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January 5 to 9, 2004
The Springfield "5" gathered to recall their last night with Maryanne; meanwhile Carrie told a similar story to the girls. Marah, Marina and Michelle confronted Josh and Billy, Buzz, and Ed respectively, and Michelle received by far the worst reaction to her questions from a very disturbed and emotional Ed Bauer. Alan continued to convince the group that they must continue their vow of silence regarding their part and the circumstances of Maryanne's death. Olivia's sorrow over a lost child stirred up painful memories for Cassie and forced her to face both her own and Edmund's part in her unborn son's death. Reva had a vision of Josh drowning and was confused and hurt that Josh pushed her away. Shayne's surgery was successful, but he was disappointed that he was still not able to walk. Gus was unaware that he may have put Harley in danger while she worked undercover for Jeffrey. Danny was concerned that Ross's entry to the mayoral campaign would ruin his chance to win the election. Jeffrey was surprised that he still had special feelings for Marah.
January 12 to 16, 2004
Shayne made a major breakthrough regarding his condition partly due to Reva's fire and brimstone mother-son conversation. The Springfield men were determined to find the information source behind Michele, Marah, and Marina's nitpicking and relentless inquiry into Maryanne Caruthers's death. Unknowingly, Harley convinced Buzz to stay in Springfield and face his demons. To Alan's dismay, Olivia made Phillip a very interesting proposal. Harley pressured Brad and Alexandra to get information for Jeffrey as part of her undercover investigation. Jeffrey tricked Cassie to play into his interest in winning Danny the mayoral job. Tony pressured a reluctant Eden to spy on Bill to insure that Danny run a clean campaign and to get leverage against their unknown informant.
January 19 to 23, 2004
Josh, Buzz, and Ed started to buckle under the pressure of their involvement in the Maryanne Caruthers's accident, but Billy and Alan forced them to remain quiet, even though Gus was also inquiring about the identity of the young deceased socialite. Cassie confided in Edmund and Reva about the anguish of her son's death and finally came to terms with the accident and then opened her heart to Jonathan/Sandy fully accepting him as Richard and Reva's child that did survive and that she could love. Jeffrey had to bail Harley out of a romantic jam with Brad Green while on her undercover assignment. Marah and Jeffrey tried unsuccessfully to think about each other. Olivia revealed that her daughter, Emma, was alive and well, and then made an elaborate plan to marry Phillip and become a family. Lizzie learned of Olivia's plan and warned Beth and Alan. Michele confronted Carrie and demanded she reveal herself as the informant to the "their father's and grandfather" legal dilemma, but Carrie retaliated with a very serious warning. Tony and Eden tried to protect Bill's shady political dealings to get Danny votes that seemed to incite the mob bosses and put all their lives in even more danger.
January 26 to 30, 2004
Jeffrey had most of Springfield working undercover to expose the Spaulding cover up, the latest agent revealed to be everyone's favorite psychiatrist, Christopher Langham, whose job was to utilize Reva as a profiler for the case without her knowledge of what and for whom she was working. Jeffrey was haunted by his genuine feelings for Marah. Michele had a close call with death and Carrie seemed suspect. Josh reconsidered confessing to the police after learning of Michele's accident and thought best to keep quiet to keep the girls out of danger. Josh promised Reva that he would be home soon. Alan, Beth and Lizzie were shocked and outraged at Olivia's marriage to Phillip. Olivia confided in Cassie about Emma and her plan to keep with Phillip. Edmund continued to investigate the possibility that Cassie's child with Richard may still be alive. Shayne's medical progress continued, but Michele's relationship with Ed didn't seem to make any progress.
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February 2 to 6, 2004
Carrie had a strange and dangerous way of warning the girls that she meant business; this time Marina was her target. Josh, Buzz, and Billy explored the tunnels under company to seek out Marah, Michelle, and Marina's informant. Ed agreed to step down from his role at the hospital with a little unsolicited help from Rick and Mel. Ed was furious with Michelle when she refused to let him take Robby overnight. Danny squeezed Eden for the truth, and later Tony and Danny confronted Jeffrey as the probable culprit known as the "shadow." Cassie and Marah agreed to be tested to determine if they had inclinations similar to Reva's gift of premonition unaware that Christopher and Jeffrey were both undercover agents needing Reva's abilities to round out their team of operatives. Olivia crashed the Spaulding Board of Directors meeting and Alan and Gus's own agenda when she announced that she had Phillip's proxy in hand and would take his seat on the board until he was physically able to return to his regular position. Harley was suspicious over Gus's interest in Brad Green's actions at Spaulding.
February 9 to 13, 2004
Alan was concerned about Gus's interest in the Spaulding Pharmaceuticals business and encouraged him to return to the police force. Harley and Gus both seemed to suspect that each had a secret; meanwhile Alex and Brad seemed on to Harley's snooping. Michele, Marah, and Marina gave Carrie an ultimatum after Marina's close call in the caves, and then decided to try to repair the damage done by the Maryanne mystery with their family. Danny decided that the old ways sometimes seemed to be a means to the new way of life. Marah played Cupid for Marina and Shayne, and Sandy played Cupid for Marah and Jeffrey. Cassie got another glimpse of the warm-hearted Jeffrey when he offered his help at the hot line. Josh vowed to Reva that he was ready to return to his life with her after he finished one more piece of old business. Lizzie left the Valentine's dance and stumbled into a hot bed of trouble spelled with a capital D, as in the drug Delirium. Carrie appeared as a surprise guest at the Valentine's Day benefit for Michele's hot line.
