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January 3 to 7, 2000
At midnight on New Year's Eve, someone died in Harmony. The Little Girl told Tabitha the person's death would cause pain for Harmony's good folks throughout 2000. Gwen saw Ethan with Theresa. Sam warned Ivy to back off, or he'd tell Grace about their past. Orville cautioned Eve that her daughters absolutely could not fall in love with Chad. Tabitha set out for the graveyard to ask an old friend for help.
January 10 to 14, 2000
Timmy managed to sneak out from under Charity's bed and make his way home. A furious Luis learned Julian had ordered Martin's body cremated. The burned birth certificate persuaded Chad that his parents were not the people who had raised him.
January 17 to 21, 2000
Tabitha threatened to hurt Fluffy unless Timmy gave her the page showing how she could lure Charity to the dark side -- and have her kill Miguel. The DNA test proved that Pilar was right to believe that the dead man had not been Martin. Sheridan feared that she might have to kill the real Martin after all. A desperate Eve set fire to Orville's apartment to prevent Chad from learning about his past. Charity unwittingly handed Miguel one of Tabitha's poisoned cookies.
January 24 to 28, 2000
January 31 to February 4, 2000
Timmy botched the incantation, turning Tabitha from a fish into a mermaid. Ivy followed Sam and Grace on their skiing trip. Theresa tried on the ring Ethan planned to give Gwen, then realized it was stuck on her finger. Sheridan went against Alistair's orders and dated Luis. Alistair told Julian he wouldn't reveal secrets about Ivy unless he needed to do so to keep her in line. Tabitha finally regained her human form and immediately returned to her plan to get Charity to kill Miguel.
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February 7 to 11, 2000
Charity had a premonition of danger as Grace and Sam set off for their ski vacation. Ivy booked a room next to Sam and Grace's room. She later drugged Grace and confronted Sam while Ivy was completely naked. Kay planned to have Charity institutionalized.
February 14 to 18, 2000
Sam awakened to find a naked Ivy standing next to his bed. Julian and Suzanne continued their sexcapades on the Cranes' private jet as it headed to Snow Mountain. Sam and Grace moved into another room just as Julian and Suzanne checked in. Charity fell through the ice, and Luis and Hank pulled her to safety -- just as Miguel fell through the ice. Praying for Miguel to resurface, Theresa promised God she'd give up on Ethan if God would just let her brother survive. Gwen forgave Ethan and happily threw herself into his arms. Gwen added to Theresa's pain when she asked Theresa to help her plan Gwen and Ethan's wedding. Tabitha eagerly awaited the revelation that would ruin Eve's romantic Valentine's Day dinner with T.C. Disappointed that Miguel and Charity had not perished at the ice rink, she put a new plan into action to try yet again to turn Charity to the dark side.
February 21 to 25, 2000
Kay found the bird statue in Tabitha's yard and put her plan in motion to drive Charity off the deep end. Timmy and Tabitha searched frantically for the statue, but went home empty-handed. Eve called a truce with Chad but warned him to stay away from his daughters. Undeterred, Chad made a move on a startled Whitney. Ethan confided to Sheridan how he couldn't stop thinking about Theresa. Sheridan suggested Theresa might be the woman that he really loved. Luis and Sheridan went out on a date. After finding Julian in a compromising situation with Suzanne, Ivy spilled all to Ethan. After berating his father for cheating on Ivy, Ethan encouraged Ivy to try to regain the passion she and Julian had once shared, unaware of her intentions with Sam. A heartbroken Theresa vowed to forget about Ethan and resume her duties at the Crane mansion. Later, an emotional Theresa began baring her soul to Ethan.
February 28 to March 3, 2000
Charity was tormented by visions of Julian brutalizing a half-naked Eve. Panicking, Eve tried to persuade her that they were a figment of her imagination. Eve met with Julian to tell him that their secret might soon be discovered. Timmy got trapped in Charity's room. He managed to escape but not until Kay dressed him up with lipstick and pearls. Sheridan was stunned to overhear Luis talking about how he'd been using her for his own means. A devastated Sheridan ran off in tears and vowed to forget about Luis for good. Later, Julian's henchman peeled off the mask he'd been using to impersonate Luis. After her date got drunk, Chad drove Whitney home. Chad walked in on Julian and Eve, but Eve managed to hide. Noticing women's shoes, Chad deduced that Julian was having an affair. Recognizing Whitney's shoes, he accused her of having an affair with Julian.
