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January 2 to 6, 2006
Lulu continues to find trouble, forcing a reluctant Luke to step up as a father. Determined to see Laura, Lulu takes off for Shadybrook with Luke close on her heels. He finds his daughter outside of her mother's room, too afraid to enter. They share a moment of closeness as Luke helps Lulu walk into the room and visit with Laura. Afterwards Luke takes Lulu to a diner where Luke shares some of his memories of Laura. Emily confesses her feelings to Sonny. She becomes embarrassed when it appears that Sonny doesn't reciprocate her feelings. Emily makes a clumsy exit and goes to talk to Liz at the hospital. Sonny asks Jason to come over so that he can talk to him about Emily. He admits to Jason that his feelings for Emily are more than mere friendship. After Carly discipline's Michael and sends him to his room, Michael slips out of the house. Carly goes to Greystone, believing that is where Michael went. Meanwhile Michael ends up on the end of a dock and slips into the icy water. Emily, on her way home from the hospital, sees Michael in distress and immediately jumps into the water and rescues him. A grateful Sonny and Carly arrive moments later and Michael home. Emily decides to change at Sonny's. Later, as Sonny is thanking Emily for saving Michael's life, they give into their passions and kiss. Patrick and Robin can't seem to avoid each other. Patrick takes every opportunity to flirt and push Robin's buttons. Patrick asks Robin out to dinner but she turns his invitation down flat. Later, when she learns that Patrick went to Carly's place, Robin decides to go to Carly's on the pretense of trying to make peace now that she's staying in town. Upon seeing Patrick, Robin lets both of them know what she is thinking. Carly enjoys seeing Robin's reaction and confirms Robin's misconception.
January 9 to 13, 2006
Courtney confronts Jax after learning he had the first paternity results altered to name him as the father of Courtney's baby. Jax justifies his actions, claiming that he loves Courtney and wanted to spare the baby a life as a Cassadine. Despite the strain in their relationship over Jax's lie, Nik asks Courtney to marry him. Courtney hesitates to accept, prompting Nik to suggest a mini vacation where she can obtain a quickie divorce. Jax learns of the getaway but not the details, after Courtney and Nik take off in a private jet. Emily decides to move on after Sonny's rejection by asking Patrick Drake out. She makes it clear she is trying to get over someone. Patrick accepts her offer for a date which ends in a bar fight. Emily is the center of attention the next day when Nik and Patrick end up in a physical altercation over the incident and Sonny shows up at the hospital to threaten Patrick. Emily is furious with Sonny and goes to his home to tell him to stay out of her life if he isn't interested in her. Sonny admits that he does have feelings for her and that he wants to be with her. During Manny's transfer to prison, Manny's cousin tries to free him by setting up a roadblock. Jesse is shot in the back during the ambush. Jason, on Sonny's orders to kill Manny, overhears the cousins argue as Manny refuses to escape. Alexis and Ric arrive at the scene just in time to see Jason with his gun pointed at Manny. When Alexis has Jason arrested, Sam shows up at the police station. Sam slaps Alexis after she tries to caution Sam against having children with Jason, a known criminal. Later, Sam and Jason talk about starting a family. When Tracy gains the upper hand, Dillon suggests that Luke make her believe that he's trying to kill her in the hopes of forcing Tracy to divorce him. Luke sets the plans in motion but things go awry and Tracy ends up ingesting rat poison when she pours herself a drink. Outraged, Tracy heads to the police station but her car ends up in the lake and Tracy, who doesn't know how to swim, disappears. Luke fears he will be charged for attempted murder and decides to skip town.
January 16 to 20, 2006
Tracy turns up unharmed. Skye realizes that Alan helped Tracy fake her death when she overhears them talking. When Mac refuses to cancel the APB on Luke, Lulu decides to find her father to help him clear his name. Courtney decides to leave town to have her baby after seeing Nik's reaction to Emily's date with Sonny. Nik insists that he loves her and wants to marry her but Courtney is convinced that Nik is lying to himself. With Carly's help, Courtney is able to disappear much to Jax and Nik's frustration. Unfortunately one other person besides Carly knows where Courtney is. Helena quickly kidnaps Courtney before Jax is able to convince Carly to tell him where she is. Manny goes on trial and much to Sam's frustration seems to convincing the court that he's a changed man. Convinced that Manny is lying, Sam tries to prove Manny is the same homicidal maniac he was prior to his brain surgery. Her plan backfires when Manny is able to destroy the recording she made of him showing his true colors. After feigning a minor spell, the judge orders a recess. Manny is put into a holding room and moments after he's left alone someone enters and shoots him.
January 23 to 27, 2006
After Manny is shot, he points to Jason as his shooter before he is taken to the hospital. Sam is later arrested while she is showering and brought down to the police station as is Jason. The real shooter turns out to be one of Alcazar's henchmen. Rather than finish the job, Alcazar strikes a deal with Manny to eliminate Sonny once and for all. Later, Manny is found not guilty by reason of mental defect. He is ordered to wear an ankle bracelet and seek psychiatric counseling and sentenced to community service at General Hospital. He wastes no time tracking down Sam and trapping her in the stairwell of the penthouse. Luckily, Lucky and Jesse arrive but are unable to arrest him as Sam admits that he did not threaten her. At the police station, Lucas is arrested for assault. In a fit of anger, he reveals to Bobbie that he is gay. Bobbie is shocked and is certain that Lucas is only going through a phase. She convinces him to get counseling. On the run, Luke ends up in Africa posing as a doctor. He is kidnapped by a remote tribe and taken to the leader's young ailing son. Unfortunately, fighting soon breaks out and the village is burned. As Luke races to save himself and the pet monkey of the chief's son, Robert Scorpio enters the village...and so it begins.
January 30 to February 3, 2006
Luke returns to Port Charles with a rescued chimp and a contagious encephalitis virus with a high mortality rate. Robert Scorpio is close on his heels and is dismayed to discover that his worst fears are being realized as one by one: the citizens of Port Charles begin displaying symptoms of the deadly virus. Forced to break into the hospital records to see how many patients are infected, Robert is discovered by Robin. She is at first surprised and then angry to discover that her father is alive. He explains that he was forced into a decade covert spy work, cleaning up the world one deadly body at a time, before a change of leadership with the WSB released him from his contract. Robin is too angry to accept his explanation but an influx of patients forces her to concentrate on the viral outbreak rather than her feelings of betrayal. As Sonny, Nik, Sam, Skye, Lulu and others are admitted to the hospital, Robert and the doctors quickly rule out the chimp as the carrier of the virus. Luke is determined to be both the carrier and the cure as he is the only patient who has shown signs of improvement. Despite the danger to himself, he agrees to be used to develop the antidote because it will help save Lulu. Meanwhile, hoping to give Liz a romantic weekend, Lucky goes to a mountain cabin to prepare for their weekend but ends up falling sick himself. By the time Jesse arrives at the cabin, Lucky has mysteriously disappeared. With the hospital locked down and under quarantine, Jason and Carly, believing that the chimp is the key to an antidote, are forced to sneak out of the hospital in order to capture the escaped chimp. As they close in on him, an SUV pulls up to the hospital. After the chimp jumps in, masked gunmen open fire on Jason and Carly as they speed away.
