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January 3 to 7, 2005
Danny survived the plane crash and was reunited with Michelle, while Tony found Ed's notes and was able to forward the information to Michelle for Sebastian's cure and their release from captivity. Michelle started to remember her past with Danny. Holly tried to convince a conflicted Sebastian to take the cure. Alan was furious that Gus represented Harley and was able to win her bail. Olivia and Bill were suspicious at one of the new guests at the Beacon. Cassie's game to teach Jonathan a lesson and prove his wicked ways to Reva severely backfired when Dinah interfered just enough to put Cassie's plan off track. Jonathan caught onto to Cassie's plan and turned the tables leaving her helpless and in lots of trouble with her loved ones. After learning that Jonathan drugged, seduced and convinced her that she had consensual sex with him on tape, she was so devastated and afraid to tell anyone that she temporarily left Edmund and all her guests at the wedding. Jeffrey put his own feelings aside, even though he knew Edmund's secret about the night of barn fire, and convinced Cassie to go back to Edmund and marry him because true love should never be denied and forgiveness is part of the package. Jeffrey performed the ceremony and the happy couple married after all. Josh forced Jonathan to listen after Jonathan crashed Cassie and Edmund's reception. In the heat of an argument with Josh, Jonathan used Tammy as a witness and forced a confrontation making it appear that Josh was trying to seriously harm him.
January 10 to 14, 2005
Michelle, Tony and Danny returned to Springfield, and going their separate ways. Lizzie genuinely came through for Robbie when she thought that Danny and Michelle had died on the island. Gus continued to drum up suspects for Phillip's murder other than Harley, and zeroed in on Beth who seemed to be on the verge of another emotional breakdown. Gus refused Jeffrey's plea bargain. Mel confronted Beth and Rick on their indiscretion. Holly's homecoming was bittersweet when Blake learned of Sebastian's "supposed" death and Holly's reluctance to talk about what really happened on the island. Jonathan's accident played out exactly how he had hoped; Reva was even more indebted to him and in total conflict with everyone else in the family, especially Josh and Cassie. Reva and Cassie, and Reva and Josh faced off when Reva learned that Josh may have been responsible for Jonathan's fall, and that Cassie set up Jonathan to get him out of Reva's life. Cassie was horrified at the thought that she and Jonathan may have had sex while she was drugged and that she may have conceived since she was taking fertility drugs to have a child with Edmund. Jonathan toyed with Cassie and threatened to reveal the tape of their night together, even though he manipulated the entire evening and outsmarted Cassie at her own game. Edmund was confused at Cassie's behavior during their first week as a married couple.
January 17 to 21, 2005
Beth confessed a secret to Alan. Gus and Harley had confrontations with Beth who was slowing starting to appear as a very strong suspect in Phillip's murder with evidence mounting against her by the day. Dinah and Jonathan individually taunted Cassie and Edmund regarding the night before the wedding. Edmund was befuddled over Dinah and Tammy's comments regarding the wedding that almost never happened. Reva refused to acknowledge the level of Jonathan's revenge and dismissed Cassie and Josh's warnings about him. Frank and Danny have words over Marina. Bill and Olivia have some success fighting Alan, unlike Gus who found himself one step removed from the Spaulding Empire.
January 24 to 28, 2005
Danny informed Michelle that he wanted Robbie to live with him; meanwhile Ray tried to convince Tony and Michelle to slow things down in the event that Michelle's memory returned and she would remember the feelings of her true soul mate, Danny. Frank cautioned Marina not to fall for Danny because he was really only on the rebound. Reva blamed Cassie for upsetting and trying to overdose Jonathan when she confronted him again about the night before her wedding as her worst fears were being realized thinking that Jonathan might be the father of her unborn child. Cassie and Josh couldn't get through to Reva as she continued to push them away and stand strong beside her son out of guilt for having given him up for adoption and the horrible life he endured with his foster parents. Beth was forced to confide in Harley at the spa and in a moment of truth revealed that she did not kill Phillip. Alan caught Harley jumping bail and had her arrested. Lizzie was looking more and more like a suspect in Phillip's murder, but Alan was determined to keep Gus and Harley away from the truth at any cost.
January 31 to February 4, 2005
Jonathan taunted Cassie that if she were pregnant, perhaps he may be the daddy, but thankfully Cassie and Edmund learned they were not to be parents and considered other alternatives. Gus bid Alan and Spaulding adieu to be with his true love, Harley, and to try to save her from a crime that he knew she did not commit. Danny told Michelle that he wanted full custody of Robbie, and Rick told a disappointed Michelle that he agreed with Danny, while Mel informed Rick of her displeasure about the entire incident. Olivia landed a new job at Spaulding to insure Emma's birthright. Holly was tormented by a Sebastian's look-a-like, while Blake was annoyed at Holly's avoidance regarding Sebastian. Cassie, Blake and Harley left their problems behind and enjoyed a few hours of carefree fun and friendship. Reva and Jonathan caused havoc in Springfield, and proved that they were really like mother, like son in every sense of the word.
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February 7 to 11, 2005
Michelle was out to prove that she could be a good mom to Robbie, and was determined to kick Marina out of the picture. Cassie and Dinah went down and dirty when Cassie learned that Dinah knew of her "fling" with Jonathan the night before her wedding. Edmund was tempted to revert to his old ways when he suspected that Cassie was hiding a big secret from him that had to do with Jonathan and a videotape. Reva and Josh were at odds over Jonathan, but Reva couldn't get herself to see Josh's point of view. Josh and Jonathan came close to a breakthrough. Gus stopped Harley from remembering the night of Phillip's murder for fear that she really may have killed Phillip. Coop made Lizzie begin to remember a terrible past memory that could be the link to Phillip's death. Harley enjoyed a final night of celebration with her family before her trial, and Jeffrey arrested Alan for attempting to sway the odds against Harley.
