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January 5 to 9, 2009
Maddie left Oakdale to return to college. Casey and Alison pretended to each other that they were just friends. They also tried to get Noah and Luke back together, but their plan backfired, and Noah and Luke remained estranged. Henry and Vienna hosted a book signing for Henry's new book. Katie felt bad for Craig and decided to tell him that Johnny was in Oakdale and in need of a bone marrow transplant. Craig, Lucy, and Dusty all agreed to put Johnny's health first for the time being, and Craig took Lucy out for coffee to try to convince her he wasn't the monster she made him out to be. Later, Craig overheard Lucy begging Dusty to go through with their plan to leave town together with Johnny. Craig called Margo and demanded she arrest Lucy for kidnapping. Dusty warned Lucy, and she left town on Dusty's company jet after Dusty promised to take good care of Johnny. Barbara found out that Johnny was in the hospital, and she was angry with Dusty for keeping the news from her. Josie managed to make Paul realize that she was not his dead sister Jennifer, and Paul appeared headed back on the path toward mental health. Lucinda and Jade argued, and Jade blurted out that Lucinda's new husband was gay. Brian was forced to admit it to Lucinda, who kicked him out. Carly and Jack both needed money, Carly for a loan on Metro that had been called in by the bank, and Jack to buy a house for him and Janet to live in. Jack took out a second mortgage on Carly's house, and, after failing to get a loan from Holden and Lily, Carly wound up accepting a $200,000 check from Craig.
January 12 to 16, 2009
Paul was released from the hospital and went to see Meg and Eliza. Meg gave Paul their divorce papers. Paul told Josie he wasn't going to give up on Meg that easily. Johnny was released from the hospital and went "home" with Dusty. Craig got permission from Dusty to see Johnny briefly, but Josie had taken Johnny outside to get some air. Craig found them, but Johnny wandered off while Craig and Josie argued about Craig's rights. Craig spotted Johnny talking to Parker in the street and realized they were about to be hit by a car. Craig knocked Parker and Johnny out of the way of the car. Parker hit his head hard, but Johnny was fine. Dusty was furious and believed Craig had set up the situation in order to play the hero. After listening to Lily's advice to make a stable home for Johnny in order to gain custody, Craig proposed marriage to Carly. Carly told Craig he was crazy. Brad told Jack that Craig had framed Brad for murder and then blackmailed Katie. Katie was about to confirm Brad's story when Craig and Johnny walked in. Seeing Craig's feelings for his son, Katie changed her mind. Casey and Jade tried to convince Luke and Noah not to end their relationship, and ultimately, it worked. Noah and Luke made love for the first time. Noah and Luke confronted a depressed Brian in his hotel room and got him to admit out loud that he was gay. Lucinda overheard and congratulated Brian on taking the first step toward self-acceptance. Robby Sanchez returned to town and held Derek and Jade at gunpoint. Casey arrived to save the day. Alison saw Jade and Casey together after the incident and misinterpreted Casey's feelings for Jade.
January 19 to 23, 2009
Carly accepted Craig's marriage proposal because of Craig's offer to defend her against Jack and to help her family financially. Carly soon regretted her decision and planned to tell Craig she had changed her mind, but Craig arranged an impromptu cocktail party and announced their engagement. Dusty punched Craig when Craig tried to give Johnny a goodbye hug, which led to Dusty's arrest. However, Craig chose not to press charges, and Margo released Dusty. Lily warned Dusty not to play into Craig's hands by losing his temper. Emily suggested that Dusty marry her, so that he, too, could present the image of a married family man to the judge in Johnny's custody case. Dusty declined Emily's offer and instead asked Meg to marry him, telling Meg it would help him and would give Paul the clear signal he needed that his marriage to Meg was over. Josie gave Paul advice about dealing with Meg and got him to agree to sign the divorce papers. Meg was impressed by Paul's cooperative attitude and agreed to let him see Eliza. Later, when Paul heard about Dusty's marriage proposal, Paul went berserk in front of Meg, who ordered him out of the house. Meg immediately went to Dusty's hotel room and told him she would marry him. Sage was very upset when she found out her mother had agreed to marry Craig. Sage and Jack hatched a plot to keep Carly from going through with the wedding by having Sage announce she was moving in with Jack and Janet rather than live with Carly and Craig. Derek and Jade found out that Derek was Jade's father, but the news did not improve their relationship. Katie and Brad reconciled. A jealous Emily warned Alison to stay away from Casey.
January 26 to 30, 2009
Carly backed out of her wedding to Craig at the last minute. Dusty took Meg to Reno to finalize her divorce from Paul; afterward, they got married. When they returned, they found out Craig's marriage to Carly hadn't happened, but Dusty still thought his marriage to Meg would give him an advantage during the custody hearing. Dusty took Eliza to Fairwinds to see Paul, and he told Paul about his marriage to Meg; Dusty also said he would be supervising all of Paul's visits with Eliza. Paul vowed to get revenge. During the custody hearing, Paul burst in and announced that the divorce was illegal because Dusty had backdated the paperwork; therefore, Meg's marriage to Dusty was also invalid. Paul further alleged that Meg had only married Dusty to help Dusty win the custody case. Craig, acting as his own attorney, called Josie to the stand for corroboration of the accusation, and Josie was forced to admit that Meg had told her that was the reason for the marriage. The judge granted full custody of Johnny to Craig, leaving Dusty devastated and Meg furious with Paul. Craig took Johnny to Carly's house to make brownies, and Jack was upset to find him there. Janet accused Jack of not being able to let Carly go. Jack said he felt inadequate when it came to providing for his family versus Craig, who had plenty of money. When Craig heard Parker say that Jack was short on cash and couldn't give him money for some concert tickets, Craig offered to pay Parker (generously) to shop for toys for Johnny. Brad and Katie decided to start trying to have a baby; when Kim found out, she asked Katie if WOAK could make a reality show about it. Katie agreed on the condition that Brad would get back his job at "Oakdale Now" after the reality show was over.
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February 2 to 6, 2009
After Meg told Paul she intended to go through with their divorce, Paul arranged for Barbara to visit Eliza and Meg at the Lakeview restaurant. He then caused the lights to go off, and in the confusion, he took Eliza. Josie, who was leaving Oakdale, found Paul and Eliza hiding in her car, and Paul forced her to drive him to New York. In New York, Josie agreed to let Paul spend one week with his daughter. Josie managed to call Dusty to let him know she was with Paul and Eliza. Dusty hired a private investigator, who tracked the fugitives to New York, but Meg begged Dusty to let the police handle it. Dusty ignored her request and flew to New York. Paul called Meg to let her know he was bringing Eliza back; however, he was attacked by a mugger, who took the car he was driving, with Eliza still inside. Matt returned to Oakdale and found himself in the middle of Alison and Casey's star-crossed relationship. Matt got Casey and Alison to agree to talk things over, but despite Casey's belief to the contrary, Alison still felt they should just be friends. Jade tried to comfort Casey, and Matt tried to comfort Alison. Janet discovered Parker and Liberty had lied and had gone to a concert in Chicago. Craig and Carly went to Chicago and found the wayward teens, returning them safely home. Katie and Brad's baby-making dreams were put on hold when it was discovered that Katie had reproductive problems. Vienna became angry with Henry when he refused to entertain the idea of them becoming parents, and she threatened to use a sperm donor; however, when she realized how serious Henry was, Vienna changed her mind, saying their love for each other was enough.
February 9 to 13, 2009
Craig suggested that Carly create her own designer-label vodka for women. They decided to call it "Midnight Sun" and began negotiations with a distributor, which lasted longer than expected and made Carly miss Sage's school play. Another business meeting included a vodka taste test and left Carly drunk. Craig received a call from the potential investor saying their idea was a winner, and in his excitement, Craig kissed Carly. Carly panicked and tried to replace Craig with Lily in the vodka deal, but Craig quickly found out and told Carly that if anybody would be replaced, it would be her. Katie tricked Brad into thinking she was using birth control when she wasn't. Vienna poked holes in Henry's condoms, but Henry caught her in the act and warned her never to do that again. Elwood returned to town and apparently sold drugs to Reg; Reg collapsed at Casey's birthday party at Yo's and later died. Jade took a drunk Casey back to his house, where they had sex; Alison saw them through the window and later told Matt it was over for her and Casey. Dusty traced Paul and Josie to New York. After Paul rented a car and stopped to use an ATM machine, a man hit Paul, took his cash, and drove off in the car, with Eliza still in it. Meg and Barbara both flew to New York to help look for Eliza. Paul's psychic visions led the group to a meeting between the carjacker and a couple who were trying to adopt a child illegally. Josie realized the carjacker and his accomplice were going to leave again with Eliza; she tried to stop them but was kidnapped and taken with Eliza to a brownstone in Brooklyn. Dusty found Josie's bracelet in front of the brownstone, and he and Paul subdued the criminals until the police arrived. Paul was arrested, too, and returned to Oakdale; Paul told everyone he intended to plead guilty.
