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January 2 to 6, 2006
Tension was building between Reva and Cassie over Jonathan and Tammy's love for each and Cassie's outrage that this should be a forbidden union since the two were half cousins. Reva couldn't convince a furious Cassie that neither of them could fight fate and that Tammy and Sandy were determined to be together regardless of the consequences. Harley was frantic over Gus's vigilante method to stop Alan from hurting her and her family, and in a weak moment admitted to Mallet that she will always have feelings for him, but would not act on them because she loved Gus. Meanwhile, Mallet and Dinah's relationship moved forward. Sandy was determined to win back Tammy with force if necessary; actions and another side of Sandy that frightened Tammy. Alan-Michael continued his charade with Harley to help Alan get his revenge on the Cooper's and win back Spaulding.
January 9 to 13, 2006
Tammy and Jonathan tried to find happiness together despite just above everyone's disapproval of their relationship. Josh and Reva had a difficult time trying to videotape events going in Springfield to Marah and Shayne, especially the fact that they were separated again. Olivia admitted to Reva that she wanted Josh back, and the fact that Reva embarrassed Olivia in front of Josh, sent Josh running in Olivia's direction. Billy found himself struggling to get back on the wagon. Harley and Mallet's search for Gus and Alan resurfaced their feelings for one another clearly apparent to Dinah who decided to give her and Mallet's relationship a rest before she became too involved in Mallet for whom she was unfortunately already emotionally invested. Marina told Frank that she had Alan-Michael under her control, but had no idea of his real agenda for her, Harley and all the Coopers. Jonathan in his best "tongue and cheek" fashion warned Cassie that she would never break up him and Tammy. Cassie in her own right was determined to keep them apart, an obsession that was already starting to worry Jeffrey, who had secrets of his own that might ruin his relationship with Cassie.
January 16 to 20, 2006
Jonathan and Tammy prepared for their day in court. Jonathan stole the file on Jeffrey's past to make certain the Cassie learned the truth about his deception so that he could be free to be with Tammy. Josh and Cassie visited Edmund in San Cristobel where Cassie learned the truth about Jeffrey's impersonation of Richard in more ways than one. Reva pushed Olivia right into Josh's arms. Ava caught Lizzie with Quinn. Dinah and Mallet reconfirmed their relationship, while Mallet and Harley admitted that they still cared for each other in a special way. Alan-Michael fed Marina false information to throw Harley off course in her quest to find Gus and Alan so that he could continue his plan to steal Spaulding from under her feet. Gus "inspired" Harley and Mallet not to give up on him. Sandy and Jeffrey cut a deal that set Jonathan and Tammy free, but Jonathan knew that Sandy wanted payback. Jeffrey returned home without a job, and unprepared to face Cassie's wrath.
January 23 to 27, 2006
Jonathan and Tammy were shocked at what appeared to be Sandy's gesture of kindness as both were released from police custody. Marina learned of Alan-Michael's other agenda. Dinah and Mallet continued to experiment with their feelings for each other. Reva and Josh reached another level in the love/hate marriage on the rocks. Lizzie was in over her head with her debt to Quinn. Cassie started to lean more and more on Josh to discover all the secrets behind Jeffrey's impersonation of Richard. Jeffrey filled in Reva regarding his relationship woes with Cassie. Jeffrey struggled with the time when he impersonated Richard, especially when he realized he was in love with the prince's wife, and committed the ultimate deception; made love to the princess letting her think he was the real prince Richard! Harley was consumed with finding Gus, and later cancelled her family trip when some hard, disturbing evidence was located at the crash site.
January 30 to February 3, 2006
Cassie admitted to Jeffrey that she was investigating his past and didn't know whether or not she could ever trust him again. Jeffrey regretted that he made love to Princess Cassie while impersonating Prince Richard. Harley and Mallet made love after a very drunken Harley admitted that Gus was really gone, and Mallet was "just there" to comfort her in a time of need. Beth was revealed to be the person holding a wounded Gus and Alan captive for her own agenda. Alan-Michael continued to manipulate Marina and Harley as he continued his plan to take over Spaulding right from under Harley's nose. Reva returned to Lewis and decided to keep Olivia at a professional distance. Dinah was falling in love with Mallet, unaware of just how strong and deep his love for Harley remained part of his present and that he never really let her go. Sandy found a way bring out the old nasty side of Jonathan as he manipulated Tammy to try to win her back and away from Jonathan and let everyone think he was still the nice guy. Ava was on to Lizzie and Quinn, but kept her distance and was concerned that Coop may be hurt as the end result.
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February 6 to 10, 2006
Harley and Mallet made love, but it was a knee-jerk reaction and familiar comfort, as Mallet tried to help her deal with Gus's "death." Afterward, Harley convinced Mallet that Dinah, who Mallet really cared about, was his future. Beth continued to keep her identity from Gus and Alan as she played the sympathetic friend to Harley and the mourning widow to the rest of the Spauldings. Ava was onto Lizzie's game with Quinn but decided to keep silent for the moment. Jeffrey admitted that he had slept with Cassie, but Cassie was not the one to learn that truth. Josh rebuffed Reva's Valentine treat, and Billy advised Reva that she just might lose Josh if she didn't straighten things out quickly because Olivia might pose a real threat to their future. Jonathan had an epiphany regarding his relationship with Tammy and found a way, with her help, to exorcise all his past demons and concentrate on their future together. Sandy continued scheming to find his way back to Tammy by erasing Jonathan from the picture.