February 14 to 18, 2005
Harley's trial began, and Gus was determined to flush out the real killer, and Lizzie was high on his list of suspects. Alan and Olivia played a dangerous game of business cat and mouse. Jonathan and Dinah hooked up for a sexual encounter in Reva and Josh's bed, but more for their own agenda of revenge rather than a moment of honest passion. Holly and Blake were stunned when Sebastian turned up in Springfield sporting a new look and a professional objective to team up with Alan at Spaulding. Edmund tried to make amends with Jonathan after a very dangerous and previous encounter so that he could move on with his life with Cassie. Jonathan made certain that Reva learned Edmund's secret about the fire at the barn.
February 21 to 25, 2005
Michelle decided to move in to the old house with Tony causing Robbie to run away. Sebastian was forming all kinds of friendships with the residents of Springfield, but holding his real agenda close to the vest as to who was foe or friend; Olivia or Alan. Lizzie's dramatic testimony revealing that she killed Carl, not Phillip, jolted Harley's memory and painfully confessing to Gus that she remembered killing Phillip! Alan vowed to destroy Gus, and the entire Cooper clan for Phillip's sake. Jonathan and Dinah plotted to pit Cassie and Reva against each other justifying Jonathan's continued revenge against mommie and Dinah's quest to steal Edmund from Cassie, however, the plan went on hold as Reva decided not to tell Cassie (for time being) that Edmund caused the fire in the barn. Edmund was back to his evil ways again by isolating an unknowing Cassie from her family and friends, but Reva was wise to his actions, and will she keep silent for the sake of Cassie's happiness?
February 28 to March 4, 2005
Harley told Gus, Jeffrey, and her family that she remembered pulling the trigger on Phillip. Alan, however, knew the truth was that Harley really couldn't remember but had decided to take the plea bargain to save her children and Gus any further emotional trauma. Olivia saw "red" over Bill's devotion to and friendship with Harley -- and Alan's plan to add Sebastian to the president's payroll. Dinah's intervention was a disaster and only antagonized an already "over the edge" individual to take more drastic steps for revenge on Cassie. Jonathan manipulated Reva into pursuing legal action against Edmund for almost causing Jeffrey, Cassie, and R.J. to die in the barn fire with the ploy that Reva should save Cassie from her "madman" of a husband before she conceived his child. Edmund isolated an unknowing Cassie from her family and friends in the hopes that no one would interfere with his master plan to conceive a child with her.
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MARCH 2005
March 7 to 11, 2005
Cassie learned the ugly truth about Edmund's part in the barn fire, and walked out on him. An enraged Edmund, vowed to everyone in his path that he would never give up on his marriage to Cassie. Cassie and Reva had it out over Reva's part in making sure that Cassie learned of Edmund's slip back to evil. Jonathan gloated as his revenge on everyone, but especially Reva, was going as planned. Josh told Reva that she ruined Cassie's life as part of her revenge against Edmund for forcing her to give up Jonathan. Harley and Gus defied Alan and bet their money that the new lead in the case would free Harley. Alan threatened Olivia that she would pay for Phillip's death and lose Emma if she didn't find a way to make sure Harley was found guilty. Bill ended up in the hospital and Olivia's desperate behavior were all results of her involvement in "Spaulding." Bill and Michelle came to an understanding. Tony was concerned over what appeared to be Michelle's jealousy over Danny and Marina' relationship, and the green monster affected the hit and miss relationship of Lizzie and Coop. Dinah was determined to win Edmund at any cost; meanwhile an emotionally distraught Cassie was intrigued by Jeffrey's off-duty career.
March 14 to 18, 2005
After Cassie told Edmund she was leaving town, Edmund's desperation allowed him to consent to Dinah as the surrogate mother for he and Cassie's baby. After a night of wild partying, Reva talked to Josh and realized that Jonathan was manipulating her life and decided to tell him to move out. Tammy saw the soft side of Jonathan after he saw a stranger manhandling his child. Jonathan's anger returned after he learned that Reva gave him the boot, and Dinah seemed to have another mission in life that did not include him. Olivia's testimony proved to be helpful and damaging at the same time to Harley and the DA's case. Rick was horrified when he learned of Beth's plan with Phillip. Lizzie decided to evict the Coopers from the boarding house to enlarge Company.
March 21 to 25, 2005
Jonathan saved Tammy from a fire at their apartment house at some serious physical expense to himself. Gus's health took its toll as Harley awaited her fate from the jury. Bill told Harley that Olivia was doing Alan's dirty work when she testified at the trial. Olivia's revenge factor went into overdrive after Billy threatened to break up her marriage to Bill; meanwhile Bill and Olivia committed to their marriage and trust in each other. Marina and Danny seemed to be making plans for the future after Lizzie decided to oust the Coopers from company against Alexandria's advice. Edmund confessed to Tammy that he started the fire in the barn that almost killed Cassie and JR, and then was even more confused when she found Dinah hanging around at the farmhouse with Edmund. Reva almost fainted while talking to Billy, and Beth and Sebastian seemed to find common ground at Holly's expense.
March 28 to April 1, 2005
Cassie's heart remained with Edmund, but her head was inclined toward pursuing a legal separation. After taking refuse in Jeffrey's band apartment, Cassie was shocked to learn that Jeffrey had romantic feelings for her. After Cassie caught Edmund in another lie, she was accepting of Jeffrey's consolation and more. Reva finally revealed to Josh her "baby" news and how new parenthood would affect their future together. Olivia had Jonathan check up on Billy's past which revealed a connection to Phillip and the night of his murder; information that might just keep Billy from ruining her life with Bill. Dinah manipulated Edmund into believing that she was sacrificing herself for him and Cassie's future and that she was happy to bear his child for their benefit. Harley was concerned over Gus's "over the top" actions to keep her close to him after she is incarcerated. Michelle has an accident while announcing to Danny that she had agreed to marry Tony, but the bump on the head recalled her old of love and romance with Danny.
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APRIL 2005
April 4 to 8, 2005
Michelle remembered her past after she and Danny escaped serious injury at a construction site accident and then made love as part of their emotional joy of celebrating their past lives. Michelle was torn between two loves, but was happy to remember her friends and family. Harley pushed Gus away so that he could live his life without her and so that she could face her prison sentence alone. Harley was heartbroken as she left her children and family to face 25 to life for a crime she wasn't even sure that she committed. Bill caught Olivia red-handed trying to manipulate Billy and earn more points at Spaulding which sent Bill running to comfort Harley, and Olivia begging for forgiveness from a man she thought she could never really love. Reva learned that she wasn't pregnant, but going through the first stages of menopause; meanwhile Cassie presented Edmund with separation papers and he presented her with that fact that they were pregnant and she was horrified to learn that the surrogate mother was her worst enemy in life, Dinah Mahler.
