Craig suspected Lucinda of poisoning him, but Meg begged him to drop the matter. Craig agreed to do so -- if Meg would marry him. Meg refused, so Craig offered to return Worldwide, as well. When Meg relayed Craig's proposal to Lucinda, Lucinda pressured Meg to use Craig to get the company back. The police dropped the charges against Carly, and Jack let her know that he was seeing another woman. Carly learned from Brad that Jack was with Katie. Jack allowed Carly to babysit the kids overnight while he spent the night with Katie. JJ and Sage were delighted with their mother's return, but Parker cut out on Carly, because he couldn't stand her presence. Carly interrupted Jack's date so they could search for Parker. Though Carly became upset to learn that, in her absence, many things had changed with her kids, she asserted that she wasn't about to let Katie play mommy to them. Will and Gwen reluctantly helped Cleo, who'd been mugged before she could leave town. They gave her a place to stay and got her a job, and Cleo began to fantasize about Will. Once Dusty learned that Lance was trying to blackmail Alison to leave town, Dusty coerced Lance to return to Las Vegas. Susan was still upset about Dusty "dumping" Emily, and Alison told him that he was good for Emily. Luke and Maddie met Noah, the new intern at WOAK. While Maddie hit it off with Noah, Luke seemed unenthused by Noah's work ethic. Henry prepared a "non-wedding ceremony" for himself and Vienna.
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JUNE 2007
June 4 to 8, 2007
Meg's family was in turmoil over her and Lucinda's marriage scam to win back Worldwide. Paul tried to put a stop to Craig's grandiose marriage proposal to Meg, but she convinced Paul to let her go through with it. Brad put the moves on Carly, to no avail, and later that night, he walked in on Jack and Katie making love at the studio. Brad filed an anonymous complaint with Kim, but Katie figured out that he'd done it. Brad and Jack bickered over Carly, and Brad accused Jack of still having feelings for her. Lily and Carly caught up with each other, and with some determination, Lily got Carly to agree to accept backing for Carly's new design business. Jack grew intolerant of Parker's belligerence and threatened to send Parker to a place that would straighten him out. Lance missed his flight out of Oakdale and had a chance run-in with Cheri, who put him up to exposing Emily as a prostitute. Lance revealed it to Alison, who then told the news to Susan and took off with Lance to Las Vegas. Susan pressed Emily for answers and learned that not only had Emily been a prostitute, but Alison had been in the adult film business. Cleo not only became obsessed with Will, but also with Gwen's CD recording. Though Will and Gwen instructed Cleo not to listen to the CD anymore, Cleo hatched a plan to get Gwen's music career back on track.
June 11 to 15, 2007
Cleo enlisted Barbara's help in convincing Gwen to re-make her CD for charity. Cleo hoped that Gwen's singing career would take Gwen away from Oakdale, so that Cleo could have Will. Jade set Cleo up to appear to have stolen Gwen's earrings, and Cleo plotted revenge against Jade. Dusty burst into a Las Vegas hotel room to save Alison from Lance. As Dusty consoled a shaken Alison, the two had sex. Alison felt guilty about it; however, Dusty said it wasn't a big deal - or anyone else's business, either. Carly and Jack raced to Tom's office for legal help, but Tom refused to represent either of them in a custody battle. Upset about Parker's treatment of Carly, JJ set Parker up to get caught with a BB gun. Faith tripped over the gun, and it fired on her. Despite Parker's denials, Jack was sure Parker had left the gun out, and Jack forged ahead with plans to send Parker to a juvenile camp. Faith admitted to her mother that she had a crush on Parker, but his preference for the skinner Morgan had sent Faith on a candy bar binge. JJ confessed to Faith that he'd planted the BB gun that she'd tripped over. Craig obtained a Lakeview passkey and tried to enter Paul's room looking for Meg. As Paul pushed back on his door, Meg hid out on the window ledge. Craig left, but later propositioned Meg for sex. Meg asserted there would be no sex before marriage, and so Craig moved up the wedding date to the next day.