February 16 to 20, 2009
Many of Craig and Johnny's acquaintances took turns reading fairy tales to Johnny, which were acted out by the cast. Katie continued to mislead Brad by allowing him to think she was using birth control, while she actually was taking fertility drugs in an attempt to become pregnant. Henry was thrilled when he found out Vienna wasn't pregnant. Carly tried to finagle the vodka deal away from Craig, but he caught her in the act, and their prospective distributor told Craig and Carly to work things out between them if they wanted his partnership. Parker and Liberty found some unlabeled vodka drinks in the refrigerator and got drunk, prompting Carly to reconsider her line of work. Carly voiced her concerns, centered around her past with her alcoholic father, to Craig, but ultimately told him she would continue to be his partner. Janet agreed not to tell Jack the truth about what happened with Parker and Liberty, to preserve the peace between Jack and Carly. Meg declined to testify against Paul at his sentencing after he pled guilty to the kidnapping charges; Josie testified in Paul's favor. The judge gave Paul a suspended sentence and ordered supervised visitation for him with Eliza. Dusty offered Meg financial support, but Meg turned him down. Paul drew up paperwork to give Meg money to provide for her and Eliza, but Dusty intercepted it and told Paul that Meg didn't want his money. Josie left Oakdale, after telling Dusty goodbye. Luke was arrested for breaking into Elwood's dorm room, trying to find evidence to prove Elwood had sold Reg the drugs that killed him. In Elwood's room, Luke found a note that read, "Got you covered. M." Luke gave the note to Noah, who shared it with Casey; Casey wondered if the "M" stood for Matt. Elwood agreed not to press charges against Luke, and Luke was released from police custody.
February 23 to 27, 2009
Casey decided Matt was the "M" in Elwood's note and the drug dealer who had sold the deadly drugs to Reg. Casey and Jade tried to run a sting against Matt, but Alison warned Matt. Margo then found pills in Casey's backpack that were from the same lot as the ones that killed Reg, and she was forced to arrest Casey. Katie had an ectopic pregnancy and had to have surgery, which the doctor said made her chances of ever successfully carrying a baby to term very remote. Vienna offered to be a surrogate so that Katie and Brad could have a baby of their own, and Vienna could satisfy her desire to bear a child. Paul tried to make Meg jealous by flaunting a prostitute in front of her. Meg rekindled her friendship with Dusty. Lucy returned to Oakdale. Craig had Lucy arrested, but Dusty got the charges dropped by lying that he had asked Lucy to take Johnny away; in exchange, Dusty hoped to gain more access to Johnny through Lucy. Carly convinced Craig that he should at least try to forgive Lucy and be a family again. Carly got drunk at a launch party for Midnight Sun vodka, and Janet helped her hide that fact from Jack and Sage.
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MARCH 2009
March 2 to 6, 2009
Brad, Katie, Vienna, and Henry all struggled with the idea of having Vienna act as a surrogate for Katie so that Brad and Katie could have a child. Katie learned her eggs weren't viable, meaning she would also have to find an egg donor. Vienna offered her own eggs, but Henry freaked out at the idea of a Vienna/Brad baby. Ultimately, however, seeing how happy it would make Vienna and Katie, Henry agreed to the plan. Elwood agreed to meet Luke to tell him the truth about the drugs that Reg took the night he died, but Elwood was killed when someone driving Matt's car drove straight at him. When Matt couldn't be found, Margo let Casey out of jail and started pursuing Matt. Luke and Noah eventually realized the real killer was Mark Vero, and Margo arrested him. Craig asked Lucy to babysit Johnny twice, and both times, Lucy used the chance to invite Dusty to spend some time with the boy. Craig and Carly closed a deal with their Chicago connection and ended up sleeping together, which Carly quickly decreed a big mistake. Jack showed Janet a lot that Emma had given them to build on near the Snyder Pond. Parker and Liberty played hooky from school and accidentally started a fire in Carly's oven. Their parents were unhappy about it, to the point that Jack suggested they send Parker to boarding school. Emily tried to help Paul make Meg jealous, but Meg reacted by telling Paul they should both move on with their lives. Meg and Dusty kissed and came close to making love before Meg realized the timing wasn't right for that.
March 9 to 13, 2009
Parker and Liberty ran away in a car loaned to Parker by a friend, but thanks to Johnny, Lucy and Craig tracked them down and convinced them to return to Oakdale. Parker then hired an attorney to stop his parents from sending him to boarding school by stopping them from using his trust fund money to pay for it until a judge could rule on the case. Tom told Jack and Carly that if Parker were declared an emancipated minor, he would have control of the trust fund himself, but that status was usually reserved for kids who wanted to get married. Parker told Liberty that if they found a state willing to marry them without their parents' permission, he could receive emancipated minor status, and their problems would be solved. Liberty agreed to marry Parker. Craig caught Lucy letting Dusty visit with Johnny, and he told her she was no longer his daughter. Carly managed to broker a peace between Craig and Lucy, but Craig made Lucy promise to have nothing to do with Dusty in the future. Carly dealt with her family problems by drinking. Paul and Emily tried to figure out what Lucy was up to with regard to Craig and Dusty. Meg and Dusty grew closer. Alison overheard Emily and Jade's plans to have Jade seduce Casey again. Alison confronted Emily about it and then told Casey the truth. Casey and Alison decided to give their relationship another chance. Vienna was artificially inseminated by Brad, and she, Katie, Henry, and Brad prayed for a happy, healthy baby. Brian returned to Oakdale for a meeting about Luke's foundation and backed Luke up when the proposed business partner balked at the foundation's gay-friendly projects.
March 16 to 20, 2009
Dusty and Meg made love. Paul forced his way into Dusty's room and confronted Meg, who was in bed with Dusty. Paul told Emily to do whatever she could to destroy Meg and Dusty. Lucy pretended to want to help her father with his vodka business, but she secretly paid a dock worker to include other goods along with the vodka in an outgoing shipment. Luke and Noah agreed to move in together, but were turned down for an apartment by a homophobic landlord. Parker and Liberty ran off to get married. Craig figured out where they had gone, but when he and Carly arrived to try to stop the judge from marrying the teens, Parker recited a litany of both Carly and Craig's past crimes and mistakes, causing the judge to side with Parker. Craig alerted Jack, but by the time Jack and Janet arrived, the judge had pronounced the teens married. Back at Carly's, an angry Jack made a unilateral decision to throw the kids out; he packed Parker's things, telling Parker that if he and Liberty wanted to be treated as adults, then they were on their own. Janet and Carly were both furious with Jack for his decision to toss the kids out on the street. Craig found the teens in Old Town and paid for a room at the Lakeview so they wouldn't have to sleep on the streets that night. Carly once again turned to a bottle of wine for solace.
March 23 to 27, 2009
Alison got Casey to reconcile with his parents. Dusty and Meg made love. Emily and Paul learned that Lucy was somehow trying to undermine Craig's vodka business, and Paul used that knowledge to blackmail Lucy into trying to seduce Dusty. Lucy set up an overnight trip with Dusty but was unsuccessful in seducing him. Luke and Lily made an appearance on WOAK to discuss the discrimination Luke and Noah (and others) had experienced, and Luke received hate mail immediately afterward. Undiscouraged, Luke decided to hold a rally at Metro; as he went to his car to retrieve some paperwork, he was hit by a car. Luke was taken to the hospital by Damian, who had arrived back in town in time to witness the hit-and-run. Luke was unreceptive to Damian's desire to get to know him better. Parker stole money from the cash register at Al's, but Jack quickly figured out what he had done and placed him under arrest. Craig lied and said he had given Parker the cash that Jack had found in Parker's coat, and since no one had actually seen Parker take the money, Jack had to let him go. Craig paid for a hotel room for Parker and Liberty so they would have a place to stay and food to eat; Jack was furious, but Janet and Carly were grateful. Carly and Craig drank too much in celebration of their first vodka shipment and ended up in bed at Carly's. Jack walked in on them, but Craig told him to get out. Vienna found out she was not pregnant, but her disappointment and Brad and Katie's excitement about the pregnancy led her to lie to them; against Henry's better judgment, Vienna told them all was well with the baby.
March 30 to April 3, 2009
Jack defended Carly at Parker's hearing, and, although the judge did not grant Parker's emancipation request, he did remove Carly as Parker's trustee. The judge said another trustee would be appointed, and Parker suggested Craig. Craig agreed to serve as trustee to prevent Parker from potentially getting control of the trust fund. Craig declined to give Parker money for an apartment, so the newlyweds moved into Parker's room. Craig got Liberty to ponder her college and career opportunities. Parker got upset that Liberty had spoken to Craig; Liberty stormed out of the house and spent the night at the farm instead. Casey was laid off from his janitorial job, but convinced the dean of Oakdale University to let him enroll in an extension course if he first proved himself through community work. Casey chose to help Luke and Noah with their foundation for his community project. Margo told Damian to stay in town because he was a suspect in the break-in at Holden and Lily's home. An unknown assailant stabbed Damian. Luke and Noah met twins named Zac and Zoe after a public service announcement about the foundation aired on TV. Vienna became pregnant with Henry's baby, but let Katie and Brad continue thinking it was Brad's child, since Henry didn't want to be a father. Katie asked Vienna and Henry to live with them until the baby was born. Lucy told Dusty that she had used her dad's vodka shipment to get humanitarian goods shipped to a group that had helped her when she was on the run with Johnny. Lucy informed Dusty that Paul knew she'd been shipping something illegally and was going to tell Craig unless Lucy could seduce Dusty and win him away from Meg. Dusty agreed to make it look like Lucy had succeeded.
