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January 7 to 11, 2008
Ethan was still trying to figure out why Theresa was cheating on him while Gwen was secretly trying to rekindle their relationship. Ethan also received word from Gwen that he was still married to her due to a technicality; Jonathan was in the picture, too. Theresa defied Pilar and went to Mexico to see if she could reason with Juanita. Miguel tried to convince Kay and Tabitha to give up witchcraft. Kay agreed, but Tabitha wasn't having it. Jessica surprised Sam and showed up at the house with her newborn son, but Spike decided to rain on her parade by insisting that he wanted to be a part of his son's life and also give him at least one of his names. The killer was revealed to be Viki, and she wanted to end what she started-killing Alistair; however, Alistair was onto her and wanted to use her as the murdering machine she was. Viki told Alistair that she was killing Esme's men because both her parents died and she feared losing Esme, since Esme was the only person she had. Her next victim was Ethan. Alistair wanted him dead and Viki wanted him dead simply because he was getting too close to Esme. Eve desperately tried to tell Julian the truth about Valerie/Vincent, but Vincent intended to keep her quiet. Vincent drugged Eve and went after Julian with the intention of killing him.
January 14 to 18, 2008
Alistair ordered Viki to kill Ethan, and she took him up on his offer. Pretty visited Alistair in the hospital to write him off, but he managed to manipulate Pretty into working for him again. Pretty made it very clear to Sheridan that she was going after Luis, and she didn't seem to care that Luis was not returning the sentiment. Fancy finally got to go out with Luis, and she won over Marty, which left Sheridan steaming. Miguel continued to threaten to expose Tabitha if she did not stop practicing witchcraft, and Tabitha was hell-bent on finding the letter Miguel wrote so that she could put Miguel in his place. Theresa went to Mexico to find Juanita in order to settle a long-time feud between Juanita and Pilar. After arriving in Mexico, Theresa realized that Juanita must be dangerous, because each time she called someone to get information on Juanita, the person hung up. Juanita ordered her assassin to kill Theresa. Pilar urged Theresa to return to Harmony because she was in danger. She agreed, but had no passport because she destroyed it, fearing that Juanita might discover her. Juanita's assassin was hunting down Theresa to kill her, and Theresa bumped into Juanita by accident, not knowing it was her.
January 21 to 25, 2008
Valerie fainted into Julian's arms, and he suggested she get medical attention. Since only Eve knew her secret, Valerie had Julian arrange to have Eve released from rehab so that Eve could take care of Valerie during her pregnancy. Pretty activated the device implanted in Fancy's brain in order to derail Fancy's relationship with Luis. Fancy went berserk in front of Marty, Sheridan, and Luis. Juanita held Theresa captive in Mexico and Pilar, who was scared out of her mind for Theresa, decided to go to Mexico to give herself up to Juanita in exchange for Theresa. She didn't know that Juanita intended to kill her and Theresa, but not until she made them suffer first. Kay, Paloma, Noah, and Miguel decided to have a double wedding, but they were having a hard time deciding on the same things for their wedding. Tabitha continued to look for the letter Miguel had on her exposing her as a witch, but she was unaware that Endora had found it. Tabitha wanted to destroy Miguel upon finding the letter, but Endora hid the letter from Tabitha.
January 28 to February 1, 2008
Kay, Miguel, Paloma, and Noah were planning a double wedding, but it almost came to a screeching halt because Pretty was using Fancy to get between Noah and Paloma. Pretty wanted to keep Luis from Fancy, but she ended up hurting someone else in the process. Pretty continued to manipulate the device in Fancy's brain to her advantage, but Luis was concerned for Fancy and was not looking in Pretty's direction. Theresa and Pilar managed to escape Juanita's clutches, but Juanita's men were zeroing in on them. Tabitha was still trying to locate Miguel's letter but didn't know that Endora was aware of its location. Viki stabbed someone through the curtains, thinking it was Ethan, but it turned out to be Rebecca.
