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January 7 to 11, 2008
Viki became Marcie's hostage. Marcie tried to figure out a way out of her desperate situation. John quickly realized that he had to call the police. The situation escalated when the news crews showed up with the police. Word quickly spread. In Llanview, everyone was glued to their televisions as they watched the crisis unfold. Viki's children were stunned as details of her life in Paris, TX, were revealed. The situation became critical when Viki showed signs of organ rejection due to the stress she was under and a missed dose of medication. Michael arrived and managed to convince the police to let him in to assess Viki's condition and talk to Marcie. Marcie and Michael were reunited, but it was bittersweet. Viki was released while Michael stayed behind, hoping to convince Marcie to turn herself in. Marcie realized that she would not be leaving the café with Tommy. Gigi was arrested for her role in helping Marcie evade arrest. Jess continued to play Tess but Jared wasn't easily convinced. Clint and Nora finally admitted that they felt more than friendship for each other.
January 14 to 18, 2008
Michael convinced Marcie to give herself up to the police. Todd quickly took Tommy from her arms and started referring to his son as Sam. Marcie was arrested and taken into custody. She was put in the same cell as Gigi. She apologized to her new friend for dragging her into the mess. Viki announced that she would not press charges or testify against Marcie. Gigi was released from jail in time to join her friends at the Bon Jour Café and bid farewell to Viki. Dorian told Charlie some misleading truths about Viki. Todd and Blair brought Sam home. Starr and Jack were waiting to welcome their brother into the family. Bo had a surprise for Jared when he invited a special guest to the board meeting. Markko resented Langston offering to pay for their dates. Langston and Cole attended a grief counseling group session. Clint and Nora decided to let Bo know that they were more than just friends.
January 21 to 25, 2008
Jared called Jessica's bluff and had her committed to St. Ann's. Nash was reluctant to clear things up. He was concerned that Jessica would continue down the same path, which would threaten her integration. While she was waiting to be released, Jessica had a surprise encounter with Allison Perkins. Allison taunted Jessica, telling that she knew something that Jessica didn't. Addie was certain that she had seen Miles before. Lindsay admitted to R.J. that she faked her breakdown. Viki was worried when Charlie didn't return her calls. She asked Rex to help her find him. Rex's frustrations mounted as he continued to have more questions than answers about the Balsam side of his family. Todd was surprised by Blair's admission that she had been "seeing" Margaret lately. Gigi reached out to John McBain for help after an unexpected visit from Ramsey.
January 28 to February 1, 2008
Starr was upset when she caught Langston and Cole in a lie. Blair struggled to bond with Sam. Todd and Blair made love. Rex demanded answers from Roxy about the identity of his real father. Roxy lied and told Rex that Charlie was his father. She pleaded with Charlie to go along with the lie. John took Gigi and Shane to Llanview. He moved them into his apartment, under his personal protection, until Todd and Ramsey were no longer a threat to them. Jessica insisted on staying at St. Anne's without telling her mother and Nash why. She wanted answers from Allison and realized that the only way she could get them was to remain a patient. Cryptically, Allison said that while Mitch was dead, his secret was still very much alive. Dorian paid Jared a visit to talk about Charlie. Viki went to Dorian's house and was shocked when Charlie opened the door.
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February 4 to 8, 2008
Charlie told Viki that Rex was his son. Blair questioned Cole and Langston about the nature of their friendship. When they realized that Blair thought that they were romantically involved, they told her that they were planning a surprise party for Starr. Todd made it clear to Ramsey that he wanted nothing to do with Ramsey's plans to kill Gigi and Shane. Ramsey wasn't swayed. Adriana shared with Rex her suspicions that Shane was his son. Rex went to Gigi for answers. Jared sold Nash 1% of the vineyard, making them equal partners again. Jess and Natalie helped Allison escape from St. Anne's. Antonio managed to convince Bo to hire Talia back. Bo reminded him that there was a "no fraternization" policy for the members of the Llanview police force. Jack had questions about Todd's past.
February 11 to 15, 2008
Charlie gave Jared an ultimatum: Jared must give up his charade of being a Buchanan or he had to walk away from Natalie once and for all. If Jared continued down the same path, Charlie promised he would tell everyone that he, not Asa Buchanan, was Jared's father. Todd posted Marcie's bail. Blair was surprised when Todd decided to open up to her about everything he had done rather than falling back on old habits and lying. The mayor fired Bo and shocked everyone with the announcement that he had appointed Lee Ramsey as the new police commissioner. Starr was stunned when she walked into her surprise Sweet 16 party. The Queen of Hip Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige, returned to Llanview to sing at Starr's party. Allison managed to give Natalie and Jessica the slip. Nora thought she had found a way to expose Lindsay.
February 18 to 22, 2008
Jared tried to disarm Allison. During the struggle, both tumbled over the balcony. Jared managed to hang on while Allison chose to die with her secret. Miraculously, she survived the fall, but barely. Cris and Sarah made love. Natalie continued to be torn about her feelings for Jared especially after the incident with Allison. Ramsey met with Gigi and insisted that she remain in Llanview. Viki offered Gigi a place to stay when she learned of her decision to stay in town. Shane was thrilled with the new arrangements. Ramsey played his games with Todd. Cole was disturbed to learn that Ramsey was the new police commissioner. Langston lied to Starr about a phone call.
