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January 3 to 7, 2005
Ivy and Ethan were horrified when a mentally unbalanced Gwen again stabbed Theresa with a scalpel. Theresa slipped into a coma, but was brought out of it when Ethan placed their daughter in her arms. A nervous Ethan asked Theresa not to press charges against Gwen, who'd been arrested. Liz accidentally drank the poisoned punch instead of Eve, and Eve became the prime suspect in the attempted murder of her sister! A delighted Rebecca was convinced her rival would go to prison for the rest of her life. Eve desperately defended herself against TC's angry accusations, but looked incredibly guilty when her hospital key card was shown to have accessed the storage closet where the poison used on Liz was stored. Pushed to the edge, "Mrs. Wheeler" finally admitted to Sheridan that she was in fact her mother. Pilar and Luis demanded to know why Martin and Katherine ran off together, leaving Harmony without word. Beth tried to reconnect Sheridan and Katherine in order to get Luis upset with his bride. Sheridan rushed to stop her mother from leaving the church so she could understand why she left her as a child. Katherine broke down, admitting that Alistair raped her.
January 10 to 14, 2005
Katherine pushed Sheridan away; she didn't want her presence to hinder Sheridan and Luis' happiness. Alistair woke from his coma and attempted to rape Katherine. Liz identified her sister as the person who poisoned her, and Eve was sent to jail. A psychiatrist visited delusional Gwen at her jail cell. He told Ethan that the longer she stayed confined, the greater the chances that she'd be forever lost. Rebecca felt God was punishing her by taking it out on her daughter. She attempted to do right by confessing her involvement in Liz's poisoning, but when she learned the steep penalties Eve was facing, she has second thoughts about admitting her crimes. Theresa couldn't feel her legs after being stabbed by Gwen, and changed her mind about dropping the charges.
January 17 to 21, 2005
Julian learned that his mother was still alive, and they were reunited. Katherine feared her very presence could break up Sheridan and Luis forever. Sheridan suggested to Luis that they get married right away. Pilar revealed that she had underlying feelings for Martin by sharing a kiss. She pleaded with Martin to tell her the real reason he left Harmony. Whitney angrily lashed out at Fox. She considered confiding the horrible truth about her baby to Katherine. Chad surmised that Whitney was upset because she was still in love with him. A gloating Liz visited Eve in jail. Eve urged her sister to tell the truth, that she didn't hand her the poisoned punch. Ethan again asked Theresa not to press charges against Gwen. Thinking Sheridan kidnapped her baby, Gwen attacked her best friend from her cell. Alistair watched as Sheridan sleepwalked around the Crane estate. He prepared to shoot his daughter to prevent her from remembering a secret that could destroy his empire.
January 24 to 28, 2005
Fox confronted Whitney about a shocking conversation he overheard between her and Katherine. Luis prevented Pilar from hearing the real reason Martin left. Sheridan unconsciously choked Katherine while sleepwalking. Sheridan woke, horrified to discover that she tried to kill her mother. Alistair warned Katherine that the secret Martin possessed would destroy Sheridan. Theresa believed Ethan was trying to deceive her in order to help Gwen. Ethan and Theresa settled upon a name for their baby: "Jane." When Ethan chose to visit Theresa and a feverish Jane in the hospital, Gwen cut her wrists with a broken mirror, determined to get to the hospital and kill Theresa. Julian freed Eve by paying her bail. Dressed in revealing clothing, Jessica sneaked out of the house, and Ivy discovered incriminating belongings in her room. Kay, Simone and Paloma found Jessica at a nightclub making out with an older man. Paloma was knocked unconscious in a back room of the club after fighting back unwanted sexual advances.
January 31 to February 4, 2005
Martin prepared to reveal the reason he left Harmony to Pilar and Luis. In order to stop him, Alistair warned Katherine that Martin's dark secret would have a devastating impact on Sheridan's life if he told all. Sam reprimanded Kay and Jessica when he caught them trying to sneak back home with Simone after escaping the nightclub melee. Paloma was discovered unconscious, with her vitals weak, after a brutal attack in the nightclub. Martin and Pilar bonded while praying together for Paloma to survive. After questioning a shaken Kay, Simone and Jessica, a furious Luis tracked down Paloma's assailant. Eve and Whitney had a standoff when Eve realized her daughter has purposely not been taking care of herself or the baby. Gwen was sent to the hospital after her faked suicide attempt, allowing her to get near Theresa and finish her off once and for all. A deranged Gwen chased Theresa throughout a secluded part of the hospital with a pair of scissors. Gwen completely broke down when Ethan prevented her from killing her rival. Later, Theresa was horrified to learn Gwen had kidnapped her daughter Jane from the hospital. Gwen drove to a secret location with baby "Ashley," determined to never again return to Harmony.
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February 7 to 11, 2005
Running low on food and baby supplies, Gwen and Jane ventured from their secluded cabin to a country store, where an Amber Alert played on the radio. Meanwhile, the bond between Ethan and Theresa grew stronger over their missing child. Katherine feared her presence was making it difficult for Martin to be a part of his family's life. Katherine asked Alistair to help her disappear for good! With every new detail about Jane's kidnapping, Sheridan relived the awful night her own child was taken from her. She confessed to Luis that her heart still believed their child was alive. Later, Beth freaked out when Sheridan claimed Marty was her son and said she could prove it! Eve confided in Julian, telling him that Fox wasn't the father of Whitney's baby. Julian was stunned to learn Whitney was pregnant by Chad, her half-brother. Fox and Chad were completely blown away when they overheard Whitney saying she hated the baby growing inside her. Fox began to doubt he was the baby's father and had a heart-to-heart with a conflicted Julian. Ready to tell Chad the truth, Whitney arrived at the recording studio and became jealous when she found him making love to Valerie. A distraught Whitney finally turned to her mother, and the two women reconnected.
February 14 to 18, 2005
Whitney was conflicted when she and Fox heard "their" unborn baby's heartbeat for the first time. As Fox and Ivy excitedly discussed the birth of the baby, Whitney became ill. Meanwhile, Julian and Eve were distraught over the baby's possible birth defects. Keeping her plans to leave town to herself, Katherine tried to enjoy a romantic Valentine's Day with Martin at the Seascape. Pilar defended Martin to Luis, who demanded his father finally revealed the secret he'd been hiding. Luis was taken aback as Sheridan adamantly insisted that Marty was their son. To Mrs. Wallace's horror, Beth researched the perfect way to murder Sheridan. At the Crane cabin, Gwen was stunned when she got a visit from Rebecca, who had figured out where she'd been hiding. Ethan called Rebecca and was shocked when he heard Gwen in the background, and he headed to the cabin. Gwen watched from her hiding place as Ethan interrogated Rebecca as to her and Jane's whereabouts. Ethan alerted the police to search the Crane cabin for Gwen and the baby, but Rebecca arranged for the Crane jet to whisk her loony daughter and "Ashley" out of town. Theresa confided in Pilar that the baby situation was bringing her and Ethan closer together.