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MARCH 2000
March 6 to 10, 2000
Charity had a vision of Eve and Julian sharing an intimate moment. Sam realized that T.C. should never learn of Charity's visions. Julian congratulated himself on having the fake Luis completely fool Sheridan. Alistair warned T.C. to stay away from Charity and Tabitha. Kay prepared to cut open Timmy when she mistakenly assumed that he was a doll. It was decided that Charity would be committed to a hospital for mental evaluation.
March 13 to 17, 2000
Tabitha was inadvertently locked away in the psych ward with Charity, but that didn't stop her from planting sinister thoughts in Charity's mind. Eve found Sam and Ivy in a compromising position and vowed to expose them. Theresa was devastated when Ethan and Gwen used her dream wedding portfolio to plan their nuptials. Kay plotted to get Miguel drunk and seduce him. Pierre learned that Sheridan was heading back to Paris and ordered her killed.
March 20 to 24, 2000
Luis and Sheridan both struggled with being apart and unexpectedly met on the roof of the Seascape, where Luis saved Sheridan. Theresa was elated when Gwen had to leave town on business and left Theresa in charge of planning Gwen's wedding with Ethan. The angel girl appeared at the hospital to issue a warning to Tabitha. In a trance, Charity nearly stabbed Miguel with a pair of scissors. She later had a vision of Miguel dying. A frightened Charity broke up with him in order to try to save him. Kay discovered that the bird statue was gone. Simone took the statue home, and she and T.C. tried to open it. Later, T.C. asked Eve for help opening the "puzzle." Alastair threatened to disinherit Julian if the photos of him and Eve were discovered. When Julian and Eve met to discuss their past, he made a move on Eve. Ivy took drastic steps to ensure that Eve and Sam didn't learn the truth about her affair. Later, Ivy trapped Sam in a compromising situation.
March 27 to 31, 2000
The Cranes, Bennetts, and Russells all gathered for a phone call from Alistair, who hinted that he knew that all three couples were keeping secrets. Sheridan left for Paris, unaware of the impending danger that loomed. Luis admitted to Hank that Sheridan had broken his heart. Ivy was determined to find out the truth about Eve and Julian. Eve realized that the bird statue that held the pornographic pictures of her might not have been destroyed in the fire. Later, Eve discovered that T.C. had been trying to open the "puzzle box." Tabitha encouraged Charity to go up to the cabin with the others.
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APRIL 2000
April 3 to 7, 2000
Ivy continued her search for the bird statue to blackmail Eve into helping her. T.C. asked Sam to help him find the statue. A bum from the garbage dump responded to Ivy's ad about the missing statue but was unable to reach her. Later, the bum surfaced at Grace's shop, hoping to sell the statue. Luis went to Paris and had a disastrous run-in with Sheridan. He made plans to return to Harmony, but later reconsidered and headed off to find her. Sheridan went to Jean Luc's country home and met up with Roger and Pierre. When their plot to plant a bomb in her car went awry, they turned a gun on her. Tabitha got Charity to send Miguel up on a slope, where she was working to cause an avalanche. Charity then decided to disguise herself and surprise Miguel by joining him on that dangerous slope. After ironing out the misunderstanding, Ethan and Chad invited Theresa and Whitney to stay with them. Whitney fought her feelings for Chad and convinced Theresa to head home. As they left, the avalanche roared down towards a frightened Theresa and Whitney.
April 10 to 14, 2000
Luis turned to the police for help. Charity thought the worst about Miguel, just as he awoke and declared his love for her. Ethan and Chad raced to help Whitney and Theresa. Ivy found the bird statue and attempted to blackmail Eve into helping her woo Sam. When Ivy's back was turned, Eve swiped the statue and ran away. T.C. confided to Sam about how Julian had sabotaged his tennis career. Tabitha and Timmy faced off against a cranky bear. Luis rescued Sheridan. Chad and Ethan orchestrated an elaborate dinner to try to cheer up Whitney and Theresa.
April 17 to 21, 2000
Sheridan and Luis clung to the balcony of the hotel as they tried to escape Roger and Pierre. Simone saw Chad and Whitney share an intimate moment and issued a warning -- "Stay away from Chad, or we're through as sisters." Charity experienced a premonition that Kay and Miguel would end up together. A depressed Tabitha tried to end her life, but failed. Ivy tried to get Eve to help her snag Sam. When she refused, she emailed the photos of Julian and Eve to T.C.