April 11 to 15, 2005
Reva and Josh left for a little R&R after finding out that Reva was not pregnant but beginning menopause unaware that Jonathan was hiding a deep dark secret from everyone. Cassie reluctantly accepted Dinah as her new room mate while serving separation papers to Edmund. Ross, Blake and Tammy were horrified when they learned that Edmund asked Dinah to be the surrogate mother for the new Winslow baby without Cassie's permission. Jeffrey offered Cassie some "away time." Dinah continued to manipulate her pregnancy though spouting platitudes to all of her good virtues. Tony caught Danny and Michelle in a tender moment and remembering their past together. Harley met her new cellmate, and then later was shocked to learn that Mallet, her ex, was the new warden at the prison. Gus tried to get damaging information on Olivia thinking that she might be Phillip's assailant; meanwhile Alan forced Gus to fulfill his promise to stand by the Spaulding's.
April 18 to 22, 2005
Harley was shocked to learn the Mallet was the new warden at the prison, but learned that it was for the best after he allowed her certain privileges. Lena got closer to Harley at Alan's request. Dinah made sure Cassie knew that Edmund was still trying to manipulate her return, a move that pushed Cassie closer to Jeffrey. Ross, overwhelmed at Dinah's shenanigan's, called Vanessa asking her to return to Springfield to try to parent their disturbed daughter. Olivia and Bill get wrapped up together again professionally and personally. Gus let Alan believe is was truly thinking only of Spaulding, meanwhile he was determined to get Harley out of jail by finding Phillip's real killer. Michelle and Danny finally, but regretfully divorce; meanwhile Danny decided that the best thing to do was move on by committing to Marina, unaware that Michelle told Tony that she couldn't go forward with her quickie Vegas marriage because though she loved him, she also still loved Danny.
April 25 to 29, 2005
In a horrific accident over Michelle's affections, Danny and Tony slipped and fell over a cliff, resulting in Tony's death. Danny, struggling with his feelings, decided to move on with Marina leaving Michelle along and devastated at the outcome of events. Vanessa arrived in Springfield with a vengeance to straighten out Dinah and remove her from this surrogate mother commitment to Cassie and Edmund and then advised Bill to dump Olivia. Cassie processed a restraining order against Ross and Vanessa to leave Dinah to her care so she could have some control over raising her unborn child. Cassie ordered Edmund to leave town, and then called him back to help with the order for Will to return to San Cristobel to be with his biological father, Alonzo to take his place as heir to the throne. Edmund decided to use Will to manipulate Cassie to his side. Harley remembered something about the night of Phillip's murder, but couldn't locate Gus to try to help her unaware he was being held captive by perhaps the real killer. Harley finally relented and decided to let Mallet help her get out of prison.
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MAY 2005
May 2 to 6, 2005
Harley tried, but failed, to seduce Mallet into letting her go so she could locate Gus. Olivia was revealed to be Gus's captor. After Gus accidentally started a fire, Alan freed him, but he accused Alan of setting up the kidnapping. After Tony's funeral, Michelle decided to leave Springfield for a while and visit her father. Cassie was in an absolute panic as she believed Alonso had called and was demanding that Will be returned to Saint Cristobel in two weeks. Unbeknownst to Cassie, Edmund was fueling the fire. To Edmund's chagrin, Jeffrey offered his help, as well, and Edmund, Cassie, Jeffrey, and Dinah set out for Washington, DC. Jonathan and Reva continued to bond. Reva began flirting with a mysterious stranger named Nate. Alan decided that Harley needed to disappear.
May 9 to 13, 2005
Harley learned that Frank intercepted letters of remorse from Mallet and began to see him in a different light. Lena advised Alan of Harley's every move so that he could eliminate Harley from Gus's life once and for all and get his revenge for Phillip. Olivia left town with Gus and Alan not far behind her trail. Bill learned that Olivia was the one that locked up Gus in the Spaulding basement. Reva took a job as bartender for Nate, but kept it from Joshua who joined forces with Sebastian and Blake to take down Alan. Lizzie was beginning to realize Alan's cruel and destructive side and turned to Coop for support. Tammy and Reva seemed to have secrets of their own. Tammy joined Lewis construction much to Sandy's dismay. Cassie and Jeffrey, and Dinah and Edmund seemed to have their own blend of chemistry while in Washington DC to find a way to keep Will from being sent to San Cristobel for schooling. Edmund's plan to manipulate Alonzo and the Will situation to win back Cassie was thwarted by Dinah, the master of all manipulation.
May 16 to 20, 2005
Much to Dinah's delight, Cassie had Dinah work with Edmund to try to find a way to delay Will's schooling as the new young prince. Tammy's other life remained a mystery, while Josh's surprise to deliver WSPR to Reva fell onto deaf ears when Reva confided that she liked her new job as bartender! Gus snatched Emma from under Olivia's watch to force her to return to Springfield as the alleged new suspect in Phillip's murder. Alex kept Alan's secret that he was the one pulling the strings behind Harley's life threatening dilemma. Lizzie and Coop flirted with their true feelings for each other as did Danny and Marina. Jonathan helped out the elder Lewis in a jam with Josh's approval. Harley and Mallet continued to hold out in the prison as the authorities, manipulated by Alan, continued to hold her fate in the balance. Harley was crushed when she learned that Lena was taking orders from Alan and dismissed her statements of remorse.