February 16 to 20, 2004
Carrie revealed herself to the Springfield five at the Valentine's Day benefit dance, and made a plan to meet with the men with her final demand. Marah, Michele and Marina decided to follow their family members to this clandestine meeting that they thought would end this secret once and for all. Harley and Gus learn that they are both undercover agents and proceed to get the goods on Brad Greene. Lizzie and Rico have a close call at a dance and with the new drug "D." Cassie is outraged that Olivia continued to hide Emma from Phillip who is heartbroken and emotionally guilty over what he believes is the loss of his child. Rick questioned Olivia's intentions regarding Phillip's care. Reva couldn't seem to shake the feeling that something was wrong in her family and that it had something to do with Carrie's ring, water, and a drowning.
February 23 to 27, 2004
Cassie forced Olivia to be honest with Phillip about Emma, but not before she protected her interests. After the Springfield five confronted Carrie at the fairgrounds, the evening turned tragic when the girls arrived unexpectedly -- at Carrie's request and unknowingly drugged -- and Marah shot and killed Carrie to protect Josh. Josh protected Marah and confessed to killing Carrie in self-defense, but Jeffrey suspected that there was more to the story after his disturbing conversation with Marah. Ed, Buzz, Billy, Alan, Michele, and Marina continued to cover for each other, unaware of all the events of the evening and how it would affect each of their lives in the future. Reva's visions of Josh and Marah in peril continued, and she demanded Josh tell her what had really happened at the fairgrounds. Gus suspected Alan knew more about the shooting than he admitted.
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MARCH 2004
March 1 to 5, 2004
Jeffrey interrogated Josh with relentless vigor to get him to admit to the real truth about what happened at the fairgrounds. Alan confessed to Gus the events leading to Maryann Caruthers's death and the involvement of the other men. Gus and Harley tried to find a way to help their father's and their friends and still do justice to law and order and the truth. Olivia told a shocked and angry Phillip that Emma was alive. Phillip's outrage over Olivia's actions heightened his senses, cleared his mind, and gave him a new purpose for living; a means to end to gain custody of his new child. Reva's visions brought her closer to the truth about the night of Carrie's death. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Michelle, Marina, and Reva, Marah remembered that she shot Carrie to protect Josh and foolishly rushed off to the police station and admitted her crime in the presence of Jeffrey and Josh.
March 8 to 12, 2004
Reva and Josh reconciled after he finally came clean and told Reva the entire story of how Maryanne died some 30 years ago. Marah confessed to shooting Carrie and let Josh off the hook. Jeffrey's soft side emerged as he valiantly tried to protect Marah and the entire Lewis family. Cassie was shocked at Jeffrey's kindness much to Edmund's dismay. Maryanne's spirit visited Reva with a message yet to be revealed. Alan told Gus the truth about Maryanne's death, but later misunderstood Gus's long-range intentions when trying to cut a deal with Jeffrey and the feds about potential illegal activities at Spaulding. Rick, Beth and Lizzie thought Phillip went off the deep end again after he told them that his daughter Emma was alive and well. Olivia warned Phillip to keep their secret quiet. Danny warned Ross to keep Michelle's involvement at the fairgrounds out of their campaigning. Bill was given control of Lewis Oil, but the celebration was short-lived when Eden received an unexpected gift from Vinny Salerno.
March 15 to 19, 2004
Cassie was furious that Edmund had investigated Jeffrey and Christopher without her knowledge or permission. Reva feared for Marah's fate after Jeffrey assigned Doris to handle the case because she was out for revenge against Reva. Marah and Jeffrey couldn't seem to stay away from each other, no matter the risk. Gus tried to find a way to repair his relationship with Alan, while Reva and Harley decided that working together might suit them both for their own agendas.
March 22 to 26, 2004
Olivia and Christopher realized that Phillip was not taking his meds and causing him to perhaps have a major setback. Lizzie was determined to learn of Sam and Olivia's living quarters by putting Tammy at risk. Reva's clairvoyance, Harley, Michelle and Marina uncovered more of Carrie's sick plot to frame one of them for Marianne's death. Reva was devastated to learn that Christopher and Jeffrey were government agents and that she was merely a pawn in the big picture. Cassie encouraged Reva to trust her instincts and let Christopher help Marah. A tormented Jeffrey ended his relationship with a heartbroken Marah in order to save her life from a future of possible imprisonment. Bill proposed to Eden, but she convinced Bill, unaware of her connection with Salerno, to keep their engagement quiet due to Marah's situation, while she meant to protect Bill and Danny from the mob connection. Ed decided to support Danny in the mayoral campaign for the sake of family. Olivia and Alan used each other's business skills for the sake of preserving the Spaulding Empire and family name.
March 29 to April 2, 2004
Reva and Harley found Carrie alive and well, but lost her after Carrie outsmarted them and escaped. Doris Wolfe won the Grand Jury's right to force Marah to trial. Josh and Reva were confused at Marah's less than enthusiastic response after they informed her that Carrie was alive and if they could prove it, it would mean her freedom. Olivia blamed Cassie for Emma's kidnapping. Phillip covered for Lizzie's actions as his way of keeping Olivia in line and as a path to his revenge toward her after she lied to him about Emma's death, actions that almost destroyed his physical and emotional well being. The Bauers and Boudreaus celebrated as Mel gave birth to a baby girl. Sandy gave Marina food for thought regarding her future dreams and goals. Jeffrey convinced Danny that he would win the mayoral election though the polls looked less than favorable. Marah found solace with Jeffrey yet again.