April 24 to 28, 2000
Ivy emailed a photo of Julian and Eve to T.C. Eve feared for the worst but soon discovered that the faces in the pictures had been blacked out. Furious, Eve went to the Crane mansion and pointed a gun at Ivy, demanding that she hand over the incriminating pictures. Grace and Sam arrived at the mansion just in time to hear a gunshot ring out from inside. Luis saved Sheridan's life once again. Sheridan refused to go back to Harmony with Luis. Sheridan was chloroformed and dragged off to the airport. Her kidnapper turned out to be Luis, who convinced the airport personnel to let him on the plane with an unconscious Sheridan. Kay was heartbroken when Miguel said he could never love Kay the way he loved Charity. The attraction between Chad and Whitney grew stronger despite Whitney's denials. Tabitha assured Kay she'd eventually win Miguel's love. Tabitha had to explain sex to Timmy.
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MAY 2000
May 1 to 5, 2000
Luis took Sheridan back to Harmony. Kay tried to stir up trouble for Whitney and Chad by disclosing to T.C. that they were alone together at the cabin. Sheridan had Luis arrested. Theresa, Ethan, Chad, and Whitney attended the wedding planner event. Ivy and Julian disrupted T.C.'s dinner with Eve. Julian found the pillow that Eve had shot through and demanded an explanation from Ivy. Kay and Simone teamed up to keep Chad and Whitney apart. Ivy received a warning call from Alistair. Tabitha vowed that the prom would be the prom from hell.
May 8 to 12, 2000
Hank learned of Luis' arrest and headed for Boston. Sheridan regretted her decision to have Luis arrested. Miguel and Charity looked forward to the upcoming Harmony High prom, while Kay plotted to break them up. Meanwhile, Tabitha devised a plan to ruin the prom for Charity. Theresa and Ethan continued to grow closer. Whitney apologized to Chad for insulting him in the past. Kay and Simone plotted to keep Chad away from Whitney. T.C. wondered why Eve was so affected by a song about losing a child. Hank and Sheridan kissed, but she was thinking of Luis. Ivy threatened to tell Sheridan what Julian and Alistair had done to break her and Luis up, but Julian convinced her she would endanger Ethan's future. Kay helped Simone sneak out to meet Chad at the Harmony Jazz Club. Chad learned that Crystal, a jazz singer at the club, might hold the clues to his parents' whereabouts.
May 15 to 19, 2000
Eve asked Crystal to leave town, but Crystal decided otherwise. Sheridan and Luis tried to figure out their feelings for each other. Ethan and Theresa grew closer and shared a kiss. Luis was suspended from the police department without pay. Julian offered to drop the kidnapping charges if Luis promised to never get involved with Sheridan again. Eve was shaken when she ran across some old baby clothes. Charity was upset by Kay's suggestion for a location for the prom. Chad got closer to finding his mother. Roger and Pierre put a plan in motion to finish off Sheridan.
May 22 to 26, 2000
Eve was horrified when T.C., Sam, and Grace took her to the jazz club. Ivy was shocked when Eve informed her that she was going to tell T.C. the truth about everything. Theresa went to Ethan's room to be with him, but was shocked when she heard Gwen in the shower. A devastated Theresa had to listen as Ethan and Gwen declared their love for one another. Charity's powers began to grow, much to Tabitha's chagrin. Crystal decided to tell Chad about his mother and told T.C. that she had many damaging secrets to reveal. Julian cautioned Crystal to keep her mouth shut. Antoine spotted Hank, Sheridan, and Luis on the wharf and aimed his gun at Luis and Sheridan.
May 29 to June 2, 2000
Upset that Gwen was again leaving town, Ethan sought comfort in Theresa's arms. Tabitha worked to appease the dark forces in the basement. Eve managed to slip Crystal's documents out of the police evidence bag before anyone saw her. Charity sleepwalked over to Tabitha's house and faced off against the dark forces in the basement. Crystal was shot. Luis arrested Sheridan, but she was later released. Whitney and Chad got closer. Kay spotted Charity flying through the air and believed that her cousin had to be an extraterrestrial. Chad kissed Whitney. Gwen asked Theresa to go with Ethan to check out a resort in Bermuda for their honeymoon. Sheridan warned Ethan not to go to Bermuda with Theresa after he admitted to her that he was thinking of Theresa while making love to Gwen. Sam decided to investigate Crystal's past. Sheridan went to the Crane Cabin without her bodyguard.