February 13 to 17, 2006
Olivia's adventure with the Coopers and company in the mountains turned interesting as Frank and Josh pursued Olivia, but it was Buzz and Olivia who scored a secret, yet surprising victory and hit the sheets in an unexpected and passionate romantic interlude. Meanwhile, a jealous Lizzie thought Ava and Coop were the ones who "did the deed". Cassie and Tammy agreed to disagree regarding Jonathan. Reva unwillingly gave Josh the green light to date others; meanwhile it appeared Billy had more than friendship on his mind when it came to ex-lover and sister-in-law Reva. Gus and Alan realized that Beth was keeping them prisoner and had gone over the deep end and was plotting something evil for revenge. Harley gave Dinah more responsibility at Spaulding after Alan-Michael made Harley believe that she was making mistakes due to her trauma over losing Gus. Dinah admitted to Blake that she was falling dangerously in love with Mallet, but still agreed to move in with him regardless. Josh learned that Jeffrey slept with Cassie while he was Richard and threatened to tell Cassie even if Mel could not tell her due to patient doctor confidentiality.
February 20 to 24, 2006
Coop and Ava had a special moment together and a glimpse of perhaps a future with each other. Harley rejoined the Springfield PD and insisted Mallet be her partner again because she thought this is what Gus would want. Meanwhile, Dinah forced herself to believe that this union would be a good thing in the long run to prove she could trust Mallet and solidify their relationship. Tammy told Sandy to move on with his life, a conversation he didn't want to hear and that drove him over the edge in his jealousy toward Jonathan. Jeffrey admitted to a stunned Cassie that he made love to her while impersonating Richard. Reva and Billy were in a serious car accident that Josh believed was a result of Billy's drinking and temporarily covered for him when the police arrived. Beth's behavior became more violent and dangerous toward her captors, as Gus and Alan tried desperately to find their way back home.
February 27 to March 3, 2006
Beth continued her weird "prisoners of Beth" routine on Gus and Alan. Alan-Michael was blown away by Harley's decision to make Dinah acting CEO of Spaulding and immediately set out to get his revenge, first with Dinah who believed Alan-Michael was trying to help her. He then went after Harley by "bugging" her conversations and landing a prize piece of information that would destroy Harley, Dinah and Mallet and their relationships with each other, "Harley slept with Mallet". Lizzie plotted to keep Ava away from Coop by paying an escort service to ask her out on a date. After the accident and at the hospital, Billy told what appeared to be a jealous Josh that he was in love with Reva and it was time to let her go, and then told a shocked Reva the same, who told Billy they could only be friends. Billy admitted to Frank that he was drinking and caused the accident, but Reva begged Josh to bail him out. Jonathan was planning a "big surprise" for Tammy and invited a suspicious family to the event that Tammy was convinced was her wedding. A helpless Cassie warned Tammy to think about her actions and the life that she would live is she married Jonathan.
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MARCH 2006
March 6 to 10, 2006
Beth's strange behavior had everyone wondering about her emotional stability, and then the shocking announcement of her pregnancy with Alan's baby rocked family and friends. Beth had a moment of remorse and freed Alan after announcing that he would be a daddy yet again, then talked Beth into a deal, but decided his own method of revenge for Gus. A very outraged and upset Cassie blamed Reva for Tammy's romantic choices and apparent disappearance and the explosive feelings of the two men that wanted her in her life; Sandy and Jonathan and what might happen due to the volatility between them. Marina, still smitten with Alan-Michael had no idea of his ruthless plan for Harley and Dinah's downfall. Alan Michael let Alexandra in on his secret plan. In the middle of all of Springfield's angst, Jonathan and Tammy's time for romance finally arrived and culminated in a beautiful night of lovemaking. Frank questioned Tammy on Jonathan's whereabouts the evening before and Sandy's mysterious disappearance and call for help that Jonathan was out to get him. Harley and Mallet had a feeling Beth was hiding something important and followed her to her prison hideaway where Alan and Gus were near death.
March 13 to 17, 2006
Reva, Tammy, Jonathan and others were overwhelmed at the accident that caused Sandy's death, and Tammy blamed herself most of all. Cassie and Josh tried drastic means to try to convince Tammy to leave Jonathan before it was too late and she ended up living the way Cassie had and regretting so much of her past and the way Tammy was raised. In order to remove Tammy's guilt about Sandy's death, Jonathan had to tell her the terrible truth about how he managed to stop her wedding to Sandy by delaying the divorce papers and making Sandy look like a fool so that he could win over Tammy for himself. Tammy, hurt and shocked was overwrought and uncertain of her future. Marina told Alan-Michael that she loved him, but told her that he couldn't return her feelings, but she told him that it didn't matter and that she wanted to be with him no matter what. Springfield residents learned of Alan's return from the dead, and he and Beth consoled the Cooper's as the told them the story of Gus's supposed death in the car crash on New Year's Eve. Coop saved Ava from Lizzie's paid escort.
March 20 to 24, 2006
Josh moved in with a still ailing Reva, and a shaky "off the wagon" Billy, to try to keep his mixed feelings in perspective between him and his estranged wife, and brother. Buzz put his feelings aside to allow Frank and Olivia a shot at happiness even though Coop advised Buzz to go with his gut feelings and tell Olivia how he felt. Cassie's plan to show Tammy "the light" seemed to work after Tammy gave Jonathan the boot over his confession to her of his advance knowledge and manipulation of Sandy's divorce to win over Tammy making Tammy feel responsible that Sandy's death could have been prevented. Joey Lupo returned to Springfield and smack into Tammy which pushed Jonathan into another rage. Reva blasted Jonathan for his irresponsible behavior and hoped that she could salvage her relationship with Cassie and everyone else she cared about to support him. Harley and Mallet kept their distance while Harley maneuvered a lead out of Beth and Alan as to Gus's whereabouts. Harley, shocked and elated, found her way to a weary, injured Gus who had been held captive all these months by family members but who was relieved and overwhelmed to see his one and only soul mate and partner. Dinah had a minor episode of rage at the end of her dinner party with family and friends to celebrate her and Mallet moving in together when Mallet told her he had to leave because Harley needed him.