February 21 to 25, 2005
Kay and Simone were shocked when they discovered a grounded Jessica had snuck out again. Jessica and Paloma allowed Randy to take them to a seedy underground club, unaware Randy intended to get his date high on drugs. A horrified Eve berated Whitney for starving herself and her unborn child. Fox proposed to Whitney, but before she could answer, Chad interrupted and insisted on talking to her alone. Whitney reeled as Chad said he loved her and wanted to be with her. Fox, Ivy, Julian and Eve overheard and reacted with shock and disgust. Beth plotted to kill Sheridan with sleeping pills and make it look like a suicide. However, Precious switched the teacups, and Beth ended up drinking the tea laced with the pills instead. Martin was gut-punched as he read Katherine's good-bye letter. He and Sheridan headed to the airport to stop Katherine from leaving town. Martin, Pilar, Luis, Sheridan, Ethan, and Theresa rushed out onto the runway to stop the Crane jet from taking off with Katherine, Gwen and Jane, but they were too late. Katherine urged a crazed Gwen to return the baby to Theresa. As Sam attempted to track down the Crane jet, Rebecca cruelly taunted Theresa that she'd never see her baby again. Sheridan blew up at Luis as she blamed him for making her mother leave town.
February 28 to March 4, 2005
Fox was shocked when Whitney refused his hand in marriage. T.C. and Liz arrived on the scene, and T.C. attacked Chad, furious at Chad for interfering in his daughter's life. Whitney stunned everyone when she announced she'd turned down Fox's proposal because she never wanted to get married. Whitney declared she was going to raise her child by herself. Ethan consoled Theresa, who was distraught over their missing baby. Ethan was hesitant when she requested he spend the night with her and Little Ethan. Sam encouraged Martin to reveal his secret to his family, but Martin insisted it would destroy them. After speaking with Father Lonigan, Luis worried that Sheridan was suicidal. Beth pretended to be a caring friend to a tearful Sheridan, all the while planning her rival's "suicide." At an underground nightclub, Jessica and Paloma flirted with men and unwittingly took drugs. Sleazy Randy led a barely conscious Jessica to a back room and took advantage of her. Having found Paloma at the club and taken her home, Kay and Simone watched over her and worried about Jessica. Kay had a disturbing vision of her sister while a still-high Jessica roamed the streets, getting herself into even more trouble.
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MARCH 2005
March 7 to 11, 2005
In the secure Crane compound located on a remote island, Gwen made plans to disappear in Europe so Theresa could never find her and "Ashley." Theresa was stunned after Whitney revealed Chad was the father of her baby, not Fox. When Whitney admitted she was considering living with Chad, Theresa tried to talk her out of it. Sheridan slipped deeper into unconsciousness as Beth filled her bedroom with gas from a heater. To Beth's dismay, Luis rescued Sheridan just in time and took her to the hospital to recover. Eve warned Luis that Sheridan's mental state was so fragile that she may lose her mind if she didn't soon have a child to love. Ivy and Sam were horrified when a bloody and disheveled Jessica showed up at the door and collapsed in her father's arms. Eve tended to Jessica and grimly informed Sam that his daughter had taken drugs... and had possibly been violated. Paloma and Jessica were rushed to the hospital. Later, Sam sent Chad, Ethan and Fox out to demolish the underground club. A vengeful Sam confronted Randy, ready to make the scum pay for violating his daughter. Julian informed Tabitha that as Endora's father, he'd like to be more involved in his daughter's life... which a dumbstruck Ivy overheard.
March 14 to 18, 2005
When Julian asked for custody of Endora, Tabitha vowed she'd never allow him and Eve to raise her child. When Ivy heard of Sam's plan to call Grace home from Europe, she turned to Jessica, frightening her with how strict her mother would be once she returned. An upset Jessica begged Sam not to bring her mother home. While researching how to put her child up for adoption, Whitney ran into a legal complication -- both parents' signatures were needed! In order to prove his love to Whitney, Fox agreed to her request to help find Theresa's baby. Fox traced Alistair's phone call with Katherine and pinpointed the location of the island. Fox warned Ethan he would have to make a choice between Theresa and Gwen once Fox brought Gwen and the baby home. Reminding Katherine that she was deeply indebted to him, Alistair hinted he'd be demanding repayment of a sexual nature and made it very clear that Katherine was his permanent prisoner. Upon Paloma's release from the hospital, Martin broke the news of Katherine's disappearance to his daughter. She was crushed and blamed Pilar for wanting Katherine out of the picture. A stung Pilar was grateful when Martin asked Paloma to give her mother a chance. Luis asked Beth for joint custody of Marty so he could bond with his son and also help Sheridan's mental health. Beth was determined to never let Sheridan near Marty.
March 21 to 25, 2005
Theresa was disgusted to learn that Whitney wanted Fox to sign over his power of attorney to her so that she could secretly put the baby up for adoption. Beth went ballistic when Edna allowed Luis to take his son to the cottage to spend time with him and Sheridan. Beth threatened to kill Edna and Precious. Edna was later heartbroken when Precious had to leave Edna in order to go take care of her dying aunt. Julian promised Sheridan that he would find out where Katherine was. Whitney went into labor. After delivering a baby boy, Whitney was relieved to learn that her son didn't have any apparent abnormalities. The baby suffered respiratory distress and rather than tell the doctors that her child was the product of incest, Whitney told Eve that she wanted her baby to die.
March 28 to April 1, 2005
Sam was about to call Grace back when Jessica angrily ordered him to stop. Chad felt an inexplicable bond with Whitney's baby boy. Despite some hesitation, Whitney signed away her son to be adopted. Eve and Chad were horrified when they heard the news. A startled Mrs. Wallace suddenly remembered flirting and dancing in a club during the 1970s with a mysterious man. As she further recalled their night of passion together, Edna was horrified to realize exactly who the man is. When Sheridan left Marty alone for a brief moment, Alistair swooped in and took off with his grandson. Alistair gave the boy back to Sheridan, but coolly warned her that something terrible could happen to Marty if Luis continued to try bringing him down. Martin and Pilar convinced Paloma and Theresa to give their family a chance to reunite. However, Luis refused to give his father another chance. Gwen was floored to learn Alistair was not only keeping Katherine as his prisoner, but her and "Ashley" as well. Fox infiltrated the Crane compound, but was captured by armed security. Alistair arrived at the compound, much to the dismay of his guests. Gwen and Katherine were baffled by a sudden turnaround in Fox's attitude, especially when he declared he'd rather live the life of a playboy at the compound than return to Whitney and his newborn son.
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APRIL 2005
April 4 to 8, 2005
Chad was furious with Whitney for putting her child up for adoption. Fix was given 72 hours to return to Harmony and contest the adoption. Tabitha took joy in seeing Theresa and Whitney's misery. Alistair tortured Gwen both physically and emotionally after she tried and failed to rescue Katherine. Beth demanded that Marty be given back to her, calling her a "stupid blonde." The line prompted Sheridan to recall that Beth was the one who had kidnapped her. Their altercation turned violent as Beth knocked out Sheridan and, when Luis arrived, claimed that she had had to defend herself from an unstable Sheridan. Later, Luis and Sheridan informed Beth that they planned to have a DNA test performed on the baby.
April 11 to 15, 2005
Beth allowed a DNA test to be performed on Marty, but she planned to leave Harmony before the results were announced. Julian and Eve and TC and Liz all planned to adopt Whitney's child. Sam devised a plan to shut down Spike's club. Gwen attacked Theresa. Ethan made a decision about his love life, picking Gwen over Theresa.