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JUNE 2000
June 5 to 9, 2000
Chad and Whitney kissed passionately, but Whitney continued to deny that there was something between them. Ivy figured out that Julian and Eve were Chad's parents, but Eve divulged that her son had died shortly after birth. Kay tried to show her family the tape of Charity flying through the air, but the tape was blank. Theresa stowed away on Ethan's plane. Theresa was thrilled when weather forced her and Ethan to stay in Bermuda overnight. Antoine grabbed Sheridan at the cabin. Eve was horrified to see her old mug shot on Sam's computer. Ivy helped Eve plant cocaine in Crystal's personal effects. Theresa and Ethan dined under the stars as Ethan continued to fight his growing attraction to her. Sheridan and Antoine struggled, and a gunshot rang out. Luis and Sam flew to the cabin in a police helicopter to rescue Sheridan. Ivy snatched Eve's mug shot away before Whitney and Chad could recognize it.
June 12 to 16, 2000
Julian slipped into Theresa's bed, thinking she was Suzanne. Luis parachuted into the woods to rescue Sheridan. Chad was buried under a mountain of debris. Ethan found Julian in Theresa's bed. Chad went into cardiac arrest. A horrified Simone lashed out at Whitney. Charity had a vision of Chad as a baby. Eve was shaken after learning her blood type matched Chad's. Julian started to read what was on Theresa's computer but Pilar interrupted him. Whitney vowed to tell Chad her true feelings if he made it through. Ivy ordered Eve to prevent Grace from getting on the boat with Sam. Eve balked at the idea but gave in and set the clock back an hour so Grace would miss meeting Sam at the boat. Luis was furious when he saw Theresa's expensive dress from Bermuda. Ethan and Theresa both wound up at the movies. The FBI assigned Luis to be Sheridan's bodyguard. Sam arrived at the boat for his sailing trip with Grace, but Ivy was already there.
June 19 to 23, 2000
Ethan passionately kissed Theresa then apologized. Ivy threw the phone and compass overboard, ensuring that she and Sam remained alone. Chad, still unconscious, whispered Whitney's name. Grace confided in Eve that she felt like something was going to destroy her marriage. Upon their return, Ivy was shocked to see Julian waiting on the dock, but managed to elude him. Kay made preparations for the prom as Tabitha made plans of her own. Hank tried to escape two goons from his past but got beaten up in the process. Sheridan had a sexy dream about Luis and awoke to find him standing over her bed. Alistair ordered Julian to do anything necessary to prevent Luis from learning their secret. Chad told Whitney he had heard her confess her feelings when he was unconscious. Tabitha put evil charms all over the prom boat. Theresa tried on Gwen's wedding gown just as Gwen arrived back home.
June 26 to 30, 2000
Luis saw Sheridan topless. Whitney was stunned to see a picture of herself in Chad's apartment. Gwen caught Theresa in her wedding gown. Theresa was saved when the dress designer arrived, and Gwen saw Theresa was modeling the dress for her. Sheridan caught Hank with a gun. Pilar slapped Theresa. Tabitha made a magic pendant for Charity to enhance her dark powers. Charity had a vision of Kay and Simone in the fires of hell. Gwen felt sorry for Theresa and asked Ethan to take her to the prom. Ivy devised a new plan to snag Sam -- tell him that he was Ethan's father. Luis found a mysterious bullet in the wall of Sheridan's cottage. Luis confronted Julian over the bullet. Ivy manipulated Grace into inviting her to chaperone the prom. Tabitha's image didn't show up in a picture Sam took.
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JULY 2000
July 3 to 7, 2000
On the prom boat, Charity remembered that she and Miguel had once been passengers on the doomed Titanic. Tabitha arranged it so Julian and Ivy were trapped on the prom boat. Sheridan sneaked away from Luis. Tabitha slipped herbs into Julian's drink. The fish guts were dumped on a startled Charity. The evil pendant Tabitha had given Charity began to glow, and Charity murmured that everyone on the boat would die. Tabitha encouraged her to wreak havoc on the folks of Harmony. Ivy was upset when she saw Ethan and Sam arguing. Gwen's mother arrived in Harmony to help her with the wedding plans and convinced her that Theresa was a threat. Theresa prepared to tell Ethan she loved him. A drunken Julian made a move on Eve. Due to NBC's Wimbledon coverage, Passions was preempted Thursday and Friday.
July 10 to 14, 2000
Miguel was hit by a bolt of lightning when he approached Charity. Gwen made her way to the prom boat and found Ethan and Theresa in a compromising position. The prom boat started sinking. Tabitha and Timmy were washed overboard. Theresa asked Ethan to kiss her before they died. Luis took out Sam's boat to help the people on the prom boat. In the water, Ethan was forced to choose between helping Gwen or Theresa -- he chose Theresa. Sam rescued Ivy when she was hit by a piece of debris. Ivy told Sam that Ethan was their son. Hank agreed to kill Sheridan. Chad saved Whitney. Ethan blamed Sam for everyone being in danger on the prom boat. Kay found the pendant and was filled with its evil influence.