February 25 to 29, 2008
Todd decided to move his family to Hawaii. Starr reacted badly to the news and turned to Cole and Langston. Markko felt left out when Langston and Cole rush off after receiving a text message from Starr and neither bothered to even say goodbye. Nash suffered a setback with his plans for the vineyard. Talia has a very uncomfortable encounter with Lee Ramsey. Ramsey was livid when John was reinstated on the police force. John and Antonio questioned Natalie and Jessica concerning Allison's escape from St. Anne's. A sketch of Allison's accomplices incriminated them further. Luckily, Jared and Nash were able to alter the sketches before anyone had a chance to see them. Marcie took the first steps with moving forward. Dorian made a surprise discovery when she reviewed a videotape. Allison woke up.
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MARCH 2008
March 3 to 7, 2008
Jess and Natalie were relieved to hear from Michael that Allison wasn't really awake. Opening her eyes had been an involuntary action. Carlotta grew concerned when she discovered that her bank accounts had been frozen. Dorian and Nora reached an agreement in regards to the incriminating videotape. Natalie offered Gigi a job at Buchanan Enterprises after Rex put in a good word for her. Todd freaked out when he found Starr and Cole alone together in Langston's old house. He beat Cole up, convinced that he had raped Starr. Starr insisted that nothing had happened between her and Cole because Todd had interrupted them and ruined everything. Blair tried to reason with Todd but he refused to listen. He remained convinced that Cole raped his daughter. Sarah and Layla invited Talia to move in with them.
March 10 to 14, 2008
Charlie and Jared managed to beat Dorian at her own game. Ramsey tried to glean information from Dorian but she refused to cooperate. Antonio learned that his bank accounts and assets were frozen because of a pending lawsuit filed by the victims of the Santi family reign of terror. Starr met her new bodyguard, Sean. Blair asked Starr if she loved Cole enough to let him go. Gigi told Shane not to tell anyone when his birthday was. Adriana's trip was extended. Natalie put Rex on the spot by asking him uncomfortable questions about Gigi. Shane was curious why there weren't any pictures of his dad. Walter Honeycutt offered to help Bo and Clint with their business troubles. The name Ramsey rang a bell but Walter couldn't quite put his finger on why it did. Nigel and Jared had a revealing conversation in Natalie's office, not realizing that Natalie had a recorder on for a business meeting. Later, Natalie rewound the tape and started to listen to it.
March 17 to 21, 2008
Blair ran interference when Cole snuck into the house to see Starr. Rex and Jared exchanged blows over Gigi. Adriana threatened to sever all ties with Dorian unless her mother made certain that Adriana's wedding went off without any problems. Roxy and Charlie realized that they were both in Atlantic City when Rex was conceived. Lindsay gave Clint some useful information about Warren Cobb's past. Bo and Clint clashed over business tactics. Nash asked Sarah to go to Napa with him on business. Jessica and Cris reminisced about their past. Shane celebrated his birthday. Adriana pushed Gigi for the name of Shane's father. Clint asked the family to join him at the Buchanan Lodge. Jared and Natalie found themselves alone at the lodge during an ice storm. Bo and Nora's car swerved off the road as they headed to the lodge. Starr was startled when Langston walked into her bedroom. Starr was unable to hide the pregnancy test kit in time.
March 24 to 28, 2008
Gigi's confession to Rex that Shane was his son fell on deaf ears. Rex had his headphones on and didn't hear a word of it. When Adriana walked in, Gigi began to apologize profusely, thinking she had heard what Gigi said. Adriana didn't hear the confession, however Gigi's repeated apologies raised questions with her. Starr lashed out at her father in anger. She told Marcie that Todd physically abused Sam. She changed her story when Marcie called John to report the abuse. Todd was furious when he learned that Starr was at Marcie's house. He was convinced that Cole and Starr were using Marcie as a go between to meet secretly. Starr was forced to tell her father the real reason why she was at Marcie's house. Jared managed to keep Natalie from listening to the damaging tape. Later, he convinced her to erase it by telling her that it recorded a private conversation of him confessing his feelings for Natalie to Nigel. Jared shared some of his childhood pain with Charlie. Charlie realized the extent of his failures as a father.
March 31 to April 4, 2008
Jared finally told Natalie the truth about not being a Buchanan. Natalie was furious but decided to keep quiet about it. She felt that the truth would put Buchanan Enterprises in jeopardy. Nigel reminded Jared that he still couldn't date Natalie. Ramsey planted drugs on John and then arranged for Antonio to find them. Starr had nightmares before her first day back at school. Lindsay hit a little too close to home when she accused Nora of having conflicted feelings for Clint and Bo. Sarah and Nash flew to Napa. Cris and Jessica were left behind in Llanview, trying to pretend that they weren't bothered by the trip. Viki jumped to conclusions about Charlie's intentions. She mistook his attempt at a confession for a wedding proposal, Viki prepared to give him her answer. Starr finally took a pregnancy test. She and Langston were stunned by the results.