April 18 to 22, 2005
Attempting to rebuild their life together, Martin and Pilar shared a romantic evening of dinner and danced at the Seascape. Martin was overjoyed when he ran into Katherine at the park. Pilar spotted them together and unleashed her anger at Katherine for returning. After landing in Harmony, an exuberant Fox arrived home wanting to see "his" son. When Whitney confessed she gave the baby up for adoption, Fox was rocked to the core. In order to prevent Fox from stopping the adoption, Whitney blurted out that the baby wasn't his! However, Whitney quickly backtracked. Fox rushed to the adoption agency to get "his" son back, but he learned he was too late. Pandemonium erupted when TC and Liz and Eve and Julian all announced their intentions to adopt Whitney's baby. Theresa ordered Sam to reinstate the charges against Gwen and had her arrested. When Ethan learned Theresa had broken the truce, he called her a monster. While waiting at the hospital for Marty's DNA results, Sheridan remained confident the test would show she was Marty's real mother, not Beth. After witnessing a warm moment between Beth and Marty, Mrs. Wallace offered her daughter a way to escape before the truth came out. However, Dottie returned with the results of the DNA test -- and it showed Beth was Marty's mother! A floored Beth quietly celebrated her unexpected victory, while an earth-shattered Sheridan crumbled into Luis' comforting arms.
April 25 to 29, 2005
While raiding the club, Sam was stunned to find Jessica high on drugs and in bed with Spike. At home, Sam unleashed his fury at Ivy for not telling him about Jessica doing drugs, going out to meet Spike and getting a tattoo. Tabitha purposely made matters worse by "accidentally" exposing Jessica's self-mutilation marks. Sam, Kay and Simone reacted in shock as Jessica blamed her parents for everything and then revealed Ivy knew she was cutting herself all along. Ivy weakly protested that Jessica was blackmailing her, but Sam ordered her to move out. Ethan's loyalty to Gwen was put to the test. An emotional Fox held "his" son for the first time. TC and Fox argued over who should raise the boy. Everyone was appalled and upset after learning Chad adopted Whitney's baby! Alistair offered Pilar a piece of paper with information on it that could get Katherine out of her life forever. Pilar hesitated to make a deal with the devil, but ultimately did. At the Blue Note, a lustful Alistair made a move on Beth, both unaware they were father and daughter. Mrs. Wallace frantically called Beth to stop her daughter from committing incest, but Alistair hung up on her before she could reveal the truth. Sheridan explored Beth's basement and excitedly told Luis she was sure this was where she was held prisoner! Mrs. Wallace was terrified as Sheridan insisted to Luis that this proved Beth was behind her kidnapping and Marty was really their son!
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MAY 2005
May 2 to 6, 2005
Sam continued to rebuff a devastated Ivy. Eve and Julian watched as Chad bonded with his newly adopted baby. At the wharf, Theresa rescued Whitney from falling to her death. Later at the Blue Note, Whitney drowned her sorrows in alcohol. Rebecca enlisted Ivy's help to convince Ethan to sue Theresa for full custody of Jane. Gwen worried someone would find out she and her mother were the ones who had leaked Ethan's paternity to the tabloid. Rebecca and Gwen interrupted a kiss between Ethan and Theresa. Theresa offered to drop the charges against Gwen if Gwen would divorce Ethan and let him return to her, the woman he really loved. When Luis and Sheridan arrived at the Blue Note, Beth was forced to hide so she wouldn't be seen with Alistair. Later, a suspicious Sheridan found Beth lurking around the club, and the two rivals had a knock-down-drag-out fight. At home, Luis declared his love for Sheridan, but he couldn't believe Marty was her son without solid proof. Sheridan laid into Luis for not believing her and for defending Beth. Thanks to Mrs. Wallace's prayers, Tabitha found herself stuck in place as angels descended upon her. At the mansion, Alistair attempted to make love to a very hesitant Beth. After taking down a ferocious Crane maid, Mrs. Wallace burst into Alistair's bedroom and shocked the would-be lovers with the news that Alistair was Beth's father!
May 9 to 13, 2005
In Las Vegas, spoiled rich girl Fancy set her sights on a handsome "bad boy" named Ned. When Ned mistakenly dismissed her as a hooker, a mortified Fancy got revenge by sabotaging his high stakes poker game. In Harmony, Chad dashed off to get his sick baby some medicine, leaving a conflicted Whitney alone with her child. Whitney's heart melted as she finally looked at her baby for the first time. On the wharf, Fox and Chad engaged in a brutal fight. The two brothers were stunned when they found Whitney serenely nursing her baby. Whitney's wall quickly went back up, and she refused to be a mother to her son. Theresa angrily confronted Ethan after he sued her for custody of Jane. While researching Gwen's defense, Ethan was racked with conflicted feelings about whether he wanted his wife to go to jail (thereby allowing him to be with Theresa) or be set free. At the courthouse, Theresa taunted Gwen that Ethan was purposely going to miss the hearing and she'd be sent to jail. Alistair convinced Beth no one must ever find out she is his daughter. Mrs. Wallace threatened to reveal Alistair and Beth's father/daughter connection if he didn't pay back child support. Alistair relented to Edna's demands. A curious Eve watched Alistair usher the Wallace women out of the mansion. When Alistair lied about having company, Eve decided Luis and Sheridan needed to be told about the strange visit. Luis was dismayed when Sheridan revealed her new theory -- the DNA test showed Beth was Marty's mother because Beth was her half-sister! Driven to prove Alistair was helping Beth, Sheridan attempted to coax information out of a reluctant Crane maid.
May 16 to 20, 2005
Gwen went to court for assaulting Theresa and in an interesting twist Ethan brought evidence and testimony asserting that Gwen was given medicine at the hospital that interacted with medicine she was already taking so the charges should be dropped because she wasn't in control at the time. In addition, the reason she assaulted Theresa was in response to the test results that Theresa is Jane's mother and since Theresa's actions were irrational and could put the baby in harm's way, the judge granted sole custody of Jane to Gwen and Ethan. Theresa angrily swore that nobody would ever take her child from her. Beth called Luis to ask him to come here what she had to confess, so Sheridan was sure that Luis would come home with him. Instead Beth only confessed to being at the mansion to get money from Alistair for helping drive a wedge between him and Alistair. Sheridan gets angry at Luis for not believing her but believing everything Beth says. Luis got worried that Sheridan would try to take Marty from Beth so he went to warn Beth and advised her to call the police if Sheridan tried anything. Valerie despaired that Chad wanted Whitney in his life, not just the baby's and she encouraged him to name the baby. Sam and Kay worried about Jessica and talked about why she might be so depressed. Sam praised Kay for getting her life together and she said that was because of Maria. In Las Vegas, Fancy paid Ned's gambling debt and then set out to make him hers. They got into an argument at the pool the next day and Fancy ended up getting herself and her designer duds dunked in the water.
May 23 to 27, 2005
At a private gambling party, Fancy met up with an unsavory character, who helped her get revenge on Ned. Later, her male companion attempted to rape her. While escaping, Fancy ran into Ned, and she told him what happened. During an intimate conversation, Ned revealed he had been squatting at the hotel and stealing from room service. Sheridan discussed her grievances about Luis with Tabitha, who slyly encouraged Sheridan to stand up for what she believed in -- that Marty was her son. Although Luis blamed their problems on Alistair, Sheridan blamed Luis' lack of faith in her. Tabitha planted seeds of doubt in Dottie about the validity of Marty's DNA results. Dottie decided to run a new test! Luis was shocked when Sheridan said she was leaving town -- without him! When Ethan showed up at her door to take custody of Jane, Theresa thought he had returned to her and began planning their future together. When she realized he was there to take Jane, Theresa pushed Ethan to admit his undying love for her in front of Gwen. Pilar became increasingly upset with Theresa's cruelty as she watched her daughter encourage Ethan to leave his barren wife. Theresa locked herself in her bedroom with Jane, preventing Gwen and Ethan from obtaining custody. Believing Theresa was making matters worse for herself, Pilar frantically looked for a way to get inside.