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February 6 to 10, 2006
The virus claimed the life of much-loved Tony Jones. During a heart-wrenching goodbye, Tony encouraged Lucas to be proud of himself, as Tony was, and asked Luke to take care of Bobbie, who had difficulty dealing with Tony's passing. Just before he drew his last breath, Tony told Bobbie that B.J. was with him and that he was dying a happy man. Tony's passing provided another desperately ill patient with a dose of the serum originally intended for Dr. Jones. It was down to two patients in dire need: Nikolas and Sonny. Unable to decide who should get the life-saving serum, Patrick left the choice up to Emily. Earlier, Emily had been arguing with the council of doctors on how best to distribute the serum to patients. As more patients fell ill, including Danny and Mike, Jason and Carly arrived in the Maarkam Islands in the hopes of finding an antidote. Carly was injected with the virus as she attempted to rescue Lucky. Jason arrived for the rescue, but unfortunately, it was too late. The doctor with the potential cure appeared to be fatally wounded.
February 13 to 17, 2006
The death toll steadily rose as the virus raced through Port Charles. Dillon and Georgie exchanged wedding vows, surrounded by family. Maxie suffered a heart attack when she and Nikolas became trapped in the elevator. With Emily's guidance, Nikolas saved Maxie's life. Courtney was admitted to the hospital with a high fever, so she agreed to have a Cesarean section to save her unborn baby's life. Carly fell ill and tried to seduce Jason in her delirious state. Jason and Carly found the antidote, as well as Lucky. Alice received a special delivery, but was knocked out by a tranquilizer dart. Emily collapsed from exhaustion, so Sonny decided to take care of her personally at Greystone Manor. Emily and Sonny shared a kiss.
February 20 to 24, 2006
The death toll rises as the virus continues to sweep through Port Charles. Even though she is desperately ill, Sam sits with her brother, holding his hand, as he slowly slips away. Devastated by the loss and grief stricken, Sam rages at Alexis who received the life saving serum instead of Danny. The emotional turmoil proves too much for Sam and she collapses. Later, as Sonny sits with her, Sam flatlines. Holly Scorpio returns to Port Charles, demanding millions in exchange for the antidote. Courtney's time tragically runs out before she ever has the chance to hold her son. Despite knowing that Courtney fully intended to tell Nik the truth, Jax continues to pass himself off as the baby's father. The news is grim: the baby clings to life and has the deadly virus.
February 27 to March 3, 2006
And so it ends. Carly and Jason locate the antidote and rush to General Hospital with it. Within hours everyone is given the antidote and patients begin recovering. Alexis talks to Ric about the daughter that she gave up for adoption when she was a teenager. They decide to find her. A DNA test confirms Sam's suspicions that she was adopted. Everyone gathers to say goodbye to Tony and then Courtney in separate memorial services. Sonny and Emily decide that it would be best for everyone concerned if they don't make their relationship public. Jax continues to pass himself off as John's father. Holly is arrested for her crimes. Robert Scorpio leaves town.
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MARCH 2006
March 6 to 10, 2006
Alexis decides to search for the infant daughter she gave up for adoption when she was 16 years old. The news is devastating, when she discovers her daughter was killed at the age of 3 when she was run over by a car. DNA tests confirm that Sam was not the biological sister of Danny. Realizing she's adopted, Sam decides to search for her birth mother and after a few dead ends, discovers that her birth-mother may be Alexis Davis. Diego is given probation and released from jail. Lorenzo talks to Skye about her pregnancy. Tracy throws Dillon and Georgie out of the mansion in the hopes to putting a strain on the newlyweds. Patrick and Robin go out to dinner and share a couple of kisses. Lucas is confronted with the past when a friend of Georgie's is a victim of a gay hate crime. Sonny and Emily sneak away for a romantic holiday. Carly and Jax grow closer as they bond over Courtney's baby. Nik is given Courtney's ashes and decides to scatter them in the ocean.
March 13 to 17, 2006
Sam and Jason learn that Alexis is Sam's birth mother. Jax denies Nikolas any access to Courtney's son. Carly realizes that she has genuine feelings for Jax. Jax asks Alexis to appoint Carly as John guardian if something should happen to Jax. Nik walks in on Jax and Carly passionately kissing on the sofa. He is disgusted by their display so shortly after Courtney's passing. Alexis tells Sam that she is finished apologizing for all the things Sam has falsely accused her of. Diego returns to Port Charles and is surprised to learn that Georgie and Dillon are married. In a letter he never intends to send, Diego admits that he's in love with Georgie. Skye received good news about her pregnancy. Sonny and Emily return home after a romantic vacation. Sonny does not react well to the news that Alexis is Sam's mother. He feels as if his life has suddenly turned into an episode of Jerry Springer.
March 20 to 24, 2006
Tensions mount between Sonny and Jason because of Emily. Jason is certain that they are lying to him about the state of their relationship and warns Sam that if Sonny hurts his sister, Jason will kill Sonny. Georgie tells Diego that their friendship is putting a strain on her marriage. Someone tries to run Diego down moments later much to Georgie's horror. Lulu finds the letters that Diego wrote to Georgie while he was in jail. She confronts Georgie with the "love" letters and threatens to tell Dillon. Luke's reopening of The Haunted Star is a success. Skye takes a dangerous spill during an argument with Tracy.