June 18 to 22, 2007
Jack prepared to ship Parker off to camp, and JJ confessed to Carly that he'd been behind the BB gun incident. Parker, however, had run away before his parents could correct the matter with him. With Faith's help, Jack and Carly tracked Parker down at a Chicago museum and persuaded him to return home. Carly and Parker spent a night bonding at their old house, and as Jack and Carly worked out their kids' issues, Katie felt insecure about her relationship with Jack. Meg got the Worldwide ownership papers from Craig and went through with the wedding. Paul tried to stop it, but Lucinda held him at bay. Afterwards, Paul tried to get Meg to abandon the plan and run away with him. Craig spied on them and decided there'd be a change in plan. Craig and Meg disappeared, and Paul and Lucinda discovered that Craig had absconded with Meg to Vancouver. Meg was upset that Craig had taken her there and that they'd missed their reception. Craig showed her the cliffs outside their balcony and ominously said they were like life, in that one misstep could cause a terrible fall. Luke discovered that he had feelings for Noah. Thinking he'd fallen for the wrong guy again, Luke turned to writing to deal with his emotions.
June 25 to 29, 2007
Jack and Carly grew closer while spending family time together. After arguing with Craig, Paul fell off a cliff. When Lucinda accused Craig of intentionally pushing him off the cliff, Meg came to her husband's defense. Later she admitted to Craig that their marriage was just a farce to help Lucinda get her company back. Even though he was upset by her betrayal, Craig promised to continue funding the search for Paul until he was found. An angry Jade called Cleo out in front of Will and attempted to expose all of her diary's secrets. However Will didn't believe a word Jade said and instead got a restraining order against her. Later, when Will was driven off the road by a mysterious hit-and-run driver, everyone accused Jade of causing the accident. In an attempt to win Alison back, Aaron got a job and decided to stay in town. Meanwhile, Emily and Dusty's relationship began to take a romantic turn after they shared a kiss.
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JULY 2007
July 2 to 6, 2007
Carly and Brad pretended to date in order to make Katie and Jack jealous. Katie saw through their schemes and warned Jack that Carly was trying to win him back. Jack tried to reassure Katie that she was the only woman for him. Jade was arrested when she confessed about why she brought Cleo to town. Once she was released on bail, Jade and Luke found Cleo's diary and raced to Branson in order to save Gwen and Will from the crazy Cleo. Believing her own delusions, Cleo told Will how she felt about him and admitted that she was the one who drove him off the road. When Will rejected Cleo's advances, she hit him over the head, knocking him out. Things got hot and heavy with Maddie and Noah and they ended up making love. Luke was devastated when he walked in on them. Alison and Aaron grew closer after she admitted the truth about her past, only leaving out that she slept with Dusty. Dusty and Emily began to date, but he still felt guilty about his one-night stand with her sister.
July 9 to 13, 2007
Emily and Aaron were devastated when they saw Alison and Dusty's sex tape. In an attempt to escape their deception, Emily decided to leave town for an indefinite period of time. Alison feared she would get hooked back on drugs without her sister's support. Susan reassured Alison she would be there for her and warned Dusty to stay away from both her daughters. Cleo tied Gwen and Jade to the train tracks, but Will managed to rescue them just in time. Cleo finally got arrested and carted off to jail. Meanwhile, Brad and Carly continued to plot to break up Katie and Jack. When Katie caught on to Brad's latest scheme she confronted him with a bucket of ice. Jack was taken aback when Carly admitted to him that she never stopped loving him. Faith continued to sulk about Morgan and Parker's friendship. In an attempt to make amends for Paul's death, Craig gave Montgomery Enterprises to Meg and agreed to give her an annulment.
