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January 5 to 9, 2009
Todd survived his fall from the rooftop; he landed in water. Marty got drunk and picked up Wes. They went back to his room but did not have sex. Wes didn't want to take advantage of Marty. John tracked Marty down to Wes's room and misread the situation. Dorian learned that David Vickers had inherited the entire Buchanan fortune. Mel paid Dorian a visit and tried to stop her from going down the wrong path. Sarah told Cris that she had reported his marriage to Vanessa as a fraud to the ICE agent. Cris was stunned when Sarah revealed that she had decided to take a job as Puddle of Mudd's manager and leave Llanview. Cole and Starr returned to school. A fellow classmate offered Cole a marijuana joint. Cole decided that he wanted something stronger. Nora found the joint among Matthew's things. Viki was shocked when she learned from Téa that Todd had attempted suicide. Blair reached out to Todd for the sake of their children. In a shocking twist, Starr discovered that her new teacher was Dr. Joplin's son. Lee Halpern was revealed to be Janet, Marty's ex-caretaker. Janet turned to Renee for help.
January 12 to 16, 2009
Renee decided to help Janet. Marty continued to spiral out of control. Cole was hurt when Marty pushed him away. Vanessa and Cris made love. Ray sent letters to Langston and Lola. Téa reached out to Lola. Brody was unsettled after he remembered that the boy he had killed in Iraq had not been holding a gun. He asked Wes if the memory could be real or simply a part of his post-traumatic stress disorder. Wes decided to tell Brody the truth. Jessica returned to the cottage where she had given birth to Chloe to see if she could get to the root of what was bothering Tess. Viki, Clint and Dr. Levin were on hand to help her. Bess told Jessica and Tess that the baby had died. Tess was overwhelmed with grief when she learned that the baby's death had been her fault. Madame Delphina resurfaced in time to help Dorian track David down. Dorian attempted to seduce David into marrying her. She was delighted when David confided that he had never slept with Addie. Starr found some pills in Cole's jacket pocket. Unfortunately while she was confronting him about the narcotics, the principal saw Starr with the pills in her hand. Cole spoke up when the principal assumed that the illegal substance belonged to Starr. Marty went to Rodi's and started drinking. On impulse, she kissed John.
January 19 to 23, 2009
Antonio and Téa questioned Schuyler about his mother's connection to Todd. Schuyler claimed he did not know anything, but didn't reveal that his mother had sent him a note before she committed suicide. Janet stepped forward to tell Nora that she would testify against Todd. To gain more evidence against Todd, Janet went to his home to demand money for her silence. Todd quickly figured out that Janet was wearing a wire. Vanessa found the letter that Ray had sent to Lola. Lola decided to talk to Téa about the night her mother died. Natalie told Viki that she was sick of Viki making excuses for Jessica's behavior. Madame Delphina predicted great wealth for Noelle, but advised her to return to Texas before it was too late. Cole's drug use continued to escalate. Matthew found Cole's stash of pills.
January 26 to 30, 2009
Cole continued to spiral out of control as his drug use increased. Jessica was released from the sanitarium. She was devastated when she returned to Llanfair and Bree was afraid to go to her. Natalie and Jared's hostility was palpable. Starr lied on the witness stand. She insisted that she had made up the story that Todd had confessed. Janet was livid when she saw that her picture, accompanied with a detailed article, dominated the front page of the Sun. Fearing for her life, Janet managed to knock Talia out before she slipped out of the motel room. Wes was furious when he saw the front page of the Sun. Schuyler read the note that his mother had written to him before her suicide. The letter revealed the details of Todd's plan to kidnap Starr's baby. Three hours after Nora learned that Janet had disappeared, Téa walked into Todd's home. She found Todd sitting on the living room floor holding a bloody knife. Janet was lying next to him, dead. She appeared to have been stabbed.
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February 2 to 6, 2009
Téa confessed to killing Lee/Janet in self-defense. The judge found Todd not guilty after Nora failed to prove her case. Furious, Nora decided to have Starr charged with perjury. Marty was devastated by the verdict. Cole's drug use continued to escalate. Natalie and Jessica argued about the welfare of Bree and Chloe. Jessica accused Natalie of using the girls to hurt Jessica. David accepted Dorian's marriage proposal. They flew to Las Vegas to get married. Rex and Gigi were hot on their heels after Clint offered Rex a $100,000.00 bonus if he could stop the wedding. Lola was troubled after Vanessa tried to talk to her about Ray. Ray called Téa to check the progress she had made with Lola. He reminded Téa that the longer he remained in jail, the more time Vanessa had to poison Lola's mind. Lola approached Téa just as she wrapped up a call with Ray. Starr went to see Viki, but found Jessica home instead. Jessica invited Starr to hold Chloe. Blair overheard a private conversation between John and Marty. After John walked away, Blair warned Marty to stay away from John. Their argument ended with both women in the frigid harbor waters.
February 9 to 13, 2009
Téa told Lola that she represented Ray. The blonde mystery woman turned out to be Gigi's sister, Stacy. The ex-exotic dancer stole Gigi's gown and ticket for the Go Red Ball. After the siblings were reunited, Stacy told Gigi that their parents had passed away. Blair was surprised when John insisted on taking her to the ball. Dorian announced her marriage to David at the gala. Marty and Wes decided to attend the ball at the last minute. Téa persuaded Todd to be her escort for the evening. Marty got drunk. When Wes tried to take her home, Marty resisted. Fists flew when Todd and John overreacted to how Wes had tried to persuade Marty. Téa punched Marty after Marty started an altercation with her. David learned that he was Asa's son and heir to the Buchanan fortune. David was thrilled to learn that he had a whole new family. David asked Dorian if she married him for the Buchanan fortune or because she loved him. Matthew took responsibility for Cole's marijuana roach that Bo and Nora had found. Bo decided that Matthew would benefit from military school. Jessica told Brody that she missed him. She also confided that she only felt comfortable talking to Brody and Dr. Levin. Starr had a heart-to-heart talk with Schuyler. She revealed that she'd been deeply affected when she had held Chloe.
February 16 to 20, 2009
Todd and Wes had a physical altercation at the Go Red Ball. David reverted back to his old ways after he learned that he was the Buchanan heir. Dorian was delighted when David tossed his family out of the Buchanan mansion. Marty woke up next to Wes's bloody corpse. Brody feared that he might have killed Wes. Markko received an offer to attend college out of state. Fish broke things off with Layla after he spent the night with Stacy. Natalie decided to look into why Jessica had a parking ticket from the hospital garage the night Chloe was born. John learned that Blair had spent the night with Todd. Lola accused Vanessa of framing Ray for his wife's murder. Ray escaped prison then made his way to Llanview. Starr asked Schuyler questions about his personal life. Marty was arrested after her fingerprints were discovered on the knife used to kill Wes.