March 27 to 31, 2006
Manny tries to get Lorenzo and Sonny to go to war. He arranges for Diego to be shot at a carnival but Jesse is the one to ends up being critically wounded in the shooting. Before he goes into surgery, the doctors confirm that not only is Jesse an organ donor but that he's a match for Noah who is near death. Despite the conflict of interest, Patrick operates on Jesse but the damage to Jesse's brain is too extensive and he's pronounced dead on the operating table. When Lucky learns of his partner's death and how it could benefit Patrick's father, he becomes certain that Patrick intentionally let his patient die. Jason does not react well to discovering that Sonny and Emily are having a relationship. He is convinced that Sonny will hurt Emily. Emily turns down an offer from Monica to sit in during a rare surgical procedure to be with Sonny while Sonny buys his sons a remote control helicopter to occupy them so he can slip away to spend some time with Emily. Morgan accidentally sends the helicopter flying around the living room leaving it in shambles. When Jason sees the damage, he's convinced that Sonny destroyed the room. Fearing for Emily's safety, Jason convinces Max to tell him where Sonny is. He rushes off to the hotel just as an assassin kicks open Sonny's door and begins shooting. Jason shoots the man dead and later, Sonny and Jason are arrested. Lorenzo tells Skye about switching charts during the viral epidemic in order to save her life. Nik manages to sneak some time with his son.
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APRIL 2006
April 3 to 7, 2006
Alexis tells Sam about the daughter that she gave up for adoption. Sam is surprised to learn that Alexis thought of her daughter often and searched for her. Sam realizes that Alexis did love her firstborn child. When she learns that Alexis believes her child was killed, Sam decides to remain silent about the truth. Jason is arrested for shooting the assassin sent after Sonny. Emily and Sonny are brought to the station for questioning. Emily tries to talk to Jason about her relationship with Sonny which is now out in the open but Jason has nothing to say. Later, at the Quartermaine mansion the family confronts Emily about dating Sonny. Alan gives Emily an ultimatum. He tells her to stop seeing Sonny or she will no longer be welcomed in their home. Emily chooses Sonny. Nik and Maxi talk about their recent losses and their grief. Noah wakes up and learns that Patrick donated part of his liver to save his father. Manny takes Liz hostage and holds a knife to her neck. He orders Lucky to drop his gun or he will kill Liz.
April 10 to 14, 2006
Lucky suffers a serious back injury when he tries to rescue Liz from Manny. Jason also comes to Liz's rescue and provides her with the opportunity to escape Manny's diabolical clutches. Jason manages to wound Manny as he escapes. Robert Scorpio returns to Port Charles to take Luke into custody and extradite him to the Maarkham Islands. In an attempt to buy Luke some time while an attorney arranges paperwork to keep Robert from taking Luke, Tracy and Luke plan a ceremony to renew their vows. Luke skips out on the wedding, leaving Tracy standing at the altar, when he receives a call for help from Holly. One of the technicians that Jax bribed to change the results of the paternity tests for Courtney's baby, shows up to extort two million dollars from Jax. Carly later finds the test results and is shocked to discover that Nikolas is the father of Courtney's son. Sonny and Emily decide to go away and spend some time together. Determined to save Sonny from himself, Jason makes a bold move. He takes control of Sonny's money and businesses including the mob. Sonny is furious and makes it clear to Jason that he will not stand idly by and allow Jason to get away with the betrayal.
April 17 to 21, 2006
Lucky is having difficulty coping with his pain and relies more and more heavily on the morphine. The side effects make him surly and argumentative especially toward Liz. Sonny is furious with Jason for stealing his money and business. A war heats up between the former best friends. Jax admits the truth to Carly after he discovers that she has obtained a copy of the paternity test confirming that Nik is the biological father of Courtney's son. Alexis decides to accept the Assistant District Attorney position. Robert learns that Luke helped Holly escape where she is being held in the Maarkham Islands. After a heated confrontation with Robert, Robin goes to Patrick's apartment and starts to make love to him.
April 24 to 28, 2006
Lucky's dependency on morphine continues to grow. He begins having paranoid tendencies and irrational thoughts. He is convinced that Liz is cheating on him with Patrick. Robert hits a few snags in the road as he tries to catch up with Luke in the Maarkham Islands. Carly decides to keep the secret that Jax is not the biological father of Courtney's son. Manny continues stalking the women of Port Charles. Diego is arrested for car theft but is later released for lack of evidence. Robin tries to seduce Patrick but changes her mind when they are interrupted by another woman. Sonny and Jason's war claims it's first casualty. Escobar is killed by Jason in a power move to protect Sonny. Sonny doesn't appreciate the help. He's too angry with Jason for treating him like a child. Emily, Carly, and Sam try to talk Sonny down but without success. Sonny decides to put a hit on Jason but after talking to Michael calls it off. It's too late. Sam is shot by the hitman when he comes gunning for Jason.
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MAY 2006
May 1 to 5, 2006
After Sam is shot in Jason's arms, she is rushed to General Hospital and immediately taken in for surgery. Her condition is critical as complications arise. Initially everyone suspects Sonny of being responsible for the shooting but Sonny learns from his hitman that he received Sonny's order to cancel the hit so he didn't shoot Sam. The shooter is Manny and he soon moves onto his next target, Carly. Lured into a nearby house she wants Jax to buy, Carly is trapped as Manny tries to shoot her. John Durant, who has stopped by to question Carly about Sam's shooting, hears the shots and races to her rescue. Unfortunately John is shot in the leg once he is inside the house and bleeds to death before help arrives. The mayor appoints Alexis as DA to replace John. Liz, Kelly, Robin, Emily and Lainey end up at Jake's after a particularly bad day at General Hospital. Realizing that Sam may die, Jason decides to tell Alexis that Sam is her daughter.
May 8 to 12, 2006
The paternity test on Courtney's son reveals that Nikolas is indeed the father. The results are sent to Robin's office but she is away on the Maarkham Islands searching for Robert. Jax decides to take Carly and the boys to meet Lady Jane. His mother is less than pleased to discover that Jax and Carly are a couple. Sam's condition worsens. Patrick returns to Port Charles in time to perform surgery but Alexis gets an injunction to stop it when Noah tells her that the surgery is much too risky. Later, Jason gives his approval to sneak Sam into surgery. Sonny's behavior begins to concern those close to him. Robert is surprised when Anna Devane shows up in the Maarkham Islands and is less than thrilled to find him alive and well. Georgie decides to ask Diego to the prom when Dillon takes off with Lulu in search of Luke.