March 27 to 31, 2006
Harley rescued Gus as most of Springfield rejoiced at his miraculous return from the dead. Harley and Gus both enjoyed a long awaited romantic reunion. Meanwhile, Dinah literally went berserk after she learned the truth about Harley and Mallet's affair as Mallet tried to convince her that he was coming clean with her because he really loved her and wanted to be with only her. Frank pursued Olivia with more vigor as Buzz tried to hide his feelings for Olivia from Frank. Tammy considered re-connecting with Jonathan, but another scary encounter sent her running. Jonathan and Lizzie joined forces to win back Tammy and Coop respectively. Harley called a board meeting to resign from Spaulding hoping that the board would appoint Dinah as the permanent CEO. Alan, Beth, Alexandria and Alan-Michael were confident AM's plan would finally pay off and were sure he would be appointment CEO. Meanwhile, Marina uncovered the ugly truth that Alan-Michael had been fooling and playing everyone to achieve his goal, to become CEO of Spaulding. Billy played dirty and used old divorce papers to turn Reva against Josh.
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APRIL 2006
April 3 to 7, 2006
Harley decided to stay as CEO of Spaulding after the truth about Alan Michael's deception was exposed by a heartbroken Marina. Dinah was close to the edge of a breakdown after learning of Ross's death in a plane crash. Blake was shocked to learn that Ross was probably having an affair with his assistant. Alan learned that Alan Michael was working with Ross on some secret business deal. Blake made a decision to run for Mayor and her opponent would be none other than Jeffrey O'Neill. Jonathan and Lizzie turned to their old demons to find ways to win back Tammy and Coop respectively, and enjoyed each other while in the process. Frank was humiliated and angry when he learned that Buzz and Olivia had slept together. Billy had hopes that with a little help from him, Reva would finally give up on Josh and choose him.
April 10 to 14, 2006
Frankie was horrified that Olivia and Buzz had made love, but Olivia begged Frank to put the event in the past and try to make a go of it with her. Ross's death, Harley upstaging Dinah's big night at Spaulding, and Harley and Mallet's recent tryst fueled the start of Dinah's fall off the deep end unbeknownst to Mallet and others. Dinah's passive revenge was evident in her outwardly concern to make sure that Harley was aware of Gus's dependency on meds, and then further manipulated Gus to make him look even worse after he told Harley he was off "the stuff". Josh and Reva's divorce was finalized for all of 2 minutes before they both realized that they could never be apart and ripped up the papers and decided to remain happily married. Cassie agreed not to interfere with Tammy and Jonathan's relationship and struggled through a family dinner to please Tammy. Jonathan was overwhelmed that Cassie and Josh made an attempt to accept him and Tammy as a real couple. Meanwhile, Lizzie was desperate to get back Coop and remove Ava from the picture and threatened to expose her "fling" with Jonathan to Tammy if Jonathan didn't cooperate.
April 17 to 21, 2006
Blake and Jeffrey squared off as they began their bid for Ross's spot as Mayor of Springfield. Blake was unaware that Jeffrey was actually trying to help her as he and Frank received evidence that Ross's plane crash may not have been an accident and that Alan Michael had something more to hide regarding his association with Ross. Soon after Jonathan and Tammy got their love life back on track, Jonathan lied to Tammy about Lizzie after he learned that Lizzie was pregnant and it could be his child. Lizzie told a shocked Coop that she was pregnant with his child. Coop was in a tailspin after learning that he could be a daddy and didn't know how to explain the situation to Ava. Cassie and Josh left for Cross Creek to prepare the love nest for Reva's return, but Cassie's uplifting and stress free time with Josh made her rethink Jonathan's comment that maybe Josh means more to her than she realizes. Gus tried to hide his pain and need for drugs from Harley and then made a bad error in judgment to keep the truth from her.
April 24 to 28, 2006
Lizzie rocked the Spaulding and Cooper families by announcing that she was pregnant with Coop's baby. A still emotionally unbalanced and pregnant Beth plotted with Lizzie to keep Coop under their thumb, and Ava out the door. Gus's addition got Mallet shot, and Dinah wasn't about to let this incident and Harley's lack of attention to her go by without retaliation. Harley stood by Gus through an agonizing withdrawal during which time Alan Michael did everything he could to get Gus hooked on drugs to make Harley look bad so he could take over Spaulding. Meanwhile, Dinah had her dirty part in the plan, but later seemed regretful of her actions and wanted out. Reva returned from Paris, but fainted at the airport and was hospitalized for what was looking to be perhaps a new crisis in her life. Billy and Josh made up and put aside their difference over their "love" for Reva. Tammy and Jonathan discussed having a family in the future resulting from Lizzie's pregnancy to which Tammy was unaware that Lizzie's baby, though remote, could be Jonathan's child.
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MAY 2006
May 1 to 5, 2006
Jonathan played up to Ashlee to get the goods on Lizzie; meanwhile Tammy grew suspicious of Jonathan and Lizzie's actions. Coop stood up to Alan regarding his involvement in "his" child's future. Olivia tried desperately to right the wrong between Frank and Buzz. Blake told a surprised Cassie that she and Jeffrey slept together in her moment of drunken weakness. Blake and Dinah learned that Alan-Michael could be involved in her father's plane crash and death. Gus agreed to help Dinah find the truth as a favor to an injured Mallet, unaware that Dinah teamed up with Alan-Michael to push him into drug addiction to get back at Harley and get her out of the CEO job at Spaulding. Reva was confused, angry and devastated at the news of that she had a malignant tumor in her breast and was facing the fight of her life; cancer, but decided not to tell Josh about her medical condition so that he could focus on the veteran's project.