May 23 to 27, 2005
Gus was convinced that Olivia killed Phillip and would do whatever to clear Harley. Mallet and Harley escaped from the prison, but Harley knocked out Mallet so that he would not be blamed for her escape. Meanwhile, Harley jumped into the prison van to intercept Lena who had taken Harley's place so that she could escape. Later, a tragic accident killed Lena and the driver of the van and Gus was able to rescue Harley and take her to a safe hideout while he continued his search for the real killer. Reva was very confused over Nate's casual advances. Prince Alonzo agreed to meet with Cassie to discuss Will's schooling, and Dinah continued to manipulate Edmund so that she could have him to herself. Alan's plan to celebrate Phillip's birthday took a weird turn as Alan was revealed to be his own son's killer and had been playing his family against each other to make certain that others took the blame for his evil deed.
May 30 to June 3, 2005
Gus and Harley continued their search for Phillip's killer while on the run unaware that the culprit was under their noses. Alan's mental anguish over killing Phillip started to affect his relationship with other family members. Alonzo and Cassie came to an understanding about Will's future, but Cassie was distraught over not being able to live with Will on a day-to-day basis and took comfort in Jeffrey and Edmund's arms. Dinah advised Jeffrey that Edmund was keeping yet another terrible secret from Cassie. Bill and Olivia couldn't quite agree on the future business dealings. Gus was wise to Alan and figured out that he put a bounty on Harley's life. Alan became hysterical when he learned of Beth's plan to take Lizzie and James on a long vacation to Switzerland. Coop and Lizzie, and Danny and Marina came to an understanding about their feelings for each other. Lizzie and Harley came face to face while Harley was on the run.
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JUNE 2005
June 6 to 10, 2005
Harley and Gus were one step behind Alan while on the run. Alex learned that Alan had murdered Phillip and was pressured into keeping his secret at the cost to many people that she cared about, especially Buzz. Lizzie and Coop seemed to reach an understanding about their feelings for one another. Nate taunted Jonathan, who needed to return to his nasty ways to protect the family in Springfield that he had actually learned to care about. Reva played into Nate's master plan as he planted damaging information about Jonathan and created a conflict between her and Jonathan. Dinah's recording of hate became a product of love for Tammy and Sandy. Dinah was determined to make Edmund hers and tried to push Cassie and Jeffrey together. Danny and Marina played double agents in a romantic surrounding to throw the Feds, Alan, and Sebastian off of Harley and Gus's trail.
June 13 to 17, 2005
Nate continued to taunt Jonathan into doing his dirty work as he stepped us his plan to get an unsuspecting Reva right where he wanted her. In his twisted way, Jonathan tried to warn Josh and Reva that she was in danger and to quit her job as a bartender. Reva asked Jeffrey to let Cassie make her own decisions regarding her choices of who she wanted to spend her life with, him or Edmund. Sandy revealed that he had a secret as Tammy prepared for her big night with Sandy. Bill and Olivia came together as a family and declared that their love might solve their problems. Dinah was determined to snag Edmund for herself, so she set up an elaborate plan (with Jonathan) to reveal the truth to Cassie about Edmund's manipulation of Will that she knew would end their relationship. Gus and Harley stayed one step behind Sebastian and Alan in trying to find the person who would reveal Phillip's killer, unaware that Alan was the culprit and getting more desperate by the minute. Buzz warned Danny to sort out his feeling for Michelle before committing to Marina. Marina decided to apply to the police academy. Alexandra feared for the people she loved if she didn't keep Alan's secret. Coop and Lizzie bonded and almost stumbled onto to Alan's secret if not for Alexandra's presence. A devastated Cassie left Edmund and found comfort in Jeffrey's arms.
June 20 to 24, 2005
Josh left town to help Olivia and Bill and left a vulnerable Reva in the hands of the manipulative Nate, who is really Jonathan's stepfather Alfred. Jonathan got his revenge on Sandy and the results were ready to shatter Tammy's world yet again. Dinah's plan to split up Edmund and Cassie worked, and Cassie ran into the arms of a waiting Jeffrey. Dinah found a loophole in the surrogate mother contract in that Cassie never signed it which would give Edmund full custody of the unborn child. Reva came very close to sleeping with Nate, who was out to destroy and control everyone with the Lewis name. Harley and Gus still on the run almost learned that Alan killed Phillip and then paid off Dr. Wallace to protect his secret, but Sebastian intercepted their meeting and killed off the good doctor before he could talk to Gus and Harley, but Dr. Wallace left a clue behind. Alan tried to bribe Mallet to take Harley away from Gus, but Mallet had his own plan to help Harley. Edmund told Cassie that her attraction to Jeffrey was the part of her that was missing Richard and the years that he protected her and her family. Cassie called Jeffrey, Richard.
June 27 to July 1, 2005
Jonathan learned the Dinah had a miscarriage and blackmailed her to give him sex in order to keep her secret. Dinah played Edmund in order to win him for herself through jealousy and rage over her fling with Jonathan and Cassie and Jeffrey's union as a couple. Marina worried that Michelle and Danny would reunite at the Bauer barbecue. Harley, Gus and Mallet joined forces to learn the truth about Phillip's murder. Sebastian murdered Dr. Wallace to blackmail a very desperate Alan; meanwhile Dr. Wallace's note naming Alan as Phillip's killer passed undetected to a relative before Harley and Mallet had a chance to get this important clue. Frank arrested Gus in an attempt to find Harley. Emma's legal adoption to Bill was finalized. Josh was sent on an emotional roller coaster of hurt and disappointment when Reva's revealed her romantic incident to him with Nate/Alfred. Jeffrey informed Jonathan that Marissa's body was found on a beach in San Cristobel and foul play was suspected. Edmund gave Cassie a very difficult choice; Jeffrey or their unborn child (that was actually now non existent).
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JULY 2005
July 4 to 8, 2005
Cassie and Jeffrey tried to move on with their lives, but Edmund was making things difficult. Dinah was manipulating all the players to land Edmund, and meanwhile continued to fake her pregnancy. Reva and Olivia realized that Nate was Alfred and began to lay the trap they felt would reveal him as Marissa's killer, and pull Jonathan out from his nightmare of abuse. Meanwhile, Nate/Alfred continued to torment Jonathan who was trying to protect Reva in his own twisted way. The Bauer July 4th cookout went on but many family and friends were absent. Danny tried to convince Marina again that it was over between him and Michelle. Tammy realized that Jonathan made her think that Sandy was cheating on her, but her obsession with Jonathan; good and bad, forced Sandy to call it off with her. Bill tried to make Olivia and Emma feel more like a family. Harley and Mallet discovered that Alan murdered Phillip and that Alan ordered Sebastian to kill Dr. Wallace and were frantic to get that information to Gus who was arrested and at a court hearing. Harley set up Alan to try to flush out the truth in front of family and friends.