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APRIL 2008
April 7 to 11, 2008
Starr was filled with dread when she realized that the results of her pregnancy test were positive. Marcie opened up to Rex about her rocky marriage. Natalie met with Pamela Stuart. Cris was surprised when Nash answered Sarah's hotel room phone. Blair took over the owner of Capricorn. John and Talia admitted that there was more between then than just friendship. Viki was dismayed to learn that the disturbing allegations about Clint's recent business practices were true. Lindsay agreed to help Clint gather information on Calvin Jenkins. Calvin reassured Dorian that he did not have any skeletons hiding in his closet. Gigi admitted to Rex that she still loved Shane's father. When Antonio caught John and Talia in a compromising position, things turned violent. Langston found a pamphlet about abortion in Starr's bag.
April 14 to 18, 2008
Starr decided to have an abortion at a clinic in New Jersey. Langston dressed as Starr and acted as a decoy so that Starr could sneak out. John nearly kissed Natalie. Sarah and Nash returned to Llanview. Their closeness made Jessica and Cris uncomfortable. Nora was upset when she learned about Clint's questionable business practices. Ramsey gave Cole a warning. Adriana wasn't happy to discover that Rex had invited Gigi and Shane to the wedding. Cole questioned Langston about where Starr went. Langston told him but didn't say why. As Cole raced to the clinic, Starr was led into a treatment room. Cole stormed into the clinic looking for Starr. When he saw the pamphlets and posters, he realized why Starr was there.
April 21 to 25, 2008
Starr changed her mind about having the abortion and left the clinic with Cole. Later, Cole asked Starr to run away with him. Clint received some damaging information about Calvin's sons. Antonio learned some heartbreaking news about Jamie. Natalie called Jared out on his jealousy. Cris had an explosive reaction to seeing John and Talia out. Dorian and Layla found Brody Lovett. Marcie was hurt when Adriana asked her to handle the guest book at the wedding; she had hoped that Adriana would ask her to be a bridesmaid. Bo learned that Clint hired Rex.
April 28 to May 2, 2008
Cole and Starr decided to run away from Llanview and start over in a new place so that they could raise their baby together. Blair turned to John for help while Todd went to Ramsey. Calvin decided to sever his partnership with Dorian. She realized Viki was behind Calvin's decision. Antonio gave into temptation and stole money during a drug bust so that he could pay for Jamie's medical treatment. Ramsey lurked nearby and watched as Antonio took the money. Gigi came close to telling Rex that he was Shane's father. Jared arranged to spend some time with Natalie away from the Buchanan's watchful eyes. Natalie was furious when she realized that she'd been tricked.
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MAY 2008
May 5 to 9, 2008
Snoop Dogg paid Llanview a visit. Cole and Starr settled into their new life, but Blair and John were hot on their heels. Todd also figured out where his daughter was hiding. Natalie and Jared decided to keep Jared's lie going. Langston told Dorian that she was pregnant. Adriana was determined to keep Rex from learning that Shane was his son, but Gigi told Marcie that she was still in love with Rex. Charlie urged Rex not to marry Adriana if there were any doubts. Antonio and Talia revealed their love for each other. John, Talia, and Antonio were working together to take Ramsey down. David Vickers resurfaced at the Bon Jour Café, where he was working. Blair realized that Todd was still the same, and she expressed her displeasure over his most recent actions.
May 12 to 16, 2008
Antonio and Talia managed to steal some time to be alone together. David Vickers returned to Llanview with an agenda after overhearing a private conversation between Natalie and Jared. Gigi told Marcie that she was in love with Rex and he was Shane's father. A drunken Rex turned to Bo for advice. Rex was late arriving at the church. Langston was forced to tell Dorian that she wasn't pregnant. In an effort to sabotage Adriana's wedding to Rex, Dorian paid Brody to disappear and urged Gigi to tell Rex the truth about Shane. Todd, Blair and John caught up to Starr and Cole. Todd tried to force Starr to leave with him with tragic results. Starr fell down a long flight of stairs.
May 19 to 23, 2008
Gigi was stunned when Brody made an appearance at Adriana and Rex's wedding. Blair took steps to keep Todd away from Starr after she learned that her daughter was pregnant. Blair made it clear that she wanted Todd to remain in the dark about Starr's baby for as long as possible. Ramsey recruited Antonio to help with a jewel heist. Talia was framed for the crime. Bo learned of Lindsay's role in helping Clint save Buchanan Enterprises. David's attempt to blackmail Jared and Natalie failed miserably. Cole told Nora the reason he and Starr ran away. Todd decided to remove Sam from La Boulaie. Adriana and Todd's cars collided.