February 23 to 27, 2009
Bo received the shock of his life when a DNA test confirmed that he was David Vickers' father. Roxy lied to Rex when she told him that she had murdered his biological father. The truth was that Rex's father was alive and closer than anyone suspected. Stacy took every opportunity to undermine Gigi's relationship with Rex. Ray Montez escaped from jail then headed to Llanview. Vanessa's lies caught up with her; she made a full confession to Cris, admitting that she had framed Ray for his wife's murder. Langston learned that Markko had been accepted at UCLA. Blair ended things with John after she realized that John loved Marty. While Marty languished in jail, charged with Wes's murder, she came to the conclusion that she was innocent of the heinous crime. John believed the same person committed Wes and Janet's murders. Schuyler suspected that Cole was high on drugs after he noticed Cole's glassy eyes. He let Cole off with a warning. Schuyler bumped into a former acquaintance, Stacy Morasco. Starr told Todd that she did not want him to call, email, or contact her in any way.
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MARCH 2009
March 2 to 6, 2009
Starr kissed Schuyler. Cole was furious when he saw Starr and her teacher kissing. Ray Montez announced that he intended to stay in Llanview. Lola was delighted when she heard the news. Later, Lola kissed Markko. Lola begged Markko not to tell her cousin. Moe reminded Dorian that La Boulaie belonged to him. Schuyler was pleasantly surprised when he bumped into an old friend, Stacy. Natalie enlisted Rex's help to retrace Bess's steps the night that Chloe was born. They found footage of Bess leaving the hospital. Stacy challenged Rex to a beer chugging contest. Nora convinced Marty to return to the Buchanan mansion for Cole's sake. Marty found a letter from Cole's school notifying her that her son was in danger of failing. Marty also found Cole's stash of pills. Cole wasn't impressed with Marty's sudden concern for him. Bo and Matthew reached an understanding. Blair was stabbed while she was in the shower. Dorian vowed to have the police arrest Todd for the brutal crime. Cole, high on drugs, got behind the wheel of a car; Matthew sat in the passenger seat. Cole lost control of his vehicle then slammed into another car. Gigi and Shane were in the other vehicle.
March 9 to 13, 2009
Blair was put into a medically induced coma following her surgery. John found a clue left behind by the person who stabbed Blair. John suspected a serial killer was on the loose. Gigi found Rex and Stacy in bed together. Rex was convinced that Stacy had drugged him. Rex decided to have his blood checked. Stacy managed to get her hands on the test results before Rex did. Gigi told Stacy to pack her bags. Stacy moved in with Schuyler. Rex and Gigi learned that Shane had leukemia. Roxy and Stacy were tested as possible bone marrow donors. Cole's stomach was pumped following the car accident. Matthew suffered a spinal injury during the accident. The doctors told Bo and Nora that it was unlikely that Matthew would regain full use of his legs. Nora was infuriated when Marty told her that Cole had been high on drugs at the time of the accident. Later, Cole was arrested for driving under the influence. Brody was released from St. Anne's. Roxy rented Wes's old room to Brody. Natalie and Jared realized why Bess had been at the hospital the night of Chloe's birth. Stacy overheard Roxy make an appointment to see a patient in room number 302. Stacy followed Roxy when she heard that it was a matter of life or death.
March 16 to 20, 2009
Brody and Jessica shared a passionate kiss, but they decided they weren't ready to be more than friends. Starr told Schuyler that her baby did not have Rh Disease. Schuyler was devastated when he realized that his mother had died because of a misdiagnosis. Starr was embarrassed when she learned that Schuyler's ex-girlfriend had moved in with him. Natalie and Jared took steps to confirm that Chloe was really Starr's baby, Hope. Shane received his first chemotherapy treatment for leukemia. Shane decided he wanted to shave his head to spare himself the difficulty of losing his hair slowly. Rex shaved his head in a show of solidarity. Roxy learned that Rex's biological father was a bone marrow match to Shane. Stacy followed Roxy to Rex's father's room. Stacy was determined to learn the identity of the comatose man. Later, the patient's legs moved. Cole apologized to Matthew for the accident. Matthew didn't blame his paralysis on Cole. Marty hired Téa to represent Cole. Lola continued to pursue Markko behind Langston's back. Cris went to visit Evangeline. Layla was livid when she overheard Cris attributed his his failed relationships to lingering feelings for Evangeline. John enlisted Fish's help to investigate the recent rash of stabbings in Llanview. The clues found on the victims were tied to Marty's rape in college.
March 23 to 27, 2009
Cole went through drug withdrawal in jail. Asher managed to slip Cole some drugs before Cole's arraignment. Matthew convinced Nora to show Cole leniency. She offered Cole a suspended sentence if Cole agreed to undergo drug counseling. Matthew tried out his new wheelchair. John realized that the serial killer was connected to Todd and Marty. Blair emerged from her coma; she did not remember who had attacked her. Stacy changed the results of her DNA test to show that she was a bone marrow match for Shane. The true match was Rex's biological father. Stacy tried to force Gigi to end her relationship with Rex in exchange for Stacy's bone marrow. Gigi refused to comply with Stacy's demands until she realized that Stacy was Shane's only hope. Starr believed that she had a special connection with Schuyler that went beyond a teacher/student relationship. Antonio left town to investigate a case involving Carlo Hesser. Natalie and Jared received DNA results that confirmed that Chloe was Starr's biological daughter. Jessica asked Natalie and Jared to be Chloe's godparents. Dorian hired Téa to represent Blair in a child custody fight with Todd. Téa suggested that the children be placed with their stepfather while Blair recovered. John revealed that he was married to Blair.
March 30 to April 3, 2009
Hank Gannon returned to Llanview. Todd was outraged when the judge announced that the children were to remain in the custody of Blair and John. Marty was hit hard by the news that John had married Blair. Jessica decided to tell Brody how she felt about him. Rex was devastated when he found Gigi and Brody in bed together. Rex found it curious that Gigi never asked for forgiveness. Rex didn't understand why Gigi was determined to break up. Stacy announced that she was a bone marrow match for Shane. Stacy's plan hit a snag when the lab technician recalled that tests had confirmed she was not a DNA match. Cris and Layla found themselves locked in a steam room for a brief period. John and Fish investigated Zach Rosen and Powell Lord, two of Todd's co-conspirators who had gang raped Marty. Powell had been confined to a psychiatric hospital after he had raped other women; Zach had served his full sentence in jail. John determined that Zach and Powell had good reason to hold a grudge against Todd. Todd received a surprise visit from Zach Rosen. Fish and Kyle were members of the same fraternity house as the men who had raped Marty. Starr went to Schuyler's place to confess her feelings, but Schuyler rebuffed her advances.
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APRIL 2009
April 6 to 10, 2009
Nora was delighted when her daughter, Rachel, returned to Llanview. Rachel told her mother that she would stay for as long as Nora needed her. Jack took a picture of Dorian and Ray kissing, and he threatened to send the picture to David unless Dorian helped Jack reunite with Todd. Ray threatened Jack, who backed down, but Dorian accidentally sent the picture when she tried to delete it from her cell phone. Schuyler rejected Starr's sexual advances. Langston suspected that Starr was using the relationship with Schuyler as a way to get over losing Cole. Starr discovered that the school intended to pursue disciplinary action against Schuyler. Todd found a letter Schuyler had written to Starr and had a violent reaction when Schuyler tried to explain what was going on. Zach demanded a million dollars from Todd who kicked Zach out of his office. Zach went after Cole and Starr, and Todd and John teamed up to rescue the young couple. Stacy enlisted Kyle's help to pass John Doe's bone marrow off as hers. Brody told Jessica that he cared for her; Jessica insisted that they remain friends. Markko told Langston that Lola had been pursuing him for weeks.