July 16 to 20, 2007
Luke admitted to Jade that he had feelings for Noah. When Noah discovered Luke was gay, he was more determined than ever to keep dating Maddie. Flustered after sharing a kiss with Carly, Jack dashed out and proposed to Katie, who eagerly accepted. Carly was devastated when she found out, but vowed to win Jack back no matter what it took. Gwen told her sister she should leave Jack alone, and just concentrate on her children. Later Gwen was delighted when she found out she was pregnant. For Parker's sake, Jack and Carly decided to attend Paul's memorial service together as a family. When Meg and Craig arrived, they were thrown out. Meg sought comfort in Lucinda's arms, and Lucinda tried to manipulate Meg into selling her back Worldwide by claiming that was what Paul would have wanted. Unable to cope with all her problems, Alison began to succumb to her self-destructive nature. Aaron tried to show his support, but realized he might be in over his head. Parker disappeared after being stalked by a strange woman named Ava, who pretended to be a friend of his mother.
July 23 to 27, 2007
Carly disrupted Jack and Katie's romantic evening when she burst in announcing that J.J. had been kidnapped. When Katie told her sister that she and Jack were engaged, Margo feared they were rushing things. After Jack refused to give in to the kidnapper's ransom demands, Carly managed to get the money from Lily. Following up on a lead, Jack found the construction site where J.J. was being held, but was injured in an explosion. Both Katie and Carly rushed to his side. In his delirious state, Jack called Katie "Carly" and told her he loved her. Barbara was shocked to learn her son was still alive, but in a coma. Much to Lucinda's dismay, Meg decided to keep Worldwide and run it herself, with Craig's help. After spotting Meg and Craig embracing, Barbara decided not to inform Meg that Paul was still alive. Meanwhile, Susan urged Alison to seek help when she found her daughter with drug paraphernalia. Later Aaron got jealous after he witnessed Alison and Dusty sharing a tender moment.
July 30 to August 3, 2007
Feeling alone and lost, Meg succumbed to Craig's charms and they shared a kiss. Later, Barbara was relieved when Paul came out of his coma, but upset that he was asking for Meg. When Paul found out Meg and Craig were together, he told Barbara he wanted everyone to still think he was dead. No longer able to deal with the stress of her daughters, Susan hit the bottle. Luke finally admitted to Noah that he had a crush on him. Jack was furious when he discovered that Carly went behind his back to get the ransom money to the kidnappers. Holden was annoyed with Lily when he learned that she gave Carly the ransom money, without discussing it with him first. Meanwhile, Katie continued to be insecure about Carly and Jack's feelings for each other. Before leaving to pursue a lead on J.J. 's whereabouts, Jack proposed to Katie. Unbeknownst to Jack, Carly decided to join him in his search, determined that if they worked together, they could find J.J. and bring their family back together.
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August 6 to 10, 2007
Much to Lucinda's dismay, the board voted Meg CEO of Montgomery Enterprises. Later Meg ripped up her annulment papers in front of Craig, deciding not to end her marriage to him. Will and Gwen thought Barbara should let Meg know that Paul was still alive. However, Barbara maintained there was no reason to, since Meg had chosen to be with Craig. To celebrate their new addition, Gwen and Will threw a party to announce her pregnancy. In order to rescue J.J., Carly and Jack had to pretend to be a couple. In her attempt to save J.J., Carly ended up getting herself and Jack kidnapped. Brad tried to alleviate Katie's jealousy about Jack and Carly with a game of strip poker. Bob was forced to suspend Susan because of her drinking problem. Luke and Noah shared a sexually charged moment after a swim in the Snyder pond. Not wanting to deal with his feelings for Luke, Noah tried to convince Maddie to not go away to school at Wesleyan. Luke was confused by Noah's actions. Ali and Dusty's friendship began to solidify as they bonded over their shared losses. Holden resented Lily's lack of trust in him and they continued to struggle with their marriage.