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APRIL 2009
April 6 to 10, 2009
Paul set Meg up to get her to leave Eliza at the farm with a babysitter. Paul then paid the babysitter to leave. After Dusty went to the farm and beat him up, Paul made it look as though Meg had abandoned Eliza and that Eliza had almost fallen victim to a kitchen fire. The social worker, whom Paul had called, agreed that Paul should have temporary custody of Eliza. Eliza then developed pneumonia and had to be hospitalized, and both Paul and Meg kept watch at the hospital until Eliza was released. Paul agreed that Meg could stay at Fairwinds to help nurse Eliza to a complete recovery, which fit with Meg's plans to make Paul think she wanted them to be a family again. Jack told Janet that he suspected Carly might be an alcoholic. Craig and Carly continued their drinking, nonplatonic relationship. Craig got Liberty an interview for an internship at a fashion magazine in New York, and he and Carly took Liberty to the interview. Liberty got the job but was told she would have to live in a dorm with the other interns, much to Parker's dismay. Luke and Noah discovered that someone was sabotaging the foundation's finances, and Luke suspected Damian. Zac managed to crash Noah's computer before they could trace the unknown user name that Noah had spotted on the foundation's site. Henry, Vienna, Brad, and Katie agreed to let Kim film a documentary about their unusual baby-making adventure for WOAK.
April 13 to 17, 2009
Liberty got the internship in New York, but Parker showed up and pitched a fit because Liberty would have to live in a dorm with the other interns. Seeing how upset Parker was, Liberty turned down the job. Craig got Liberty another interview with a company in Chicago, but even that proved to be too much for Parker, and Liberty decided she couldn't stay married to him. Parker got drunk and fell, and Craig found him in the woods, unconscious. Carly swore off drinking after Parker found her in New York with Craig and called her a drunk; however, by the end of the week, while Parker was missing and after both Janet and Jack had placed the blame for Parker's troubles squarely on her shoulders, Carly had a glass of wine. Luke and Noah argued about Damian's involvement in the foundation's problems, and Noah became suspicious of Zac and Zoe. Zac and Zoe took Noah hostage and forced him to call Luke to say he was in Lisbon at a film festival. Damian found a Grimaldi ring in the drawer where the foundation's missing records had been stored. Casey and Jade both ended up volunteering for the same community service project. Dusty became involved in Lucy's problems at the dock, leading to a confrontation with two men, who beat Dusty up. Vienna had a fall, and Henry took her to the hospital. Henry was worried, but he continued to tell Vienna that he had not changed his mind about wanting to be a father. Meg convinced Paul to let her move back in with him so they could raise Eliza together. Meg gave Dusty the news, but she also told Dusty the arrangement was temporary until she could find a way to get rid of Paul for good. After Meg told Paul that she had made her position clear to Dusty, Paul told Meg that if he ever saw her with Dusty again, he would kill her.
April 20 to 24, 2009
After finding out that Parker had nearly killed himself drinking vodka, Carly broke up with Craig. After Parker recovered and was back home again, Liberty told Parker she wanted an annulment. Parker went out of control, trashing Emma's kitchen and confronting Craig, who was having lunch with Johnny at the Lakeview. Craig took Parker upstairs to keep Johnny from having to witness a scene, but when Dusty and Lucy found Johnny alone in the restaurant, Dusty planned to use it against Craig to regain custody of Johnny. Craig gave Parker a check for $50,000 from Parker's trust fund to help ease Parker's pain. Zac and Zoe sent Luke a ransom note saying Noah had been kidnapped. Later, Zac and Zoe tricked Luke into going to the storage facility where they were holding Noah, and they took Luke hostage, too. Zoe revealed that she and Zac weren't really twins and that she was the daughter of a woman who claimed to be an illegitimate heir to the Grimaldi fortune. Damian figured out that the kidnapper might be related to the scorned woman, whose name was Anna Pinarosa, and he convinced Lily to dress like the woman in an effort to lure the kidnapper into the open. However, Holden stopped Damian before Damian could follow Lily, thus ruining Damian's plan and unwittingly putting Lily in jeopardy. When Luke and Noah tried to escape, Zac shot Noah in the arm. Katie interviewed a psychic, who told Katie that she did not get any feelings of impending fatherhood from Brad. After meeting Henry and Vienna, the psychic intuited what was happening, and she warned Henry that secrets had a way of getting out. Meg tried to confuse Paul and goad him by making it sound as though she was meeting a lover.
April 27 to May 1, 2009
Luke convinced Zoe to get medicine for Noah. Zoe told Luke she wouldn't give Noah the medication unless Luke had sex with her, because she wanted to conceive a true Grimaldi heir. Alison discovered a clue as to the boys' whereabouts, and Casey informed his mom, while Damian used the information to go to the warehouse where Luke was being held. Damian confronted Zac, who pulled a gun on him. Noah managed to pin Zoe to the floor using just his legs, and Zac rushed in when he heard Zoe's screams. Damian followed and managed to get the gun away from Zac just as the police arrived. Zac and Zoe tried to convince the police that Damian had paid them to kidnap Luke, but ultimately, Luke convinced Margo that Damian was innocent. Holden wanted Damian to go back to Malta, and Damian agreed, but Luke asked Damian to stay so they could get to know each other better. Parker used the money Craig gave him to buy a sports car, which infuriated his parents. After being yelled at by Jack and Carly, Craig gave Carly a check for her share of their vodka business, saying he'd had enough. Jack investigated the murder of Cesar at the docks and learned about the gun smuggling. Jack brought Carly and Craig in for questioning but let Carly go after Craig swore she had nothing to do with it. Lucinda told Emily that the Intruder was going digital and would no longer be published in hard copy, and she introduced Emily to Hunter, the computer guru for the project. Alison made a real effort to become friends with Jade, much to Casey's surprise. Dusty convinced Lucy to let Craig take the fall for the smuggling and murder, saying he was guilty of other things even if not guilty of that. Dusty had Tom petition the judge to grant him custody of Johnny, and Tom was successful in doing so. Craig began to think Dusty had set him up.
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MAY 2009
May 4 to 8, 2009
Parker told Jack that he was with Craig the afternoon that Cesar was killed, but that wasn't enough to convince Jack to let Craig go. Dusty planted fake evidence against Craig at Metro. Lucy confessed to Jack that she had been smuggling medical goods to Africa in Craig's vodka shipments. Craig was hurt when he found out that Lucy had been using him and that she had deliberately helped Dusty win custody of Johnny. After Jack released Craig, Dusty tried to leave town with Johnny, but Craig and Carly saw him. Craig and Dusty got into a fight, and Carly called Jack, who stopped Dusty from going away. Damian continued to help Luke and Noah with the foundation. Holden and Lucinda were spying on Damian's shipping operation when a security guard who worked for Damiancaught them. Damian insisted he had nothing to hide, until he learned that Lucy was being held at the police station. Damian told Jack that he had let Lucy smuggle her medical supplies on his ships, although he knew nothing about the gun smuggling. Meg tried to make Paul think she was seeing Dusty behind his back, until Dusty realized what she was doing. Because Dusty thought it was a dangerous game, he told Paul exactly what Meg was trying to do. Paul made Meg beg him to let her remain at Fairwinds with him and Eliza. Henry told Vienna that he would not give up their child to Brad and Katie. Brad and Katie realized something fishy was going on; they went to the hospital, where their suspicions were confirmed when Katie found out that the in vitro fertilization had failed. Brad and Katie told Henry and Vienna that they no longer wanted to raise the child nor to be friends with Henry and Vienna.
May 11 to 15, 2009
Henry and Vienna met a lawyer who arranged private adoptions, and Katie and Brad agreed to meet with him. The lawyer told them he would need $10,000 as a show of good faith. Alison tried again to set Jade up with Hunter, but Hunter again demonstrated his social awkwardness. Hunter was proud of Emily when she finally mastered the art of laying out a newspaper page for the Web site. Damian lured Fredo to the docks, but Fredo knocked him to the ground. First Luke and then Noah appeared, and Noah managed to shoot Fredo, thus saving both Damian and Luke. Meg moved out of Fairwinds, with Holden's support, so that she could make a better attempt to win back custody of Eliza. Damian announced the cruise for sick children was a "go," and he invited Meg to join the cruise as part of the medical staff. Margo released Lucy after getting a confession from Fredo about the gun smuggling and the murder. Johnny stopped talking because of the confusion over his two dads, so Dusty took him to the hospital, where Lucy lectured Dusty about the harm he was doing to Johnny's emotional health. Craig regained legal custody of Johnny, but Carly convinced Craig that for Johnny's sake, he should reach a visitation agreement with Dusty. Carly also convinced Craig to give Lucy another chance, but when they went to find Lucy, Dusty told them she had decided to go to East Africa to work. When Jack and Carly found out that Parker had been ditching school, they tried to revoke Parker's driving privileges. Craig took care of the whole issue with Parker's car by having it stolen and sent to the chop shop. Because Parker's insurance had lapsed, Parker asked Craig for more trust fund money to buy another car, but Craig refused. Parker dropped out of school. Carly quickly turned to the bottle.
May 18 to 22, 2009
Hunter asked Alison to go out with him, but she explained that she was dating Casey. Hunter told Emily about his faux pas, and then he kissed Emily, who also turned him down, saying she wasn't going to date a younger man again. Parker dropped out of school despite pleas from Liberty and his family not to do that. Carly turned to the bottle, and Craig tried to get her to realize that she was an alcoholic. Carly brushed off Craig's concerns, but later was arrested for drunk driving while on her way to a family therapy appointment. When Jack found out, he told the arresting officer to put Carly in the "drunk tank." After Craig got Carly to agree to go to Alcoholics Anonymous, Craig hired a lawyer to get her out of jail. He then spent the night at Carly's house, to make sure she didn't succumb to temptation again. The adoption lawyer Henry and Vienna referred Brad and Katie to turned out to be a phony and left town with their $10,000 deposit. When Vienna went to try to talk to Katie at WOAK, she tripped over a cable and fell hard. Katie took her to the hospital, where the doctor told Vienna that her baby had died. Henry was both devastated and furious, and blamed Katie. Damian overheard Paul and Sally, the babysitter, talking about the money Paul had paid Sally to leave town. Damian told Meg and Dusty, and then confronted Paul about it. While Meg, Dusty, Damian, and Sally were at the police station giving statements, Paul took Eliza and left town. While on the run, Paul spotted Rosanna, who was running an organic cooperative farm. Paul contacted Barbara to ask for more money, but warned her not to try to find him and Eliza.