May 26 to 30, 2008
Todd lost custody of Sam because he did not have Sam in a car seat during the car accident. Blair was awarded temporary custody of Sam. Dorian resorted to drugging and kidnapping Charlie, and forcing alcohol down his throat in order to keep him from going to Viki with the truth about Jared. Viki was worried about Charlie's sudden disappearance. Marcie broke down after learning that Sam called Blair "Mommy."
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JUNE 2008
June 2 to 6, 2008
Dorian stood up at the Buchanan Enterprises shareholders meeting and announced that Charlie Banks, not Asa Buchanan, was Jared's father. Dorian then informed everyone that the fraud allowed her to take control of B.E. Nash's investor pulled out of his agreement because of the fraud. Furious over losing the vineyard, Nash went after Jared. In the scuffle, Nash fell through a skylight and later died at the hospital. Viki learned that Jessica was pregnant. Adriana admitted that she was responsible for Brody's arrival in Llanview. Adriana confronted Dorian about sabotaging her wedding.
June 9 to 13, 2008
Adriana flew to Paris for a few months. Rex disowned Roxy. Lee Ramsey was shot and killed. Todd found Marty Saybrooke in Ramsey's penthouse. Tina Lord returned to Llanview. Shane asked Brody to attend a Father's Day event at the community center. Rex told Gigi that Adriana paid Brody to come to Llanview.
June 16 to 20, 2008
Viki told Charlie that they were over. Charlie went to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Brody discovered Shane sent the warning about Adriana to Rex. David and Addie announced that they were married. Antonio and Talia were seen in a compromising position by Jonas. Carlotta learned that Antonio and Talia were still together. Marty asked Todd about their past. Todd told her an edited version. Michael gave John grim news about the woman in the x-rays. Starr made a decision about the baby. Marcie turned down Starr's request to adopt her baby. Natalie bargained for Jared's freedom and told her father that David was Asa's long-lost son. Cris agreed to hide Tina at his studio.
June 23 to 27, 2008
John came closer to finding Marty. Todd continued manipulating the truth when Marty asked questions. Cole resented Starr's decision to give the baby up for adoption. He discussed his options with Nora. Marcie considered Starr's offer. Jessica buried her husband. Natalie and Jared decided to crash the funeral. Sarah learned that Tina was a princess. Talia helped Jonas. Bo proposed to Lindsay. Nora unwittingly ended up with a letter of confession from Lindsay. At Nash's memorial service, Tess returned.
June 30 to July 4, 2008
Madame Delphina made several interesting predictions for the residents of Llanview. After Sarah was kidnapped, Tina pointed Antonio and Cris in Jonas' direction. Starr asked Marcie to adopt her unborn child. Michael did not embrace the idea of adopting Starr's baby. Blair signed divorce papers, ending her marriage to Todd. Nora stopped Bo's wedding to Lindsay to hand him proof of Lindsay's lies. Cole turned to Todd for help when he failed to convince Starr to change her mind about giving their baby up for adoption.
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JULY 2008
July 7 to 11, 2008
Starr was stunned to learn that Cole turned to Todd for help. Todd was outraged and determined to stop the McBains from adopting Starr's baby. Rex told Gigi that he had feelings for her. Charlie poured his heart out to Viki. Tess set her deadly trap for Jared and Natalie. Talia, Sarah, Cris, and Antonio found themselves prisoners in Mendorra. Antonio figured out that the Prince of Mendorra was actually a familiar con artist.
July 14 to 18, 2008
Bo's drinking binge took him to Texas. Rex followed him. At the ranch, during a storm, Bo and Rex were struck by lightning. Charlie went to an AA meeting. While the meeting was in progress, Brody walked in. Brody sat down and began talking. revealing that he was not Shane's father. Carlo Hesser exposed Tina and her prince as frauds to the citizens of Mendorra. To everyone's shock, Carlo ordered Cristian to kill Sarah. Tess tampered with the brakes of Natalie's car. Later, Viki borrowed Natalie's car to run errands. Dorian checked Viki's pulse, following a car accident, and was stunned to realize that Viki was dead!
July 21 to 25, 2008
OLTL celebrated its 40th anniversary with trips to the past. Bo and Rex were struck by lightning and thrown back into time. They landed in Texas, 1968. Viki died for a short time following a car accident. She spent time with special loved ones, including her granddaughter, Megan, and late husband, Ben Davidson. David agreed to Dorian's terms so that she would save Viki's life. David signed annulment papers, ending his marriage to Addie. Starr taped a touching message for her baby. Todd told Marty about the rape but left out important details. Blair turned to John for comfort.
July 28 to August 1, 2008
David lost Addie and a bundle of money. However, he gained a new companion: David Vickers, the dog. Viki decided to accept an offer to travel to Africa to promote organ donation. Antonio was stabbed during an altercation with Jonas. Talia married Jonas. Cain and Tina were accused of treason and sentenced to death by beheading. Cris came to Antonio's rescue. When he was asked about Sarah's fate, Cris revealed that she had perished when they went over the waterfall. Blair and John made love. Todd continued to spin the truth to Marty. Cole signed papers renouncing his rights to the baby. He told Starr that it was over between them. Starr said that she would never give up on them. Carlotta's diner burned to the ground.