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February 4 to 8, 2008
Miguel, Luis, and Ethan traveled to Mexico to save Theresa and Pilar. Miguel confronted Juanita, but luckily Kay decided to use magic to save his life. Theresa and Pilar escaped Juanita's clutches, but were later blown up in a boat by Juanita. Eve got out of rehab but quickly returned to drinking, which was her way to cope with Vincent. Eve examined Vincent and gave his baby a clean bill of health. Sam decided to use Julian as bait to capture the serial killer, but Esme was not too keen on the idea. Pretty went to check on Fancy and made sure to remind her of her horrible behavior towards Noah the night before. Noah and Paloma confronted Fancy, and Fancy told them that she had no recollection of the incident. Glen flew to Mexico to prevent Ethan from finding out what she had done to Theresa and her family.
February 11 to 15, 2008
Kay broke her promise and used magic to save Miguel, but she accidentally brought back the demon elf. Ethan rescued Theresa but lost her while fighting off sharks. He thought she was lost at sea. Juanita threatened Gwen when she did not free her. Pilar slapped Gwen and vowed revenge on her and Rebecca. Paloma and Noah almost reconciled, but the demon elf saw to it that they stayed apart. Viki realized that Sam set a trap for her, so she stabbed Ivy to throw him off.
February 18 to 22, 2008
Noah made a dangerous romantic gesture to Paloma by climbing scaffolding in order to save his relationship with her, but the ropes gave way, and Noah was left dangling from the rafters. He was eventually rescued, but Paloma did not have any faith in their relationship and she let Noah go. Ethan mourned the loss of Theresa and expressed his undying love for her. Meanwhile, Theresa was trying to convince everyone that she was still alive, but when she tried to touch Ethan, she went right through him. Consequently, she came to the realization that she might be dead. Pilar had a breakdown after hearing news that Theresa might be dead, and she vowed to bring down everyone who was involved. Juanita tried to talk Gwen into freeing her. While Gwen tried to free her, Luis, Miguel, and Ethan returned, so she had to come up with an excuse. She told Juanita that she would find a way out for both of them. Pretty was excited that her plan to keep Fancy and Luis apart was working; however, Marty accidentally got hold of the control and mistook it for a video game console. Marty also told Sheridan that it resembled a control that Alistair used to monitor everything. While Marty played with the control, Fancy reacted with violent outbursts and attacked Sheridan. Sheridan managed to get away but seemed curious when Fancy hit the air and ran into the wall.
February 25 to 29, 2008
Eve prepared Vincent for pregnancy. Vincent tied Eve up in the closet, and then he disguised himself as Valerie and drugged Julian. He then had sex with him. Julian, still under the influence of drugs, accidentally grabbed Valerie's wig and exposed Vincent. They were both in shock. The demon elf made Tabitha and Kay's lives hell by conjuring up some monkeys that turned the house upside down. Sheridan surprised Luis in Mexico, but Luis expected to see Fancy. Juanita escaped with assistance from Gwen. Pilar gave Gwen a piece of her mind after Gwen told Pilar that she helped free Juanita. Juanita later kidnapped Marty. As soon as Luis, Miguel, and Ethan decided to go search for Marty, he turned up at the hotel room door. Pilar warned Gwen that Ethan would not be very kind to her when he found out her secret. Paloma told Noah that she wanted nothing to do with him.
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MARCH 2008
March 3 to 7, 2008
Pilar, Miguel, Ethan, and Luis returned to Harmony to mourn the loss of Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. Rebecca made a mockery of the memorial service because of her disdain for Theresa. Pretty managed to convince Fancy that Luis gave up on her, and Fancy believed Pretty. A few hours later, Fancy ran into Noah on the docks. Noah thought that it was best that they were not seen together, but Pretty arranged it so that Luis and Paloma saw them together. Gwen tried to talk Ethan into staying with her for the sake of the kids and for her as well, and Ethan took her up on her offer. Kay lied to Miguel that she did not use magic while Miguel was in Mexico. Esme targeted Julian Crane as the man she had to marry in order to give Viki a future. Theresa's body turned up in a morgue and was later brought to a hospital for treatment. A guard told Theresa that she had to remain dead for her family's safety, but Theresa tried to call Harmony. Luckily she was too weak to talk to anyone.