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APRIL 2004
April 5 to 9, 2004
While under hypnosis, Reva's special "gift" allowed her to solve Maryanne's murder that identified Carrie as Maryanne's assailant. Marah was exonerated, but unfortunately not free from the guilt and terror of Carrie's control and influence on her and her family's well being. Thanks to Jeffrey and his ulterior motives, in an upset, Danny won the mayoral election but not without a major price to pay for his victory; go undercover with the feds and Jeffrey's sting operation to wipe out the mob, or watch family and friends serve time behind bars for Danny's use of dirty money for the right intentions to clean up Fifth street. Jeffrey tried to console Marah with the knowledge that he could probably never be with her again, and on the other side of town, the Springfield men finally put their past behind them and made a new pact to make good on the rest of their lives.
April 12 to 16, 2004
Jeffrey manipulated the mayoral election back to Ross's favor and forced Danny to lie to everyone and work with him undercover or else jeopardize the freedom of his family and friends. Marah's heartbreak at losing Jeffrey and moving on to a life in Paris without him was almost too much for her to bear unaware that his intentions were to protect her so that he could continue his undercover work with Danny to exterminate the mob and rackets in several regions of the country. Olivia moved into the Spaulding mansion with more demands than anyone could imagine, and Rick realizing the extent of Phillip's desperation, promised him a way that would earn his release from Ravenwood. Bill believed Danny's lie that he bought the Fifth Street votes to win the election. Eden and Harley bonded, while Vinnie put the squeeze on Eden and threatened her happiness with Bill.
April 19 to 23, 2004
Jeffrey wouldn't admit to Cassie that he missed Marah. Danny came clean to a horrified Michelle and told her about his part in obtaining "dirty" money to clean up Fifth Street and Jeffrey's hold on him via the Fed's undercover plan to use Danny to infiltrate the mob. Springfield High's production of Romeo and Juliet was a smashing success. Lizzie's jealous and spiteful persona went into full gear when she decided to go after Joey after she spied on Tammy coming on to a surprised and bewildered Edmund. Edmund confided to Beth that Tammy had and acted on inappropriate feelings for him, and asked for her help in explaining the situation to Cassie. Phillip's speedy recovery and determination rattled Olivia who asked Rick to help out unaware that he was Phillip's confidante in his path to recovery. Phillip and Olivia fantasized about their revenge for each other. Eden and Bill tried to keep their relationship on track each with their own threatening distractions.
April 26 to 30, 2004
Cassie turned to Josh and Reva after she was thrown for a parental loop when Edmund told her about Tammy's romantic feelings for him. Cassie and Edmund attempted to confront an evasive Tammy, who later felt more anger and betrayal when she learned that Cassie had read her private journal. Danny decided to confide in Michelle about Jeffrey's plan to use Danny as bait to rid Springfield of the mob. Olivia started to buy off Spaulding stock as part of her plan to protect her and Emma. Jeffrey read Michelle the hard cold facts that her involvement could place her family and friends in mortal danger. Danny couldn't shake Tony off his trail. Vinnie blackmailed Eden who really wants to go straight and marry Bill. Undercover fed Harley, thanks to a tip off from Marie Green; put everything together regarding Spaulding, Antimonious, Brad and Vinnie, and Eden's past misfortune to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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MAY 2004
May 3 to 7, 2004
Lizzie convinced a reluctant Cassie, Reva and Edmund to try to help Tammy see the light. Lizzie's plan to separate Tammy and Joey backfired, but the rift between Tammy and Cassie seemed to worsen. Olivia asked Cassie to buy out her share of the Beacon so that she could insure a future for her and Emma in the Spaulding Empire. Joey tried to convince Tammy to reconcile with Cassie; meanwhile Lizzie was overjoyed at Phillip's homecoming, while Olivia seemed more frightened than relieved at her husband's return. Ed seriously considered his return to Africa. A frightened Eden pressured Bill to elope once she realized that Vinnie would never let her escape him or her past. Danny and Michelle were about to face their own problems with their new mob boss and neighbor, Vinnie Salerno.
May 10 to 14, 2004
Shane surprised family and friends with his first walk without cane or crutches. Danny couldn't find any hard evidence on Vinnie's deal at the warehouse as he tried desperately to wrap up his tour of duty with the mob by forcing Tony's hand and getting a jump on the action. Michelle, in an effort to protect Ed and Nico, encouraged them to leave town to pursue their dreams. Bill and Michelle came to blows over what he and everyone else believed to be Danny's return to the mob. After Phillip's sudden and unexpected release from Ravenwood, Olivia and Phillip tried outsmart each other in the bedroom and the boardroom. Tammy tried to use Joey to get back at Cassie, and later asked Auntie Reva and Uncle Josh if she could move in with them. Edmund tried to warn Phillip about Lizzie's penchant for jealousy and revenge, and in turn, Gus spouted business advice to his usual savvy big brother. Salerno threatened Eden to come through or else. Harley was shocked when she discovered that Eden was the missing link in Salerno's drug smuggling operation.
May 17 to 21, 2004
Phillip was on to Olivia's plan to buy up Spaulding stock as well as her other lies and deception, and decided to wage his own cagy war with his "loving" wife. Cassie and Tammy tried to mend their relationship, but Tammy continued to live with Reva and Josh. Eden got help and protection from Jeffrey, Harley, Gus, and the feds but couldn't seem to find a safe way out of her past and present ties to Salerno. Salerno asked Danny to prove himself to the mob family by taking care of Eden's betrayal or else risk the life of his family. Bill was roughed up by the mob to protect Eden's honor, meanwhile an unsuspecting Eden fell for Danny's plan to set her free of Salerno unaware that she was walking into her own death trap. Danny lied to Michelle about his plan to kill Eden, but unbeknownst to Danny, she followed him to the warehouse and right into his explosive trap for Eden.