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August 4 to 8, 2008
Bo and Rex discovered that they couldn't change the past without repercussions. Talia bargained with her father. Her friends were permitted to leave Mendorra alive in exchange for her promise to stay behind. Sarah was reunited with Cristian before the jet left Mendorra. Viki bumped into her sister Tina at the airport as Viki prepared to leave for an extended trip. Gigi was livid when she learned that Brody had erased her phone messages from Rex. Delphina told Gigi that she knew where Rex could be found. John turned down the position of police commissioner.
August 11 to 15, 2008
Bo and Rex prepared to return to 2008 but experienced a few snags along the way. In the end, only Bo returned to 2008, while Gigi was thrown back in time to 1968. Bo had no memory of his time in 1968. Brody intercepted a letter from Adriana to Gigi. Adriana sent Gigi a sample of Rex's DNA and suggested that Gigi have it tested to confirm Shane's paternity. While Natalie and Jared were in their bedroom making love, Tess took steps to have a secret room soundproofed. Todd opened up to Starr about the pain of having a child he couldn't be with. He didn't want Starr to end up feeling the same kind of pain after giving her child up for adoption. Dorian told Blair that she had recently seen Mel and shared what he had said about Charlie. Dorian denied being attracted to Charlie, but Blair didn't seem to believe her.
August 18 to 22, 2008
Rex and Gigi discovered that they might be stuck in 1968 for another 20 years. Rex, as Bo, prepared to leave for Vietnam. Madame Delphina told Brody that Gigi would not be returning. Todd witnessed a vicious outburst by Tess. Too late, Tess realized that Todd was on to her. Antonio, Cris, and Sarah returned to Mendorra to rescue Talia. Clint's detective provided him with information on Langston. Clint realized he could use the information to force Dorian to return Buchanan Enterprises to the family. Jared offered to help Clint. Marcie asked Blair and Starr if they were interested in having a role in the baby's life, after the adoption. Starr and Blair declined. John interrogated Keyshawn, Todd's ex-bodyguard, and learned that Todd had a mystery woman living with him. Keyshawn told John that she was the same woman who was staying with Ramsey at the time of his murder. John managed to convince a judge to sign a warrant to search Todd's home.
August 25 to 29, 2008
Bo paid Lindsay a visit. He thanked her for being the catalyst for his spiritual journey. Rex was eager to tell Shane that he was his father, but Gigi had reservations about rushing into it. Brody received the DNA results on the toothbrush. Since it was a match, Brody gave the results to Shane. Shane was overjoyed to have proof that Brody was his father. Todd realized that Tess had returned. Unfortunately for Todd, Tess had discovered that Todd was hiding Marty. Tess used the information to keep Todd from exposing her return. Madame Delphina told Langston that her mother had a sibling who was very much alive. Langston believed that her mother was an only child. Carlotta decided to rebuild her diner, with Charlie's help. Talia and her friends arranged for the press to find Carlo and Jonas in bed together. The scandal freed Talia from Carlo's diabolical clutches. Blair was awarded custody of Sam. With John's help, Bo returned to work as Llanview's police commissioner.
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September 1 to 5, 2008
Talia and her friends returned from Mendorra. At the airport, Cristian and Antonio saw Rex and Gigi kissing. Rex told them that his marriage to Adriana was over. Gigi was concerned about Shane's reaction when he learned the truth about Rex. She didn't want Shane to hate her. Gigi and Rex discovered that Brody had falsified a paternity test and gave the results to Shane. Todd spun his web of lies and convinced Marty to help him raise his grandchild. Tess was forced to take action when Tina found the secret room in the basement. Tina was furious after Tess imprisoned her. Tess turned to Todd for help with Tina. Todd advised Tess to find Tina's weakness and exploit it. Tess found the Crown Jewels of Mendorra in the living room safe. John arranged for Fish to come to Llanview to help identify the mystery woman. Fish was able to use his computer skills to sharpen and clear up the blurry picture of Marty. Nora learned about Clint's plan to use Langston to wrest control of the company from Dorian. Langston began to search for biological relatives. Tess made a move against Natalie. She drugged Natalie's tea and watched as the sedative took effect.
September 8 to 12, 2008
Carlo Hesser kidnapped Cris and had him thrown into a prison in Colombia. After a frantic Sarah reported Cris missing, John, Talia, and Antonio set out to find him. They suspected that Carlo was behind the disappearance. Tess managed to stash Natalie in the secret room. Natalie was shocked to discover that Tess had returned. Tina was wracked with guilt over her involvement in Natalie's imprisonment. Tina nearly confessed everything to Clint, but Sarah's arrival stopped her. Dorian told Langston that she wanted to adopt her. Jared found Langston's uncle, Ray Montez, in a Colombian prison. Ray agreed to help Jared-for a price. Carlo came face-to-face with Jared, who introduced himself as Jeb Stuart. A quick search on the Internet revealed Jared's true identity to Carlo. Todd and Marty continued to grow closer. Rex found Gigi and Shane at Rodi's with Brody. Shane was hostile toward Rex. Rex was stunned when Shane announced that he wanted to change his last name to Lovett, like his father.