July 11 to 15, 2005
Reva and Olivia's plan to catch Alfred ran into some complications; meanwhile Jonathan interpreted Reva's actions as a kiss off and decided to leave town with Dinah! Edmund learned the truth that Dinah lost the baby, and then decided to use his grief to hook up with Dinah and get revenge on Cassie for being with Jeffrey and Dinah was more than happy to cooperate. Jonathan almost spilled the beans to Cassie that Dinah was not pregnant. Everyone in Springfield learned that Alan killed Phillip, but Sebastian helped Alan escape so that he thought he could inherit Spaulding by taking Lizzie captive. Coop saved Lizzie and the day. Harley was released and returned to her children and family. Harley and Mallet had a moment. Buzz was hurt and disappointed again at Alex's betrayal. Marina passed the police exam, but would her relationship with Danny hold her back? Alan eluded the police and his family to flee to an unknown destination where Phillip was found to be alive and well, but appearing to be either insane or being held captive by an insane Alan. Gus and Harley received a tip on Alan's whereabouts and were about to receive the shock of their lives.
July 18 to 22, 2005
Reva, Olivia, Bill and Josh set up Alfred, but he managed to turn the tables on everyone and tried to convince them that Jonathan was the real culprit. Reva confronted Alfred about his dirty deeds, and Jonathan did his best to stand up to his bully father after a heart to heart with Josh. Alan was arrested for Phillip's murder even though Phillip was alive and under the private care of a high priced medical staff on Alan's payroll. Harley and Gus enjoyed their time together and made their engagement official for a second time. Danny was concerned that his romantic interest in Marina may be detrimental to her career in law enforcement. Edmund used a gullible Dinah's dream of love and marriage and a baby with Edmund, as he continued to convince her to fake her pregnancy so he could get his revenge on Cassie. Tammy was determined to keep Sandy's love, but was torn about her need to befriend Jonathan. Blake and Tammy prepared for Cassie's baby shower that seemed to have all the ingredients for disaster. A desperate Alan tried to convince Gus and Harley that Phillip was not dead.
July 25 to 29, 2005
At Cassie's baby shower, Dinah was starting to feel remorse about keeping the secret about her miscarriage from Cassie, but Edmond continued to manipulate her for his own revenge. Alan pleaded with anyone who would listen that Phillip was alive somewhere and he needed help to find him. Lizzie made peace with the Coopers and decided to find new living arrangements at the Bauer's. Gus and Harley celebrated their re-engagement. Josh was crushed that Reva didn't come clean with him on her entire relationship with Nate. Jonathan tried to make things right on a few levels; he held his ground with Nate and told him he was returning the Lewis money to Josh and Reva, and told Tammy to stay away and have a life with Sandy because it was the right thing to do regardless of his feelings for her. Sandy was furious that Jonathan and Tammy still had a very strong connection with each other. Harley found some evidence that convinced her that Phillip was probably still alive and that Alan might be telling the truth and continued her own private investigation.
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August 1 to 5, 2005
Edmund continued to use Dinah to try to his personal revenge on Cassie. Harley and Mallet set up a plan to prove that Phillip was dead or alive once and for all, but decided to leave Gus out of the mix Michelle returned to Springfield pregnant with Danny or maybe Tony's child and concerned about Danny's relationship with Marina. Lizzie and Coop were officially a caring couple. Reva's plan to give Nate payback went awry when Tammy got caught in the middle. Cassie was furious with Reva that Tammy was once again the victim of her guilt ridden need to save Jonathan. Nate banked on Jonathan's weakness and fear of water, and his feelings for Tammy as the answer to all his personal and financial woes.
August 8 to 12, 2005
Nate kidnapped Tammy, but Jonathan came through and made a deal with the devil; his stepfather from hell" so that Reva, and her family would be safe and decided to leave town with Nate. Cassie and Sandy were concerned about Tammy's lingering concern for Jonathan. Cassie and Dinah were "so still in the dark" about Edmund's manipulation of their every move and sinister agenda. Gus was furious that Harley and Mallet were working together to find Phillip who Gus was convinced was really dead and buried. Just before he left for the sanitarium, Alan proposed to Beth to keep him connected to the outside world and to try to lure Phillip out of hiding, but Beth's reason for considering the proposal had more to do with her interest in having power over her life and everyone one else for a change. Olivia agreed to let Michelle live with them until she had time to pull her life back into focus. Marina was still troubled over Danny's ties to Michelle even after he asked her to move in with him; both of whom were unaware that Michelle was back in town and pregnant with either Danny or Tony's child. Jonathan decided to turn the tables on Nate, but Reva arrived just in time to stop Jonathan from making the biggest mistake in his life; or did she?
August 15 to 19, 2005
Reva, Jonathan, and Tammy dealt with the emotional and physical aftermath of their ordeal with Alfred, while Josh had to come to terms with the fact that he killed Alfred in order to once again save Reva from another of her life's dramas. In order to ease Harley's mind, Gus asked Rick to exhume Phillip's body to prove to Harley that Phillip was really dead so that she could move on with her life and marry him. Gus and Harley finally tied the knot to a joyous group of family and friends. Coop caught Lizzie dipping into Gus and Harley's wedding fund out of desperation and lack of funds as the ex-Spaulding heiress. Mallet suspected that Rick was hiding the truth about Phillip's death. Rick confirmed that he has been helping a very alive and well Phillip for his return to Springfield. Beth agreed to marry Alan. Marina and Michelle talked about their future, but Marina was unaware that her relationship with Danny may be about to end abruptly. Michelle and Danny met, and Michelle decided that it was time to inform Danny that he might be the father of her unborn child.