July 17 to 21, 2000
Grace told Sam that Ethan reminded her of their son Noah. Theresa sneaked into Ethan's bedroom and demanded to know what Ethan's feelings were for her. Sick of Julian's incompetence, Alistair named Ethan the next heir to Crane Industries. A hysterical Julian vowed to get to the bottom of Ivy's secrets. Les threatened to go after Hank's family if he didn't kill Sheridan. Grace had a nightmare of a woman taking Sam away from her. Sam tried to get information on Ethan on the Internet. Ethan was determined to find Theresa and talk about the future. Ivy regretted telling Sam about Ethan being his son and feared his future as the Crane heir would be jeopardized. Ivy gave Pilar the papers on Ethan's parentage for safekeeping. Whitney worried when Chad was late for work. Tabitha and Timmy watched as the pendant turned Grace evil.
July 24 to 28, 2000
Chad collapsed on the wharf. Kay and Simone stumbled upon him and took him to Simone's house. Ethan prepared to tell Theresa how he felt about her. They were about to kiss when Gwen arrived to discuss hairstyles for the wedding. Eve worried that Chad and Whitney were growing closer. Eve allowed Chad to recuperate at the Russell house. Rebecca and Ivy saw Sam leaving a note at Sam and Ivy's old meeting place. Ethan dreamed of marrying Theresa. Suzanne told Julian how Ivy was very secretive about papers she kept in an attaché case. He then searched Ivy's bedroom for the attaché case. Hank saw Les aim his gun at Sheridan and jumped in front of her to protect her. He got shot just as Luis arrived. A semi-conscious Chad told an overjoyed Simone he loved her, believing she was Whitney. Charity told Miguel she felt that some dark force was working to keep them apart. Miguel gave Charity his grandmother's cross. Tabitha and Timmy went to visit the Bennett house to get the pendant, and it suddenly attached itself to Timmy. Luis tracked Les to an alley, where Les pulled a gun on him.
July 31 to August 4, 2000
Sheridan and Luis were caught up in the Paso Doble, and they kissed. Les gave Hank an ultimatum: kill Sheridan Crane or Les would kill Kay or Jessica. Theresa was determined to tell Ethan that they were destined to be together. Chad collapsed on the wharf. Ethan and Theresa shared a kiss. Rebecca was determined to find out whose Sam other woman was. Les fired a gun at Sheridan. Eve agreed to let Chad stay in Whitney's room to recover. Tabitha searched for a spell so Charity would kill Miguel.
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August 7 to 11, 2000
Sheridan shot Les and saved Luis' life. Theresa went into Ethan's bedroom, and he drew her into a kiss. Julian went to Pilar's house, determined to get Ivy's attaché case. Theresa saw Sheridan sleepwalk in the Crane living room. T.C. went to his secret shed. Julian was suspicious when he discovered that Ivy was hiding at Pilar's house. Julian found Theresa's keys and was determined to break into Pilar's house. Kay taunted Whitney by saying that Chad loved Simone. Gwen went into Ethan's bedroom as Ethan dreamt about Theresa. Julian found Ivy's attaché case. Sheridan asked Luis to help her uncover her past. Simone was crushed when Chad couldn't remember telling her he loved her. Gwen gave Theresa an expensive gift for filling in for her maid of honor. She later told a delighted Theresa that Ethan had apparently been dreaming about a mysterious woman.
August 14 to 18, 2000
Kay overheard Chad admit the truth about his feelings for Simone. Julian gathered Sam, Ivy, and Pilar around him as he prepared to open the attaché case. Ethan prepared to tell Gwen about his feelings for Theresa but backed out. A disappointed Theresa pressed Ethan to admit his true feelings, but he insisted that he loved Gwen and would marry her no matter what. Chad dreamed of telling the truth to Whitney. Ivy insisted that Sam arrest Julian for stealing the attaché case from Pilar's house. He began to do so, but Pilar refused to press charges. Much to Ivy's dismay, she gave Julian the combination to the briefcase. An angry Julian found nothing but Pilar's financial papers. Julian vowed to find the real "secret" documents. The angel warned Grace that her marriage was in jeopardy. Charity was overtaken by the dark side.