April 13 to 17, 2009
Brody apologized to Jessica, but Jessica wasn't ready to forgive and forget. Cole convinced Markko to take a drug test for Cole. Rachel was assigned to be Cole's drug counselor. Todd asked Téa to expose John and Blair's marriage as a fraud so that he could regain custody of the children. Todd and Téa made passionate love. Afterwards, Téa announced that she refused to lift a finger to help Todd in court. Starr told Cole that their baby couldn't have died of Rh disease. Starr and Cole decided to look into the death of their daughter. Todd shot Zach while Zach struggled with John. Zach was arrested, but John wasn't convinced that Zach was the serial killer. The police found a knife in Zach's room. The knife pointed to John as a possible suspect in the stabbings of Janet, Wes, and Blair. Rex thanked Stacy for her gift of life to Shane. Schuyler walked into the room as Stacy tried to dispose of the bag containing her bone marrow. Fish and Talia were sent to bring John in for questioning. The police officers went to La Boulaie. Fish went to the front door while Talia circled around back. Talia was attacked. John made a grisly discovery as he slipped out of the house: Talia's dead body, with a knife plunged into her chest, was floating in the pool.
April 20 to 24, 2009
The serial killer claimed another victim: Talia. Antonio returned to Llanview. Layla took the news of Talia's death hard. Cris stayed by Layla's side. John was named the prime suspect and arrested. Later, John escaped from jail. Lola vowed to get even after Markko told Ray that Lola had made unwanted advances. Ray was oblivious to his daughter's diabolical nature. Cole agreed to accept Rachel as his drug counselor. Lola told Rachel that Markko had taken Cole's place for a drug test. Lola had hoped to get Markko in trouble. Rachel covered for Cole. RJ returned to Llanview. He nearly walked in on Todd and Téa having sex in a courtroom. Shane received his bone marrow transplant. Schuyler questioned Stacy about the bag of blood he had caught her throwing out. When Stacy failed to give Schuyler a satisfactory answer, Schuyler showed the bag of blood to Rex. Natalie confronted Brody about hurting Jessica. Gigi told Brody that he had her blessing to tell Jessica the truth. Roxy contemplated pulling the plug on John Doe's life support. Starr and Cole decided to have DNA tests run on their daughter's lock of hair. They hoped to discover if their baby had a predisposition for any genetic diseases, which could explain her stillbirth.
April 27 to May 1, 2009
Téa and Todd made love the night before Todd's emergency custody hearing. Téa was stunned when Todd was awarded custody of the children. Starr snuck Cole to her room while he went through drug withdrawal. She was forced to leave Cole alone when Todd moved his children out of La Boulaie. Cole struggled with his demons. David told Viki that he and Dorian had decided to divorce. Matthew received a surprise gift from his brother, David: a lifetime supply of Have-A-Seat hemorrhoid treatment. Matthew returned to school. He was bullied on his first day. Gigi gave Brody her blessing to tell Jessica the truth about Stacy's blackmail. Brody and Jessica made love. Schuyler confronted Rex about his suspicions that Stacy had somehow switched the bone marrow that Shane had received. Rex didn't believe Schuyler's outrageous claims. Shane was devastated when Rex and Gigi told him that they had ended their relationship. John and Marty fled to Rochester. They paid Powell Lord a visit in the sanitarium. Powell pretended to be quite insane. Rebecca Lewis, Powell's one-time fiancée, posed as Marty Saybrooke to visit Powell in the sanitarium. Powell reminded Rebecca that she had to help him escape the institution; he had people to see and people to kill.
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MAY 2009
May 4 to 8, 2009
Stacy told Shane that Gigi had cheated on Rex with Brody. Shane was furious with his mother; he decided to move in with Rex and Stacy. Stacy received a visit from Stan, an ex-boss from Las Vegas. Stan threatened Shane's life if Stacy did not return the money that she had stolen from Stan. Jessica and Brody's relationship heated up. Natalie remained oblivious to the truth. Kyle blackmailed Roxy. He threatened to tell the truth, about John Doe and Stacy, if Roxy didn't give Kyle free room and board at the Angel Square Hotel. Kyle realized that Jessica and Starr's babies had been switched. Kyle demanded money, from Natalie, in exchange for his silence. Kyle called his sister, Rebecca Lewis. Starr helped Cole to detoxify from drugs as he struggled to get clean. Cole passed the supervised drug test. Cole and Starr turned to Bo for help to find out what had happened to their baby. John discovered that someone had posed as Dr. Marty Saybrooke where Powell had been institutionalized. When John paid Powell a visit, John discovered Ellen's dead body and that Powell was missing. Todd, Marty, Téa, and Blair received invitations to a KAD Spring Fling. The invitations contained a toxin that rendered those within a close distance unconscious. Rebecca managed to have John locked up as a patient at the institution. Layla told Cris that she had decided to move back home to Maryland. Langston and Markko decided to consummate their love for the first time on the night of their prom. Lola talked to Dorian about Langston and Markko's plans.
May 11 to 15, 2009
The Pussycat Dolls performed at the Llanview High School's prom. Lola poked holes into the condoms that Dorian had given to Langston. Asher was arrested for selling drugs. Clint admitted that he was jealous of Nora and Bo's closeness. Clint proposed marriage to Nora. Nora mumbled that she would need a ring. Clint was overjoyed as he embraced Nora. Nora appeared uncertain. Powell kidnapped Todd, Blair, Marty, and Téa. Powell confessed to the murders, but revealed that John had been the intended target when Powell had killed Talia. Powell offered Marty, Blair, and Téa the opportunity to kill Todd. Téa was the only to volunteer to do the deed. Téa tried to turn the tables on Powell, but he was a step ahead of her. John remained restrained in a straightjacket while locked in a padded room at the Sitwell Institute. Stacy popped out of the cake and did a striptease at Jared's bachelor party. Gigi served Stacy a burger with expired mayonnaise. Jared and Natalie decided to elope when they learned that Hope's body had been exhumed. Kyle told Rebecca that Todd's granddaughter was alive. While under the influence of LSD, Lola confessed to murdering her mother. Lola claimed she had found her mother in bed with another man. Powell shot at Téa when she tried to escape. She screamed then fell down a flight of stairs.
May 18 to 22, 2009
Shane got sick on junk food while in Rex's care. Gigi demanded that Shane move back home with her. Stacy convinced Rex to support Gigi's decision. Stacy manipulated Rex into inviting her to stay with him indefinitely. Rebecca kidnapped Chloe and brought her to Powell. Powell told Marty and Todd that Chloe was their granddaughter, Hope. John shot and killed Powell just as Powell nearly cut Todd's throat. Marty's memories of her life returned during the ordeal at the KAD fraternity house. John told Blair that Chloe could be Starr's daughter. Natalie and Jared told the family that Bess had switched Chloe and Hope shortly after their births. Bess emerged as the memories of the night Chloe was born came back to Jessica. Bess went on the run with Chloe. Marcie and Michael told Starr and Cole that preliminary DNA tests had revealed that the baby they buried had not been Hope. An explosion in the boiler room of the KAD fraternity house nearly cost Téa her life. Todd was by Téa's side when she was taken to surgery. Rebecca was killed in the explosion. Bo told Kyle about the crimes that Rebecca had committed. Kyle insisted that he did not know that Rebecca had been helping Powell. Kyle blackmailed Stacy into bailing him out of jail.