May 15 to 19, 2006
Maxie's plan to blackmail Jax backfired when Diego backed out of helping her. Maxie decided to tell Nikolas the truth about his son over a surprise candlelight dinner, but things didn't turn out the way that she had hoped. Nikolas told Maxie that he was flattered by her interest in him, but he considered her just a friend. Hurt, Maxie called Robin, who had returned from the Maarkham Islands, and asked to meet her cousin at Kelly's. Maxie handed Robin the results of Courtney's son's paternity test. Jax had second thoughts about keeping the truth from Nikolas when he saw Nikolas holding his son. Anna outwitted Holly by getting the jewels away from Holly on the plane and parachuting out. Luke had the last laugh when he surprised Robert and Tracy with the jewels and explained that he had made the switch as Holly left. After talking to Lainey about Sonny's recent erratic behavior, Emily took brochures on bipolar disorder home. Sonny saw the brochures when they slipped out of one of Emily's medical books. Sam woke up from her coma after she was transferred to General Hospital.
May 22 to 26, 2006
Robin was surprised to learn that Nikolas was the father of Courtney's baby, but was unsure of what do to with the information. Robin was not shocked to discover that Carly was part of the deception. Robin and Patrick's feelings deepened, but a series of interruptions kept them from making love. Sam woke up from her coma, but had a setback when Jason ended their relationship because he didn't want her caught in the crossfire of mob violence. Sam reached out to Emily to talk to Jason. Elizabeth's money troubles suddenly disappeared after a talk with Jason. Elizabeth made it clear that she had not confided to him so that he could take care of her problems. Jason insisted that he had helped Elizabeth out of gratitude for everything that she had done for Sam. Maxie helped Lucky get more pain pills by stealing Noah's prescription pad. Helena returned to Port Charles to seek out her great-grandson.
May 29 to June 2, 2006
Jax is filled with doubt and guilt over keeping Nikolas from his son. When he talks to Carly about it, she urges him to leave things as they are. Robin and Patrick make love but each insists on keeping the relationship casual and commitment free. Lucky's drug dependency grows as does his jealousy toward Patrick. Maxie and Lucky's friendship takes a new turn when they share a passionate kiss at Jesse's grave side. When Lucky runs out of pills Maxie steals a couple of signed prescriptions for him and then later, a bottle of pain pills. Luke is not happy when he learns that Tracy has frozen all of his assets and hired Robert to manage the casino and more importantly keep an eye on Luke. Luke calls Coleman to arrange a robbery of the casino. Coleman in turn gives the job to Diego. Lulu recognizes Diego's watch during the armed robbery. Sam is discharged from the hospital and goes home with Alexis. Liz advises Jason to work things out with Sam while Manny hides nearby in the hospital eavesdropping on their conversation. Sonny's mental state continues to deteriorate. He threatens to make Alexis disappear during an angry confrontation. Emily is deeply concerned when she arrives at Sonny's to find him frantically working on making a garden in the middle of the night.
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JUNE 2006
June 5 to 9, 2006
Sonny's mental instability begins to be taking its toll. Emily's concern grows when he twice calls her Lily. Ric too is exposed to Sonny's irrational behavior when Sonny's rage is directed at Ric during a meeting. Sam tries to convince Jason to change his mind by staging an incident designed to make him see that their separation doesn't keep her safe. Jason realizes that Sam lied and returns her to Alexis's home. Liz goes to Jason for help with Lucky. Jason agrees to stage a bust for Lucky so that he can regain his confidence. Lucky asks Maxie to get him more pills. During the stakeout, Lucky continues to medicate himself and nearly ends up getting shot during the shootout. Unbeknownst to him, Jason is the one who takes down the bad guy. Nik asks Dr. Lee to run another paternity test to see if he is the father of Courtney's son. Carly gets wind of the test and manages to change the results before Nik reads them. As the baby's christening day arrives, Robin talks to Nik and realizes that Carly was at the hospital to change the results of the paternity test to read that Jax is the baby's father. Fed up with Carly's lies, Robin turns to Nik intent on telling him that he is the father of Courtney's son.
June 12 to 16, 2006
Lulu and Georgie graduate from high school. Jason tells Liz that he suspects that Lucky may have been impaired when he was on his stakeout. Liz confronts Lucky about his drug abuse. Robin can no longer take Carly's deception and at the christening for Courtney's son, drops the bombshell to Nik that he is the father of the baby. Jax confirms Robin's claim much to Carly's objections. Nik prepares to take custody of his son by interviewing nannies. He hires the best one but unbeknownst to him, she is a plant by Helena. Helena intends to eventually have the nanny hand over the baby to her. Manny stalks Sam and sets a trap for Jason. Unfortunately, Justus shows up for the meeting instead of Jason. Sam blames Alexis for Jason's decision to end their relationship and decides to move into a room above Kelly's. Ric suspects Sonny may be suffering from bipolar disorder and begins to drive Sonny over the edge. Sonny's grasp on reality seems to be slipping as his rages increase in frequency.
June 19 to 23, 2006
Lucky happens along as Maxie's attempt to by some pain killers from a dealer goes bad. Lucky confiscates the drugs, for himself, and tells the dealer to get out of his sight. Manny continues to terrorize the citizens of Port Charles. He murders Justus and frames Lorenzo. Jason is more determined than ever to keep Sam out of his life. After she moves around town, first Kelly's then Jason's penthouse and then back home with Alexis, Manny makes his move on her and grabs her ash she lays down in bed. Carly's resentment toward Robin continues to mount as her life seems to fall apart. Carly tries to convince Jax to remain in Port Charles but despite claiming to love her, he hands her his share of Metro-Court and takes a flight to join his brother and mother in Africa. Ric fuels Sonny's paranoia and delusions by keeping the scotch flowing and talking about Lily. Max is concerned but unable to prevent Sonny's downward spiral.
June 26 to 30, 2006
Manny kidnaps Sam and keeps her prisoner in the basement of General Hospital. Liz works with Jason to retrace the step of her own kidnapping in the hopes of triggering a memory that could lead them to finding Sam. Ric's attempts to push Sonny over the edge, so that he can be the hero and get Sonny the help he needs, backfires on Ric. Sonny ends up beating Ric savagely. Ultimately it's Carly who is left to help Sonny as Emily is sent away while the threat of Manny lingers. Lulu follows through with the plans to have Dillon catch Georgie and Diego in a compromising position. She lies, telling Dillon that she saw them having sex. Upset and hurt, Dillon turns to Lulu for comfort. Luke goes to visit Laura. He tells her about Justus's tragic death and the news that she's now a grandmother. After he leaves, Laura moves her hand to the shoulder that Luke just touched.