August 21 to 25, 2000
Ivy overheard Ethan and Julian plotting to destroy Sam. Sheridan and Luis almost kissed, but Hank interrupted. Sheridan continued to wonder if she was responsible for the death of Luis' father. Tabitha realized she couldn't control Evil Charity, and she and Timmy needed to obey Evil Charity. Evil Charity had Timmy sabotaged Miguel's motorcycle in an attempt to kill him. The angel girl warned Grace that an event in Sam's son's life was about to change her life. Chad pressured Ethan to call off the wedding and expose his true feelings. Eve hypnotized Sheridan. During the hypnosis, Sheridan screamed, "I did it!" Theresa was devastated when she realized that Ethan was serious when he claimed he didn't love her and would still be marrying Gwen. Distraught, she hopped aboard her brother's motorcycle and rode. Sheridan told Eve that she had killed Luis' father.
August 28 to September 1, 2000
Ethan went in search of Theresa. Charity had a premonition that someone was going to die. Julian went to Sheridan's cottage. Ethan told Theresa he loved her, but Theresa saw through his attempt to revive her. Sheridan instructed Eve to tell Luis everything. Gwen walked in on Ethan kissing Theresa at the hospital. Alistair told Eve to reveal what Sheridan had said under hypnosis. Rebecca learned that Ethan had kissed Theresa. Ethan confided to Chad how Theresa's near death made him realize he loved her; but he loved Gwen too. Ethan told Gwen and Theresa there was something he had to tell both of them.
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September 4 to 8, 2000
Kay failed in another attempt to seduce Miguel. Luis lashed out at Julian and vowed to make arrests concerning the death of his father. Rebecca and Pilar faced off over their daughters. Pilar implored Ethan to think about the consequences of whatever decision he made. Sheridan told Luis to arrest her for his father's murder. The evil Charity realized Kay was a problem. She formulated a plan to get rid of both Kay and Miguel. Evil Charity instructed Tabitha and Timmy they would be spared if they helped in the plan to kill Miguel. Ivy and Rebecca confronted Ethan about his feelings for Theresa. Eve claimed she had let Sheridan think she had killed Martin so she could work out her feelings of guilt. Luis remained suspicious.
September 11 to 15, 2000
Luis vowed to someday make his father's killer pay. Gwen said she would destroy anyone who tried to take Ethan from her. Ethan told Theresa he loved her -- and Gwen. Chad and Whitney shared a close moment as they talked about love. Ethan confided in Sheridan about his love for Theresa. Luis told Pilar he thought Martin was dead and that the Cranes were responsible. Theresa told Luis that she was in love but bailed out of telling him who she loved. Kay continued to try to keep Whitney and Chad apart. Much to Ivy's chagrin, Julian gave Gwen heirloom jewels as a wedding gift. Chad moved out of the Bennett house but then learned he'd been evicted. Theresa confessed her fears to Pilar about marrying Ethan.
September 18 to 22, 2000
Ethan tried to tell Gwen that the wedding was off but they were constantly interrupted. Sheridan finally told Luis that she had overheard him say he was only using her for her money. Chad had a difficult time finding another place to live after Whitney inadvertently had his building condemned. Julian tried to convince Sheridan that Luis was lying. Luis pleaded with Sheridan to trust he had never said he was using her. Sheridan told Luis if he admitted to saying he was using her, she would forgive him and they could start over. Miguel and Charity learned there was a Tabitha Lenox in Harmony when the town had first been settled. Timmy found a manuscript Tabitha had written with secrets about Harmony. Ethan finally began to tell Gwen he loved Theresa.
September 25 to 29, 2000
Rebecca was shocked to see Ethan and Theresa kissing. Gwen reacted badly to Sheridan's slip about Ethan canceling the wedding, but Sheridan managed to cover. Rebecca vowed to do whatever it took to ensure Gwen and Ethan married. Reese tried to trace the origins of the pendant Tabitha had given to Charity. Ivy invited the Bennetts and Russells to the wedding. Ethan and Theresa argued over Sheridan and Luis. Rebecca informed Ethan that she knew about him and Theresa. Theresa's plan to tell Luis about her relationship with Ethan was thwarted as Luis badmouthed him. Sheridan and Luis found themselves in an unusual situation with a woman about to give birth. Ivy pondered telling Sam the truth about Ethan.