May 8 to 12, 2006
Reva, Cassie, Harley, Coop, and Frank all had visits from their "mothers" with advice from beyond. Rick and Mel awaited the arrival of their daughter. Reva decided not to tell Josh about her breast cancer and the radiation treatment plan she decided to undergo. Beth and Lizzie combined forces against Alan to try reel in Coop. Alan agreed to Beth's plan if she agreed to renew their wedding vows on the island. Tammy wasn't quite sure why Jonathan was so concerned with Lizzie's actions. Harley, Gus and Mallet went off to find Dinah who they feared had taken drastic steps to get the truth from Alan-Michael about Ross. Mallet found Dinah with a gun and in a terrible emotional state.
May 15 to 19, 2006
Harley, Gus, Dinah, Blake and Beth learned the shocking truth that Phillip is alive and Ross's plane went down as a result of Rick and Phillip trying to keep Ross from exposing Phillip. Beth suffered a miscarriage as a result of learning the truth and that Rick, her friend who betrayed her and husband, Alan, knew that Phillip was alive all along. Dinah told Mallet that she and Alan Michael were trying to destroy Harley, and Mallet confessed to her that he knew Phillip was alive. Gus accidentally overheard Mallet and Dinah talking about Mallet and Harley's affair and became dark and brooding and turned to drugs, again. Reva learned that her cancer may have spread to her bloodstream and that she needed to start chemotherapy immediately, but still determined to keep this entire secret from Josh and the family. Coop caught Lizzie throwing a fake engagement party, but after Beth's miscarriage and learning that Phillip was alive felt compelled to stand by Lizzie no matter what. Jonathan was "falsely" arrested at Josh's fund raising party when Ashley turned out to be DA Doris's daughter. Harley confronted a stoned Gus and was speechless to find out that Gus knew about her and Mallet's affair.
May 22 to 26, 2006
Alan contemplated his life and lackluster performance as a father over the years while grieving for the loss of his Beth and his that forced him into an emotional state and landed him in the hospital with a severe panic attack. Reva had an allergic reaction to her chemotherapy treatments and continued to keep her illness and worsening condition a secret from Josh. Rick's life and marriage was in shambles after lying to everyone that Phillip was alive and then covering for him which ultimately was a catalyst in Ross's death. Cassie agreed to allow Jonathan and Tammy to move into the farmhouse with conditions. Jonathan blackmailed Lizzie into getting the DA to back off of his case. Gus learned the truth about Harley's affair with Mallet, then left her for his new found friends; alcohol and drugs. Harley told Frank that Gus was not capable of working and needed time off which drove Gus further over the edge. Reva and Beth separately were shocked to learn that Jonathan was the father of Lizzie's baby. Gus found comfort with Dinah who was already on Harley's bad side after confiding the truth to her about connection to Alan-Michael. Alan-Michael continued to pursue his goal to take over Spaulding no matter the cost.
May 29 to June 2, 2006
Reva confronted Jonathan and informed him that he was the father of Lizzie's child, not Coop. Jonathan decided that it would be best for everyone for Coop to remain the father of Lizzie's baby. Josh accidentally kissed Cassie thinking it was Reva, but Cassie couldn't shake off her feelings for Josh. Dr. McCabe continued to help Reva hide her chemotherapy treatments from her family. Gus tried to hit on Dinah as pay back against Harley and Mallet's fling as his drug problem spiraled out of control, but Dinah wanted no part of it. Harley told Gus that she was leaving Springfield with the children until he sought out professional help for his drug addiction and would no longer watch him destroy his life. Alan Michael tried to lure Dinah back into a partnership to destroy Harley, but she refused. Mallet continued to receive threatening letters and then Dinah's car brakes appeared to have been tampered with and she was almost severely injured.
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JUNE 2006
June 5 to 9, 2006
Reva set up Lizzie and Jonathan so that Jonathan would change his mind and claim his rightful place as the father of Lizzie's child. Josh squashed Beth's threat to bribe Jonathan to leave town. Tammy proceeded to plan Lizzie a baby shower unaware that Jonathan was the daddy. Coop and Ava nearly made love before being interrupted and forced back into reality by Jonathan. Olivia turned down Frank's proposal to move in with him and then went to Buzz for friendly advice that didn't sit too well with Frank. Gus continued to spiral out of control while missing Harley. Dinah and Mallet suspected that Gus was the person threatening Dinah. Meanwhile, Reva received more bad news that the cancer was traveling through her blood stream and spreading while she insisted that she was going to keep her condition a secret from Josh and other family members.
June 12 to 16, 2006
Josh mistakenly kissed Cassie, and both reacted in a way that should be inappropriate for a sister-in-law and brother-in-law to feel about each other Dinah helped Gus out of a jam. Reva confided in Jonathan about her cancer, and later asked him to help her with a new "do" ala wig ware to hide her hair loss from the chemotherapy. Josh was angry that Reva refused to be with him again and angrily left for San Francisco solo. While Reva was trying to convince Jonathan to claim his child, she was rushed to Cedars. . Dinah was threatened by the woman that Mallet cheated on with Harley when she showed up in Springfield for Mallet's help. Beth made sure that Ava was MIA so as not to interfere with Lizzie and Coop's wedding. Coop was committed to Lizzie, but knew Ava was the woman he really loved. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Tammy prepared to leave town even though Jonathan knew he would be saying goodbye to his daughter forever.