September 15 to 19, 2008
Dorian's plans to adopt Langston were interrupted by the arrival of her Uncle Ray. He threatened to raise Langston after getting pressure from Clint. Tess forced Natalie to write a Dear John letter to Jared. He didn't believe it and looked for her all over town. Cris met Ray's wife in the prison and tried to convince her to call Antonio. Todd continued with his plan for Starr's baby. Tess revealed to Natalie her plan to make Jared love Tess. Starr interrupted the school's assembly to tell her fellow students to use a condom. John left town to follow Carlo's trail. Brody and Marcie fought while he was drunk, after Gigi told him to get out and that they were going to tell Shane that Rex is his dad. Marcie was knocked unconscious. Rex asked Adriana for a divorce and then made love with Gigi. Tina found a key Tess lost and gave it to Jared, who started down the basement stairs as Tess arrived home.
September 22 to 26, 2008
Brody kidnapped Shane and tried to have his name legally changed. The judge refused to grant Brody's request without Gigi's consent. Gigi and Rex turned to Bo for help when they realized that Brody was armed with a gun. Bo learned that Brody had killed a ten-year-old boy while serving overseas. Shane's situation became dire when Brody began having flashbacks of the incident. Eventually the police tracked Brody to Llantano Mountain and shots were fired. Clint invited Dallas to move into the Buchanan mansion after a burst pipe left Dallas in the streets. John McBain's search for Cristian led him to Colombia. Sadly, John was one step behind Cristian. By the time John was shown into the room where Cristian had been held, all he found was a jumpsuit. Cristian was gone. Dorian was livid when the judge granted custody of Langston to Langston's uncle, Ray Montez. Cole witnessed a meeting between Clint and Ray.
September 29 to October 3, 2008
Tragedy struck on Llantano Mountain when Brody began firing his weapon. Rex jumped in front of Shane and took a bullet. Brody was promptly arrested while Rex was rushed to the hospital. Rex underwent emergency surgery, during which he had a near death experience and came face-to-face with Colin McIver and Jen Rappaport. Gigi told Shane that Rex was his father. Adriana returned to Pine Valley. Adriana decided to bar Gigi from visiting with Rex while he recovered. Dorian hired Jackie McNaughton, a local crime figure, to kill Ray Montez. Cole discovered that Clint and Ray were in cahoots. Marty went on the Internet to search for details about her rape. When she found a picture of her rapists, Todd breathed a sigh of relief. He realized that Marty didn't recognize him from his youth because of Todd's extensive plastic surgery a few years before. Jared grew more suspicious of Jessica's uncharacteristic behavior. John returned to Llanview and told Antonio that the key to finding Cris was a man named Ray Montez. Sarah and Antonio discovered that a Ray Montez was in Llanview and had recently filed a petition with the court.
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October 6 to 10, 2008
Blair welcomed John home with flowers and an afternoon of amour in bed. Clues led John closer to finding Marty. Todd proposed marriage to Marty. Marty turned down the proposal, but admitted that she was falling in love with Todd. Adriana stood firm in her decision to keep Gigi away from Rex. Rex continued to linger in a coma without improvement. Tina decided to free Natalie from her prison, but Tess's untimely arrival put a snag in her plans. Jared had an enlightening conversation with Tess's contractor who had built the secret room. Cain Rogan turned up at Llanfair, with a sledgehammer in hand, while Tina stood guard for Jared. Jared raced down to the secret room to free Natalie. Dorian called Clint's bluff and refused to turn over her company in exchange for custody of Langston. Tess was surprised by an unexpected mystery visitor.
October 13 to 17, 2008
Ray decided to return to Colombia with Langston. Jackie assured Dorian that Ray would not leave Llanview alive. Cris managed to contact Sarah,, but was only able to tell her that he was in Colombia before the call was disconnected. Antonio, Talia and Sarah decided to travel to Colombia to find Cris. As Cris, Vanessa, and Lola made their way to Llanview, Cris questioned Vanessa's story about Ray. He wondered why Vanessa visited Ray in prison if she feared for her life. John questioned Blair about Dorian's connection to Jackie. At the airport, the teens learned the truth about Clint's offer to Dorian to secure Langston's future. Dorian saw an apparition of Mel. She took it as a sign to call off the hit on Ray, but she did not know who the killer was until Mel "bumped" into him and exposed the gun. Dorian screamed and everyone ducked for cover as shots were fired. John managed to disarm the hit man. Vanessa picked up the man's gun and shot Ray. Everyone was stunned as they watched Ray grab his chest and then fall to the ground. Jared's attempt to save Natalie backfired and he ended trapped in the secret room with Natalie. Bo told Viki about Jared's suspicions that Tess had returned. Tess overheard Bo and Viki, so she decided to pack up Bree and flee to Napa Valley. Gigi found a way to see Rex, but she was too late; Adriana had arranged for Rex to be transferred to another facility.