May 24 to 28, 2004
Danny's and the feds cover-up plan to murder Eden as a way to solidify his return to the mob went very awry after Michelle was caught in the crossfire. Danny was grateful to Tony who saved Michelle's life but put his alliance with Vinnie in jeopardy. Much to Lizzie's dissatisfaction, Michele's accident made Tammy realize the importance of family and she reconciled with Cassie and Edmund and returned home to the Beacon. Springfield mourned Eden, while Bill was convinced that Salerno put a hit on her and was out for revenge. Frank vowed to investigate Eden's "death" to try to find a link to the mob. To protect lives, Jeffrey forbid a desperate and emotional Eden to tell Bill she was alive and to say goodbye, while Danny who was overcome with his own grief and unhappiness at the turn of events allowed Bill one last happy moment with the love of his life.
May 31 to June 4, 2004
Eden purposely pushed Bill out of her life for his safety and entered the witness protection program. Gus, Harley, Jeffrey, and Danny continued to work undercover to find the mob's connection to Spaulding and the drug smuggling network. Alan seemed to be deeply entrenched in the drug smuggling network. Phillip worked Olivia into a corner, while Lizzie devised a special summer intern program to win over Joey's affection from Tammy. Jeffrey's warning prompted Cassie to become suspicious of Edmund's activities that were clearly in someway connected to San Cristobel , Salerno and the drug Antimonious. Vinnie ordered a hit on Jeffrey and Danny offered to do the honors. Bill visited Michelle and made his peace with her while she remained in coma, and then buried himself in Lewis business to help control his anger and heartache over losing Eden and what he thought was her unfaithfulness. Harley agreed to continue to help Marie spy on Brad.
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JUNE 2004
June 7 to 11, 2004
Jeffrey, Harley, Danny, Gus, Tony and Reva's big bust to nail Vinnie and the mob went awry when Vinnie decided to keep Reva close to the action during the drug switch. Brad Green was one partner in crime, while Cassie broke Edmund's heart when she assumed and accused him of dealing drugs with Vinnie Salerno via San Cristobel. Lizzie was determined to break up Joey and Tammy when she told Joey about Tammy and Edmund's kiss and then set up Joey to see Tammy in an innocent, but comprising position with Edmund. Phillip taunted and embarrassed Olivia in front of the Spaulding board members who attended the San Cristobel Gala at the Beacon. Phillip had even more ammunition on Olivia when he saw Bill kiss Olivia even though she was really trying to comfort him about losing Eden.
June 14 to 18, 2004
No matter how hard she tried, Cassie couldn't seem to offer Edmund an apology that would bring him back into her life. Cassie and Tammy commiserated over the "men" problems in their life. Against his better judgment, Gus agreed to keep Alexandra safe from prosecution and let Brad Green take the hit for the entire drug smuggling operation. Gus, more or less, pushed Harley into setting a wedding date. The residents of Springfield learned that Danny was undercover to destroy the mob, but his heroics didn't change the fact that Bill was missing Eden, Michelle was still in a coma, and Tony's future remained hanging in the balance. Phillip found a way to blackmail Olivia and started to take complete control of hers and Emma's life. Olivia made Bill a proposition to retaliate against Phillip. Beth refused to help Olivia, but in Olivia's defense, Rick began to notice disturbing personality traits in Phillip.
June 21 to 25, 2004
Phillip's dangerous gain to take Emma away from Olivia and then destroy her concerned others and was spiraling out of control. Olivia tried to do damage control by convincing Bill to accept her business proposal, but Bill was only interested in doing business directly with Spaulding. Michelle's indifference and anger of her memory loss was difficult for Danny and her family to understand. Gus and Harley each struggled with what each thought would be the perfect wedding or whether or not to elope. Frank and Buzz were somewhat suspicious over Alexandra's new found affection for Gus. Gus and Edmund commiserated over cocktails about their individual battles with guilt, their unusual pasts, and the women in their lives. Cassie tried seduction as well as a recipe for forgiveness to convince Edmund that he was part of her future, and that she and the kids needed him in their lives. Edmund continued to dislike Cassie and Jeffrey's unusual sort of kinship and closeness.
June 28 to July 2, 2004
Michelle is overwhelmed with her "goody" image and her frustration was clear to all of her "friends and family." Cassie and Edmund reconciled thanks to Tammy, but Lizzie continued to manipulate Joey away from Tammy and into her clutches. Marina and Sandy bonded as they worked together on their intern project. Phillip and Olivia crossed over into dangerous ground as they continued to find ways to destroy each other's lives, personally and professionally. Olivia continued to work on Bill to draw him into her plans to ruin Phillip. Reva and Cassie were concerned that Cassie had become a victim of identity fraud. Reva asked Jeffrey to stay in Springfield a while longer to investigate who was impersonating Cassie. Gus's behavior troubled Harley as she and Frank were beginning to suspect that someone at Spaulding could have been involved in the drug business and that Gus was trying to protect his family over the law. Michelle learned that Robby was her son in the middle of the Bauer barbeque.
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JULY 2004
July 5 to 9, 2004
Tony helped Michelle find her way back to Springfield after she fled the Bauer Barbeque after being overwhelmed with family and commitment. Tony filled in Michelle about Danny's life in the mob, and Michelle agreed to try to make things work for his and Robby's sake. Cassie was unaware that Jeffrey knew that Dinah was actually the person posing as Princess Cassie Winslow and begrudgingly accepted his assistance in getting to the bottom of her identity theft issue. Alexander paid off Marie Green to convince Harley and Frank to close the drug dealing case by confirming that Brad Green acted alone and that Alexandra was not involved as his partner in crime. Sandy was arrested for hacking into Alan's computer, and Shane was furious that Marina confessed to being his accomplice. Reva and others were puzzled why Sandy was so nervous when he realized that he would be fingerprinted as part of his arrest. Lizzie continued to mislead Joey in an attempt to keep him and Tammy apart.