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JULY 2006
July 3 to 7, 2006
Manny plunges to his death during a struggle with an injured Jason on the roof of General Hospital. Lucky takes credit for Manny's death because during the struggle, Lucky took a shot at Manny and mistakenly believed it hit him. Alexis later learns that Manny was not shot and decides to bury the report. While Lucky receives an accommodation and promotion for his role in Manny's death, Alexis warns Jason that if he doesn't stay away from Sam the report will surface and he will be charged with manslaughter. The theft of the pills at the hospital is discovered and Alan questions the staff including Maxie. Patrick suspects Lucky of stealing the pills and tells Liz who immediately defends her husband. Lainey, Kelly and Robin decide to rent a place together. Carly tries to help Sonny whose mental health continues to deteriorate. Lulu lies about seeing Georgie and Diego having sex. Dillon finds his wife and Diego after they had gone skinny dipping and believes Lulu's lies. Later, Dillon and Lulu make love. It is Lulu's first time.
July 10 to 14, 2006
Sam apparently has plans to seduce Ric. Jason continues to insist to Sam that their relationship is over. Sam's first attempt to get a job at the hospital doesn't go well when Miss. Sneed asks her what she's been doing for the past two years. Emily returns home in time to convince Sonny to get medical help for his bipolar disorder. An unplanned boys night out at Jake's results in several men having fantasies about Carly. Patrick finds Lucky and Maxie kissing on the docks but at the last minute decides not to tell Liz. Lucky is suffering withdrawals during his award ceremony and promotion but manages to cover it up. Maxie, who was trying to score him more pills, shows up just in time to hear Lucky crediting his wife with being his inspiration. Later, while friends and family wait at Kelly's to celebrate with Lucky, Lucky ends up on the docks with Maxie. Unable to steal pills from the hospital, she holds up a baggie of pills she bought from a drug dealer. Angry and jealous over Lucky's devotion to Liz, she tries to taunt Lucky with the pills. Lucky is devastated when they fall into the water. Filled with regret, Maxie throws her arms around him and promises to get him more pills.
July 17 to 21, 2006
Patrick and Robin make love. They each continue to claim that they don't want a commitment but their actions say differently. When Anna sets up a date between friends, Nikolas and Robin, Patrick's jealousy gets the best of him and he ends up buying an extravagant bouquet of flowers for Liz that he makes a point of presenting to her in front of Robin. Unfortunately, Lucky stops by to spend some time with Liz during her break and misreads the situation. Carly gets proof that Ric bought the dress for Emily that worsened Sonny's condition. Sonny reluctantly continues with his therapy sessions. Sam tries to talk to Jason but it doesn't go well. She becomes more determined than ever to continue on her apparent course of revenge. Dillon learns that Lulu lied about seeing Georgie and Diego having sex. Georgie decides that it's for the best that they not reconcile.
July 24 to 28, 2006
Nikolas is nanny is not happy with Nik and Emily's renewed friendship. She proceeds to do what she can to make Emily look incapable of properly caring for Nik's son. Nik tells Carly that she is welcome to visit his son. Sonny balks when the dosage of his medication is increased. He debates whether or not to return to therapy when his mother is brought up during one of the sessions. Carly convinces Sonny to continue going to therapy and taking his medication. Lucky continues to feed his addiction with Maxie's help. Lucky comes to Maxie's aid when a drug buy goes bad. Later, in Maxie's room, Lucky and Maxie have sex. Liz plans a romantic evening for her and Lucky but when Lucky arrives home he pushes her away by claiming fatigue. Lucky finds the report on Manny Ruiz and learns that he did not have a bullet wound. Liz tries to comfort him and while she is holding him she discovers his bottle of pills in his back pocket. While operating on an HIV-positive accident victim, Patrick was exposed to the deadly virus. Robin is there to support him as he struggles to deal with all the possible ramifications.
July 31 to August 4, 2006
Patrick's first test results are back. He tested negative for HIV. Robin's talks with April bring back memories of Stone. Robin shares her fears with her mother. Anna is very supportive. Robert helps Skye leave town undetected. Lorenzo is furious and vows to track her down. Lorenzo puts the wheels in motion to take over Sonny's territory. Sonny struggles accepting therapy and the need for higher doses of medication. He ends things with Emily and later takes his first meeting since his breakdown with a mob boss. Nik asks Emily to be his son's godmother after he decides to change the baby's name to Spencer. Nik chose the name to honor his mother and siblings, Lucky and Lulu. Elizabeth realizes Lucky has an addiction after she finds a bottle of pills in his back pocket. She turns to family and friends when Lucky storms out of the apartment. The relationship between Sam and Alexis continues to be strained as Alexis accuses Sam of taking important files and then has Jason arrested. Ric's jealousy of Jason is causing difficulties in all aspects of his life. He turns to Sam more often. Colleen is not pleased to notice that Emily is making more frequent visits to Wyndemere thanks in large part to Alfred's matchmaking efforts. Lulu suspects that she might be pregnant.
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August 7 to 11, 2006
Patrick sticks to his decision to remain celibate until the next HIV test. He explains to Robin that he cares too much for her to risk her health. Carly leaves for Africa with the boys after Lady Jane pays her a visit. Lulu takes a pregnancy test that confirms her suspicions that she is pregnant. Her family throws her a surprise birthday party but Lulu is too troubled to enjoy it. Later, she talks to Sonny about her pregnancy. While Liz is cleaning up after the party, Carly sees Lucky and Maxie head upstairs. She follows them and through an open door and sees them making love. When Carly tells Liz, she goes and sees for herself. Later Maxie leaves a message for Liz at the hospital. Liz rushes home just in time to see Maxie and Lucky making love again. Alexis has a serious cough and pays a couple of visits to the hospital. She also tells the mayor that she has something important to discuss with him. Ric spies Alexis with the mayor. The mayor is offering Alexis comfort while he holds her. Jealous, Ric returns home and unloads his problems to Sam who is not having a good day either. They make love just as Alexis returns home and Jason arrives to work things out with Sam. Alexis tries to shield Jason as she is stricken with another fit of coughing and an alarming panic attack. Jason takes her to the hospital but returns to see Sam and Ric together. Sonny learns that Alexis has been sick from Kristina. When he sees Alexis he is concerned and demands answers from her. Jason returns home and is clearly upset. He reaches for a bottle of tequila as he remembers the past with Sam. A knock interrupts his reflections. It's Liz, looking just as upset.
August 14 to 18, 2006
Liz turned to Jason for comfort after she found Lucky and Maxie about to make love in the apartment Liz shared with Lucky. Jason and Liz made love and opened up about their thoughts and feelings during their interlude. Neither Jason nor Liz had any regrets, but they agreed to part as friends. Sam told Jason about her tryst with Ric. Jason appreciated Sam's honesty, so he told her that he had slept with Liz. Liz arrived home and found a note from Lucky explaining that he was dealing with his addiction by attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Lucky and Liz decided to try to make their marriage work. Liz asked Jason to keep what they had shared a secret because she feared that it would affect Lucky's newfound sobriety. Georgie and Dillon decided to celebrate their divorce by viewing it as a new beginning. Lulu told Dillon that she was pregnant. Alexis revealed that she had been diagnosed with stage two lung cancer and might not have long to live.