October 20 to 24, 2008
Tess turned up on Todd's doorstep, looking for sanctuary. Marty had flashes of memories of when Cole was a baby. Todd brushed them off as random incidents, but that did not sit well with Marty. She asked Todd if it was possible that during her absence, she had a baby. Viki worried about Bree's safety in Tess's hands. Charlie and Viki searched for their missing children. Jared and Natalie remained locked in the secret room. Bo told John that Jessica's alter ego, Tess, might have returned. Todd enlisted Janet's help to assist Dr. Joplin when Starr went into labor. Janet agreed to go along with Todd's wishes for Marty's sake. Tess overheard the plot to steal Starr's baby through a baby monitor. Shane found understanding from Matthew when he confided his feelings about learning that Rex was his father. Adriana hid Rex at La Boulaie, but Gigi managed to sneak in to see him, thanks to Marcie and Michael's timely help. Rex slowly opened his eyes and Gigi begged him not to leave her. Tina turned to the Internet for help with blowing up the safe when her first attempt failed. Vanessa was arrested for shooting Ray at the airport. Antonio suspected that Vanessa knew Montez had been in Llanview. Adriana said goodbye to Rex. Tess made plans to rid herself of Natalie and Jared permanently.
October 27 to 31, 2008
Rex's health steadily improved. Adriana and Rex ended their marriage and said a final goodbye. Viki went to Todd's house to question him about Jessica. Todd lied but Viki saw through all of his lies. Bree woke up crying from a nap. Viki heard her granddaughter through a baby monitor. Viki became more convinced that Tess had returned when she found Bree in the nursery. Tess returned to the secret room with a bomb. As she prepared to leave, Tess doubled over with a contraction. She agreed to release Natalie and Jared, so that they could take her to the hospital. Unfortunately, Natalie mentioned Nash's name and Tess changed her mind. Tess quickly made her way out of Llanfair before the bomb detonated. However, as she walked through the kitchen, Charlie walked in and spotted her. Natalie and Jared prepared to say their goodbyes. Marty became more convinced that her memories of a baby had significance. Cole wrote a letter to his mother and sent a copy of it to Starr. In the letter, he confessed that he loved Starr. Starr found Cole and the two talked. As they prepared to leave, Starr's water broke; Starr was in labor.
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November 3 to 7, 2008
Starr went into labor and delivered a baby girl. Dr. Joplin and Janet followed through with Todd's plans. Starr worried that she had done something to endanger the baby. Jean Randolph helped Viki figure out what Tess had done to Natalie and Jared. Tina took Charlie and Viki to the secret room where Natalie and Jared were kept. Unfortunately they remained locked in their prison while the timer on the bomb ticked down. Niki Smith played midwife to Tess as she gave birth to a baby girl. The baby was eerily silent. Jessica developed a new alter ego after the traumatic birth. Her name was Bess. Tina's pooch, David Vickers, had puppies. After his arrest, John faked a jail cell hanging to break free and race to Marty's rescue. Todd and Marty made love.
November 10 to 14, 2008
Todd changed his mind about stealing Starr's baby. Bess switched babies, replacing Starr's newborn daughter with Jessica's stillborn girl. Starr and Marcie were devastated when Dr. Joplin told them that Hope had died. Viki and Charlie rescued Jared and Natalie in the nick of time. Charlie managed to get the bomb out of the house before it detonated. John broke into Todd's house and found Marty. John realized that Todd had brainwashed Marty. Marty was stunned when Todd admitted the truth after John exposed all of Todd's lies. Jessica woke up with a baby moments before Clint and Viki walked in. Tina confessed to Viki about her role in helping Tess. Marty stepped off the elevator and met face-to-face with Cole.
November 17 to 21, 2008
Clint shared the details of Tess's crimes against Natalie with Jessica. Jessica was horrified at what her alter ego had done. Bess let Tess out to see the baby. When Tess saw the little girl she became upset and insisted that it was the wrong baby. Marty walked out of Todd's home and went to the hospital. She took medication to prevent a potential pregnancy. Todd learned that Starr's baby had died. He believed that it was his punishment. Blair told Starr about Todd's plan to kidnap her baby after it was born. Marty and Cole reunited. Cole answered Marty's questions about her past. Dorian warned Dr. Joplin that she intended to find out what had happened to Starr's baby. John was arrested following Todd's admittance to the hospital. Later, the mayor announced that all charges had been dropped and hailed John as a hero. Bo was stunned when John resigned from the police force.
November 24 to 28, 2008
Tina said farewell to Llanview. Gigi told Brody that Rex wanted to help him avoid jail time. Brody was admitted to St. Anne's. Jessica decided to name her newborn daughter Chloe. After a heart-wrenching farewell with her daughters, Jessica went to St. Anne's. Vanessa learned that the authorities intended to deport her to Colombia. Sarah was furious when she found a scantily clad Vanessa in Cris's arms. Viki paid a visit to Victor's crypt and began ranting at her father. Charlie found Viki at Victor's grave and learned the ugly details of the abuse that Viki had suffered at her father's hands. Shane joined Rex for Thanksgiving dinner at the Buchanans'. Marty pushed John away when he tried to comfort her. John vowed to make Todd pay for what he had done to Marty. John turned to Blair and talked to her about his decision to leave the police force.