July 12 to 16, 2004
Danny is fascinated with Michelle's sexy new persona, but pleased that she has decided to stay committed to her past life. Phillip pushed Olivia into a corner with no way out, while Lizzie continued to interfere with Tammy and Joey's reconciliation. Cassie learned that her impersonator was traveling throughout Europe attending state functions with another person who seemed to be impersonating Richard! Jeffrey joined Dinah in Europe to warn her that he held her fate in his hands and to end her masquerade as Princess Cassie Winslow or else she would end up behind bars again where he first found her. Reva was concerned that Cassie was taking her identity theft too lightly. When Frank continued to pursue her as a possible suspect, Alexandra took drastic steps against him to take the heat off herself in the Brad Greene matter. Gus struggled with the fact that he has lied to Harley about his family's involvement in the Salerno drug ring matter.
July 19 to 23, 2004
In a series of flashbacks, Jeffrey revealed his arrangement with Dinah masquerading as Princess Cassie. Michelle's personality and behavior changes intrigue Tony and enrage Danny. Reva tried to help Michelle cope with her "new" personality. Gus struggled with his conscience of whether or not to come clean with Harley before the wedding about Alexandra's involvement with Brad Green and her latest stunt to frame Frank as a dirty cop. Lizzie continued to find ways to steal Joey's affections and break up any possible reconciliation with Tammy. Phillip put the screws to Olivia to pump Bill for information or else. Edmund surprised Cassie with a special "princely" invitation that would bring Cassie face-to-face with her imposter, and her old foe, Dinah.
July 26 to 30, 2004
Michelle was outraged that Danny tricked her into a conversation with Felicia. Harley and Gus prepared for what was turning into be their "doomed" wedding day as more and more of the truth about Brad Green and his real accomplice (Alexandra) began to surface as well as the fact that Harley learned that Alex also set up Frank to take the fall for her. Ross covered for Dinah who returned to Springfield, and continued to elude Edmund and Cassie who seemed to always be one step behind the "princess" imposter. Ross, Cassie and Edmund had no idea of Dinah's connection to Jeffrey, or her government assignment to impersonate Cassie. Sandy continued to be mysterious about his past, while Reva decided that she and Josh needed some spice in their relationship. Tony was distressed and troubled by his increasing sexual fantasies about Michelle.
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August 2 to 6, 2004
Reva got more than she bargained for in a live interview with Vinnie Salerno when Michelle inadvertently ended up face-to-face with Vinnie and learned the truth that Danny was the person who had set and planned the explosion that had caused her injuries and memory loss. Buzz did the right thing and turned Alex into Ross and later forgave Alex on the condition that she admit to her crimes, including the fact that she had framed Frank. Harley, devastated by Gus's betrayal, cancelled the wedding and warned Gus that she could never trust him again; she ordered him out of her life. Gus, heartbroken and guilt-ridden, resorted to drowning his sorrows in alcohol and put himself in harm's way. Bill covered for Dinah, while Olivia tried to make amends with Bill. Dinah outsmarted Jeffrey and manipulated Edmund to her side by agreeing to keep Cassie and Jeffrey apart. Ross appealed to Jeffrey to help him find a way to lessen Dinah's sentence if prosecuted, unaware that Dinah and Jeffrey were keeping a very big secret regarding not only their relationship, but a connection between Jeffrey and Cassie that had yet to be revealed.
August 9 to 13, 2004
Just about everyone in Springfield turned against Danny after learning that he was the behind the explosion at the warehouse even though he was undercover for the feds. The new and independent Michelle decided to find her own way to help Danny with his financial woes and convinced Tony to set her up in business. Jeffrey saved Cassie from a near mishap thanks to Dinah. Dinah used Ross and Bill's affection and good intentions to shield her so that she could pursue her master plan to get revenge on Cassie. Edmund investigated Jeffrey and learned that he was on a leave of absence from the federal government, but had no idea of his connection to Dinah that his mystery informant was one and the same. Harley and Buzz were even more angered to learn of Phillip's plan to take over Springfield and take over Company by eminent domain. Dejected, depressed and guilty, Gus left town to resolve his regroup. Tammy tried to be honest with Joey, but Lizzie's manipulations fooled Joey yet again.
August 16 to 20, 2004
Dinah continued to haunt and torment Cassie, but found Jeffrey close behind prepared to turn her into the authorities. Joey still couldn't seem to catch on to Lizzie's tricks and gave Tammy the cold shoulder, again. Olivia and Bill's partnership was blossoming into a friendship. Harley gave Gus an ultimatum regarding their future. Harley joined forces with Bill and Olivia to take down Spaulding, but particularly Phillip who has become a cold, ruthless and unfeeling person and businessman. Reva and Josh said goodbye to Shayne, and then Reva in turn said goodbye to Josh who left on a business trip. Sandy questioned Reva's interest in bonding with her "other" son, while he continued to hide a big secret from everyone. Michelle kissed Tony in her excitement over their restaurant project then had a blowout with Danny when she learned that he was working with Ross to block the building permit. To curb Edmund's dislike and jealousy over Jeffrey's interest in Cassie, Cassie lied to Edmund and told him that Jeffrey was no longer working her stalker and identity theft case.