August 21 to 25, 2006
Alexis revealed that she had stage two lung cancer and that she had to undergo surgery to remove a portion of her lung. Alexis asked Sonny to allow Kristina to remain with Molly, if Alexis should die. Sonny balked at the idea of Rick being allowed to raise Kristina, but decided not to argue with Alexis about it. Colleen was not pleased to notice that Nikolas and Emily were growing closer. Robin was deeply affected by April's death, so she began to push those close to her away, including Patrick. Jason and Liz admitted that they didn't regret spending the night together. Lucky's detox did not go well, so Liz urged him to seek professional help at an inpatient treatment facility. Lucky refused to consider it because he didn't want anyone to know that he was an addict.
August 28 to September 1, 2006
Carly returns home from Africa with Jax close on her heels. He insists that he will do whatever is necessary to convince her that he loves her. Sonny is determined to tell Alexis the truth about Ric and Sam in the hopes of convincing her that Ric is a poor choice to raise her daughters. In the end he can't do it as Alexis prepares for surgery. Alexis asks Sam to promise her that she will stay away from Jason. Lucky uses Lulu's pregnancy as an excuse to lapse back into drug use unbeknownst to Liz. He promises Maxie to leave Liz after everything with Lulu has settled down if she keeps supplying him with pills. Liz tells Emily and Nik in different conversations that she will leave Lucky if he starts taking drugs again. All three agree that Lucky needs to be in a rehab facility but none are able to convince Lucky. A conversation with Lulu about the defective Enduro condoms sends Liz to Jason's penthouse to see what kind of condoms he used during their night together. She is shocked to see that they are the defective Enduro brand. Edward threatens Lulu with a court injunction if she goes to have an abortion. Lainey tells Sonny that someone broke into her office and stole his files. She agrees to see Sonny at his home for sessions and keep her notes there if Sonny continues his therapy. Jason finds the original files in a dumpster and gives them to Sonny in the hopes of lifting prints to determine who stole them. Meanwhile, Detective Rodriguez stops by with copies of the file to show Alexis. She thanks him and hands them back to him with instructions of doing as they discussed.
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September 4 to 8, 2006
Liz learns that she is pregnant. She confirms the pregnancy with Kelly and asks her how soon she can take a paternity test. Maxie continues to supply Lucky with pills to feed his addiction. Liz goes to Wyndemere to ask Nik for his help to convince Lucky to go into rehab. She is worried because Lucky is rationalizing his drug use, claiming he had it under control. She tells Nik that she is pregnant but not that Jason may be the father. Alexis pressures Sam into agreeing to not go near Jason. Sam agrees so that her mother can go into surgery without any concerns. Sam and Jason have a heart to heart talk. Jason tells Sam that he isn't ready to loose her and wants to work to see if he can get past her sleeping with Ric. Alexis continues to push Sam and Ric together after the surgery. She them to attend the mayor's party together. Colleen makes a show of protecting Spencer from Helena in front of Nik. Jax is determined to win Carly back and pulls out all of the stops. Luke returns home to give Lulu support as she decides what to do about her pregnancy.
September 11 to 15, 2006
Alexis's condition worsens as she develops pneumonia. The doctor suggests putting her into a medically induced coma. Sam's animosity toward Ric grows. She has difficulty being civil to him even in front of Alexis. Sonny decides to take Kristina home with him despite promising Alexis that he would allow Ric to raise her so that she grows up with Molly. Ric and Alcazar decide to join forces. Jax breaks through Carly's barriers. Luke stands by Lulu's side as she makes the decision to have an abortion. Dillon resigns himself to Lulu's decision and apologizes to her for the way he treated her. At Lulu's request, Luke visits Laura while Lulu goes in for her abortion alone. Lucky's life spirals out of control as his addiction grows. Maxie makes it clear that Lucky will have to have sex with her to prove his affection for her if he wants more pills. Liz finds a pill on the floor of the apartment and pills in one of Lucky's pockets. She decides to leave Lucky. Nik tracks Lucky down to Maxie's room where Lucky is getting dressed. Lucky rushes home to stop Liz from leaving him. Things turn violent. Lucky throws things around the apartment and manhandles Liz. During the struggle, Liz is shoved to the floor.
September 18 to 22, 2006
Sonny tries to throw a monkey wrench into Jax and Carly's relationship. Jason returns from South America where the mob war is heating up. Lorenzo is poised to strike. Alexis's pneumonia worsens while she is in a coma and her lung collapses. Sam freezes up, forcing Nik to sign the life saving papers. Sam and Jason talk about their relationship. Liz files for divorce. Jason senses that Liz wants to tell him something but they are interrupted each time Liz starts to tell him about the pregnancy. Maxie takes an overdose of pills to get Lucky's attention. With Diego's help, Lucky rushes Maxie to Mercy Hospital to have her stomach pumped. Complications arise when she goes into cardiac arrest. After she is stabilized, Maxie pushes Lucky for a commitment. Lucky tells her that he isn't in love with her and they will never be together as a couple. He advises her to move on with her life. Furious, Maxie calls Mac.
September 25 to 29, 2006
Lucky bottoms out when, in a desperate bid to get his job back and impress Elizabeth, he tries to frame Jason for drug possession. The plan goes horribly wrong. During the arrest, Lucky mistakes Liz's footsteps for Jason's backup. Lucky starts shooting while Jason tackles him to the ground. Liz barely escapes injury. Furious Elizabeth starts yelling at Lucky, telling him that he could have hurt the baby. Lucky and Jason assume Liz is pregnant with Lucky's child. Lucky vows to clean up and checks into rehab. Liz is determined to go through with the divorce despite Lucky's efforts. Jason and Sam try to work on their relationship but Jason continues to have a difficult time getting past her night with Ric. Alexis is brought out of her coma despite the risks. Her pneumonia begins improving but Alexis isn't hopeful. She seems angry and announces that she is refusing chemo, opting instead to research alterative ways to combat her cancer. Carly moves in with Sonny after her house is flooded. Sparks fly between Carly and Sonny as they continually lock heads over the issue of Jax. Patrick is worried when he runs a low-grade fever for several days. Robin nurses Patrick as they await news. Both are greatly relieved when an HIV test turns out negative.