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December 1 to 5, 2008
The autopsy results for the baby everyone believed was Hope came back. It showed that the infant had died of a treatable condition called Rh disease. Dr. Joplin was devastated by the findings and took her own life. Nora found Dr. Joplin, in the doctor's office, slumped over her desk with a gunshot wound to the head. Marty struggled to come to terms with her feelings for Todd. She was filled with rage over what he had done to her, but she also missed him. Téa returned to town. Dorian offered Moe a position as her personal chef. Noelle was excited to be moving to Llanview. Jessica began her therapy sessions with Dr. Levin. Tess emerged and insisted that Jessica had been given the wrong baby. Dr. Levin promised to look into the matter. Shane was reluctant to take a family holiday portrait with Rex and Gigi. Shane didn't want Brody to feel as if he no longer cared about him. Cole gave Marty the letter that he wrote for his college entrance essay. Lola enlisted Dorian's help to keep Vanessa from being deported.
December 8 to 12, 2008
Everyone gathered to say goodbye to Hope Manning McBain. Jessica was distraught after she learned of the funeral. She could not understand why Hope's passing had affected her so deeply. Brody proved to be a source of comfort for her. Rex and Shane grew closer. Marty was consumed with the need to make Todd pay for what he had done to her. Todd turned down Téa's offer to represent him. Téa mistook Vanessa for Cris's girlfriend. The tension between Sarah and Cris grew. Lola asked Langston to hide her out so that she would not have to return to Colombia when Vanessa was deported. Téa suggested that Vanessa marry an American citizen to remain in the country. Vanessa proposed marriage to Cristian. Viki and Charlie reconciled and reaffirmed their love for each other. John told Blair that he wanted to be with her, not Marty. Todd faced a slew of crimes, including kidnapping and rape. Téa walked into the courtroom and stopped Todd from making a plea.
December 15 to 19, 2008
Cris decided to marry Vanessa so that she would not be deported. Sarah was crushed by the news. She confronted Vanessa minutes before the wedding to warn her rival that she would remain a presence in Cris's life. Téa appeared to be in cahoots with a mystery person. During a phone call, she bragged that she had everyone eating out of the palm of her hand. Marty had a violent reaction to Téa's decision to represent Todd. Todd pled not guilty. Margaret paid Todd a "visit" in jail. Shane told Rex that he wanted a Zbox game console for Christmas. Rex found himself short of funds and was tempted to steal Shane's Christmas gift. Tess tried to persuade Brody to help her escape the sanitarium. Her plans backfired when Brody realized that Tess was in control. Tess became enraged when she realized that Brody had double-crossed her. Marty took the stand to testify. The judge threw out the rape charge against Todd after Marty admitted that the sex between her and Todd had been consensual.
December 22 to 26, 2008
Starr took the stand in an attempt to persuade the judge to keep him from throwing out the kidnapping charges against Todd. After her testimony, the judge decided that Todd's trial should proceed forward. Jared asked for Clint's blessing to marry Natalie. Clint was happy that Jared planned to marry Natalie and offered him a job with Buchanan Enterprises. Viki was delighted when Jared gave her the news. Matthew misunderstood things and thought that Clint planned to propose to Nora. Natalie accepted Jared's proposal of marriage. Téa posted Todd's bail. Todd returned to the house that he shared with Marty. It was revealed that Téa was working with Ray Montez. Their plan was for Cris to marry Vanessa so that Ray could have the time he needed to prove that Vanessa had set Ray up. Cole and Marty exchanged Christmas gifts. Rex was able to surprise Shane with a Z-Box for Christmas. Beaver Calhoun came to town with a message for Bo from Asa.
December 29, 2008 to January 2, 2009
Asa had a shock for his family. In a video message, taped before Asa's demise, Asa rescinded his original will and announced that he had disinherited the entire family and left his vast fortune to David Vickers. David returned to town a changed man. He appeared to have embraced the life of a monk, and vowed to remain in Llanview until he had righted all of his wrongs. John invited Blair to a romantic getaway in a tropical paradise, but she declined. Blair felt that she needed to focus on Jack. John and Blair spent New Year's Eve together. Todd was stunned when he woke up and found Marty sitting at the foot of his bed. She used the pretense of fetching her journal to spin a web of lies designed to lower Todd's guard. Later, Marty lured Todd to a secret New Year's Eve rendezvous. They ended up on the rooftop of the Palace Hotel where Marty convinced Todd that leaping to his death would bring her peace. When Viki and Charlie threatened Dorian with legal action for drugging Charlie months earlier, Dorian decided to flee town. While on the run, Dorian ran into Alex Olanov. Téa and Ray continued to conspire against Vanessa. Gigi surprised Rex when she unveiled a poster that announced the rock band, Puddle of Mudd, would perform at Ultraviolet's New Year's Eve bash.
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