August 23 to 27, 2004
Michelle and Danny went their separate ways, and Tony continued to hide his real feelings for Michelle. Reva and Sandy bonded in Shayne's absence, but Sandy seemed reluctant when Reva asked Sandy to show his ID to the bank so he could receive his birthday inheritance. Phillip's cold and calculating behavior toward the Cooper's and demolition of Company pushed Buzz to suffer a heart attack. Buzz ordered Gus and Harley to give each other another chance in the name of love. Lizzie's still found a way to separate Joey and Tammy even at a distance. Dinah manipulated Edmund to make him believe that Jeffrey and Cassie were cheating on him behind his back. Meanwhile, Dinah gave Jeffrey the slip and stay behind in Springfield continuing her master plan to get revenge on Cassie; this time by kidnapping RJ. In an effort to thwart Edmund's investigation into his life, Jeffrey told a shocked Edmund that he was falling in love with Cassie.
August 30 to August 3, 2004
Dinah's sick revenge for Cassie and her twisted version of the truth about her masquerading as Princess Cassie with Jeffrey made Edmund irrational and his dangerous side emerge. Meanwhile Cassie and Jeffrey continued to lie to Edmund about their innocent whereabouts the night before thinking they were actually helping Edmund with his strained relationship with Jeffrey. Danny accepted Michelle's new lifestyle and decided to join rather than fight the changes to be with the woman he loved. Buzz recuperated as family and friends rallied round, even Gus at Harley's emotional discomfort. "Coop", Buzz's son with Jenna, arrived in Springfield to be with his dad and family. Phillip continued his ruthless manipulations of friends and family, this time trying to take Cross Creek away from Josh and Reva. Sandy's secret was revealed that he is not Reva and Richard's biological son, and he continued to find ways to hide the truth from everyone until he could claim his inheritance. Olivia was miffed that Bill was getting a social life that didn't include her, and Lizzie decided to play hard ball to get Joey, one way or the other.
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September 6 to 10, 2004
Cassie couldn't turn the other cheek after Ross asked her to go easy on Dinah when her case came to trial. Dinah blackmailed Edmund and Jeffrey respectively so that Cassie wouldn't learn that Edmund tried to kill Jeffrey and started the fire in the barn, and that Jeffrey was hoping that Cassie wouldn't learn that he and Dinah were partners in Europe and that he that he impersonated Richard as part of an undercover assignment. Lizzie slipped Joey a "mickey" and made him think that he had sex with Lizzie, a lie that would seemingly ruin his renewed relationship with Tammy. Olivia seemed to want more than sex from Bill who unknowingly hurt her feelings by taking their time together as simply fun and no big deal. Phillip's nasty and ruthless side was becoming so unbearable that Rick and Beth and Allan tried a friendly and fatherly intervention without much luck. Phillip caught Harley in his office, and Bill tried to get Phillip to lose control to gain control, but no one could seem to rattle him. Phillip upped the demolition of company in one of his many ways to get revenge on just about everyone in his life that ever wronged him.
September 13 to 17, 2004
Sandy told Reva about Phillip's bid to buy up Cross Creek, a perfect diversion to stop her from looking into his past. Harley infiltrated Spaulding and was hired as Phillip's new executive assistant, a plan for the perfect revenge. Lizzie and "friend" set up Tammy to learn of her and Joey's supposed indiscretion, and actually got Phillip to help with her sick plan to get Joey back. Michelle started to fall in love with Danny again, while she also felt the need to stay close to Tony. Dinah played everyone in Springfield like a sweet violin, while Ross and Bill were convinced that she had changed and wanted to make amends for all her past deeds. Edmund proposed to Cassie, but it was partly a way to keep Dinah to keep his secret and prevent her from threatening his future with Cassie. Blake and Tammy were infuriated over Dinah's supposed remorse, and Tammy was dealt a second blow when she believed that she lost Joey to Lizzie.
September 20 to 24, 2004
Tony was disappointed that Michelle was with Danny after all. Harley and Bill continued to play their dangerous game with Phillip as Harley continued to impersonate Ruth to get the goods on Spaulding. Cassie decided to find a way to release Dinah, but didn't tell anyone including Dinah exactly how she was going to close the book on their hatred for each other and love for Hart. Meanwhile Ross, Jeffrey and Edmund think that Dinah abducted Cassie. Blake was on a mysterious mission for Roger who was supposed to be arriving in Springfield. Lizzie admitted to Joey that she drugged him to get him away from Tammy and into her bed. Phillip covered Lizzie's tracks and then threatened Joey and his mother unless he agreed to keep quiet about Lizzie's deed and left town to attend college on the east coast. Joey later was forced to lie to Tammy about the entire story. Tammy meets BJ, but has no idea that he is the real Jonathan Randall, Reva's real son, and that Sandy has been impersonating Jonathan for the past year.
September 27 to October 1, 2004
Tammy continued her relationship with JB unaware that they were actually cousins, while JB made certain that his first meeting with Reva (a.k.a mom) would be confrontational. Blake and Holly received news of Roger's death by a man called Sebastian, so-called son of Roger with a very mysterious mission. Sebastian made an offer to by the lighthouse from Michelle. Sandy's attempt to help Tammy's landed him on death's bed and his secret identity about to be revealed. Dinah offered Edmund an olive branch that was rejected. Phillip's rage went way out of control after he leveled Harley's home to gain the upper hand and custody of Zach. Beth was outraged at Phillip's behavior while Lizzie's empathy for Phillip worked in her favor when she admitted her evil ways to "daddy" and told him, "I was the driver of the car that hit Sandy, but it was an accident, I was just trying to scare Tammy."