June 19 to 23, 2006
Jonathan crashed Lizzie's wedding and came clean that he was the father of Lizzie's baby. Tammy and Coop were horrified, as was the Cooper and most of the Spaulding clan. Coop reunited with Ava, and Tammy needed to time to think about if she had a future with Jonathan. Reva's condition worsened as she learned that her cancer had spread, but Billy was there for her and she continued to come with excuses to hide her cancer from Josh who was frustrated and confused over her behavior. Cassie inadvertently kept taking Reva's place and rescuing Josh, but was it beginning to be more than that for the two of them! Dinah's jealous streak was heightened by one of Mallet's past relationships. Dinah's warning to Marina not to get romantically involved with Alan-Michael to take him down hit home for Marina as keeping her emotions in tact was more difficult than she expected. Lizzie was in denial that her relationship with Coop was over and Beth and Alan were concerned about her and the baby's well being.
June 26 to 30, 2006
Frank rescued Olivia when her car broke down. Dinah had a nightmare about her wedding to Mallet. Frank informed Gus that he would have to partner with Mallet if he wanted any chance of being put back on the force. Tammy rushed Lizzie to the hospital where they learned that Lizzie had gone into false labor, but that she'd be fine. Alan asked that Jonathan sign away his rights to Lizzie's baby in exchange for real estate and cash. Lizzie staged a suicide jump from the roof of Cedars, but her stunt backfired. Reva dictated a goodbye letter to Josh, but she had no intention of sending it. Reva's roommate at the clinic died suddenly, prompting Reva to reevaluate her life and set out on a mission to do all the things that she's wanted to do before she dies.
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JULY 2006
July 3 to 7, 2006
Jonathan decided that he would not allow Alan to blackmail him or Tammy and decided to claim his rights as the father of Lizzie's child, and used it as a way to keep Alan in line. Reva and Colin got cozy as Reva recovered from what appeared to be a successful cancer surgery. In the meantime, Josh was still in the dark and missing Reva who was pushing him right into the arms her sister Cassie, who was almost willing and very ready to reciprocate. Gus and Harley got lots of support and help from family and friends to finish off their home, as broken fences were mended, wrongs were forgiven, second chances were given, and lives were returned to normal. Matt and Vanessa thought they would drop in on Dinah and Mallet and "help" plan their wedding. Olivia's feelings bounced from Frank to Buzz and Ava's involvement pushed Frank and Buzz literally "over the edge" again, as the two men were rivals for the same woman.
July 10 to 14, 2006
Olivia wanted Frank to listen to her side of the story, but Ava's interference was making her pay the price. Harley and Gus seemed to agree on everything, and quickly came to their arguing senses! Lizzie made a bold move and confided to Tammy and Jonathan that she was going to give her baby up for adoption. To avoid Alan controlling Lizzie's life, Tammy, Jonathan and Lizzie decided to live together until the baby's birth. Josh and Cassie were growing closer and progressively more confused and angry over Reva's indifference and absence unaware of her fight with cancer; while Billy made arrangements for Reva to feel "at home" while finishing her chemo therapy. Cassie warned Alan to stop threatening Tammy. Dinah and Mallet continued to move forward with their wedding plans by inviting an unusual group of Springfield residents to be part of their special day. Frank allowed Gus to return to the force, if Gus could be in Mallet's wedding and the two could learn to work together again.
July 17 to 21, 2006
Reva's prognosis grew worse after Billy's bone marrow was rejected due to all of his years of alcohol abuse. Cassie made plans to go away with Jeffrey to try to get over her growing feelings for Josh, but Josh snatched her away so they could both face reality and made a decision on how they would handle their romantic feelings for other that for the present was to stop and think what being together could mean for everyone involved. Alan refused to give up control of Lizzie's baby and took drastic action against Tammy that went awry, but Gus and Harley managed to ward off her attackers before Tammy was kidnapped. Alan warned Lizzie to give up her association with Jonathan and Tammy, or else. Dinah's wedding plans were not moving along as smoothly as she had planned. Harley shocked everyone at the Spaulding meeting and resigned.
July 24 to 28, 2006
Dinah went berserk at her engagement party when she learned that Mallet has been keeping a file on her since they met by order of the FBI. Josh and Cassie were finding it more and more difficult to keep their relationship on a platonic level. Jonathan donated his bone marrow to Reva in a final attempt to save her life. Alan played havoc with Lizzie's emotions and loyalties toward Jonathan and Tammy, but Lizzie did one better to her "granddad" and gave Alan a taste of his own medicine. After Harley resigned from Spaulding, she told Gus she wanted back on the police force and as his partner! Olivia made a deal with Ava to get back in the good graces of the Coopers. Blake and Jeffrey did the nasty yet again, while Blake gave Cassie and Josh a helping hand to push their relationship to the next level of course everyone being unaware that Reva reason for being away was for the love of Josh and her family while she battled cancer. Reva's talk with Gretel gave her the inspiration to return home to Springfield.
July 31 to August 4, 2006
Blake and Jeffrey's affair was splashed all over the internet as they joined the victim list in the "Springfield burns" blog. Dinah accidentally set fire to the Beacon Hotel after trying to deal with Mallet's betrayal, but was horrified to learn that he was hurt in the fire trying to find her. Jeffrey blackmailed Dinah and promised to keep quiet about her part in the fire for a price to be named later. Alan-Michael saved Ava's life in the fire, and Ava later revealed that Olivia left her to die; something Buzz was having difficulty believing. Marina called Blake on taking advantage of the hotel fire to her political advantage. Tammy caught Cassie and Josh in a compromising position and later walked in on Jonathan and Lizzie in a similar, but different situation. Reva returned to Springfield and received bad news from Colin that her bone marrow transplant did not work and there was nothing more he could do for her. Reva had meltdown when telling Billy the news, but assured him she would be OK and that it was time for her to tell Josh and the family the truth and that she was dying. However, Reva couldn't believe her eyes when she observed Josh and Cassie in a romantic encounter and was horrified and shocked to realize that her husband and sister seemed to have moved on with each other.