May 25 to 29, 2009
Téa made it through surgery. Blair and Téa agreed to keep quiet about what they had said in the boiler room. Todd offered his home to Téa while she recovered. Bess decided to turn to Nash's parents for help. The Brennans were stunned when they learned that their son had died. Nora told Bo that she and Clint were engaged. Schuyler told Gigi that he suspected Stacy had not donated the stems cells that had saved Shane's life. Stan accused Stacy of theft. Stacy managed to convince Rex that the money she had stolen had been owed to her. When Rex suggested that Stacy return the money to Stan, Stacy claimed that Schuyler had stolen it to support his drug habit. Rex agreed to pay Stan off. Things heated up between John and Marty, which led to a passionate kiss. Dorian told Langston that Lola had confessed to murdering her own mother and puncturing holes in Langston's condoms. Langston assured Dorian that they had used Markko's condoms. Lola was taken to St. Anne's for treatment. Cris and Layla decided to become roommates rather than moving back home to live with their mothers. Todd, Blair, and Marty sat down with Cole and Starr to tell them that Hope was alive. At the same moment, John broke the news about Hope to Michael and Marcie. Brody caught up to Jessica.
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JUNE 2009
June 1 to 5, 2009
Cris and Layla found a third roommate: Fish. Bess turned to Nash's parents for help after she fled Llanview with Starr's baby. The Brennans were stunned to learn that their son had died. Viki, Clint, Bo, and Brody were close on Bess's heels. Viki pretended to be Jean Randolph in an effort to persuade Bess to release the baby. Eventually, Viki was able to get through to Jessica. With Viki's help, Jessica admitted that her baby had died. Jessica said goodbye to the baby she had raised as her own. Brody found an emotionally distraught Jessica in the nursery. Starr was uncertain about giving Hope up for adoption. Michael and Marcie prepared to welcome home their baby. Stacy asked Stan to punch her in the eye. Stacy used her injury to manipulate Rex. Gigi and Schuyler broke into Rex's loft and found Rex and Stacy in bed together. Dorian confided to Blair that she had deep feelings for Ray. Gigi and Schuyler continued to work together to expose Stay's secrets. Gigi managed to pull out some of Stacy's hair during a fight. Schuyler and Gigi decided to see if the hair and blood were a DNA match.
June 8 to 12, 2009
Cole and Starr were reunited with Hope. Starr reluctantly signed the adoption papers. Marcie overheard Langston tell Markko that Starr had second thoughts about giving Hope up for adoption. Cole participated in the school's graduation ceremony. However, Cole had to pass summer school in order to receive his diploma. Asher bumped into Cole on the docks. Marty admitted to John that she wanted more than friendship with him. John and Blair decided to remain married until the custody of the children was decided. Natalie and Jessica had a heart-to-heart talk. Jessica understood why Natalie had kept the truth about Chloe from Jessica. Jessica blamed herself for Chloe's death. Brody refused to let Jessica push him away. Viki accepted Charlie's proposal of marriage. Schuyler told Gigi that Stacy was a completely different person in Las Vegas. Schuyler compared Stacy's obsession with Rex to Schuyler's addiction to drugs. Shane overheard Gigi tell Schuyler that she had never slept with Brody. Shane wanted Rex to know the truth, but Stacy persuaded Shane to stay quiet. Dorian was brokenhearted when Ray revealed that he had decided to take Lola away for treatment.
June 15 to 19, 2009
Marcie decided to return Hope to Starr. Michael accepted a job with a hospital in Seattle, so that he and Marcie could have a fresh start. Before they left Llanview, the McBains learned that Marcie was pregnant. Cole was arrested after drugs were found on him. Cole's parole was revoked and the judge sentenced him to serve time in jail. Dorian got drunk and created a scene at the graduation party that Langston hosted. Markko's parents were not amused by Dorian's antics. The judge ordered Blair and Todd to move in and raise their children together. Todd manipulated Téa into moving in with him. Jessica said goodbye to her daughter, Chloe Victoria Brennan. Matthew and Shane were the stars at a community center concert. Layla suspected that there was more to Fish and Kyle's friendship than met the eye. Fish asked Layla for a second chance and invited her to a concert. Cris offered Fish advice when he learned about Fish's date with Layla. Rex was not immune to Stacy's charms. Todd walked in just as Cole proposed marriage to Starr.
June 22 to 26, 2009
Todd agreed to move to La Boulaie. Todd secretly objected to Cole and Starr marrying. He had hoped to manipulate Blair into forbidding the wedding. Blair surprised Todd by consenting to the marriage. Téa turned the tables on Todd when she played an audiotape of Todd ranting about Cole and Starr's marriage. Starr was furious when she realized that her father had deceived her. Rex gave in to temptation and slept with Stacy. Gigi revealed to Rex that Stacy had not donated the stem cells to Shane. Rex was stunned when Gigi told him that Stacy had forced her to give Rex up in exchange for saving Shane's life. Destiny's brother, Greg, arrived in Llanview. Greg offered Matthew hope for walking again. Bo and Nora were conflicted about how to proceed with Matthew. John agreed to return to the Llanview police department, but under one condition. Roxy persuaded Natalie and Jared to drop the charges against Kyle. Natalie and Jared told Kyle that there was a price for their cooperation.
June 29 to July 3, 2009
Gigi anxiously awaited Rex's reaction after she revealed the truth about Stacy. At first, Rex appeared not to believe Gigi. However, Rex later explained that his reaction had been for Stacy's benefit; Rex believed Gigi's claim. Rex couldn't bring himself to tell Gigi that he had slept with Stacy. Jared and Natalie forced Kyle to reveal that Roxy had requested a second bag of donor blood in case Shane had a relapse. John Doe's nurse stole the bag of blood from Roxy and then gave it to Stacy. Clint asked Bo to be his best man. Bo reluctantly agreed to Clint's offer. Jessica urged Brody to consider a career in law enforcement. Brody didn't think he'd be accepted into the academy. Blair gave her consent for Starr and Cole to marry. Todd and Téa made love. Blair resented Todd and Téa's relationship. John suggested that Cole go undercover to bust a drug ring. John believed it was the only way for Cole to avoid going to jail. Shaun was furious when Greg stood their sister up for dinner.
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JULY 2009
July 6 to 10, 2009
John interrupted Cole and Starr's wedding to tell them that Cole's sentence had been reduced to community service. Cole and Starr decided to cancel their wedding. Rex wanted to pretend that Shane's leukemia had returned. Rex was confident that once Stacy believed that Shane was sick, she would retrieve the cache of blood that she had hidden. Rex and Gigi made love. Schuyler admitted to Rachel that he had feelings for Gigi. Gigi was furious when Stacy revealed that she had slept with Rex. Greg was certain that Matthew would regain the use of his legs after spinal surgery. Bo and Nora were reluctant to proceed without further information. Viki wondered if Clint's rushed engagement was an attempt to pin Nora down. Viki suggested that Clint was threatened by Bo and Nora's relationship and their history together. Dorian tried to make amends by hosting a dinner party. Markko took a stand against his father. Fish became uncomfortable when Layla noticed that a gay waiter had flirted with him. Kyle warned Cris that Fish was using Layla.