May 30 to June 3, 2005
In Las Vegas, Ned's quick thinking helped him and Fancy escape from a hotel security guard. While trying to find a place to hide, they discovered a dead body, and realized it was someone they knew. After Luis told Theresa to believe in Ethan's love, the way he should have believed in Sheridan's, Theresa came out of her locked bedroom with Jane. A devastated Theresa watched as Ethan and Gwen left with Jane. After running the DNA test on Marty again, Dottie desperately tried to reach Sheridan before she left Harmony - for good. Katherine ordered Alistair to tell her if Marty was really Sheridan's son. Chad juggled taking care of Miles while completing a big project for Crane Industries. Fox plotted to bring down his half-brother. Liz and Whitney had a serious discussion about Whitney's alcohol problem. Mrs. Wallace became increasingly nervous as Beth revealed that she planned to take Alistair's money and ditch her mother.
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JUNE 2005
June 6 to 10, 2005
TC, Eve, Chad, and Fox worried that Whitney's drinking might be out of control. Eve accidentally let it slip that Ivy wasn't Miles's grandmother. Whitney stopped her mother from revealing the truth about her baby's paternity. Sheridan packed her bags to leave town, as Luis searched for her. Luckily, Sheridan decided to stay so she could return Dottie's call. Dottie gave them Marty's new DNA results -- Marty was their son. Luis and Sheridan headed to Beth's to get their son. As they frantically drove to Beth's, Tabitha conjured up a fog to delay the lovebirds. Martin beseeched Katherine to stop asking about the secret of the gazebo. When she insisted, Alistair revealed that as a child, Sheridan had killed Katherine's sister, Rachel. Martin had helped Alistair bury the body under the gazebo and had kept the secret through the years. In Las Vegas, Ned and Fancy discovered a dead body and realized it was someone they knew. Ned berated Fancy for taking the suitcase full of money from the dead man's room, making them targets for a group of criminals. A bickering Ned and Fancy got ready to skip town separately to avoid being discovered by the thugs. Theresa was crushed when Ethan explained that although he wanted to be a family with her, Little Ethan, and Jane, he was not willing to break his marriage vows. A bewildered Theresa rushed off in tears, not understanding why Ethan still refused to be with her. Back at the mansion, Gwen toasted Theresa's defeat with Rebecca, until her mother let it slip that evidence from the tabloid debacle still existed.
June 13 to 17, 2005
Ned and Fancy returned home to their families, the Bennetts and the Cranes. Katherine agreed to move back into the Crane mansion with Alistair. Paloma intervened when Jessica spun out of control. Sam joined in the hunt for Beth and Marty. Luis tracked down the pair after Beth stopped for gas. Theresa told Pilar her new plans to win back Ethan.
June 20 to 24, 2005
While at the Blue Note, Chad got a call that Miles was sick, Fox joined him and they rushed off to see the baby. After a moment of hesitation, Whitney followed. Whitney refused to nurse sick Miles, angering Fox, Chad and her mother. Theresa tried to convince Whitney that she'd never be able to live with herself if she refused to nurse Miles and he died. Pilar told Martin that she knew about Rachel's murder, but didn't say anything. Martin then explained the details of his escape from Harmony. Luis, Sam, and Sheridan continued their search for Beth and Marty, but Alistair was determined to help Beth escape with Marty, to forever drive a wedge between Luis and Sheridan. When Pilar remembered that there were secret rooms in the mansion, Sam and Luis chopped through the mansion's walls with axes, searching for the hidden room, and Beth. Having seen an Amber alert for Beth and Marty on TV, Mrs. Wallace worried that she too would soon be found out. She hid at the only place she knew no one would dare look - Tabitha's house. While Fancy and Spike sipped champagne in the back room of Spike's club, Noah, believing the club was empty, set fire to it. Noah heroically saved Fancy from the burning club, and she was shocked when she found out that Noah was Sam Bennett's son. Rebecca hid the evidence of Ethan's paternity by her computer, but when Theresa was left alone in the Crane mansion, she used the opportunity to snoop around in hopes of finding something to use against Gwen and Rebecca.
June 27 to July 1, 2005
Noah and Fancy worry that the goons they stole the money from will track them to Harmony. At the same time, the goons search through Las Vegas hotel security footage hoping to ID the pair. Noah, trying to help an indignant Fancy, carries her through the Harmony streets after the club fire. They run into an embittered Spike looking for retribution for his burnt down club. Theresa tells Rebecca she knows that Gwen and Rebecca framed her for the tabloid scandal and she will soon prove it. Theresa tries to convince Ethan that Rebecca's "fall" down the stairs was a set-up to establish full custody of Jane. The search is on for Beth and Marty. Sheridan finds Beth and demands for her to hand over Marty. Beth plays mind games with an already unstable Sheridan. Luis finds Sheridan in the garage in time to save her from Beth's wrath, but not in time to prevent Beth's escape with Marty.
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JULY 2005
July 4 to 8, 2005
Noah and Fancy shared a kiss. Sam arrested Noah on arson charges. Theresa and Pilar learned that Gwen and Rebecca had a secret. Spike held Jessica at knifepoint and demanded that she move out of the Bennett house. Beth escaped in a boat with Marty. Sheridan's boat hit a log and exploded.
July 11 to 15, 2005
Alistair offers Theresa a deal -- if she agrees to be his friend, he will make sure she gets the information she needs to blow Gwen and Rebecca right out of the water. Ethan takes it upon himself to chastise Alistair for his movements towards Theresa. Ivy warns Fancy that telling her grandfather about Noah was like declaring open season on the Bennetts, but Fancy refuses to believe that Alistair would take his anger out on them. Jessica follows through on her plans to move in with Spike, not realizing she's actually playing into part of Spike's plans. Luis is worried that Sheridan is dead when her boat crashes during the race for Marty. Sheridan is further tormented when Beth calls her from a private jet and puts Marty on the phone. Whitney remains worried that Chad will find out he's Miles biological father, and her son will be forever tainted by the stigma of incest. Pilar is devastated and furious to find Katherine in Martin's arms.
July 18 to 22, 2005
When Sam, Noah and Ethan got into a fight with Spike, he manipulated Jessica into having her father and brothers arrested for "assaulting" her. Ivy forced Fancy to use the money Alistair gave her to bail the men out. After Sam, Noah and Ethan were released, Noah and Fancy faced off at the police station. Jessica fell further into Spike's trap as she sold herself on the streets. Little did she know, Spike worked for Alistair and was on a mission to destroy her and her family. Mrs. Wallace blackmailed Tabitha and Endora into making her a sexier, younger-looking Edna. Sheridan told Luis their great love was over. Luis tried to find solace in church by praying for Sheridan's suffering to end, and for divine justice for Alistair. Sheridan grieved for the life she briefly shared with Luis and Marty. Pilar and Martin warned Theresa of the jeopardy her date with Alistair might bring, but she was certain she could handle herself. Her parents were shocked when they saw the revealing dress Alistair sent Theresa for their rendezvous. When Theresa and Alistair tried to leave for dinner, Martin attacked Alistair. Fox and Kay had a chance meeting on the wharf. Kay fell into the water, and although she needed assistance as she floundered in the ocean, she refused to apologize for being rude to Fox. Sparks flew between the two as they argued.