May 25 to 29, 2009
Barbara tried to meet with Paul to give him some cash, but Damian and Meg followed her and scared Paul away. Rosanna reluctantly agreed to let Paul and Eliza stay with her at the cooperative farm for a few days. Edna, a woman at the farm, saw the video Meg had made in which Meg pleaded for Paul to return to Oakdale with Eliza, and Edna sent Meg a message to say that she would return Eliza to her. However, Paul stopped Edna from leaving and managed to convince her not to let Meg know he was there. Casey planned a family dinner to celebrate Alison's nursing student award. When Hunter heard about it, he decided to surprise Alison by inviting her father, Larry McDermott. Larry's unexpected appearance at the dinner shocked Emily, Alison, and Susan. Despite Alison's initial reaction, which was to tell her father that she didn't want to talk to him, Alison relented and let Larry try to explain his years of absence from her life. Casey told Alison that he loved her, and they made love for the first time. Carly continued to drink, while lying to Craig and Parker about going to AA meetings. After Parker stole $300 from Craig's wallet and then got Carly to lie for him, Craig went to Jack, and they both agreed that Carly needed help. Jack made Parker take a job bussing tables at the diner to earn money to pay Craig back. Carly and Parker had a heart-to-heart talk, and both apologized for their bad behavior. Carly got Parker to agree that the two of them could support one another without help from anyone else. Brad convinced Henry to drop his lawsuit against Katie and WOAK and at least try to forgive Katie for any role she had played in Vienna's miscarriage. Katie discovered she was pregnant, and Vienna realized it, too, after overhearing a nurse speaking to Katie at the hospital.
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JUNE 2009
June 1 to 5, 2009
Katie was put on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy because of preeclampsia. Kim agreed to test the pairing of Brad and Vienna, with Vienna as a replacement for Katie, on "Oakdale Now" until Katie could return to work. Henry and Katie resumed their friendship. Bonnie and Dusty tracked Paul and Eliza to the Wisconsin town where they were hiding. Edna tried to throw Dusty and Bonnie off of Paul's trail, but they didn't believe her story. Rosanna urged Paul to return Eliza to Meg, but Paul decided to go on the run after Edna told him the police were closing in on him. Rosanna went with him, without even stopping to get her purse, and they ended up in a nearby town after Paul's car broke down again. The owner of the local diner agreed to let Paul wash dishes in exchange for food and a place to stay for the night. Paul called Barbara and told her he would bring Eliza home if Barbara could get Meg to agree to sign an affidavit stating that Meg had allowed Paul to take Eliza out of state. Meg agreed and told Paul to bring Eliza to the police station. Dusty and Bonnie spotted Rosanna in the Wisconsin town and got her to admit that she'd been helping Paul. They brought Rosanna back to Oakdale, in time to see Paul return Eliza to Meg. Tom and Margo received a package of Adam's possessions from Afghanistan and learned that he had died there while performing humanitarian work. Riley Morgan, a sergeant who had befriended Adam in Afghanistan, made a surprise appearance at Adam's small memorial service and offered some insight into Adam's last year as a humanitarian worker. Margo latched onto Riley because of his positive connections with Adam, and she invited him to stay at the Hugheses' home indefinitely. Noah learned he had been accepted into the film department at college, and he needed to work on a film project. Luke suggested Noah do a film about his childhood and experiences with the Army.
June 8 to 12, 2009
Brad and Vienna's first taping of "Oakdale Now" was full of mishaps, but the audience loved it. Parker got into a fight with the boy Liberty was dancing with at the prom. Noah and Casey both grew suspicious of Riley and his background, while Margo grew even closer to Riley. Hunter's mother had a stroke and told Hunter that the man he thought was his father wasn't really his father. Emily considered having another child, but when she went to talk to Bob about using her previously frozen eggs, Bob informed her that the eggs were missing. Meg refused to press charges against Paul for kidnapping Eliza, much to Dusty's dismay. Meg gave Paul an amended custody agreement that enabled him to have supervised visitation with Eliza and the potential for much more contact. Damian continued to support Meg's decisions. Rosanna's return to Oakdale surprised many people, including her sister, Carly. Rosanna told Carly that she couldn't stay with Carly and the kids as long as Carly had a relationship with Craig. Craig approached Rosanna and took steps toward making peace with her. Without Rosanna's knowledge, Paul hacked into Craig's computer and transferred all of Craig's money into bank accounts in Rosanna's name. Craig blamed Rosanna for the theft, and Rosanna accepted responsibility to keep Paul from going to jail. Craig went to the police station to report Rosanna's crime. Carly, who had been drinking again, followed him and accidentally hit him with her car. Seeing how distraught Carly was, Craig told Parker to take her home, and Craig promised Carly he wouldn't turn Rosanna in to the police. Craig assured Parker that together, they would get Carly through her drinking problem.
June 15 to 19, 2009
Damian took Meg for an island getaway, but Meg wasn't ready to get too involved. Craig told Rosanna he wouldn't have her arrested for stealing his money provided she put it back and promised to tell Carly that Craig had done something nice. Carly and Craig made love, and Carly swore off drinking forever. Carly decided to let the family know that she and Craig were a couple again. Jack discovered that Craig had been the victim of a hit-and-run accident in which the driver's car was the same color and type as Carly's, and to which a teenage boy had been a witness. Jack pressured Parker until he admitted what had happened. Jack confronted Carly, and she told him the truth. Carly swore she had given up drinking, which wasn't true, as she had been drinking vodka earlier that day. Emily and Susan searched for information about Emily's missing eggs. Larry went to Oakdale and told them in person that he had no idea where the eggs were, but Emily found paperwork that had Larry's signature on it that indicated the eggs had been transferred to the University of Chicago. Larry denied that he'd had anything to do with the transfer. Hunter visited his ill mother, who confused him for someone named "Tristan." Casey got Riley to move out, but Margo tracked Riley down and invited him back. However, after Casey stole Riley's watch in an effort to force his mother to choose between her real son and the interloper, Margo realized how much Riley's presence was hurting Casey and asked Riley to leave. Vienna had a wardrobe malfunction while filming "Oakdale Now," which led to an apoplectic Henry dressing up in drag as "Geneva Swift" and going to WOAK to make accusations of indecency on the airwaves. Kim discovered the audience loved "Geneva" and invited "her" to become part of the program. Katie figured out that Henry was Geneva. Bonnie and Dusty kissed.
June 22 to 26, 2009
Larry located Emily's missing eggs and offered to be a sperm donor, but Emily declined. They went to the opera together, where Larry confided that the first opera he had ever seen was "Tristan and Isolde," by Wagner, and that a woman he had loved had taken him to see it. Hunter got a copy of his birth certificate, which listed a "Tristan Wagner" as his father. Vienna hurt her back and ended up in the hospital. Geneva-Henryin disguise-filled in for Vienna, and the audience response to "her" pairing with Brad was very favorable. Craig proposed to Carly, and she accepted, after getting Rosanna's blessing. Parker saw Carly drinking, but she denied it and told Jack and Craig that Parker was acting out. Craig talked Rosanna into moving in with Carly and the kids, but neither Craig nor Parker confided in Rosanna about Carly's drinking problem. Damian tried to buy a controlling interest in Worldwide, but backed out when Lily convinced him that Meg would never find his actions acceptable. Dusty went on a date with Bonnie. Casey and Alison broke up after Alison told Margo that Casey had taken Riley's watch to force Margo to choose between Riley and Casey. Riley went to the Army base to try to get permission for Noah to do some filming there, but instead of his expected contact, he found Col. Mayer, very much alive. Mayer told Riley that he knew who Riley really was, and if Riley didn't want his identity revealed, he would help Mayer get Noah to the base alone. Casey contacted the Veterans Administration and learned that Sgt. Riley Morgan had died in Afghanistan. Casey, Luke, and Noah gave Margo the news. Margo went home to confront Riley, but Mayer was there, and Mayer shot Margo. Riley then shot Mayer with Mayer's own gun. As Margo lay bleeding on the ground, Riley cradled her in his arms and begged, "Please don't die, Mom!"
June 29 to July 3, 2009
After Margo was shot, she told Casey that Riley was actually his brother, Adam. Adam filled Casey in on what had happened to him, saying he'd been in a bombing in Afghanistan and had to have facial grafts that had changed his appearance. Adam had used the opportunity to return to Oakdale to seek forgiveness from his family. Casey was angry that Adam had lied to his family yet again, but for Margo's sake, Casey agreed not to tell Tom. Hunter learned that his mother had died, and Alison tried to comfort him. Casey misinterpreted Alison's behavior and physically attacked Hunter. Disgusted by Casey's actions, and unaware that Casey's mother had been shot and that he'd just found out that his presumed-dead brother was actually alive, Alison told Casey she was through with him. Emily informed Hunter that she was his biological mother and that Larry McDermott was his biological father, which made him Alison's brother. Hunter was horrified, because he was in love with Alison and had come close to having sex with her. Hunter let Alison know the truth about their relationship, and Alison handled it better than Hunter did. Hunter left town because he couldn't cope with his feelings for Alison. Colonel Mayer tried to convince Noah to leave the country with him, but Noah refused. Damian and Luke found Noah and his father and were able to alert the authorities. Paul, hoping to start a "war" between Dusty and Damian, sabotaged both men's companies and made it look like they were doing it to each other. Carly lashed out at Sage when Sage suddenly asked to go to summer camp rather than attend Carly's wedding. Rosanna became extremely suspicious of Carly's behavior, but no one would tell Rosanna the truth about Carly's problem with alcohol.