July 13 to 17, 2009
Rex and Gigi told Shane the truth about Stacy. Shane was overjoyed that his parents had reconciled. Rex insisted that Stacy had lied when she had claimed that they had slept together. Rex set a trap for Stacy and caught her with the cache of blood. Stacy asked Rex to make love to her one last time. Markko stood up to his parents when Dorian's dinner party failed to impress his father. Blair used a young lifeguard to make Todd jealous. Téa walked in on Todd and Blair having sex. Téa washed her hands of Todd. Brody learned that he had been accepted at the police academy. Jessica decided it was time to face Starr and Hope. Rachel had reservations about Cole's decision to go undercover to bust a drug ring. Matthew was furious when his parents decided against the spinal surgery. John and Marty kissed, but memories of Todd intruded. Marty accused Todd of making her afraid to love again.
July 20 to 24, 2009
Matthew and Destiny convinced Téa to help Matthew circumvent his parents' decision to forgo the surgery. Greg decided to remain in Llanview. Shaun jumped to the wrong conclusion after he found Rachel and Greg together in a hotel room. Stacy gave Rex the bag of life-saving blood. Later, Stacy smashed up Gigi's car and got into an altercation with her sister. During the fight, Stacy fell down a flight of stairs. Tests revealed that Stacy was pregnant. Rex told Bo about Stacy's vandalism. Bo worried that Stacy was dangerous, and warned Rex to keep Gigi and Shane away from her. Gigi found Stacy in Rex's loft. Todd invited Téa to move into La Boulaie. Dorian broke the news to the family. Blair threatened to kill Todd if he moved his mistress into La Boulaie. Cris found a letter that Fish had written to Kyle. Layla asked Fish if he was gay. Starr and Cole made love. Cole urged Starr to keep her distance while he worked undercover. Rex questioned Roxy about who the stem cell donor was. Rex eventually figured out that the donor was his father.
July 27 to 31, 2009
Markko remained estranged from his father. Markko's mother reached out to her son. Bo urged Rex to tell Gigi the truth about Stacy. Stacy proudly announced her pregnancy. Rex was forced to admit that he had slept with Stacy. Gigi and Rex remained committed to each other. Nora and Bo kissed the night before Nora's wedding to Clint. Matthew witnessed the kiss between his parents and tried to use it to force them to sign the consent forms for his spinal surgery. Bo turned to Lindsay for advice. Rachel urged her mother to postpone her wedding to Clint. Cole reconnected with Asher. Clint and Viki found a wedding album that Asa had intended to give them after their 1982 wedding. Jessica was certain that she had seen Nash on several occasions. Her concerns grew when Bree revealed that her new toy elephant had been a gift from "Daddy." Dorian and Blair decided to drown their sorrows in alcohol.
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August 3 to 7, 2009
Nora was plagued with doubts, but decided to marry Clint. Bo hid his disappointment as he watched his brother marry Nora. Blair envisioned a bleak future with her eccentric aunt. Dorian and Blair got drunk and then decided to crash Viki and Nora's weddings. Blair stumbled to a nearby pew while Dorian proposed a toast to the brides and grooms. Later, Blair and Téa caught the bridal bouquets. Gigi offered to pay for Stacy to have an abortion. After Stacy tossed Gigi out of the loft, Stacy suffered a miscarriage. Stacy decided not to tell anyone that she had lost her baby. Cole met Asher's boss, Serge. Serge managed to bug Cole's apartment. John assigned Brody to work undercover with Cole. Fish was stunned when Kyle confessed that he was in love with him. Cris witnessed a passionate kiss between Kyle and Fish. Cris demanded that Fish be honest with Layla. Jesse continued to catch glimpses of Nash. Rex was stunned when Gigi revealed that Schuyler had kissed her.
August 10 to 14, 2009
Bo and Nora's attorney, Elijah Clarke, warned Téa that he knew her secrets. Téa was unsettled by the revelation. Todd decided to secretly hire Elijah to have the court order forcing Todd to reside with Blair overturned. Rachel informed Matthew that she would not testify. Rachel didn't think that Matthew needed the surgery. Greg promised to tell the truth on the stand; he was confident that Matthew would walk again. Blair hired Rex to look into Téa's past. Blair was determined to find out what Téa was hiding. Rex was surprised to learn that Todd and Téa had been stranded on a deserted island after a shipwreck. Curiously, Rex could not find a record of Téa following her rescue from the island. David Vickers returned to town with a film crew. David wanted to film his new reality-based series in Llanview. Dorian tossed David out of her home. Viki refused to be a part of David's show. Markko managed to get a job with David's crew. Rex was furious when Gigi confessed that Schuyler had kissed her. Stacy's friend, Kim, arrived in Llanview for a visit. Jessica confided to Marty that she'd been catching glimpses of Nash around town. Marty petitioned to be reinstated at the hospital. Cris was surprised to learn that Layla and Fish had made love.
August 17 to 21, 2009
Kim helped Stacy select potential candidates to father Stacy's baby. Stacy's efforts to get pregnant proved to be more difficult than she had anticipated. Fish became jealous when he saw Kyle and Nick, a gym member, talking. Rex was furious when he saw Gigi and Schuyler embracing. Rex and Gigi decided to focus on their relationship instead of constantly arguing. Rachel and Greg were drawn to each other despite their constant heated exchanges. Matthew took the stand. David announced that he had been funding his brother's lawsuit. Clint objected to David's attempt to film his reality-based show at the Buchanan mansion. Todd accused Blair of investigating Téa out of spite rather than concern for the children. Blair kissed Todd to prove a point. Jessica turned to Madame Delphina for advice. Viki refuses to endorse Mayor Lowell. Viki believed that Llanview deserved better than a crooked politician. Dorian suggested that Viki run for mayor. Marty decided that the best way to get Todd out of her head was to get into his.
August 24 to 28, 2009
Marty and Todd found new insight during a therapy session. Todd persuaded Téa not to leave town. Todd and Téa made love. Elijah managed to help Todd with his custody issues. Blair was determined to dig up the truth about Téa. Blair flew to Tahiti to talk to Ross Rayburn. Todd proposed marriage to Téa while Ross revealed to Blair that he was married to Téa. Stacy's attempts to drug and seduce Schuyler failed. Schuyler insisted that he only wanted to be with Gigi. Layla confronted Fish about his homosexuality. Layla realized that Fish was terrified of admitting the truth. Fish and Kyle had an ugly confrontation. Afterwards, Fish and Stacy had a drunken sexual encounter. Fish went home and admitted to Cris and Layla that he was gay. Greg and Rachel continued to be drawn to each other despite their efforts to keep their distance. John and Fish launched a sting operation to flush out the dirty cop. John and Fish discovered that Keaton and Mayor Lowell were in cahoots. Dorian agreed to be Mayor Lowell's campaign manager. Viki decided to run for mayor.