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August 7 to 11, 2006
Reva was devastated and emotionally and physically distraught to learn that Josh and Cassie were together and decided to leave Springfield and fly to New York to say her last goodbye's to her children to tell them that she was dying from cancer. Jeffrey's past life and subsequent plastic surgery surfaced as one of past associates threatened to expose his criminal life before Springfield if he did not drop out of the mayoral race. Cassie's guilt forced her to pack up and move to San Cristobel to get away from Josh. Lizzie's feelings for Jonathan escalated, but she did help him by giving him the names of the thugs that went after Tammy. Gus and Harley began an investigation of the Beacon hotel fire that almost killed Mallet. Mallet suspected that Dinah was somehow involved in starting the fire, then he caught her making a deal with Jeffrey. Buzz and Olivia threw romantic caution to the wind. Alan-Michael offered Ava a job at Spaulding. Reva and Josh unexpectedly came face to face at the airport, but Reva's hasty retreat to get away from him sent an uninformed and clueless Josh running to San Cristobel to be with Cassie, who was more than willing to accept him, both of whom were unaware of the reason for Reva's life or death getaway and the subsequent heart ache that would follow for everyone.
August 14 to 18, 2006
Reva left for NY with Billy to meet with all her children and Hawke but never told any of the family that she was dying nor that Josh and Cassie were together. Tammy accepted Jonathan's marriage proposal. Lizzie went off the deep end thanks to Alan's obsession over her unborn child. Josh and Cassie made it known to everyone in Springfield that they were a couple; some took the news better than others. Dinah was arrested regarding the Beacon Hotel fire, Mallet suspected that Dinah and Jeffrey had something on each other and no one was talking, and Harley and Gus could not get Dinah to confide in them. Jeffrey later saved the day and had Dinah released of all charges. The Cooper family cook off ended in up in a huge food fight that landed the entire clan in jail. Ava and Coop were finally together in the midst of chaos. Frank accused Olivia, who was not on the A lists with most of the Cooper clan, of being behind Reva took a turn for the worst and Jonathan was forced to restrain his anger toward Josh and Cassie who knew nothing of the fact that Reva's absence and apparent abandonment of them was due to the fact that she was battling cancer.
August 21 to 25, 2006
Lizzie was arrested for shooting Alan, and Beth was furious at Alan's manipulation of her daughter and the baby. Jonathan and Tammy stopped their impromptu wedding to stand by Lizzie. Ashley and Jonathan went one up over Doris to help Lizzie out of her jail time. Dinah pushed Mallet away and made he think that she and Jeffrey were back together, but did confess to Mallet that she accidentally started the fire, but would deny it in a court of law. Mallet suspected that Dinah and Jeffrey were protecting each other's secrets from the past. The spying eye camera to was located in Alan-Michael's hotel room, but he swore he was not the culprit. Rick was reinstated to the hospital, but life between Rick and Mel was less than desirable. Remy stopped Mel from cheating on Rick, but then flashbacks verified that Rick and Beth had been having an affair for some time; an explanation of why Beth supported Rick getting his job back. Olivia accused Ava of allowing Emma to swallow some of her perfume while in Ava's care.
August 28 to September 1, 2006
Mallet could not understand Dinah's loyalty to Jeffrey and begged her to come clean with him. Reva blasted Josh and Cassie separately about their "almost" affair behind her back, but could not find a way to tell them about her illness, especially after the veteran's ceremony on the Intrepid and how happy Josh, Cassie and R.J. looked together as a family. Olivia asked Frank to arrest Ava for negligence regarding Emma's poisoning scare, but Frank and all the Coopers disagreed. Jonathan blackmailed Beth into testifying for Lizzie in court to keep her affair with Rick a secret, but Alan suspected foul play and kept Beth at bay, however, still unaware of her affair with Rick. In a surprise move in court, Alan's attorney's called Tammy to testify against Lizzie. Reva went to Sarah's grave to get advice on whether or not to tell Josh about her cancer, or just decide to go in forward and let him learn of her death after the fact.
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September 4 to 8, 2006
Jonathan married Lizzie in order to keep Alan away from their child thanks to a big sacrifice on Tammy's part that Cassie worried would eventually ruin her daughter's future. Reva blasted Josh over his relationship with Cassie from her perspective. Billy confided in Vanessa about his relationship with Reva even though he never mentioned the woman in question.
September 11 to 15, 2006
Reva and Billy continue their charade of being a couple to push Josh away so that he and the family will not learn about Reva's terminal cancer. Tammy, Jonathan and Lizzie continue their pretense of a marriage, but Tammy began to realize that Lizzie was no longer pretending and really had feelings for Jonathan. Rick and Beth's secret was out, and Rick was determined to tell Mel the truth just when Mel was realizing that she wanted their marriage to work after all. Buzz warned Coop that Alan-Michael's attention toward Ava and his latest gift of buying her a new wardrobe spelled trouble. Mallet and Dinah almost married, but Jeffrey once again foiled the attempt due to the threat of he and Dinah's ugly past rearing its head. A lonely, depressed, and inconsolable Dinah drowned her sorrows and used Jeffrey to help heal her emotional wounds. Marina told Mallet that she was closing in on the "Springfield Burns" culprit. Josh decided that it was time to ask Reva for a divorce so he could try to make a life with Cassie, but to his surprise, she refused, and again he didn't understand her reasons.