March 10 to 14, 2008
Sheridan's romantic plans for Luis went awry when she had to go looking for him. It turned out that Luis was trying to make sense of Fancy's strange behavior. Luis was still in the dark as to the real reasons, but Sheridan got an earful. She realized that Pretty and Alistair were the masterminds behind Fancy's strange behavior. Sheridan dumped the control device in the water, and Fancy coughed up the device that Alistair had planted in her brain. Theresa escaped the DEA agent's clutches but ran into Juanita at the docks. Theresa hid in a container, and Juanita shot at the container quite a few times. It was not clear if Theresa escaped the container prior to it being shot at. Gwen convinced Ethan to move on with her, and he agreed within ten minutes of Theresa's memorial service. Paloma and Noah agreed to give their relationship a second chance, so Kay went ahead with plans for the double wedding. The demon elf lurked around Tabitha's house in liquid form.
March 17 to 21, 2008
Rebecca convinced Gwen that the only way to keep Ethan was to constantly have sex with him. Theresa confessed to Father Lonigan that she was alive but was keeping the truth from her family in order to keep them safe from Juanita. A few hours later, Theresa secretly visited Little Ethan's room and tried to convince him that it was all a dream. Ethan and Gwen made love while Theresa hid in the closet. Luis and Fancy reconnected while Pretty and Sheridan plotted to break them apart. Pretty's solution was to kill Fancy, but Sheridan hesitated. She changed her mind after she saw Fancy doing the Tango with Luis. Later on, Fancy shocked Luis by telling him that she wanted to have a child with him.
March 24 to 28, 2008
Kay tried to convince Pilar that Tabitha was not a witch. Tabitha predicted chaos for Kay and Miguel, and Paloma and Noah's double wedding. The demon elf secretly lingered at Tabitha's house. Julian and Esme had a wild romantic rendezvous. Viki promised that she would not stop until she killed Ethan. Luis and Fancy found their way back together, and they celebrated over a romantic dinner and lovemaking. Pretty reminded Sheridan that she screwed up any chances of getting Luis out of Fancy's life, and Sheridan told Pretty that she could not have condoned murder. Rebecca convinced Gwen to seduce Ethan. Theresa made it to Harmony and almost ran into Ethan on the wharf.
March 31 to April 4, 2008
Immediately following Theresa's memorial service, Ethan promised Gwen that she would be his main focus moving forward. Theresa was jealous of seeing Ethan and Gwen together intimately, so she tricked Rebecca and Ivy into hiring her by disguising as a hideous nanny. Vincent was finally showing, and he asked Eve if his pregnancy symptoms were normal. Viki stabbed Julian in his private parts leaving the doctors with the dilemma of figuring out how to reattach it. The demon elf brought Roberto back to Harmony to cause a riff between Noah and Paloma. This was one of many devilish plans the elf had up his sleeves. Noah and Paloma were just the beginning.
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APRIL 2008
April 7 to 11, 2008
Noah had to fight to hold onto Paloma since Roberto would stop at nothing to win her over. Pretty paid off a nurse to make it appear as if she were pregnant with Luis' child. Both Sheridan and Fancy thought that Pretty was really sick since she was so convincing about being in pain. A vindictive Vincent made sure that Eve botched the surgery to reattach Julian's penis. He wanted Julian to feel how he felt growing up. Rebecca lashed out at Eve for botching Julian's surgery. Gertrude (Theresa) managed to put an end to Gwen and Ethan's romantic night by destroying dinner and putting itch powder in their marital bed.
April 14 to 18, 2008
Julian was still unconscious from the botched surgery Eve performed on him. Eve blamed Vincent for talking her into downsizing Julian's penis while she was under the influence. Viki found out that Julian was still alive, and she wanted to finish the job by making sure that he stayed dead the next time. Sheridan called Pretty dumb because she wanted to abort Luis' child. In addition, Sheridan became suspicious of Pretty because having an abortion would take her out of the running for Luis. Ethan and Gwen had a disagreement about sending Little Ethan to boarding school. Paloma complained to Pilar that she was torn between Noah and Roberto. After witnessing Ethan making moves on with Gwen, Theresa wished that she had stayed dead. Theresa's identity might have been discovered by Pilar and Paloma.