August 22 to 26, 2005
Beth decided to marry Alan unaware of his real intentions and that he knew that Phillip was still alive. Lizzie went into a tail spin when she learned that her mother married her deranged grandfather! Josh didn't seem to be enough for Reva either physically or emotionally. Tammy saved Jonathan from yet another mistake and finally resolved her feelings for him and Sandy. Edmund was busy manipulating the women of Springfield; Dinah into thinking he was going to spend the rest of his life with her when he had no intention at all and was really planning to get back with Cassie, and Michelle, by offering her a place to stay while he was plotting a way to steal her unborn child and pass it off as the he and Cassie's baby. Michelle was still in love with Danny but didn't want to ruin the new life he seemed to building with Marina. A new woman "fell" into Jonathan's life with a secret and a past.
August 29 to September 2, 2005
Danny defended Marina's honor after her first bust ended in a bit of a mishap. Reva's hospital stay served as another means to separate her Josh. Jonathan inherited Alfred's bar and Billy offered to become his partner. Tammy was concerned over Sandy's reluctance to come clean about his family history and background that threatened their happiness together and was determined to find the truth via any means possible. Michelle fell into Edmund's trap and overheard Danny profess his love for Marina sending her into an emotional tailspin, but perfect for Edmund to pick up the pieces and go forward with his plan. Edmund's decline to fall off the deep end in his abyss of revenge as he induced Michelle's labor without her knowledge, and planned to take her baby to present to Cassie as their child thanks to Dinah keeping her secret that their real child was miscarried, all of which would leave Dinah, Jeffrey, Danny, Michelle, and Marina as victims of his sick manipulations.
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September 5 to 9, 2005
Reva made getting back with Josh next to impossible as she did everything she could to drive him away. Michelle delivered a beautiful baby girl (with Edmund's assistance) thinking he was Danny; Edmund presented Cassie with Michelle's baby and convinced everyone that Dinah delivered the child and then left town due to her emotional state. Maureen gave Michelle the will to return to Danny as he learned the truth about Michelle's pregnancy and her true feelings for him. Danny had to tell Michelle that her baby supposedly died in the accident while she insisted that this could not be possible. Marina realized that Michelle and Danny were a family. Lizzie set up Coop for a surprise wedding that Alan and Beth were determined to stop. Sandy's past life became more of a mystery as Tammy's attempt to find a connection to his past was foiled by none other than Sandy who seemed to be showing a "dark" side. Ross was disturbed at Dinah's "so to speak farewell" to Springfield, her family and friends. Edmund's twisted plan and behaviour became even a bigger threat to Dinah who desperately tried to communicate with the outside world by stealing Edmund's cell phone and telling everyone of his insane plot to win back Cassie.
September 12 to 16, 2005
Reva and Josh, though separate, agreed together to be Godparents to Hope, and later Josh played a little game with Reva that stirred a little jealousy for her Bud. Dinah figured out Edmund's sick plan and that he stole Michelle's baby making Cassie believe it was theirs. Edmund continued to manipulate everyone and everything around him in order to win back Cassie. Michelle's maternal instincts as well as a vision from Maureen had her convinced that her baby didn't die, and Marina's cop instincts were also working overtime when she had a sense that someone else was at the accident scene when Michelle went into labor. Lizzie was out to get Beth and Alan for messing with her life with Coop. India returned to Spaulding for the vote on CEO and gave Alan fair warning. Harley, in attempt to help Gus get elected as the new CEO at Spaulding, ended up winning the vote herself and what a payback to Alan.
September 19 to 23, 2005
Harley decided to accept the job as CEO of Spaulding but not without much trepidation. Edmund continued to manipulate everyone around him to attempt to win back Cassie; the latest dark plot involved a death threat to Jeffrey and those around him with so he would pull away from Cassie to protect her. Cassie was concerned over Jeffrey's distance and was out to do whatever to save her relationship. Dinah tried to get the upper hand on Edmund, but failed making matters worse in her attempt to escape from her "prison house." Jonathan was wise to Edmund's game, but kept his secret to protect Tammy and the family until he could prove without a doubt that Edmund was responsible for Dinah's disappearance and that baby Hope arrived via some illegal activity. Tammy once again believed Sandy's story that old Sandy Foster was his maternal grandfather and that he changed his name to escape his bad childhood memories. Marina came clean to Danny and told him that Michelle was planning to leave Springfield; an emotional crisis for Michelle, Danny and Marina. After meeting Cassie and Hope, Michelle was still feeling that somehow her baby was alive. Marina was getting close to solving the mystery regarding the night of Michelle's accident and suspected that someone else delivered her baby and made the 911 call the night of the accident and that the baby could have survived.
September 26 to 30, 2005
Blake's book was published on the first day of Harley's job as CEO making her look like the laughing stock of Spaulding. Alex tried to help Harley keep one step ahead of Beth and Alan. Tammy and Jonathan admitted that they had "forbidden" feelings for each other and it was getting more and more difficult not to act on them. Meanwhile, Sandy planned to propose to Tammy, and she was hearing the news from everyone but Sandy. Sandy told his mysterious lawyer to find a way to clear him of some past mysterious charges. Marina pieced together the final clues that would prove that Edmund kidnapped Michelle's baby and gave her to Cassie as part of his plan to win back his relationship with Cassie. Dinah tried to escape from Edmund's prison without much success. Frank informed Jeffrey that Edmund was the person making the threats against him. Marina confided her suspicions to Jeffrey, but Jeffrey decided not to tell Marina the true results of the DNA tests because he did not know how or when he could bring himself to tell Cassie that she was not Hope's birth mother. Michelle prepared to leave Springfield with Robby, as Marina was relieved that she and Danny might have that life together unaware that her suspicions were indeed true about Michelle being Hope's biological mother.
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October 3 to 7, 2005
Michelle and Robbie left Springfield before learning the truth about her presumed dead child. Harley was getting settled into her role as Spaulding CEO even with obstacles abounding. Edmund managed to switch Michelle's DNA before Jeffrey could get a sample to the lab making everyone believe that Hope was not Michelle's child. Sandy remained in a coma while Tammy wrestled with her guild over her feelings for Jonathan. Mallet followed up on Marina's investigation of Edmund, while Danny learned the truth about Marina's undercover work. Cassie gave Edmund the boot, while Edmund was perplexed over Dinah's ability to escape the faux farmhouse and decided to set fire to the dwelling and eliminate the evidence unaware that Dinah was actually still inside. Olivia slipped Billy a "mickey" so that she could save the Venezuela deal for Bill; a power play that he had no interest in winning.