August 31 to September 3, 2009
Blair was stunned when Ross revealed that he was married to Téa. Blair persuaded Ross to grant Téa a divorce. Téa happily accepted Todd's proposal and then moved ahead with wedding plans. Ross agreed to return to Llanview with Blair. Todd spotted Cole selling drugs to a kid in the park. Starr was forced to reveal the truth about Cole when Todd confronted her with a picture of Cole selling drugs. Dorian overheard Starr explaining Cole's undercover assignment to Todd. Dorian shared the information with the mayor, not realizing that he was part of the drug ring that Cole was attempting to infiltrate. The mayor decided that Cole had to die. Sergei targeted Starr and Hope. Fish discovered that his parents had decided to drive to Llanview. Fish was determined to live a lie for the sake of his parents. Carlotta suspected that Cris was gay. Cris made it clear to his mother that she had the wrong impression. Shaun suspected that Rachel was drawn to his brother. Rachel denied being attracted to Greg, but she didn't pull away when Greg kissed her.
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September 7 to 11, 2009
Téa was relentless as she cross-examined Rachel on the witness stand. Rachel was forced to admit that she had been a drug addict, had turned to prostitution, and had murdered Georgie Phillips. Greg didn't think less of Rachel; he considered her a survivor. Rachel and Greg kissed, but Rachel pulled away. Rachel didn't want to hurt Shaun, even though she had decided to end things with him. Sergei and his henchman invaded La Boulaie. They beat Todd unconscious. Shaun was shot trying to save Starr and Hope from being kidnapped by the Russian goons. Before Shaun went into surgery, he told Rachel that he loved her. Starr and Hope were held hostage in a warehouse, at the mercy of madmen. Bo, John, Brody, and Fish converged at the warehouse to save Starr and her daughter. Mayor Lowell was arrested after John exposed the mayor's plot to kill Cole. Ross spied on Téa, but was careful to remain hidden from view. Rex finally managed to get Stacy to an obstetrician. Stacy was shocked when the doctor revealed that Stacy was three to seven days pregnant. Gigi showed Schuyler the home pregnancy test box that she had found in Stacy's trash can. Gigi reasoned that if Stacy had lied about being a bone marrow match for Shane, then she might lie about the pregnancy.
September 14 to 18, 2009
John, Brody, and Fish worked with Bo to rescue Starr and Hope from Sergei. When the ordeal was over, Sergei was dead. A rusty metal bar had impaled Brody during a confrontation with one of Starr's captors. Brody's condition was grave, but he survived his injuries. Shaun went into cardiac arrest during his second surgery. Greg blamed himself for his brother's permanent coma. Bo gave Brody, John, and Fish medals of commendation. Bo also publicly acknowledged Shaun's bravery. Bo was touched when David privately pinned one of the medals on his father's shirt. Brody offered to quit the police force for Jessica's sake. Jessica refused to allow Brody to make such a personal sacrifice. Jessica's stalker made another move; Jared was attacked. Gigi suspected that Rex might not be the father of Stacy's child. Schuyler recalled Stacy's attempt to seduce him. Dorian announced that she would take Stanley Lowell's place in the mayoral race. Viki looked forward to the competition. David's dream of becoming a reality-based television star ended abruptly. Dorian quickly hired David to manage her election campaign. Oliver's parents arrived in Llanview. They had a less than tolerant reaction to the idea that Fish was rooming with a gay man. In the heat of the moment, Fish revealed that he was gay, not Cris. As expected, Fish's parents did not take the news well. Cole received his GED. Todd threatened to burn down the cabana after he had learned that Blair had a man stashed inside. Blair managed to keep Todd from discovering Ross. Téa called off her wedding to Todd.
September 21 to 26, 2009
Greg felt responsible for Shaun's coma. Rachel tried to help Greg understand that he had not intentionally harmed Shaun. Destiny refused to give up hope that Shaun would wake up. Nora and Bo were stunned when the judge ruled in Matthew's favor. Nora pleaded with Matthew to reconsider the operation. David and Bo had a frank discussion about Matthew's situation. David realized that part of Bo's fears for Matthew stemmed from the horror of losing Drew. David and Bo reached a new understanding. Viki urged Téa to be honest with Todd. Téa couldn't admit that she had married Ross. Téa and Todd decided to get married immediately. Dorian tried to tempt Ross to abandon Blair's plan. Rex proposed marriage to Gigi, but she turned him down. Gigi wanted to get married for the right reasons, not because Rex was afraid of losing her. Stacy had second thoughts about proceeding with her plans. She changed her mind after she witnessed Gigi and Rex together. John questioned Jared's story about being attacked by the stalker. Oliver's parents couldn't accept their son's homosexuality, but they did reach out to him before they left town. David proposed spying on Viki in the hopes of discovering something that could discredit her with the voters.
September 28 to October 2, 2009
Lionel Richie, featuring Jeremih, performed at Ultraviolet. Ross snatched Blair before she could stop Todd and Téa's wedding. Todd and Téa married for the third time. The next morning, Téa found the check that Dorian had written to Ross. Blair overheard a revealing conversation between Ross and Dorian. Schuyler learned that he would not be allowed to return to teaching. Gigi encouraged Schuyler to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. At Gigi's urging, Schuyler took a job at Rodi's to help pay for school. Kim and Stacy decided to make trouble for Gigi and Rex. Kim invited Schuyler on a date in an effort to make Gigi jealous. John suspected that Jared was hiding something. Jared made contact with the man that was stalking Jessica. Markko and Langston made love; they had no idea that Markko's camera had recorded them. Fish told Kyle that he loved him. Kyle claimed that he had moved on with Nick. Blair revealed to Todd that Téa was married to another man. Natalie discovered Jared on the patio, leaning over a dead man; Jared was covered in blood. Téa met face-to-face with Ross at La Boulaie.
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October 5 to 9, 2009
Ross hinted to Blair that Téa was hiding more than her marriage to Ross. Blair ordered Ross to leave when he refused to elaborate about his cryptic comments. Todd confronted Téa with the truth. Téa was stunned when Todd revealed that she was legally married to Ross, not him. Téa went to La Boulaie to confront Blair. During the heated exchange, Téa revealed too much. Blair figured out that Téa had given birth to Todd's baby years earlier. Blair was determined to tell Todd. After a brief struggle with Téa, Blair crashed through a second story window. Greg refused to operate on Matthew. Matthew decided to find another doctor to perform the surgery that might help him to walk. Dorian announced that she and her campaign manager, Amelia, were engaged. Dorian hoped to show potential voters that she was serious about gay issues. Oliver became suspicious after he witnessed a meeting between Amelia and Nick. Jared was arrested after evidence pointed to him as the person who had murdered Jessica's stalker. Jared insisted that he had been set up. Gigi became jealous when she saw Schuyler on a date with Kim. Oliver learned that Stacy was pregnant. Stacy lied when she assured Oliver that he wasn't the father of her baby.
October 12 to 16, 2009
To the delight of everyone, Shaun emerged from his coma. Greg and Rachel were on the verge of making love when they received the news about Shaun. Matthew felt betrayed when his parents informed him that they intended to enroll him at a school in London. Blair couldn't remember what had happened just before her fall out of the window. Todd suggested that Blair turn to Marty for help. Ross tried to find information that would lead him to his daughter. Todd refused to forgive Téa; he accused her of intentionally trying to harm Blair. Rex and Gigi's relationship remained rocky. Gigi admitted that she had been jealous when she had seen Schuyler and Kim together. Jared confessed to Natalie that he knew the stalker and that he had been in contact with the man. Jared turned up missing, and Natalie desperately searched for her husband. Madame Delphina warned Jessica and Brody that the person who had killed Wayne Landers would strike again. Natalie made a gruesome discovery at the Buchanan Lodge.