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JULY 2009
July 6 to 10, 2009
Luke was excited about finally moving into an apartment with Noah. Noah had trouble letting go of his bad feelings about his father, so Damian suggested that Noah burn the items his dad had left him in a type of funeral pyre. Damian and Lily found proof that Paul had stolen Dusty's laptop computer, and Dusty and Bonnie found evidence that Paul had cut the fuel line on Damian's ship. After telling Lily and Bonnie that they would let the police handle the situation, Damian and Dusty agreed to take care of Paul once and for all by themselves. Brad thought Geneva Swift was attracted to him, and Henry played along to cover his tracks. Brad told Kim he wanted to file sexual harassment charges against Geneva. Adam managed to convince Tom that the reason he didn't look like the picture Tom had of Riley Morgan was because he'd had extensive plastic surgery after the bombing in Afghanistan. Rosanna found several bottles of vodka hidden in Carly's house. Carly begged Rosanna not to say anything to Craig until after the wedding. Craig got everything ready at Margo's house for his wedding to Carly, but when Rosanna arrived alone, everyone became worried that Carly might not show up. Carly took a limo to Margo's house and drank steadily all the way there. When she arrived, she overheard Rosanna and Craig talking about her drinking problem, and she went back to the limo. Carly went to see Holden and got him to take her to the Wagon Wheel Motel, where she passed out after making a pass at him. Holden called Jack, and together they took Carly to the hospital to have her stomach pumped. Rosanna told Jack that only he could truly help Carly.
July 13 to 17, 2009
Emily talked Hunter into having lunch with her family, and she explained his conception and their relationship to Susan, who was furious with Larry for yet another betrayal. Alison told Riley that Hunter was her brother; Riley told Casey, but Casey and Alison's relationship did not improve. Lily told Meg about Paul's orchestration of the feud between Dusty and Damian, and Meg told Paul that she'd had enough and didn't want him around Eliza anymore. Dusty made plans with Damian to set Paul up by planting a bomb in one of Damian's warehouses, but Damian backed out and told Meg, who went to the warehouse to try to stop Dusty. When Paul realized there really was a bomb and that Dusty couldn't disable it, Paul grabbed the bomb and ran upstairs with it, to protect Meg. Paul was hurt in the subsequent explosion and had brain surgery. The surgeon removed a microchip that had been implanted in Paul's brain, similar to those used in experiments for mind control. Barbara suspected it had been put there by James Stenbeck. When Paul awoke after the surgery, he had amnesia. Damian let Dusty take the fall for their scheme to set Paul up, and Margo arrested Dusty. Damian later tried to help Dusty, to please Meg, but Dusty didn't want Damian's help. Noah met his new faculty advisor, Mason, who offered to help Noah with his film project. Kim fired Vienna after she tried to hit Geneva/Henry. Kim asked Geneva to become a permanent part of Oakdale Now. At a press conference to announce the deal, Vienna grabbed Geneva's wig, revealing that Geneva was actually Henry. Rosanna, Jack, Craig, and Parker performed an intervention with Carly and got her to admit that she needed help for her drinking problem. Craig took Carly to a rehabilitation facility.
July 20 to 24, 2009
Vienna was so upset when she learned that "Geneva Swift" was actually Henry in drag that she decided to leave Henry and visit her family in Sweden. Sage wanted to leave summer camp; when Rosanna couldn't reach Jack, Craig drove Rosanna to the camp to pick up Sage. Sage asked where her mother was, and Craig told Sage that Carly had gone to a rehab facility. Jack was furious that Craig and Rosanna had overstepped their bounds by imparting that information to his daughter. Later, Rosanna and the kids accompanied Craig to a business luncheon in Chicago. A personable waitress and aspiring chef named Teri took care of the kids while Rosanna, standing in for Carly, met with Craig and his business contact. To please Meg, Damian arranged for a neurosurgeon from New York to meet with Paul about Paul's brain injury. Luke and Noah found out that Mason was gay when they saw him with his boyfriend at Metro. Casey was accepted back into Oakdale University; Riley/Adam arranged a surprise party to celebrate and invited Alison to attend. Casey and Alison made up, and Casey told Riley that what he'd done was awesome. Lucinda arranged for the dean of Oakdale University to meet with Luke to discuss Luke's possible reinstatement, but after talking to Damian, Luke realized he'd rather work for Grimaldi Shipping than go back to college. Deciding that Hunter was the future of The Intruder, Lucinda fired Emily and made Hunter the editor-in-chief; Hunter, however, was very upset to learn what had happened, and he quit. Dusty pleaded guilty to planting the bomb that injured Paul, but Paul testified on Dusty's behalf at the hearing, saying he had provoked Dusty to an extreme degree and deserved what he had gotten. Emily ran into Paul and realized that he had complete amnesia; the two of them flirted and wound up at Fairwinds.
July 27 to 31, 2009
Meg walked into Fairwinds unannounced and found Emily and Paul making love on the couch. Meg urged Paul to have brain surgery to try to restore his memories, but Paul wasn't interested. Paul gave Emily money to tide her over until she could find a new job. Meg confided in Damian about her feelings for Paul, then made love with Damian. Lily realized how close Damian and Meg had become and acted jealous. Lucinda told Lily that she wanted Luke to take over as editor of the digital edition of the Intruder, and Lily and Holden decided to let Luke choose between working for Damian or working for Lucinda, while making it clear which option they preferred. Henry's mother, Audrey, made a surprise visit to Oakdale and got on Henry's good side by convincing Vienna to return from Sweden. Sage tried to run away after reading a letter from her mom, but she ran into Teri, the waitress who had befriended her and Parker in Chicago, and Teri convinced Sage to return home. Janet was stunned when Teri showed up, because Teri was actually her little sister, Theresa, whom she hadn't seen since before Liberty was born. Craig hired Teri to help Rosanna with the cooking and childcare, and promised Teri that she could work as a chef at Metro until Carly returned. Liberty returned home early from her internship and told Parker she'd been fired. Craig offered Parker a job as the "face" of the vitamin water product, then told Jack that the job was dependent upon Parker returning to school. Jack was thrilled that Parker wanted to resume his education, so Parker accepted Craig's offer. Tom arranged a job for Riley in Milwaukee. Margo implored Casey to do something to change Tom's mind about sending Riley away. Casey realized that his dad thought his mom was possibly having an affair with Riley. Casey got Tom and Margo back on the right path, and Riley was grateful.
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August 3 to 7, 2009
Janet accepted a job as co-host of a cooking segment on Oakdale Now. Paul bought a Web and print newspaper for Emily and invited both Emily and Hunter to stay at Fairwinds with him. Paul decided not to have surgery to try to restore his memory. Barbara tried to have Paul committed to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, but Emily helped him escape, and Paul hid out in the wine cellar at Fairwinds. Henry discovered a notebook belonging to his mother that was filled with the names of deceased men, and Henry suspected that Audrey might be a serial killer. Audrey received confirmation from a genetics lab that the two DNA samples she had provided were a match. Alison became concerned that Bob Hughes was experiencing occasional confusion, and Alison's concern grew after Bob told her the wrong dose of medication to give Riley, who had gonee to the hospital feeling very ill. Margo tried to find out how Tom would react if he knew that Adam was still alive. Tom decided to ask Riley to leave town, telling Riley that Margo was using him as a replacement for Adam. Damian hired Meg to work for a pharmaceutical company that his firm had acquired. Luke became more involved with the Grimaldi shipping business, which included entertaining the attractive daughter of a business contact, while Mason invited Noah to attend what turned out to be a private showing of a film. Emma followed Lily's suggestion and told Meg that she couldn't watch Eliza while Meg went on a work cruise with Damian. Luke decided to go on the same work trip with Damian rather than go on a trip with Holden, but Damian canceled the cruise after learning what Luke had done and because Meg was unable to go. Damian confronted Lily about her interference and her jealousy, and the two kissed.