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October 2 to 6, 2006
After Lorenzo threatens Robin, Patrick calls Robert. Robert ends up on the wrong side of fists when he confronts Lorenzo and his thugs. Robin finds Robert crumpled on the docks. Colleen goes to some drastic measures in order to get closer to Nik including sabotaging his saddle before he rides his beloved horse, Sheba. Maxie decides to take a pregnancy test after she learns that Elizabeth is pregnant. Lucky's stay in rehab is interrupted by visits from Maxie who announces that she is pregnant with his child. Jason realizes that the baby that Liz is carrying could be his. Carly heads straight to Jason's when she overhears Liz talking about Jason possibly being the father of her child. Carly strongly urges Jason to focus on his relationship with Sam, not Liz or the baby. Emily goes to talk to Jason when she learns the news and, without telling her brother what she knows, tries to impress upon him that Liz and Lucky will eventually get back together. Liz is stunned when Jason proposes marriage.
October 9 to 13, 2006
Liz is more determined than ever to divorce Lucky after she learns that Maxie is pregnant with his child. Jason tells Sam and Sonny that Liz is pregnant. Carly overhears Liz talking about Jason possibly being her baby's father and goes to talk to Jason. She is worried that Liz is going to trap him into marriage. Jason proposes marriage to Liz. Liz reminds him that they are both in love with other people. She intends to raise her children as a single mother. After confrontations with Lulu, Carly and Sam, Liz goes to the hospital for a paternity test. Lorenzo catches up with Skye. Luke returns to town with some answers about the proposed treatment for Laura. Lucky returns to rehab after failing to convince Liz of giving him another chance. He is not surprised to learn that Luke intends to leave town to rescue Skye from Lorenzo. Sam tells Nik that she is convinced that the baby Liz is carrying is Jason's. Emily returns home from the medical conference in Greece after she learns it was for surgeons. She is just in time to keep Colleen from taking advantage of Nik whom Colleen drugged earlier. Jason finds Sam on the floor of the nursery in the penthouse. She is devastated that Liz is having Jason's baby.
October 16 to 20, 2006
Luke and Robert go to rescue Skye but before they can make good on their escape Skye goes into labor. Carly and Jax stop by Alexis's house to announce their engagement. They find Alexis alone and having a bad reaction to her chemo treatments. Jax is furious that neither Sam nor Ric were there to help her. Ric learns that Jason may be the father of Liz's baby. He goes to see Lucky and promises him to give him back his job if he gets clean. He explains that he's doing it for Liz. Ric baits Jason until Jason snaps and assaults him. Having received a call from Ric earlier telling him to meet him, Sonny arrives just in time to keep Jason from killing Ric. Sonny threatens to tell Alexis the truth about Ric's infidelity with Sam if Ric doesn't drop the attempted murder charges against Jason. Maxie continues to believe that Lucky will move in with her because of the baby despite Lucky's insistence that he intends to do everything he can to get Elizabeth back. Lulu is suspicious about Maxie's claim that she is pregnant. Liz receives the results of her paternity test but doesn't have a chance to read them because a woman in labor cries out for help. As Liz goes to assist the woman into the hospital, she is unaware that she has dropped the test results.
October 23 to 27, 2006
Lorenzo offered Diego the opportunity to join the family business. Diego accepted. During a confrontation with Ric, Alexis finally revealed that she knew about him sleeping with Sam. She ended their marriage and threw him out. She had a similar confrontation with Sam, who decided to leave before Alexis could ask her to. Ric tried to snatch Molly, but Sonny, Jason, and Sam intervened and quickly returned her to Alexis. Carly found Alexis in bad shape and rushed her to the hospital. Sonny and Carly suggested to Alexis that they could care for the girls while she was in the hospital. Carly told Jason that the paternity test had revealed that Lucky was the father. Later, Jason admitted to Sonny that he was disappointed with the results of the paternity test. Liz later burned the paternity test. Skye introduced her daughter, Lila Rae, to the family. Luke authorized Robin and Patrick to give Laura the experimental drug LS-49. He didn't want the children to know so that they wouldn't be burdened with the responsibility if things should go wrong. Laura emerged from her catatonic state. Her last memories were of preparing for the wedding. She seemed to have no recollection of Rick's death or the events that had precipitated it. She was shocked when she saw her children, realizing for the first time that significant time had passed.
October 30 to November 3, 2006
Ric frames Sam for stealing a flashcard with incriminating evidence against Sonny and Jason. After Sam is arrested, Ric shows her pictures of Jason comforting Elizabeth spinning it so that an innocent encounter seems like a torrid affair. Sam panics and escapes the jail with the help of Det. Rodriguez. Jason manages to find Sam who is being pursued by the police. A shoot-out ensues but they manage to get away without harm. Ric shows Elizabeth the pictures he used to manipulate Sam. Later he appears to take them to Lucky but it turns out that they are other surveillance photos much to Elizabeth's relief. Laura is determined to reclaim her life. She leaves Shadybrook in the hopes of finding answers. She has a touching reunion with her mother and as well as others but everyone is careful not to say too much to her. Lulu continues to act out over the decision to have an abortion. Carly and Jax set a wedding date, November 16th.
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November 6 to 10, 2006
Alcazar's war with Sonny heats up but it's Sonny who ends up gaining the upper hand. Carly decides to call off the November 16th wedding after she realizes that she can't pull together the wedding she wants on time. She and Jax reschedule it for a later date when Jason will be able to attend. Laura begins to remember the events that led to her catatonic state. She ends up in the attic where Luke finds her. He is reluctant to tell her the details of Rick's death but Laura insists on being told everything. As Luke tells her about Theresa's accidental death and then later Rick's, both at Laura's hand, Laura's memory returns fully. She is horrified but what she had done but is able to put it in perspective. They proceed with plans to marry on November 16th. Helena learns of their plans and makes arrangements to escape Shadybrook with the help of an orderly on her payroll. Sam and Jason continue to elude Ric until Sam visits her daughter's grave on the anniversary of her death. As Sam tries to flee, she is grazed by a bullet. Ric sets up a trap by having her taken to the hospital and having false reports leaked to the news stating that she is in critical condition. Jason asks Liz for help. She manages to whisk Sam out of the hospital while Jason barely escapes capture. Back at the safehouse, all three are unaware that Ric had planted a tracking device on Liz, certain that Jason would turn to her for help.