July 25 to 29, 2005
When Sam, Noah and Ethan got into a fight with Spike, he manipulated Jessica into having her father and brothers arrested for "assaulting" her. Ivy forced Fancy to use the money Alistair gave her to bail the men out. After Sam, Noah and Ethan were released, Noah and Fancy faced off at the police station. Jessica fell further into Spike's trap as she sold herself on the streets. Little did she know, Spike worked for Alistair and was on a mission to destroy her and her family. Mrs. Wallace blackmailed Tabitha and Endora into making her a sexier, younger-looking Edna. Sheridan told Luis their great love was over. Luis tried to find solace in church by praying for Sheridan's suffering to end, and for divine justice for Alistair. Sheridan grieved for the life she briefly shared with Luis and Marty. Pilar and Martin warned Theresa of the jeopardy her date with Alistair might bring, but she was certain she could handle herself. Her parents were shocked when they saw the revealing dress Alistair sent Theresa for their rendezvous. When Theresa and Alistair tried to leave for dinner, Martin attacked Alistair. Fox and Kay had a chance meeting on the wharf. Kay fell into the water, and although she needed assistance as she floundered in the ocean, she refused to apologize for being rude to Fox. Sparks flew between the two as they argued.
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August 1 to 5, 2005
After Julian rebuked Liz's sexual advances, she stabbed him. TC saved Eve's life. Chad and Whitney made love. On her deathbed, Maureen asked Sheridan to be a mother to Mark. Kay kissed Fox. Simone saved Jessica from drowning. Alistair deleted the public tsunami warning - and Harmony was rocked by a powerful storm.
August 8 to 12, 2005
Kay learned that Tabitha and Endora were the cause of the earthquake and tsunami. Whitney finally told Chad that he is the father of her child. Little Ethan discovered Rachel's petrified remains. Child Protective Services attempted to take Mark away from Sheridan. Noah surprised Fancy with a date. Ivy overheard Kay tell Simone that she had had sex with Fox. Tabitha snooped around for Simone's secret.
August 15 to 19, 2005
Whitney announced to Julian and Eve that she was leaving Harmony forever and moving to a convent. Child Protective Services took Mark away from Sheridan. Fox was devastated when he overheard Whitney begging Chad not to tell anyone who Miles' real father is. Marooned after the tsunami, Fancy and Noah were thrilled when a Crane security guard showed up in a boat. But on Alistair's orders, he refused to rescue Noah! Liz was incensed when TC told her that he was still in love with Eve and wanted to reconcile with her. Julian asked Ethan to represent Eve in the upcoming trial. Alistair agreed to make a phone call on Fancy's behalf in order to stop further harassment from the Las Vegas mob, but he refused to help Noah. While working at the bed & breakfast, Sheridan met Chris, a handsome, mysterious stranger who piqued her curiosity. At the mansion, Ethan and Julian questioned Rebecca about the night Liz was poisoned and believe that she was hiding something.
August 22 to 26, 2005
Fox and Kay fell in love and got more intimate. Tabitha complained about not being able to sleep for all the noises coming from their activity in the attic. Even though Tabitha was loathe to let Fox and Kay fall in love, Endora was all for her half-brother having Kay in his life. Whitney went to join a convent but was sent home to deal with her problems and say her good byes before she moves in as a guest. She had a tearful homecoming and told her family that she was definitely planning to join the order. Simone had a pity party because her parents still didn't seem to care about her and Eve finally decided to stay with T.C., which didn't make Liz happy. Luis called the Bed and Breakfast to see how Sheridan had survived the tsunami, but she told Ivy to talk to him because she didn't have anything to say to him until he brings Marty back. Chris settles in and handles a piece of fabric that his son's mother used to make a shirt for the boy every year and coincidentally Mark is wearing a shirt of the same fabric. Later, Sheridan is called to the child welfare office and finds that Chris is Mark's father and Mark's real name is James. Sheridan was skeptical, but Chris lets her check out his file and credentials which seem to check out. Theresa began realizing what her deal with Alistair will cost her. She gets to be close to her children, but she has to date and make love to Alistair for his help getting Ethan back. Eve is in the midst of her trial for attempting to kill Julian, Alistair and Liz. Ethan is working on her defense, but hasn't got much of a case. Rebecca worried that she'd be found out and spilled the beans to Gwen that she was the one who poisoned Liz, though she was actually trying to kill Eve. Noah is at a roadhouse pool hall trying to win money to pay back the roadhouse owner, Payne. He shot pool with a huge guy named Tiny and lulled him into betting more while Noah lost game after game in order to make a big pot of money. Fancy had a premonition that he was in trouble, so asked Crane security to find him fore her. She messed up his money shot and they ended up washing a mountain of dishes and scrubbing out a dirty bathroom in order to earn Noah's freedom.
August 29 to September 2, 2005
Alistair publicly groped Theresa at the Seascape Restaurant, so she slapped him. To Gwen's dismay, Ethan openly worried about Theresa's relationship with Alistair. Theresa later told Ethan that she would not press charges against Alistair for rape. Noah created a romantic lobster dinner date on the beach for Fancy. Endora cast a spell granting Fox and Kay a free dinner at the Seascape Restaurant. Eve and TC were surprised to see Julian drowning his sorrows at the bar. When Simone expressed her desire to be with Rae forever, Rae, not wanting a commitment, dismissed her youthful ideas of romance and tells her to leave.
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September 5 to 9, 2005
Chris shared the secret that he's in the witness protection program with Sheridan after she found a newspaper article showing his picture with a different name. She had a hard time believing him and thought he was working for Alistair to keep her off balance. Noah and Fancy's intimate night at Sheridan's cottage was interrupted by Alistair. When Fancy told him she was going to Paris, he forbid it and she decided that spending more time with Noah would be the silver lining to that cloud until Noah told her that he can't give her the life she wants and said good-bye. Jessica went home but gave Sam an ultimatum-get rid of Ivy or she was leaving and never coming back. Fox and Kay got closer despite her worries that he'd drop her in favor of a fashion model like his previous girlfriends. Thugs attacked Kay outside the Seascape, Fox fended them off and then after an aborted night of passion at Tabitha's, Fox offered her a job at Crane Industries as his executive assistant so she could quit gutting fish. Despite Alistair raping her, Theresa was determined to stay at the mansion. Although Alistair spied on Theresa and Ethan having a passionate encounter that led from the kitchen to her bedroom, he allowed her free run of the mansion in order to find the proof she needs that Gwen and Rebecca sent the article about Ethan's paternity to the tabloids. On the morning of Eve's trial, Liz made her a tempting offer: she'd tell the truth about Eve not poisoning her if Eve will leave Harmony and never speak to her family again. Eve considered the offer seriously after it was revealed that the prosecutor is a legal shark named Grace Nancier instead of the local DA. Martin and Pilar met with Father Lonigan to discuss renewing their vows, but Martin couldn't renounce his relationship with Katherine.