October 10 to 14, 2005
Billy's binge was a result of Olivia's greed and ambition. Bill was sickened to learn that Olivia had "pushed" Billy over the edge so that she could hand him the Venezuela deal. Tammy made a deal with God that if Sandy recovered, she would stay away from Jonathan, but Jonathan had other ideas. Ava seemed to have some kind of connection to Sandy and his past that made Sandy very uneasy. Mallet and Jeffrey were onto Edmund, as all his secrets and devious deeds began to unravel when Dinah started to tell her story. Dinah presented baby Hope to Danny, desperately trying to convince him that Hope was actually Michelle's baby. Dinah tried to sincerely apologize to Cassie for the pain of the past and for more to come. Cassie was frantic that she might lose Hope and asked for Dinah to help her get Hope back as retribution for her bad deeds. Michelle returned to Springfield to allow Robbie to stay with Danny as she sorted out her depression over losing her baby; she left no way for anyone to get in touch with her. Meanwhile, at Cedars, Danny demanded a new DNA test for himself and Hope, the results of which could change his and Michelle's life forever.
October 17 to 21, 2005
Edmund's horrific plan was revealed to all but Michelle as Danny raced against time to find Michelle and tell her that they had a daughter. Marina was torn between the "right thing to do" and her love for Danny. Jeffrey tried to console Cassie who struggled with the knowledge that she would no longer be a mother to baby Hope once Danny and Michelle returned to claim their child. Dinah and Cassie dealt with the complications in their lives thanks to Edmund's sick twisted mind. Dinah and Mallet had something going with each without each of them realizing the fact. Alan and Beth tried to sabotage Harley's board meeting regarding the state of affairs of the pharmaceutical division, but Harley and Gus were wise to their plan. Alan had Beth post Edmund's bail for future favors as Edmund set out to silence Michelle once and for all; fortunately Danny arrived just in time to rescue Michelle. Tammy bent over backwards to convince Sandy that she loved him and wanted to marry him and spend the rest of her life with him. Tammy told Jonathan that she made a promise to God to let Sandy recover and that she and him could only be friends. Jonathan learned the truth about Sandy and Ava, and forced Ava to admit that she and Sandy were at some point married to each other. Dinah had her own plan of revenge for Edmund.
October 24 to 28, 2005
Josh comforted Olivia unaware that she was the cause of Billy's slip off the wagon while Reva helped Billy get back on his feet. The truth about Sandy (Alexander's) marriage to Ava and their past together gave Jonathan the ammunition he thought he needed to eventually win back Tammy. Tammy accepted Sandy's marriage proposal unaware that he and Ava were married. Jonathan convinced Ava to divorce Sandy so their plan might work. Danny and Michelle returned to Springfield to claim Hope as their child. Marina wondered if she would have a future with Danny now that he and Michelle had a new child together. Dinah decided to hand out her own form of punishment to Edmund, but Mallet saved the day and Dinah some jail time. Edmund and Alan conspired together to achieve their own twisted and selfish goals. Gus prevented Harley's board meeting from becoming a disaster and stopped Beth and Alan's plan to embarrass Harley at the expense of his own happiness as Gus learned that Mallet and Harley's love from the past may come between he and Harley's future. Reva tried to comfort a devastated Cassie over the loss of Hope, but it seemed the pain was far worse than even Cassie expected.
October 31 to November 4, 2005
Cassie tried desperately to be the happy "mother of the bride" for Tammy, but was still aching due to the loss of Hope. Jeffrey tried everything to help Cassie get over losing Hope, including becoming "Richard" again. Ava granted Sandy his divorce while she and Jonathan kept his secret from Tammy and their families. Edmund and Alan joined forces to get what they wanted, but Edmund was far more desperate and dangerous to win back Cassie at any cost. Reva wanted Olivia away from Josh at all costs, but after she and Josh connected again romantically she wasn't sure that she wanted to get back with Josh after all. Tammy asked Josh to give her away. Tammy struggled with her latent feelings for Jonathan; while Jonathan tried to use reverse psychology by pushing Tammy away hoping that she would realize her love for him and not Sandy. During the Springfield blackout, courtesy of Alan, Harley and Dinah reconciled and Harley offered Dinah a job, Josh helped Cassie find a way to be happy and keep Hope in her life, Michelle and Marina set out to win Danny's love, Tammy and Jonathan grew closer, and Edmund put his plan in motion to kidnap Cassie.
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November 7 to 11, 2005
Tammy and Jonathan continued to fight off their escalating feelings for each as Tammy planned her wedding to Sandy. Josh and Jeffrey rushed off to San Cristobel to rescue Cassie from Edmund who had taken her prisoner to win back her love. In a last desperate measure, Edmund warned Josh to investigate Jeffrey and told him that it was not a coincidence of how and why he came to live in Springfield and his resemblance to Richard and new found love for Cassie. Gus suspected that Lizzie was in deep with a lone shark. Alan-Michael returned to Springfield and immediately informed Alan and Beth that he was in Harley's corner. Harley was surrounded by ex-husbands and Spaulding men, while Dinah and Mallet played the "catch me if you can" game with each. Marina made a painful decision to let Danny go because he could not give her 100% due to his love for Michelle, especially with Hope as part of his new family. Danny and Michelle talked about reconciling. Jonathan told Reva that he loved Tammy and later Reva was horrified to discover that Tammy loved Jonathan as well and both were conflicted over their "forbidden" love.