August 13 to 17, 2007
When Iris came back to town to see her son, Cole, she was thrilled to learn Gwen was pregnant. However Gwen was determined to keep her meddling mom out of the child's life. After Brad made another play for Katie, she informed him that Jack was the only man for her. Sofie confessed to Aaron that she was pregnant with Cole's baby. When Alison saw the two sharing a hug, she became jealous. Cole was curious about meeting his sister, Gwen, since they both shared an interest in the music industry. After Jack was injured and rushed to the hospital, Carly was forced to search for J.J. alone. When she found him in quicksand, she pulled him out, but ended up falling in herself. With Paul by her side, Rosanna finally came out of her coma. Even though Meg wanted to stay married to Craig, she still wasn't ready to be intimate with him. Just when it seemed like Vienna and Henry had lost everything, Henry won Al's in a poker game. Noah continued to avoid Luke and was relieved when Maddie agreed to stay in Oakdale so she could be with him. Later, when they are alone and unable to deny their attraction, Luke and Noah shared a kiss.
August 20 to 24, 2007
Not ready to deal with his feelings for Luke, Noah asked Maddie to move in with him. Worried that Maddie would get hurt, Luke confronted Noah about their kiss, but Noah insisted that he wanted to be with Maddie. Cheri had Elwood hack into Dusty's email accounts and expose Dusty and Ali's sex video to all of Oakdale. Gwen wasn't happy when Ali sought Will's shoulder to cry on. Upset about the video, Dusty met with Cheri, who spiked his drink. Later, when he regained consciousness, he found Cheri covered in blood. Jack came to Carly's rescue and captured Silas. When they got back to Oakdale, the kids begged Jack to stay with them and he agreed to sleep on the couch. Feeling like a third wheel, Katie wanted to postpone her wedding plans, but Jack convinced her otherwise. Later Carly bet Jack $50 that he would come back to her one day. Not impressed by the decor, Henry and Vienna made plans to revamp Al's Diner. When they finally came face-to-face, Gwen lashed out at her brother for abandoning her. Craig was stunned when he saw Rosanna.
August 27 to 31, 2007
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September 3 to 7, 2007
September 10 to 14, 2007
September 17 to 21, 2007
September 24 to 28, 2007
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October 1 to 5, 2007
Carly collapsed and Parker agreed to let Jack adopt him. Colonel Mayer set his sights on Luke during a fishing trip with Noah. Aaron moved Sofie to the farm. Paul and Meg had sex. Rosanna could not incriminate Craig, so the charges against him were dropped. Dusty incriminated Win.
October 8 to 12, 2007
Colonel Mayer tried to kill Luke. Holden slugged Dusty. Carly and Jack kissed but she later learned that she wasn't dying after all. Alison's eggs were determined to be ready for fertilization. Noah realized that his dad had killed Cheri. Meg and Paul made love again.
October 15 to 19, 2007
In Montana, Carly and Jack made love. Katie threw herself at Brad, but he turned her down. Noah and Luke decided to formally date. Meg hoped Paul would leave Rosanna, but then learned that she might be pregnant. Will, Alison, and Gwen's fertilization process took place. Holden and Lily's marriage hit a very serious rough spot.
October 22 to 26, 2007
Paul and Rosanna exchanged vows despite Meg's attempts to stop the ceremony. Luke figured out that Lily and Holden had separated. Iris and Barbara plotted to give Sofie's baby to Will and Gwen. Katie started poking into Carly's medical problems. Jack severed ties with Katie, and Sage hoped that he would get back together with Carly. Emily and Alison made up. Bob asked Chris to work at Memorial.
October 29 to November 2, 2007
Paul and Rosanna exchanged vows despite Meg's attempts to stop the ceremony. Luke figure out that Lily and Holden has separated. Iris and Barbara plotted to give Sofie's baby to Will and Gwen. Katie started poking into Carly's medical problems. Jack severed ties with Katie and Sage hoped that he would get back together with Carly. Emily and Alison made up. Bob asked Chris to work at Memorial.