October 19 to 23, 2009
John and Natalie discovered Pamela Stuart's body at the Buchanan Lodge. John suspected that Jared had killed Pamela after Jared's wallet had been found near the body. Natalie was certain that Jared had been framed. Todd asked Marty to help Blair recover her missing memories. Under hypnosis, Blair recalled Téa's secret. Blair decided not to tell Todd about Téa's child. Blair reminded Marty that she was bound by doctor/patient confidentiality. Téa confessed to Rachel that a DNA test had confirmed that Todd was the father of Téa's daughter. Matthew accused his parents of kidnapping him. Bo and Nora did not regret their decision to enroll Matthew at a new school in England. Matthew was instantly smitten with a girl at the Warwick Academy. Destiny enlisted David's help to find Matthew. Nick asked Kyle to marry him. Oliver was surprised when Kyle accepted Nick's proposal of marriage. Starr and Langston confronted Dorian about her claim that she was a lesbian. David hoped that Starr and Langston would persuade Dorian to drop her plans to marry Amelia. Dorian remained determined to go through with the gay marriage ceremony. Rex and Gigi decided to go to counseling, in order to get their relationship back on track. Rex backed out of the therapy session at the last minute, in order to help Natalie search for Jared. Mrs. Evans warned Greg not to pursue Rachel because Shaun was in love with her. Layla and Cris kissed, but Layla felt as if she were betraying her sister, Evangeline. Blair agreed to drop the kidnapping charges against Ross. Jessica was stunned to hear Nash's voice on the other end of the phone line.
October 26 to 30, 2009
Ross and Téa found Blair and Todd in a compromising position. Blair accused Téa and Ross of trying to fleece Todd out of his fortune. Téa and Ross went along with Blair's lie, in order to protect their secret. Téa managed to prevent Ross from speaking to Danielle. Ross discovered that Danielle was in England. Elijah warned Téa that Ross was hot on Danielle's trail. Destiny enlisted David's help to track down Matthew. David and Destiny flew to England. Nadine, Brody's sister, called her brother for help. Brody didn't realize that he'd been lured into a trap until it was too late. Jessica continued to receive phone calls from "Nash." The person calling Jessica asked her to meet him at the vineyard in Napa Valley. Gigi was hurt when Rex backed out of their first counseling session, in order to take a job. Gigi ended up going to a concert and a Halloween Party with Schuyler. Schuyler was stunned when Gigi admitted that she had feelings for him. Natalie and Rex teamed up to search for Jared. Natalie was determined to run away with her husband if they could not clear him of the murder charges. John was worried that Natalie was headed for a trap. Cris and Layla decided that they couldn't pursue a relationship with each other. Cris offered to move out of the apartment. Oliver tried to stop Kyle from marrying Nick. Oliver was livid when a few citizens tried to stop the mass gay wedding ceremony. Kyle was impressed by the way that Oliver had stood up the angry protesters. Bo and Nora kissed. Bo insisted that he and Nora had to talk about their relationship. Nora was stunned when Bo revealed that he was in love with her.
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November 2 to 6, 2009
Bo and Nora admitted that they were in love with each other. Nora decided that she had to end things with Clint. With Destiny's blessing, Matthew and Danielle slipped out of the Warwick Academy. Téa feared that Danielle would seek out Ross. Kyle realized that he couldn't marry Nick because he was in love with Oliver. Oliver and Kyle decided to start their new relationship by going out on a date. Langston expected Markko to vote for Dorian. Markko feared that Langston would discover that he had actually voted for Viki. Rex received a call from his Aunt Corrine. Corrine lured Rex to Michigan. Corrine and Brody's sister, Nadine, were in cahoots. John tracked down Brody and Rex. Corrine and Nadine claimed that they had no idea who had hired them. Corrine offered to tell Rex who his father was. Natalie disappeared after she had received a text message from Jared requesting that she meet him alone. Jessica encountered Jared. Jared claimed that he had no idea where Natalie was. Viki discovered that someone had dug up Nash's coffin and then absconded with the contents. Jessica found Nash in the vineyard's greenhouse. Rachel told Shaun that she wasn't romantically interested in him. Shaun discovered Rachel and Greg in a heated kiss. Gigi made a drunken pass at Schuyler.
November 9 to 13, 2009
Jessica was horrified to discover that Mitch Laurence was her stalker. Mitch revealed that Jared was hiding a terrible secret about his father. John and Brody reached Natalie and Jessica in the nick of time. Mitch shot Jared before John was able to disarm Mitch. Jared was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Mitch claimed that Jared had kidnapped him and that Jared had been behind the stalking and the murders. Jared told Charlie that Charlie had killed Jared's stepfather during a drunken rage. Charlie had no recollection of the event. Jared succumbed to the gunshot wound. Natalie was devastated when the doctor informed her that Jared had died. Gigi made a drunken pass at Schuyler. Schuyler took Gigi to his place, so that she could sleep off the effects of drinking too much tequila. Roxy saw Gigi leaving Schuyler's room the following morning. Later, Schuyler assured Gigi that they had not had sex. Rex learned that his father was Mitch Laurence. Rex returned to Llanview to confront Roxy with the truth. Matthew and Danielle managed to make it to Seattle before their parents caught up with them. Bo and Nora were heartbroken when they realized that they were too late to stop Matthew's surgery. Destiny was shocked when she caught Greg and Rachel kissing. Destiny begged Greg to fly to Seattle to perform Matthew's surgery. Michael and Marcie McBain welcomed their newborn baby boy into the world. The McBains named their son Gabriel.
November 16 to 20, 2009
Mitch showed no remorse for his wrongdoings, as he continued to plot against the people of Llanview. Natalie was devastated when she was told that Jared had died. A grief-stricken Natalie lashed out at John. The Napa Valley police decided to hold Mitch instead of extraditing him to Llanview. Charlie blamed himself for Jared's death. Rex confronted Roxy with the birth certificate that Corrine had given him. Roxy refused to answer Rex's questions. Roxy was shocked to learn that Mitch was alive. Rex told Gigi that Mitch was his biological father. Gigi assured Rex that his paternity didn't change who Rex was as a person. Blair urged Todd to settle things with Téa once and for all. Todd met Téa's daughter. Danielle was not impressed with Todd. Ross learned that Danielle was not his biological daughter. Ross turned violent when Téa objected to Ross leaving with Danielle. Greg stepped in when Dr. Nance was unable to complete the surgery on Matthew. Greg was hopeful that Matthew's surgery had been a success. Bo and Nora continued to hide their relationship from Clint. Dorian learned that a heartbroken David had decided to stay in London. Schuyler walked in on Stacy as Kim was adjusting the pregnancy padding.