April 21 to 25, 2008
Julian found out about the mishap surrounding his penis reattachment surgery and vowed to destroy Eve. Vincent continued to be a thorn in Eve's side. Viki tried to finish the job of killing Julian by using Esme. Viki overheard Eve telling a nurse that Julian could not have an erection because it would kill him, so Viki came up with the idea to use Esme to seduce Julian. Gwen and Rebecca plotted to send Little Ethan away to boarding school, but Ethan was against the idea. Consequently, Little Ethan pulled a prank on Gwen by turning her blue with a chemical from his chemistry kit. Gertrude (Theresa) and Pilar came to Little Ethan's defense by encouraging Ethan not to send him away to school. A jealous Fancy overheard Luis telling Pretty that she and her baby were the most important things in his life.
April 28 to May 2, 2008
Ethan almost walked in on Gertrude revealing her true identity as Theresa to Pilar. Pilar told Theresa that Juanita was captured, so Theresa prepared to reveal herself to Ethan. Gwen continued to try to convince Ethan to send Little Ethan to boarding school. Tabitha saw the signs of evil coming to Harmony. Two of the signs were Kay's dress catching fire and Paloma kissing Roberto. A very shocked Pretty and Sheridan saw Luis propose to Fancy through the keyhole of their hotel room door. Eve did her best to prevent Julian from getting an erection, but Viki wished that Julian would die from getting an erection. Edna and Norma paid Tabitha a visit, so Esme wasted no time in inviting them over to Julian's hospital room. The intention was to prevent Julian from getting an erection.
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MAY 2008
May 5 to 9, 2008
Julian found out the truth about how Vincent had been parading as Valerie in the most unusual way-Vincent was giving birth on Eve's kitchen table when Julian found out. Luis' romantic trip on the Crane jet with Fancy took a disturbing turn. Pretty drugged the pilot, and Luis and Fancy were left to fend for themselves. Theresa's romantic plans for Ethan didn't go as planned because Juanita escaped from prison with the help of her henchman. Gwen and Ethan discovered Gertrude (Theresa) in the bathroom and demanded to know her intentions. Gertrude lied and said she had prepared the romantic dinner for Gwen and Ethan. Kay was devastated when her wedding dress was destroyed by an unusual fire. Tabitha attributed all the strange happenings to the evil that had appeared in Harmony.
May 12 to 16, 2008
Theresa drugged Ethan and Gwen in order to have sex with Ethan without his or Gwen's knowledge. Pilar covered for Theresa after Gwen saw her and Ethan in bed together. Pretty tried to kill Luis and Fancy by drugging the Crane pilot. Luckily, Sheridan was able to assist Luis in landing the plane. Vincent gave birth to a healthy baby boy. He left the baby with Eve and Julian, and then he set out to kill Sheridan. Vincent held Sheridan at gunpoint. Juanita tortured the FBI agent in order to get Pilar's location in Harmony. Eve set out to find proof of Vincent's baby's paternity, but she took a detour in Alistair's direction. Eve had murderous intent. Noah and Paloma were attacked by fiery sparks from Tabitha's book of disaster.
May 19 to 23, 2008
Eve held a gun on Alistair, but Julian took it from her and shot Alistair himself. Harmony was shaken up by an earthquake. Tabitha and Kay tried to ward off the disaster but they were too late. Juanita held the FBI agent at gunpoint and forced him to lead her to Pilar. Juanita set out to have her revenge on Pilar. Vincent chloroformed Sheridan, tied her up, and threw her over a cliff. Vincent then assumed Sheridan's identity. Luis assured Fancy that they would get married without any obstacles. Gwen tried desperately to send Little Ethan away to boarding school, but Gertrude (Theresa) stopped her in her tracks by presenting a letter written by Theresa requesting that Little Ethan stay in Harmony for school.