August 10 to 14, 2009
Henry followed Audrey to an empty psychiatric facility, where she told him that James Stenbeck was his father. Paul, Emily, and Barbara had also gone to the empty facility, and there, Paul came across his father in a wheelchair. Paul's memory suddenly returned, and he took James from the facility and locked him in the wine cellar at Fairwinds. Paul kicked Emily out of Fairwinds, telling her he had regained his memory and his senses. Paul took Barbara to the wine cellar to let her see his captive. Alison told Kim that she was concerned about Bob's mistake with Riley's overdose. Kim became incensed and had a heart attack. Alison later told Bob the circumstances under which Kim had collapsed, but Bob told Alison that Kim had a preexisting heart condition. However, Bob later didn't recall their conversation, and he made an adjustment to Kim's IV line that resulted in Kim receiving ten times the correct amount of heparin. Alison realized Bob was again responsible for an overdose, but when she tried to talk to Bob about it, he became agitated and refused to listen. Only Riley believed Alison. Faith saw Lily kissing Damian, but Faith didn't say anything to anyone. Lily told Damian that she was committed to Holden, so Damian told Lily to stay out of his life. Damian took Meg and Eliza to New York, so that they could embark on his business cruise. Luke wanted to go with Holden to Kentucky, but he stayed to help Lily deal with Faith's sudden moodiness. In Kentucky, Holden was car-jacked by an escaped prisoner, who exchanged clothing with Holden and took Holden's watch and wedding ring to pawn. Holden tried to get away by swerving his truck off the road, but it broke through a railing, went over an embankment, and exploded upon landing in a ravine. The police contacted Lily, and she and Luke went to Kentucky to await word of Holden's fate. Luke called Damian to let Meg know about Holden before she headed out to sea. Damian took Meg back to Oakdale and then went to Kentucky. The police found a body near the truck, as well as Holden's watch.
August 17 to 21, 2009
Damian and Lily told the Snyders that Holden had died in the accident in Kentucky. After Liberty saw Parker hugging another girl, she turned to a boy named Tony and had sex with him. Parker later told Liberty that the girl had been his cousin, Faith, whose father had just died. Damian took Meg to the Kentucky crash site so that Meg could accept Holden's death. There, the police told Damian that the victim's teeth had been too damaged to use for matching purposes, and a DNA test would be needed instead, which would take more time. Damian convinced the officer not to share that information with the family, because he wanted the family to be able to move on with their grief. Emily and Paul fought about his financing of her newspaper, but they ended up making love and realizing that they were a good match. Audrey found James, who was being held in the wine cellar at Fairwinds, and told him that Henry was definitely his son. Audrey took James to the Lakeview, where Emily, Paul, Barbara, Vienna, and Henry found them. Henry became interested in James after he learned that James still had a large amount of money that Henry might inherit. At Emily's urging, Paul wanted the police to arrest James, but Henry found out and hid James in the boiler room at the hotel. Vienna tricked Henry into revealing where he was, and the police were able to arrest James. Dusty received a suspended sentence; he and Bonnie made love. Riley confronted Bob Hughes about Bob's mistakes and confusion, and got Bob to realize that none of it was Alison's fault. Bob revoked Alison's suspension, and Alison got Bob to agree to consult a neurologist; however, Bob blew off his appointment with the neurologist. Craig went to visit Carly at the rehabilitation facility, but Carly changed her mind and decided she wasn't ready for visitors.
August 24 to 28, 2009
Lily struggled to accept that Holden was dead, but she couldn't convince herself that he was really gone. Damian offered a continuing supportive presence to Lily, and Lily accepted his support, much to Faith and Meg's dismay. Mason told Noah that a famous actor liked his script and wanted to meet with him in Los Angeles. Noah tried to decline the meeting in order to stay and be supportive of Luke after Holden's death, but Luke convinced Noah to take the opportunity, saying his family would support him while Noah was gone. Seth and Aaron returned for Holden's funeral. In Kentucky, a couple named Maeve and Eb held Holden prisoner in their cabin, because Eb thought Holden knew where Skaggs, the man who hijacked Holden's truck, had hidden some stolen money. Casey tried to defend Alison to his parents and grandparents, but Kim had a setback while they were talking and had to return to the hospital. Bob later collapsed in front of Alison and was hospitalized himself and diagnosed with a brain tumor. Tom and Margo were furious when they learned that Alison knew how serious Bob's condition might have been, but Riley tried to convince Margo to give Alison a break. Henry and Audrey learned that Henry was the sole heir to the Stenbeck fortune, but they didn't know that James later told his lawyer to rewrite the will. Paul asked Emily to move back into Fairwinds. Liberty learned that she was pregnant, but Tony denied the baby was his. Liberty decided to pursue an abortion, and after making sure that Liberty understood her options, Teri and Craig promised to help her.
August 31 to September 3, 2009
James revised his will so that Paul would be his sole heir, but Audrey and Henry kidnapped James's lawyer before he could give James the revised will to sign. Audrey decided the only way Henry would inherit the money was if James died soon, so she stole a drug from the hospital and prepared to inject it into James at the police station. Paul asked Emily to marry him, but she declined, although she told him she thought they could become close again. Noah returned to Oakdale with Mason, and Luke seemed jealous of the time they'd spent together. Margo told Tom the truth about Adam/Riley. Tom was furious. Adam came clean to Alison, who was upset to find out her new friend was the same man who had once tried to rape Gwen Munson. Meg accused Damian of still having feelings for Lily. Damian denied it, but he suggested that he and Meg take a break from their relationship. Damian then admitted to Lily that his feelings for her were as strong as ever. Holden tried to lie his way out of captivity by saying he knew where Skaggs had buried the stolen money, but his plan to escape didn't work. Liberty's first trip to Chicago was interrupted when Janet realized that Liberty had lied about where she was going. Rosanna went to Chicago and found Craig and Teri in a hotel room; she refused to believe that nothing was going on, and she fired Teri. Liberty made another appointment at the abortion clinic in Chicago, and Teri and Craig again accompanied her. Janet confronted Rosanna about Rosanna's suspicions about Teri and Craig, and together, they went to Chicago to find Teri. There, Janet told Teri she knew that Teri was pregnant, but Teri set her straight, and Janet realized it was Liberty who was planning to have an abortion.
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September 7 to 11, 2009
Janet stopped Liberty from having an abortion. Liberty told Janet that Parker wasn't the baby's father, and later, Liberty told Parker about her unplanned, unwanted pregnancy. Rosanna apologized to Craig for having assumed he was having an affair with Teri. Audrey killed James by plunging a syringe filled with potassium chloride into his neck, so that Henry would remain the sole heir to James's fortune. Paul had James embalmed immediately, and after that, the police were unable to request an autopsy. After the reading of James's will, much to Vienna's dismay, Henry decided he would give Audrey enough money to pay off the lawyer and Ray, the man she owed money to, but he would keep control of the rest of the fortune. Emily and Paul grew closer, and she accepted his marriage proposal. Damian suggested that Lily and her family plant a tree in Holden's memory. Lily told Damian to invite Meg to the planting, and when Damian went to the farm, he and Meg made up. Eliza had a fever, however, so Meg took her to the doctor. Meg saw Paul and learned that he had his memory back. Paul offered to take care of Eliza so Meg could go to the tree-planting. After Holden witnessed Eb physically abusing Maeve, Holden convinced Maeve to help him deceive Eb by getting money from Holden's bank account and hiding it somewhere that Holden could tell Eb about, so that Eb would think he'd found the money that Skaggs owed him. Holden promised to help Maeve get away from Eb, too. Adam told Margo that the only way to save their family was for him to admit who he was and accept his punishment. Adam told Tom his plan and apologized for having lied to him, then Adam turned himself in to the police.
September 14 to 18, 2009
Audrey worked out a way for Henry to please Vienna but still keep the Stenbeck fortune, by having a friend of hers named Ralph act as a middleman. Ralph needed to launder some money, so if Henry gave the Stenbeck money to Ralph's charity, Ralph in turn would invest in Metro. Craig immediately realized what kind of business Ralph wanted to transact, but his objections weakened when he learned that Ralph was a long-time friend of Teri's family. Maeve went to Oakdale to try to withdraw money from Holden's bank account. When she realized that Lily and Damian were there, Maeve left quickly, which aroused the suspicions of the bank personnel, who informed Lily. Lily saw the letter Holden had written that authorized Maeve to withdraw funds from his account, and Lily told Damian that it meant that Holden might still be alive. Damian convinced Lily that she needed to sleep, so Susan prescribed sleeping pills. Lily took them and began sleepwalking, ending at the Snyder pond. She almost drowned when she followed her vision of Holden into the pond, but Damian saw her and rescued her. Later, Damian tried to warm Lily up and comfort her in bed, and they made love. Faith walked in as Damian was getting dressed to leave, and, realizing what had happened, she ran from the room. Faith told Meg what was going on, and Meg confronted both Damian and Lily about it. Luke also found out what his mother and father had been doing, but he recognized that Lily's grief was causing her to make poor choices. Maeve knocked Eb out and tried to escape with Holden, but they fell into a trap and Eb caught them. Janet tried several methods to convince Liberty not to have an abortion, but Liberty continued to think that an abortion was the best decision for her. Paul and Emily were married by a justice of the peace.
September 21 to 26, 2009
Meg told Jack about Lily and Damian's affair, and Jack went to Lily's to suggest that her kids stay at the farm with him for a while. Lily refused. Luke offered to move back in with his mom temporarily to help with the kids. Noah went to a film festival with Mason, who was paying close attention to Luke and Noah's relationship problems. Damian learned that the dental records from the truck crash didn't match Holden's records, which meant it was possible that Holden was actually alive. Damian went to Kentucky to get more information. Meanwhile, Luke and Lily received a phone call from Eb demanding ransom . Jack and Luke went to investigate, and at the crash site in Kentucky, they found Eb pointing a gun at Damian. When Eb waved the gun in Luke and Jack's direction, Damian tried to knock it away and was shot in the shoulder. Eb fell over the cliff, but the police were unable to find him. Damian lied to Jack about his reasons for being in Kentucky. He claimed the police had suggested that Holden might have been drunk or on drugs, and that a woman might have been traveling with Holden. Officer Grady in Kentucky found Holden and Maeve tied up in Eb's cabin, but Eb knocked him out and then locked him in the trunk of his police car. Paul and Emily mourned their baby, Jennifer, on the occasion of her stillbirth, and talked about the possibility of adopting a child. At Alison's request, Maddie returned to Oakdale and told Adam that she would confess to having buried him alive, which might have contributed to Adam's later violent behavior. Henry received the first check from his inheritance, but when Barbara threatened to investigate the supposed charity that Henry was donating the money to, he agreed to split the inheritance with Paul 50/50. While trying to convince Rosanna to see the good in him, Craig kissed her.