September 18 to 22, 2006
Reva continued with her ridiculous charade of keeping her cancer and terminal condition a secret from Josh and making he and Cassie believe that she had no problem with them being together because she was with Billy. Tammy and Jonathan found and more and more difficult to find time to spend together giving Lizzie more time to bond with Jonathan, now the love of her life. Dinah and Mallet's friends and family tried everything to bring the couple back together. Olivia found the birth name of the couple that adopted her child, a product of a teen pregnancy. Meanwhile, Ava decided to press charges against Olivia for the hit and run. Buzz was beginning to realize that everyone may have been right about Olivia all along. The audience learned that Ava is actually the child that Olivia gave up for adoption.
September 25 to 29, 2006
Reva continued her outrageous plan to keep Josh and her family in the dark about her cancer and impending death by agreeing to marry Billy, just a good friend, and inviting Josh and Cassie over for dinner to celebrate the state of the new couple status. Later Josh and Cassie made a commitment to their future. Jonathan and Tammy continued to find ways to see other but the gig was finally up because Lizzie was working with the enemy and then Alan showed up and caught them red-handed. Harley and Gus told Dinah that they thought that she was behind the web site of when Dinah learned the Mallet and Marina were off somewhere on assignment. Olivia and Buzz sort of parted ways, Olivia put a hit on Ava after she saw her visit Emma with Coop, and then later went over the edge when she learned that Ava was the daughter she gave up at birth and may have endangered or killed her own flesh and blood.
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October 2 to 6, 2006
Josh and Cassie finally consummated their relationship, while Reva's health worsened after her non-wedding to Billy in Las Vegas. Tammy told Jonathan that she could no longer continue to have a "hidden" relationship. Olivia was conflicted about whether or not to tell Ava that she was the child that she gave up for adoption. Coop pressured Ava to turn Olivia over to the authorities for threatening her life. Gus and Harley discussed the possibility of having a child together. Vanessa told Dinah that she was moving back to Springfield. Jonathan, angered at not being able to share his relationship with Tammy, and tired of Tammy dependency on Remy and his so-called perfect family life, spilled the beans at Towers that Rick and Beth had been having an affair for months.
October 9 to 13, 2006
Reva was having difficulty keeping her illness a secret as her condition worsened. Eleni returned to Springfield for Marina's promotion to detective, and reminded her that she had a career and home in California is she ever needed a place to stay. Gus and Harley were repeatedly interrupted with their plan to "add an addition". Rick felt Leah's wrath over his betrayal with Beth. Alan warned Beth to walk the straight and narrow, or else. Alan-Michael foiled Alan's ultimatum to Beth to get rid of Ava. Coop and Buzz almost figured out that Olivia was Ava's birth mother. Ava refused to accept Olivia's apology and went forward with her plan to bring her down. Dinah was jealous of Marina and Mallet and both accused her of being the Springfield blogger.
October 16 to 20, 2006
Olivia informed a shocked and bewildered Ava that she was her birth mother. Ava forgave Coop, but when he tried to recount the circumstances regarding Olivia's pregnancy and why she gave her up for adoption, Ava wasn't buying it. Mallet rescued Dinah from the Springfield "menace". Marina and Mallet connected on a more personal level. Harley and Gus continued their plan to have a baby together. Alan-Michael helped Ava with her plan to get back at Olivia. After Lizzie's hospital crisis and the fact that she almost lost the baby due to stress, Jonathan made the heartbreaking decision to let Tammy go and remain with Lizzie. Reva planned her "going away" funeral and then wrote a letter to Joshua; meanwhile Josh and Cassie moved forward in their relationship and Billy was forced to reconcile with the fact that Reva's life was really coming to an end. Marina, Remy and Tammy prepared to move in together.
October 23 to 27, 2006
Ava allowed Olivia to go free, but both women could not seem to find any ground to accept their mother/daughter relationship. Jonathan broke up with Tammy so that he could be a husband and father to Lizzie, even though he was sacrificing his happiness. Lizzie admitted to Tammy that she had always had feelings for Jonathan. Josh asked Cassie if he could move in with her. Harley and Gus were excited about their pregnancy news. Reva's farewell party turned disastrous as Billy went off the wagon, Jonathan met her at the bridge where she planned to end it all, and, minutes before she was to take the plunge, Josh called her cell phone to plead with her to retrieve Billy. Reva returned, but she collapsed and needed to be rushed to Cedars, where Billy finally had to reveal Reva's secret to Rick, Lillian, and Mel: Reva was dying from breast cancer; Billy called Josh, who rushed to Cedars and was shocked to find Reva on the brink of death. Meanwhile, Cassie and R.J. had no idea that their trip to Paris would be cancelled due to the devastating news.
October 30 to November 3, 2006
Cassie and Josh struggled with their new found relationship and their love and devotion to Reva. . Billy asked for divine guidance to help him say goodbye to Reva and to stay sober. Halloween had new meaning for super cop, Harley. Mallet and Dinah played cat and mouse again. Ava demanded to know the identity of her biological father. Jonathan and Lizzie prepared for a new life as they found joy in seeing their unborn child in "real time" but time was running out for Reva as family, friends, and enemies gathered at her bedside at Cedars to prepare to say their final goodbyes.
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November 6 to 10, 2006
Reva's bone marrow transplant finally kicked in and her cancer miraculously went into remission. Lizzie declared her love to Jonathan, though he was only committed to being a good father. Blake was revealed to be the Springfield blogger after she was mistakenly poisoned after winning the mayoral elections, a fate meant for Jeffrey. Soon after Jeffrey stepped in as acting mayor, Olivia confronted Jeffrey and accused him of being the man that raped her many years ago in San Cristobel but didn't tell him that the child they conceived was Ava. Meanwhile, Alan-Michael took pleasure of conspiring against Coop to help Ava try to locate her biological father. Mallet was determined to protect Dinah as evidence surrounded her as the person that may have poisoned the champagne cocktail.