May 26 to 30, 2008
Gwen informed Ethan that the date was set for their recommitment ceremony. Upon hearing the news, Gertrude (Theresa) wanted to reveal herself to Ethan, but Pilar reminded Theresa that their lives would be in danger from Juanita. Ivy suggested to Esme that Viki would be better off at boarding school, so Viki attacked Ivy with a hypodermic needle. Viki thought that she had succeeded in killing Ivy. Ethan kissed Gertrude because she reminded him of Theresa. Pretty paid a doctor off to keep her fake pregnancy a secret from Luis. Vincent disguised himself as Valerie in order to register his son.
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JUNE 2008
June 2 to 6, 2008
Juanita found herself in Harmony. She disguised herself as a newcomer named Amelia Hernandez and offered to purchase Tabitha's house. Tabitha wasn't shy in dishing out the town's gossip to Amelia, especially the Lopez-Fitzgeralds'. Despite Pilar's wish to leave Harmony, Gertrude, also known as Theresa, wanted to stay and fight for Ethan. Gwen planned for her recommitment ceremony to Ethan with an unwilling Gertrude. Fancy and Kay tried to convince Luis and Miguel to leave Harmony at Pilar's urging. Vincent and Viki joined forces and teamed up in order to kill off their enemies who resided in Harmony.
June 9 to 13, 2008
Juanita purchased Tabitha's house, and Tabitha wasted no time in selling it since Harmony was facing a major disaster. Pilar managed to talk Fancy and Kay into convincing Luis and Miguel to take a trip around the world. She thought it was best to get her family away from Juanita. Meanwhile, Juanita was planning to use Kay's wedding to seek revenge on Pilar and her entire family. Her plan was to set a bomb in the church. An excited Gwen planned her recommitment ceremony while Ethan rummaged through Theresa's personal belongings and reminisced about his and Theresa's past. Pretty vowed to stop Luis' wedding to Fancy. Theresa revealed herself to Paloma and enlisted Paloma's help in stopping Gwen's recommitment ceremony to Ethan. Little Ethan tried to expose Gwen in front of Ethan. He wanted Ethan to see that Gwen was not a nice person.
June 16 to 20, 2008
While Tabitha was packing up to leave Harmony, she noticed that Endora was missing. A jealous Noah got into a fight with Roberto, who had sent Paloma flowers with a love note attached. Juanita, who was plotting to kill Pilar and her family, accidentally exposed Pretty's fake pregnancy by bumping into her. Juanita was originally planning to kill Pretty because she was the obstacle to completing her plans, but it worked out in Juanita's favor. Luis turned away from Pretty in disgust, and Fancy disowned her. Gwen destroyed Theresa's letter to Ethan, and Theresa and Pilar witnessed her doing it. Ethan admitted to Gertrude (Theresa) that he was not that excited to renew his vows with Gwen, but he would do it if it made Gwen happy. Eve and Julian admitted to Sam that Vincent was also Valerie, who had just given birth to a child. Vincent and Viki planned their murder spree.
June 23 to 27, 2008
Tabitha was held up in Harmony because Endora refused to leave. Gwen and Rebecca discovered that Gertrude was Theresa. Ethan asked Gertrude if she was in love with him. Rebecca tried to force Gertrude to reveal to Ethan that she was Theresa. Both Viki and Vincent planned to poison everyone in Harmony. Pretty almost succeeded in deliberately throwing acid on Fancy's face, but Sheridan stopped Pretty from succeeding by hitting her hand. Luis praised Sheridan for saving the day, but Pretty revealed to Luis that Sheridan knew all along that Pretty was planning to hurt Fancy. Roberto continued to be an issue for Noah and Paloma
June 30 to July 4, 2008
Eve tried to persuade Julian that they could still have a life together despite his sexual problems. Tabitha continued to coax Endora into leaving Harmony. Vincent and Viki prepared the poisoned mushroom sauce and served it to two intended victims, Sam and Ivy. Fancy and Luis rehearsed for their nuptials. Gwen punched Rebecca to prevent Rebecca from exposing Gertrude as Theresa. Gwen got Theresa (Gertrude) out of the way by locking her in the basement. Therefore, Gwen and Ethan were free to get through the wedding rehearsal without any interruptions from Theresa. Pilar, Paloma, and Noah rescued an unconscious Gertrude from the basement. Juanita and her henchman arrived at the church to plant the bomb. Sheridan exposed Pretty's secret. The scar that Pretty had been sporting was a fake, and Pretty was eventually hauled off to a mental institution.