September 12 to 16, 2005
Theresa searched Gwen and Rebecca's bedrooms for evidence that they sent the story of Ethan's paternity to the tabloids and found some disks hidden in one of Rebecca's dressers. Gwen grabbed them out of Pilar's hands and dumped them into the basement incinerator after bragging to Theresa that they had sent the story to set her up. Theresa told Ethan, Gwen said she was protecting her mother's privacy because the disks contained images of Rebecca's sexploits, Ivy backed her up to discredit Theresa even though she hadn't witnessed the incident. Eve's trial began and a no holds barred prosecutor with a "Legal TV" court show bombarded the jury with innuendo, and character assassination. Julian begged Eve to leave the country with him to avoid going to jail and she finally assented. After they overheard the prosecutor give Eve a ridiculous pea bargain of 45 years in jail and then pull the deal off the table, Rebecca and Liz reveled in getting what they both wanted, though Liz began to have suspicions about Rebecca's innocence in the matter. Alistair recruited a glum Fancy (because Noah dumped her) to date Edmund Sinclair, the grandson of a competitor, so he could get insider information in order to merge with and then take over Sinclair Industries. Fancy found much to her dismay, that though Edmund was of the wealthy country club set, he was an old chum of Noah Bennett, worshipping the ground Noah walks on, so she ditched him and went home only to find that Alistair meant for her to marry Edmund soon to secure the merger. Sheridan kept finding reasons to distrust Chris and his Witness Protection story, but he kept finding ways to allay her fears that he was really working for her father. Fox called Kay to his Crane Industries office to ask her to be his executive assistant. She finally agreed, but Ivy overheard the exchange and wanting to poison the relationship between Fox and Kay, told Chad's assistant, Valerie, to watch out for Kay since she'd stab her in the back in order to move up the corporate ladder.
September 19 to 23, 2005
This was a rough week for the Bennett family. Noah got locked in the Blue Note's wine cellar with Fancy, she apologized for telling her grandfather that she didn't like Noah, they made love on the beach and then a seething, vengeful Alistair set him up for arrest by planting a gun and cocaine in his car. While Noah was being attacked in his jail cell by a Crane thug, Jessica was upstairs being booked for prostitution. Fox hired Kay to be his executive assistant, but Valerie sabotaged the project Kay and Fox were working on secretly with China, making Kay look like an incompetent bumbler. Sam, already in fiscal trouble with both his personal life and the B and B, found he'd been blackballed by Alistair with all the banks so he couldn't even borrow enough money to bail Noah out of jail. On top of that, the city alleged that he'd been misappropriating Harmony Police funds and began investigating. At Ethan's urging Martin and Pilar kidnapped Theresa from the Crane mansion to get her out from under Alistair's thumb. She'd already made a serious pact with the devil and couldn't risk his wrath, so she went back, much to Gwen and Ethan's dismay. Julian and Eve's attempt to flee the country was thwarted when Alistair called in the cavalry. Julian attempted to get the truth of the poisoning out of Rebecca, offering her anything she wanted if she helped get Eve off, but she's withheld her support. Ethan presented Eve's flimsy defense and her freedom is now in the hands of the jury. Chris asked Sam Bennett and Sheridan Crane to be James' godparents.
September 26 to 30, 2005
Eve's court case ended in mistrial and her bail was reinstated after Julian signed an unread agreement with Rebecca and she testified that Liz put the poison in the punch cup. Spike got Jessica back out on the street as soon as he bailed her out and despite Simone's best efforts to save her friend, Jessica prostituted anyway, picking up a john who wanted it rough and she ended up stabbing him. Most of Harmony received text messages sending them to The Seascape where Alistair announced he's marrying Theresa (wearing a streetwalker wedding gown) and giving them all presents they'll never forget. Theresa had gone to Whitney at the convent and Whitney thinking she could convince Theresa to abort her wedding plans. Instead, she runs into Chad and declares that love ruins lives and decides to go back to the convent (where Valerie hopes she goes for good leaving Chad for her.) Gwen gave Ethan the green light to do whatever it took to stop Theresa because she was sure they'd lose Jane. Ivy cornered Kay and told her to leave Fox, and Kay didn't back down because she has the dirt on Ivy getting rid of Grace to get Sam. In retaliation, Ivy goes to Valerie and tells her that Kay is planning to sabotage her and Chad so Valerie plots to take out Kay first. Katherine confronts Theresa and tells her that she can't marry Alistair because he's still married to her. This is immediately challenged by Alistair who lets Katherine know that all her cowering these last months has been for naught because he had her declared dead and their marriage dissolved when she went to Mexico. Noah and Fancy tried to break up to avoid the wrath of Alistair, but decided their love can survive his evil efforts. Sheridan tried to call Luis about Theresa and couldn't get through so Chris called in a favor and offered to bring Luis home if she wanted him.
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October 3 to 7, 2005
It was a very bad week for the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. Alistair and Theresa wed and then he dropped a bombshell-he was going to adopt little Ethan, make him his sole heir, and cut out the rest of his family. When Theresa realized that her son would be raised by Alistair, she asked Ethan to help her and little Ethan leave town in the middle of the night. This plan was thwarted when Alistair showed her that adopting little Ethan was his right per their prenuptial agreement and though he would allow her to leave, her son couldn't. Chris called the FBI to find Luis and bring him home after Sheridan decided he needed to come home and help disentangle Theresa from Alistair. This resulted in the FBI planning to send Chris and James back into protective custody and Sheridan getting the news that they believe Luis has been stabbed to death in a bar fight. Paloma returned to Harmony from Mexico with a boyfriend and contraband in her bag that he slipped out in time for the inspection, but without time to tell her. An overly zealous Customs agent sent Harmony PD on their way to interrogate her again and search her luggage. Simone and Paloma rescued Jessica from being caught by the police for murdering a john. Sam discovered evidence that the girls were coving for his daughter and he contemplated turning her in as a suspect in the murder in order to save her from herself. Alistair discovered that he paid a dear price for Rebecca's testimony saving Eve-the agreement he signed indicated he would never divorce Rebecca.
October 10 to 14, 2005
Kay asked Tabitha to cast a spell on Fox to make him successful in his family and business. Tabitha agreed and cast the spell without specifying the high cost Kay would have to pay -- the "boys in the basement" wanted Kay's love for Fox and his for her. Chris contacted the FBI to find Luis, and instead they delivered the news that Luis had been killed in a Moroccan bar fight. The casket arrived at the airport, and Sheridan gasped when it was opened. The FBI took Chris and James back into deep cover witness protection, and they'd never be able to contact Sheridan. Because Eve's case was dismissed, the D.A. moved to arrest Liz, but Eve wouldn't sign the complaint, and they were unsure that they had the evidence to pursue it on their own. Despite Eve's compassion, Liz's venom was as strong as ever; she vowed to get revenge. Sam interrogated Jessica, Simone, and Paloma and they stayed strong in denying that Jessica had had anything to do with the murdered john. Ethan confronted Theresa after he'd overheard her sounding like she had enjoyed making love with Alistair and he thought she was the gold-digger Gwen had told him she was. She told her sob story about not being able to take little Ethan away with her and Ethan told her he'd still try to help her. Alistair played musical playmates, bouncing from Theresa to Rebecca and back. Gwen told Alistair not to get in the way of her marriage to Ethan, and then when she found Ethan comforting Theresa after she had found out about Luis' death, asked for a divorce. This declaration was interrupted by the sound of Martin shooting Alistair. Everyone ran to the scene and discussed the implications of Alistair's death, only to find that the gun Alistair had given Martin to shoot him was loaded with a blank. Alistair relished finding out how they had all reacted in the moment.