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October 2 to 6, 2000
Theresa was devastated when she heard Ethan pledge his love to Gwen. Luis and Sheridan bonded over the birth of Pat's baby. Tabitha was face-to-face with the spirits of the ancestors of Grace, Sam, Julian, and Ivy. Rebecca told Theresa that Ethan was playing her for a fool. Charity had visions of Tabitha as the witch that was burned at the stake. Theresa was shattered when she overheard Ethan confide to Chad he was glad Theresa was not around to see the charade he was putting on. Reese saw Timmy alive. Luis told Pat's kids a fairy tale based on Sheridan and Luis. Theresa learned that Ethan was really Sam's son and vowed to stop the wedding by telling everyone that Ethan wasn't a Crane. Kay kissed Miguel. Ivy, Julian, and Alistair learned that Ethan was planning to call off the wedding.
October 9 to 13, 2000
Ethan told Gwen he was canceling the wedding because he was in love with another woman. Theresa confronted Pilar about Ethan being Sam's son. Kay, Miguel, and Charity fell into a cave. Theresa went to the airport to leave Harmony forever. Whitney finally told Chad why she was angry with him. Ethan rushed to the airport after Theresa. Rebecca told Julian she would help him find Ivy's secret. Ivy destroyed the papers about Ethan's paternity. Ethan found Theresa, and the two declared their love for one another. Hank was worried when Gwen revealed she wanted to kill Theresa. Tabitha started a cave-in to get rid of Kay, Miguel, and Charity.
October 16 to 20, 2000
Theresa was shocked to find a vengeful Gwen at her door. Luis and Sheridan decided to forget about the night Sheridan had thought she heard Luis say he was using her. Charity put the pendant back on. Gwen attacked Theresa. Luis and Sheridan got caught up in their love for each other. Evil Charity shot boulders at Tabitha and Timmy. Ethan was suspicious of Rebecca and headed for Theresa's house. Gwen showed Ethan the pictures Theresa had cut out of him. Reese and Simone realized their friends were in the mineshaft. Chad climbed through Whitney's bedroom window because he needed to see her. Evil Charity pushed Kay into the quicksand, but Miguel pulled her to safety. Rebecca arranged for Gwen to spend the night in the Crane mansion and had Theresa walk in on Gwen in bed with Ethan.
October 23 to 27, 2000
A heartbroken Theresa ran off after seeing Ethan and Gwen kissing. Chad was knocked down the mineshaft. Kay encountered Hecuba. Hecuba showed Kay an image of herself and Miguel making love in a magic mirror. The good spirits of Harmony appeared to Sheridan. Theresa found a photo album filled with memories of Ethan and Gwen and realized that they shared a lot of history together. Miguel was frightened and confused as Evil Charity shot bolts of lightning at him. Theresa decided to tell Ethan he was not a Crane after he admitted he didn't feel an obligation to his family to marry Gwen. Miguel and Kay made a daring escape from Evil Charity. Julian fell into the mineshaft. Fearing they wouldn't make it out alive, Kay confessed to Miguel that she loved him.
October 30 to November 3, 2000
Gwen and Theresa sparred over Ethan. Rebecca made it very clear that Theresa should have nothing to do with Ethan. Sheridan tried to get to the bottom of who had attempted to kill her. Hecuba showed to Julian, via a magic mirror, images of Ivy and Sam making love. Sheridan and Luis woke up in bed together. Due to Tabitha's magic, a fireball Charity had conjured up could destroy the town of Harmony. Chad and Whitney kissed. Grace said the only way to save Harmony was to open a magic box.
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November 6 to 10, 2000
Hecuba warned Kay she would never get Miguel without her help. Gwen continued to remind Ethan of their past. Julian told a shocked Grace that Sam and Ivy were lovers. A taxman showed up at Tabitha's to inform her she owed three hundred years of real estate taxes. With no visible means of support, Timmy suggested she sell her memoirs. Ethan assured an overjoyed Theresa he still loved her and took her to a boardwalk arcade for their first date. Chad told everyone that Kay was spreading a rumor about him getting a girl named Tiffany pregnant and then dumping her. Chad informed Whitney he might not be able to forgive her for not believing in him. Meanwhile, Kay was in a frenzy, not sure how to get out of her lie. She swore she'd sell her soul to get out of her predicament. Hecuba offered to help Kay out in exchange for her soul.