September 28 to October 2, 2009
The Snyders blew their tops after learning that Paul and Emily wanted to adopt Liberty's baby. Emily clashed with Janet after Liberty decided to move to Fairwinds to escape Janet's hovering. Janet asked Jack to consider raising Liberty's baby. Rosanna and Craig bonded while caring for Johnny after a playground accident. They unexpectedly made love, and agreed to pretend it had never happened. Audrey ordered Henry to seduce Barbara into giving up on the inheritance money; however, Barbara rebuffed Henry's advances. Before Vienna could give Ralph and Audrey a check that Vienna thought was for charity, Maddie stopped her, asserting that Audrey was pulling a scam. Audrey warned Henry that Ralph would kill them if they reneged on the deal. After discussing her concerns with Casey, Maddie took the stand, and retold the story of burying Adam alive. Tom pleaded for leniency, and the judge dismissed Adam's case. Adam skipped town, leaving behind only a note, and Margo accused Casey of driving Adam away. After Eb left Maeve and Holden locked in a root cellar, the two discovered Skaggs's bank heist money hidden there. Lucinda and Meg's plan to nail Damian for obstruction of justice fell through when the handwriting analysis results were inconclusive. Lily clung to Damian even more, and a conflicted Jack suggested that Meg let go of her vendetta against Damian. When Noah told Luke that Mason had admitted his attraction to Noah, Luke wanted Mason fired. Before things escalated, Mason apologized and promised not to cross the line again.
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October 5 to 9, 2009
After the cellar door caved in on Holden, Maeve took him to the hospital, and fled with the stolen cash. Eb broke into Lily's house, and died in a tussle with Damian. Damian asked Lily to marry him, but just after they exchanged vows, Holden entered. A betrayed Holden left to help Maeve end a police inquiry into the stolen cash. Later, unbeknownst to Holden, Maeve checked into the Lakeview. Holden slugged Damian, and took a room at the Lakeview. Damian anguished over Lily's refusal to give up on Holden. Mason assigned Noah to a new advisor, who hated Noah's film. At Luke's suggestion, Noah persuaded Mason to continue advising him. Noah and Mason got stuck on a roadside with no cellular service. Later, Mason mentioned it in front of Luke, who had no clue about the incident. Mason questioned the trust between Luke and Noah. Brad and Teri suspected that Janet wanted to adopt Liberty's baby to hold onto Liberty. Janet told Liberty the plan, and Liberty suggested that Janet get her own baby, because she couldn't have Liberty's. When Henry told Ralph that Barbara had tied up the inheritance money, Ralph made a veiled threat against Vienna. Katie overheard Audrey pressuring Henry to seduce Barbara into removing the injunction. Outside Barbara's room, Katie eavesdropped on the pair having sex. Later, Katie found Vienna passed out on the floor of the smoke-filled diner. Rosanna and Craig fought their feelings for each other, but fell into a passionate kiss.
October 12 to 16, 2009
Dusty offered to hire Bonnie to exact his revenge on Ralph, who'd double-crossed Dusty on a Chicago deal. Bonnie suggested that they take a vacation first. Jessica questioned Dusty's intentions toward Bonnie. Dusty admitted that he still grieved for Jennifer, and just wanted to have fun. Needing more, Bonnie broke up with him. Katie and Brad saved Vienna from the diner fire that Ralph had set. Barbara expected more sex, but Henry decided to gamble for the money instead. He got caught cheating at cards, and Ralph gave him 24 hours to get the money. Vienna discovered a scantily dressed Barbara awaiting Henry in Vienna's bed. Vienna left town, and Henry bid Katie goodbye. Desperate to save Henry, Audrey swiped a toxic drug from Memorial, and convinced a cancer-free Barbara to have a drink with her. Craig and Rosanna grappled with their feelings for each other, and Parker caught them kissing. Against Rosanna's wishes, Craig bought Parker's silence with money from Parker's trust fund. Liberty was angry that she'd missed her SAT because Emily had let her oversleep. Parker found Liberty drinking at a party, and she sobbed that she just wanted to be normal. Parker used his trust fund money to get Liberty an apartment, so that she could escape pressure from the adults in her life. Damian informed Lily that their marriage was legal. Lily got jealous when she saw Holden with Maeve. Lily vowed to be with Holden, but asserted that Damian didn't want Meg.
October 19 to 23, 2009
Rosanna and Craig rescinded Parker's access to his trust fund, and apologized for making him keep their secret. They decided to debut their relationship at Brad's surprise baby shower for Katie, but Rosanna chickened out when Margo reminded Rosanna that Craig had run her off the road. Craig said that he would never hurt her again, and hoped she'd forgive him. Jack forced Parker to reveal Craig's reasons for offering the money in the first place. Breaking under pressure from Janet, Emily, and Paul, Liberty got Parker to drive her to an abortion clinic. He convinced her to think more about the choice; however, as they walked across a football field, the players pummeled Liberty, and she lost the baby. Barbara had Audrey arrested after Henry stormed in and barreled Barbara over before she could drink Audrey's poison. Katie tried to stand up to Ralph for Henry's sake, and Ralph took her hostage. Henry convinced Barbara to lift the injunction to save Katie's life, but after handing Ralph a check, Henry discovered that Ralph had no idea where Katie was being held. Henry snatched the check back, and threatened to kill Ralph if Katie got harmed. As Katie tried to escape, she went into labor and delivered the baby herself. Brad, Jack, and Henry arrived at Katie's location at the same time, and Brad got caught in the crossfire between Ralph and Jack. Lucinda and Luke schemed to get Holden and Lily alone together at a mountain cabin.
October 26 to 30, 2009
Audrey talked Margo into giving Audrey 24 hours to find Ralph Manzo. Henry gave Audrey the inheritance check, and ordered her out of his life. Barbara snagged the money as Audrey fled from Margo. Paul wanted to burn the cash, but Emily figured that it might help them get the family they wanted. Barbara consoled Henry, who felt he'd lost Katie as a best friend. Katie rushed to Brad's side against her doctor's orders. Brad temporarily regained consciousness, but flatlined before he could see his new son. Jack grappled with killing his brother, but Katie didn't blame Jack for Brad's death. After hosting an Oakdale Now tribute to Brad, Katie decided to move forward with life. Teri set out to help an injured Ralph, but he reluctantly pulled a gun on her when she insisted upon contacting the authorities. Dusty opted to help Ralph escape, if Ralph would let Teri go. Margo foiled the escape, and Ralph fled. Henry ambushed Ralph, and Margo arrested Ralph. Damian was disheartened to receive annulment papers from Lily, and he told Holden that the cabin trip was a setup. Damian then traveled to the cabin to tell Lily that Holden wouldn't join her. As Damian kissed her, Holden peered into the window. Holden sought solace in Maeve, but realized that he could only be friends with her. Maeve left town, and even though Lily decided to be alone, Damian convinced her to hold off on an annulment.
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November 2 to 6, 2009
Brad's ghost threatened to haunt Henry forever, unless Henry helped him return to life, or at least somehow appear to a grieving Katie. After bungling several attempts to get through to Katie, Henry decided that it was up to Brad to make her see him. When Carly returned, Craig assumed that she'd break up with him. He was astounded that she instead wanted him to propose to her while she was sober. Craig and Rosanna toiled over breaking the truth to Carly; however, she figured it out on her own, and lashed into them for their betrayal. A guilt-ridden Jack admitted to Margo that he'd been drinking before Brad's death. Jack turned in his badge, and took off to Philadelphia, where he encountered Ben Harris. Later, Jack joined a suicidal man on a roof. Holden asked Lily to settle the legalities surrounding his mistaken death, and their marriage. A judge gave Lily a day to decide which husband she wanted. Holden refused to stay married unless Lily cut Damian completely out of her life. After seeing Damian and Lily embracing, Holden officially declared his marriage over, and the judge upheld Lily's marriage to Damian. Meg learned that Damian had covered up DNA tests results that proved that Holden hadn't perished in the crash. Mason told Luke that he'd go after Noah once the film project ended. Noah called Mason harmless, and assured Luke of their commitment.
November 9 to 13, 2009
When newcomer Mick Dante claimed that he'd found the fountain of youth, Emily tried to convince Paul to fund the project. Maddie and Casey decided to pursue a relationship, but Maddie joked that Casey had competition from a blundering Hunter. Carly searched for Jack in Philadelphia; however, after solving the jumper crisis, Jack had taken off to find Mike Kasnoff. Jack discovered that Mike had a wife, kids, and money problems. Jack insisted that Mike was too jittery to drive in a race that could ease his money troubles. Jack knocked Mike out, and substituted himself in the race. Carly arrived, but she and Mike couldn't deter Jack, who miraculously went on to win the race. Jack disappeared again, that time in search of Simon Frasier. When Katie saw Henry's note with Brad's statement about the Cubs on it, she bailed Henry out of jail to make him communicate with Brad. Brad was nowhere around, forcing Henry to fake it. A suspicious Katie exposed Henry, and tossed him out. After conferring with Margo, Katie concluded that Henry might be telling the truth, after all. Luke showed Damian footage of Mason kissing Noah on the film set. Damian went to the school dean, who fired Mason for inappropriate conduct. An upset Noah incorrectly wired some pyrotechnics on the set, and blew himself off a ladder. Holden announced his intention to gain joint custody of his kids. Meg overheard Lily ask Damian to live with her as a real family.