November 13 to 17, 2006
Olivia was out for revenge against Jeffrey; meanwhile Ava learned the hard way that Jeffrey O'Neill was her biological father. Blake told a shocked and confused Gus that she would not reveal his secret. Reva was settling in to her new life without Billy and feeling lonely, angry and depressed standing by watching Cassie and Josh enjoy their new life together as a couple. Reva asked Jonathan and Lizzie to move in to the Cross Creek cabin. Lizzie was shaken when Jonathan admitted that Tammy was still in his thoughts and forced him to choose between his child and wife, and Tammy. Marah returned to Springfield to try to bring her parents back together.
November 20 to 24, 2006
Marah's return to Springfield was an attempt to try to get Josh and Reva back together. Ava was turned off by Jeffrey's fatherly gesture; meanwhile, Olivia was out for Jeffrey's blood for ruining her life. Mallet and Dinah reconciled and played the romance game with Gus and Harley. Mel let Beth know that she was in control of Rick's life and maybe was ready for a fling of her own. Remy hoped for the day that Tammy would really forget about Jonathan. Reva convinced Jonathan to spend Thanksgiving with Lizzie at the Spauldings to prove his commitment to Lizzie, the baby and their marriage that proved to be an overall disaster as Lizzie went into labor after a fight ensued between Jonathan and Alan.
November 27 to December 1, 2006
Lizzie and Jonathan's baby was born thanks to fast thinking on the part of Jonathan and Tammy. Dinah and Mallet reconnected and fought for the spotlight as to whose show would be top at WSPR. Thanksgiving wasn't all it was planned to be at Cassie's house at the farm, but later at the hospital everyone gathered for Thanksgiving of a new life that joined the Lewis and Shane families. Olivia and Jeffrey ended up in San Cristobel together and relived the events of their night together whereby realizing that Olivia was as much to blame as Jeffrey as well as Jeffrey's future captors. Gus and Harley identified a woman from Gus's past that could shed light on Blake's reference to Gus's "secret". Alan tried to manipulate Jonathan into giving up custody of he and Lizzie's child. After learning that the baby had a medical problem, Jonathan, Lizzie and the baby left town without notifying anyone in the family mostly to get away from controlling "great grandpa" Alan.
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December 4 to 8, 2006
Gus learned that a past dangerous job when with the FBI rendered him sterile, and he couldn't face telling Harley the truth. Josh helped Reva fight for her family. Jonathan and Lizzie returned from their trip with "Sarah", and then slapped Alan with a restraining order. Dinah and Mallet were in fierce competition to see which show would win favor with Vanessa and the fans. Tammy heard Lizzie tell Beth that she was using Sarah to make Jonathan love her. Cassie noticed Josh's undying connection to Reva even though he said he was committed to her. It seemed Springfield ganged up on a down and out of work Jeffrey while Olivia continued to insist he stay away from Ava, but Ava seemed to have different ideas about what her future relationship with parents would be.
December 11 to 15, 2006
Reva met her new found friend, Cal, who she met at a cancer survivor's meeting and invited him to Josh and Cassie's Christmas party. Josh, Cassie and Reva were far from a friendly trio. Harley learned that Gus couldn't father any children and as such decided to adopt a child abandoned by her jailed birth parents. Alan-Michael pursued Ava forcing Coop to up the anti and ask Ava to move to London with him immediately. Olivia put the squeeze on Jeffrey by threatening to make his life miserable if he pursued a relationship with Ava or bothered her in any way. Alan told Beth and Lillian that he would fight Jonathan to the end to gain custody of Sarah. Lizzie decided to fight for Jonathan even though Jonathan and Tammy had lots of unfinished business in the romance department. Jonathan and Tammy made love in the barn while everyone toasted the season at Cassie and Josh's party.
December 18 to 22, 2006
Dinah and Mallet continued their romantic and business liaison and Springfield viewers just couldn't seem to get enough of the action, nor could Dinah and Mallet! Jonathan and Tammy finally gave in to their passions and made love in the farmhouse barn. Lizzie turned the tables on Alan after he set up Jonathan and Tammy, but she refused to believe that Jonathan would cheat on her with Tammy and committed her "Granddad" to a psychological evaluation. Cassie warned Tammy that trying to make a life with Jonathan, a married man with a child with someone else could mean a lonely and unhappy future. Reva employs Josh, and then Cassie's help in uncovering Sheila's nasty past before Billy's bank account emptied. Harley had to inform Gus that a new judge was appointed to rule on Sydney's final adoption, one that had absolutely no sympathy for Gus's checked past drug abuse. Coop hides an important job offer from Ava and an attempt by Jeffrey to reconcile their past just before they were ready to leave town for their life in England.
December 25 to 29, 2006
Buzz proposed to Olivia in the middle of a Christmas gathering at Gus and Harley's and she accepted. Jeffrey was beaten up after he stepped in to defend Ava when some guy hit on her at Outskirts. Ava was furious at Coop and decided not to go to London when she learned that he lied to her about Alan-Michael's job offer and that Jeffrey tried to see her at the airport. Josh and Reva were together again as they collaborated on a plan to save Billy from Sheila. Cassie was concerned that Tammy was sneaking around with Jonathan and playing the role of the "other woman". Beth warned Jonathan to be faithful to Lizzie or else, but Jonathan still made every excuse to sneak out of the house to meet Tammy. Lizzie counteracted and surprised Jonathan with a honeymoon on Alan's island unaware that Tammy would be there to ruin her time with Jonathan. Lizzie went ballistic when she found Jonathan and Tammy having sex on the island and was determined to do whatever was necessary to keep her man.
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