November 13 to 17, 2006
Lady Jane has reservations about Jax marrying Carly after she talks to Sonny. Carly and Jax decide to postpone the wedding. Luke and Laura marry. Laura senses something is wrong with her and asks Luke about it after the wedding. He explains that the drug she was given only has a temporary effect. She will soon return to the catatonic state she lingered in over the past 4 years. Laura tells her children that their time is limited. Elizabeth faints at the reception when she learns that Ric might have set up an ambush for Jason. Kristina is traumatized when she witnesses Sam shooting and killing Diego in self defense. Lorenzo is devastated when he sees Diego's body. Jason is shot as he dives into the water amid a hail of gunfire. Jason finds his way to the church where Elizabeth is praying for his safety. He is seriously injured. Elizabeth tells him that he has to hang on for the baby. Jason opens his eyes when Elizabeth goes on to tell him that the baby that she is carrying is his, not Lucky's.
November 20 to 24, 2006
Luke was forced to tell Laura what was happening to her when she pushed him for answers. Laura decided to tell her children so that they all had a chance to say goodbye before she slipped back into a catatonic state. Laura's last wish was to celebrate Christmas with her family. Everyone worked hard to make that wish come true, but Laura's condition deteriorated rapidly. Laura insisted on returning to Shadybrook while she was still able to function because she didn't want men in white jackets carting her off in front of her children. Laura spoke privately to each of her children, starting with Nikolas, whom she most understood because they shared the same heart. Laura encouraged Lucky to continue to stay on his road to recovery because she was very proud of him. Laura assured Lulu that both of Lulu's parents had wanted her, but it broke Laura's heart that Lulu had been the most shortchanged of the children because of Laura's illness. Before Laura completely slipped away, Laura confessed a secret: Laura was certain that she hadn't killed Rick, even accidentally. Jason recovered from his gunshot wound thanks to Liz, who nursed him back to health in her old studio apartment. Carly was not pleased when she sensed that Jason's feelings for Liz went beyond just friendship. Ric's interest was piqued when he overheard Lucky ask Liz about a bloodstain on her dress.
November 27 to December 1, 2006
Skye tried to forge a truce between Sonny and Alcazar. Alcazar lied to Skye about his willingness to keep the peace. Lulu was caught up in the Spinelli mess because Peter handed her incriminating evidence when Alcazar's men showed up looking Peter. Alcazar ordered his men to kill Spinelli and Lulu, but he wanted it to appear like an accident. Jason rescued Spinelli and Lulu, but in the chaos, Spinelli managed to slip away. Alcazar's men captured Jason and Lulu before they could escape. Liz placed a well-timed phone call to Sonny, so Sonny arrived before Lulu or Jason was killed. Sam and Liz traded words about Jason. Liz accused Sam of endangering Jason. Nikolas and Emily reconnected on what would have been their two-year wedding anniversary. Jax and Carly decided on a New Year's Eve wedding.
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December 4 to 8, 2006
Skye makes a deal with Lorenzo to move in with him if he spares Lulu's life. Jason is determined to find Spinelli and takes Lulu along for the search. Nikolas decides to let Colleen go. He gives her a month to find another position. Colleen surprises everyone when she announces that she's decided to leave immediately. Unbeknownst to anyone, she has Helena tied up in one of the turret rooms and intends to let Helena die of dehydration. She also quietly promises Spencer that nothing will ever separate them. Liz takes Cameron to Wyndemere to help decorate the Christmas tree with Emily, Nikolas and Lucky. Things become uncomfortable when Lucky points out that she's standing under some mistletoe. She tenses up when he starts to lean in for a kiss. Jax tells Carly about the strange calls he's been receiving from Jerry. Robin continues to have difficulty dealing with her role in Laura's relapse. Tensions mount between her and Patrick as he tries to help her through her difficult time. Maxie continues to fake her pregnancy going so far as to wear padding.
December 11 to 15, 2006
Skye moves in with Lorenzo much to Edward's dismay. Sonny attempts to win Carly back with a romantic dinner but fails to convince her to reunite with him. He decides to leave town until after the New Year's Eve wedding that Carly and Jax have planned. Jax has strong objections when Carly tells him of her determination to bring Sonny home for his sons' sakes. Jason and Spinelli surrender to the police. Spinelli manages to convince the authorities that he fabricated the flash-drive that Ric claims implicates Jason and Sonny in illegal activity. Lorenzo manages to steal the flash-drive before Ric is forced to turn it over. Lucky realizes that Ric has ulterior motives for reinstating him on the police force. Maxie's fake pregnancy is almost exposed when Dr. Lee informs Lucky that she hasn't seen Maxie as a patient in weeks. Dillon decides to help Lulu and Spinelli investigate Rick Webber's murder. Sam returns to the penthouse with Jason and tells him that she wants to begin immediately on starting a family with him.
December 18 to 22, 2006
Liz is disappointed when she finds drugs in Lucky's drawer at work. She is more determined than ever to go through with the divorce. Ric, who would later admit in confession that he planted the drugs, is pleased with how well things are working in his favor. Maxie fakes a fall during an argument with Lucky. Claiming that she's experiencing cramps and pain, Lucky rushes her to the hospital where he is later told that she lost the baby. Spinelli moves in with Jason and Sam. Sam has an idea after Jason catches Spinelli with marijuana. She takes Spinelli over to Alexis's house in the hopes of talking her into smoking some pot to relieve the debilitating side effects of chemo. Jason overhears Liz's attempts to get Cameron a hard to find toy. He surprises her on the docks with the toy Kristina has a break through. Jax leaves Port Charles, with Carly's approval, to rescue Jerry. Sonny returns home in time to see his son's in the nativity play. Nikolas is stunned to discover that Spencer is not in the manger cradle where he is supposed to be. Unbeknownst to Nikolas, Colleen has returned to Port Charles in disguises and was nearby singing with the carolers during the nativity play.
December 25 to 29, 2006
Spinelli and Lulu narrow down the list of suspects in the murder to Rick Webber to Alan Quartermaine, much to Dillon's dismay. Jax fails to return home for New Year's Eve, which gives Sonny the opportunity to spend it with Carly and their sons. Jason is conflicted about Sam's wish to become a mother. Sam has a few reservations but is determined to move ahead with her plans of convincing Jason to change his mind. Liz is faced with a situation similar to her own that leaves her quite shaken. She is more confused than ever if she made the right decision to keep the baby's true paternity a secret. A car accident leaves her unconscious by the side of the road during a blizzard. Lucky rings in the New Years with Maxie at Kelly's where they share a dance and a kiss.
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Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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