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October 4 to 8, 2004
Reva was shocked to learn that Sandy is not her biological son. Meanwhile, BJ taunts Reva and continued to set up Tammy for a big fall as part of his revenge toward Sandy and being abandoned by his mother. Lizzie almost goes over the edge due to her part in Sandy's accident but vengeful and protective Phillip stepped in before any damage was done. Harley kidnapped Zach with Bill's help, but Phillip threatened Bill to get answers. Olivia was the new proud landlord of Lewis construction offices. Sebastian's plan to dupe everyone in Springfield, including his so-called family members, was in high gear as he set out to fulfill Roger's legacy and find a way to his own revenge. Reva decided to donate part of her liver to save Sandy's life and perhaps find some answers as well as the whereabouts of her son, unaware that he was already present in the form of JB. Dinah played on Edmund's past and new good side to get sympathy for her cause.
October 11 to 15, 2004
Michelle gave Danny the heave ho after he scheduled a meeting with a neurologist to help her regain her memory proof to Michelle that Danny has never accepted her for who she is in the present. Thanks to Reva, Sandy recovered but had a lot of explaining to do about his deception. Sebastian manipulated Blake, Michelle, and eventually Holly into joining him on a mystery cruise claiming to be one of Roger's last bequests to resolve unpleasant issues of the past. JB proceeded with his twisted and ultimate plan of revenge against Sandy for attempted murder and impersonating him, Reva for believing Sandy and abandoning him as a child, and Tammy, just for the fun of being her first lover and then telling her that she slept with her own cousin. Bill married Olivia to help her out of a jam, but both were casual to admit they truly cared for one another. Billy's plan to keep Olivia away backfired. Reva "fell" into Josh's arms as he arrived back in Springfield. Did Jeffrey turn down the ideal job to help Reva and be close to Cassie? Cassie was surprised to first find Dinah in Edmund's bed, and later see Jeffrey and Dinah kiss.
October 18 to 22, 2004
JB went forward with his sick plan and seduced and made love to Tammy as the ultimate revenge to hurt Reva. Holly and Michelle were witnesses to Sebastian's rage and instability as they continued on their cruise to nowhere as part of Roger's final wishes. A suspicious Gus interrogated Ruth, who was really Harley -- and whose identity was almost revealed -- but the suspense was worthwhile as she and Bill discovered some damaging evidence against Phillip. Dinah played Edmund like a "violin" in her attempt to right the wrongs in her life and get back at Cassie and Jeffrey. Jonathan, also known as JB, and Sandy faced off, as did Reva and Jonathan, as mother and son during a very emotionally charged confrontation. Josh told Sandy that his actions were despicable and if he had any feelings for Reva or the family, he would leave town immediately. Cassie had the painful task of explaining to Tammy that JB was her cousin, and that he had made love to her to get his revenge on their entire family. Tammy set off in a rage to confront Sandy.
October 25 to 29, 2004
Jonathan's sadistic trip down "revenge alley" had no bars as he engaged Reva in a confrontation about the past, and taunted Tammy over their indiscretion that he seemed to enjoy immensely. Sandy tried to make amends with the Lewis family. Cassie was distraught over Tammy's mental state, and Dinah found it the perfect situation as another way to get back at Cassie. Ross and Blake were at odds over Dinah. Sebastian's evil side was shockingly evident to Holly who was now his prisoner on the island, while he left Tony and Michelle to fend for themselves in a storm ridden sea with help nowhere in sight. Phillip's mental state was spiraling out of control as he reached a new low and ordered a hit on Harley (a.k.a Ruth Karloff) to keep her silence about Sandy's hit and run accident. Lizzie came close several times to confessing her evil deed as her guilt mounted. Beth and Alan were concerned about Phillip's behavior. Olivia and Bill weren't out of the INS woods yet, and Jonathan found a way to blackmail Olivia by playing on her guilt and inadvertently assisting them with the INS.
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November 1 to 5, 2004
Cassie was livid at Reva for allowing Jonathan into her home after what he did to Tammy and went off in a fury with Jeffrey to find Tammy. Reva tried to break through to a sarcastic, bitter and vengeful Jonathan. Dinah set up Edmund to think the worst of Jeffrey and Cassie's mission to find Tammy. Sebastian revealed to Holly that he was dying and his diabolical plan to keep her his prisoner in order to draw out Ed to rescue Holly and then cure him of his illness. Michelle and Tony's relationship intensified as they searched for Holly. Reva tried to get Sandy to come clean as to why he impersonated Jonathan and imposed on her family. Phillip went off the deep end after Harley and Gus manipulated Lizzie into confessing to the hit and run and after learning from Zach that Harley was Ruth. Phillip launched an attack in the form of a truce as he planned to kidnap all of his ex-wives' children including Jude to get back at Rick for turning on his best friend. Lizzie defied Phillip at Coops urging and decided to stay in Springfield and face her demons head on.
November 8 to 12, 2004
Phillip's mental state deteriorated to the point of no return as he tried to kidnap Lizzie against her will, and then succumbed to an assassin's bullet as his master plan inviting all he knew to Company for a final meeting backfired in tragedy. Phillip's friends and loved ones were all suspect in his murder. Sandy befriended Tammy while a frantic Cassie continued to search for her troubled daughter. Dinah's plan to drive a wedge between Cassie and Edmund through Jeffrey seemed to be going like clockwork. Sebastian's wild and dangerous side kept Holly from trying to escape for fear of her life, meanwhile Michelle and Tony searched the island for Holly, and Marina helped Tony through a rough spot. Gus feared the worst as Harley as her whereabouts were unknown at the time of Phillip's shooting. JB taunted Olivia about Phillip's death and then later tried to play mind games with Reva over her lingering affection for Sandy.