October 17 to 21, 2005
Luis's casket was delivered to the Lopez-Fitzgerald house and though the body was severely beaten and then left in the ocean for several days, the FBI assured Martin, Pilar and Sheridan that the DNA, fingerprints and dental records matched Luis. They held a wake and Sheridan couldn't shake the feeling that Luis was still alive. Suddenly she heard Luis telling her that he loved her so she flung open the door and embraced the man standing on the porch, but it was an FBI agent bring Sheridan Luis's video camera and he accidentally turned it on. Noah and Fancy took there relationship to a serious level when they started shopping for an apartment. She was shocked at the deplorable conditions in the places they could afford. Since Fancy was unwilling to live like she was poor, she tried a couple of ideas that failed. The first plan was to pawn her expensive watch and buy lotto tickets. The second was even more disastrous-she went to Alistair and begged in baby talk until he gave in to her wishes and offered Noah a job at Crane Industries. Noah exploded when she told him. Sam counseled Noah and Ivy talked with Fancy, and though they are apart at the moment, that could change. Kay begged Tabitha to cast a spell on Fox to make him successful and Tabitha finally agreed before telling Kay that the price was their love for each other. Kay immediately decided to have the spell reversed and just as quickly decided to reverse the reversal because she felt that if she really loved Fox, she'd let him do what he loved instead of who. Fox had no idea what was happening to him, but he confessed to the babies that he'd give anything to be a family with Kay and Maria. Jessica resolved to straighten out her life and stay home even though she was riddled with guilt and when she discovered Spike hiding in her room, he seemed cool with the plan-until he told Jessica that he was going to visit with her dad on the way out and tell him about the two murdered johns. She begged him to keep her secret and he told her he would if she went back with him where she belonged. Alistair's voracious sexual appetite overwhelmed Theresa and she first asked Whitney to pray for her and then begged Dr. Eve to give her something to ease his rapaciousness. Eve finally gave Theresa some knock out pills to slow down Alistair but they took too long to take affect and Theresa was forced into sex once again.
October 24 to 28, 2005
Alistair Crane was the fly in everybody's ointment this week. 1. His minion Spike delivered Jessica to another john's motel room and when she awoke from her drugged stupor found that he'd also been stabbed in the chest. 2. His sister Sheridan verbally attacked him at Luis's funeral and then when she and Chris were busy discussing his need to go back into witness protection, James wandered into the path of a drunk driver. 3. His wife Theresa tried to suffocate him after she drugged him with pills she'd gotten from Eve and when that didn't work she whipped up a drugged guacamole. Unfortunately Alistair passed it up in favor of sex with her. Ethan came upon the chips and dip when he was hungry enough to eat the whole bowl and then collapsed. 4. He set Chad and Fox against each other to come up with a winning project proposal for Singapore, even though Julian tried to keep his sons working with him unified against Alistair. 5. His granddaughter Fancy was prepared to get over Noah by going shopping, but Alistair announced that she now had a job at Crane Industries heading up their style division. She discovered that she really must choose between money and her grandfather or Noah and love.
October 31 to November 4, 2005
The Bennett family is under attack once more. Alistair set up a competition between Chad and Fox. Fox won the first stage and was rewarded with a dinner at the Seascape with Kay. Ivy threatened Kay telling her that she isn't good enough for Fox and should leave him now. Jessica found out from a raging T.C. that Simone is gay and he asserted that she only helped Jess to get her in bed. This drove the best friends apart, but Simone and Paloma decided to follow Jessica on her next trick to find out who is killing her johns. Spike caught them lurking, locked them up and they escaped only to find that a fourth john may have been killed and maybe by Jessica. Ethan collapsed from eating drug-laced guacamole that Theresa made for Alistair. Now he's on a ventilator and non-responsive. Theresa was arrested, but Alistair intimidated the cop into releasing her. Sam and Ivy encouraged Noah and Fancy respectively to try their relationship once more, but Fancy's pride prevented her from giving it another shot. James recovered from his injuries enough for the FBI to take him and Chris to a new life in Witness Protection and the mob is hot on their trail as they attempt to leave by train.
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November 7 to 11, 2005
A mob hit man found Chris, James and the FBI agent and fired on them. They played dead, but the train conductor blew their cover and when Sheridan showed up to warn them, they were directed to go to a conference room in the train station. Too bad they were warned by an agent that the hit man had at gunpoint. He waltzed in with his gun and they fought back. He grabbed Sheridan and Chris shot him, prompting the FBI agent to tell him that because he'd stood up to the mob and won, he no longer needed to be in witness protection-it's an "honor thing." They went to put James to bed at "Home sweet Bed and Breakfast." Alistair called Theresa to order her home from the hospital by threatening little Ethan. She ran home, but did a u-turn almost immediately to sneak in to see Ethan and ended up falling asleep in his hospital bed-undisturbed the whole night. To top that off, she hid in a closet of Dr. Eve's office to hear the results of Ethan's tests, only to be found by an angry, vengeful Gwen. Simone and Paloma broke out of the room Spike had thrown them into and found Jessica with blood on her hands and a missing john. Before they could get out of there, Noah found them and then Spike came back. The two men fought and when it looked like Spike would slit Noah's throat, Sam showed up. They ended up breaking Spike's arm and he went off to lick his wounds and cry to Alistair who told him to buck up, harm the Bennetts, or he'd have the rest of the bones in his body broken. Noah tried to get back with Fancy, but her pride was too hurt and she blew him off. When Spike was attacking him she had a premonition that he was in trouble and begged Alistair to look at his many monitors to be sure he was okay. He called his security team and then told her that he was tending bar unhurt at the Blue Note, which he did after the attack. She went to see for herself and misunderstood a conversation he was having with a waitress as flirting. She iced him again and flounced out with her upper crust date. The next morning her rich friend Esme convinced her to go shopping and when they went down to Esme's limo was surprised to find that Noah was Esme's dreamy, hunky driver. Kay and Fox tried to have a romantic evening, but Ivy and Valerie set a computer virus loose at Crane and made it look like Kay had sent it in Fox's project files to the whole company. Alistair threatened to fire him if he didn't fix it and Fox blamed Kay's inexperience. He demoted her and when Valerie tried to insinuate herself in Fox's project, team and sex life, Endora came to the rescue-a little evil fore the vile Valerie. When they were all back safe at Tabitha's home, Endora got a little mischievous and zapped them all into a prince and princess fairytale book where Ivy turned out to be a humongous purple fire-breathing dragon intent on flaming Princess Kay to keep her from marrying Prince Fox. In real life, Sam was drained by the ups and downs of his children: Jessica, Noah, Kay and Ethan and decided to catch some happiness where he could. He asked Ivy to marry him. She nearly shook with joy as she accepted.
November 14 to 18, 2005
Sam and Ivy broke the news of their impending nuptials to Kay and Fox and then Ivy presented a truce to Kay while still plotting to separate her from Fox. Theresa went from person to person trying to enlist their aid in keeping Gwen from taking Ethan off of life support. She ended up alienating everybody and Alistair even called the hospital to offer his help should Gwen need to put Ethan's living into effect. Chris talked Sheridan into going out to dinner and she tried to have fun but kept feeling like something dreadful would happen-and it did. Beth called to taunt her and blame her for Luis's death. Sheridan headed for the beach where she talked to a vision of Luis who told her to stop blaming herself and move on with her life. Noah escorted Esme and Fancy on a night out and Fancy was frightfully upset. When Esme sent her away so that Noah could give her a bubble bath, Fancy called Esme and pretended to be Esme's stuttering British beau to proposing marriage in order to get Esme away Noah. Fancy joined Noah in the bath and they worked out their misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Julian went to the Blue Note to drown his sorrows and instead finally got to the heart of Liz's pain. She blames him for assaulting her, which caused her to have surgery that rendered her unable to have children. While getting coffee on the waterfront, the "Mystery woman" approached Kay (while keeping her face turned away from us) and started asking questions while getting angry at the mention of Alistair's name.