November 16 to 20, 2009
After the explosion, the hospital couldn't operate on Noah without family consent. Lily and Damian adopted Noah, and gave their consent for surgery. Noah lost his sight, and refused everyone's help. Luke convinced Noah to accept the adoption, despite what Damian had done. As Lily unpacked Damian's things at her house, Damian slept with Meg, hoping to keep her quiet about the DNA test. Craig tracked Carly to North Carolina, but she sent him back to Rosanna. When Craig returned home, he agreed to Rosanna's marriage proposal. In New York, Jack was surprised that Molly Conlon was his news anchor contact for information about Simon. When Molly's married lover spurned her, she got fired for broadcasting his business on the air. Jack called Carly to New York, and she arrived while Molly was trying to catch the lover admitting to tampering with her brakes. Carly called Holden to New York to take care of Molly while Carly and Jack tracked Simon down at an art benefit in Pittsburgh. Holden convinced Molly to return to Oakdale. Katie unwittingly hired a fake psychic, and an angry Brad toppled the faker out of his seat. Brad's strength waned before he could reveal himself to Katie. Brad summoned the strength again in time to save Henry from Ralph's knife-wielding goon. A worn-out Katie finally let Henry into the house to watch Jacob while she slept. Barbara decided to be Mick's test subject, but vowed to take him down if he swindled them. Dusty helped Teri and Janet reconcile.
November 23 to 27, 2009
After Jack foiled Simon's phony art scam, Simon disappeared. Jack went on a drinking binge, which abruptly ended when Carly saddled up to the bar for a shot of whiskey. Teri convinced Dusty to help Janet find Jack, and they discovered him napping in a Pittsburgh hotel bed with Carly. Janet silently left, and when Jack returned home on Thanksgiving Day, Janet and Dusty worried about Jack's connection to Carly. Noah instructed Luke to throw away the movie footage, but instead, Luke asked the cast to finish the project. Meg turned up the heat by calling Officer Grady to town. Damian paid the cop to keep quiet; however, Meg said it wouldn't be that easy for Damian to keep her mouth shut. Kim offered Molly her old job back, and a furious Lily demanded that Holden keep Molly away from the kids. Obsessed with seeing Brad in her dreams, Katie took sleeping pills. While Henry babysat Jacob, Katie overheard Henry talking to Brad. As she slept, Brad kissed her, and she smiled. When Katie went to the farm for Thanksgiving, she saw Brad's reflection in the window. She went home to wait for him, but found Simon there instead. Rosanna and Craig ate Thanksgiving dinner at Metro after their engagement news received a lukewarm reception at Margo's house. Carly entered in time to see Craig give Rosanna a ring, and Carly vowed that she was through with them both.
November 30 to December 4, 2009
Unable to resolve their differences, Luke and Noah took time apart while Noah recuperated in an out-of-town clinic. When Lily caught Damian with a half dressed Meg, Damian pretended that Meg was delusional. Damian later pacified Meg by moving her into his Lakeview room. Holden confronted Damian about the move, and Damian called Meg crazy. Meg shoved Lily when Lily revealed that Damian and she intended to renew their vows. Resenting Simon's presence, Brad set off Katie's alarm, hoping that the police would arrest Simon. Simon hid, and Henry took the blame for the incident. Margo arrested Henry, but at Simon's suggestion, Katie had Henry released. Despite Paul's protests, both Barbara and Emily covertly made appointments with Mick to receive his elixir injection. Alison found Mick woozy and disoriented, and warned him not to hurt her family. Rosanna insisted upon involving Carly in the wedding, but Carly wanted no part of it. Carly opted to sell Metro, but the potential owner planned to shut down the kitchen. To save Teri's job, Dusty outbid the guy, and became the new owner. When Jack still alienated Janet, she decided to move out; however, Jack moved out instead. Parker worried that Simon was in town, so Jack moved in with Carly to keep Simon at bay. Craig promptly relayed that information to Janet, and Carly wondered why Jack's living arrangements bothered Craig. Craig kissed her, confessing that he might not be over her.
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December 7 to 11, 2009
To make Meg look even more delusional, Damian laced the cake for his and Lily's vow renewal ceremony with a toxin and planted the toxin in Meg's purse. Meg revealed the truth about Damian, but with the toxin in Meg's possession, Lily accused Meg of concocting the story to cover up Meg's own crime: trying to kill Damian and Lily. Carly told a heartbroken Rosanna about the kiss with Craig. After Craig told Carly that it was a "move on" kiss, Carly convinced Rosanna to get married in a Carly original gown. Janet and Jack reconnected sexually, but not emotionally. When the police arrested Jack for punching Simon over Carly, Janet ordered Jack to stay away from her. Simon experienced paranormal activity and tried to use Henry to communicate with Brad. Thanks to a suspicious-acting Katie, Margo arrested Simon, but she released him after talking to Jack. Brad commandeered Henry's body and used it to spend time with Katie and Jacob. Katie was surprised to see Vienna back in town, and the women discussed how Henry wasn't behaving like himself. After Casey missed a date with Maddie because he'd gotten lost in the woods with Allison, Maddie broke up with him. Mick knocked Paul unconscious to steal a blood sample from him. Paul asked Allison to observe Mick's research. Mick figured it out and ordered Allison to stay away. Barbara discovered a ring with the initials J.S. on it in Mick's room.
December 14 to 18, 2009
While controlling Henry's body, Brad wreaked havoc on Simon. Katie suspected the possession and kissed Henry; however, Brad had already left Henry's body. Katie bid Brad a poignant goodbye at his grave, and Brad flipped out upon hearing that Katie wanted to sell their house. When Henry told Jack that Henry had been talking to Brad, Jack wondered why Brad wouldn't haunt Jack instead. Meg threatened Lily with a glass shard, but Damian told the police that nothing had happened. Holden checked Meg into Deerbrook, and Meg called Paul to help her. Carly threw Rosanna a bachelorette party at Metro. Craig partied alone at Yo's until Dusty, Jack, and Paul wandered in. Craig roped them in to his celebration, and the men roasted each other over drinks. A drunken Craig propositioned Carly, but she turned him down. She changed her mind later, but Craig turned her down. Carly claimed that she'd only been testing him. Jack told Janet that he couldn't escort her to the wedding, because he had to stand in for Margo as Craig's best man. Feeling spurned, Janet accepted Dusty's offer to take her. At the altar, Rosanna couldn't say her vows. After a heart-to-heart with Craig about Carly and the car accident, Rosanna gained closure, and she decided to move to Germany alone. Alison and Paul continued to investigate Mick's treatments, while Barbara stealthily investigated Mick. Barbara had a lab analyze Mick's fingerprints on a glass, and the analysis identified the prints as James Stenbeck's.
December 21 to 25, 2009
Upon communicating with Brad through Henry, Katie told Simon that she wanted a life with Brad, even if Brad were a ghost. A special Saint Nicholas gave Brad the power to say goodbye to Janet, Jack, and Liberty in person. After touching meetings with them, Brad materialized to Katie. The couple spent Christmas Eve with their son, and they summoned the strength to let each other go. Damian set out to make Meg look even crazier by bribing hospital security to erase the camera footage of his last upsetting visit with her. Emily cautioned Paul against getting involved in Meg's case. When Meg's hearing turned into a circus, the hospital ruled to keep her for observation. Paul helped her escape and stowed her in his wine cellar. As Alison tried to make sense of her dreams about Mick, Barbara confronted Mick with her suspicions that he worked for the somehow living James Stenbeck. She was horrified when she saw that Mick bore scars similar to James's. Mick claimed that Barbara had been the love of his first life, and she'd be the love of her second life, as well. Inspired by Bob's words, Casey asked Alison to marry him. Alison ran off to think about it and wound up at the church from her dreams. After an odd exchange with Mick, she agreed to marry Casey. Emma and Lucinda pulled the Snyders together for Christmas. Noah joined them, though he was still uncertain about the direction of his life.
December 28, 2009 to January 1, 2010
Jack made a date with Janet for New Year's Eve, but he canceled it when Parker and he figured out that Craig had kidnapped Carly. Carly and Craig's car veered off the road, and Jack found them stranded in a cabin. Craig apologized for his antics, but he said that Jack would never fully accept Carly, as Craig did. When Craig tried to flag down help, he fell in a ditch. Carly and Jack made Craig a hot bath and put him to sleep. Just before midnight, Jack told Carly that his judgmental days had ended with Brad. Janet got drunk at the Lakeview bar, and Dusty took her to sleep it off in his room. Janet felt guilty about it, but she and Dusty wound up kissing again. Mick anonymously tipped off the police to Meg's hideout, and he bragged to Barbara about his plan to rid Paul of Emily and Meg. Barbara noted that Mick was acting like his old Stenbeck self. Meg absconded with Eliza, and Paul accused Emily of tipping off the cops. Alison helped Emily locate Meg, and the sisters hid Meg until Paul arrived to convince her to return to Deerbrook. Alison discovered Mick passed out from a nosebleed. She threatened to tell Paul and Emily about it, if Mick didn't get some help. Mick insisted that there was no diagnosis or treatment for his aliment. He said he had two forces inside him, battling each other for control.
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