November 13 to 17, 2000
Hank shot and killed Sheridan. Ethan raged at Luis for failing to protect his aunt. Sam ordered Luis to hand over his badge and gun, but Luis vowed to find Sheridan's killer. Timmy secretly made a deal with HarperCollins to publish Tabitha's memoirs. Chad didn't accept Whitney's apology and declared he was leaving for good. Luis railed at Hank for leaving his guard post but later apologized. Julian and Rebecca plotted to drive a wedge between Ethan and Theresa. Ivy grew upset when Sam said he hated Ethan. Sam once again rejected Ivy. Irked to learn who gave Ethan his newest prized possession, Gwen ripped apart the teddy bear in a fit of rage. Luis encountered Sheridan on the docks.
November 20 to 24, 2000
Julian, Rebecca, and Gwen stopped Theresa from seeing Ethan. Luis, overcome with emotion, held Sheridan close as they professed their love for one another. Hank approached, and Luis went to tell him Sheridan was alive, but when he stepped aside, Sheridan was gone. Julian ensured that the newspaper headline had Ethan blaming Luis and Sam for Sheridan's death. Sam was upset to learn that the prints on the gun didn't match Pierre's. Hecuba put Kay's life in jeopardy. Theresa and Ethan talked alone, and cleared up all the miscommunication between them. Gwen set up Luis to see Ethan and Theresa together.
November 27 to December 1, 2000
Rebecca decided to tell Luis that Theresa and Ethan were in love. Miguel and Charity talked about taking their relationship to the next level. In her coffin, Sheridan remembered being shot but wondered why no one could hear her. She heard Ethan talking and realized everyone thought she was dead. Ethan made Gwen promise she wouldn't tell Luis about his and Theresa's relationship. Theresa told Ethan that if she married him, Luis would have nothing to do with her. Tabitha and Timmy were horrified to learn that Charity and Miguel had talked about making love. Doing so would make her come into her full powers. Luis lashed out against the Cranes for not caring about Sheridan. Rebecca's suspicions about Sam and Ivy increased. Julian received a mysterious envelope from Alistair. Tabitha tried to seduce the taxman. Sheridan cried out for help as her coffin was lowered into the ground.
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December 4 to 8, 2000
Rebecca told Luis that Theresa was Ethan's mistress. Sheridan remembered planning to stage her death in order to nab Roger and Pierre. Sam warned Ivy that if Julian confronted them about their affair, he'd own up to it. Rebecca told Julian she'd leave her husband for him. Luis confronted Theresa with all the lies she'd told him and was blown away by his sister's betrayal of their trust. Luis vowed Ethan and Theresa were finished. Timmy helped Tabitha collect ingredients for a potion to make the HarperCollins publisher forget about Tabitha's manuscript. When Ethan showed up at the house, Luis grabbed him and threatened to kill him.
December 11 to 15, 2000
Theresa lashed out at Luis and declared that she no longer considered him her brother. Pilar and Whitney were stunned as Luis grabbed his gun and vowed to get Theresa back home. Charity and Miguel both got advice on love. Thinking of her past with Sam, Ivy encouraged Ethan to choose the woman he loved, no matter who she was. Ethan announced he'd make his decision before the night was over. Tabitha prepared her concoction to make the HarperCollins editor forget all about her memoirs. Ethan, Sam, T.C., and Luis went off to track down Roger and Pierre. Grace and Charity sensed the presence of evil in the Bennett house. Timmy signed the contract for Tabitha's book. Kay began Hecuba's plan to destroy Charity. The book editor told Grace she had read all about her husband. Luis saw a romantic moment between Theresa and Ethan.
December 18 to 22, 2000
Timmy saw Kay in cahoots with Hecuba. Luis saved Ethan. Tabitha read Theresa's future in her tea leaves and predicted that a man Pilar loved would be returning to her. A frantic Hank informed Sam, T.C., Luis, and Ethan that Sheridan was buried alive. After having dug up her grave, Luis held a lifeless Sheridan in his arms. Rebecca deduced that Sam and Ivy were having an affair after she opened Ivy's locket and found Sam's picture. Theresa and Gwen argued over who Ethan would choose. Chad kissed Whitney. Sam was stunned when his brother revealed Roger and Pierre had asked him to kill Sheridan. He told a devastated Hank he was no longer his brother. Ivy and Pilar caught Rebecca in the bedroom.
December 25 to 29, 2000
Ethan proposed to Theresa at Midnight mass. Kay was frustrated at not being able to enjoy the holiday festivities because of the lack of having a soul. Charity continued to sense Kay was in danger. Rebecca finally figured out that Ethan was Sam's son. Ethan proposed again and this time slipped a ring onto Theresa's finger. Hecuba continued to put her plan to destroy Charity in motion. Theresa was crushed when Luis refused to give his blessing to her engagement to Ethan.
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