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JULY 2008
July 7 to 11, 2008
Tabitha refused to help save the people at the church that Vincent and Viki poisoned. Tabitha claimed that the people of Harmony tried to kill her in the past, so she did not want to help them. However, the real reason Tabitha refused to help was because she would lose her powers if she set foot in the church. During all the begging and pleading for Tabitha's help, Esme discovered that Julian Crane was Endora's father. Endora and Esme persuaded Tabitha to help save the people of Harmony, and Tabitha decided to help, but not without protesting at first. Eve desperately tried to save everyone with Sheridan's help. Pilar prevented Theresa from killing herself, but Pilar succumbed to the poison shortly afterwards. Eve told Vincent that she wished that he was never born, and then proceeded to choke him. Viki attempted to help Vincent by rubbing poison in Eve's mouth. Sheridan rushed over to help and Viki did the same to her as she did Eve. Both Viki and Vincent laughed at their handiwork. They were happy that they succeeded in killing everyone in Harmony.
July 14 to 18, 2008
Kay prepared herself to marry Miguel. With Esme and Endora's insistence, Tabitha brought everyone back to life after they were poisoned by Vincent and Viki. Vincent later singled Tabitha out as a witch. Juanita planted a bomb in the church, with the intentions of obliterating Pilar and her family. With Sam's help, Jessica was able to leave rehab, temporarily, to visit Kay on her wedding day. Endora became visible; however, as a side effect of Tabitha losing her powers, Endora was transformed into a teenager. As Gwen and Ethan prepared for their wedding day, Gwen received an unexpected call from Juanita. Kay discovered that Julian fathered Tabitha's child, Endora.
July 21 to 25, 2008
Kay and Miguel got married. Fancy and Luis were the next couple to get married. Sheridan almost went off the deep end; she fantasized about killing Luis and then killing herself to be with Luis in the afterlife. Antonio returned to Harmony. Gwen and Rebecca confessed, on Sam's camera, that they plotted to get Theresa out of the way and that they were responsible for her supposed death. With instructions from the dark side, the demon elf returned to Harmony to get even with Tabitha. Juanita thought that there was something oddly familiar about Gertrude, so Juanita decided to keep an eye on her.
July 28 to August 1, 2008
Ethan interrupted his wedding to Gwen because he was harboring thoughts of Gertrude, who was like Theresa in so many ways. Gwen and Rebecca were caught on Sam's camera confessing that they were the ones who exposed Ethan's paternity to the tabloid and that they had a hand in Juanita terrorizing Pilar and her family. Noah and Paloma were married. Antonio came back from the dead, which made Pilar and the rest of the family extremely happy. The demon elf broke through Endora's force field and injured Tabitha. An earthquake hit Harmony, and Juanita thought it was her bomb that went off.
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August 4 to 8, 2008
With the help of Endora and Kay, Tabitha averted a natural disaster in Harmony by getting baptized. Father Lonigan regained his eyesight. Juanita discovered that Theresa was alive, and held a gun to Theresa. Sam arrested Juanita. Ethan diffused the bomb that Juanita had set. Rebecca revealed that Gwen had married another man while in Las Vegas, but Gwen had no memory of it. Since Gwen was already married while she was married to Ethan, that made her marriage to Ethan null and void. Theresa finally married the man of her dreams, Ethan, but not before exposing Gwen and Rebecca; Sam arrested them for accessory to murder, among other charges. Theresa revealed to Ethan that Little Ethan was his son. Ivy apologized to Theresa and welcomed her to the family. Fancy revealed to Luis that she was pregnant. An unsuspecting Noah found out that Paloma was pregnant.
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