November 23 to 27, 2009
Mitch continued plotting and playing mind games with everyone. Roxy was stunned when she heard that Mitch was alive. Rex told Natalie that Mitch was his father. Roxy refused to confirm or deny that Mitch had raped her. Natalie urged Rex not to contact Mitch for the safety of Rex's children. Téa told Ross that he was not Danielle's biological father. Ross tried to strangle Téa. Todd entered Téa's hotel room in time to find Ross looming over Téa's unconscious body. Todd demanded to know if Danielle was his daughter. Téa confirmed Todd's suspicions about Danielle. Stacy claimed that Schuyler had fathered her baby. Stacy threatened to reveal that Gigi had spent the night with Schuyler if Schuyler told Rex the truth about the baby's paternity. Viki decided to step down as mayor of Llanview for the sake of her family. Dorian was thrilled when she learned that the city council had decided to appoint Dorian as the new mayor. Nora decided to wait to tell Clint that she was leaving him for Bo. Clint arranged for Bo, Nora, and the Evanses to fly to Seattle to spend Thanksgiving with Matthew, Rachel, and Greg. Matthew felt sensation in his legs.
November 30 to December 4, 2009
Mitch continued to terrorize the citizens of Llanview. Friends and family gathered to say goodbye to Jared. Mitch threw open the casket and then sat up to greet everyone in the church. Natalie demanded to know where Jared's body was. Mitch announced that the state of California had dropped all charges against him. Bo and John arrested Mitch for his morbid stunt during Jared's memorial service. Téa and Todd learned that Dani had slipped away from Child Protective Services. Dani sought refuge in Matthew's hospital room. Destiny exposed Dani's hiding place. Ross managed to catch up to Dani before Todd and Téa. Armed with a gun, Ross used Destiny as a shield, in order to escape the hospital with Dani. Rex warned Stacy to be careful because Mitch might have designs on the baby. Rex told Jessica that Mitch was his biological father. Jessica and Rex talked about what it felt like to be the child of a monster. The stress of Jared's death proved to be too much for Charlie to bear. Charlie began drinking again. Kim turned up at the Buchanan mansion claiming that Jared had hired her. Dorian was arrested when she tried to legalize gay marriage. Dorian found herself incarcerated next to Mitch. Dorian was rattled when Mitch began talking about her girls. The All-American Rejects performed at Ultraviolet. Nick was the victim of a hate crime when a group of thugs jumped him in Rodi's back alley.
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December 7 to 11, 2009
Ross took Blair and Dani hostage. Blair managed to slip a GPS device into her purse. Blair activated the tracking device in the hopes that someone would be able to find her and Dani. Ross decided to head to Canada with his hostages. Téa and Todd set aside their differences, in order to focus on finding their daughter. Ross found himself trapped on a bridge with no means of escape. Téa, Todd, Nora, and Bo caught up with Ross, Blair, and Dani. Kim hatched a plan for Nevil to pose as Nigel long enough to tell Clint about Bo and Nora's affair. Kyle and Oliver vowed to find the men who had attacked Nick. Matthew continued to recover from surgery; he experienced greater movement in his legs. Natalie stabbed Mitch. Mitch was rushed to the hospital. John took steps to cover up Natalie's crime. Rex warned Stacy that Mitch could target the baby. Rex and Jessica were determined to make certain that Mitch never went near their children. Rex decided to call it quits with Gigi because of her continued feelings for Schuyler. Schuyler confided to Rachel that Stacy was pregnant with his child. Charlie plunged deeper into the grips of his addiction.
December 14 to 18, 2009
Trapped on a bridge, Ross realized that his chances for escape were slim. Ross grabbed Blair, in an effort to use her as a human shield. Todd offered to take Blair's place. Blair managed to break free from Ross. The standoff ended in tragedy. Todd shot and killed Ross, as Ross tried to grab Danielle's hand in order to jump into a raging river. Danielle lashed out at Téa and Todd. Téa was devastated by Danielle's rejection. Blair and Téa had a heart-to-heart talk; the rivals managed to forge a truce. Matthew invited Danielle to live at the Buchanan mansion. Clint decided to hurt Nora as deeply as she had hurt him. Nora was stunned when she discovered Clint in bed with Kim. Clint confronted Nora about her affair with Bo. Nora offered to move out. Mitch slowly recovered from being stabbed. Mitch accused John of attacking him. John advised Brody to report everything that Mitch had said. John promised that the evidence would not support Mitch's claims. Mitch threatened to harm one of Dorian's girls if she didn't fire Bo. Jessica realized that Charlie had been drinking. Charlie convinced Jessica that he was back on the program, so Jessica agreed not to say anything about his drinking. Rex made the painful decision to end things with Gigi because of her feelings for Schuyler. Viki invited Gigi to move in to the cabin. Nick manipulated Kyle, so that Nick could recover at Kyle's place.
December 21 to 25, 2009
Clint was furious about Nora's betrayal. In his anger, Clint pulled out a shotgun, but he opted to disown Bo rather than shoot him. Nora decided to move to the Palace Hotel with Matthew and Danielle. Clint vowed to make Nora and Bo pay for cuckolding him. Kim offered Clint a shoulder to cry on. Kim was surprised to learn that Clint had ordered a background investigation on her. Nigel and Renee were determined to save Clint from Kim's gold-digging clutches. Stacy paid Mitch a visit. Mitch revealed that he wanted Stacy's child to raise as his own, since Rex and Jessica were beyond his reach. Mitch promised to make certain that Stacy ended up with Rex if she agreed to Mitch's terms. Mitch threatened to kill one of Dorian's girls if Dorian didn't fire Bo. Gigi and Schuyler explored their new relationship. Roxy offered Nick a room to stay in, but Nick wasn't interested. Nick was determined to break up Kyle and Oliver. Greg invited Rachel to his mother's house for Christmas. Rachel declined because she had to look for a new place to live. Greg asked Rachel to move in with him. Elijah decided to remain in Llanview until Téa and Danielle were reunited. Matthew was able to stand on his own for the first time since the car accident. Danielle encouraged Matthew to take his first step. Destiny was thrilled to see Matthew out of his wheelchair. Todd was furious when Téa told him that Danielle had her own room at the Palace Hotel. Téa suggested that Danielle needed space, in order to deal with Ross's death. Todd reluctantly agreed to follow Téa's advice. Todd invited Téa to spend Christmas with him.
December 28, 2009 to January 1, 2010
Bo and Nora decided to close the case of Mitch's stabbing despite their suspicions that John was hiding something. Dorian and Clint joined forces against Bo and Nora. Clint invited Kim to attend the Mayor's Ball with him. Dorian publicly accused Bo of corruption and having an affair with the district attorney. Nora felt terrible that Bo had lost his brother and his job because of her. Langston was surprised when she bumped into Ford. Ford revealed that he had returned to live in Llanview. Ford also confessed that he had not been able to stop thinking about Langston. Destiny told Matthew that she loved him. Matthew didn't return Destiny's feelings. Destiny ran off in tears. Kyle caught Nick in a lie. Kyle was furious when he realized that Nick had been manipulating him. Nick promised to be gone when Kyle returned. Kyle found Oliver at Ultraviolet. Kyle and Oliver returned to Kyle's place and then made love. Schuyler explained to Rachel that he couldn't tell Gigi about Stacy's baby until he was certain that Gigi loved him enough to forgive him. Schuyler and Gigi made love. Stacy refused to hand her baby over to Mitch. Rex warned Mitch to stay away from his family. Danielle was determined to avenge Ross's death. Danielle stole a gun and then tracked down Todd. Blair managed to persuade Danielle to lower the gun. Téa promised that her relationship with Todd was over, in an effort to make amends to Danielle.
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