November 21 to 25, 2005
Esme went on a turkey shoot, chasing off Fancy and Noah with a shotgun after Fancy tricked her into thinking her Brit Lord wanted to marry her. Martin and Pilar planned a family holiday for Pilar, but ended up bailing her out of jail on drug charges. They were a little more thankful when they found out that Paloma and Roberto were smuggling prescription drugs in from Mexico for elderly nursing home residents who couldn't otherwise afford their meds. Because Sam and Ivy were pre-occupied with Ethan's medical situation, Fox persuaded Kay and Tabitha to host Thanksgiving dinner (against their protestations) only to have all their guests flee when Endora let Miles help her with her magic and the turkey piñata above the table came to life and flew around the house. Gwen didn't have much to be thankful for after Theresa kept haranguing her and she finally got and signed the legal papers to take Ethan off life support. Alistair was a real turkey playing with his assistant and then he went ballistic as he kept sensing the mystery woman nearby.
November 28 to December 2, 2005
Kay began to notice Fox focusing on his career more and more while Valerie wormed her way into his project (literally). Valerie planted numerous seeds of doubt in Fox's mind about Kay's ability to do her job and when he gave Kay an envelope stuffing job, she found an unlikely ally in Fancy. Aunt Irma was furious when Simone compared her struggle with homosexuality to that of the Civil Rights Movement. Despite Sam's assurances to Jessica that he cared about her, he blew off their therapy appointment to be at Ethan's side. This opened a crack for Spike to slip back into Jessica's life. Ethan's condition remained unchanged and Gwen signed the documents to remove his life support. Gwen, Sheridan, Ivy and Sam said their good-byes to Ethan and Gwen flipped the switch only to have Ivy turn it back on because she wasn't ready. Sheridan recommended that Father Lonigan perform last rites and when he arrived with additional family members, they went to the chapel to pray and remember. This gave Theresa enough time to round up Noah, a wad of money and an ambulance to kidnap Ethan.
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December 5 to 9, 2005
Theresa and Noah managed to elude police and get Ethan up to the Crane cabin safe and sound. A storm knocked out the power though and if Noah hadn't gotten back from ditching the ambulance and buying groceries when he did, Noah would be dead. Ethan's heart quit beating and Noah had to resuscitate him. Fancy had followed him to the cabin thinking he was cheating on her and was angry to find Noah was Theresa's accomplice. Sam stumbled across a drugged up Jessica in the park when he was out looking for Ethan. He tried to convince her to go home, but when he beat up Spike for calling Ivy names, Jessica chose Spike. Chris professed his love to Sheridan and promised to be there when she was ready to love again. Fox was beastly to Kay when he turned workaholic and put off seeing Ethan. He made it up to her later, and Kay wanting to ensure a night without Valerie butting in, turned off the phones. A costly emergency came up with the Singapore project and Val had to go find Fox in person and Kay had to confess her misdeed. Liz threatened Julian with a letter opener and then Eve and Julian stood up to her. This only strengthened her resolve to make their lives hell. Tabitha's two favorite psych friends (Edna and Norma) warned her that there'd be a surprise present coming for Christmas-them.
December 12 to 16, 2005
Valerie helped Fox get his Singapore project back on track and in a fit of jealousy, Kay spied on them hugging using Tabitha's bowl of water. She did a pre-emptive break-up with Fox since she was sure he was going to break up with her. She regretted it shortly after and blackmailed Tabs into doing another spell to restore their love. Fancy found Theresa and Noah with Ethan at the Crane cabin and angrily threatened to turn them in until she spent time with Ethan remembering childhood escapades. (Before Fancy changed her mind, the Mystery Woman spied on them, slashing the tires on their cars and cutting the phone line.) Chris offered to leave town to help Sheridan heal from losing Luis, but she declined. Because Sheridan wasn't moving onto the romance track quickly enough, Tabitha made her fall through the ice on the skating pond so that Chris could be her hero. Tabitha explained to Kay that love caused more pain and suffering. At the park, Spike set up Simone to look like she groped a girl. This incited a minor melee in which T.C. protected Simone, but then told her to get away from him. Norma Bates sang a dreadful song in the talent show at the psych hospital and then she and Edna started to make their getaway.
December 19 to 23, 2005
Tabitha decided to leave town to avoid Norma and Edna but found that she couldn't leave Endora. The dastardly duo caught up with her at the park, and after a few chases around the Christmas tree, Endora zapped them inside of a Christmas tree ornament. The FBI finally got a lead on Ethan being at the cabin and restored him to his wife and the ICU, where she would turn off his life support. Alistair bailed Fancy and Theresa out of jail, and Fancy found a way to help Noah celebrate the holiday in jail. Despite all of their quarreling, the good folks of Harmony found themselves and their loved ones at church for Christmas Eve mass. All of the black sheep and prodigal children were warmly embraced by their families. Father Lonigan invited a latecomer to join them, and everyone appeared to be surprised by a Christmas miracle -- the arrival of a recovered Ethan wheeling himself in a wheelchair.
December 26 to 30, 2005
Despite getting the Christmas miracle of Ethan's return to life, Theresa continued to badger him to choose her since Gwen had been willing to pull the plug on him. Much to Gwen's chagrin, Ethan was amazingly understanding of Theresa's reasons for trying to kill Alistair. The Mystery Woman placed an ad for a murder to happen at the Crane mansion and Alistair refused to believe she was who she appeared to be because she should be dead. He decided to hijack and host the Mystery Woman's New Year event so that he could find out who was really behind the notes, rose petals, old perfume, and knives that had been left for him over the last few weeks. The Mystery Woman attempted to right Alistair's wrongs and forced a shaken Judge Reilly to release Noah from jail, reuniting him with Fancy just in time for a fight over where to spend New Year's Eve. Sam and Ivy planned to have their own New Year party and invited everybody who wanted to stay away from Alistair and the evil that befalls people attending his events. But as Tabitha said, fate took over and all the usual suspects ended up at the Crane mansion after all. Once the party started, Alistair delivered "gifts" his guests. The gift for Fox was a letter delivered to Tabitha's house announcing that he was fired from Crane Industries. For the Bennett family he showed a live video feed of Spike trailing his knife blade over Jessica's unconscious body and the news that Spike would flip a coin to determine whether he'd just rape her or rape and then kill her. He also taunted Ivy with veiled threats to expose her complicity in Grace disappearing with her "husband" David. For T.C. and Eve was a video depicting the woman he'd hired (Rae) seducing Simone and "turning her gay." For Sheridan he had several gifts: he announced that he was indeed behind the deaths of Antonio and Luis, as well as the sudden departure of all boyfriends throughout her life; she would never have Marty back because he gave him to his favored daughter Beth; and the final was a doozy - he did all this because she had taken away from him the one person he could love-she killed her Aunt Rachel. As the assemblage learned all of this tragic news and mulled over the implications, Alistair was busy in the attic having a big "gift" unwrapped for him from the Mystery Woman. To his terror and trembling she removed her hood and announced that she is Rachel "back from the dead." She plans to kill him with a sharp butcher knife and as she lunges at him several times in the attic, their guests are being sealed into the living room below. Steel doors dropped down to close off all doors and windows. Numerous clocks began chiming in the New Year and a thunderstorm raged outside. As the last bing bonged, the lights went out and everybody screamed.
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