November 14 to 18, 2005
Tammy's wedding drew closer and she celebrated her bachelorette party with the girls, but no matter what just couldn't get Jonathan out of her mind. Reva struggled with the knowledge that Jonathan loved Tammy and that Tammy had romantic feelings for him, but that Tammy should marry Sandy because it was the right thing to do for everyone involved. Lizzie continued her dangerous cat and mouse game with the lone shark. Olivia and Josh drew closer, and Josh agreed to stop his investigation of Jeffrey whom seemed entirely committed to Cassie. Jonathan's anger toward Reva appeared to subside when her promised her that he wanted Tammy's happiness, even if she married Sandy, but his emotions and passion for Tammy were almost to much to control when he spotted her at her pre-wedding party. Alan-Michael flirted with the woman of Springfield, while Gus and Harley made Beth think that there were problems in paradise to keep Alan off track. Harley was reluctant to see Mallet with Dinah or anyone else even though she was committed to Gus. Coop and Buzz discussed their love lives over "dishwater." Michelle and Danny decided to marry for the third time with Rick, Mel and Ray bearing witness as they committed their lives to each other and realized that their love was forever and always would be everlasting.
November 21 to 25, 2005
With much uncertainly and trepidation, Tammy prepared for her wedding day, while Jonathan was convinced that he would win Tammy's heart before she pledged her love for Sandy. Reva was frantic that Tammy and Sandy would not make it down the aisle, but kept the secret from Cassie, Josh and others so as not to ruin the happy occasion after Tammy convinced her that she wanted to marry Sandy and that Jonathan was in her past. Marina, emotionally wrought over losing Danny and then learning of his re-marriage to Michelle, went for a ride on the wild side with the very wild Alan-Michael. Harley and Gus continued their "act" to gain control over Beth and Alan's plan. Lizzie got some help from a friend regarding her financial debt while keeping the truth from Coop. Jeffrey promised Cassie that he would always love her no matter what happened in the future. Cassie said goodbye to Hope as Danny and Michelle decided to move their family to New Orleans to help Ed in his medical efforts in the Gulf, and then move on to California to start a new life together.
November 28 to December 2, 2005
Reeling from her wedding disaster, Tammy found comfort with Jonathan and thought seriously about making a new start with him, but couldn't find the right time or way to explain all to tell her mom that she has real feelings for Jonathan. Ava dreamed about a future with Sandy, while he desperately tried to make amends to Tammy, Cassie, Josh, Reva, etc. and permanently dissolve his marriage. Josh postponed learning the truth about Jeffrey's past when he learned that Cassie agreed to have Jeffrey move in with her. Harley and Gus continued their ruse, but Harley was still thinking about her and Mallet, but told him that she wanted him to date Dinah. Marina and Alan-Michael were caught up in an unusual relationship, while Lizzie was getting deeper into a financial obligation to a wealthy friend. Olivia was shocked to receive divorce papers from Bill that sent her into a dangerous tailspin with Josh as the center of her needy world. Blake told Tammy that Jonathan was the first person to put a bid on the house that Sandy planned to buy her as a wedding gift. Tammy agreed to run away and be with Jonathan.
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December 5 to 9, 2005
Tammy made a decision to leave Sandy and be with Jonathan, but was having difficulty telling Cassie and friends that she and Jonathan would be a couple. Olivia made a play for Josh just as Reva showed up to warn Oliva not to mess with her man. Josh decided to find out Jeffrey's secret and found a picture of Jeffrey with Richard. Sandy's life was looking grim as he lost his job, his wife of about 1 minute, and his friends because as his lies and secrets were coming back to haunt him. Quinn wooed Lizzie with charm and money, while Coop and Ava bonded over life's obstacles and how to overcome them. Gus pulled the rug from under Beth's feet as he revealed her underhanded attempt to oust Harley from Spaulding. Harley couldn't get Mallet out of her mind, and Mallet and Dinah's fake relationship was perhaps become real. Alan-Michael swept Marina off her feet and appeared to be Harley's friend, but later met with Alan as they discussed their real plan to remove the Cooper clan from power.
December 12 to 16, 2005
Sandy tried to win back Tammy while Tammy and Jonathan didn't know how they were going to tell Cassie and others that they loved each other. Josh and Olivia's budding friendship seemed to irritate Reva even though she said to Billy that she was OK with her and Josh's separation. Cassie told Reva and Tammy that she did not want Jonathan in their lives totally unaware that her daughter was romantically involved with Jonathan. Cassie refused to accept Josh's evidence that Jeffrey had a secret past and that it was somehow connected to Richard. Lizzie set the romantic stage for she and Coops first time together, but at the same time increasing her future debt to Quinn who was waiting for the right time for his pay off. Alan-Michael played head games with Marina, and Mallet gave Dinah a sweet Christmas gift as Vanessa returned to town to spend Christmas with Dinah. Dinah was surprised when Vanessa told Dinah that the chemistry was unmistakable between her and Mallet. Harley and Gus had no idea of Alan-Michael's soon-to-be betrayal. Buzz had the eye for Olivia, but Olivia was thinking about setting her sights again on Josh.
December 19 to 23, 2005
Vanessa sparked a sincere love interest between Dinah and Mallet as the two enjoyed an unexpected Christmas Eve together. Gus was paranoid with the fear that Alan would be released from the sanitarium and threaten to harm Harley and her family. Alan-Michael worked Harley so that she re-hired him at Spaulding, and then he set his sights on winning over Marina. Lizzie was jealous of Coop's attention to Ava, who was surprised that Sandy kissed her. Reva tried desperately to make Christmas Eve a very special night for the Lewis and Shane families, but Billy's secret drinking sparked a free-for-all when Jonathan and Tammy decided to go home and were greeted by disapproval and angry family members that forced them to spend the holiday with each other and away from the family. Buzz was surprised and disappointed that Frank caught Olivia's eye and that the two might be interested in each other.
December 26 to 30, 2005
Reva and Cassie were at odds over Tammy and Jonathan's union. Cassie had Tammy and Jonathan arrested for their part in the fire, but her actions seemed to bring them closer together. Dinah and Mallet re-connected as a romantic couple. Mallet tried to stop Gus from harming Alan to protect Harley during Alan's competency hearing. Coop and Ava had a romantic moment. Frank and Olivia appeared giddy over their "not really a date" at the concert. Reva was out to help Tammy and Jonathan anyway that she could regardless of the consequences. The Spaulding women testified against Alan, but Gus's outburst seemed to slant everything to Alan's favor and their would be hell to pay to Alan's women for their betrayal.
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