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November 5 to 9, 2007
Katie learned that Carly wasn't really dying. Evan Walsh IV returned to Oakdale. Dusty kissed Emily, but she turned him away. Meg arranged to have a paternity test on her baby. Jack and Carly readied to remarry. Luke struggled to get to his feet. Sofie decided to give up her baby in order to stay with Cole.
November 12 to 16, 2007
After seeing Holden hugging another woman, Lily and Holden decided to separate. Bonnie set her sights on a newly available Holden-while Dusty turned his attention to Lily. Meg learned the identity of her baby's father. Katie and Brad nearly shared a kiss. Carly told Jack the truth about her illness.
November 19 to 23, 2007
After facing Win, Luke told Noah that he loved him. Bob and Chris argued over Chris spending time with Emily. Alison flirted with Cole to try to see what he was really up to. Holden realized that Lily and Dusty had had sex. Rosanna awoke from her coma. Meg confessed to Craig that she and Paul had sex. Paul learned that Meg's baby was not his.
November 26 to 30, 2007
Alison learned that Will and Gwen were planning to adopt Sofie's baby. Carly and Kit's crisis prevented Katie and Jack from reconciling. Emily decided to move in with Chris, but Bob did not approve. Luke was upset when Noah couldn't say that he loved him. A mysterious man named Sam arrived in Oakdale.
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December 3 to 7, 2007
Brad and Katie decided to have a baby together. Will and Gwen realized that Barbara and Iris were in cahoots. Eli blackmailed Rosanna over the paternity test changes. Chris and Bob argued and Bob ended up suffering a stroke.
December 10 to 14, 2007
Luke took his first steps. Paul tried to convince Will to forgive Barbara. Sofie went into labor. After learning that Paul was the baby's father, Craig appeared to be taking drastic steps regarding Meg's pregnancy. Despite promises to the contrary, Brad did not keep his relationship with Katie a secret. Carly asked Jack to stop concentrating on the bad things she had done and acknowledge the good.
December 17 to 21, 2007
Katie discovered she wasn't pregnant and asked Brad to leave. Katie told Jack that she didn't want to be hurt again. Later, Katie told Brad she wanted to keep trying to have a child. Jack told Carly they would not be spending Christmas Day together. Sofie delivered the baby, but seemed to doubt her ability to raise her daughter. Sofie asked Will and Gwen if she gave them her baby, if they would allow her to be a part of the baby's life. Alison was reluctant to begin a new relationship with Aaron. Craig poisoned Meg's drink but quickly knocked it from her hand. With his family around, Luke was able to walk.
December 24 to 28, 2007
Parker didn't want to spend the holidays with his mother, because of her new friends. Jack agreed with his son, but decided to assist Carly with the New Year's party at Metro. Gwen, Will, and Sofie signed papers to make the adoption official. Will made it clear to everybody that Barbara would not be a part of the baby's life. Bob awoke from his coma. Chris still felt guilty about Bob's medical condition. While defending Chris, Emily began to kiss Dusty passionately. During the New Year's celebration at Metro, Lily had been stood up by Dusty and decided to leave just as Luke and Noah began their celebration. Lily later saw Holden with Bonnie. Katie appeared to be developing real feelings for Brad. Sam's feelings for Carly were becoming evident to everybody, except for Carly.
December 31, 2007 to January 4, 2008
After learning that Emily slept with Dusty, Lily confronted Emily and called her a "whore." Emily was worried Lily might tell Chris. Lily woke up alone in her hotel suite after taking a pill from a stranger at a bar. Holden had to cancel his date with Bonnie because Lily forgot to pick up Faith from dance class. Dusty told Tom and Margo he felt Chris was the reason for Bob's health crisis. Tom was angered by his accusations, but Margo began to give Dusty's words some thought. Dusty found Bob's coffee cup under Bob's desk and wanted to have it analyzed. Will and Gwen had their baby christened, and named Alison and Aaron as Hallie's godparents. Barbara was diagnosed with an illness. After Craig's bizarre behavior, Meg put two and two together and left a message for Paul to call her.
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