November 15 to 19, 2004
Reva made a connection with Jonathan at the infamous country club fountain. Family and friends mourned and cursed Phillip's death at his memorial, and certain family members and friends were treated to a final message from Phillip in a videotaped reading of his last will and testament. Bill tried to convince Olivia that he could be a good husband and father to Emma. Harley struggled with memories of the night of Phillip's murder, uncertain if she, masquerading as Ruth, had actually shot Phillip in rage of insanity. Gus continued to cover for Harley, while certain family members were becoming suspicious of her behavior. Cassie found Tammy in a terrible emotional state, and had to back off when Tammy refused to return home until she sorted out her feelings for Jonathan and the entire incident. Michelle and Danny forged an alliance, while Tony told Michelle that he loved her and wanted to make love to her. Cassie learned that Dinah was involved in Tammy leaving town.
November 22 to 26, 2004
Holly's plan to outsmart Sebastian and gain her freedom backfired. Michelle and Tony finally gave in to their feelings for each other. Alex gained her freedom and tried to help the family heal after Phillip's loss. Cassie was thrilled that Tammy returned home for Thanksgiving, but heartbroken over her emotional state of mind over her experience with Jonathan. Edmund asked Cassie if she would consider having another child with him. Lizzie was gifted Company in Phillip's will allowing Marina and Coop to deal with their anger and unhappiness over Buzz's last ditch effort to end the feud by selling Company to Phillip just before Phillip's death. Buzz and Harley suspected each of other of murdering Phillip. Gus found himself in the middle again between right and wrong and the love of his life and the love of his family.
November 29 to December 3, 2004
Lizzie starts as Owner/Operator of Company much to the chagrin of Coop and Marina. Frank begins to question family and friends regarding Phillip's murder. Olivia considers leaving Bill and Springfield. Holly's desperation caused her to give in to an enemy. Cassie and Edmund celebrate their joy of trying to have a child together, news that just is almost unbearable for Dinah to hear. Dinah used Jeffrey and Tammy as means to get to Edmund and spoil Cassie's happiness. Cassie, Jonathan and Reva had an unpleasant encounter and Cassie warned Reva that accepting Jonathan may just damage her relationship with the rest of her family. Michelle fought to save Tony from a poisonous spider bite.
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December 6 to 10, 2004
Holly's conscience got the best of her, and rather than take advantage of her freedom, she returned to help Sebastian who in turn imprisoned her again this time with Michelle along side her. Tony struggled to recuperate after his spider bite, and back at Salem, Danny and Marina find comfort with each other. Marina and Coop tried to oust Lizzie from Company. Reva and Jonathan returned to San Jabar to confront Alfred. Jonathan played dangerous mind games with Reva regarding his life with his foster parents. After they learned that the Randall's had disappeared, unbeknownst to Reva, Jonathan set a match to his old home and bid farewell. Harley, in her Ruth Karlof attire, tried to clear Buzz's name, but ended up doing more harm than good. Alan threatened to take Emma away from Olivia, who was starting to regret her decision to stay in Springfield. Buzz had another medical set back from the stress of being questioned in Phillip's murder. Gus tried to help an unwilling Buzz, and it was beginning to look more and more like Ruth (Harley) and Buzz were the most likely suspects in Phillip's murder.
December 13 to 17, 2004
Rick and Mel's relationship continued to deteriorate over Rick's depression over Phillip's death. Mel found herself on the outside looking in as Rick turned to Beth for comfort. The spirit of Christmas found Marina and Danny drawing closer, while Michelle, Tony and Holly tried desperately to send Danny a message and rescue them from an increasingly delusional Sebastian. Buzz's medical condition suffered over the stress of being a major suspect in Phillip's murder; and later was arrested by Frank. Reva informed Jonathan that he could not attend Cassie's wedding, and later tried to make amends to Cassie who rebuffed his apology, a sure trigger for Jonathan to cause even more problems for Reva and Auntie Cassie. Harley was determined to save Buzz's future and life and went under cover as Ruth twice, was able to escape her first encounter, but later found disaster on the old bridge with Frank in pursuit. Alan tricked Olivia and had her committed to Ravenwood using Emma as her free pass to get out the "Looney bin."
December 20 to 24, 2004
Jonathan found yet another way to antagonize Reva, Cassie and embarrass Tammy. Ross, Blake, Tony and Marina all realized that Sebastian must be behind the disappearance of Holly, Michelle and Tony. Holly partially agreed to Sebastian's desires in order for him to release Tony so that he could find Ed and get a cure for Sebastian. Ross, Bill and Alex learned of Alan's plan to keep Olivia "locked up" and away from Emma. Dinah was devastated to learn that she was not pregnant with Jeffrey's child. Harley, after thinking that she killed off the confessing Ruth, thought she might enjoy her family and the holiday unaware that Frank found an undeniable clue that Harley was really Ruth. Gus and Harley tried to find their back to each other for Christmas, as did Cassie and Reva despite Jonathan's efforts to torment and separate families to get his revenge and force Reva to feel the guilt of his entire childhood.
December 27 to 31, 2004
Harley was arrested for Phillip's murder, but Frank, Buzz, and Coop tried to give her hope for the New Year. Danny and Marina located Tony on the island and learned Sebastian's agenda for Holly and Michelle. Danny's attempt to rescue Michelle went awry when his plane lost an engine and realizing the end may be near sent a farewell message to Marina and Tony regarding Robbie's care. Alan was concerned over Beth's behavior. Dinah was up to her old tricks again as she manipulated RJ into thinking that he was the one that saw Edmund hit Jeffrey and inevitably cause the fire and nearly Cassie's life. Afterward, Cassie was baffled at RJ's behavior toward Edmund and then confessed the truth to Jeffrey just as Dinah planned. Cassie's last night as a single woman was marred by a truth waiting to be told and Tammy's softening toward Jonathan who seemed pleased at her turnaround.
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